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Major Bonsall Declares in
Favor of the Ordinance.
The City Attorney Reports on
Various Matters.
The Contract for Electric Lighting
is Approved.
The Klectrio Company's Franchise Carried
Over for a Week—Commissioner Col
lins Wants Salaries Reduced.
r The city council met in regular session
yesterday morning, President Franken
field and all the members present
with the exception of Mr. Wersching.
After the usual preliminaries had
been disposed of, the mayor's message
with reference to the proposed regrading
of First street, was taken up, and on mo
tionof Mr. Brown,the vote by which the
ordinance had been adopted was recon
sidered, and the matter was referred
back to the board of public works.
The report of the city auditor showing
the condition of his books for the month
ending September 30th last, was refer
red to the finance committee, as were
also several other minor reports from the
same officer.
The report of the city tax and license
collector was referred" to the city au
The report of the street superintend
ent, asking for instructions to issue pen
mits for connections with bonded sewers,
was referred to the sewer committee,
and the city attorney was instructed to
prepare an ordinance declaring the
Bloom-street sewer, which was recently
turned over to the city by the board of
education, a public sewer, in accordance
with another request of the street super
The report of the city attorney was
adopted as follows:
To the Honorable Council of the City of
Los Angeles:
Gentlemen—l have signed and deliv
ered to the respective parties the con
tract of the California Sewer Pipe Com
pany, the Southern California Coal and
Clay Company and the Pacific Clay
Manufacturing Company, as instructed
by you.
I present herewith an ordinance vaca
ting streets in the Weiss tract, per in
I present also an ordinance appoint
ing a commissioner to fill the vacancy
on street commissions, created by the
resignation of A. W. Barrett.
In the matter of the petition of N. W.
Hass, and the communication of R. Ca
hill, in reference to Basil street, I find
upon examination that the recorded
plat of the territory adjacent to Basil,
Ann and Sotello streets, shows that
Basil street is open from Ann street to a
point between 100 and 150 feet of So
tello street. There is no record of its
being opened through the tract marked
"O. G. Weyse" on the map of 1887,
made by Rowan and Koeberle.
In the matter of the paving of Walters
street, between New High and Upper
Main streets, I am of the opinion that
said paving may be ordered by the coun
cil, and that protests against it will be
of no avail in case the council sees fit to
overrule them.
In the matter of the application of L.
Newman for a quitclaim deed, referred to
me, I have examined the abstract and
find that lot 16 of the Alanis Vineyard
tract has been in the possession of peti
tioner and his grantors for over forty
years, claiming under color of title.
Under these circumstances the rights of
the city have long since been extin
guished, in my opinion, by the operation
of the statute of limitations.
In the matter of the petition of D. R.
Brearly for the payment of $147.43, being
a portion of the assessment for sidewalk
ing and curbing lot lo of block 14, Pio
neer Building Lot Association tract, I
am of the opinion that under the law as
it existed at the time this work was done,
the city of Los Angeles would have been
liable for the payment of this claim had
Mr. Brearly taken the necessary steps to
perfect said assessment against the city
of Los Angeles. It is therefore an equi
table claim, but the collection of it could
not, in my opinion, be enforced by an
action at law.
The report of the land committee, rec
ommending that a quitclaim deed issue
to L. Newman for lot 16, Alanis Vine
yard tract, and that the mayor be re
quested to sign the same on behalf of
the city, was adopted. J
At this juncture Judge Brunson was
granted permission to address the coun
cil, and stated that he appeared on be
half of the Electric Railway company to
protest against the interference of the
police on Saturday night last. The com
pany had but ten hours more of labor in
order to complete the work between Sec
ond street and the Plaza, and it desired
an immediate investigation of the mat
On motion, the matter was referred to
the board of public works and city attor
ney, with instructions to report thereon
after the noon recess.
The gas and light committee reported
favorably upon the draft of an ordinance
granting a franchise to the Los Angeles
Electric company the right to carry on
the electric business in the city for a
period of fifty years.
