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Hkrai.d, 3d Page; advertise
ments there only cost Five Cents
a line.
VOL. 36.—N0. 14.
Fierce Forest Fires in New
Jersey. %
Many Valuable Tracts of Tim
ber Consumed.
The Inhabitants Unable to Control
the Fiery Element.
.Fire Al*o Working Destruction in the
Wood* of Pennsylvania -Other
Eastern Hewn.
*• "
Associated Press Dispatches.
Plkasantville, N. J., April 30. —The
forest fires are assuming alarming pro
portions, and have not been exceeded
in thirty years. Tonight the sky is il
luminated for many miles. This morn
ing trees near Conoverton and Port Re-,
public took fire from a spark from a loco
motive, and a westerly gale fanned the
flames bo that by noon the whole forest
south of Pomona was blazing. A change
of wind saved Absecom from destruc
tion, but the fire was diverted into the
midst of the most valuable young
timber in this section. By 2p. m.
the flames had reached Conoverton,
and the citizens turned out to fight
them. Their efforts were useless, and
those living on the edge of the town re
moved their effects to the open fields
and watched their houses burn. The
greatest excitement prevailed, and for a
time it was feared the whole town ,was
doomed. All the land in the direction
»f the Shore road has been burned over.
Late this afternoon the wind went down
and assisted the efforts of hundreds of
men to get the fire under control. It
was hard work, as water was scarce. The
loss on timberalone will exceed $100,000.
This evening fire broke out again west
of Pleaeantville, and at a late hour West
Pleasantville is surrounded by tire.
Mellvili.e, N. J-., April 30.—Bailey
town, which was surrounded by forest
tiroe yesterday, has not yet been heard
from, but it is thought to be all right,
as tho people there have had much ex
perience, and probably built "back"
fires to save the town. The damage to
the timber is enormous. One fire has
already burned over seven thousand
acres. Fire started in the forest below
Williauietown Junction this morning.
Hundreds of acres of wood have been
destroyed, but most of the farm houses
have been saved. Tonight fire is burn
ing furiously near Atco. Hundreds of
men are fighting it, and endeavoring to
save the buildings in its course. An
other branch is sweeping through the
avenues in Chisclhurst. 'Die residents
have been fighting fire all day,
and are fatigued and discouraged.
This town and the aiirrminding
country are covered with a black smoke.
Fire above the Crew road today de
stroyed thousands of acres of small
wood, and a great stretch of cedar
Reading, April 30.—Destructive fires
are raging on Blue mountain. The lire
on South mountain is six miles long and
two miles wide.
Bkllefonte, Pa., April 30.—Forest
fires are raging in this vicinity with de
structive fury. Millions of feet of valu
able timber have already been destroyed,
and it is reported every saw 'mill on the
mountains between Bellefoute and Lew
isburg has been burned.
(Much Damage in Northern Ohio—Sell*
Urns.' Circus Wrecked.
Tiffin, 0., April 30. —A tremendous
windstorm here this afternoon demol
ished all the tents of Sells Bros.' circus.
Fortunately the main performance was
over, and but few people remained on
the grounds. A number of them were
injured, Mrs. Pauline Hunter probably
fatally. The animals were wild with
terror, and there was much anxiety for
» time, lest some of them might escape.
Bryan, 0., April 30.—A terrific wind
and hail storm, in this vicinity, this
afternoon, did considerable damage.
The fruit crop, it is feared, is ruined.
Bridegroom Snook* Succumb* to Slow
Poison. 1
Cincinnati, April 30. —W. B. Snooks
died at the Burnett house today. He
was married at Louisville on the 15th,
and on reaching this city he and hio
bride were taken violently ill, in com
mon with the guests who participated
at that deadly wedding feast. Since
then Snooks has been gradually sink
ing, and died today. The bride was re
covering, but the shock may prove
fatal. Several others of the guests are
still critically ill.
The Gory Legend of a Mexican Jack the
New Orleans, April 30.—The Pica
yune's Del Rio, Texas, special tells of a
Mexican Jack the Ripper, who visited
the house of a Mexican woman named
Sanchez, last night, killed her and cut
the body in pieces. After the butchery,
he wrote upon the wall with her blood:
"Fresh beef for sale." The butcher has
not yet been captured.
No Distinction of Color.
Chicago, April 30.—At a meeting of
the board of control of the world's fair
national commission, today, the ques
tion of a distinct exhibit by colored
people came up. On motion of Lindsey,
a resolution was adopted that the board
deems it inexpeditious to direct or au
thorize any distinction made between
American exhibitors, and that the mat
ter of installation ought to be left to the
direction of the department having it in
A Lockout Averted.
