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TBpv T wWTn
rgtXEl BEE.
jgTyEB. 23, 1884.
Business Kanager.
Trt0f advertising furnished on appli
pt ii ,-ctionRblo advertisements will not
v j)rit , .... a mft nostal money order.
' Jlfi?! made bv draft, postal money order.
'oB'J mistered letter. Money forwarded
,xp hW. 'sutthe Bender'B rl8k In
anJ ou' amount and what It is for
.!. 1VM.. "
c -mil1 "' ,.., . ,
l.m.mUl.'-.." . ,
' ,.11kUISUH-.' ,,., ,,
:- -
i "" c lpttefB. eW.. Miuum uc nuuiew
Kt bu'"1 ""
HuBlneBB Manager
The Bkk.
WaBhlngton D. C.
ii1iMtv,B.M. Street, between 12th and
ISr. DrniWtet. coruer 16th ana M
'' U'olaiuVs, corner 4VS al Pennsyl
veiiue. Southwest.
i FrtHjiimn. corner 15th and M. Street
iphte House. 31S Pennsylvania Ave.
Manager, No. 182, South Columbus
TJsoX, CeMil Agent.
Subscribe for the Ukk.
Twenty cents per month.
It will contain all the news.
For sale by all newsdealers in the city
There te a lettor at this ofllce for Alexander
ComPBtiyn. Capital City Guard, will give a
tll shortly.
AiiVERTiSE your goods in the Bee. A
trial i sol ii'iTWl. Ouk terms are inorter-
We wih cnnvneers for the Bke. Call
at our nllii-e.
Read the advertisement ol T. K.
Richardson, our Merchant Tailor.
Patronize the popular diuggist,
Beller, of 16th and M sts. N W
Pare druses can be procured at all
times. Toilet articles, cigars, etc,
a specialty.
W. II. llarrover of 313 7th at.
X W. near the Avenue, is the
place to buy cheap table cutlery,
tinware and housefurnishing
goods, etc. Go there for stoves,
etc. The best in the city.
"We advise our readers to pat
ronize Young's Cloth and Silk
Abuse , cheap bargains in cloaks,
Dolmans, Ulsters, etc. Latest
styles and lowest prices- Mourn
ing goods a specialty. Rem ember
the number, 736 7th street, N. W.,
bet G and H streets. One dollar
buyers get a red ticket ; six tickets
good for a useful present
The Happy Twelve association
one of the efficient working clubs
of Ebenezer M, E. Chujch are
preparing to give a concert in the
coming month.
Mr. "W. H. Smailwood, one of
our popular young men. and in
structor of the Smallwood's danc
ing school, will give a grand pri
ate masquerade and fancy soiree,
at the Cadets' New Armory, Tues
day evening, Feb. 26th This
will he a private affair.
The Four Leaf Clover Club
which is composed of a class of
young ladies, gave a Leap
Year reception at 1412 17th street,
X-WM Thursday evening, Feb.
The officers of the club are;
-Miss Louisa A. Smith, President ;
Mrs- J. T, Mason, Treasurer; The
reception committee are; Mrs.
James Stewart, MIbb Lucy Brown,
J Miss India Z. Smith,
Respite the weather on Suuday
afternoon last, there was quite a
cwtl at Asbury Singing School.
The chorister was on hand and
went over several new selections.
ii m ii
The publishers of Ratlcdye's
Monthly oilers twelve valuable re
gards in their Monthly for March,
among which is the following :
We will give 20.00 to the per
?0" telling us which is the middle
verse of the Gospel of St. Matth
W' asjecordedin the New Testa-
ment Scriptures, not the New Re
gion, by March 10th 1884.
110111,1 tw more correct an
ers be received , the reward will
t The money will be
Wtded to the Vinner f,rch
3oni, 18S4 tv -Mai en
iheiW' tr? for
"e reward must send on . .
S tl POStag0 StamI'3 take,,
lthe.,ra'Ubr which they
,C . t "anie and addrefs of
r-f the reward and the
d TT Wi" be P-WWied,
wIch several more vahfa:
V? y be oilercd.
lPA, Eaaton, Penua.
This association met last Satur
day .night at the Philadelphia
House, and installed the follow
ing officers ; d
Alex. Powell,
Lfwis H. Douglass,
M. b Hamlin,
Wm. H. Bruge,
Treasurer ;
Ohas. II. Butler,
Corresponding Secretary.
