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New York. May Hi.—The stock market pre
sented about the same amount of business to
day as yesterday, but the reactionary temper
was replaced by a more confident feeling.
Union Tacific is up ll 2 ; Oregan Transconti-
while Delaware and Hudson is 1%
Governments steady.
Petroleum, irregular; spot opened at
closed at 87%. June opened at 87; closed at
80%. 1
New York, May 10.—Moneyjon call, tight,
[email protected] per cent.
Prime mercantile paper, 4 :1 [email protected] per cent.
Sterling exchange—Quiet and steady; 00-day
bills, *4.84; demand, $4.86.
Bar silver, per o*., 104^.
San Francisco, May Hi.—Bar silver, per
oz., [email protected]>£.
stocks and bonds.
New York, May 10.—Closing quotations:
V. S. 4s. Reg 122 iNorthwestern 113%
U. 8. 4s. coup... 122 IN. W. Preferred. .140
U. S. 4' a s. reg.. 122%iN. Y. Central... .1094
U. S. 4V 2 s. coup. 123., Oregon Imp't 51)4
Pacific 6s 110 Navigation 106
American Ex... 118 Oregon Short Line 51W
Canada Pacific. .81 Transcontinental. 45' 4
Canada Sou 00% Pacific Mail 45V£
Central Pacific. .. 30 Reading •.. 46%
Burlington 108>'4 Rock Island 95%
D. L. ifc W 48 St. Paul 77
Denver & Rio Gr. 19% St. Louis &S. F.. 35'^'
Erie 28 St. Paul & Omaha 8614
Kan. & Texas 17 Texas Pacific 22W
Lake Shore 111% Union Pacific... 67%
L. & N 91% U. S. Express. .. 86%
Mich. Central. .. 91> 2 |Fargo 144
Missouri Pacific.. 76VWcsiern Union... 86
Northern Pacific. 351* Am. Cotton 0i1... 33%
N. P. Preferred. .. 83> 4 |
Boston' May 16.—Closing prices:
A. & T. R. R 148?.fJMem. Cen. lstmb —
Burl. & Quincy. . IOS'4 San Diego 24%
Mex. Cent. Com. 28 |
New York, May 16.—Miuing shares were as
Alice 2.15 I Hale & Norcross 2.20
Brunswick 2.00 jHomestake 8.50
Caledonia B H.. 2.10 "Horn Silver 3.00
Ophir 3.50 Iron Silver 2.00
Chollar 2.70 N. Belle Isle— 1.10
Commonwealth 1.35 Ontario 40.00
Crown Point.... 2.25 Plymouth 8.00
Con. Cal. A Va.. 4.40 Savage 1.45
Deadwood T 1.25 Sierra Nevada . 1.60
El Cristo 1.00 iSutter Creek. .. 1.50
Gould scurry.. 1.30 IPhtcnix 1.00
San Francisco, May 16.—Following are the
closing prices:
Beet & Belcher. 2.40 Potosi 2.80
Chollnr 2.40 Ophir 3.70
Con. Virginia. .. 4.10 Savage 1.50
Gould & curry.. 1.20 Sierra Nevada... 1.55
Hale & Norcross 2.25 Union Con 2.10
Peer 25 Yellow Jacket.. 2.00
Peeriess 25 Confidence 3.00
Grain Markets.
San Francisco, May 16.—Wheat—Quiet aud
Bteady. Buyer season $1.32%: buyer, '90,
Barley—lnactive Buyer'9o,llo% per oental.
Corn—[email protected]
Chicago, May 10.—1:15 p. m., close—Wheat
—Steady. Cash, 94%; June, 94%; July,
Corn — Steady. Cash, June, 34%! July,
34% per bushel.
Oats—Finn. Cash, 29; June, 27%; July,
27 per bushel.
Kye— Firm, 52.
Liverpool, May 10.—Wheat—Firm; demand
Improving; holders offer sparingly.
Corn—Firm; demand fair. New mixed west
ern, 3s o%d percental.
San Francisco Produce Market.
San Francisco, May 10. —Wheat- Standard
quality, $1.31%(f1i1321.,. Hay wheat, 9W13.
Barley—No, 1 feed, 97!..(g<105; barley, brew
ing. $1.07%(a>1.20.
Oats—[email protected]
Hay—Wheat, $9(o,l2; wheat and oat, [email protected]
barley, $7<«.9.50; alfalfa, $10®11.
Ground barley—23(324.
Potatoes—[email protected]
Strawberries—Sharpies*, $-l(H,0.00 per chest
Longwonh, $7 fad 2 per chest.
Gooseberries—i%f<t2% per pound.
Apple s—s4 .OOffl, 5.00.
Oranges—Riverside seedlings, [email protected];
Riverside navels, $3.00(0,3.00; Los Angeles
seedlings. [email protected]; Los Angeles navels,
Mexican limes—ss.oo®sso.
Lemons—Sicily, [email protected] Malaga, [email protected]; River
siile. $2(0,2.75; San Diego, $1.50®1.; Los Ange
les, 05(a,51.
Raisins—London layers, [email protected]; common,
Soto $1.40.
Dried grapes—[email protected]%o.
Bananas, $I®2.
PI n'eapples—[email protected]
Honey—White, comb, lirtf.l4; amber, [email protected]
Butter—Fair to choice, 12%@15.
Eggs—California ranch, IG®l7.
Wool Market.
New York, May 10.—Wool—Strong. Do
mestic fleece, [email protected]
Philadelphia, May 16.—Wool—8t«any, Mon
tana, 17(0.25; territorial, 10(oi22.
Boston, May Hi.—Wool — Firm, territory
wools (juiet at 58(0,00 for fine, 55 @56 for fine
medium. Texas and Oregon wools are quiet.
New spring California, 17(0.20. Pulled wools
are active, with sales of choice super at [email protected]:
common to good supers at 30(0,38, and extra at
[email protected]
General Markets.
Chicago, May 10.—Whiskey—$1.02.
Shoulders—[email protected]; short clear, $5.75®
5.85; short ribs, $5.40.
Pork—Dull. Cash, * 12.37%; June, $12.40;
July, $12.00.
Lard—Hull. Cash, $0.25; June, $0.30; July,
New"York, May 10.—Hops—Firm.
(•Coffee—Options closed weak, sto 15 points
down. Sales, 13,500 bags. May, [email protected];
June, $10.25; July, $10.10®15; August, $10.05
@00: Sept. $10. Spot Rio lower; fair car
goes, 19%; No. 7 flat bean, 17%.