Pittsburg, April 30.—Tonight the
master builders concluded not to lock
out the trades, and the result will be
that all will work on the present con
tracts until they have gone as far as
they can without carpenters, when they
will quit themselves, being sim-
Ely unable to proceed, and not
c locked out. The master builders
determined on this move to protect the
builders in other cities, and so that
trades outside the carpenters could not
have a pretext for striking for eight
hours and thus causing the movement
to spread. Reports from many towns in
this section say the carpenters are gen
erally striking for eight hours, and indi
cations point that the strike is spread
ing rapidly.
A Mysterious Disappearance.
Denver, April 30.—L. B. Van Bert, a
mine owner, whose family reside in
Oakland, Cal., mysteriously disap
peared from the Henshaw hotel on tho
14th, and has not been heard from
since. His baggage still remains at the
hotel, and his friends fear foul play.
Van Bert had until lately been con
nected with a St. Louis house as a trav
eling salesman.
Indiana Miners Go Out.
Brazil, Ind., April 30.—A strike will
be on tomorrow, and 1800 block coal
miners and 800 bituminous coal miners
will be out. The eight-hour demand
seems not to affect the miners so much
as scale questions. In the Davies county
coal fields the miners, about 500 in num
ber, have been out Bince Wednesday,
owing to the discharge of a mine boss.
\ Portuguese Aggression in Africa.
Caps Town, 30.—The Portu
guese have occupied Mussi Kesse. Upon
the approach of the Portuguese, the
British settlers guarding the stores
there, left their posts.
Bismarck Leading.
Berlin, April 30.—A supplementary
ballot was taken in Geestemunde today,
and returns from fifty-five polling places
give Bismarck 7688; Schmalfeldt, 4718.
Public Debt Decreased.
Washington, April 30. —It is esti
mated that the public debt was de
creased over a million dollars during the
He Makes a Good Impression on His Aud
ience—Several Spirited Bouts—A Fight
Won on a Foul.
New Yokk, April 30.—Frank F. Sla
vin, the Australian champion pugilist,
made his debut at Madison Square to
night, before an audience of four thous
and. When Billy Madden introduced
him as "champion of the world," cries
came from all over the house: "No, no;
Sullivan is champion." Slavin gave
a boxing exhibition with Jim
.Dalv. of Philadelphia. In the first
part, the crowd was not greatly
impressed with bis work, bat in
the third round, when Daly tried
to get in stiff punches, Slavin
woke up and knocked him down
with a left - hand smash on the
breast. The bout was then stopped.
Slavin's movements, however, changed
the previous impression on the crowd.
He exhibited much skill in a bout later
with Charlie Mitchell, proving himself
able to make short-arm hits cleverly,
but no idea could be formed as to their
Jack McAuliffe and Charlie Mitchell
also gave an exhibition, during which
Jack riled Charlie by a severe punch in
the stomach. Mitchell let go a stiff
left-hander for Mac's jaw, but it ; aissed,
and the crowd hissed the Englishman.
Norfolk, Va., April 30. —Jack Boland,
of Cincinnati, and Billy Young, of this
city, fought this morning for $250 a side.
The men weighed 127 and 120}> a respect
ively. Up to the twenty-third Boland
had the best of the fight, but in that
round was thrown over the ropes and
kicked in a tender spot by Young. The
fight was awarded to him on a foul.
Young was severly punished.
Germany and Austria Strengthening the
Dreihund's Power.
Berlin, April 30.—Baron Wetteke,
under secretary ef the Austrian minis
try of commerce, has arrived here on a
special mission from his government.
His object is the unification of the Ger
man and Austrian railway systems, by
the enactment of common laws and the
adoption of common regulations. In
the negotiations to be undertaken
special attention will be devoted to the
arrangement of military and strategic
lines, with a view to the rapid mobil
ization of troops in both countries.
Politicians see the most important re
sults if this negotiation is carried to a
successful conclusion. It will bind Ger
many and Austria in a closer union,
and insure the permanence and greatly
increase the strength of the triple alli
The Orange Carnival Clos»s After a I If
teen Day*' Exhibition.
Chicago, April 30.—The Southern
California orange carnival closed tonight ,
after a fifteen days' exhibition. It has
been a marked success, poth in a finan
cial and artistic way.
A Subject for laqulry.
Manipur, April 30.—Shortly after the
British troops entered Manipur, the
bodies of Chief Commissioner Quinton,
Political Agent Grimwood and those
other members of the commissioner's
staff killed in the recent massacre, were
exhumed, and now lie in state, pending
an imposing military funeral, which
will take place on Monday next, in hon
or of the dead officials. A commission
of army officers has been formed witli
the object of inquiring into the causes
which led to the rebellion, and into the
massacre of British officers.
Bit; Seizure of Opium.
San Francisco, April 30.— Deputy
Surveyor Gaskell made a seizure this
afternoon of 1200 pounds of opium, val
ued at $25,000. The opium was found
concealed on the steamship Chino,
which arrived here several days ago, but
has been in quarantine ever since. The
owners of the opium claim that it was
not meant for entry, but it was to be
sent to Mexico.
