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' ' Anrsa Bnrr's Dangl-Tor.
The mysterious end of the daughter
o Aaron Burr is once more the sul
ject of wonder, an old sailor named
Benjamin F. Burdick, who died re
cently in a poorhouse in Hichigan,
having said on his death-b ?d that he was
one of the piratical crew that captured
axessel named the Patriot, and par
ticipated in the murder of Theodosia
Allston at sea; indeed, he declared
that it fell to his lot to pull the plank
from under her. She came forth ar
rayed in white, hold'ng a Bible ia one
hand, and with heroic mien took her
place on the slender instrument of
dea;h, and without a shudder Gr quiver
of a muscle wa3 ,x ..capitated into the
waves. The noble, unblanched face,
erect and airy form, he said, had
haunted him all Iiis subsequent life.
Bravo Women.
A life-saving crew off the coast of
Wales recently had their boa. smashed
by being dashed against the bark they
went out to rescue. The coxswain
succeeded in gaining the shore, and
turning saw two men struggling in the
surf." "He implored three soldiers stand
ing.by fej help the men. They gave no
assistance and 1 e cried to them : "Save
the rifen ;"or shame ! Don't let the
men drown before your eyes." But
two bravo women rushed forward
the daughters of Mr. Ace, the lighthouse-keeper.
"Come back I Come
-jack ! You'll lose jour lives 1" shouted
Ace. "I'll lose my life before
I'll let these men drown," was
Maggie's answer; and tearing off
their shawls the women knotted
them together, and wading into the
furious surf until the sweil of the
surges sometimes rose to the height of
their armpits, and one holding bravely
to the other to support themselves
against the tearing recoil of the sweep
ing wat r, they threw the end of their
shawls toward the outstretched arms
of the perishing men and dragged them
both on to th rocks. The men saved
were about three yards from shore.
The soldiers threw something into the
water resembling a clothesline, but
thtydid not go near enough to allow
the line to rea?h the men. Military
ibravery is not the only kind of cour
News and Notes for Women .
. An academy of pharmacy, for the
instruction of women in the profession
iof apothecaries, has bean opened in
Louisville, Kv.
Miss Jennie Thomason, of Union
'county, Pa., is five feet high, and her
air is five feet eight inches in length
and as black as a coal.
It is estimated that as many as four
thousand women are actually caught
jstealing from the shops in Paris, an in
credibly Jarge proportion being titled
A Cleveland doctor says that the use
-of arsenic by women to produce plump
ness of face and beauty of complexion
ds increasing. The use of the drug is
'very injurious.
At a german in Memphis, six doves
were placed in each of the six large
center cakes, and when the cakes were
cut the birch Hew out and perched on
.the window cornices and mantels.
' A Gateshead (England) engineer
ling firm employing 1,200 men has all
the copying of its drafts and plans
done by young women, who do the
'work much better than when it was
done by men.
A woman in Kingston, 2sTew Mexico,
.has built for her family a log cabin.
sShe out the trees, hauled the logs and
made the shingles for the roof. Her
thrifty husband stayed at home, mean
while, and tended the children.
One bt "the. substantial farmers of
Sparta, Qa., when he was married,
.twelve years ago, had to borrow men y
to pay for his marriage license, and,
not having a decent suit of clothes,
the young woman whom he was to
marry t'jre the wool from sheepskins,
spun, wove and made him a suit of
A dress composed entirely of feath
ers was worn by a Kuss an princess at
a recent ball at .Nice, and the feathers
were peacDCk's. The looking was held
by the proud birds' hea s, the eyes
fyeing ga nets. It is declared by those
who profes-; to know all about these
things that it is the only dress of the
kind ever made.
The "Washington correspondent of
the Boston Traveler, referring to
Patti's recent engagement in the cap
ital, says: Patti, by the way, is among
the most superstitious of moitals. She
will not sign any contrast or begin any
new undertaking on Friday. She wiil
not live at a hotel in a room number
ing thirteen or any multiple thereof.
She wears numerous charms, and be
lieves in every superstition she has
ever heard anything about. It is said
that when Mr. Mapleson does not care
to pay the sum required for her single
appearance ($,400) he has some one
open a parasol in Patti's room, and
then the business is done.
Fashion Notes
The newest parasols are in mrge
sizes. "
Cashmere shawls never go out of
New English straws come in every
shade of color.
Classic and aesthetic styles still pre
vail in London,
Yelvet basques grow more and more
In popular favor.
The small poke-shape is to be most
worn this summer.
. Parisian women wear only small
'crinolets and bustles.
The new muslins are soft-finished
without any starcfror size.
Egyptian red cloth havelocks are the
favorite wraps for HJ-tle girls.
Nun's veiling will continue a stand
ard material for. summer wear.
New millinery goods are very bright
with color and metallic effects.
Ashes of roses has made its appear
ance among the aesthetic colors.
"Velvet waistcoats let into the front
of silk and wool basques are a feature
in-new suits.
The long nurse apron front, with
paniers above it around the hips, is a
favorite style.
The round braided pieces so much
uStd as trimming for cloth suits are
called macaroons.
Clasps on the collars and in the
r.eck p dresses take the place of
brooches and lace pins.
One of the loveliest dresses for mid
summer is of white veiling, closely
dotted with silk brocade dots.
Orange and llamo colors in vanish
ing effects are seen in many of the
new silks and novelty goods.
Loops and ends of narrow ribbons
will be a favorite trimming for watering-place
dresses this summer.
New mulls and silk muslins are
dotted and figured in silk broche spotBv
dots, diamonds, flowers and leaves.
Jackets of velvet of the new royal
French blue will be worn, trimmed
with 'gold soutacue and small gilt but
tons. Scarfs of plush with ends elaborately
embroidered are hung around marble
clocks on mantels where no lambrequin
is used with a very good effect.
