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Published every Saturday at 1109 I street
northwest, Washington, D. C.
Entered at the Postonlce at Washington
D. . as second-class mail matter.
ne copy, per year - - $2.00
Six months - 1.00
- Three months - - - - .50
, .City subscribers, monthly - .20.
One Inch, one mouth - - $rW
Quarter column " ? 6 00
Half column ", - - 7 5
One column - 15 00
One xich, one year - - - 10 00
Quarter column 55 00
Half column M - - - - 75 00
One column " - - 150 00
Special notices 50 cents each. Ten llneB con
Btitute an inch.
Ve disclaim ny responsibility for state
ments expressed by our correspondent
' neither do we Indorse all they say.
Correspondence on living topics is solicited
hut to have attention must be brief.
Communications for publication must
he accompanied with the writer's name
Not necessarily for publication, but a
'. guarantee of oocl faith.
Subscribers for tbe Bee are re
c quested to pay their subscription.
Mr. Matthews of Albany will be
confirmed, it is said.
An end should be put to crime in
the District.
Eroin present indications the
""- .. next House will be republican.
Judge Suell is
man nature.
a reader of hu-
Gen. John C. Fremout was plac
ed on the muster roll of Kit Car
son Post, No. 2.
The Rhode
reelected Hon.
the Senate.
Aldrich -to
Mr. Powderly is opposed to Mr.
Blaine. So aie . even eights of the
W. W. Curtis struck the
Note" when he asked fur a
reorganization of the schools.
Recorder Douglass has purchas
ed Gent. Logan's book on the
Great Conspiracy, from the Bee.
He said he would uot be without it.
Every colored man should send tor
this book.
The refusal of eight white girls,
three of democratic parents and
five of republican, to graduate
because a colored girl is in the
class is no ciedit to the white peo
ple of Indianapolis, Ind. The col
ored girl 6tood at the head of the
class which is perhups the re: son.
Give us a chance and we will ask
no favors.
Drs. Cook and Augusta are be
ing strongly urged for the position
of surgeon in charge of the Freed
men's Hospital. There are several
petitions iu circulation requesting
the secretary of the Interior to
make a change. Dr. Cook, it is re
ported, is being backed by Dr. Gar
nett and a large number of medical
men. Dr. Augusta is being urged
on his army record. The report is
t jat Dr. Cook stauds the better
chance of being appointed, and the
friends to Dr. Ausgusta believe to
the reverse.
It :s rumored that there will be
a terrible explosio'u of Administra
tive powder about the 80th inst.,
whereby, the executive depart
ments are to be bereft of scores of
deserving republican servauts.
This may be true, but it must be
remembered that such explosions
usually bring thunder and lighten
ing and it is not improbable that
lightening will strike somewhere
about these precincts not loug af
ter the year 1888.
Enforced "oxoduses" may be
popular, just now, but it is ucath
iug" and the most violent disinfec
tant may not save those who en
force it.
The last libel suit agaiust the
editor of the Bee was nol prossed
last Saturday by Mr. Taggart the
assistant District attorney. We
hope that our friends will allow
ue a chance to sharpen our stinger.
They say it has been very dull
for the past two weeks. We should
like to know what the people ex
pect when such a small insect as a
Bee is caught between two fires?
Put your self in our place and lis
ten to one of Taggart's Phillipics.
They feel like a 4th of July sitting
in the middle of the street on a
concrete pavement. Thauks, we
did not receive a basket of flowers
but our friends promised some
liard.easb. Oh yes they have prom
If the cdlred people ypujxl lotfe
God as well as thev doihe Repub
lican party they wouldFall be in-.
Heaven m less than six months.
Smith's Broad-Ax.
Not all, Brother Smith. Spring
field Tribune.
There are a few who love - poli
cy playing better than they, do
.God or theJlepublican party .Ed.
The discovery of the Federal ju
ry, at Seattle, W&sb. Jerr'y,
which reveals a conspiracy calculat
ed to unsettle American institu
tions and precipitate a revolution
bloody and disastrous. The jury
charged that there is a powerful
organization with numerous branch
es scattered all over the country
and directed by the most incendia
ry and rabid socialists and foreign
revolutionists whose object and
purpose is to instruct the members
of the organization in the arts of
destruction and the successful use
of dynamite and other engines ot
destruction. It is their purpose to
use every species of diplomacy, se
duction and craft to keep up a
continuous disturbance between the
labor organization and the capital
ists in order to defeat every hope
of conciliation.