W. R.Davis, Jr.,
Sergeant at Arms.
The above members will be glad
to see all the New Yorkers who
may visit Washington.
The Young Men's Banquet.
The most popular event of the
season will be the Young Men's
banquet,that will take place at the
Philadelphia House next month.
This will be one of the grandest
affairs in the history of the young
men in the District of Columbia.
This is the celebration of the ris
ing young men and our new
Co. B. Capitol City Guards will
give a masked ball, at their Arm
ory, Tuesday evening, Feb. 26th.
The affair, it is said, will be very
Our genial old friend, Geo. T.
Jackson, left the city on Wednes
day evening last, for Chicago,
where he has accepted a "position.
We wish him success.
There are a number of ladies
holding meetings for thepurpose of
giving a masquerade party early
in the coming month. They held
a meeting on last Friday evening at
Mr. A. Ii. Steveson's, on C St., bet.
3rd and 4th sts.
The Mt. Jeasreal congregation
are holding a revival in the base
ment of their new Church, which
looks very promising.
A good old time was had at
Ebenezer M. E. Church, on Wed
nesday 13th, iust. the occasion be
ing a Lovefeast. There were about
five hundred persons present.
We regret to announce that Mrs.
W. H- Grimshaw, is lying in a
critical condition at her residence,
323 S. O. Ave. s.e. Mrs. Grim
shaw, has beeu a great sufferer for
several months, she has not been
able to the house since early in
the fall.
Mr. Thos. Young of Annapolis,
paid a flying visit to our city Tues
day of this week. Mr. Young
was looking well and speaks ot
the recent Post Office robbery as
causing a great deal of excite
ment in Annapolis-
At the pound party given at
the St. Paul's A. M. E. church on
the 13th, there were about 250
lbs, of groceries received, besides
six or seven packages of clothing,
which were distributed among
the needy aud wormy poor, ine
ladies of the church determine to
continue these pound parties at
intervals and hope thereby to do
much needed good.
Sunday the 3rd inst. was the
Gold liini; Rally at Ebenezer M
E. Church. Tt resulted in raising
about one hundred dollars and
more; there was about twenty
rings gWen out t those raising
ovor five dollars, this church has
a very heavy debt on tt, for
repairs made on the church in the
fall. It is without doubt the finest
colored church in the city since
the refitting.
It is reported that Ebenezer M.
E. Sabbath School is going down
since the change in its officers.
It is too bad ; three months ago,
this was a flourishing and prosper
ous school, both in finance and
membership. We are afraid that
the board has suffered the school
to fall off; owiug to the change in
its affairs on the woiking ele
ment has been driven out of the
school bv the change, or some sira
ilar reason.
WEwek-eme to our exchange
the Living Way, published at Mem
phis, Teiin, by Rev. W. A. Brink
ley, editor, and Rey. R. N.
Countee, manager. It is a seven
column folio, and perhaps one of
the finest journals in the country.
Eev. Joseph Cook calls Niagara a "date
less roar." He miglit call Courtney a date
less rower, too.
We are glad to see our old
friend and citizen, R. B. Robinson
business manager of the Bee. Mr.
Robinson is an active newspaper
mau. His genius, together with
his long experience, the Bee can
not fall short in its management
of great success. -ifrcwioTzd Planet.
The Washington Cadet Corps
attended the 19th street Baptist
fair last monday evening under
the command of Lieut. Brooks who
in his stately manner, presented a
fine appearance. Success to' our
Mrs. Barnerd Cole aud Mrs. A.
E. Lane left for Norfolk on Fri
day, where they will meet their
husbands who are stationed at that
The unanimous election ten
dered Gov. P. B. Pinchback and
James M. Vance, by the 4th ward
republicans on Thusday last, places
Mr. Vance in the front rank
among the yonng polticians in this
state. It is a compliment that
would justly make any young man
proud; it is an honor as high as
any young man must hope to win.
It is an evidence that Mr. Vance
has played a master hand in the
politics of that ward; for when a
man can adjust and harmonize
the vaiious conflicting elements
and the sundry opinions of a ward
noted for its intelligence, and fas
tidious in its selection of men to
represent it, a ward that has made
governors and secretaries, he
must be in possession of extraordi
nary political sagacity aud shrewd
ness. American Citizen.