Sugar— Raw, easy. Sales, two cargoes. Cen
trifugals, 90 test," 3®3%; 1,000 bags do., 3;
182 hhds. Muscovado, 89 test, 2%; 700 bags
molasses sugar, 89 test, 2%. Refined, dull, un
changed .
Copper—Dull. Lake, May, $14.90.
Lead—Firm. Domestic, $4.10.
Tin —Firm. Straits, $21.20.
Local Markets.
Poultry—Hens, No. 1, per dozen, $5.25®
5.75; old roosters, per doz., $4-95®5,00;
young roosters, per d0z.,55.50; broilers, large,
per doz., $4.00; broilers, small, per doz., $3.00
@3.50; turkeys, per lb., 15c.; ducks, large, per
doz., $4.50®5.00; ducks, small, per doz., $4.00
(0,4.50; geese, $1.00 each.
Lard—3-lb. pails, 9%c; 5-lb. pails, 9%c; 10
--lb. pails, o%c; 50-lb. round tins, !»%c.
Hams—Eastern sugar-cured, ltex, 13%@13%c;
Lilly and Crown, 13% c
Raisins—Three Crown, London layers, per
box, $2.25(0)2.35; dried grapes, 2' 2 ®3c; loose
Muscatels, $1.95(0)2.10; bulk raisins, sc.
Beans ash Dried Peas—link, No. 1, $3.75(3
4.00; limas, $5.50; navy, small, $2.75®3.00;
Garvanza, [email protected]
Cheese—Large, lie: small, 12c; 3-lb hand,
13c; full cream, Coast, 9c.
Butter—Fancy California, per roll, 3.>(0)
37'tc; choice roll, [email protected]; fair roll, 25®
Jiiios—Fresh ranch,l3%@l4c.
Provisions—Breakfast bacon, Rex, 11%' c.;
Lilly and Crown, 12'oC.
Vegetables—Chiles, per string, $l.;> 0; garlic,
9c; cabbage, per cwt., $2.00®2.25.
Nuts—Walnuts, 8c; peanuts, California, 8%
Honey—Extracted, light, [email protected]; amber, 4%
Beeswax—Per lb., 17®18c
Dried Frihts—Apricots, sun-dried, [email protected]
Prunes; CalUornia French, 10(«1 lc; California
German, 7c. Apples, evaporated, 10®llc.
Plums, pitted, 12% c
Flour—Los Angeles XXXX Extra Family
patent roller, $4.20; Capitol Mills Extra Family
patent roller, $4.20; Bperry's, $4.90.
Corn—Large yellow, carload lots, 90(0,92' £c.:
small yellow, 92%®95c; large white, 90c;
small white, 90c.
Oats—Feed, No. 1, $1.25.
Barley—Feed No. 1, 95®97%c; brewing, No.
I. $110 c.
Potatoes—Burbank, $1.50; Rose, $1.50;
Cal. new, $1.00. _„„ , .
Mill Feed—Bran, $18; shorts, $20; cracked
corn, [email protected]; rolled barley, $1.10; ground
barley, $I.loc.
Onions—3®sc. , ~.
Citrus Fruits—Oranges, per box, seedlings,
»2.25®2.50; navels. $3.75®L Lemons, green,
75c, cured; per box, $2.00(0)3.00.
"Hay—Barley, No. 1, $9; barley. No. 2, $7;
oats, No. 1, $8; wheat, NO. li $11; Alfalfa,
»[email protected]
Fresh Meats—Following are the rates for
whole carcases from slaughterers to dealers:
Beef—First quality, 0(0,0.'.,c.; sec ond quality,
[email protected]; third quality, 4®4%c. per lb.
Veal—Quotable at 6®7c. for large and [email protected]
per lb. for small.
Mutton—Quotable at 6(»7c per lb.
Lamb—Quotable at 9®loc. per lb.
Pork—Live hogs on foot, grain fed, medium,
[email protected]%c; dressed, [email protected] per lb.
WooL-Spring clip, [email protected] Market dull and
Children Cry fcir Pitcher's Gloria.
m. ' Hi iiY'liiiilifiifi'i%i«»m'ln'f
Quick Returns From Advertising.
Try the classified columns of the Her
ald if you want to buy, sell, rent or ex
change anything. New bargains appear
there daily, and in many cases a email
sum expended has brought returns of
thousands of dollars.
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122 North Main street.
| | | | Q L_| »Q
Everything 1 New and First-Class.
145 and 147 N. Main Street,
ap29-tf JERRY IXLICH, Proprietor.
Antonio Perpich, the well-known caterer, of
twenty years experience in Los Angeles, hereby
informs his many friends and the public in
general, that lie has reopened this
Popular and First-Class Restaurant,
Having had it thoroughly renovated. Excel
lency of viands and wines, good cooking, care
ful service and modes of prices guaranteed.
Private rooms. Wedding dinners a specialty.
All the delicacies of the season on the daily bill
of fare.
ap2o-lm ANTONIO PERPICH, Proprietor.
Ni C*C 2S. c sa
t p if* If o a> ,wV
B §&? p 3" a ■
i M I f o»A
ISj Ik i *% a V
ff * V en 1
£§ § O
Finest Wines, Liqners
Cigars -< \J
7 New High St.
309 North Log Angeles Street,
board of directors of the Crystal Springs
Land and Water Company, has, by resolution
duly passed on the 15th day of April, 1890,
called a meeting of the stockholders of said
corporation to meet on Saturday, the 19th day
July, 1890, at 1:30 o'clock p. m., at the office
of the company situated on the northwest
corner of Alameda and Marchessault streets,
in the city of Los Angeles, Los Angeles county,
California; Baid place of meeting being the
principal place of business of said corporation
and the place where the board of directors
usually meet. Said meeting of the stock
holders of Baid corporation is called for the
purpose of taking into consideration the
propriety of creating a bonded indebtedness of
the said corporation for the sum or amount of
five hundred thousand ($5OO 000) dollars; the
payment of said indebtedness to be secured
by mortgage or deed of trust on all the property
of this corporation.
Dated this 15th day of May, 1890.
8. H. MOTT,
Secretary of said corporation.
City papers please copy, maltitd
How to Find Business Firms Under the
Present System of Numbering—A List
"Which Everybody Should Read.
Bakery and Ice Cream and Din
'j ing Parlors, cor. Third and 8. Spring Bts.
BARRELS, 255, 10s, 5s and 4%s always on
hand. Tanks to order. ED. REINERT,
318-320 E. First st.
Farm Implements, Buggies, Etc.
TTAWLEY, KING & CO., 164 to 168 N..Los
Xl Angeles St., Schuttler wagons. Buckeye
mowers, Hodge headers, buggies, carriages, etc.