If there is any good ground for
thiB so-called discovery, it should,
be a warning to all classes of good
American citizens to guard well"
their interests by vigillance : and
the use of every means of neutral
izing the attempts of evil-designing
foreigners to destroy our govern
ment and reduce our country to a
state of chaos. The colored people
should do their duty for consider
ing their weakness and their sus
ceptibility to the false light which
unprincipled men are disposed to
place before them they should be
mindful of their passed experience
and be ready to spurn every ad
vance which will surely be made
by these destroj ers ot peace and
order and show that we possess a
love of country and a belief-iu the
ultimate benefits of American insti
tutions and American justice.
Down with the tyrants I !
"When the program was submit
ted to ns for recommendations and
suggestions, we protested that he
w;i8 not a suitable person to be
made chairman of I hat important
committee; but our protest went
for nothing.
Now the executive committee
has no alternative. It must act as
indicated above, and at once; ami
make public announcement of its
action. Louisiana standard.
Tt.e above is the concluding
pan-graph in an article concei ning
us. This journalistic crank of
Louisiana got angry with us like a
few other dirty blackguard sheets,
because we refused to exchange.
Ot course his protest had no effect
on the chairman of the executive
committee; we never asked, for
the chairmanship of the committee
on Southern Outrages, but as we
have been made chairman we pro
pose to show that just such ciauks
as Martinet of the Standard should
be identified with those who out
raged Negroes in the South. The
protest ot such asses as the editor
of the Standard was made against
us before we could crawl. Pro
tebts aud condemnations coming
from certain Negroes do uot effect
us. If our ei.emies v ere to speiik
kindly of us we would not succeed
half as' well.
Afier you get on your ear and
make up your mind to "stop" your
paer to make the editoi feel hu
miliated, just poke your finger in
water aud then pull it out and
look for the hole. Then you will
know how Badly you are missed.
The mau who thinks a paper can
not survive without his support
ought to go off and stay awhile.
Alabama Enterprise.
The only thing that makes an
editor chagriuned is when they re
fuse to pay after reading his pa
per six months. Such persons are
thieves. Ed.
No one is enjoying life more
pleasantly now than the president
and his bride. After spending a
few days of their honeymoon at
Deer JPark these two wards of the
nation have returned in the full
vigor of life. It is now the presi-
dents and his bride's Honeymoon,
wh'ch all bonest men, who enter
into a Heavenly contract enjoy.
Two doves could not have mated
more gloriously, nor could the
fcong of the sireu have given more
happiness aud pleasure than what
is being realized at the Mansion
now. -- The household is "now
sacredand nothing but the pure in
heart snouldentei .-
Tho.u faiciqdeen oc the nation, -
Guide thy .husband's -hand,
i "A race .v still bleeds and asks
In thy sleep let angels guard thee,
And in thy walks may thy deeds
protect thee.
The Bee extends its congratula
tions on vour safe return and wish
es youboth an endless happy Honeymoon.
As vacation approaches, the ab
sorbing question with which the
anxious parent must deal is: What
shall we do with our boys and
girb? And this is indeed a ques
tion. It is true that the phiidren
who liave been attending school,
need recreation some rest from
the labors of school; but recreation
and rest do not mean idleness.
The children should be allowed to
play, to be sure, for they have
fairly earned a title to that kind
of enjoyment; but they should also
be made to devote a share of the
time which the vacation enforces
in mental exercise, in order that
their minds may not become en
tirely divorced from the studies of
the year just passed. But the
question is still unsettled, What
shall we do with. our hoys' and
girls? The pareiits desire that the
boys devote much of their Hime to
industrial employment and the
girlB to some avocation which will
develop a taste for the useful and
artistic; but where can this em
ployment be found? Are there no
industrial schools 'where boys and
fijirls can spend an hour pr two
each day? There may be some
way by which the parents might
get together and form a school by
engaging a teacher aud furnishing
utensils, and material for the work.
