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Terms. 00 Per par.
5 cents per copy.
NO. 52.
! Z i "" ""
rw cvrv J cv
W ta I i Hk m mm m mm. Jm r m. ji7 m n HI r iw' HI imt H M iH Wr Bi H ABM an . m TBA. v
Men's Boys' and Children's Clothing
Am sr
die Great Sample of Hcei,IJo3S
xv olforctl nt
Bet. I St. axd Massachusetts Avenue.
.. .- . . - t. . . nm i'T C. mr MT
B..Fb.a& r rrnnitmaw&rT' i - f k j a k z i v i
and citildi' ' tiw"b wiiwiiuon. - .., . ...-
O v mp
,.f thp best eooil
..oils, say Mounu
thousand Men's Boy's and Children's Suits and
fioods.' Muuy of them will be soH at lesis than Lbe
bout tlie aiaiiiiiff ana
and Overcoats
cost of tbe
trimmings. Actual bar-
....l.lntn come
iiiiiw ." !.. -
br" ..::... ,,,,-v low. and Children
ueuut 0verCoats at less tbau y
1 , ' Ti,rso. cronds are mostly in single
"!: T r ,.1 of the best English, French
aim uiv- . , rt, ... o C3; -!,., - ci.i r,. oio f oon of loc
II 4 - I I 1 l 1 - ' - - I I I III , 1 Bill 1 I r. - ' . -1 L T.-
..f fvi SO (I 1UI CXV livn VQ1 jmj ". UV1 .. v i. v-- w .ww
,l . . . i,i. ..nof flMin-n nt'a im l-ftf-rtn crnnila mnno mmiv rr
111 tWO-tllll'US 01 L"e W3U. a-uvnivuv ""' uwv .Uv,, j wi
,rinr to the best ordered work. Men's Suits start at 5 and go
eill MIJHJiVl n.liil.1i.Aii'c Cnife QO r.A frk CC aili Otroi.
KOYS SUJLO C'J w Vi v , vuuuii o kiuiw v v 1.1 v, "" v v,.
-V sample Suit worth $20 can be boughtjor 12
. -- rm . j T !
ana uoys suits at nttie over uau-
ou -would have to pay for the
Suits, only one of a kind,
and American goods. Price
uv- " , i i- MS i ftnifofli
.... , oi n
111 II i U I .' . at. - i
1,1 . i. ... t. unvs' nd Children iroui S. oU up. lou can secure
Oatb 1U i " ' i;P r f linco o-nnil vnn nnn rt. fitter! in W
bargains 01 ? ou. -- "t ---- 5"-"-. Jr".. ..".rirr no iV
'V, V3
. . ' ' , , cio ..ops. 4 to S. Just think of it. You can have your
ih, t .i.lli y J T.;fl fi.fliftof 41. liulfiifinn lfoti' loiifc 7.p
-i " l 30 an to $6, We have a lot of Prince Albert Coats, W.ack Cloth
lonnerlv soiil for vlS, $20, S22 your choice to day for $12.
It would bennpossiuie u enumerate uiu muubituub ui guuu buiuga iu
iMntiiimr for 3Ien, Boys' and Children. Come and see for yourself
( 1,, s-de of sain nle Suits at 924 7th St. N. Ar., bet. I St. and
of men's
tiie presidents marriage. gen.
logan's book, our public
schools. why we need one su
perintendent, the supervising
principles. tiie new school
bill. the negro column in the
republican. christian hyp0c-
Dear Clara : I have been qnite un
well for the past two weeks. My
visit to New York quite unnerved
me. I have been informed that
Mrs. E. D. Ruflln has fully recover
ed from her sickness. She is one of
the most sociable ladies in West
Washington. I have no idea where
I shall co this summer. I shall
J probably atteud the convention at
I Atlantic city.
We this week make mention -i.veu- the mixed school
that which seems to worry the pub- j r0iy discussed bv Prof, Cardo
hcmind. It is a settled question zo x am informed. "The Prof, as
that the president will be married 1 you know is a tine wrifcen j under.
to one of the most refined and higli- stand that it is tbe inteution of the
ly educated ladies m the county Household to reorganize the circle.
now iar tuis organization win ex-
TVheu that marriage will take place
we dont know. But when the pres
ident decides on the young lady
the country will know. President
Clevelaud is growing stronger and
stronger in the hearts of the Amer
ican. General
w 1 .V 4-lv ill -
m..., Avp IjOOK 1U1" LI113 &IKUO.
Ji.n:Nand Children's Clothing.
L i ; at 10 o'clock.