Mr. McLain moved that the ordi
nance be put upon its passage.
President Frankenfield thought that
it should be referred to the committee
on public works.
Mr. Summerland stated that the mat
ter had been before the committee for
five months and that the council should
take immediate action.
After some futher debate the matter
went over for one week.
The draft of a contract between the
city and the Los Angeles Electric com
pany for the lighting of the city by
electricity for two years, from January
1,1891, was read and approved, as was
also the bond for the sum of $25,000,
with L. C. Goodwin and H. W. Hell
man as sureties thereon, which ac
companied it, and the mayor was re
quested to sign* the same on behalf of
the city.
The report of the board of public
works, as already published in the
Herald, was adopted as read, and the
following supplemental report was also
Los Angeles, Oct. 20,1890.
To the Honorable City Council, Los An
geles, California:
Gentlemen—As chairman of the board
of public works, sitting alone on the
matter of opening and extending Broad
way. I feel it due the other members of
the board to say that this report is made
by myself personally.
The question of openii t ungund
extending Broadway fro 1 1 to Main
streets was never referred to this board
in any of the preliminary proceedings,
the first time being last Monday, when
it was referred, together with the
mayor's message vetoing the same.
Neither was it done on petition of the
property holders; but, as you may re
member, the initial proceedings were in
augurated by a motion or resolution
offered by the member from the Fourth
ward (Mr. Frankenfield).
When the ordinance reached a vote I
voted against it, believing that it might
be a hardship for some people to pay for
it at that time. I have been of the same
opinion since, and thought the mayor
did right in vetoing the ordinance.
From an investigation of the subject,
however, I find a different condition of
affairs from what I supposed. It will be
remembered that the principal parties
appearing before the council and pro
testing against the ordinance were the
owners of the short lots between Ninth
and Tenth streets, from which twenty
feet would be taken, leaving the lots
ninety feet deep. I expected a pro
test from the property owners of the
assessment district, which includes
both sides of Broadway as far north
as First street.- The question has
been before council several months.
All the papers recently contained
notices inviting the property holders to
appear before the board of public works.
Both sides of Broadway from Seventh
to First being entirely across the entire
distance of the ward I represent(Third),
have made some additional investiga
tion on my own account.
While, personally, I did not favor it at
that time for the reasons stated, I must
confess that not one single property
owner now objects to it.
Owners of the short lots between
Ninth and Tenth, as well as those whose
property will be taken between Tenth
and Main streets, many of whom were
protesting at first, now 'realize that it is
a conceded fact that it will have to be
done some time; that in the meantime
they cannot sell or rent their property;
that the fact itself operates as a cloud
upon their title, and they prefer to have
it settled and done now.
In view of these facts, with the parties
asking for it and none protesting, I
recommend that the ordinance be
passed. If any member thinks I have
not fairly stated the question, and
wishes to investigate for himself, I am
willing that action be deferred one week
for that purpose.
Respectfully, etc.,
* William H. Bonsall,
Chairman Board of Public Works.
A prominent property owner whose
land would be cut through, addressed
the council and stated that not only
himself but every property owner on
the line, who were at first opposed to
the change, were now strongly in favor
of it.
On motion action upon the matter was
deferred one week.
In the matter of the recommendation
of the board relative to changing the
names of certain streets, Mr. Summer
land entered a vigorous protest to the
proposal to change Upper Main to Vick
ery street, and finally the whole matter
was referred back to*the board.
The council then took a recesß until 2
o'clock p.m.
Afternoon Session.
