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Publlbhed t'very Sutunluy at lltW 1 Street
.North webt, Wiibhiuum, D. O.
KtiterodiU tlie 1'nM Ollioe ut Washington
ufc t-eixmil class mail mutter.
r wntfiinar
The coirmii lee is detorinined
not to haven street parade Apr 10
Senator Sherman
in tun Treasury iie.
had his hands
Comtnisioiier Rauin
been vidicated, what next?
Yhen will the euloied
ever become a united people
will al-
ways spimn un
Preiident Harrison
nominee ol his party,
will be the
lion. Chas. Foster, Secretary of
the Treasury is no civil service
It was the inclement weather
that kept the people away from
the Metropolitan chuich last Thurs
day night.
Ve have on our desk this week
The King's Children a new Sun
day School monthly published by
Ri'V Euceue Evans, Frankfort,
Ky. It contains choice selections
lor ehildren and Sunday Scbo la.
Editor John Clinton, Ji., has
started a daily paper in Rich
mond, Vn. Editor t. liuton is au
energetie and tearless writer and
there is no doubt that lie will
succeed. The Bee extend hearty
congratulations aud wishes it suc
cess. We acknowledge with pleasure
the following bright and newsy
journals nnd have placed them on
our exchange list: The Marvel
Age, Bessemer, Ah.; The South
western Headlight, Aikudelphia,
Ark., aud Bailey's Free South,
Fort Worth Texas.
The Committee on Speakers for
the emancipation celebration an
iUrroi1 TJnn .TnVin "Ma
kOrUlUl 10 ,fv- ,
ib country and his
pm u
s occasion win oe
to co,
a r'eat deal of in-
:ji ,...,
?:i- tia uiiui-
o black
to forget that
Vould not trust
uterprise in which
Ingaged. A man to
ml of any ins itution
le respect and confl-
'R. Lynch struck the
i a speech a few evenings
;eu hesaiuthat a certain
iiriso was goou so lar as it
but, honest men should be at
Fhead ol It, or words to that ef-
Auditor Ljnch was not
r-rare now unect ue sirucK me
tiuth : he was not aware that the
people who failed to attend, knew
that they had no money to throw
away on shaiks. Had Mr. Lynch
knew where he was going, the Bee
h confident tiiat he would have le
maiued at home.
It is now decided delinaiely
that the IG'h day of April will not
be eelebtaed with a sireel parade.
It is no' n-ce?srtry to refer to a
few disati lic-i men who were de
feated in a 1. -legated convention
and after beii.g defeated, b dtud
like a lot of t-ch'i.il children. The
disatisfacioii comes from South
Wjishimitoii as usual, aud to the
surprise and chagrin of the bolters
who called a mass meeting a few
evenings ago, ih re. were not one
d zen of their folluwers present.
It was advertised as a, citizens
meeting, but the citizens didn't
turn out, not even Dr. Sumby
whose name was used to the call
without his cor sent.
There are a few young men in
South Wushington who imagines
that the welfare of the people rests
upon their shoulders, and who
have mistaken bad judgment for
good sense. There will be no pa
rade April 10th but there will be
the largest public meeting
that tho people in this city
has ever witnessed.
The committees will show the
difference between a bogus or self
constituted committee and a com-
qii i
mittee elected by the people. The
citizens in the east, west aud north
are making preparations to have a
brilliant succeed.
It is an established fact that the
colored public High School should
be recognized. There is no reason
why that Mr. Hunster should bo
retained as diawing teacher, when
he has the universal disapproval
ol the teachers. Trustees Bruce,
Cornish and Giegory ought to act
in this matter at once. It is
the duty of these gentlemeu to give
the people a fust class High school
as well as another drawing teacher.
nenever a public servant gets
into his head that he cannot be
done without and attempt to insult
teachers, that moment lie should bo
removed. Why should Mr. Hun
ster be retained? is the question.
It is said that the assistant, Mr.
Stanton Worm ley, is willing and
anxious to instruct the pupils but,
Mr. Hunster will not permit him.
Complaints upon top of complaints
have beeu made, but, there has
been no remedy offered.
Mr. Xiithun Spraguo one of the
most enterprising real-estate brok
ers in this city is now the owner ol
the "Pilot," Mr. U.Price Williams
having left on last Sunday evening
for Texas. The paper will be edit
ed by Mr. C. F. Morris one of the
most gilted writers in this country.