Tlf ME. SAVE, French laundry. Fine work a
±\L specialty. 404 South Main street, corner
Fourth, Los Angeles, Cal.
county of Los Angeles, Btate of California.
In the matter of the estate of M. G. Santa
Cruz, deceased.
Notice of sale of real CBtate.
Notice is hereby given, that in pursuance of
an order of the Superior court, of the county d
Lob Angeles, state of California, made on the
first day of May, 1890, in the matter of the
estate of M. G. Santa Cruz, deceased, the uuder-
Bigned, the administratrix of said estate, will
sell at private sale to the highest bidder for
cash, gold coin of the United States, or one
half cash and the remainder secured by
mortgage, deterred payments to bear interest at
the rate of ten per cent, per annum, interestjto
be paid semi-annually, and principal and
interest to be payable on or before one year from
confirmation of sale, and subject to confimation
by said Superior court, on Saturday, the 31st
day of May, 1890, and within six months from
the 31st day of May, 1890, at the office of W. T.
Williams, No. 209 West First Btreet, in the city
and the county of Los Angeles, California, all
the right, title, interest and estate of the said
M. G. Santa Cruz at the time of his death, and
all the right, title and interest that the said
estate has by operation of law or otherwise,
acquired other than or in addition to that of the
said M. G. Santa Cruz at the time of his death,
in and to all those certain lots, pieces or parcels
of land, situate and being in the city and
the county of Los Angeles, state of Calitornia,
bounded and described as follows:
That certain lot in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, state of California,
known as the southerly half of lot No. 4. in
block 32 of Ord's survey, so called of said city,
said lot fronting 60 feet "on the west side of
Buena Vista street, formerly Eternity street,
being the same lot granted by the city of Los
Angeles to Jean Agut, on December 10, 1874,
That certain lot in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, state of California,
fronting on Buena Vista street [(formerly
Eternity street), on the east; side thereof, a
distance of 40 feet more or less and bounded on
the north by lot of Ortez, on the south by lot
now or formerly of Feodicio E. de Sepulveva,
eaßt by lot now or formerly of estate of Soledad
Corona, deceased, said lot being about 30 varas
in depth more or less, and being a part of lot 9,
block 33 of Ord's survey of said city, granted by
the authorities of said city, February .17, 1855,
to Teofela Ortez.
A certain lot in the«;city of ILos Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, state of California,
situated on the west side of New High street,
and commencing at a point on said west line of
said street, which is the northeast corner of a
lot now or formerly known as Vicente Elizalde's
lot; thence with said line of said street N. 21
degrees E. 20' 2 varas to a point where now lately
stood an old adobe wall (ruin), which is about
15 feet from the northeast corner of the house;
thence 69 degrees west 27 yams with the line
of the old adobe wall to the corner thereof;
thence south 5 degrees west with an old adobe
wall in the rear, 20% varas to a lot now or
formerly known as Elizalde's lot; thence south
63% degrees east 21 varas aud 3 inches more or
less to line of street at point of beginning, being
Eart of a lot granted to Felipe Ruiz de German
y the city of Los Angeles, on August 25, 1858.
That other lot of land in the city of Los An
geles, county of Los Angeles, Btate of California,
described aB follows;
Commencing on the line dividing the prop
erty now or formerly of Maria A. V. de Reyes
from land now or formerly of one Niemeyer and
on his northern line at a point 121 yards and 1
foot weßterly from the intersection of said
dividing line with the westerly line of Wolf
skill street; thence easterly along the said
dividing line 64 yards and 2 feet to the
western boundary of land granted by Maria A.
de Reyes to Miguila R. de Marquez on July 8,
1878; thence northerly along said westerly line
of said land 140' yards and 2 feet to southern
line of land granted by Maria A.de Reyes to
Antonio Reyes on July 8, 1875; thence westerly
along said lands and adjoining lands6l% yards;
thence at right angles southerly 149 yards to
the place of beginning.
That certain lot in the city of Los Angeles,
county of Los Angeles, state of California, com
mencing at a point in the east line of Upper
Main street from which bears the northwest
corner of brick dwellings now or formerly of
Campbell, south 23% degrees west (maguetic
courses) 64 feet 8 inches distant, and running
Upper Main street north 23% degrees east 68
feet to the northwest corner oi a brick building;
thence along north line of said brick dwelling
S. 69% degrees E. 52 feet 10 inches; thence S. 62
K. (X) feet to the west line of Bath
street; thence.along said line south 40% degrees
west 55 feet; thence north 69 degrees west
115 feet to east line of Upper Main street, to
the place of beginning.
Terms and conditions of sale: Cash, gold
com, ten per cent, of the purchase money to be
paid to the undersigned, administratrix, on the
day of sale, balance on confirmation of Bale by
said court.
Deed at expense of purchaser.
Administratrix of the estate of M. G. de Santa
Cruz, deceased.
Dated May 13th. 1890. mal6-15t
geles county, state of California.
Charles McCreary, plaintiff, vs. John Mac Vine,
Elizabeth Bury MuoV'ine, F. H. Barclay, J. T.
Moreheud, J. W. Hendricks, J. S. Chapman,
John Doe and Mary Roe, defendants.
No. 12,888.
Action brought in the Superior Court of
Los Angeles County, State of California, and
the complaint filed in said County of Los An
geles, in Uie office of the Clerk of said Superior
The people of the State of California send
greeting to John Mac Vine, Elizabeth Bury
Mac Vine, F. H. Barclay, J. T. Morehead. J. W.
Hendricks, J. S. Chapman, John Doe anil Mary
Roe, defendants.
You are hereby required to appearin an action
brought against you by the above named plaintiff
in the Superior Court of the County of Los An
geles, State of California, and to answer the
complaint tiled therein, within ten days (exclu
sive of the day of service), after the service on
you of this Summons, if served within this
county; or, if served elsewhere, within thirty
days—or judgment by default will be taken
against you according to the prayer of said
The said action is brought to obtain a decree
of this court for a foreclosure of a mortgage
described in the said complaint, and executed
by the said defendants, John Mac Vine and
Elizabeth Bury Mac Vine, on the 7th day of
January, A. D. 1888, to secure the payment of
their joint and several promissory note for the
sum of 789.90, dated January 7, 18S-<, payable
on or before one year after date, with interest at
the rate of twelve per cent, per annum from
date until paid, interest payable quarterly, mid
if uot so paid to be compounded quarterly and
bear the same rate of Interest as the principal,
and five per cent, on prinuipal as attorney's
fees in case of suit, that the premises conveyed
by said mortgage may be sold, and the proceeds
applied to the payment of the principal sum of
1789.90 with interest thereon at the rate of
twelve per cent, per annum, compounded
quarterly from the Ist day of August, I**9. and
for three hundred dollars "attorney's and counsel
fees as provided in said promissory note and
mortgage, and costs of suit, and in case such
proceeds are not sufficient to pay the same, then
to obtain a judgment and execution against
said defendants, John Mac Vine and Elizabeth
Bury Mac Vine for the balance remaining due,
and also that the defendants and all persons
claiming by, through or under them or either
of them, may be barred and foreclosed of all
right, title, claim, lien, equity of redemption
and interest in and to said mortgaged premises,
and for other and further relief. Reference is
had to complaint for particulars.