Mrs. John A. Logan is a lady
of refinement and oue whom eve
rybody admires when they meet
her. She would be a star in the
White House. Washington. D. C
She will take charge of the
White House in company with
her husband, March 4th 1885.
Mind that, neighbor. The West
ern Recorder.
Wanted An intelligent- sales
man, with business ability and ac
quaintance, to sell dealers one of
the best selling articles in the mar
ket. Retail dealers ot all classes
must have it. Sold from sample
and no peddling. Quick sales and
good profits made by the right
kind of a man. Send stamp for
particulars to
W. H. Swan, Elkhart, Iud
The remains of Rev. Mrs, Den
nis was taken to West River on
Saturday morning. Many friends
left the city with the remains,
among whom were, Messrs. Al
fred Pope and James Davenport;
she left, to mourn her loss, six
Mr. Robert V'ilson is yet quite
We regret to report the illness
of Mrs. Washington Beckett.
Also the illness of Mrs Caroline
Clark, ot 27th street.
The funeral of Mrs Mary A,
Stanton, who died Thursday last
was preached Sunday at 3 P. M.
at the Ebenezer Church, by Rev.
Mr Brown the pastor, the service
was largely attended by the many
friends, among whom were Mrs!
George McDugle Adams, who
cared for her, as a mother, through
all her sickness, and paid all ex
penses attending sickness and
burial. Mrs. Stanton came as
nurse, with Mrs. Adams, from
Kentucky, six years ago, and re.
mained nnder her care until her
Mrs: Mary Rouzer, of 1309 Poto
mac street, was sent to the F reed
man's Hospital f
nap ii m
The Social twelve gave a very
delightful Domino hop on last
Tuesday, Feb. 15th, at the Armory
hall of the Capitol City Guards'
Co. B. The costumes were elabo
rate, unique and beautiful. The
reception committee should be
complimented for the fine appear
ance of the table aud good music.
Among those present were: Ex
Gov. P. B. Pinchback, Gen'l,
Lewis and Col. Dumont, of Louis
iana, Trustee and Mrs. -T: Harry
Smith,Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. H. H
Bvacd, Mr. and Mrs. Alex. Powell,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Johnson,
Misses J and B Page, Mary Nalle
Messrs. A P Albert, A P Brodie
and many others.
Virginia Department
( Special Correspondence of the Bee.)
Rev. John Jasper, the celebrated di
vine of Richmond, who upholds the
theory that "de sun do move," and who
had a 4,corner" on the astronomical
knowledge, of the day, writes to a friend
in New York that his congregation has
divided from nearly two thousand to less
than twenty members. Such is fame.
The republican and readjuster commit
tees, in joint session, at Richmond on the
16th inst, issued a call for a convention
to assmble in the city of Richmond, Va.,
at 12 in. on Wednesday, the 23d day of
April, 1S84, for the purpose of appointing
to the National Repudlican convention
to be held at Chicago on Tuesday, the 3d
day of Juue, eighteen hundred and eighty
four, and further, for the purpose of
nominating presidential electiors. The
call if signed by the respected memders
of the two committees and countersigned
by Wm. Mahone, chairman reajuster state
central committee, and H. Libbey,
chairman, pro tem., republican state
central committee. It will be one
of the largest and mest independ
ent assemblies of the kind that has met
in this state. According to the plan of
representation, Alexandria will have 7
delegates, Lychburg 5, Fredericksburg 2
Richmond 22, Norfolk 13, Alexandria Co.
2, Petersburg 14, Greene 3, Westmore
land 5. In a few more days and the po
litical fires will all beaglow.
Congressman Mayo was in Richmond
last Saturday
The 8th Congressionul district conven
tion that will assemble the 23d of April'
at Richtuoud, will consist of 69 delegates
under the new plan.
Tho Virginia delegation to the Chicago
convention will number 26.
William Davis, esq., of Charleston, has
been elected by the grand lodge of masons
of W. Va.., R. W. D. dep't grand master
tor Charleston and the Kanawha valley
and Mr, W. J. Browner of the same city
as assistant grand lecturer.
