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Stands for the Interests of
Southern California.
subscribe" FOR IT.
VOL. XXXV.—NO. 22.
It Was a Glorious
Hear the Voice of the Great
American People!!!
Triey Are In It
War Tariff, Monometalism,
Czarism, Bossism, Alas!!!
A Great Political Landslide
Covers the Country.
It Was a Very Cold Day and the G. O.
P. Got Left from Dan to
Cover the Small Remnant of Corrupt Re
publicanism Under Grandfather's
Hat Forever and Aye!
Associated Press Dispatches.
Chicago, Nov. 5.—A table made up by
the Associated Press from figures and
estimates received up to 1 o'clock this
morning, shows that the next house of
representatives will stand 225 Demo
crats, 101 Republicans and 5 Farmers'
Alliance. Territorial delegates are not
included in the table. It is not thought
the official figures will make much
change in these totals.
A Democratic Governor, Legislature and
[Many Gongressmea.
Detooit, Mich., Nov. 5. —Up to 11 p.
m. the indications are that the Demo
crats elected the governor by about
10,000 plurality and tbe rest of the state
ticket by a substantial vote. The Re
publicans are conceding only the defeat
of their gubernatorial candidate. At
the last election the Republicans re
turned a state ticket by about 20,000
majority. The state senate will be close,
but up to the present time shows a Demo
cratic majority of three. The Republi
cans concedes the house, which the
Democrats claim by fifteen ma
jority. At the last session
both houses were Republican
the senate by a majority of 14, and the
house by 37. In the congressional elec
tion the Democrats have returned their
candidates in the following districts, ac
cording to the present returns: First,
Second, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and
Tenth. At the last election, with the
exception of the First and Seventh, they
returned Republican congressmen. The
Third and Eleventh are sure, and proba
bly the Fourth, have gone Republican.
The returns from the Eighth and Ninth
districts show Democratic gains over the
last election, but not sufficient to re
move the doubt which overshadows
them. '
The Governorship In Doubt—Three
Democratic Congressmen-.
St. Paul, Minn., Nov. s.—Full returns
and carefully prepared estimates in Min
nesota give 1672 plurality for Wilson
(Dem.) for governor. The counties heard
from include four big counties which
gave strong votes agaipstMerriam,while
those yet to be reported ar# mostly Re
publican. It is also claimed that the
greatest of the Alliance strength has
been included in the counties already
reported. For these reasons the Repub
lican committee still claims the election
of Merriam by about 1000 plurality, but
the Democrats are equally strong in
their claims of the state for Wilson by
from one to two thousand majority. As
tocongressmen.it seems probable that
three of the five are Democrats. Noth
ing complete has been received about
the legislature, but the Republicans
claim a small majority.
The Little Blue Hen State is All
Wilmington, Del., Nov. 5. —Complete
returns from the whole state give Rey
nolds, D., for governor, 445 majority,
and Causey,D.,for congress, 514 majority
The next legislature will stand: Senate
Democrats, 5; Republicans,—. House
Democrats, 14; Republicans, 7. There
is no United States senator to be elected.
It Looks Like a Democratic Clean
Omaha, Neb., Nov. s.—Charles Ogden,
chairman of the Democratic state cen
tral committee, claims Boyd's election
by from 5000 to 7000 plurality. He
claims all the congressmen and the en
tire state ticket.
Chicago, Nov. 5. —Editor Rosewater,
of the Omaha Bee, sends the following
to the Associated Press: The election
of W. J. Bryan, I).. over W. J. Connell,
R., present member from the First dis
trict, and William A. McKeighan, Dem
ocrat and Alliance candidate, over Har
lan, R., in the Second district, is now
conceded. The Third district is still in
doubt. The three candidates, Dorsey,
R., Thompson, D., and Kein, Alliance,
are running neck and neck, and it will
take another day, possibly two, to ascer
tain which is elected. James K. Boyd,
Democratic candidate for governor, car
ries this (Douglass) county by over 12,000,
with three precincts to hear from, which
will probably increase his majority to
18,000. It is doubtful whether Rich
ards, R., will be able to overcome it iv
the state. The remainderof the Repub
lican state ticket is in doubt. The
report of the legislature is incomplete.
The latest returnß indicate that pro
hibition is defeated in the state by over
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 5. —Nineteen coun
ties in the third district show Dorsey,
Rep., 10,900; Thompson, Dem., 9947;
Kern, Alliance, 12,555.
The Republican for Governor" Beaton-Six
Out of Seven Republican Congressmen
Defeated—lngalls's Re-election a Sub
ject of Doubt.
