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A Notable Gathering of Swelldom—A Din
ner Party—Sooial Notes and Personal
There have been many enjoyable after
noon teas given in Los Angeles, but the
one given yesterday afternoon by Mrs.
Godfrey llolterhoff, jr., at her home on
West Adams,in honor of Miss Holterhofl',
Miss Dover and Mrs. J. 11. Patrick, ter>
tainly eclipsed all others in artistic ar
rangements. The rooms, as a young
lady remarked, were a perfect dream of
loveliness. The dining room was ex
quisitely decorated with La France
roses. The mantel piece was studded
with choice flowers. The table was laid
with costly Dresden china, and roees
were grouped around in a most tasty
manner. Everything blended most har
moniously, the little lamps being cov
ered with pink paper. The reception
room was decorated with red roses. The
drawing room was a beautiful sympo
sium of yellow. The hall was adorned
with calla lilies. Altogether the decora
tions were most charming.
Mrs. Godfrey llolterhoff, Jr., the
charming hostess, was elegantly attired
in a costume of old rose, adorned with
OBtrich feathers. Miss llolterhoff looked
charming in a Parisian gown of cinna
mon brocade. Miss Boyer was
radiant in white silk trimmed with lace.
Mrs. Patrick wore a pretty costume of
pale-blue silk. The ladies who assisted
the hostess in pouring out tea were
Mrs. Dr. Ainsworth, Mrs. Alfred Solano,
Mrs. Dr. De Szigethy, Misses Stoneman,
Miss Silent, Miss Neal and Miss Collins.
Among the many guests were noted the
Mrs. Ellis, Miss Ellis, Mrs. Captain
True, Mrs. Governor Stoneman, Mrs.
Dr. Owens, Mrs. Mitchell, Miss Busch,
Mrs. Silent, Miss Churchill, Mieses Mul
lin, Miss Cash, Miss Ward, Miss Dupuy,
Miss Maud Northern, Mrs. Winston,
Mrs. S. P. Caswell, Mrs. William Cas
well, Mrs. Judge Gardner, Mrs. Snell,
Miss Bugbee, Mrs. Fitz, Mrs. Bancroft,
Mrs. Chapman and others.
While the ladies Bipped tea, Musso
Brothers rendered excellent music.
The ball given last night by the Al
umni society of the Los Angeles high
was a decided success, notwith
standing that it followed the Kamona
parlor ball bo closely. The votaries of
the light fantastic enjoyed a delightful
evening. The music was excellent, and
the opening dance of the society was
voted very enjoyable by all.
The following committers officiated:
Committee on arrangements — Mr.
Percy F. Schumacher, chairman ; Mies
Alice Fitch, Mr. H. H. Mayberry.
Floor manager—Leonard F. Shepard.
Aids: Mr. Charles Lantz, Mr. Herman
Lichtenberger, Mr. Robert Frick.
Among those present were:
Mr. and Mrs.Beebe, Miss Alice Fitch,
Miss Eva Johnston, Miss Alma Jones,
Miss C. Muller, Miss Holtz,
Harry Mayberry, Ben Coulter,
Joe Bumiller, W. Job.nar.nn.
Otto Weid, Miss Swanecke,
Robert Frick, J. H. P/ockweiler,
Miss I. Irey, Misses Weston,
Miss B. Bradahaw, Miss Lindenfeld,
Miss Haas, Mr. and Mrs.Fisher,
E. S. Pauly, Mias S. Foss,
Miss Campbell, Miss Peyton,
Miss Hampton, Frank I>owry,
Johii Blake, Miss Belle Cooper,
Jaquette Hunter, Miss Lou Whipple,
Lena Mauvars, R. M. Hagan,
Ralph Day, Stanley Houten,
Fred Kitts, Chas. Kitts,
Al Tuttle, Miss Uennick,
Miss Brotherton, George Wright,
Miss Heath, Miss Emma Gianet,
Miss N. St. Clair, Harry Turner,
Miss Alice Lovell, Bert Gilbert,
A. W. P. Kinney, Harry Piatt,
(ieorge Merrill, Miss Georgie Bell,
Miss E. Tuttle, Eugene Kohler,
A. V. Barber, Miss Letha Lewis,
T. P. McCrea, Ross McCrea,
Mr. Cunningham, Mrs. Cunningham,
John Bloser, Mrs. John Bloser,
Mrs. Steele, Mrs. Raymond,
Will Tufts, H. Jay Hunter,
Miss Belle Cooper, H. Whitelev,
Will Shield, Wm. Taylor",
Mr. Kramer, Mrs. Kramer,
Misß Julia Kramer, Ed Tufts.