A small" printing office might be
gotten up and a teacher employed
to instruct vouths. A iuvenile
carpenter shop, a paint shop or a
tinner shop could be easily formed
and managed during the vacaiion
with excellent results. Schools
teaching sewing, drawing and ar
tistic painting might be formed by
some of our refined and accom
plished school teachers, wb;
would work immense bene41
something must be oV
the absence of th'
pareut should '' -keiping
t" ou :; . thL .
dreu pi yrjV'1 7?tf. Ot .
deseive u t te- of r;va?
but they , he 't,,"
recreation is ? r. v -
idle fun and i
bove all things .
of the streets. Sl
a romp tench them
mon or some othei t
place is the one to v
should repair
1' 11
Dear Clara: I have just con
cluded reading the comments of
the press on tbe marriage of Miea
Folsom to the president. Indeed
it was an event of National impor-1
tance. I am sure that she will con
duct ihe social affairs of the White
House with dignity and honor.
The man to whom she has been
married has proven himself an
honor to the natiou. She is one
of us and while we a'e precluded
from enjoying the" hospitalities of
xne Mansion entertain tor our
Chief Executive the highest re
gard. Ouivrace will at any time
forgive a wrong, and I am
sure from what I have learned
of the. president, he has no
prejudice to color. The
of the White House is gifted with
sublime intellect True as the lie
public says that there are bying
formed social cliques to capture
the lady. Mrs Cleveland knows
what society to select. She does
not talk much, she is like the pres
ident, what she intends to do will
be done.
will be lively next winter. It will
be one of the gayest and most
fashionable that has ever been wit
nessed in Washington. Mrs.
Cleveland's first reception will al
most equal her husband's inaugu
ration. In conversation with the
Old man Eloquent, he says that
Mr. Matthews will be confirmed.
He takes things very calmly and
is ready to go whenever Matthews
is coutirmed. The
of which Mr. Henry Jobrison is
president have issued invitations
for an excursion. j 0
fThe Junior Excelsio'rsfof ihich
Mf -W- A Rf f wof i fnrPflld ertt.
will give an excursion to MtTeM
non Springs July, 2nd.' TbiB is
theVifo' andeSf frffidoubtdSBt
4,-J' -ill-
that these young men will have a
success. Mr. Stewart is a success
ful young man and the Excelsiors
are composed of some of our finest
young men. Let us encourage
this excursion, as- the club will
very shortly commence to build a
The West Washington Sunday
school Union is one of the strong
est .organizations in the city. The
pre8ident"and secretary have issued
4,000 tickets for an entertaiument
at VanNess park, July 1. The
several military . companies will
compete for a prize.
There seems to be some misun
derstanding between the two fac
tions, of the Orpheus Glee Club.
There fias been organized an Or
pheus Musical and Social club.
The old Orpheus Glee club claims
that the gentlemen who compose
the Musical -and Social club have
no right to use the name of the
Orpheus In the first place the
Original Orpheus club disbanded
several months ago and reorganiz
ed by electing new officers. The
members who withdrew from the
Glee club, which was the cause of
the disbandment, organized, an
Orpheus Musical and Social club.
This Musical and Social club is
composed of Henry Johnson, Kobt.
Tompkins, W. H. Black, J. W.
Cole, Maj. C. A. Fleetwood - and
others. There is a long list of
honorary members consisting of
Recorder Douglass, Ex register B.
K. Bruce, Collector John E, Cook
and others. There are two r sets
of invitations out, one by the Or
pheus Musical and Social club and
the other by the Orpheus Glee
club. It is a social misunderstand
ing aud the organization that has
the most money will win. I have
no idea how the abYair will be set
tled, but it is presumed that both
will have a large crowd. The iu
vitatious of the Musical and Soci
al club are out and -of a unique
character. I heard "one of the
members of the Glee club say that
the Glee club means fight. The
Home circle is somewhat excited
over the matter, and no one can
ell how it will Terminate. I s.iall
e able to save voufullnarticu'ars
)i a few days.
Yours affectionately,
(From our regular correspondent.)
Philadelphia, June 6.
The weather the past week has
been exceedingly warm, although
I several times the clouds hovered
heavily and threatened us with
heavy showers, but alas we ac
cepted our portion in disappoint
ment, as the world is full of it,
and we should always be.pre
pared for such. The Caterer's
Fete took place Tuesday but hav
ing to meet my appointment with
you in regard to my letter be:ng on
time, I shall speak of it in my
next. Mr. Alphonso Lee arrived
from Washiagton last week and
was cordially received by the
Washington boys in this city. He
is enjoying good health and looking
well. Mr. Harry Anderson and
brother will play this comiug fall,
assisted by Miss Harper of Phila
delphia. There repertoire will con
sist of Hamlet, Othello &c. Harry
has quite a reputation as a trage
dian aud with a little more hard
work he will be at the top. Mr.