Kansas City, Nov. 5.— The Republi
can candidate for governor is beaten;
six out of seven Republican congress
men defeated; Senator Ingalls's re
election a subject of grave doubt. That
is the situation in Kansas. There was a
land slide, a regular avalanche, in
Kansas. The Republican majority was
overwhelmed by a resistless force. The
Farmers' Alliance did it, and it was a
genuine surprise. Every political pro
phet predicted great strength for the
Alliance, but only tlie rnoßt sanguine of
the rural seers regarded its success
as even among the probabilities.
The chances for the Democrats seemed
much brighter, the Alliance's strength
depleting to an enervating degree the
vigor of the Republican party.
For the lirst time in many years the
Republican congressional delegation is
broken, and broken to fragments. Only
one Republican escaped the wreck, and
that was Funston from the second dis
trict. The Democrats were successful
in the first, electing Moonlight over
Broderick, R., by 1,000 majority. Mor
rill, R., present incumbent, declined the
nomination in this district. The Farm
ers' Alliance carried the other rive dis
tricts, electing Clover over Perkins, R..
in the third; Otis over Kelly in the
fourth; Davis over Phillips, R., in the
fifth; Baker over McNallin in the
sixth, and Simpson over Hollowell in
the seventh. The Kansas delegation
will stand: Republican, 1; Democrat,
1; Farmers' Alliance, 5.
Another surprise lies in the possible
defeat for re-election of Senator Ingalls,
whose term expires in 1891. The Far
mers Alliance and Democrats waged a
bitter campaign against him, and the
majority of districts contained one of
their candidates against the Republican
candidates. The result is the certain
election of ninety-five Fanners Alliance
and Democrat legislators, against thirty
Republicans. Some of the former may
vote for Ingalls, but his opposition
claim that those newly elected who op
pose him, together with the opposition
hold over, will give surely ninety votes,
or a majority of six against him. This
now looks to be a correct statement of
Ingalls' situation, but it is liable to
In the filth Kansas districtDavis, (Ind.
and the FarmerH'AUiance), is elected by
5000 plurality. In the seventh district,
Simpson, D., by 2500 plurality.
Room for Doubt in This Republican
St. Paul, Nov. s.—ln South Dakota
both committees are claiming the state,
but the returns do not seem to justify
the claim on the part of the Democrats.
The Democrats also claim to have elected
enough representatives to the state
legislature to give a majority to the com
bined Alliance and Democrats. The
capital contest is very close according to
the Huron statement, and an official
count may be needed to decide it.
Woman's suffrage is defeated by 8000,
while the vote of the state will be 5000
less than last year. The congressional
ticket will go with the state ticket, and
it is probable the two Republican can
didates are elected to congress.
The Contest Close, but the Democrats
Generally Victorious.
Helena, Nov. s.—The Democratic
committee claim the election of Dixon
to congress by 450 majority. The Re
publican committee claims the state for
Carter by 125. The Democrats claim
four state senators and concede the Re
gublicans two, with two in doubt. The
Republicans claim five state senators.
The contest is very close all around, and
may take an official coimt to decide.
Anti-Mr Kinley Feeling Did It.
■ ohk, Nov. s.—Francis M. Scott,
ca i lidate for mayor on the
attributes his defeat to the
.' feeling which, he said,
was strongw in this city than in any
pan, a" the country.
A Democratic Governor and a Gain of
Vive Congressmen.
Boston, Nov. s.—The vote for gov
ernor shows an overwhelming Deno
cratic victory. The Democrats elect
Trefrey auditor, over Ladd, the present
incumbent, by about 6000 plurality, but
the Republicans elect the lieutenant
governor, secretary of state, treasurer
and attorney-general. The senate will
consist of twenty-one Republicans and
nineteen Democrats, and the house of
129 Republicans, 100 Democrats and one
independent Democrat. This is a
Republican loss of eight in the sen
ate and twenty-three in the house;
The vote for governor is: Russell, D,
141,740; Brackett, R, 1.31,896; Black
mer, P, 13,831. The result in congres
sional districts is : First, Randall, R;
second, Morse, R; third. Andrew, D;
fourth, O'Neil, D; fifth, Hoar. D; sixth,
Lodge, R; seventh, Cogswell, R; eighth,
Stevens, D; ninth, Williams, D; tenth,
Walker, R; eleventh, Coolidge, D;
twelfth, Crosby, D. The congressional
delegation thus stands seven Democrats,
five Republicans, a gain of five Demo
Minister Lincoln Comes Home.
New York, Nov. s.—The United
States minister to England, Robert T.
Lincoln, arrived this afternoon on the
City of New York. He brought with
him the remains of his son, Abraham.