Ladles take Angostura Bitters generally when
they feel low sptrlted. It brightens them up.
Dr. Slegert & Sons, sole manufacturers. At all
Europe a Huge Hotbed of
Bold Threats Made by Anarch
ist Agitators.
Trouble Expected to Occur During:
.the May-Day Demonstrations.
Thousand* of Troop* and Special Police
Held in Readlnc** to Quell Dlaor
der»—Foreign Flashes.
Associated Press DisDatchcs.
London, April 30.—Dispatches from
many points on the continent indicate a
peaceful May-day, although the powers
are preparing for the worst. Questions
of workingmen's rights and grievances
are much more widely discussed than a
year ago, and have reached the most
secluded villages in France, Spain, Ger
many and Italy. The manifestos oi the
Socialists, everywhere, are revolutionary
in tone, a fact which much worries
the authorities. Throughout civilized
Europe the proletariat mobilize-! and
acts in touch with the American Move
ment. This world-wide unison is partly
spontaneous and partly organized, and
imparts significance and gravity to to
morrow's demonstration.
In Paris the Socialists will present a
petition for eight hours and other re
quests to M. Floquet, if they can get
hearing. Some of the Socialist memori
als breathe bellicose sentiment*, and
the Anarchists appeal to the troops to
assist them in a revolt. One manifesto
proclaims that the time has come for the
Helots of society to arise, seize dyna
mite, destroy their oppressors, burn the
prefectures, banks, palaces, prisons, etc.
The Anarchist organ, Pere Per
nard, bluntly states tomorrow's
plans, saying the Anarchists will
wait for a chance row in
the streets, and if one occurs, they will
fight to kill or die. The troops have
been heavily reinforced, tho main streets
are being sanded tonight to enable the
cavalry to operate promptly. The pro
gramme is the same in all the cities of
Throughout Germany the proposed
manifestations create no disquiet. The
troops will be confined to the barracks,
and the police, generally, directed to
show toleration. In Hamburg broad
latitude will be given the workmen, who
will have a great procession.
In Vienna the workingmen propose to
march 100,000 men to the prater, where
they will group themselves around the
speakers, and in case of disocder dis
In Rome no uneasiness is manifested,
but in Naples a semi-panic prevails,
owing to anarchist's threats to blow up
public buildings with dynamite. An
archist menaces in Milan, Pavia and
Turin have forced the government to
adopt severe measures of repression.
In Belgium the workingmen will send
delegations to the chambers to demand
universal suffrage and eight hours.
Troops will be kept on duty all day.
In Madrid and other cities in Spain
and Portugal, the workmen will suspend
work, but no particular demonstration
is to be made. Troops are under arms
Monday lias been selected for labor
demonstrations in Holland and Eng
land. It is expected that 120,000 per
sons will take part in the demonstration
in Hyde Park, London.
Advices late tonight from Paris state
that seven thousand policemen and forty
thousand troops will be on duty in Paris
tomorrow. Telegrams from the mining
districts report great agitations ana
threats of a general strike.
The Irish Land BUI Given Right or Way
in the Commons.
London, April 30.—1n 'the commons
today Secretary Ferguson stated that
henceforth no treaty of commerce
would be renewed that precluded pref
erential arrangements between England
and the colonies, regarding their re
spective products.
Government Leader Smith moved that
the preference be given the Irish lana
bill over all orders of the day proposed,
except the day which the government
'was pledged to give to the woman suf
frage debate.
Sir Henry James (Union Liberal) op
posed any exception being made, and
moved that the land bill be taken up
every day until through the committee.
The motion was supported by many
Conservatives opposed to woman suf
frage, and carried, 218 to 159, amid op
position cheers.
The Independence of the Republic of
Hayti Respected.
Paris, April 30.—1n the senate, today,
Minister Ribot, replying to an interpel
lation, said France desires to respect the
independence of the republic of Hayti,
and cause it to be respected by others.
France had come to an entente with the
United States regarding the mole of St.
Nicholas, and the Washington cabinet
had withdrawn the United States squad
ron. An interpellation, yesterday, by
Senator Isaac, expressed the fear that
the United States was endeavoring to
obtain control of the mole, and Isaac
said this would be prejudicial to the in
terests of European nations in the An
Washington, April 30.—There is good
authority for saying that the United
States has not had any negotiations
with France respecting the mote of St.
Nicholas. The squadron of evolution
was not sent to Port-Au-Prince with the
intention of creating a naval demon
stration. An effort was made by the
representatives of this government to
secure the use of the mole of St. Nich
olas, by purchase or otherwise, but
these efforts, it is learned, resulted un
Eight-Hour Agitation In Spain.