On reconvening at 2 o'clock the mat
ter of the protests against the Twelfth
street sidewalk, which had been made
a special order fofthat time, was taken
up. Mr. Hamilton stated that after a
personal inspection of the sidewalk,
on Friday last, and again yesterday
morning, he was satisfied that that por
tion which had not been relaid was in
bad condition. The foundation was ap
parently all right, but the surface could
be broken with the heel very easily,
and an ordinary broom made an im
pression upon it. The contractor stated
that he wanted to give the property
owners a good sidewalk and believed he
had done so, and finally, in accordance
with his suggestion, a committee of
three was appointed to examine the
sidewalk and point out the places to be
relaid, on motion of Mr. Hamilton.
The chairman appointed Messrs. Ham
ilton, Shafer and Summerland as such
The matter of appointing a successor
to Captain A. W. Barrett, who recently
resigned from the board of street com
missioners, was then taken up. Mr.
McLain placed in nomination the name
of H. C. Register, and Mr. Hamilton
nominated J. "VV. Hinton. Mr. Summer
land said that the council ought to be con
sistent ; a Democrat had resigned from
the position, and another Democrat
should fill it. He therefore nominated
D. V. Waldron. The nominations were
then closed and a ballot was taken, with
the following result: Hinton, 5; Regis
ter, 2; Waldron, 1. On motion of Mr.
Hamilton, J. W. Hinton was thereupon
declared duly elected to the office of
street commissioner. He proposed to
make the election unanimous, but Mr.
McLain objected, and the motion was
not insisted upon.
A number of requisitions for supplies
needed by the various departments of
the municipal government were approved
as read.
The draft of an ordinanceof intention
to sidewalk Main street, from Ninth to
Fourteenth streets, was then read. H.
A. Barclay, Esq., addressed the council
at considerable length in opposition to
the ordinance, claiming that the storm
water would be thrown upon his prop
erty if the sidewalk was laid according
to the present grade. After some dis l
cussion of the matter, the ordinance was
adopted on - motion of Mr. Brown, but
further action was deferred for one
In the matter of the Electric Railway
company's poles, the board of public
works reported that it bad examined the
same between Second street and the
plaza, and found them to be of excellent
redwood, perfectly smooth and free
from objection as it is possible for poles
to be, and recommend that the company
be allowed to erect their poles, and that
the superintendent be directed accord
ingly. The report was adopted unani
The report of the finance committee,
as already published, was read, and each
of the recommendations contained
therein was adopted.
Mr. Summerland'e motions to the ef
fect that a wooden crossing be
placed on the north line of Ann street
at its intersection of North Main street,
and that the city engineer be instructed
to make a map' of Macy street, with a
view of openi: - and extending the same
through to T ppi ■ Main Btreet, were re
ferred to t' f public works.
On m' " T an Dusen, the
board r k - was requested to
bring nening of
Primrot, ~^ nue '
and opeuiij, '-'*nn
avenue and .
avenue and Nort».
On motion of Mr.
torney was instructed :
with the City and ( itizen.
Sanies and compel them to &
ydrants as requested by the .
The motion of Mr. Brown to the effec.
that the cable company be requested to •
pat their track on Santa Fe avenue on
grade at once and repair the street be
tween tracks was to the board
of public works.
The report of the bridge committee
recommending the acceptance of the bid
of M. H. Ledbetter to repair the Pasa
dena avenue bridge, and that George
VV. Morgan present the city with the
proposed right of way on the north side
of the Arroyo Seco.
A recess of ten minutes was then taken
to allow the council to watch trie pro
cession of railroad men march by the
city hall.
Police Commissioner M. T. Collins
then asked permission to address the
council, and at some length he advo
cated the amendment of the charter with
regar I to the salaries of city officials all
along the line. He apologized for com
ing at the eleventh hour, but thought
that a change was needed. He then read
a schedule as drawn ud by himself,
whereby a saving to the city of $18,000
per annum could be effected. He also
pronounced himself as in favor of a por
tion of the council holding over.
At the suggestion of the city attorney,
the matter was finally referred to a com
mittee consisting of Messrs. Shafer,
VVirsching and Brown, toconfer with Mr.
Collins, and on motion of Mr. McLain
the chairman was added thereto.