A high novelty is a fine wool and
silk stuff called dream fabnc, in which
the figures are wown in such a man
ner as to produce a vanishing effect.
Scarf tunics braided with silver or
gold are passed around the hips and
Knotted behind on the kiit skirts that
are on wool dresses. Several rows of
the braid ara sewed around the kilt
plaits nearly at the bottom.
Ladies who have lin arms wear the
pretty si eves that are drawn up two
inches shorter in the outside than their
inside1 seam ; these are for day dresses;
acfc sleeves, or no sleeves whatever,
are worn with evening toilets, but the
long gloves for full dress conceal the
tapering beauty of the arm below the
A mixture of dull brown and elec
tric blue is effective in the thick dro
guet or wool damask of which red
mgotes, coats, ba ques and tunics are
made. The skirt of velvet made ab
solutely plain may be brown, red or
blue, of t.ie shade most conspicuous in
the droguet, and the large buttons are
of wrought metal, bronze, steel or gilt.
A stylish house dress is made of dark
Russiaa gray cashmere. The skirt is
laid all the way down in hollow plaits
devoid cf trimming. Tue bodice is
pointed, front and back, the paniers
are arranged in heavy plaits, rounding
over the hips and joining the lightly
puffed drapery in the back. The fronts
of the bodice, the edg. s of the paniers,
and half the length of the long, clcs2
sleeves are trimmed with an elaborate
pattern in braidwork.
A charming costume for a. young
brunette has a plaited skirt of brown
or orange striped terry velvet, with
yellow stripes laid on the under side of
the plaits. The bodice and tunic are
of brown camel's-hair braided with
rows of dull gjld braid. The bonnet
to wear with this dress has a kid crown
with brim of brown chenille woven
vrV.h gold cord. The strings are brown
velvet ribl on, and a brown bird with
a yellow head is apparently clinging
to the left side.
How Judge Davis Won a Race.
A correspondent ssnds the New
Yore Evening Post the following story:
"The genial old senator ( David Davis)
who is now enjoying his honeymoon
takes the jokes of his friends in such
good humor that he will excuse me for
tolling a story that I heard narrated of
him in Washington. It goes that
while he was dining one day at
"Worinley's with some friends, among
whom was Mr. Evarts, the conversa
tion drifted to athletic sports and
foot-races. Mr. Evarts, with a view
to one of his sarcastic jests, turted to
the great 'trunk alongside of him, from
which he himself may be supposed to
have been whittled off as a sliver, and
suggested that suh sports were some
thing entirely out of his line. '"Well
Evarts,' replied Judge Davis, perhaps
you think I can't run? Now, look
here, r 11 1 o. you a Gase of wine I can
b?at you in a hundred yards if you
will let me choose my ground and will
give me five yards start. I'm heavy you
know, and I want solid footing.' Mr.
Evarts was satisfied that he had a
dead sure thing,' and as the evening
hud advanced the dign:fid company
resolved to uibend itself still further
for thespoi t. Come on, then,' shouted
the senator, 'follow me!' So away
they went, down to a narrow alley
that runs between Twelftn and Thir
teenth streets. Marching into it for
the distance of five yards, while his
artnr touched the brickwork on each
side, he quietly observed: 'Now
Evarts, get in bahind m?, and take
your time. I am going to take mineP "
A LoYdy Little Seed.
A friend has kindly sent to us what
appears to be a seed of some kind, and
which possesses characteristics of a pe
culiar interesting nature.1 This seed held
in the hand or placed on a book or table
appears to be endowed with life, and at
once proceeds to move about, tumble
over, and jump from one side to the
other. Held between the fingers, a
distinct, intermitting throb is felt
proceeding from the interior; and when
placed close to the ear, this throb or
knocking becomes audible, and as many
as sixty distinct knooks have been heard
in forty seconds. Tiie force of these
mysterious blows- given in the interior
is surprising; they jar the whole struct
ure of the seed and knock it about in
a lively way when placed in a free
position. The development of a pro
portional force inside of Barnum's ele
phant Jumbo would render it. unsafe
for any one to occupy a position very
near him. The s'ze of the se3d is that of
a fourth part of a pea divided longitud
inally, and it almost ejcactly resembles
sucha fragment of a dried pea.
The donor of the seed states that it
came from Mexico, and is called the
Mexican bean. Doubtless others have
seen this curious seed and can explain
the causes of its strange antics, but we
cannot. The force is not dependent
upon heat or its absence, for it moves
with eqiud facility upon the surface of
dry ice and a warm plate; neither has
the presence of moisture anything to
do with it, and light or darkness is not
a disturbing agent. Boston Journal
of Chemistry,
Selecting a Snccessor.
The e'ergymau of the "Wearesville
(Penn.) Mtnnonite church died soms
time since, and the congregation se
lected his successor by chance in the
following manner : The names or. the
candidates were announced and as
many books as there are candidates
wvre placed in a row. One of these
I o des contained a slip ot paper, and the
candidate who drew itjwas the selected
preach r.
The Chinee-American, the new
Chinese paper, puts the number of
Chinese in New York at 9,000. Two
years ago, when the census was taken,
the number was 1,030, and the increase
is how more rapid than it has ever
been before. Several hundred of these
New York Chinamen are members of
churches, principally of the Baptist
order. A large number have married
Irish or German women, and quite a
number have become naturalized
Postmaster-General Ho wo has under
consideration a plan for the issuing of
an entirelv new svstem of stamns of
i different colors from those now in
! use. Assistant Postmaster-General
Hatton ha3 tljp matter in charge
I and will report at an early date upon
j the niw d signs which have been sub
mitted for liis approval. The, new
I series will probably be issued before
uctooer J, wnen the reduction in the
rate of postage goes into eff.ct accord
ing to the laws passed at the last ses-
! sion of Congress.