Mr. Lincoln positively refused to dis
cuss political matters. His stay in the
United States will be brief.
Fry the-Fat Foster in the Soup—McKin
ley's Defeat Conceded by the Repub
lican State Central Committee.
Cleveland, Nov. 5. — Ex-Governor
Foster concedes his defeat in the Eighth
district, by a small majority. Hare, D,
will have about 200 majority.
Columbus, 0., Nov. s.—The Republi
can state committee, on unofficial re
turns received from seventy-five counties,
and the remainder estimated, claims a
Republican plurality on the head of the
ticket, of between 14,000 and 15,000.
The committee concedes the defeat of
McKinley for congress, by about 200,
and Foster, R, by 75 or 100. The Demo
cratic candidates in other close congres
sional districts, received majorites rang
ing from 500 upwards, except of Cos
grove at Cincinnati, who is defeated by
Storer, R. by 2700. The most
remarkable Democratic gain was in
the Eleventh district, where Patttison
D., was elected by 3100, with a gain of
1500 over last fall's vote. The Republi
can committee concedes that the delega
tion will stand seven Republicans to
fourteen Democrats.
Cincinnati, Nov. s.—According to the
returns this evening, the Ohio congress
men elected are: First district, Storer,
R.; Second, Caldwell, R.; Third, Houk,
1).; Fourth, Gantz, D.; Fifth, Layton,
D.; Sixth, Donovan, D.; Seventh,
Haynes, D.; Eighth, Hare, D.; Ninth,
Outhwaite, I).; Tenth, Doan, R.;
Eleventh, Pattison,D. ;Twelfth, Enochs,
R.; Thrteenth, Dungan, D.; Fourteenth,
Owens, D.; Fifteenth, Harter, D.; Six
teenth, Warwick, D.; Seventeenth,
Pearson,!).; Eighteenth, J.D.Taylor,
R.; Nineteenth, E. B. Taylor, R.;
Twentieth, V. C. Taylor, R.; Twenty
first, Johnson, D. This makes seven
Republicans and fourteen Democrats.
The election of Hare and Warwick is
not yet established by the complete re
From official and unofficial returns re
ceived from all the counties of the state,
except Ashland, Columbiana, Coshoc
ton, Jackson, Marion, Medina, Monroe,
Noble, Paulding and Tuscarawas, and
estimating them the same as they were
last year for governor, the plurality of
D. J. Ryan, R., for secretary of state, is
Cleveland, Nov. 5. —A dispatch from
McKinley's district says later returns
show an approximate majority of 140
for him in the district.
Col. Poorman, R., concedes his defeat
by Pearson, D., by 300, in the Seventh
Congressman Wilson's Majority Esti
mated at Six Thousand.
Seattle, AVash., Nov. 5. —Returns
from 180 precincts give Wilson, R., for
congress, 11,750; Carroll, 1)., 8509.
This is about one-third of the total vote
of the state, and if the same ratio is
maintained, Wilson's majority in the
state will exceed 0000. Several ot the
more remote counties have not been
heard from. The legislature will prob
ably stand: Senate, Republicans, 60;
Democrats, 28. It is not thought that
these figures will be materially changed
by the complete returns. This insures
the election of a Republican to succeed
Watson 0. Squire in the United States
A Ballot Box Stolen.
Little Rock, Ark., Nov. s.—The re
turns of Spring Creek township, Lee
county, have been stolen. This town
ship gave Feafherßtone, the Republican
candidate for congress, 250 major ity.
Fell From a Scaffold.
HANFORD,CaI., Nov. s.—Robert Sharp
less, a young brick mason, fell from a
scaffold sixteen feet, and was seriously
if not fatally hurt, his spine being
Back to Washington.
Washington, Nov. 5. —President Har
rison reached Washington this evening
via the Pennsylvania railroad on Mb
return from Indianapolis.
Marine Intelligence.
New York, Nov. 5. —Arrived: The
Teutonic, Liverpool; State of Nebraska,
Glasgow; Wyoming and City of New
York, Liverpool.
Behold California a Political
Returns from Half the Precincts
in the State
Make Markham's Majority a Small
Matter of 10,000.
His Plurality in San Francisco, However,
Growing Beautifully Less as the
Count Progresses.
Associated Press Dispatches.
San Francisco, Nov. s.—The intrica
cies of the new election law, under which
the counties' vote in this state is being
conducted, have occasioned more serious
delay in collecting the returns than ever
known here before. Up to 5 o'clock this
afternoon the vote had been completely
canvassed in but eighty-six precincts in
this city. These gave Markham, R., for
governor, 7764; Pond, D., 7209. Out
side precincts have been coming in
more rapidly, and the total vote
in 709 precincts throughout the
state, including the eighty - six
precincts in this city, give Mark
ham, 57459; Pond, 50,778. Markham's
plurality, 6681.