Sample Suits and all styles
Sale com indices T U ESDAY
tend I am unable to say. The
question that I have been consider
ing this week is
Thev tell me that women are more
! treacherous than man. I have
- J. found this out, that women will
is in the popular demand. The never forget kindness, while man
editor of this paper will be pleased ; is to the reverse. You must con
to furuish any citizen with a copy . tinue to flatter the majority of men
if he desires one. Every colored ! to retain their friendship. Negro
person should read the great con
. .i- - - v . .- .- - -2r --ri"ri -T"1 r""."T- 4 - i.
k 4,1 irr- -m ftinnrrriTn fK lr l) rSl. P li V Ai,tL X XJWJlwr i J-J. tw. lur;-uo nKntnac xuo ircrtv
r if iv i.t. i tr i i vjil i. v - -- ' ' "- - . -!- -'
--ir A,i1Vvr-...v
airmrts'for ilie Wtbcr Eeliring, Yose, Guild, Mason and Hamlin
o e v(
Bt-hr Bros.
O H O- iA. TS S!
spiracy. lue benator aiscusses tue
Negro question prior to and subse
quent to reconstruction iu a man
ner that no' one of the race should
fail to read. Send tor Logan's
We are convinced and always
have been that is necessary for the
Commissioners to supervise our
public schools. The new bill if it
should pass both houses of con
gress entitles the people to tweuiy
four trustees. The colored people
ckiim that they want one third of
the trustees. The number as a
matter of fact will be left to I he
Commissioners. The people do l't
need but one "superintendent rjid
one assistant. The National Ice-
J publican Avhich claims to havp.iio
jjru -Ui3T'
separate column for Negro news.
There is no other paper iu the city
that has a special column for color
ed people. The Daily Post, a dem
ocratic, the Star and Critic inde-
HAND SEAA'BD GA1TEKS for Ladies and Gentlemen.
Low Quarter Shoe's, GKEA.T VARIETY.
42 7th St., UKILBItrX'S Old Stand. Look for the old lady in Window.
. m
"" -i j .,.. ., ii ,iu 7j '!iiLfad.ny"L V 4 .W - - i jyW"?" "" J "KLTtj i.l BWj?3Bi"'
Ulu'trfttcd hy the use of aRugpy made by T. T. Haydock. vhich is not only the Leading
. ''iccy in this picture, but TKSE LEADING BCGGY OF AiTIEItlCA. Has
iUn.Wk-s vafetv Kinc Bolt and Fifth Wheel. Ask vou dealer for the T. T.
IilKorst icrucsY. with the Haydock Safety King l3olt and Fifth WheeL
Hie i. msffure riding over any other.
'This i.K-turo i;i b furuuheU on a large c'd, printed in clccant stvle, to anyene trho will ap-ec to frame it.)
. i nti lor K alnlocilO HtlQ
hoicato ivuc i.ut. Cor. I'lnm and TTveirth Sts., CINCISSJLTI, O.
pendent papers publish the colored
people as they do other citizens.
The colored people should learn
how to demand the respect of white
journals by supporting those that
know how to appreciate the race.
Why should there bo a separate
column in a paper that the people
of color support? In this city as
well as in other cities there is a
great deal of
There is as much need for reform
in the church as there is in any
other institution. Some pretended
christians to an extent have no more
regard for the truth thau they have
for condemning the devil. Let
the christian church do its duty.
If there is any government in
this universe that needs reforming
it is our District government. We
have three first class Commission
ers who will do their duty at the
proper time.
The general impression now is
that Mr. Matthews will not be con
firmed. We shall not believe it
until we have better evidence.
is in hot water. His arraingment
of the republican party and ex
commissioner Dudley is meetiug
with cold comfort. There never
was a more honest man than Gen.
Dudley. He promoted the Negro
on his merits and not since he re
signed has a Negro been promoted
to any importaut position iu the
Pension otlice.
men never torget to revenge. They
are like the Indian. They would
sooner forget the wrongs done
them by the Anglosaxon than they
would forgive the injury done them
by their own race.
There must be a new generation ;
new blood must be infused into the
Negro before he will ever become
a race. I am of the opinion that
the Negro woman of education is
superior to the men of her race.
The old slave nations and ways
exist to a certain extent. The race
has not forgotten how treacherous
their fore-parents were to each oth
er. There is a lack of unity among
the colored people, which must be
chauged. The
in school must be taught the lesson
of friendship and kindness. The
teacher hasa orroo- vncnrmgihilitv.
xuc mum obould receive its rudi
ments first at home. The mother
should see that the child is morally
taught before it is handed over to
the teacher. Some may think
that the teachers have an easy time,
but, uo one knows her responsibili
ty, the labor and care. Some go so
far as to say that the teacher in the
public schools receives too much
money. This is not so. Indeed, they
should receive more. Their work is
more laborious than a department
clerk, who is well paid and even
allowed 30 days leave with pay,
while the poor teacher must toil
day and night. The department
clerk rests after his office hours,
while the teachers must toil aud
labor over the register after school
hours. The teachers are not paid
for July and August. Are they not
public servants?