Ephriam Suroggs, of Fallstown,
Tenn., boasts that he has now burning
on his hearth the same fire which he
starti d when he went to housekeeping
fifty years ago. Prom the day that
fire was started to this it has never
been permitted to go out. Summer
and winter of these fifty years it has
been replenished as occasion requires.
TTrom a roaring heap it has dropped
many a time to a bed of smoldering
coals, but it has never been permittel
to turn intJ ashes The tax on
matches ha. never troubled S:roggs.
Terrible stories aro told by a corre-
, spondent of the San Francisco Chroni
cle of the spread of leprosy in the
Hawaiian Islands. There is almost a
panic on these islands, and so malig-
nant is the disease that a healthy per
, son will contract it from . clothes
washed by a person atHictel. There is
no cure for leprosy. It is a living
death tortured by innumerable sores.
! The ChronhU ccoes the length of hint
ing that the d sea?.e may even be car
ried in sugar packages, and calls for
interference on the part of the Unite!
States authorit'es.
The coffee blight seems to be tra
versing the globe. It has spread from
Csylon and the Fiji islands to Brazil,
where the hss is already so serious
that the minister of agriculture is
making every effort to discover a
means of stonninc it. The product of
one of the 1 irgest plantations, which
ia tne past nas reguiariy oe n more
than 200 tons annually, has fallen to
an insignificant amount. One theory
attributes the blight to minute para
sites at the root of the plant ; another
to exhaustion of the soil through
Something concerning the nature of
the safeguards thrown around cliildren
who are employed in the industries of
France may be gathered from notices
printed in Le Journal Officiel. They
may not be employed in any factory
whtre large quantities of dust or in
jurious vapor are producc-d. nor on any
work on the roofs of houses or where
there Avould 1)9 risk of injury from
falls. Boys im ler sixteen years of age
and girls under eighteen are not al
lowed to be employed in rag-picking
and sorting, except in well-ventilated
apartments. There are restrictions
as to the weight of loads that children
may wheel in trucks through streets or
factory yards.
Taking a range of comparison as
long as fourteen years, or from liQS to
188, the progress in industrial arts
made by t!ie Indians makes a very fair
showing In 18CS th re were but 5,207
acres of Ian 1 cultivated by the nation's
wards, and in 182 there w re 569,932
acr s or an increase of ab ut 906 per
cent. In the quantiti s of wheat, corn,
oats, barley, vegetables and hay laised
there is likt w e a corresponding in
crease. The number of hordes and
mules owned has in-reased from 43
960 to 244,629, and of cattle from 42,
874 to 549,932. But the greatest in
crease has been in sheep, of which in
1868 there were but 2,6S7, against
1,OA.710 in 1832.
Near Macon, Mis-, is a remarkaVe
pigeon roost. It embraces an area of
forty acres, in a vaHey s.vr rounded by
precipitous hills. A creek spreads
over t, covering most of the surface
with water from one to five feet deep.
There is all over it a thick growth of
cane, vines, bushes and saplings, which,
with the quicksands, muck and water,
constitute it an absolutely impenetra
ble morass. It is a wonderful instinct
that prompted the I irds to select this,
the most secure and safest of all placts
in the whole region, for their lodging
house. Between sunset and dark
pigeons come in from all quarters in
immense numbers, darkening the
heavens and producing a roaring noise
that can be heard two or three miles.
Comptroller Knox says that the pass
age of the act to redu 'e internal reve
nue taxation relieves the national and
state banks and the private bankers
from a tax on the average of about
1,000,000 a month. The amount of
tax collected from the national banks
on capital and deposits during the last
fiscal year was $5,959,702, of which
$437,774 only was upon capital, the re
mainder being upon deposits. The
tax upon state banks and private
bankers was $5,249,172, of which a
little more than one-fifth was upon
capital. The total tax collected upon
deposits and capital upon all classes of
banks during the last fiscal year was
$11,208,876. The amount annually
collected from the two-cent check
stamp is about $2,500,000, and the act
repealing the use of these stamps takes
effect on July 1, 1883.
The Kev. Dr. Morgan Dix, of New
York city, has no mercy on the mod
ern woman. He arragns her upon
four different charges lack of a serious
view of life, degradation of the idea of
matrimony, determination to avoid the
care thereof, and want of maternal
care in th3 education f children.
Summing the modern woman up, he
says she is made of heartlessness, sel
fishness, flesh ami fraud. "It is evi
dent, from the reverend doctors re
marks and the tenor of bis argument,"
says a "Western exchange, "that he
speoially refers to the Jo-called fash
ionable woman; the woman who lives
for society, whose goddess is dress,
whose Bible the unwritten book of so
cial etiquette. He cannot refer to the
thousands of girls who work for their
daily breadj or the wives who live to
make home happy. And thank heaven,
no matter how many there may be of
the former-, the latter are largely in the
"What industrial education 'doe is
shown by its effects on the industry
of lawmaking in the island of Burano,
near Venice. In the sixteenth and
seventeenth centuries ib Was cele
brated as a seat for lace man
ufacture, but it had lost all its
prestige and the industry was nearly
extinct in 1860. In recent years, how
ever, by the exertions of philanthro
pists and connoisseurs of art, a self 01
of laceraakers was established there,
and the number grew from eight, in
1872, to upward of 320 in 1881. The
same vigor and evidence of financial
advantage frcm in truction in the art
of designing as app'ied to lacHmaking
are noticed at Bruges, where the man
ufacture has been maintained since the
sixteenth century. There lacemaking
is tau-zht in the convent and parish
schools, and the lawmakers of that
city, numbering 4,000, are supplied
with designs by a system which is con
trolled by the government.