And you are hereby notified that if you fail
to appear and answer the said complaint, as
above required, the said plaintiff will apply to
court for the relief demanded in the said com
Given under my hand and the seal of the
Superior court of the county of Los Angeles,
state of California, this 25th day of April, in
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hun
dred and ninety.
[seal] CHAS. H. DUNSMOOR, Clerk.
By F. B. Fanning, Deputy.
W. P. Gardiner, Esq.. attorney for plaintiff.
Decorating, etc. My 100-page Illustrated
Catalogue sent free. Address: WM. T.
COMBTOCK, S3 Warren St., New York.
the following preamble and order was
adopted at this, a regular meeting of the Board
of Supervisors of Los Angeles County, Califor
nia, by the following vote, to-wit: Supervisors
Perry, Davis, Hubbard, Martin and Rowan:
noes, none.
Whkreas, the County of Los Angeles has not
at this time any court house, or any place or
Offices where the business of said county can be
properly, economically or fully transacted; and
Whereas, said county has heretofore con
tracted for the construction of a suitable court
House, containing proper offices, adequate and
sufficient for the transaction of the public busi
ness of said county; and
Whereas, the said court house as so con
tracted for was to be a two-story structure, and
was deemed at the time said contract was
entered into sufficient for the needs of the
county; but afterward two additional depart
ments of the superior court were created to
meet a corresponding increase in the judicial
business of said county, thus necessitating a
modification of the original contract so as to
provide for a three-story instead of a two-story
court houße; and
Whereas, the construction of such court
house so containing such offices will cost the
sum of $500,000, and the cost of furnishing and
equipping the same will be $50,000; and
Whereas, of said amounts,, there has already
been raised from the sale of bonds of said
county heretofore issued, and sold in accordance
with law, the sum of $200,000, for and on
account of the construction of said court house,
which sum has been properly and legally ex
pended on account of such construction of such
court house so containing such public offices,
and there has also been raised by said county
Irom other sources, and lawfully expended in
such construction, the further sum of $50,000;
Whereas, at the time saids2oo,ooo of bonded
indebtedness was incurred, it was with good
reason contemplated and expected by the said
hoard of supervisors that before any ad
ditional sum would be needed for the comple
tion of said court house, or for the furnishing
or equipping thereof, that certain real prop
erty, belonging to said county and situate in
Los Angeles City, California, and known as the
old Court House Property; also the portion of
the D. G. Stephens tract, situate on Temple
street, in said city, which said county has not
disposed of, the title of which appears in the
records in the recorder's office of said county,
to be in said county; alßo that portion pf the
Transit tract, in said city, the same being a
subsidvision of lots 2, 3 and 4 of the County-
Hospital grounds the title of which appears in
the records in the recorder's office of said
county, to be in said county, would be sold by
said county, and a sufficient sum realized from
said sale to complete the construction, and to
equip and furnißh the court house contracted
for as aforesaid, which said expectations were
not realized, it having been found impossible
to sell said property to advantage, and it
being for the benefit of said county and the
taxpayers thereof to retain said property for a
better market: and
Whereas, such court house is only partially
constructed and will be of no avail whatever
for any purpose until its construction, under
the said contract, has been fully completed,
and until it is properly furnished and equipped;
Whereas, it is necessary in order to complete
said court house, and to provide offices for the
proper, economical and efficient transaction of
the business of said county, that there should
he raised as soon as practicable, the sum of
$250,000 in addition to the sum already so
raised and expended; and
Whereas, it is necessary, in order to prop
erly furnish and equip said court house, that
there should be raised as soon as practicable
the further and additional sum of $50,000; and
Whereas, There is no money in the treasury
of said county available for such purposes, to
wit: for the completion of the construction of
such court house, and the furnishing and equip
ping of the same, nor is there likely to be any
money in said treasury so available; and
Whereas, It is inexpedient, and would be un
justly burdensome on the taxpayers of said
county to raise the money necessary to com
plete said court house, or to equip or furnish the
same by direct taxation; and
Whereas, It is for the best interests of said
county and the taxpayers thereof that said
money, to-wit: $250,000 for the completion of
said court house and $50,000 for the equipment
and furnishing of the same, should be raised by
the issuance and sale of 300 bonds of said county
of the denomination of $1,000 each, to run for
20 years, and to bear interest at a rate not greater
than five per cent, per annum;
Now, therefore, it is hereby ordered that there
shall be, and there Is hereby submitted, to the
qualified electors of the county of Los Angeles,
at a special election which is hereby called and
ordered to take place on the 7th day of June,
1800, the question whether said electors will
consent to the issuance of bonds of said county
in the sum of $300,000, said bonds to be 300 In
number, and of the denomination of $1,000
each, to run for 20 years, and to bear interest at
a rate not greater than five per cent, per annum;
and it is hereby ordered that the particular pur
pose for Which such indebtedness is to be created
is as follows: Two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars of said indebtedness is to be created,
and the amount raised by the sale of 250 01
said bonds is to be expended in the completion
of the construction of the court house of said
county, such court house having been only par
tially constructed, and being located in the
city and county of Los Angeles, state of Cali
fornia, on that certain lot described in a deed
from city of Los Angeles to county of Los An
geles, recorded on the 20th day of February in
book 154, page 112, of deeds, in the recorder's
office of said county, and the balance of said
indebtedness, to wit: Fifty thousand dollars, is
to be created, and the amount raised by the
sale of 50 of said bonds is to be expended in
equipping and furnishing said court house. The
total number of bonds, as to the issuance of
which said electors are so called upon to de
cide, being 300 of the denomination of $1,000
each, running for 20 years and bearing interest
at arate not to exceed 5 per cent, per annum.
It is further ordered that none but quali
fied voters of said county shall be per
mitted to vote at such special elec
tion, and the same shall be held as
nearly as possible in conformity with the
general election law of this state, and that notice
shall be given of such election by the clerk of
this board, by publication in the following
newspapers published in said county, for four
weeks prior thereto, tp-wit: Los Angeles Times.