London, April 30.—A dispatch from
Madrid says: In Valencia, Bilboa, Ca
diz, Barcelona and the principal manu
facturing cities of Catalonia, the Social
ists have obtained permission to bold
eigsft-hour demonstrations, but they
must not gather in the streets. Troops
have been sent to all the places where
trovible is feared. A fleet has gone to
Trance Drilling Her Troops to Repel a
German Invasion.
' Paris, April 30.—The newspapers of
this city today announce that the French
armies on the German frontier will be
exercised in the night. The military in
the district of the department of Meur
the and Moselle will take up war posi
tions along the frontier. The troops in
Meurthe and Moselle will be reinforced
by a large force'of cavalry and infantry,
brought together by an extensive mob
ilization of army reserves. The troops
thus placed under arms will occupy all
the vital positions which they would
have to hold in an effort to repulse an
invasion of German troops.
Newfoundland Rait Carriers Incited to
St. Johns, N. F., April 30.—Overy fifty
bait carriers escaped the government
cruisers several days ago, and sailed
with cargoes for St. Pierre. Information
is now received that they are returning,
and that the men have been incited to
rebellion by French merchants at St.
Piewe, who have supplied them with
arms and liquor. Much anxiety is felt
here. The British warship, Pelican, has
gone to Fortune bay, to aid the Domin
ion steamers. Serious trouble is ex
pected to follow this intrigue on the part
oi the Frengh.
A Steamer Ashore. •
London, April 30. —A dispatch from
Kmzal says a steamer belonging to some
trans-Atlantic line has gone ashore, after
showing signals of distress and blowing
a fog horn. No details have yet been
captain verneys preliminary
Madame Adeline's Sensational Testimony.
Virtuous Girls the Object of His Lust.
A Heavy Bond Exaoted.
London, April 30.—The sensation of
the day, at the postponed examination
of Captain- Verney, member of parlia
ment, charged with instigating the pro
curation of a governess, Miss Brackett,
for immoral purposes, was caused by
the testimony of a woman named
Louhje Adeline, the keeper of a hotel in
Paris, that Oaptain Verney had called
upon her on »*ven or eight different oc
casions, and i%ked her to procure for
him two girls, lie promising her
onw hundred francs if she succeeded.
Witriess declared that in spite of the
captain's solicitations and the induce
ments which he held forth, she refused
to accede to his request.
Madame Adeline was positive in her
identification of Verney. When asked
by the magistrate if, Captain Verney
said what he wanted lha girls for, Ade
line replied promptly, that he said he
wanted to seduce them, and that they
must be virtuous. This created a great
Many letters signed "Wilson," the
name which Captain Verney is charged
with assuming, were identified as being
in Captain Verney's handwriting. Hall,
porter of the club, testified to the fact
that letters addressed. "Wilson" were
duly forwarded to Captain Verney.
Verney, when asked if he had any
thing to say in his own behalf, said he
would say nothing in this court. He
was then held for trial in $75,000 bail.
This he secured.
Today's evidence had a weakening ef
fect on the captain's assurance.
Trade Relation* With the United State*
It* Principal 1 heme.
Ottawa, Ont., April 30.—The first
session of the Seventh parliament of the
Dominion of Canada was opened this
afternoon by the governor-general. In
his speech he said: "My advisors, avail
ing themselves of the opportunity which
presented last year, caused the United
States to be notified of the willingness
of the government of Canada to join to
make an effort for the extension and de
velopment of trade between the republic
and the dominion, as well as for the
friendly adjustment of those matters
of an international character which
remain unsettled. 1 am pleased to say
theße representations resulted in the
assurance that in October next the gov
ernment of the United States would be
prepared to enter into a conference to
coifiider the best means of arriving at a
practical solution of these important
questions. Papers relating to this sub
ject will be laid before you. Under these
cirmmstances, and in the hope that the
proposed conference may result in ar
rangements beneficial to both countries,
you will be called upon to consider the
exjedieucy of extending for the present
season the principal provisions of the
protocol annexed to the Washington
trejdy of 1888, known as the modus vi-
Signor Imbrlanl Retract a— Papers on the
Mew Orleans Incident.
Eome, April 30. —In the deputies to
day, Imbriani withdrew yesterday's ex
pressions saying he had no intention of
insulting the army, but simply wanted
an inquiry into the rumors. The pre
mier said this had been ordered. Papers
relating to the New Orleans affair, will
be distributed among the members Sun
A Scandalous State of Affairs.
Buenos Ayreb, April 30.—The report
of the examiners appointed to inquire
into the affairs of the national bank,
published today, shows a most scandal
ous state of affairs, and it has resulted
in causing national bank shares to fall
ten per cent. It is understood that the
disclosures made will be a death blow to
state banks so far as the Argentine re
public is concerned. Gold closed today
at 250 per cent, premium.
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