1 desire to say something about our
Frank Pixley. Politics makes
cowards ot us all.
John B. Finch: This Govern
ment is greater than any of its
0. P. Mason, Ex-Chief Justice
of Nebraska; Use the dramshop as
it will use you. Spare it not for
it will not spare you. Kill it be
fore it kills you.
A. H. Horton, Chief Justice of
Kansas: Tell me what law is too
severe to protect the State arid the
family from this hell ot crime and
dishonor and death, the liquor
Chief Justice Taney: I see noth
ing in the Constitution of the
United States to prevent Congress
from regulating and restraining
the traffic or from prohibiting it
Wendell Phillips: The men who
made the Republican party are in
tifeir graves, the men that the res
publican party made are in Con
gress. Moses preferred the future to the
present "for he had respect unto
tbe recompense of reward," and
was called a fanatic: and because
he didn't prefer official position
above his religion, his contempo
raries called him a "crank." The
men who control both wings of the
whisky party pre'er the present
to the future, because they have
respect unto I he recomperse ol of
fice and such are known as "states
men ." Cal if o r n ia Yoice.
French Fun,
Done Over With American Starch.
Robinson, at a ball, had just taken I113
partiu r back to her seat.
Instead of retiring, however, after the
interchange of the usual polite nothings,
he remained standing in frond of her
and seemed embarrass
"Do you wish anytliine? asked the
" 'My opera-hat, if you please it has
the honor of occupying the same seat as
Someone was speaking in Paris, in the
presence of a, worthy concierge, oi the in
auguration of a sta'tue to'some public man
"There is one ceremony," remarked the
good soul, "that I would not mis3 for all
the gold in the Indies.'
"And which is that?'
"The inoculation of the statue of Ale
andre Dumas 6y M. Pasteur,"
A Parisian lady, who is an inveterate
theatergoer, was recently accosted by a
"I did not see you at the service on the
anniversary ot the death of poor M. Zede.
"Noj I went to his funeral.'
"That didn't prevent your going to ser
vice,' "No; but I make ita point only to attend
on first nights; never go when old pieces
are furnished up and brought out for an
other run."
An'ltalian was bragging of the position
and wealth of his family.
"At Firenza," he boasted, "in my fami
ly palace, the dinner-hall is so lofty that
the guests are compelled to use opera-
lufcses 10 see tne irescos on the ceiling."
"It is just the reverse at my house,
retorted a Frenchman; "there the dining
room is so low that you can only serve fish
in it."
he had
4-.- -O-
Someone asked Jones whether
any tickets in a certain lottery.
".No," replied he, "I
"Have you bought tickets ofteD?
"Never and you see that's not
Noble thought of an egotist.
"Iwould ratner that my friends suffered
from great griefs than from triflin troub
les, for great sorrow is silent, "
never win any-
We trust the contemplated
mee'i.-.g in Atlantic city of the
Color, d Press Association will
not be devoted to windy speeches
ventilation of self importance and
intriguing fo- offi e. We lo.k for
scrnetliiiur practical. The main
tluu- to be considered is, how to j
m.ke the business pa; and in j
what maim r lo et h.nice the inll-1
inMn'il fl Imsin Si CiiUiicitv. Oil
tbe three score pipers ot our race
in circulation, all are playing on
tbe r ged eige of pecuniary fail
ure. 'iLes Negro journalism pay?
Atlanta Defiance.
No ignoramus has any business
ou the school board. Aschool trus
tee should be a refined gentleman,
and highly educated. The delicate
feelings of women demand refined
aud educated men to be among
them. A school trustee should be
capable of entering a school aud
examining pupils in auy branch of
study. It is hoped that when the
school trustees are appointed un
der the new school bill, that the
Commissioners will see that those
who are to take charge of the col
ored schools possess the necessary
requisites. I feel sorry for some
people who after being thrown out
of society seek to revenge them
selves on others who have the re
spect and confidence of the people.
Men aud women should be careful
and build up society aud not en
deavor to ruin those who are build
ing it up. Some of our
are learning some sense. They be
gin to realize the iact that it is
necessary to save their money, in
stead of spending it for parties,
balls, &c. The administration has
a good effect on some. I know that
the young men are not so foolish as
they use to be. I am glad to see it
and hope that the will continue.
Yours lovingly,
vCVhy don't you have your hair
cut?' asked a congressman's wife.