It was Gail Hamilton, we believe,
who devoted a whole book to demon
strate the total depravity and useless
ness of small boys, ancl particularly
those who are blessed with older sis
ters; and humorists and satirists have
made the urchin of the family the sub
ject of unlimited and inexhaustible
ridicule and amusement. It is there
fore with joy that younger brothers
throughout the world will welcome an
announcement of their ability and
value, as illustrated by an incident
which recently occurred at Williams
port, Penn. A young lady living in
that town was in the habit of carrying
pins in her mouth, as girls always do,
and swallowed one of them, which
lodged crosswise in her throat. After
the physicians had given up the case as
hopeless, the young lady's little brother
persuaded her to swallow a button, to
which was attached a string. "When
the button was shallowed, the boy
jerked the string and dislodged the pin.
The young woman's throat was some
what torn, but not seriously injured.
Now, let the small boy have the
Unexplored Australia still conla'ns
prizes for enterprising travelers. The
great central desert theory, and many
other myths, have long been exploded,
but an immense area of country re
mains practically untrodden. In two
colonies alone South Australia and
"Western Australia there are upward
of 800,000 square miles of which litt'e
or nothing is known, and in the north
ern peninsula of Queensland another
10,0C0 square miles remain unexplored.
Mr. Christie Palmerston, a government
surveyor, Iras just opened up the table
lands between Herberton and the
Queensland coast. He reports that this
highly-favored region possesses a flora
of incredible luxuriance, broad sheets
of water falling over high basaltic
precipice?, and the richest soil in
Australia, and is inhabited by tribe j
exhibiting characteristics whidi dis
tinguish them from the other natives
of Queensland. Some of them are said
to reside in s Tub so dense that they
have never seen open country. They
are armed, not with spe irs, but with
wooden swords reso ubling in slmpe the
weapons which the Dyaks of Borneo
carry in their heal-hunting expedi
tions. The Amvrkaji Culticator has a per
tinent editorial paragraph on the use
of high-sounding scientific terms in the
reports made for the inforn.a:im of
farmers by the agricultural depart
ment at Washington. " rici mtific men,"
it says, "frequently complain of a lack
of support from the agricultural classes.
The farmers appreciate practical in
formation and are willing to pay for
value received. Many scientists utterly
fail in tl:eir ab lity to impart to the
av rage reader tho res-ills ot their in
vestigations, however vain iblefrom the
laboratory standpoint. Thus the last
report of the department of agricul
ture contains this profound paragraph
in its discussion of the disea es of do
mestic animals: 'It ha I long be.-n
noticed th it the microphyte found in
infusions of old hay (Bacillus subtilis)
was practically ind stingui liable from
the gum of m ilignant anthrax (Bacil
lus anthracis) as seen under the micro
scope. The most appreciable distinc
tion was that the rWdllus subtilis of
old hay could be inoculated on the ani
mal system without any evil result,
while inoculation with the Bacillus
anthracis produoed the deadly malig
nant anthrax or malignant pustule.
And yet the government is asked to
print and distribute 800,000 copies of
such matter for the benefit of the
farming classes! "What advice has the
department, for the farmer who cannot
tell the difference between Bacillus
subtilis and Bacillus anthracis? Shall
he buy a microscope or a Latin dic
tionary?" Strange Stones.
In the s.md of the Ergent moun
tains at Sarepta, Asiatic Bussia, are
found some curious stones. They have
round, cylindrical shaped forms and
range in size from lumps smaller than
walnuts to masses of mora than four
teen inches in length and from two to
seven inches in thickness. Each of the
cylindrical stones which are often
forked and root-like in appearance is
found to contain a brown kernel with
a white spot in the center. These sin
gular formations have perplexed many
persons, including Alexander Hum
boldt, who, while declaring the stones
to be of recent date, could not explain
their origin. Alexander Becker now
believes that he can with certainty as
sert that they have been produced
around the ro )ts of plants containing
milky juice. Several such plants grow
abundantly in the white sand. The
long roots are lacerated by insects, and
the milky fluid flows continually from
the wounds, sticking the chalky sand
firmly around the roots. In time the
roots die and disappear, leaving, in
the r places white often hollow ker
nels, together with the djrcwa color of
the root-cortex. The round and target
shaped stones only few of which have
a brown kernel may have formed
where the miiky fluid ran away into
the sand.
X Toothsome Morsel.
This from the Madison ( Wis.) Dem
ocrat, conveys its own moral : Hold
on ! "We are cognizant of the fact that
an aching tpoth was last night cured
by the application of Sti Jacobs Oil.
The young fellow .got mad over his
fagihg tooth in the ball room, and
rushed straightway to a drug store
where he applied the good old German
Remedy ; in ten minutes the toothache
had gone.
Wehedr Of a -woman -wh8 applied. for. a
Bltnation aB car-drivdr. Being asked if fthe
Could manace mules she scornfully replied:
hOf course lean; I've had two husbands."
The los3 of life in India duo to tho ravages
of venomous anaka is alnldat incredible.
Yet Cotisu motion, which is as wily and fatal
as thi deadliest Indian reptile, is winding its
coils around thousands of people while the
victims are unconscious of its presence. Dr.
E. V. Pierce's "Golden Medical Discovery"
must be used to dense the blood of the
scrofulous impurities, for tubercular con
sumption is only a form of scrofulas disease.
"Golden Medical Discovery" is a sovereign
remedy for all forms of scrofulous disease,
or kind's evil, such a3 tumor'B) white swell
ings, fever 6oro3, sdfofulotiS sore-eyes, as
well as for other blood and Bkin diseases.
By druggists.
The mania for adulteration is so great that
you can't buy a quart of sand and be sure it
is not half sugar.
Dlu R. V. PiBBriJS, Buffalo, N. Y.: Dear
Sir: I have to thank you for the great relief
received from your "Favorite Prescription."
My sickness had lasted seven years, one of
which I was in bed. After taking one bottle
I was able to be about the house;
. Respectfully
AstAKPA. S E:foi3, Faltqa, Mifih.
A Philadelphia organist has . been dis
charged for playing (though very slowly and
solemnly) a march from an opera bouife.
Seventeen deacons recognized it at once.
successfully treated by World's Dispensary
Medical Association. Address, with .atamp
for pamphlet, Buffalo, N. Y.