Several colored women of Louisville,
Ivy., have Chinese husbands. -"We want
no pigtails in ours."
Mr. James M. Buckner suites that
though but a recent reader of the Bee,
he wonld not miss its visitations for any
price. He hopes the Bee muh success.
Mr Buckner is one of our most prominent
and useful citizens.
Mr. and Mrs W. H Whiting and Mr.
and Mrs. W. H, Madella attended the Al
fred street Baptist church Sunday night.
Judge Meade refuses to hold court until
the charges against him are disposed of,
Tiie G. W. O. ot odd-fellows will cele
brate their annual thankgiving on the 1st
proximo. A good time is expected.
Mr. G. W. B. has too many strings to his
Miss E. W. B. has been invited to sing
at a concert to be given in South Wash
ington, March the 12th,
Mrs. Phoebe Brooks left for Boston
Mass, to look out for a legacy.
Mr. Thomas Williams Is not married.
The Bee was imoosed upon. Mr. Wil
liams still remains in single blessedness.
Mr. W. II. D. is paying attention to
Miss P. L. C, of Pitt street.
Tt is a death blow to Mr. W. B. D. to
hear of the engagement or Mr. W. to Miss
E. B. "of Washington. He has our sym
pathy. Mrs. C. A. Lee the amiable wife of Mr.
S. W. Lee has been confined to her house
for the past week. The Bee sympathizes
with our friend.
Mr. R. R. Lancaster is out again. He
is at his post, the Tontine.
R. Henry Simpson, esq., member of the
readjuster state eommitteeand Col. David
A. Windsor, chairman of the coalitionists
of this city have returned from Richmond.
Mr. Shearer of Lynchburg was in the
city last week the guest of our genial
friend Mr D. W. Chinn.
Mr. Isaac Tancil is one of our veteran
culinary artist. He is an accomplished
public caterer. Mr. Tancil is known
home and abroad for his skill. He resides
on Ro3'al street, surrounded by an inter
esting family.
Miss Jane Bryant expects to go north.
Mrs. Ida F. RobiusOn entertained a few
intimate friends at her residence yester
day, the 22d.
The grand leap year party is still held
under advisement.
Tom writes to the Pioneer Press : Mr.
editor: I am struck on a certain girl, but
she don't like me. What is the best thing
lean do?
The editor replies thus : The only reme
dy we can recommend you to is to shut
yourself up in a lunatic asylum.
Alpxandria will be represented at the
Richmond convention by a strong and
influential delegation, and will beyond
doubt be men "worthy of their steel."
An old physician, retired from active prac
tice having had placed in his band" by an
East India Missionary the formula of a sim
ple vegetable remedy for the speedy and per
manent cure of Consumption. Bronchitis
Catarrh, Asthma and all Throat and Lnng af
fections also a positive and radical cure for
seneral Debility and all nervous complaints,
after having thoroughly tested its wonderful
curative powers in thousands of cases feels
Shis duty to make it known to his suffering
fellows. The recipe will be sent freeo charge,
to all who desire it, with full directions for
Semrlng and successfnllySusing. Address
53T starap.Snamlng lhls;-paper. Dr. M. E.
52. Montgomery Street, Jersey City.
T. J,
A young lady who entered a New York
music shop, and asked the ygmm
attendance, "Have you Happy Dreams?
astonished-when he : replied, "Noma'am
Softly troubled with the Bigbtmare."
Hadn't know why she went out so bur
edlyand slammed the shon door affcr her.
For the Bee.
BY MisiM. E.C.
Alexandria, Va.
Weary wretched sln-slck soul,
Wandering o'er lire's rugged main;
Would'st thou And luuylelding rest,
Rest, long sought in vain?
Would'st thou dwell in Eden's bowers,
Live one bright unclondy day.
Repose ateaseamong theflowers
And have their sorrows washed away?
Then to Jesus lift thine eye,
Turn thy back on sin, and flee from it.
Cast thy weighty burden upon him,
He'll relieve you and set you free.
He will ownjron for His child;
Thou shalt be forever blest.
When on earth thy toils are o'er.
Thou shalt ttnd in Heaven sweet rest.