Mr. Williams has beeu convinced
that there is more money in Texas
land then there is in the Pilot. The
life of an editor is full of trials and
My Dear Louise :
Yon are right in regaid to the
drawing teachers in the public
schools. It is the duty of the
trustees to make an immediate
change. Why should any teacher
in the public schools bo insulted by
any man. The day for tyrany was
eliminated when a set of corrupt
trustees were removed. I kuow
that the present trustees will not
tolerate this high-handed niece of
imposition. iir. tiunster's resigna
tion should bo asked for aud an
other teacher appointed.
1 attended the marriage ot our
gonial frieud Miss Sadie E. Ander
son last Weduesday evening. The
affair was quiet out very fashiona-
The bride vas dressed in
ftfMhWil1 loftJrn witll
vts aim a uiumouu
neck and other jewelry
respond. Miss Jenuie E.
rson, her sister was cue ormes
and she was dressed very
'mlngly. The reception at tho
use was largely attended by her
timato Inends. The presents
were numerous and valuable.
The usual emancipation celebra
tion will take place April 10th. I
don't kuow how you have felt on
the matter but the general opinion
among the citizens is that street
parades should be dispensed with.
These parades don't do any good
and if tho committee would Duly
consider this subject and do away
with street parades as an expensive
luxuiar.N our people would be more
1 quite agree with yon relative to
the young ladies that work in
stores. Once upon a time most
people were of tho opinion, except
a woman was a school teacher or
employed in the government ser
vice, she was lost to cultivation ;
but know I think they are learn
ing some sense and have begun to
realize that there is as many culti
vated ladies outside of the govern
ment employed as there are in. All
that is needed is for someofoui
moneyed jmen to open business
places aud employ our ladies so
that they may show their cultiva
tion. I attended the Batson concert
last Thursday night and as usual
there was a packed housi. Miss
Batson re tames all her lalent,
aud her sweet mezzo soprano voice
rang with charing.
Who was the lady conducting
ilirtation that you spoke of? Do
tell me. for auv'jrirl that ilirts not
only in a church choir, but any
where, should have the rediculo of
the people.
I am much better now then when
1 last wrote you and I do assure
you that your sympathy bad a
tendency towards making me feel
better. If tho school mams are to
be insulted by inferior ollicial I
assure you that I don't waut to bo
one. I am well satisfied in my
capacity as a writer of letters to my
dear Louise,
There are people in this com
munity who are connected with
more beueficial organizations than
can be supported. The Commis
sioners of the District cannot be
two careful in making a thorough
examination of all such schemes
that come before them. Every
political schemer has some kiud of
charitable institution. It is not
so much love as it is claimed that
they have for the race, as it is for
themselves and their pockets. I
kuow that there are some very
euterprising ladies in this city
who are doing all they can to
build up the poor colored people
and their motives are pure a-d
should be assisted when they ask
for aid. Let me know your opin
ion of the Batson Concert
Yours truly,
New Haven, Conn., 24, 91.
Despite a stagnant money-market,
depressed business, and old
fashioned New England wiuter, the
denizens of this section flourish m
common with the rest of the human
family, aud are not over-disposed
to fault findiug with capricious for
tune. The Bethel Sabbath School Con
cert was the event of the week. The
scholars thereof from the tiny tot
ot but few years, to those of matur
er growth, acquitted themselves
creditably indeed. Well may Supt.
R. H. Bonner be proud of them.
An orchestra of organ, comet, and
two violins enlivened the occasion,
while the feature of the evening .
was the s nging of a quartette con.
sisting of Misses Sadie Bonner, and
Nellie Caill and Messis Edward
Manning and It. H. Bonner; to
gether with Miss Card's exquisite
rendition (contralto) of "Flee as a
bird." Pastor Hammond supple
mented tho affair wrth folio tious
Masonic Temple under its New
Board of Trustees, viz., Messrs J.
I. .Johnson, J. V. Hall and J. Os
car Jones, has donned a new dress
and is about to reclaim her old-time
popu'arity with the pleasure loviug
naven memorial Church gave a
very nice entertainment there last
evening (23) which was well at
Bridgeport gate a grand prome
nade concert last evening and a
select darty headed by our popular
lady elocutionist Miss Adeliua
Saunders attended.
Mr. Geo. Jefferson of our city, a
ember of tl-e Waiter's Union of
ijity, has returned from
a social
if r-im
Hutc5hi.is.hson of VJKknit invitations shnnld h ..
-i ii iiikj
. AUlli UltT
is at present Yisitintnis.
Mrs. Emma Stevens and mother
have just returned from tho mourn
ful mission of attending the funeral
of a relative in New York.