Tribune, Herald and Express.
It is further ordered that the ballots to be
used at said election shall be printed "For the
Issue of Bonds," or "Against the Issue of
Bonds," and such of the qualified electors of
said county, who desire to vote at said special
election for the issuance of said three hundred
bonds, of the denomination of $1,000 each, will
vote at said election "For the Issue of Bonds."
and such of said electors as desire to vote at
such special election against said issue, will
cast their ballots "Against the Issue of Bonds."
And it is further ordered that the polls be
opened for the purposes of said election at the
places hereinafter named, and the following
named persons are hereby appointed inspec
tors, judges and clerks of said election, to wit:
Azusa township—Azusa—At office of J. C.
Jones: Inspectors, Thomas Crawford, John Me
ish; judges, John Shelton, W. K. Adams;
clerks. J. C. Twitchell, R. B. Nathan.
Alhambra—At C. T. Adam's office; Judges, S.
L. Page, George Lewman; inspectors, W. H.
Whittle-more,ll. L. Wood; clerks, N. W.Thomp
son, E. C. McKee.
Glendora—At sohoolhouse: Inspectors, Rob
ert Baldridge, Jr., E. A. Knglehart; judges, J. J.
West, J. U. Kaiser; clerks, Edwin Mace, John
El Monte township—El Monte—At Bell &
Langstadter's warehouse: Inspectors, Henry
Law, B. S. Bryant; judges, William Haddox, J".
C. Harmon; clerks, William Unruh, John Bell.
Duarte — At school house: Inspectors,
Thomas Glenney, John Scott; judges, K. 11.
Boden, H. D. Fowler; clerks, J. M. Charters,
Emmctt B. Norman.
Farmdale—At five-mile house; Inspectors,
w. F. Henning,GeorgeDrennett; Judges,B. P.
Bapyngton, A. B. Cristy; clerks. G. Fellows,
Dan Kevane.
Monrovia —At Norman's office: Inspectors,
George A. Lawrence, Jacob H. Shrodc; judges
F. M. Monroe, 11. D. Fowler; clerks,S. P. Met
calfe, ¥.. B. Norman.
Old Mission—At Puente school house: In
spectors: James D. Durfee, W. ('. Deane;
judges, 11. B. McMastcrs. George McCaige.
clerks, '/.. W. Rhine, Louis Farmer.
Pasadena township—North Pasadena—At
southeast corner of Fair Oaks avenue: In
spectors, s. J, White, Charles Toms; judges, J.
A. Buchannan. John W. Wilson; clerks, Wil
liam Forbes, Charles Howard.
Pasadena—Precinct No. I—At office of c. W.
Bell: Inspectors, K. Canfield, J. Blatenburg;
judges, C. C. Brown, R. M. Furlong; clerks, 0.
N. Terry, John Ripley.
Precinct No. 2—At Pasadena Improvement
Company's office. Hopkins block: Inspectors,
John Cox, A. 0. Bristol; judges, W. T. Knight,
W, U. Masters; clerks, W. E. Cooley, L. C.
Precinct Xo. 3—At St. Julian restaurant: In
spectors, W. 11. Wiley, J. E. Doty; judges, J. P.
Shumwav, W. L. Wotkyns; clerks, George K.
Hester, N. L. Young.
Precinct No. 4—At No. 12 South Raymond
street: Inspectors, B. O. Kendall, S. Palmateer;
judges, C. W. Swan, Justus Ilrockway; clerks, M.
H. Weight, H. Dyer.
Lamanda precinct—At Eyestone's office: In
spectors, Edward G. Norton, J. B. Wilson;
judges. John Bobbins, E. A. Ingham; clerks,
John W. Calvert, J. A. Butler.
Sierra Madre—At school house: Inspectors,
M. W. Copps, W. B. Crisp; judges, C. E. Cook,
L. E. Steinberger; clerks. W. S. Andrewß, C. N.
Covina—At company real estate office: In
spectors. Charles E. Beinis, William R. Barbour;
judges, Joseph Amon, James R. Hodges; clerks,
Joseph Moxley, James L. Madden.
Rowland—At Cohen's store: Inspectors, J W
Hudson, Henry Vise; judge, Thomas Rowland;
clerks, J. M. Manly, T. J. Scully.
San Jose township—City of Pomona—Precinct
No. I—At Soby's house: Inspectors, J. K.
Dimond, A. R. Meserve; judges, James Fulton,
M. Lattin; clerks, A. W. Burke, Hurry Meserve.
Precinct No. 2—At Central school house: In
spectors, P. J. Dreher, William Woody; judges,
J. L. Howland, E. A. Hibbard; clerks, Cyrus
Burdick, J. D. Cason.
Precinct No. 3—At south primary school:
Inspectors, S. I. Ford, William Brown; judges,
R. W. Gallup, E. Hicklin; clerks, E. Gerling, A.
B. Caldwell.
Precinct No. 4—At Armour, Evans & Co.'s
office: Inspectors, G. A. Steffa. C. L. Doud;
judges, C. H. Bridger, R. N. Louckß; clerss, 0.
J. Brown, W. T. Rusher.
Claremont—At Conner's restaurant: Inspec
tors, Peter Fleming, William Henderson; judges,
Frank Johnson, G. W. McClary; clerks, T. Daley,
A. Thompson.
I-ordsburg—At Carter's Pioneer storehouse:
Inspectors, W. T. Rhodes, J. W. Tincher; judges,
S. Soto, D. Palomares; clerks. C. B. Sheldon,
Joseph Overman.
Spadra—At school house: Inspectors, A. T.
Currier, J. M. Fryer; judges, Hade Collins, J.
Malott; clerks, Charles Wright, Sam Arnett.
San Gabriel—At Bishop's office: Inspectors, S.
R. Bayly. E. H. Jones: judges, N. J. Mendoza,
Ed S. Hereford, clerk, William Slack.
Los Angeles City—third precinct—At North
craft warehouse, corner of Aliso and Anderson
streets: Inspectors, Len Strong, J. R. Cate;
judges, J. R. Summers, W. H. Northcraft;
clerks, George F. Hodgeman, Charles E. Blake.
Fourth precinct—At engine house, corner of
Virginia street and Boyle avenue: Inspectors,
D. C. Snyder, F. Cobb; judges, Thomas Rogers,
Joseph Workman; clerks, George Stone, P. F.
Fifth precinct—At engine house, Allison
street: Judges, J. C. Cline, A. E. Dixon; in
spectors, Henry Stoll, M. C. Fordham; clerks, J.