Quills are things that are sometimes taken
from the pinions of one goose to spread the
opinions of another.
Tiie Voltaic Belt Co., Marshall, Mich., will
send Dr. Dye's Celebrated Electro-Voltaid
Belts and Electric Appliances on trial for 80
days to men, young or old, who are afflicted
withnervous debility, lostvitality and kindred
troubles,gu aranteeing speedy and complete
restoration of healthand manly vigor. Ad
dress as above. N. B. No risk is incurred,
as thirty days' trial is allowed.
Cn.tn.rrli oi'thc Bladder.
Stinging irritation, inflammation, Kidney,
Urinary cotflplaints, cured by Buchupaiba 1.
The Chinese must go, and all Americans
should go and buy a bottle of Carboline, the
deodorized petroleum hair renewer and
dresser. Since the recent improvement no
preparation ever had such a sale as Carboline.
. " Kongh on Corns."
Ask for Wells' 'Rough on Corns.'lSc. Quick
relief; complete cure. Corns, warts, bunions.
Walking made easy with Lyon's Heel Stiff
eners; they keep your boots and shoes straight
That Husband offline
Is three times the man ha was before using
Wells' Health Renewer. $1. Druggists.
For burns, scalds, bruises, chapped hands,
sores or pilpg. use St. Patrick's Salve.
The Doctor's Indorsement.
Dr. VT. D. Wright, Cincinnati, O., sends tha sub
joined professional indorsement: "I hare prescribed
Dr. Wm. Hall's Balsam for the Lnnga in a great nam
ber of ccecs and alvraya irith success. Una case in par
ticular tTas given np by several physicians trho bad been
called in for consultation with myself. Tho patient had
all the symptoms of confirmed Consumption cold nisht
sweats, hectio fever, harassing congh, etc. Ho com
menced immediately to got better and vr 3 3 soon restored
to his usual health. I have also found Dr. Wm. Hall's
Balsam for tho Lungs the most valuablo expectorant
for breaking up distressing coughs and colds that I havo ,
ever used." Dnrno's Catarrh SuH cures Catarrh and
all affections of tho mucous memorane.
Of Islo of Wight County. Va. is respncsible for tho
statement that New Life, tha Great C-ugh R -niady,
cured him of a very bad cough which racfco.l him
after recovering from an attack of measles. This great
medicine is winning Inurols on every field. It is admit
tcdiy tho greatest vitalizing remedy m use.
BcstComjjh TJnlsam In the World." Try it,
Prico J Oc. F. W. Kinsman 4 Co. ., Augusta, Maine.
English gold coin has been so worn that it
will cost $4,000,090 to restore the 275,000,000
in circulation.
Man reMED
Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sciatica,
Lumbago. Backache, Headache, Toothache.
Sore Ti ront.SvrclHnc,SpraIii,Bruljie,
lSuni. Scalds, Front Kite,
Beldby Druggists and Demlers everywhere. Fifty Ceau a bottle.
Directions in 11 Langnapcs.
(odeemora to A. V00ELE&4C0.) Italliraorv. 31.1.. f.S- A.
Laylhe Axe
to the Root
K you would destroy the can
kering worm. For any exter
nal pain, sore, wound or lame
ness of man or beast, use only
MENT. It penetrates all mus
cle and flesh to the very bone,
expelling all inflammation,
soreness and pain, and healing
tho diseased part as no othet
Liniment ever did or can. Si
saith the experience of two
generations of sufferers, and
bo will you say when you haye
tried the " Mustang."
ityi' :
TlArlrlo1 svrtf ttrn A-u....a j v
av2J?u? Tba,, ?feeyCTybody 1' Bnxe to find in
vSS01103 Sux- Subscription: Dai (4
BWB), Jw ;mail, 65c a month, or 86.SO a year;
L W. EN6LAXD. PnWfR-hAy Vmb v-v v-
--t.-. ...w.. w. vjr
thK-S iK.IKl) M,I.Uli
- ' rz.r i
Idan. IV mkmh4 mi A mm
I Vtn. V . II MijjH m9 ttoTJ i
TTjgBTv, ztrtj&m.
an wV iT r-i ii ati uj - av JT-Z i. l
-- --v''iBvitf tm "! r
ew..stmDi or aivtr.La.lHJHTHJLtOJolrAttyUUiitJlL
TI7T?at rkftrn
l by watchmakers. BymaitSoc. Circulars
gfree. J.S.BmcHdiGo.t88Ds7t..M.Y.
'.Kl.. T j T ."" ."" man.a spare lima BTOI
,t?M 2. pa-IlaI,,sn,esiit! ya Mn davoteyotfr
iwhole time toft, MCEBAYHni. Box 78S.N.Y
Af HOTTRfm. i7 l,ni . .
rf ACQ3S QTf
T- n -mm Kiru
KIW.W Pn mIv
I i Brave aid FaitfefRl GHar41aH ef Onr
jtiornca nun iiwyx.j .-.
mlnont Peril. ...
A tery popular and well-known member of our police
force who has pirfurmed duty twelvo rears at the Union
It R Depot, on Exchanga Place, in Providence, R.I..