The usual number of petitions were
received, and referred without reading
to their proper committees.
The council then adjourned.
Little Legal Incidents Which Took
Place Yesterday.
Simon Isaac, of Germany, Thomas
Lynch, of Ireland, Eric Ericson and
Victor Carlson, of Sweden, were made
citizens yesterday.
Sarah E. Burlingame was made a sole
trader yesterday by Judge McKinley.
A. H. Judson, Esq., was admitted to
practice in the United Statrs courts by
Judge Ross, yesterday.
The case of Jeseph Woodman, for cut
ting timber on government land, was
yesterday dismissed in the United
States district court, on motion of Dis
trict Attorney Cole.
Grant Van Slyke, the bestial individ
ual, who was found guilty of a nameless
crime, was yesterday sentenced by
Judge Cheney to five years' ;imprison
ment in San Quentin.
The trial of Joe Soto was set for No
vember 22d.
In department one the trial of Jose
Yorba,accused of murdering Jesus Figue
roa.at San Gabriel.on the Bth of June, is
in progress. The defense maintains
that Yorba acted in self-defense, and
they are confident of an acquittal.
Misfits Which Were Filed Yesterday
With the County Clerk.
L. L. Bequette yesterday commenced
suit against D. W. Field, administrator
of the estate of Allen Cann, deceased,
on foreclosure of mortgage for $812.60.
Antoine Begon sued Charles Raskin,
Virginie Raskin and Mrs. M. F. Durat,
on foreclosure of a chattel and real
estate mortgage for itsso.
G. Roscoe Thomas sues M. M. Parker
to recover $3,936.93, balance due on a
G. P. Canfleld suesL. M. Corum etux,
on foreclosure of mortgage for $2500.
On Draft Today Only.
Budweiser beer at tbe Eintraeht, 163 North
Spring street. 10-11-tf
Do not be disappointed with sour cream, but
use Highland Unsweetened Condensed Milk
Granula, the great health food, for sale by all
41% AW 1j
Cures Phomptly and FZBXAK&ntT
Bho v mutism, Hoadv.che, Toothache,
NeurnlgJa, Swolllnm, Frost-bites,
Order of Sale and Decree of Fore
closure and Sale.
William Anderes, plaintiff, vs. Andrew Linden
feld and Charles Raskin, as-ignce of Andrew
Lindenield, an insolvent debtor, defendants.
No. 13,860.
Ui der and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles,
State of California, on the 11th day of October,
A. D. 1890, in the above entitled action, where
in William Anderes. the above named plaintiff,
obtained a judgment of decree and foreclosure
and sale again»t Andrew Lindenfeld et al., de
fendants, on the 11th day of October, A. D.
1890, for the sum of $1,023.40 in lawful
money of the United States, which said decree
was on the 11th day of October. A. D. 1890,
recorded in judgment book 25 of said court, at
page 15,1 am commanded to sell all that certain
lot, piece or parcel of land, situate, lying and
being in the county of Los Angeles, state of
California, and b .unded and described as fol
lows: Lot numbered five (5), of block ' B," of
the Beck tract, according to a map thereof, re
corded in the office of the county recorder of
Los Angeles county aforesaid, in book 14, at
page 34, of miscellaneous records, to which
map and the record thereof reference is hereby
made for a full and more particular description.
Public notice is hereby given, that on Wednes
day, the 12th day of November, A. D. 1890, at
12 o'clock M. of that day. in front of the Court
House door of the County of I-os Angeles, on
Spring Street, I will, in obedience to snid order
of sale snd decree of foreclosure and sale, sell
the above described property, or so much there
of as may be necessary to satisfy said judgment,
with interest and costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder, for cash lawful money of the United
Dated this 13th day of October,'lB9o.
Sheriff of Los Ange es Co.
By A. M. THORNTON. Under Sheriff.
Pepper ,t Lindenfeld, Att'ys for plaintiff.
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