J. Rearden, George Hamm.
Sixth precinct—At Collins's livery stable,
North Alameda street: Inspectors, Qui Wolf
rom, J. McAnemey; judges, F. Endle, Pam
filo Dominguez; clerks, John Doe, Richard
Seventh precinct—At northwest corner of
Aliso and Alameda streets: Inspectors, J. A.
Nelson, Charles Prager; judges, Oscar Maev,
(ieorge Roberts; clerks, , Malcolm
Eighth precinct—At Hafein block, No. 71
Wilmington street: Inspectors, Tony Bright,
Samuel Moran; judges, J. F. Holbrook, Jacob
Fleischman; clerk, W. R. Stephenson.
Ninth precinct—At 20 Davis street: Inspect
ors, Alexander Craw, J. C. Hamilton; judges,
John Nernev, L. D. Goade; clerks, F. A. Duy, J.
L. Tucker.
Tenth precinct—At Carny's store, corner East
Seventh and Warren streets: Inspectors, W. W.
Butler, Thomas Leahy; judgeß, D. ('. Wilson,
John Webber; clerks, L. M. Kircheval, G.
Eleventh precinct—At 223 East Second street:
Inspectors, Alex. Craw, Sam Rheinhart; judges,
W. H. McDonald, John J. Mahonev; clerks, R.
L. Bell. Albert Osthoff.
Twelfth precinct—At City Gardens, San Pe
dro street: Inspectors, M. M. Dalton, A. J.
Cooper; judges, T. F. Miller, J. G. McDonald;
clerk, John B. Haas, J. B. Parker.
Thirteenth precince—At N. A. Oovarrubias's
stable. Fifth and Los Angeles streets: inspect
ors, W. T. Somes, P. M. Scott; judges, A. B.
Phillips. Richard Decker; clerks, H. H. Spencer,
George Lindenfeld.
Fourteenth precinct—At northwest corner of
Wall and East Fifth streets: Inspectors, J. N. Da
vis, A. J. Lennox; judges, P. M. Scott, R. B. Rus
sell; clerks, John Goldsworthy, John F. McEl
Fifteenth precinct—At car stables, northeast
corner Main and Washington streets: Inspect
ors, Charles B. Ebey, William Chamberlain;
judges, D. E. Wells, Albert Rimpau; clerks, A.
G. Slocum. Charles J. Peteler.
Sixteenth precinct—Southeast corner South
Main and Washington streets: Inspectors, Frank
Lanterman, John Weber; judges, W. H. Van
Doren, Larkin Snodgrass; clerks, Charles B.
Baskerville, Charles Parcels.
Seventeenth precinct—At Pavilion, Washing
ton gardens: Inspectors, Charles M. Jenkins,
D. V. Waldron; judges, Isaac Q. Hague, John
Osborn; clerks, F. 11. Wiswell, Cornelius P.
Eighteenth precinct—At postoffice station C:
Inspectors, D. V. Bene, Tim Brown; judges,
Moses Thompson, Frank Sabichi; clerks, James
1 Slauson, F. J. Captain.
Nineteenth precinct—At Palace livery stables:
Inspectors, E. M. Shipman, Byron "McClure;
judges, W. E. Stoermar, F C. Wolf; clerks,
J. 11. High and E. H. Freeman.
• Twentieth precinct—At No. 813 South Main
street, old number, between Ninth and Tenth:
' Inspectors, A. W. Eames, A. F. Bell; judges,
' Samuel H. Kongery, Henry Molle; clerks,
William Raymond, Dan Einstein.
Twenty-first precinct—Northeast corner Pico
! and Pearl streets: Inspectors, I. R. Dunkel-
J berger, Victor Ponet; judges, A. W. Francisco,
• William F. Cummings; clerks, J. H. Book, T, J.
i Cuddy.
■ Twenty-second precinct—At Norton block,
1 southeast corner Seventh and Hill streets: In
' spectors, Charles Forrester, I. C. Guirardo;
] judges, J. Haverstick, R. C. Guirado; clerks,
' Charles Chase, C. Jacoby.
Twenty-third precinct—West Seventh street,
at Woarin's stables: Inspectors, C. M. Wells, C
Galpin; judges, E. A. Forrester, K. C. Bosby
shell; clerks, Paul D. i-rench, F. M. Lowery.
Twenty-fourth precinct—At Chick's stables,
Fifth street: Inspectors, J. 11. Armstrong, John
R. Mathews; Judges, George H. Pike, Samuel
I Prager; clerks, I. H. Tomlinson, LB. Wood.
Twenty-fifth precinct—Drug store, corner
Sixth and Pearl streets: Inspectors, H. C.
Smith, John Goodwin; judges. Henry Glaze,
Charles Gassen; clerks, F. A. Clark. J. E. Clark.
Twenty-sixth precinct—New city hall, Broad
way, window of tax collector: Inspectors, W.
L. Wade, Albert Greenwood; judges, A. W. Pat
ton, A. Lindenlield; clerks, c. K. Hunter. A. J.
Twenty-seventh precinct—At Toler's plumb
ing shop, east side Bunker Hill avenue, be
tween Second and Third streets: Inspectors,
George M. Hnlton, Michael Hi lies: judges, II
S. West, W. H. Toler; clerss, F. M. McCaulev,
H. W. Layton. 1
Twenty-eighth precinct—At old city hall: In
spectors, A. B. Coward, M. Morris; judges, H T
Newell, C. W. Dully; clerks, Joseph F. Cham
bers, J. A, Clark.
Twenty-ninth precinct—At Bauer's building,
comer Beaudry avenue and Temple streets- In
spectors, O. O. Trantum. J. L. Mansfield; judges
Alfred James, Dr. A. E. de Cailhol; clerks, II
Schwannecke, Fred Linde.
Thirtieth precinct—At Second-street park'
Inspectors, W. R. Meruin, John D Boneiek'
judges. J. N. Mason, W. H. McCutchen; clerks!
George S. Robinson, J. S. Gardner.
Artesia—At school house: Inspectors, John
F. Branch, James Carse; judges, L. T. Hnllett,
Ruben Phillips; clems, John Brooker, W \
Cerritos—At Signal school house: Inspectors,
Lafayette Sanders, A. A. Lewis: judges, J C
Culver, Jacob Sclirocde; clerks, F.'g. BuMer 11
C. Dillon.
Centlneln precinct—At land company's of
fice: Inspectors. Clark, P. MeAnamy:
judges. Torrey, M. Green: clerks, Ben
Flood, Elias Davis.