"My dear, I'm so busy with the
tariff bill that I can't attend to
matters of miuor importance," re
turned her husband.
lWe1', I should thiuk you'd have
time to attend to your duty on
your own wool." Tid Bits.
Miss A. M. Franklin, tbe "ns
ing young colored tragedienne and
dramatic artist," has determined
to tear herself from this country
and go to Paris for two years of
dramatic instruction at the great
Conservatory there. Miss Frank
lin is a pretty negreds, rather more
of a blonde than most of her asso
ciates, and a number of colored
society people desiring to extend
to her a "testimonial reception
aud benefit" an entertainment at
Lyric Hall, on Sixth avenue, Mon
day May 17 was evolved.
There were three parts put
down on the programme. In the
first Miss Franklin and Mr. J. A.
Arneaux were to give a scene fiom
"Tbe Hunchback." In thesecoud
Demung's Newark Dramatic Com
pany came face to face with the
startling melodrama, "A Tramp's
Adventure; or, True to the Last;"
and the third and last was a love
scene between the young tragedi
enne as Juliet and Mr. Arneaux
as Romeo.
The pernicious habit of dining
late that many families iu this
town have made the gathering a
late one. So it was 9 o'clock be
fore 1 he three hun Ired chosen ones
filled the hall and it was nearly
an hour later before the charming
Miss Franklin app ared upon the
bi ards and the pent-up applause
rolled out a welcome to he
The audience was a model one,
and could have given points to
Madison Square or Walluck's.
There was none of the untimely
levity that marks ordinary theat
rical gatherings, and no sign of
that lightness that so fiequently
mak' s pe ple laugh out 1 'Ud right
in the middle of a funny episode.
Those present recognized tbe grav
ity of the occasion and behaved
accordingly. A little Skye ter i
er came out and barked viciously
at a critical moment, just when
Romeo was assudng Juliet that
he really did not care ab ut his
name, but nobody smiltd 'for a
moment. The antics of the animal
were passed over with that well
bred indifference that rubrics the
cast of Vere de Vere.
The costumes were effective and
varied and as elegant as they were
u con veu tial. New York World.
Day's Horse Powder, before the public
for many years, is now the farmer's stan
dard remedy.
After tedious delay Mr, L. Mur
ray Browne has been admitted to
the Memphis bar. He was sworn
in before his honor, A. M. Doug
lass, the Criminal Court Judge, on
last Monday on a certificate signed
by Judges Douglass and Elridge,
in accordance with the statute. He"
is now prepared to practice iu all
the law aud equity courts withiu
the state. He is the youugest col
ored lawyer in the state. Mem
phis Watchman.
1 per cent to 4 per cent per annum; three
months to a lifetime duration on good securi
83.00 will secure one BRUNSWICK 20-THA-LER
BOND, the next redemption of wh ch soon
takes place. Every bond participates in four
Redemption Drawings annually, and has
more tban one chance to obtain a premium,
of from S20.U00 to $100 000, as Interest on the
investment, aud the Bonds at all times are
worth their face value, and must be redeemed
by their respective governments, the same
as our United States Government Bonds.
No Blanks. No Risk whatever, and hun
dreds of opportunities for redemption, with'
premiums ranging from $10 to 3100,000 500,000
Lire being one of the largest premiums. 8o
will secure one of these bonds for the next
Remit S.i by Money Or ier. Draft, Roistered
Letter or Express. Balance pyable in
monthly installments. U. S. Government
Bonds on monthly payments
Address for circulars, etc.,
iz Broadway, New York.
Dr Bull's Baby Syrup will quickly re
lieve all pains that babyhood is subject to
whether they proceed from fstomach or
bowel disorders. 25 cts,
In a newspaper published in ALiace, the
recently appeared! " ' 1 nnf
"Mme. Salome Kiener(neeKiener), who
died February 18, 1S86. aged sixty-nine,
begs her friend and acquaintances who
have not received a written invitation to
be present at the funeral, to kindly con
sider this an invitation to assist at her in
terment, which will take place s iturdav.
February 20th, at two o'clock in the after
noon. At a recent meeting of an archaeological
society, when a prize was to be awarded
to the person who h id discovered the
rarest and most valuable article (lrchaeo
logically considered) durning the preced
ing twelvemonth, the members had their
breaths temporarily taken from them by
tiie following announcement:
Gentlemen, said one of their number,
Willi the -assurance of conviction, "this
blade of rusted steel that I have the honor
to present for your inspection is none other
than the celebrated sword of Damocle3
Profound silence for several seconds
followed this extraordinary statement,
when the voice ol another member, re
solved not to be outdone, was hoard:
"And T, gentleman, have discovered the
identical horse's haii by which it was sus
pended." Tid Bits.

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