T his nnB)licited testimony. Hear bra:
have been drtdfuilytroUblod with dJarwies of ths
R-ianey And Liver during tho past six niontlu: At times
1 wS so wrercly afflicwd that I was nnabla to Stand on
my ft, as my ieet and lower parts of my legs were Tory
J,H1 v swollen ; ray urinary organs wero ia a. dreadful con
uon my Wood was in a "retched iUt and it bad
J2.M impoveritesd and circulated so poarly thai
STtfaPt.ear lifeless. Icould not rest J
So flblresMd all 6W that I cotild not Uo . Jul
wouldkeeptumhigandrolUifroa one side ioihoothrf
S night, so that I would fool mora tired and ex&tuU4
Sth6 morning than when I went to bed. My condition
became so serious that I was obliged to stop work, and
T .,... ,i, t nmblo to bo on dnty. I consulted
he best doctors, and tried the vnnenms medicines and
io-callcd cures, but rapidly graw worse, and was in 0,
SJ condition evb y way when n long-titHs rained friend
bf mine, proniuseus m ma v., . - -..0- r ----
ianT urged me to try Hunt's Remedy, as he Had known
of wonderful cures effected by it. Upon his present
2ml obtained two bottles of tho Remedy and oon
icuced taking it as directed, and graatly to my wrprw
Z iwAthan twenty-four hours 1 commenced to feelre-
?Jrf Iw" in 'Ql cond5tio whoa IbiJ?to
lake the Remedy. audhadnoiO-lhrnit: therefore, whea
t found almost Immediate relief, even in ons day sos
J -S my heart was mods glad, and I Assurt XI"
turned to take tha Remedy and to improve constantly
I rnm day to day. I took it with me on my trip to Maine,
for I was bound to nave it wua mo a mo muu.
I JcBultis ttet I ImproTodsfeedily 11 the UnlaX was away;
! .nderor since my aitival home, which waj. .roral week
, . I hare been on duty every day. Ifeelfetrato.anl
the swelling 01 nanu. . --- .
sndtho teirlblabackache which used to bother ma mor
thtn nil the rest, troubles me no more, and I slejp
wEr Jy iftjjMj ""MMMBMhBBJBlrBBliHrMniHBI
-r-i .. 1 ,. VltV crp disordered urine lndi-
cstathatyoa aro a victim? THEN-DO NOT
HXSISATE; nso Kidney-'Wort at onca, (dnig-
Lt.. MTYe-n.nt'iATifiifc Ts-ms'aeedilT over-
m.m 1A rl314VA min TE51CTH MfiLiiT AUUU1A.
",-r'rr""T '"T",". 1. u, .-!.
U.LU C47 Miw , - i "
1 iieic? jroreampjaiaTsiiwuiiat
lUelLilcaa ta-rotr? aex. sncliaa -pain
a .nvkni-t!t. xidnffT-worsu imsuxpasssa,
as it vriil act promptly ondoafcly.
Either Scr. iacoaasenco,resen.iioa. o "
--j,.'- !n!tnT.roTirrdfmedta. and dull dr3zinc
pains, all speedily yield to ita enrativo power.
iX. ftrtT.n BY AT.T. DHTJG&I3T3. -
T 1iva nrticribed Kidnay-AVort tcith zrj great ucces
in a score or more obstinate cases of Kidney and Liver
Troubles, alsa for f9male weaknesses. Philip O. Bal
lon M. D., Monktoa, Vt.
"My wife has been much hnfiited from the- nieof
Kidney-Wort. She has kidney and other complaints, "
writes Rot. A. B. Uoteman, uayetreviiie, J.nn.
for all diseases of the Kidneys and
It baa specific action, on this meat important
organ, enabling- it to throw off torpidity and
inaction, stknulatins tne bcalthy secrctica of
the Bile, and by tscpinc tho bcrwela ia fceo
condition, cfiecting ita regular discharge.
Ralvio Ifyon aro 3ugcring from
ItfiCalcarlCla zoalaria, havo tho chiHa,
arc bilious, dyspeptic, or constipated, Kidney
Wort wiU surely relievo and quickly nxo.
In tho Spring to cleanse tlio System, every
:c ox is.
' pruccists.
T u llmvtr u)iinitta nf Vto virtllOtt rf K iHnBff.
"Wort. I suffered untold nony from livcrdisrder.
tureti m." Jno. D. Xcvins. Sprinetiel.1. Oilio.
2Jo other disease Is so prevalent In this conn-
try ca Constipation, and no remedy has ever
equalled tho celebrated Eidncv-Wort aa a
cure. Whatever tho exesc. however obstinate
tho case, this rgmodyvvni overcame it.
3 faiaWi plaint ia vers- avi to be
comoUcatcd-witnccnstipatioiu Eidnev-"77crt
strensthena tho vreaicned parts and Quickly
cures all kinds of PUca cveaTrhen. physicians
and medicinea have befcre failed.
13- 3TIf you havo either of theco troubles
33'Sts Sell
"What the great re
aturative. l!ostetters
Stomach Bitters, will
do, must be gathered
from tvhat it has
done. It has effected
icdical cures in thou
sands of cases of dys
pepsia, bilious dis
orders, intermittent
fever, nervous affec
tions, general de
bility, constipation,
pick headache, men
tal despondency, and
the peculiar com
plaints and disabili
ties to which the
feeble are so subject.
For sale by all
Drucsst and Deal
ers gene. ally.
Send for Catalogue
Ghaornan & Co.
madison, ma
cup.es where al: else fails. Q
Best Conh Syrup. Tastes good, VSJ
Use in time. Sofdbydrnggists. Sa
Tfl Yfill.vft Nf-N who wish to leaJn steam engi
IU I.UUAU RICH neering send your name, with
10 cents in stamps to F. Keppey. Engineer.Brideport, Ct.
R tn S90 P day ?t homo. Samples worth 85 free.
?Q IU 3U Addiea frtlnson & Ce.. Portland, Me.
f piWkVJi J lh
TTIS PEACTICAT. TARMETi OV PII.AT)ETTrrA.totnan!ntIsateae(raa!nrIneewthlttest'.,,
found there i a geaeral wesire to possess Farms and Horaesm tns West. Jo-.in order to give each of cur.-j-i- rj
ers an cmorttmitv to obtain an lamatsd Farm, a weil-ltnowa. reliaole ral estate man has carefully Sdee.ew
100 FAIIilS, to be effsred as Premiuais to our paper.
to our paoer.
i rcproouc'tloas
xaiusas, nae atcei-rlatc Enziarjnss--apexi rcproo
we price oi tnepaj
The most spi
was founded bv--J:
its cnaratier ana Tpnii?.tr:r.n
and offer as Premiums ths Stesi-?a'c- asraTin2J
conveyed hv Warrantv Deed, and a clear
vested from some cf these Farms last rear. Ail
occupy, and will be Droducr.ve homes from
circumstances. The tenancies are sucft that po
the Farms. Subscribe for the PKACTICAL.