The Washington Conference:
The 2l8t annual session of the
Washington M. E. Conference
will be held at Lynchburg, Va';,
commencing Wednesday March,
12, 1884; For the purpose of ac
commodating those who wish to
be present at Lynchburg, Sunday
and Monday, during the conference
Mr! Wm Af Carter has made
special arrangements with the
Virginia Midland Railway Coi, to
run a special train for their accom
modation, leaving Alexandria, Vaf
at 10,50 pfml sharp, on Saturday
evening, March 15th 1884; return
ing, will leave Lynchburg at 11,30,
p. m: Monday, March 17th: Par
ties from Baltimore, Washington,
and elsewhere in the vicinity will
take the 4.20, 6-20, 8, or 10.40, p:
mt train from B: & P Depot, cor
ner of 6th and B street! Fare, for
the round trip, $2. 75;
Special reductions to clubs of 25.
Address, Wm. A. Carter, Alex
andria, Va., for further informa
tion. The Secrets of Success.
A man's comfort in life adepends very
much upon, his keeping a little ahead in
his money affairs. If you once fall behind,
it may be yep- difficult to make up the
headway which iBiost. One who begins
with putting aside some part of his earn
ings, however small, and keeps it up for a
number of years, is likely to become rjch
before he dies. One who inherits property,
and goes on year by year spending a little
more than his income, will become poor if
he lives long enough Living beyond their
means has brought multitudes of persons
to ruin in our generation. It is the cause
of nine-tenths of all the defalcations which
have disgraced the age. Bankers and busi
ness men in general do not often help
themselves to other people's money until
their own funds begin to fall off, and their
expenditures exceed their receipts. A man
who is in debt walks in the midst of perils.
Merchants who, in their prosperity,
would have scorned the thought of any
thing approaching to fraud have, when they
found themselves sinking, resorted to base
devices which would seem to be utterly
foreign to their nature. A drowning man
will clutch at the throat of his best friend
to save himself. Debt in itself is dread
fully demoralizing. It may sometimes be
inevitable ; but, even when there is no dis
honesty connected with it, the moral fibre
is liable to be injured by its influence. It
cannot but impair one's self-respect when t
he feels that he is living upon money
which belongs to others. How much better,
whenever it is possible, to keep a little
ahead, even though we deny ourselves all
the luxuries and some of the comforts of
It is also very desirable that we should
keep somewhat ahead in our work. This
may not be possible in all cases ; as, for in
stance, when a man's work is assigned to
certain fixed hours, like that of the opera
tives in a mill. But there are certain classes
of people who can choose their time for
the work which they are called to do, and
amongst them there are some who invaria
bly put off the task assigned them as long
as possible, and then come to its perform
ance hurried, perplexed, anxious, confused
in such a state of mind as certainly
unfits them for doing their best work.
One secret of success in life consists in
keeping ahead of other people in our plans.
Society is divided into two classes leaders
and followers those who "go ahead" and
those who "fall into line." How are great
fortunes made ? Partly, as already said,
by saving, and also by striking out in ad
vance of others. A thing once done, it may
be easy to copy and to multiply it; but it
is the pioneer who went ahead and first
broke the ground that deserves the praise.
It is to men who open new paths, and dis
close to u regions that were unknown
before, that the world is most indebted.
It is the advanced idea of a few men in
one generation which decides the destiny
of the generation that follows. Society is
always in need of men who command re
Bpect and reverence because of their ele
vated character. We look up to certain
persons; we look down upon others; up
or down because of the monotonous
level on which the multitude stand. If it
were not for the example of a few eminent
men, we should have a low standard of
haractec. In every village of a thousand
or more inhabitants there are usually somo
four or five men and women whose in
fluence would be sadly missed if they
should be taken .away. They keep ahead
of other people in enterprise as well as in
character. A handful of such persons may
elevate the whole tone of the community.
Alas for the town where all people are on
a level ! It is sure to be a pretty low leveL
Let every young man who has a soul in
him determine not only to get ahead, but to
keep ahead till he drops out of his place to
make way for some one else. In our day
those who are coming on the stage of ac
tion find it particularly haTd to get a start
the roads are blocked, there is a crowd
of applicants for ever respectable station
or opening, and it is only the active and
-vigilant who stantt mncn cnance oi gerung
ahead. But remember for your comfort
that those who have succeeded best are
often such 8aha4tQ gtriv hardest in the
Wbat special advantage have the great
majority of successful men had when they
started in their career? Only such as they
found within themselves a clear head, an
earnest purpose, and a strong will. They
made their fortunes fortune did not make
Fight your own battle in life. Ask no
favors of any one, and you will succeed a
thousand times better than those who are
always beseeching patronage. No one will
ever help you as you can help yourself, be
cause no one can be so heartily interested
in yonr welfare.
