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Dear Louise :
Let us be ijlad that we are women
and are not concerned in politics.
Deception is the foundation of poli
tics. When a man is an applicant for
a position and declares that he
wouldn't have it for double pay
when he encourages you to seek
for the same position he wants him
self bo as to Oud out your influence
then he is a-good uolitmian. n '
whole, without handling the truth
very carelessly, mv belief is tou
can't be a politician. But it a very
dark path to travel.
WhenDr JchnR. Francis was
on the school board, he protended
when he was asked, that he could
not appoint a lady who sold her
position and many things he was
asked to do that he claimed could
uul uc uune. i intend to ask him
however, Louise, if he at any time
shortly asked a lady teacher to
lesigu and allow him to name Mrs
reiers, nee; Miss Cox
in lawr
know hop fho. i 1
eood i f i uowieaSe that to do
SS J fc hve a pleasant time,
th nio t0 d0 ifc i8 t0 misa some o
es hav T6 f ! fe' May Pricess.
inJ hit bKGU Wntten about as hav
ing been beantifni oo I. :
SS?5.?f ,Val0 of having made
aoaprfti , and kingdoms
?hni o.them, but of none of
them can it be said, as it is of this
oows down beforo swnQfrt,. .,
S?5?eM 5hat ,peace has b2e the
watch-word of her l,fe-and not
.n??J0ying 8i8tera- Fditb Hope
and Charity abide with her.
his Riatar.
Did ho also sus-ffesh, tn thQ
lady that he would paj a month's
salary or more if she would comply
with his request? Did he also say
-thithe had done the same thing
a:sd more when he was trustee?
lVihapsyoucan get all the infor'
illation you wit Louise, by apply.
hK to the isehold. Peculiar
thmps happeuV?metImesand if tha
doctor will onKUnsWer these ques
tions I shall be V much ob'iged.
The "World" Washington corre
spondent is a wide awake man.
Never give up an old friend for a
new one.
D.D., is a common title now.
Every Jackleg who has Rev.,
prefixed to his name pays some
institution a small fee to affix D. D.
The Cadets will become an inde-
peuuent organization.
Murrell's 7,000 turned out to be
ninety dollars.
You may do 99 favors for a friend
but, if you fail to do the one hun-
uretu you are a bad man.
Honesty is the best policy.
is every-
Those parents who feel agrieved
.u their daughters beiug ignored as
normal school graduates should
all u meeting and express their
indignation in no nucertain man
ner. I am ot the opinion that the
Commissioners would cive any
iMimuu Limb is maue to them
.t favorable consideration.
1 certainly agree with you when
.ou say, mr poor giri" u??h rA118 lr,e
beeuWistreated aua dgnofearaeTTDo&e-
' I U,1 THri.nt- rr.n -L.,. K.n I. . . -
scliJol board. What can they hope
lor, after they have graduated from
the normal school? Must a normal
-ehool girl be defeated in her aspir
ation because she has no social or
political iufluence?
A peculiar question was up for
discussion iu the household a few
days ago, which was, is it right for
.i woman to encourage a man's love
if she has no intention of marrying
lr.m I took the ground that a
Aouiau can only be true to one per
son to whom she has given her love
and affections.
I shall visit Atlantic City this
Miuimer at which place I hope to
see .ou and my dear friend Birdie.
I'lii die is a dear sweet girl ; she is
as honest and as pure as the eun.
She is one girl in whom the house
hold has the most implicit confi
dence. She certainly looks out for
the interest ot'Goldie and I know
wh.it he thinks of her. She is very
'nijietious at times, and when she
,'ts angry it is only for a few days
aid then she becomes gentle and
Nothing succeeds like
The editor of the Bee
where prepared.
She lameuts his death and regrets
that she did not cousumate the
She would have some time ao,
but, he knows how to flatter th
most fastidious.
Some people think that they
know it all. J
lago has always been able to
knock out those who get in his waj .
w uen ne tackled the Bee about
six years ago, he lost his balance.
Some men have a weakness for
It is a very long lane that has no
Dr. Townsend is a good officer
Jtlis Irlends reeret his removal.
.!.. "
dorse mar.