I Jjuxj, a receipt and tl:e current nusiiier of the
E or tn ten davx from rfnr we will anrarci to earn
cription 11st. ana tne paper continued lor one '
weeklv at $3.00 per annua. IVe aant7K.ooo nrat subscribers in tiao tnoniits.
cacn subscriber win nave afa:rand eeual oppormniJy to obtain one of tne ra'ni!. aMLn"' i' - m
second and foliowin? series of io.oooSubscnse will receive liie.r Premiums until the enure 5150 ..
is jjiven away. These Farmsand EncTartngs are intended ai premiums to our Subscribers f." T" ' ". -.
entirely raruitaus nron our part, and is intended by cs as a means of dividing with our 5uoscru.-
valuable Premiums will be published- in tee PRAC
year, ine name ana a-iaress 01 tnose secur.nsrtne
TICAL FARMER, liavinz made up our m-nd to 1
secure. at anv eost-the lartrest circufation of anvu
Agricultural faper in tne oria. e cave resoveo
ta foTego alt profits and jne our Subscribe-s tie
Farmsand Enzrr.ving for the benefit derived from
the present and future lars circulation. A mp!e
Paper containing description of the Ensravicss and
of the xco Farms, with f. description of the imorovc-
mmt. riimeninr! ? houses, c.c. will be Sent free.
fHUH RATES. i?"?iIS!faiS!:i3S"
..1 1 :i . 1 .. r1..w f .. -ix..
paper contains the list cf Farms ar.d cescrinucn of
.ill mM tia mt.m nf th. AnS a nSrintirtr fr9
cu. WUMJIUC dl OQ su K usj wuuaiii vuui UCIIJIUIUOWI lKJlXJCmicriv. J fcV ,,rL-.h.fC n- 1 J .' -H-
scriVrs to obtain one of die Farms. Fcr 30 subscribers and S-W. we will ive two c-.tia y'Vi d '1
and $53. three extra subscriptions : tor sosubscrioers. four tn subscriptions ; fcr - sut cn J
SCTlDilons:ior43SUUScriocr5aaii3. six extra suasenraons; mr45 suiist.iin:i. - - ---. .-, ,,, jnynv D1
t --z' -.. : . rL" !-rv" 1 -' " r : . -1 ":
J;.,w... -..j..r- .....f...-w:....v-; w..-wV...
..V.;W.. aiA Cw. . mil rrin. .inht v. cnWrntmnr
this means you may, get tne seo acra Farm, wt every ra
lone name with bis own. and c will eet the75.oco subscribers and will distti&u.
kc & ur w u. wj tea v -..v .-.
h a w-iirk rtt n r ifi' rT t-arn nt wfm vy 1
z - ' zr ..-"-
Remember yoo may ret a j-ana wenn 53-co or
,. K HrucitMt 4iih the TTnton Trnt CommnT nf P2ilnileln!ltn, Pn. .. T
lunnOTUr lc BHH..nfftfiw tn Mir
hlitlU Prt..WUMt.rt AHU UnLUH.riFARMK: Sample ccpy
... ninr,ii lain mm
yourself. nelghDor. or parents, a nne rarrn.
-.. -- -- -, - --.
L&roia tne Boston GTo&j,
STessrs. Editors .
The above fs a coed llkenes3 of ITrs. Lydh p ts.,
bam, of Lynn, Mass., who above aHolr fcuam. JT
may bo trothraHycallcdtho'-DearFicndofWo"
as soma ef her eorrc?poncler.ts lovoto'-iu n,-,'
13 zealously (Icreted to her work, wik-h u u octJ?
of a life-study, and U obliged o k&? jx JJ
assistants?, to help her answer the largo correjpondS!
which dally pours ia npon her, each bearing iu rwl
burden of suffering, or joy at reioatefroa it. b
Vegotablo Compound is a mediclno for good and !
tH purposes. I have personally investigated t:i
amgatlsfled of tho troth of thin. "
6a account cf toproTcnincrIf3.lt fa rr-oacn.
and prescribed by tho best physicians ia Cjo eonat-
Ono says: "It works Hfco a charm and sarcj al
pain. It will cure entirely the worst form of tzmJt
ot tho uterus, Lcucorrhcea, irrcgalar and jaM
Menstruation, all Ovarian Troubles, Ii.naamutloa Ji
t31ccralloll,t3oo(llng3, all Displacements anithecca.
sequent spinal wcaknc, and L cspsciaUyadaMM,.
It permeates every portion of tho system, and arts
new lifo and visor. It removes faintness, flataic-T
destroys all craving for stimulants, and relieves wx.
ncss of tho stomach. It curca Bloating, Feadachei
JCerTouarrcntratlon, General DoW-aJ
iJeprtSSslcn and Ini'fecstioa. That tec: -g 0f bes-1-
cfewa.caasing pain, Weight and fcackacje.is alxj
permanently cured by Ita use. ItwUtat&Utiars.saj
nnd'jr all circumstances, act in harmony v the h
that governs tho female system.
It costs only gL per bottle or six f er C3., aad b H by
druggists; Any advice required cs to special cases,
fhe names of many who havo been restored to perfect
health by" tha hse of tho Vegctal'leCoaponatCaai4
obtained byaddreia!;3tr& P., with stamp for nfij
at her home in Lynn, Maaa.
For Kidney Complaint of either sex thU compwad j
Unsurpassed as abundant testimonials show.