Compton—At Haylock hotel: Inspectors, C
S. Fisher, H. C. Carson: Judges, William H.
Carpenter, A. P. Bentley; clerks, C. W. Lyman,
E. E. Stephens.
Cahuenga—At school house: Inspectors. J I
Plummer, Dennis Sullivan: judges, Seward
Cole, J. B. Rapp; clerks, G. T. Gower, Henry C.
Catalina—At Hotel Metropole: Inspectors
Alonzo Wheeler, John Doe: judges, Ed Whit
ney, Beaton Eddy; clerks, William Brown, Rich
ard Roe.
Downey—At J. W. Buster's office: Inspectors,
11. P. Smart, J. W. Vcnable; judges, John Towns
ley. William Caruthers; clerks, J.B.Graham
S. A. Gray.
Enterprise —At school house: Inspectors,
Henry Haskins, Omri Bullis; judges, II g Wes
ton, J. A. Nichols; clerks, H. c. Kelseay.'c F
Electric or Pico Heights—At Electric store-
Inspectors, O. M. Woodruff, 11. Gilbert; judges
John Dick, P. Ballade; clerks, William Withe
rOW, Theodore Gilbert, Jr.
Florence—At school house: Inspectors, G. A
Blakeslee. William P. Ramscur; judges, Leon
ard Bussell. Joseph Mace; clerks, Charles Serrot,
Samuel it. Wartield.
Fruitland —At school house: Inspectors, W. F.
Thayer, William Angel; judges, Mr. Batchcller,
Ben Colling; clerks, William Basse.lt, J. G
Lugo—At George Hind's ranch house: inspec
tors. J 1). Langston, J. W. Games, Sr.: judges,
J. J. Weston, A. M. Bragg; clerks, J. M. Spen
cer, J. w. Games, Jr.
Long Beach—At Brodersen & Bradv's office:
Inspectors, KcnyonCox, R. 11. Robinson; judges
George 11. Bixby. W. B. S. Lewis; clerks, E B
Cushman, L. A. Bailey.
La Ballona—At school house: Inspectors, P
Higuera, Anderson Rose; judges, J. Saenz, An
dreas Machado; clerks. O. Lamb, S. Valdez.
Los Nietos—At school house: Inspectors, Frank
MoCarle, J. H. -Martin; judges, S. R. Gunn, E
Poyorino; clerks, T. L. Sanchez.
Los Virgines—Calabasas school house (sug
gested): Inspectors, S. E. Douglass, Isaac C
ijams; judges, David Antonez, H. A. Brans
com; clerks. Thomas Newall, J. W. Foster.
Monte Vista—At Laurel school house: Inspec
tors, John B. Shook, M. W. Sinnott, judges
William Rapp, Patrick Iliggins; clerks, William
Jones, William Cottle.
Norwalk—At town hall: Inspectors, D. D.
Johnston, F. 11. Sackett; judges, W. D. Pendle
ton, N. T. Little; clerks, J. Dilley, D. Curry.
Palos Verdes—At house of Walters: Inspec
tors, William Howard, J. M. Edington; judges.
E. Ketler. Bert Robinson; clerks, Oliver McCoy,
Charlie Campbell.
Rivera—At Bone's office: Inspectors, J. Harvv,
0, P. Passons; judges, J. Nagle, J. J. McCelan;
clerks, 8. W. Burk. W. T. Bone.
Rosedale—At school house: Inspectors, R. M.
Smith, J. M. Voss: judges, William Kelso, Fred
Pittinan; clerks, S. V. Reiley, F. M. Keach.
Redondo—At school house: Inspectors, C. W-
Henry, James Brace well: Judges, J. H. Gold
smith, Joseph P. Rowan; clerks, Lem Brunson,
Albert Trudel.
San Antonio—At school house: Inspectors.J.
M. Clark, J. G. Pow; Judges, M. Stone, Frank
Jamison; clerks, James Clemens, John Shirley,
San Pedro—At Lindskow houße: Inspectors.
W. O. Skelton, S. D. Knight; judges, Edward
Anderson, Ira Pierce; clerks, William A. Wel
den, Sam Willits.
Santa Monica—At town hall: Inspectors, J.
J. Currillo, L. C. Giroux; judges, Thomas
A. Lewis, M. B. Kimball; clerks, M. B. Boyce,
Hamilton Bagg.
Ban Vicente —At Pasqual Marquez'shouse: In
spectors, Pasqual Marquez, Benifacio Marques;
judges, William Kilgore, S. O. Dunsmorej
clerks, T. B. Carlisle, John McLaughlin.
University—At Main-street cur stables: In
spectors, F. R. Slaughter, Abraham Kleekner;
judges. C. W. Sexton, 8. W. La Dow; clerks, J.
E. Whitman, E. A. De Camp.
Vernon—At school house: Inspectors, G. W.
Townsend, JamesCumpston; judges, I. V. Dra
per, Henry Biays; clerks, 8. T. Depencer, James
B. Brown.
Wilmington —At Bennett's United States
hotel: Inspectors, Benjamin S. Weston, F.
M. Buster; judges, Theodore Van Valkenburg,
Richurd Mahan: clerks. John Kennedy, Silas
Whittier—ln Sessions's building: Inspectors,
L. M. Baldwin, Thos. Landreth; judges. J. H.
Gwinn, S. L. Leighton; clerks, Geo. L. Hazzard.
J. W. Harris.
Los Angeles city—Precinct No. I—At 609
Downey avenue, East Los Angeles. Inspectors,
G. W. Stockwell, C. M. Haydcn; judges, David
Martin, A. Gundlach; clerks, 8. H. C I am?
worthv, John B. Frick. ' *
Second precinct—AtN. 8. Embody'sreal-estate
otlice, Downey block, Inspectors, George Weeks
C. H. Creciat; Judges, J. B. Lawrence, C. J Mc-
Intire; clerks, E. E. Johnson, Theodore C. Koe
Thirty-first precinct—At 120 New High street,
old number, back of St Elmo hotel. Inspectors.
Frank W. Cherry, R. Bilderrain; judges, H J
Stevenson, S. Harwood; clerks, C. 0. Albright
William Bryson.
Thirty-second precinct—723 Temple street
Inspectors, H. C. Register, Frank M. Coulter;
judges, B. W Spears, Ed. Griffin; clerks, 8. K.
Adams, W. S. Henry.
Thirty-third precinct—At Sullivan & John
son's coal and feed yard: Inspectors, Charles
Stillson, David Mulrein; judges, John Morton,
Daniel Innis; clerks, James Luckenbach, Chas.