1 saw
i'jurtment a few days ago,
'he ex ed tor of the Pilot setting at
tie Cnief Clerk's door. I wanted
'o know, of course, what he was
d i.ng there and to my supnse I was
i d 1 that he was a messenger. This
i a brilliant vounir man, but, his
"ii trouble has been, he had a
' irli of the "swell head." From a
aiididate as minister to Hayti, to a
u scnger in the department, is a
'it coming down the ladder.
1 1 k is honorable no matter what
1 .. and if mere of our y, oung men
v.culd learn that it is not the posi
' that makes the man, but the
position, the better it
for them. Let me hear
wUO vdiubi. -tit-r"- j.-.i-
bnlldoze the Bee are greatly mis
A happy pair, Casino and his
man friday lago.
Prof. Gregory can look the world
in the face and defy any one to
accuse him of corrupting female
teachers. '
He will never be accused of being
a precurer.
Can his acusers look him in the
face and say as much ?
Prof. Gregory never was a candi
date for the assessorship.
Friends should be honest with
each other. ,.
A deceitful man can neyer suc
ceed. The best of friends must part
Especially when they ;don't tell
you the truth.
The truth is hard to tell.
Can lago tell the truth?
A white woman who marries a
Negro man is hard up.
She is generally from a lower
Whenever a Negro marries a
.white woman that moment he places
a lower estimate on his own fe
males. He informs the world that his
girls are below par.
The white people will not have
(From the .Sunday Gazette.)
Mr. John F. Oook, who was se
lected as Mr. B. H. Warner's can
dji';ite, .(': one reason, aud on
account of his color for another, is
a "professional negro," as some
people put it, of the Bruce and
Douglass stripe, without their ora
torical ability, but equally success
ful as an office getter. He owed his
appointment as collector of taxes
to his color, aud it being determin
ed to appoint one black ReDubliuan
on the new board, he was selected
as the most suitable man of color
for the place, overlooking many
.uistnct colored men who had work
ed hard for the "Grand Old Party."
It may not surprise many people
to know that Mr. Cook secured the
written and verbal indorsements of
several Democrats, real aud alleg
ed, and the statement is made that
to this is largely due his selection
a story that may pass muster at
f.liQ ATorirr .!?. iv. '. --n v: r . n ctttt. .c . 1r """
!."1u,iui'?'!iKi uuuna i.LFviiotiJw.-"' i jfji
The following persons recom
mended Mr. Cook in writing: B. H.
Warner, Blanche K. Bruce, John
W. Paine, John 'H. Brooks, E.
Francis Riggs. Thomas Hyde, Jas.
M. Johnson, W. J. Stephenson,
Thomas Sommerville, M. J. Adler,
Chas. S- Shreve, James B. Nourse,
Henry Naylor, Thomas J. Luttrell,
aud Allen 0. Clark.
The following gentlemen endors
ed Mr. Cook verbally : Hon. Beriah
Wilkins, M. M. Parker, Crosby S.
Noyes, C. C. Glover , A. T. Britton,
E. Kurtz Johnson, and Postmaster
A curious tact is related in re
gard to the manner in which mos'
of Mr. Cook's indorsements were
Iiile the appointments were
lreely discussed the other evening
there was a strong disposition, ex
cept on the part of Mr. Cook's
backers, to say nothing "for publi
cation' "NTf r m.1 ...
-- -""" wwu was saiu to
ine Jiazette unfavorable, tn Maaa
Darson and Moore, except ihat a
number of Democrats questioned
the latter's Democracy. As to Mr.