We went to the hotel, had dinner, and
then I secured a livery team and drove out,
getting through the whole business so that
tween the rails of the fence. I could see
her great blue eyes, and knew that she was
frightened. Thare wwee red stains around
Determined to Dispose of the STOCK 05
HAND, We have concluded to make decided
REDUCTIONS, and to convince the Public
thatsnch is our purpose we shall make a
general display on .OUR SECOND FLOOR,
with prices arnxed on each garment In plain
figures, which canuot fail to attract the atten
tion of THKLuVDIES. We enumerate below
a few of the specialties In this depertment.
LOT 1L We wUl close 415 Chemises at 12&a
LOT 26. We will close 272 Chemises, beau
tifully made, with lace bands, at 29 c,
LOT 4. We wiU close 185 Chemises, with
embroidered fronts, fine tucking, at 39c.
LOT 24. Chemises with pieces embiolderr.
cambric ruffling, fine tucking, at 49c.
LOT 31. Chemises, tucked yoke, fine em
broidered band, elegant quality cotton, at 59c.
LOT 44, Chemises, yoke of embroidery, best
cotton, at 87c,
LOT 52. Chemises, fine cambric, lace yoke,
latest design, at 9Sc
LOT 14. Drawers deep hem, cluster tucks, 19c
LOT 17. Drawers, six tucks, with lace
bands, at 29c,
LOT 22. Drawers, narrow and wide tucking
cambric ruffle with cluster tucks, good cotton
at 44c.
LGT29. Drawers with embroidered ruffle,
cluster tucks, at 44c.
light tucks, good cambric ruffling, at 69c.
LOT 56. Nightgowns, tucked yoke, finished
with embroidery, at 79c
LOT 61. Nightgowns, yoke with cluster or
tucks and three rows of Inserting and edging
LOT 63. Nightgowns with six-Inch, ambroid
ered yoke, best quality cotton at 9Sc
LOT 72. Skirts, with
tucks, at 33c
LOT 74. Skirts, tucked, ruffle cluster tucks
above, at 34ct
,LOT81. Skirts, with embroidered edge
ruffle, cluster tucks at 59c
LOT 92. Skirts, embroidered ruffle, two
cluster tucks, made of the best cotton at 89c.
We are confident that the SPECIAL, SALE
OF UNDERWEAR at the special prices men-
ioned will crowd our second floor wlta e?
420 422 and 424 Seventh Street N
Washington Cadets Corps,
O 8T BET, 1th. & 8tfa, W. W.
(South Side)
On reasonable terms for Meetings, Con
certs, Enteitainments, Fairs, Etc, Etc
Apply on Monday and Thursday
evensngs from 7 30 to 9 o'clock,
at the Armoiy or at residence dai
ly bet. 6 and 7pm "
Arthur Brooke, 1624 Madison 8t.
736 The 7th Sfreet 736
Latest Styles. Xowegt Prices.
736 7th St. bet. G and H.
$1 Buyers get a Red Ticket, Six Tickets
good for a useful present.
730. rstablished 1862 736
6 a week at home. 85.00 outfit free.
Pay absolutely sure. No risk. Capi
tal not required. Reader, Ifyou want
business at which persons of either
Kfr. vnnntr nr r!.1 nan moVn nn
pay all the time they work, with absolute cer
tainty, write for particulars to H. Hallktt
& Co., Portland. Maine.
Send Hlx rnntn fni 7vtnva
and receive tree n cnntiv hmr
of goods which will help you to
iuuru iuuuey ngnt away man
fanvtVtirifr nlcck In Vta n.x.1,l
All, of either sex, succeed from first hour. The
broad road to fortune opens before the work
ers, absolutely sure. At once address Trtxk
&. Co., Augusta, Maine.
wanted for Thn TJvpb nt all
the Presidents of the U. S.
line largest, handsomest best
book ever sold for less than
tWlflPnnr TlHl Tho faatat
selling book in America. Immense profits to
agents. All Intelligent people want it. Any
one can become a successful agent. Terms
free. Hailett Book Co., Portland, Maine.