Your correspondent goes to Hart
ford this week on business connect
ed with the G. (J. O. of O, F.
The eighth anniversary in tho
pastorate of Rev. A. P. Miller, B.
D. of the Dixwell Ave., Cong.
Church, will be held on Wed., Eve.,
March the fourth. Harry Williams
tho popular musician is director.
Mrs. Lonora Scott is visitiug in
New York City.
Rev. Win. Jackson of Union
C itirch preaches to the two lodges
of Odd Fellows next Sunday even
Sheets are hemstitched, and if a
monogram is embroidered upou
them, it is a very small one, and is
done in white cotton and placed
just near the corner. A very beau
tiful pair of curtains especially em
broidered to be put on a Chippeu
dale bedstead, are of bolting cloth,
and show upon the upper oues
bunches of poppies hero and there,
while the lower ones display purple,
pink and pale-bluo morning glories,
as if to call the sleeper to arise and
go forth, for they were awake with
the sun. Night-dress cases aro oc
ca.sionall seen on the beds, but are
much oltener put on the small,
.-quare stool that stands jus; at the
loot of the bed, and upou which
one Is supposed to sit when shoes
and stockings aio assumed. The
cases no longer made of linen, but
are very largo scented sachets either
of brocade, silk or bolting-cloth
suitably embroidered. The exualo
the frivorite perfume of the gentle
lady, aud iu this way the robo i
she sleeps is made daintily odorous.
Some mottoes for cases made of
bolting cloth are these : "'Sleep Thy
Fill aud Take Thy Soft Repose;"
" Sleep iu Peace and Wake in Joy;"
"Let Mo Sleep and Do not Wake
Mo Yet ;" "Night Bids Sleep." La
dies' Homo Journal.
At the fourth quarterly con
ference of Asbury M. E. church
held last Wednesday night, the
following were elected as ofiicere:
Trustees Thoma3 P. Bell, Thade-
usC. DeLyon, Chas. G. Waters.
Samuel M. Tyler, Jas. T. Chest
nut, Samuel H. West, Chas. H.
Christian, J.N. Hamilton, Jno.
1. Sraallwood. Stewards Jessie
Givens, Geo. Turner, Wm. H.
Collins, Geo. R. Brown, Geo.
Martin, Heury Jenifer, Geo.
Brooks, James Jones, Beverly
Jones, ushers aoDointed D B
Wilson, Semuel Bacon, Henry C.
Binford. Sol. Morrison, Geo. II.
Harris. The request was made
unanimous that the pastor. Rev.
D. Boweu, return another year.
me reports ot the trustees, steward
uuu parsonage committee were
comprehensive and satisfactory.
The musical and literary asso
ciation gave a very large recep
tion aud entertainment last Mon-
duy Evening, the proceeds of
which are to be kindly donated to
the trustees of Ebenezer A. M. E
church, who have allowed the
a-sociatiou to hold its meetings
there since their organization. A
very interesting program has
bten arranged for next Thursday
evening's exercises, to which all
are invited.
The citizens are arranging for
a mass meeting to be held next
week to make preparation lor the
emancipation celebration aud
fr m present indications thp
meeting will be largely attended.
Mr Hezekiah Turner who was
so seriously scalded a few weeks
"go and nearly losing his eye
sight has entirely recovered to the
gratification of his many friends.
The young peoples meetings to
morrow afternoon at Alt. Zion AJ.
E. church should be largely atten
ded as au interesting program has
beeu arranged for the occasion.
MENTS. C. H. Watson, chairman, W.
II. Jones, secretary. The name of
Geo. Washington, of East Wash
ington, was added to the commit
tee. Partial reDOrtS wera rfinmir-
ed and adopted from the hall and
stand committees. Chairman
Watson showed the committee
samples of badges and it was de
cided to adopt one of white, with
a rednwhite-aud blue rosette. A
Resolution Waa nrlnnrorl rtrrkTrM;,
a MiFAnt Armvnnsta in tHa flia-
trict, the hod carriers' and other
labor unionB, and that all trade
unions desiring positions iu the
line on the 16th should send rep
resentatives. THE
RANGEMENTS. Mr W. Calvin Chase, president
of tho twenty-ninth anuiversary of
the emancipation of slaves in the
District of Columbia, has appointed
the followiug committees to perfect
arrangements for the celebration:
Arrangements Chas, II. Watson, chairman;
W. II. Jones, Kobt. It. Browne, Geo. H. Bos
ton, Win, II. Brown, Mortlmore Dorey, J. B,
DoukIuss, Kobert Toles, John H Harris, Lo
gan Wllll.inn, 0. S, Mosby, . K. Clilsolm,
Capt. Win. 1 Gray. J. B. Ballaul, Walter
Wulborne, Col Gej. M. Arnold, Gus Nelion,
Bernaid West,, O, X. Butler, J. McKog-rs, A.