Cook the opinion was freely express
ed that his appointment was a
bluuder and an outrage. It was
generally oeiieved that his selection
was entirely dno in hiQ i .,,i
politics and his willingness to serve
certain property interest to the
best of his ability. The Commis
sioners it was alleged, following in
the iootsteps of certain illustrious
Presidents, had discovered a six
teenth amendment to the Constitu
tion, requiring a discrimination in
favor of colored men in appoint
ments to office. The Commissioners
have already appointed two colored
men, who unlike Mr. Cook, have
uone active service in the part-
one of them Perry Carson lLi"
hnlfl nf nno ..! r .1.. ...i. . h
. u.,0 t;u UL lU0 (joioreu men
who elect delegates to national
Republican Conventions, and the
otuer, Calvin Chase, runniug the
other end. Between these two it
was supposed that Mr. Harrison
would have no trouble in secunu"
the District delegation, but it is
said that Cook's appointment
makes the thing sure. Mr. Cook,
like Messrs. Bruce and Douglass,
is very rich, and has "waxed fat,"
like them, by the receipt of large
salaries and shrewd investments
Have your Past, Present and
iuture life revealed correctly by
the greatest liviug AstroWer.
ted one's brought together, over
come evil influence, love and lucky
charms given, for furtier informa
tion send stamped envelope to
Mrs. Purrie,
Box, 79, Richmond, Va.
April 11, 3 rao.
"wr nvremunu uwer worts, by tamous Authors. Almost Given Awn i
list without finding therein mnr tb.?ha or ih. .M ul. T ( ,u? " " one cm iuiUt lb.
ceh. Eh book I, eomptetofn Lelf! U "' to "" Iu Cl"1-'""1 Lm " bccX. w.u!4 can 1U9
1. The Widow Kedoit J'npcrfu Thl f the book
orer which jour grandmothers laurhed till they cried, and
it ij just a, funny to-dar a, erer
2. lr oncy H ork for Home Adornment, an en
ilKUl tilt
VHlU! 1 III'
lio:ii v iii .
Truly yours,
lo he called Her Royal Highuess
s 'i.i destiny of every woman uorii
'" tt-.ir a crown, writes Lady Eliz
'Ui Hilary iu The Ladies' Home
Ji.mi.il, tor March ; but it remaius
:' one woman among all the royal
J 'inilies to have the endearing title
Her Royal Sweetness given to
h"', and that honor belongs to Al
nulria, Princess of Wales. She
Jthat maivelous art of making
otUness seem attractive; of inak
Z the right ace the pleasant one
atil of impressing upon all who
HiAin associates ana
people ought not to contenance
She weeps for the death of her
lost one.
"She weeps because she weeps in
Prof. Gregory should remove the
gambler from the school.
A man who offers a bribe is
worse than the man who receives it.
The genial Bill still wears the
The more money a inari has the
bigger is the office he receives.
The scandal mongers who think
that the editor is stuck on his office
they are mistaken.
Some people think that they
know it all.
Cardinal Wolsy owf;MJJ
he served bis God as faith fa a h
served his king, he would not have
been left naked to his enemies.
Tt is a very bold man who will
look in a lady's window or door.
procured. Mr. Warner was warm
ly iu favor of the appointment, and
took occasion when the jury com
missioners were in session to make
a speech urging Mr. Cook's claims
for the office. His eloquence pre
vailed and his follow commission
ers signed the paper which was
paraded before Col. Roberts as a
sign certain of the esteem in which
Mr. Cook was held by the good
people, "without respect to party."
Great importance was attached
to the fact that Mr. f nomas J. Lut
trell, a former chairman of the Dis
tnot Democratic central committee,
had given his written indorsement
iu favor of Mr. Cook. Just how Mr.
Luttrell came to affix his signature
tn the nauer is a mystery to some,
the colored I since he has been known heretofore
Urelr new work h t'Z,Xc"i""; "?l .m"ln?f ""? B"
practical IniitpsllUUtrUtmjnmliijmm. .. fit MT i 'fyfey'
faselyand ejjjy ot 'the Luke. Br Sir Walter Seott.
i -r the Lake" Is a romnnce In t
A large frame dwelling situated
two and a half miles south of Blue
Ridge mountains ; a beautiful drive
and view. Bears den can be reach
ed by way of conveyance, daily
mail, plenty of shade, good water,
fresh milk and butter, and nice
country roads. Livery couveyan
ces can be had upon application.