Frank Audersou the celebrated
musiciau of this city arrived last
week from an extended tour south
with the World's minstrels, he" was
formerly with Haverly's, and Cal
ender's Georgia minstrels. He is
in good health and received many
congratulations from his many
Mr. Wm. E. Lane has met with
quite a success since he opened at
me corner oi jriue ana Dean sts.,
and has a fine brand of cigars aud
tobacco, and the fiuest wines and
he does uot forget the title ot re-'
spectability when all colors pay
him a call.
Mr. S. K. Govern, under whose
management the Cuban Giants B.
B. Club has met with such great
success, receives an annual salary
and they are now the leading color
ed club of the country. They play
ed the St. Louis club white a
week ago, ' bnt were deleated but
still they showed their pluck ia
tackling one of the strong Leaguers
of the countryo Mr. Govern's am
bition was base ball and he has ac
complished his purpose in placing
before the public the only colored
B."B. Club in the country.
LLewjs Evans arrived here Taes-'
dy from Washington.
gMr. George Perkins formerly of
thet American House, anda member
of theffiotel Brotherhood left; the
oityrecently and is located at Bos
ion. I am confident that George
will do his best for the Brotherhood
in that section of the country. He
carries the badge of honor for the
first time into that city from the
Hotel Brotherhood. If the many
readers of your valuable sheet
would take an interest in the above
named order, they would readily
find how much good it is doing
throughout the country, "
Many congratulations to you,
Yours, "Wanderer."
i2iQ E ST. N. W.
J o) (o)
One of the most Popular resorts
in the city. Kept by reliable per
sons who are at all times accom
modating and respectfully solicits
the patronage OF THE PUBLIC.
Billiards & Pool the prin
ciple games,
All brands of WINES, LIQ
UOES, CIGARS, &c. always on
There are three imFUKNISH
ED BOOmS to let for geutleman
only Call and inspect the place.
1219 E SL I. W. ' IB, ttll;
FOR SALE An excellent 7
octavo rosewood case PIANO for
only $100 cash- Also a piano for
rent for only $10 per quarter.
Inquire of Mrs. Thompson 521
11th street n. w.
we manufacture Open and Top Bug-
flea, consisting of the Side Spring, End
pring, Brewster, Timken and Edward
Storm Spring.
Also various styles of Two-Seated Car
riages, Wagons, Cutters and Sleighs.
Liberal discount to the trade.
Send for Catalogue and Prices oefore
Wo :.
srx on
& a.
- ."i
caMTeawx the exact cost
oany. proposed line of
advertising in American
pajjprs by addressing
Cflf & Howell & Co.,
wspapr Advertising Bureau,
tf-MoSpruo St.. Nw Z'J.
T .
f 4
w 3 -t- .-!n
I"35Ib TO 7, go
2 s CO eg"1
r,is?tpg $ 35g
h A SO W, Ijlfc 3
I w ! Jr. m H 2
BBBB1 '52 b ?h
m m L JTTrrTTg
At the "Bee" Office,
1109 I Street, 'ft W., near U
where you can' get
Liberal Discount to Chijirchea,
Benevolent Societies, Social' Clubs
Military Organizations, and La
bor and Tradea Unions,
We have purchased an entire
outfit of New Type with the most
approved modern styles, enabling
us to execute our work with satis
faction to all.
We invite you to call and in
spect our office, eveh if you have
nothing for us to do., ,
1109 I Street, N. W.
few Improved High Anfi
Hew Mechanical Principles
and Rotary Movements, Auto
matic, Direct and Perfect Ac
tion, Cylinder Shuttle, Self-Siting
Needle, Positive Feed, ho
Springs, Few Paris, Minimvn
Weight, No Friction, JSTo IToise,
No Wear, No Fatigue, l
u Tantrums "Capacity Unun
ited, Always in.Order, BicKy
Ornamented, JTvskelplated, ad
Gives Perfect Satisfaction.
Send for Circulars.
!2 Brtadway, w Yrk.
XT! beantl'
n Corsets
becoming ageni-
& B m Mi t. ln-AAAtAA
. KOTT, 1 Iroadvrty, NEW Y0R
Snd "Ootfop lOO-Paaalfamplil
I (J

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