Sanderson Elected Mayor.
These constitute returns from a little
over one-third of the total number of
precincts in the state. The Democrats
concede the election of the entire state
Republican ticket, and in this city the
Republicans have undoubtedly elected
Sanderson mayor, and have also elected
the entire municipal and county tickets,
with the possible exception of the
' sheriff, indicating a change of fully
j seven thousand votes in this city in
! favor of the Republicans.
Eighty-six precincts in San Francisco
give Sanderson, R., for mayor, 5911;
Goad, 4551; O'Donnell, 4810.
Stanford's He-election Assured.
There are twenty hold-over members
of the state senate, of whom twelve are
Republicans aud eight Democrats.
Twenty senators and eighty assembly
men were elected yesterday. The re
turns are too incomplete to make any
accurate estimate, but with the present
Republican majority in the state senate,
the Republicans are sure of a safe ma
jority on joint ballot, and the election
of a Republican to succeed United States
Senator Leland Stanford is assured.
' Six Republican Congressmen.
I The returns from the six congress
j ionial districts of the state indicate that
I the Republicans have carried every dis
trict. Later returns from the First dis
trict, which was in doubt, show that
Barham has been making net gains
throughout the district, and is appar
ently elected. This will give the Re
publicans a gain of two congressmen in
this state.
Congressional Returns.
In the first congressional district,
complete returns from, 120 out of 457
precincts, give Barham, Rep., 7584;
Geary, Dem.,6559; Barham's majority,
1025. As compared with the vote of
two years ago, this is a net gain of 1002
for Barham. In the second congres
sional district, complete returns from
156 out of 404 precincts, give Blanchard,
R, 10,620; Caminetti, D, 10,061; Blan
chard's majority, 559. As compared
with the vote of two years ago, this is a
net gain of 273 for Blanchard.
One hundred and eighty-nine pre
cincts out of 649 in the Sixth congres
sional district, give Bowers, R., 13,315;
Curtis, D., 11,456.
Returns from 84 precincts in the Fifth
congressional district in this city give
Loud 8139; Clunie, 6187.
Returns from 83 precincts in the
Fourth congressional district give cut
ting 6174; Ferral, 5962.
Returns from 293 precincts, out of a
total of 649, in the Sixth congressional
district, give Bowers, R.. 21,327; Curtis,
D., 18,016; Bowers' majority, 3311.
Legislative Returns.
Incomplete returns from fifteen sena
torial districts outside of San Francisco
indicate the election of eleven Repub
licans and four Democrats. Incom
plete returns from fifty assembly dis
tricts outside of the city of San Fran
cisco indicate the election of thirty
seven Republicans and thirteen Demo
Scattering Returns.
Fifty-four precincts, complete, in
Marin, Siskiyou, Kern, Sonoma and
Mendocino counties, give Markham
3204: Pond, 3049; Markham's majority,
155. The same precincts in 1888 gave
Cleveland a majority of 121 over Harri
Forty-one precincts in the city of San
Francisco, out of 310, give Markham,
3204; Pond, 3383; for mayor, Sanderson
R, 2428; Goad, D, 2074; O'Donnell, I,
2000; assessor, Siebe, R, 3505; Kreling,
D, 2923; sheriff, Laumeister, R, 3125;
O'Brien, D. 3253.
Seven hundred and twenty-three pre
cincts, including 40 precincts in the city
of San Francisco, give Markham 52,899";
Pond, 46,862; Markham's plurality,
Five hundred and sixty-six precincts
out of 1881 give Beatty, R., for chief jus
tice, 41,735; Stanly, D., 34,978.
Five hundred and sixty-one precincts
out of 1881 give Anderson, R., for super
intendent of schools, 41.888; Hall, D.,
The Latest Figures.
2 p. m.—Returns from 1094 precincts
in California out of a total of 2198, in
cluding 167 precincts in San Francisco,
give Markham 83,019; Pond, 72,929;
Markham's plurality 10,090. Markham's
majority in the 167 precincts in this city
is 166.
The count of the returns in this city is
proceeding very slowly. In sixty-two
precincts the election officers sealed the
bulletins in the same envelopes with the
ballots, and under the law they cannot
be opened until next week, when the
election commissioner? meet.
The Democrats Elect the Governor, Leg
islature and Seven Congressmen.
Milwaukee, Nov. s.—The latest re
turns from the state indicate a plurality
of 20,000 and upwards for George Vv\
Peck. The Democrats elect a majority
of the assemblymen and state senate.