1318 e st., ar. w.
Every convenience necessary on
the modern improvement
style. ,
Call and Ascertain Terms.
1454 Q st. ST.W.
The Ladies' Aid Society
of THE
Annual FAIR & Festival,
In said Church on Wednesday Eve' 27th inst.
No effort will be Bpared in trying to make
the occasion pleasant to all; and aS the Church
is greatly in need of funds, the general patron
age of the public is respectfully solicited.
Admission - - - - io cents.
jggg Wanted ! A live and reli
able agent in every district of
"Washington, to canvass for the
Bee. Call and learn the terms to
agents. We want three thousand
new subscribers for 1884.
front Room with Board, at No.
1012 16th street, N. W.
Be kind to all -whom yoa may meat.
On this, our fleUng earth ;
Ob, cast not dowa beneath yemr feet
The humbles creature God gives birta,
Let not this world aUnre your neart
From principles jure 2Bd true :
Place not yoor love on wesitfc. or a.
Be kind to all, in aU job do.
TbCrt2l. tbepoor, at last mast be
In common at the grave :
Death sends us all to eternity,
"WTtfle no regreU can save.
America, At parting be gave me his card.
It was a modest piece of pasteboard, and
bore tho name of '"George Raleigh," ia old
English cript.
Ctrand Ole
Holl 0
WANTED The Public to know that
The Bee, Office, 1109 1 at., is of
fering Special Rates for advertisements of
Want, For Rent, Lost and Found, and
An advertisraent of the above size will
For one time 25 cents.
For two times 45 cents.
For three times 60 cents.
For four times 75cents
For five times 90 cents.
For six times S1.25.
Practical Watchmaker and
Cor. of 13TH & H STS., N, "W.
For Sale.
In connection with the business, a Una
of Confectionery, Cigars, Tobacco, Etc.
1717 K. STREET, N. W.
Board and Lodging by the day, week or
month upon the European plan. Also
Billiard and Pool rooms.
W, J3L. JHai-iroe,
Staves, Baages & Furnaces
And Dealer in Table Cutlery,Tin
ware, House Furnishing Goods etc.
Ho. 313 Seventh St, N. W. Wasla, DC
Williams & Meriditli,
7th and Boundary Streets,
Attorney at Law,
224 Eour-aud-a-half street, "Wash
neton, D. C. Law, Equity and
Divorce Cases taken. I pay spe
cial attention to all cases against
United States Government. I draw
Deeds, Wills, all Assignments and
Marriage settlements carefully.
Patents secured, and all claims
collected. P. O. Box 46. dec 26
You can buy First Class Custom made
much better and a great deal cheaper
than ready made new ones, on reason
able terms at
619 D St., bet. 6th and 7th Sts, N. W
N B. New clothing we sell cheaper
han anywhere.
Xo. 1218 E street, K W.
Special Attention Paid to Private Classes.
1139 loth street, N. W.
Corner Sixteenth and M Strs. SIVW
Drugs, Patent Medicines, and Toil
et Articles, Cigars and Tobacco.
Prescriptions Cakevuli.v Fheparkd.
T. K. Eieliardsoe
Late of the firm of Basks &. Richakdsoh.
3Me:roJbLa.:ixt Tail 027.
615 L Street'.
Office and Residence, 112 Pa., Ave
Office Hours, 8 to 9 A. M., 1 to 2 P. M.
6 to 7 P. M.
The following Drug Stores will receive
calls and promptly deliver the same, viz :
Hallock's, cor., 5th and H Streets, N. W
Beller's, cor., 15th and M. Streets, N. W
I State k Ussro Sts., Chicago.
i bT&S, W a tosnwtatK
' latlrwou, son, up ,
iiuuuwi. XeaaUu, Cap-Leaf
SUam. Dram aujon ataxia m . .
3ilJ nana tsainn. ftiuiam
hb.akiodxla Instroctioa m -
1 f or AsMtoor tsaaa, aca
- O 1 2.CC3 a 0 "
Q30 &2- $?& 9.
Immu 0
j a - - -
t i
i n
. h'

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