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Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
United States Signal Service.
Report of observations taken at Los Angeles,
May 25, 1S90: ,
:07 a. m.
• :07 p. m.
09; min. tern., 50.
£. J. Cox has departed for a fort
night's visit at Santa Cruz.
Milton Smith is making steady re
covery from a long attack of illness.
Deputy Sheriff C. W. Lyman, of
Compton, was in the city yesterday.
W. S. Mills has gone to Salt Lake City
and his family will follow him in a week
or two.
Miss Ora Watkins has returned from j
AVhittier, where she has been for some I
Rev. H. V. Bowkirk, of Florida, is j
visiting Los Angeles. He says that the
climate here suits him better than at
L. P. Sumner and sister, of Ogden,
are expected to arrive today, on a
month's visit to Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Mr. W. W. West, of Santa Barbara,
was in Los Angeles Saturday and a por
tion of yesterday, returning on the after
noon train.
William Sloan, lately a resident of
Pasadena, moved to East Los Angeles
last week, and is domiciled at 120 South
Walnut street.
Judge R. T. Pearson, of St. Paul, is
visiting the city with his family. He
will depart soon for the northern part of
the state, to return later in the season.
Col. S. T. Smilter, of Louisville, and
daughter, left yesterday for a trip about
the northern part of the state. They
have been in Los Angeles and vicinity
tor six months.
Rev. H. M. Dubose leaves soon for
Houston, Texas, where he will deliver
the commencement sermon at the A.
and M. college on Sunday, June Bth.
Later on he will conduct a Chautauqua
assembly in the lone star state.
The Democratic Alliance will meet
this evening at Y. M. I. hall, No. 17 N.
Main street. The question of procuring
a hall and permanent headquarters will
- come up.
The city council will meet this morn
ing at 10 o'clock. Several matters of in
terest are to come up, including the
First-street grade, the sewer-pipe con
tracts and the interest on the city
Yesterday morning the ceremony of
confirmation took place at the syna
gogue. Fourteen young ladies and gen
tlemen were confirmed. The musical
part of the exercises was conducted by
Prof. L. Loeb, who was assisted by Mrs.
J. Ct. Scarborough, Mrs. O. Haralson
and Messrs. Osgood and Pendleton.
Five youths, named John Swanson,
K. A. Young, Fred McCann, E. W.
Fisher and Theo. Teitz, were arrested
on the last train from Santa Monica yes
terday afternoon by Detective Henry
Russell, of the Southern Pacific Com
pany, for disturbing the peace of the
other passengers by using vulgar and in
decent language and making themselves
generally objectionable. All were taken
to the city jail, but were subsequently
released on bail.
Yesterday the feast of pentecost was
belittingly celebrated at the cathedral of
.St. Vibiana, on Main street. A solemn
high mass was celebrated by Rev. J.
Adams, assisted by Revs. McDouell and
Gavan. The church was very hand
somely decorated with palms and can
. dies by Mr. P. Millet, ably assisted by
Mrs. Chalmers and Missis Callahan and
Mesa. The side altars were decorated
by Misses Cane, Coyle, Horgan and Mc-
Expected Trouble Which Did Not
Almost every day since the murder of
Fong Ah Lung there have been
rumors oi an impending riot in
Chinatown between the members of
the two rival factions into which its in- j
habitants are divided. Last night the,
report was bruited about that the mat- j
ter had come to a crisis, as the high
binders had notified the storekeepers to !
close their stores unless they wished j
them to be looted. The news reached
police headquarters, and was cvi- !
dently deemed worthy of investigation, I
as the whole detective force was detailed j
to patrol Chinatown with the view of
discovering the truth of the rumor.
It was found, however, that as usual
the report hinged upon a very trivial
circumstance, and that there was no
probability of a riot or bloodshed in the
immediate future. A number of China
men from each of the factions happened
to meet face to face in the Chinese thea
ter during the evening, and glared at
each other in a belligerent manner; but
neither party made any other demon
stration of hostility, and in a few mo
menta there was not the slightest inti
mation of anything unusual. The matter
has been much exaggerated on several
occasions of late, but the probabilities
are that no danger of a riot in China
town may be anticipated.
A Railroad to Be Built into the San
Bernardino Mountains.