In the lower house they will have a
majority of thirty or over, and in the
senate a majority of two. They baveseven
out of nine congressmen. The Wiscon
sin delegation in the next congress will
be as follows: First district Cooper, R ;
second Baring, D; third Bushnell, D;
fourth Mitchell, D; fifth Brickner, D;
sixth Miller, D; seventh Coburn, D;
eighth doubtful; ninth Lynch, D.
Harrison's Own State Goes Nearly
18,000 Democratic.
Indianapolis, Nov. 5. —Reports from
all parts of the state show that the elec
tion has been a veritable landslide for
the Demociacy. The entire Democratic
state ticket is elected by big majorities,
and Chairman Michener, of tbe Repub
lican committee, concedes the defeat of
his party by about 15,000. Chairman
Jewett, of the Democratic state commit
tee, tonight furnished the following esti
mate of the majorities and congressmen
from Indiana. Majority on state ticket,
17,842, senators elected, 11; holdovers,
14; total, 33. representatives elected,
72; majority on joint ballot, 62.
The claimed election of county com
missioners, has resulted so favoraly to
the Democrats, that with the present
trustees in office, the Democrats will, at
the next election of 1892, control 2100
of 2800 election boards of the state.
The congressmen from this state are:
First district, Parrott, D; second, Bertz,
D; third. Brown, D; fourth, Holman.
D; fifth, Cooper, D; sixth, Johnson, R ;
seventh, Bynum, D; eighth, Crookshire,
D; ninth, Waugb, R; tenth, Patton, D;
eleventh, Martin, D; twelfth, McClel
lan, D; thirteenth, Shively, D; a Dem
ocratic gain of one.
The Republicans Do Not Get Everything
In the Sagebrush State.
Reno, Nev., Nov. 5. —Advices from va
rious parts of Nevada indicate the elec
tion.of Colcord, Rep., for governor, and
Barham, Rep., for congress, by major
ities of between 600 and 600. The con
test between Eckler, Rep., and Mackay,
I)em.,for state printer, is very close.
Bigelow, Rep., for supreme court justice
will be elected by a small majority.
I Two of the four district judges are still
in doubt.
Golden Eagle Mini Co.
In a hotbed of competition.
By the galvanic fluid of progressive labor.
By a phosphoric substance generated in an active business
In public favor like the vast wheat fields on the great
western prairies.
To and fro in a strong breeze of glorious success.
A rich harvest of Bargains in
Ma's, Ms', Boys' and Children's
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REAPING the benefit of our agricultural effusion.
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H. R. JONES, Manager. Cor. Main and R< quena Sts.
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Buys the Daily Hbrald and
$2 the Weekly Hkbaxd.
The Republicans Elect the Rest of the
State Officers, but the Democrats Gain
Three Congressmen.
Philadelphia, Nov. s.—Complete but
unofficial returns from every county in
the state give Pattison (Dem.) for gov
ernor a plurality of 16,299 over Delama
ter (Rep). The Republican candidate"
for lieutenant-governor and secretary oi
internal affairs are no doubt elected, aa
both ran far ahead of Delamater in nearly
every county.
The latest returns from twenty-eight
congressional districts of the state, show
the election of eighteen Republicans
and ten Democrats. The present dele
gation from this state stands twenty-one
Republicans and seven Democrats. Both
contestants claim the Seventeenth dis
trict, but complete returns, which, how
ever, are not official, give Elliott 100
Greenville, Pa., Nov. s.—E.P.Gil
lespie, D., is elected to congress from the
Twenty-fifth district, defeating Alex
ander McDowell, R., and Thomas W.
Phillips, Ind. R.
The Republicans Get Only One Solitary
St.Loi'is, Nov. s.—Yesterday's election
changed considerably the political com
plexion of Missouri. The Democrats
send a full delegation to congress, with,
one exception; they elect their state
ticket and will have a joint ballot in the
legislature by a large majority. Re
turns are coming in slowly, and several
days will elapse before the" official vote
will be given. The chairman of the
Democrat state committee said tonight
that Wade, Republican, had undoubt
edly defeated Ryan in the thirteenth
congressional district. The Democrats,
he said, would have a majority of prob
ably seventy-five on joint ballot in tbe
legislature, and had elected their state
ticket by at least 40,000. If the Demo
crats have a majority on joint ballot in
tbe legislature, it will assure the return
of Senator Vest.
Walter A. Hawley Elected.
Santa Barbara, Cal., Nov. s.—Walter
A. Hawley, R, is elected to the assem
bly in the Seventy-fourth district, by
over 200 majority, a Republican gain.

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