- Ha Knkham'3 Liver PUI3," oys one Trriter, "m
the best in the tcorld fcr tho euro of ConsUpaScs,
BiUousaes3 and Torpidity ot the liver. HerBli
lurier worka wondera in Its special line and bids fab
to equal the Compound in Its popularity.
All must respect her as an Angel of Harcy whe8 Kit
ambition is to do good to others.
PnEadalphla, Pa, (2) Hn.A.Jf,a
B Hi U 11 " '
& r
BbsI Dye3 Ever Made.
RIB30KS, FEATHERS, or any fabrio or
fancy articlo easily and perfectly colored to ay
shado. Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Scarlet,
Cardinal Kcd, Xavy Blue, Seal Brown, 01It
Green, Terra Cotta and 0 other best colcn.
"Warranted Fast and 3urab!e. Each package will
color ono to four lbs. of goods. If youhaversTcs
f?5d Dyes try theso once. Ton Trill bo deliratcd.
Bold by druggists, or send ua 10 cents and aay
color Tranted sentpest-psid. 21 colored saoolM
and a set of fancy cards sent fcr a 3c. stamp.
WELLS, jaCHABDSOX A- CO., Burlington,Vt.
Bronze Paint. Artists' Black.
Fcr gildlnff Fancy Baskets. Frames, Ian;,
Chandeliers, and for aU kinds of oraasiestat wcrfc.
Eual to any of tho high, priced kind3 and only
lsunfai. neandlnfil.
liable in curias i.t
eptic b'.'jt, Spasms
C'onvuIsit.is.St V::u
I)fine, AcBoUa.
Opium Eating. r
vous debiiitycroiuli
and all Nervous acd
efcSiiJJ?"2v.,ji L.ood diseases. Tc
JLiierary mpn, jih
cljants. Bankers, Li
dies and ail whose
dentary employs-.. r
causes Tervoos fn
tratiun. IrreTOiar.r'j
of the blood, stom -h,
bowels or kiadt;s.&r
Efrw v tPnic- nrrt er cr
lllOSvw rrr r?5kpf Bs,t'nml.ii't, si.ju.r'J
m K HtfB 5 SJP -v ine jlnv.tf.-iL "
Hf W BtA lhnsiir.3rrfx-Wim.t
tin airf'v.i.., ler'ul n-
vlgorantthatevet nstain(ltboajiiK:.,'rv-TP"
sa e by all Drucgist TTTF. IB. S. A- Pf' HMCMI
J'luDICAL CO. n. ' vrf.'-rv ' ' U
Iron ITr8. Ptel Brinj. n- TARE BEAM,
Bold on t.-Ut. WXrrmnta 3 ysrs. Ail Iio8 as lav.
fot ire 9 book, UUrw
It contains over 300 fine Dortraitg and wifrravicrt f
battles and other h:atorii-af scenes, and :s tbe m
complete and vaSunbio history ever publ sued. It tJ
sold BY KtrBSCBirrtoN only, !nd asents are wi 'i
tn every cuuntv. Send fr ('irr.-'ua anl extra urrt
tCnts. Addr5s NAT iJNAX. lUBLlssIlIM'
CO., Philadelphia, Pa.
Brntin the world. Get the cennlne. Eerj
ancUnco bna onr trndr-m rU aad '
warkid Frnz-r'i. gOL,P EfR WHERE.
mm. THSCCiitDc saw-milis,
HoncPowen 1 0111,0111:110 ciowIh!Ic
(Smtpdtcan factions. WriteforFEEr.lus.Pamrb ;t
andPrice3tcTh2Ailtman3t Taylor Co. Mansi.:. Ci.
1&7S& RyiLDJM8"MNiLS.i
Thiswatcr-prooi material rembleafinoiether.unMd
for roofs, outwie walls of bnildines.and inri'ieia pnc
ofplaster. CatalotrnoAllf 11 rfau O ( CiaJto,
sampIeafrccCKatab.lew) 5V . ii. TH I U lU '-
rfR1 a week in your own town. Terms and 85 ontfltfr
SO- Address JO.. Hallctt A: Co.. Portland. Mage.
We also oiler, in connection with the Farm Pr0?er'-''ter,!i
We also oiler, in connection with the Funn proper;'.
of tue works of tbn greatest masters. These are a.ui
Lccatca tn w - , w 1 w w - TU
..,. eo
lovra, Nebraska ..- aiI,UUU
Inatola, aqareaauna yr - -
Fjteis aeall in soodeeri(3it:in. ""; " Vlt
. .,. .j in
I .
tvunvfw RPP.IVE THt
W5lw ' "
aai"-Z 'i.,ir(i-
.1 tetter?
S&f V -y.
fc ji tfti vrkr. -Xr.-Fj
I SitSai-' '
6Q TPgff 5-TOFj jp
u X I r h R r U S r
r 2000 subscribers to whom the first Jw.eoo
v s t j:...i..
3TJrJU -- f n Zl-
?M!.J -'" Vi
ircprorements. Ifvouwrn cet jo u" 'r y . wi-Ji otner "r
KJ W "".'iV- .. ' 3 ' .-"
iw unr!f nt on'-. a c!.e
S-me.lf CTO CT CT rtlir 1V V "
e him ma
:-.- - : n ., rvtra sbubv" -- ur
"""""A . r.rttl
--""---., .....in oneoi
TS. .r1r.- Allh'UTIPTi'tnS C u- . VinBi . K
nw sn rt'ai nTrrxir.i it v '---
w w vt, rr-
r a.:r ef tli.i'ert:,srtv at0844
5ioxco.tree 01 every cnu.u
. . - , .
ran e.
n'ntihrK fhf l)ei.S anU A- SirBCl
FAR3IER. jPxinafieiPf k?.cA
r. - . i-- to secureau.-i
.....' .-...,.c,lri rrswuu
41 -1. .. -
. .. rr tu .-.
c. b. c. fssw. masEg

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