Terms to bo made known upon ap
plication. Address, Thos. H. Fairfax,
Paxson P. O., Va.
pockets, bra-rf izuted ivitli ihenv
rerte. and of all
TSSworki of Scott none Is more beautiful than thii
5. Manual ofKtlnuctto for Ladies and Oeatkmtn, a
guide to pollteneJ and good breeding, firing the rules of
modern etiquette for all occasions.
o. The Standard Letter Writer for Ladles and
(lentleraen, a complete guide to conespondence. giving
plain directions for the composition of letters of STtrr
kind, with innumerable forms and examples.
7. Winter Evcnlne Recreation, large collection
of Acting Charades, Tableaux, Games, Tussles, etc., for
social gatherings, prints theatricals, and essnlags at
home, illustrated.
8. Dialogues, Recitation and Heading, a large
and choice collection fur school exhibitions and publio and
prirate entertainments.
9. Parlor Mnsle and Chemical Experiments,
a book which tells how to perform hundreds of amu,ing
tricks in magle and instructive experiments with simple
10. The Home Cook Ttouk ami Family I'liysl
clan, containing hundreds or excellent cooking recipes
and hints to housekeepers, alw telling how to cure all com
mon ailments bj simple home remedies.
11. Manner and Custom lit Far Away Land,
a very interesting and instrnctire book of trasels, describ
ing the peculiar life, habits, mannersand customs of the
people of foreijn countries; illustrated.
12. Sixteen Complete Ptorlc hf Popular Authors,
embracing love, humorous and dctcctiie stories, stories of
society life, of adsenture. of railwir life, etc.. all very la
lerestlng. 13. ThelludRctof Wit, Humor and Fun, a large
collection of the runny stories, sketches, anecdotes taems.
and jokes that hare been written for some rears; lllus'ted.
14. Cupful Knowledge for tho Million, a handy
book or uwful in formation for all, upon many and rarlous
subjects ; Illustrated.
15. Called Itupt. A Karel. by Hugh Conway, author
fDarkUajs. etc.
1. Atthe World'uMerej. A X.rel. BjnmM
Warden author of Th House on the Marsh it.
Mildred Trerantoa. A NoreL Er " Ta Dnh-
.. -
ess." author of
31. The Urar Woman. ASotH. By Mrs.
author of "Mary Barton." etc K -,Ho" '-. -
n. The Froaen Deep. A KoW. By Wlttlirl y nuilti
author of "The Woman in White," etc J ,
73. Ked Court Farm. A rirtL By Mrs. 3rl tQ
Wood, author of "KastLjnne." ete. "
74. In Cupid' Net. A Xorel. By the Author of "Dora
&, lack tn the Old Home. A NoreL By Mary Cecil
IV Bthor oP' Hidden ferils," etc.
'ohn llotrerhank' Wire. A KoreL By Miss
. author of "John Halifax. Gentleman," tie.
tady Gwendoline Dream. A Norei. By the
of " Dora Tnorne," etc
Jasper IJane' Reeret. A Jforel. By Miss Jt.X.
BrsddoD. author of "Aurora Fiord." etc
29 I.eollne. A Norsl. By Mary Cecil Hsr. a-thsrst
Brenda Torke." etc
JO Gabriel' Marriage. A Norel. By Wllkie Celltaa,
author of No Nam" etc.
31. David Hunt. A Jforel. By Mrs. Ana B. Stephens,
author of Fashion and Famine," etc
32. Heaping the Whirlwind. A Norel. By Mary
Cecil liar, author of " Old f iddlelon'a Money," etc
33. Dudley Cnrlcon. A NoreL Br Miss M. K.BrU
don, author or "Lady Audley's Secret," etc
31 Ks.Irn; os Tus llr.ismr or Till Hsjdlshss. a
Norel By KltaW. Pierce.author or"The Birth Mark," ete.
35. A Golden Dawn. A NoreL By the author ef
" Dora Thome." etc
3fi. Volerle'n Fote. A NoreL By Mrs. Alexander,
author of "The Wooing O't," etc
37. Slater Rose. A NoreL By Wllkie Collins, anther
of "The Woman in While." etc
39. Anne. A NoreL By Mrs. Henry Wood, author of
"Ka.t Lynne."