L. Penny.
Thirty-fourth precinct-At No. 208 New Main
street: Inspectors, Oscar Macy, J. H. Hess;
judges, H. Rhea, J. D. Murphy; clerks,
A. E. Dixon.
Thirty-fifth precinct—At Colby house: Inspec
tors: Isaac Whitcomb, Hugh Sweeny; judges,
, Walter Deveraux; clerks, , I. J.
Thirty-sixth precinct—Boo Buena Vista street,
corner Alpine: Inspectors, 8. Supelveda, I. J.
Harold judges, F. Holtslander, E.G. Tice; clerks,
C. I. Pitney, Ramon Dominguez.
Thirty-seventh precinct—At house west side
Buena Vista street, opposite Baker Iron Works,
No. 944: Inspectors, J. C. Harvey, A. E.
Binsine; judges, Peter Nice, S. C. Sutton; clerks,
L. K. Rayburn, Rudolph L. Johnson.
Santa Susana—At school house: Inspectors,
J. R. Williams, John Carmichael; judges, R. P.
Bukey, S, D. Newbllle; clerks, W. W. Johnson,
John L. Glinn,
San Fernando—At school house: Inspectors,
W. 0. Granger, R. 11. Maclav; judges, W. B.
Bhang, C. Q. Jannison; clerks, R. P. Wait, G. C.
Esperanza—At Hotel Richmond: Inspectors,
Mavnard, H. Johansen; judges, Dan
iels, W. Olsen; clerks, H, Scheibler, J. W. Ong.
Elizabeth Lake—At school house: Inspectors,
Juan Celis, Samuel Frakes; j.idges, James Hef
ner, Frank Veysett; clerks, J. R. Moore, Frank
Garvanza—At Harnisfeger's store: Inspectors,
J I. Thompson, L. F. Corwin; judges, D. M.
Adams, J, B. Merrill; clerks, A. W. Palmer, J. E.
Lang's—At school house: Inspectors, W. IL
Thomas, John Lang; judges, J. B. Smith, D. R.
Manning; clerks, F. F. Smith, J. B. Lang.
Lancaster—At Sherer's store: Inspectors, A.
N. Leland. Charles Davis; judges, Charles J.
Barber, J. P. Ward; clerks, William H. Hollond,
E. Y. Cummer.
La Canada: Inspectors, Charles German,
Charles H. McArthur; judges, W. C. White,
C. T s Beatty; clerks, Thomas Rickens, George
Fairmount precinct--At Livingston's store:
Inspectors, Frank Keplinger, Perry Olmstead;
judges. Elihu Smead, E. M. Oilman; clerks,
Oscar Wright, John A. Covert.
Liebre—At Liebre house: Inspectors, Jacob
Dingman, Jacob Swall; judges, Thomas Men
zies, Sr., Nicholas Cockems; clerks, David Kid-
Bon, William Smith.
Newhall—At school house: Inspectors, J. F.
Gifford, Matthew McCormick; judges, J. J.
Arnott, W. N. Forker; clerks, W. E. Hayes,
George E. Larkey.
Palmdale—At Munz's store: Inspectors, John
B. Martin, John F. Fentel; judges, John Boesch,
, Charles Schwerin; clerks, Charies I. Dunsmoor,
John Munze.
Ravenna—At school house: Inspectors, Jamep
' Robertson, F. McPhetrige; judges, R. JJ.
Nickel. George D. Rush; clerks, J. F. Duehren
H. Wyneken.
! South Pasadena—At school house: inspectors,
Eli Steere, A J. Searl; judges, D. J. Fetzcr, J. R.
' Ellis: clerks, T. D. Keith. W. B. Vail.
Burbank—lnspectors, J. D. Miller, J. L. Lamp
ton; judges, A. M. Watson, A. P. Perkins;
clerks. W. J. Ludlow, August Fischer.
Glendale—lnspectors, J. F. Dunsmoor, Robert
Devine; judges, E. T. Bvram, J. S. Banker;
clerks, K. L. French, D. Wheeler.
Dated this 7th day of May, 1890.
By order of the board of supervisors of Los
Angeles county, California.
By C. W. BLAKE, Deputy.
S. M. Perky, Chairman of Board of Super
visor!!, Los Angeles county Cal.
Jl firm under the firm name of Voche Frereg
it Co., have this day, by mutual consent dis
solved co-partnership,
I O Angeles—ss.
I We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that
| we are co-partners transacting business in this
State, at the City of Los Angeles. County of Los
Angeles, state of California, under the firm
I name and style of "T. Vache & Co." That the
I names in full of all the members of the said co
partnership are Theophile Vache, J. Henrt
: Parker, Jules Darfeuille and Paul Royere, an 3
I that the places of our respective residences are
set opposite our respective names hereto sub
In witness w hereof, we have this day set our
hands and seals, this 29th day of April,"lB9o
Lob Angeles, CaL
Los Angeles, CaL
Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, CaL
State of California, j oe
County of Los Angeles, i ss '
On this ninth day of May, in the year of onr
Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety,
before me, Charles Worth, a Notary Public in
and for said County of Los Angeles, State, of
California, residing therein, duly commissioned
and sworn, personally appeared Theophile
Vache. J. Henry Parker, Jules Darfeuille and
Paul Royere. known to me to be the persons
described In and whose names are subscribed M
the within instrument, and they severally
acknowledged to me that they executed the
In witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed
my signature, with the name of mv office, and
my official seal, the day and year last above
written, at my office in the City "of Los Angeles,
County and state aforesaid.
[Notarial Seal] CHARLES WORTH,
Notary Public in and for the County of Los
Angeles, State of California. mall-lm
TT partnership transacting business in the
City and County of Los Angeles, in this State.
Its principal place of business is Los Angeles,
California. Its name is Ganahl Lumber Co.
The full names and respective places of resi
dence of all its members are signed hereto.
Dated Los Angeles. Cal., April 23rd, 1890.
C. GANAHL, [Seal]
Los»Angeles, Cal.
F. J. GANAHL, [Seal
Los Angeles, Cal.
Los Angeles, Cal.
State of California, j
County of Los Angeles, i SS-
On this 23rd day" of April, in'the year one
thousand eight hundred and ninety, before me,
N. Lindenfcld, a Notary Public, in and for the
County of Los Angeles, personally appeared C
Ganahl, F. J. Ganahl and Fidel Ganahl, known
to me to be the persons whose names are sub
scribed to and who executed the within instru
ment, and they acknowledged to me that they
executed the same.
In witness w hereof, I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal, at my office.
In the County cf Los Angeles, the day and year
in this certificate first above written.
(Notarial Seal] N. LINDENFELD,
ap2(i-Btt-5t Notary Public
% «|F" J\ Ma* local absorption.
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