St. A. .Smith MarcellUB West, Daniel Valer,
Hamilton Turley, M. K. Hamlin. W. H. Simp
son. Frank Joice, J. W. Bell. J. U, McDonald,
H. D. Pryer. Finance E. B.
Welborue, chairman; F. B. Cooper, J. W.
Fowler, Simon I'ocher, Maj. W. U. Cox, Jas.
Turner" W. S. Dupee, Fred. Fowier, Lieut.
Collins, Wm H. Brooker, Fred. Oollius. P. J.
Crenshaw, Daniel HtlllyarJ,. peakeis W.
H. Jackson, chairman; M- F. Hamlin, Tlios.
Commodore, Kobert J. Hush, Dr.
C. B.i ruKor, Moses Anderson. Music Wm;
U. Lee, chairman; P. A. Dixon and H. D. Prjor.
Milltury-Maj. . A. Fleetwood, Capt. J.S
OooUIkc Capt. James A. Perry. Capl, T. S,
Kelly, Capt. OKlesby. Exeoutive-fleo. H
Boston, chairman; Maj. W. C. Cox, W. II
Jackson, A. Ht. A. Smith, W.Simpson, Kobt
M. Browne, B, and M. west, Gub Nelson, Jas
Turner, Logan Williams Wm. Crawford.
Au order has been is.-ued stating
that no disti ict organization or any
citizens of a district is authorizt-d
to collect funds for the emancipa
tion celebration unless by authority
of tho committee.
No book is genuine unless it con
tains the names of the committee
ou finance and is countersigned by
the president and secretary.
The custom of calling ou mem
bers of Congress for subscriptrous,
heads of departments aud others,
without authority, is a disgrace and
has cast odium ou our fellow citizens
$25 reward will be paid by the
committee for the arrest aud" con
viction of any person who is caught
collecting money without the au
thority of the committee on fluauce.
W. Calvin Chase,
President of the day,
W. H. Jones, Sect.
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Which we Offer with a Tear's Snhscription
to this Paper for a Trifle More than
Our Regular Subscription Price.
Wishing to largely increase the oircnl.i. n f th:a
paper (luring the next His months, wi- h ive nude
arrangements with a New York publi-hm hatiso
whereby we are enabled to .fler an a preiiuiiiii tt c:ir
anbacriberc a Set of tlie AVirk or Cliarli-t Dirk-
. Ill 1 " 'l i- I.uif siinl liaiiil.uiir
A'oliinie-, with a y arV xul?i-ri!tiit t ". .-j
paper, tor atntle nmre ih.iit -ur ri 'ui r ".
eiTiptmu price. Oiirgrt .ituft'er to mil -HT.'jtri
fclij-deB any ever h ret(iftre nuile. (L rlts
Diekenn wad the greatest novelist who tvir
lneil. No author before or sim-e his nut Las.
won the fame that he achieved, ami his wL rus
are ven more popni.tr ttvdity than ..ir.Lfcj
his lifetime. They abound in wit, hum it,
pathi'S. masterly delineation of eharactrr,
vivid deacnptioiis oi places and iiie:dei;:s,
tlirillmg and skillfully wrought plots. Earli
book is intensely interesting. No lmmenr.;;il.l
be witlmut a set of these great and remark
able works. Not to have read them is to be
far behind the age in which we live. Tho
eet f Uu-keiis' works which e offer as a
On; Qrean-hoQia EaUblliluBsiti
itntr Citr ii tht icoit extoairr
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and PLANTS, will fc maltid on rscstit U
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We furnish pvfryth.ns Vc bj iy - V nk T n,iadnaif
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rntre yucw icadjt- 1 nuKonZTfu.l pu - to ery worker.
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TiiVJC Oi CO., ilClsU, BUM.
Indigestion, and Stomach disorders, ua
nnow-vs iron bittbus.
All dealers keep it. SI per bottle. Genuine hu
tradt-mailc und croiied rtd lines oa wrappor.
Orrou are all worn out, really good fornota
inir, it L genera! debility. Try
nirnrVN J.V ltlTTKRS.
It will cure you. cleanse your liver, and giT
a goou uppcuiu.
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