The San Bernardino Times-Index
declares that within a short time a rail
road will be constructed from San Ber
nardino up into Bear valley. It is stated
that a survey has been in progress for
some time and is about completed. It
has been done at the expense of a promi
nent Michigan lumberman, whose name
is not given. He has also bonded a
good deal of timber land along the pro
posed route. It is expected that the
work will begin some time in August.
The track, cars and engines which it is
proposed to use will be brought out
from Michigan, where they were
formerly used in a lumber region now
denuded of trees.
The Bear valley region, besides being
rich in timber, possesses scenery of in
comparable beauty, and is a popular re
sort for hunters and tourists. At pres- !
ent it is accessible only on burro
book, and for that reason has i
only a small number of visitors.
If a railroad should be built j
up into the valley it would soon become i
a very popular camping ground during
the summer months.
Gus Knight, who is one of the proprie
tors of the hottl in the valley, and a
famous sportsman of those parts, while
in San Bernardino recently, announced
that the fishing in all the streams that
flow out of the valley would be unusu
ally good this year. The heavy rainfall
of last winter caused the lake to over
flow the dam and the large volume of
water washed out of the lake a great
number of the trout and carried them
down the stream. The head waters of
the Santa Ana will probably furnish ex
cellent fishing clear through the sum
Undelivered Telegrams.
The following telegrams remain un
called for at the Western Union telegraph
office, corner Court and Main streets,
May 25, 1890: .Murray C. Sanders,
Mrs. E. Kempton.
Kemoval of the Chicago Saloon,
D. J. McCarthy, proprietor of the
Chicago, has removed from 107 North
Main street to 150 North Main, opposite
the court house, where he will be pleased
to meet all his old patrons.
Use Siddall's .Yeast Cakes.
Saturday, May 24, 1890.
Hyron 0 ( lark to A G Throop—Block 3, Lin
coln-avenue Syndicate tract; $1,100.
John W Wilson, Virginia <; Wilson ami Isaac
springer, by M (i Aguirre, sheriff, to William
Morgan—Sheriff's deed, 2 tracts, probably In Ro
Sun Pasqual; $1,150.
John E Packard to Louis L Newerf—Agmt to
convey lot 31, J E Packard's Orange Grove
tract, RO San Jose; $2,585.
Henry J Bovee to Benjamin C Laurence—lo
acres iii see 19, T 1 S, R 12 W; $2,500.
Adolph l'etseh to John Wadsworth—Part of
div 11, S (i 0 (i Assn lands; $7,000.
James II Harding to John F Humphreys—Lots
21 and 25, Shafer & Lantennan's re-sub ol
Dimmick tract; $1,600,
Edward Germain, guardian of the estate of
Maggie Myers, a minor, to John A Bullard—
I'nd ' (i int in lot com at SW eorof First and Los
Angeles sts; $2,840.
John E Hurry, guardian ot the person and
estate of John Smart, a minor, to same—Und ' 0
int in lot com at SW cor First and Los Angeles
sis; $2,840.
William R Smart, Mrs Emeline Soares, Mrs
Clarissa Scott. Mrs Leonora Carney. John Smart,
and Mrs. Maggie Myers to same—Lot com at SW
cor of First and Los Angeles sts; $17,040.
Number transfers $1,000 and over, 9.
Amount, $41,055.
Number transfers under $1,000, 18.
Amount. $4,829.
Nominal transfers.".
Total amount of considerations, $10,181.
NOTE—Transfer! of which the consideration
is less than $1,000 are not published in the
above list
The Herald Job Office is now Letter
prepared to turn out first-class job print
ing than ever. Give us a call when in
■ need oi printing of any description.
Brilliant Technique.
Kirby Stone: "Your typewriter seems
to work very rapidly." Wilson Deeds :
"Well, rather! She was one of Liszt's
favorite pupils."—[Puck.
A good appetite is essential to good health
and loss of appetite indicates something wrong
Hood's Sarsaparilla creates anil sharpens the
appetite, assists the digestive organs Land reg
ulates the kidneys and liver. Takl Hood's
Sarsaparilla this season. Sold by druggists.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by
that terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the
remedy for you. For sale by C. F. Heinzeman
122 North Main street.
*~ Asthma, Bronchitis and Consumption, to
gether with diseases of the Eye, Ear aud Heart,
successfully treated by
M. C. P. S. 0.,
By His Hot Air Medicated Inhalations and his
It is a common error to suppose every dis
ease which is attended by oppressed breath
ing to be Asthma or Phthisic. We have short
ness of breath in Consumption and Pneumonia
just as we do in Asthma, only that in these
diseases it is always present, whereas in Asthma
it occurs in paroxysms.