39. The Laurel Hush. A NoreL By Miss Maleek,
author of "John Halifax, Gentleman," etc
40. Amo Hnrten. A NoreL By George Kllot, anther
of "Adam Bede," " The Mill on the Vlsss," etc
mm lllirnil A I m nt?rt?D. W will send any four or thee books and our catalogue, eonuiaiig
UUR UNhUIJALclJ UrMini prleesofaUleadfngpsi-Tsandbooksforiaeentalnstanips.Amy
kiX. SO "r"hT whole T40 Tfo'r VltoO. Vnd P. O. Note. Kegistered Letter or Money Order, ted addrsu ai
srsxAJlKJUU WJSWB sjoail'AiMx. ia r iiuer e-irecu iniiucmii
as an anient uenever iu me u
poiutment of Democrats to otlice.
Although the appointment would
have been made without Ins indorse
ment, yet it will be a convenient
thing to-make use of as showing
that Mr. Cook is acceptable Jo
"everybodv'' in the commuuitv,
where' he has grown rich from the
salary of office held by him under
Republican regime. Ex-Kepreseu-
tative .Kenan whkius, lurmeir)
Democrat from Ohio, wbo now
represents the Democratic end of
the Post, was also cited yesterday
as another indort,er of Mr. Cook,
an additional proof of the latter's
Mr. Cook, it is said, is the candi
,wQ o.rrppd unou bv Mr. Warner
and other members of the board of
trade, and his selectiou is said to
bave been made some time since.
He was the second man of the fifty
candidates to file papers, which
included, for lack of other material,
the old papers filed by him when
804 F Sf n. w.
Receives deposits, loans money,
transacts a general banking busi
ness. Location central aud con
venient. F street cars and herdica !
run in front of our door 9th St., j
cars run a few rods east of our
buildi. cr, 7th street and 11th St.,
cars ouly two block away.
President M. M. Holland
Cashier D. 13. McCary
Secretary, II. E. Baker
Treasurer, L. C. .Bailey
M. M. Holland, L. C. Bailey,
John A. Pierre, J. W. Cole,
H. E. Baker, Jas. T. Bradford.
Jerome A. Johnson,
Dr. A. W. Ttincil,
Prof. W. S. Montgomery,
J. Archie Lewis, W. E. Matthews,
David Warner, Geo. W. Dickey,
Prof. Jas. Storum,
Dr. "W. S. Lofton.
IntheUsoof CURA.
we Alone own.
for all DIs-i
and Control.
orders of
Who have weak or.
DEVELOPED, or diseased!
orjrans, who are auuer-
Incr from Faimas aFYOunt
and any Excesses, or 61
cuarantco to"
u they carr
I WhoareyvMioHfland iu.
I poTENT.iaBBCOm of their
iiciiowB ana too con
ItcmDt of friends and
companions, ieada nato
ttmtien. our'
mfithnd and at-
aflord a CURE 1
'all patlenta.
own Exclualvo
rv lances will!
T'Oxsto la, then.
tw e a. l
Don't hrond overvour condition. noreivatiD in dcroafrB
Thousands of tho Worst Cases have yielded to our HOME
TRFATMFNT.ua set forth in our wonderful floof.wnicn we
-j"L-", " ' Tjj r-nr-r- r iiiV.Tiii --.-, ...
Eena Bvuieu, post puiu, rncc, iur a inuii,-u umu. ot 11 iu-uat,
Tii'mftmber.nooneelsohastho methods. annliances ana experi
ence that -we employ, and we claim tho monopoly of UHiFoma
success. Erie Medical Co., 64 Niagara St., Buffalo. N. y.
2,000 References. Name this paptw Him you write.
Loans money to buy or build
homes. Shares 1 each, payable
monthly Dividends declared ev
ery January. Secretary's office:
804 F 8t., n. w. Open 9 a. m. to
5 p. m. Monthly meetings at Lin
coln Memorial Church, cor. 11th
and 11 sts., n. w , first Monday
nisjht in every month.
Henry E Baker.
H9sjjGnnB&ip' .aHHiBiBSBHisBHBs 9BfSIHfl
IwShbh. l!HsflRPBByflPnH
IssEtssI. Kr .PsJB
I V l
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Jfcn . jLiurr ' 1 I1 j '"" iiisssisi"swii'1 .-

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