Asthma is a spasmodic disease of the lungs,
which manifests itself in periodic attacks or
"fits." it comes on suddenly and is attended
with great difficulty of breathing while it lasts;
but when the attack is over the patient breathes
almost as well as in health.
Nervous, Humid and Dry Asthma are names
given to different forms of this disease. Em
physema is another and more inveterate kind
of Asthma, while Hay Fever or Rose Cold is a
peculiar variety of Asthma which occurs at a
certain season of the year. Each of these
forms of disease differs somewhat from the
others in symptoms, but practically these dis
tinctions arc of very little value. It does not
matter to the patient which form of Asthma
he has, since nis sufferings are the same in
all. In one case the expectoration becomes
yellow, and we call it bronchial. In another
it is light, and we call it dry. When he coughs
up clear water, with a white froth on the sur
face, we say he has Humoral Asthma. In
Nervous Asthma there is very little expector
ation of any kind. Hay Fever always begins
as a crying cold in the head or Influenza, and
a clear water runs from the nose and the eyes
before the Asthma fit comes on. fn Emphysema
the expectoration is generally thick, and con
tinues so in the interval between the fits,
while the shortness of breath is increased on
the slightest exertion.
Without courage and perseverance nothing
is curable. But with these, aided by proper
and skillful treatment, Asthma can be cured
even after the lungs are extensively diseased.
Persons desiring treatment by this system of
practice can use the remedies at home as well
as at our oflice, and which will cause no incon
venience or hindrance from business whatever.
Every case of Asthma is curable. Eastern
visitors and invalids will be wise In being
cured l>efore they return home.
Those who desire to consult with me in regard
to their cases had better call at the office for an
examination, but if impossible to visikthe office
personally can write for list of questions and
circular, both of which will be sent free ol
charge. Address
137 S. Broadway, l.os Angeles, CaJ.
Office hours—From 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Sundays— From 2 to 2:30 p. m.
Residence—ll9 South Grand Avenue.
The Natiek House.
The Natiek House, one of the oldest and best
known Hotels in the city, has lately changed
hands. M. 8. Rowell has retired from the man
agement, and the House will hereafter be con
ducted by Mr. H. A. Hart, a Hotel man of ex
perience. Mr. Hart has already made a num
ber of changes which will prove of benefit to
his patrons, and adds very much to the con
venience and comforts of the House. The Table
and Dining Service especially has been greatly
During the past few weeks the Natiek has
been in the hands of the painters and decorat
ors. A commodious oflice is one of its good
features. Electric Bells with return calls and
Fire Alarm have also been added, and altogether
the House is in better condition than ever be
fore for doing business, maB-lm
MOT LONG SINGE met in council to discuss the
|\J stringency of the times. Subject after subject was
JL 1. discussed at length by these representatives of the
different marts of trade. The subject,
Birthplace of Legitimate Business, One Price,
Was handled in a masterly manner. It being the most im
portant of all the arguments it provoked the most intense
excitement among these intelligent people. It was
finally decided to loosen a carrier dove, aud they watched
aud watched until the midnight hoiir, Lo! she returns
with something in her bill upou which is inscribed the
So at last this of all subjects was answered. Henceforth
the "Banner of Excelsior" will be carried by
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
Another Good Story
We are full of them and daresay we can write them up grammatically aud properly
punctuated. Once upon a time the wise men of the
Met in consultation. After due deliberation on the subject of pants, it was
decided to write out an advertisement, headed,
Our Mend in the picture Is also deliberating on Pants.
He bought his of one of our competitors, hence his trouble.
Do You Wear Pants
And under this heading we concluded to say this week
We Will Sell Pants worth $2.50 for $i-75
We Will Sell Pants worth $3.00 for $2.25
We Will Sell Pants worth $3.50 for $2.50
We Will Sell Pants worth $4.00 for $3-00
We Will Sell Pants worth $4.50 for $3-50
We Will Sell Pants worth $5.00 for $4.00
We Will Sell Pants worth $6.00 for $5 00
Pants referred to are now on exhibition in our corner window. We are also giving
Special Inducements on MEN'S SUITS.
SEE OUR middle: window

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