Mrs. K. A. Preuss gave a dinner party
last evening at her home on North
Broadway. It was a very elegant affair.
Covers were set for fifteen. The floral
decorations were very pretty. Among
those who enjoyed the hospitality of
Mr. and Mrs. Preuss, were Colonel and
Mrs. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes,
Colonel Treichel, Judge Clark, Mrs.
Banning, John and Percy Schumacher.
The same party of ladies and gentle
men were entertained the - evening pre
vious at the California club by Mr. and
Mrs. Rhodes.
Several members of the Stanton Re
lief corps visited the Soldiers' Home at
Santa Monica on Wednesday. Among
those who journeyed there from this
city were: Mrs. Nancy C. Tibbits, Mrs.
Hattie Alexander, Mrs. J. B. Fletcher,
Miss Hill, Mrs. J. P. Burdick, Mrs. and
Miss Miller, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Maud
Stevens, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Baxter, Mrs.
Judge Brousseau, Mrs.Loomis, Mrs. Em
ma J. Fox, Mrs. Addie De B. Mitchell,
Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Cherry, Miss Sander
son, Mrs. Kyle, Mrs. J. Baldwin and
children, Miss Grace Mitchell, Mrs.
Dengerer, Mr. and Mary Hartwell.
» *
Mrs. J. P. Stewart of Thirtieth street
wns tendered a surprise party by her
many friends on Wednesday evening.
* *
Miss Mary Lane, of San Francisco,
will spend the summer in Los Angeles.
#■ '* ± > ■
* #
The Misses Santa Cruz leave next
week for a sojourn at Tia J nana.
* *
There was a quiet wedding yesterday
afternoon on Twenty-third street. She
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—TJ. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
PjritfeJ Baking
contracting, parties were Miss Etta
Hiller, of Los Angeles, and A. E. Little,
of San Francisco.
* »
Tho birthday party given by Miss
Alice Smith, in honor of her thirteenth
anniversary, waa attended by the follow
ing young friendß: Misses Jean Case,
Edna Murphy, Bessie McLadden, Maud
Nance, Mabel Ferguson, Fern West,
Jennie Jones, May Williams, Isabel
Godin. Mame Bosbyshell, Ethel Lud
low, Eva Meek, Flossie Judd, Addie
Spencer, Alice Smith and other*.
Dr. F. L. Wadsworth, a prominent
physician of Chicago, is a guest at the
Westminster. Mr. Wndsworth is here
for the benefit of his health.
* »
-A. A. Kinsley and Mrs. Travel's, who
have been guests at the Melrose, this
winter, leave for New York next week.
This is their thiid season in Los An
geles. Mr. Kingsley expects to take up
his permanent residence here next Octo
Mrs. Patterson and Miss Patterson,
who have been guests at the Figueroa
hotel this winter, leave for their home,
in Indianapolid, on Monday.
A correspondent writes as follows:
"The many friends of the inseparable
trio, Theo. Hardee, Fred Clegg and
Sammy Curson, would like to know
something about their lislj dinner,which
was to be the event of the season."
There is to be a pillow party this even
ing at the residence of Miss Birdie
Dague, on Twenty-fifth street.
The Simpsonian society is arranging
for an elaborate entertainment, to take
place next Friday week.
F. Moll and W. C. Wolfe gave v party
to some of their country friends at Hol
lywood on Tuesday evening, in honor of
the letter's departure for Boston.

» #
Social happenings are published in
the HeSALI) every morning. Kindly
notify the society editor of coining
The account of the St. Paul's recep
tion last evening will be found in the
report of the convocation.
* *
Mrs. F. E. Harding of Monmouth,
111., who is a guest at the Nadeau hotel,
entertained a few friends with a picnic
at Devil's Gate cailon and a drive
through the San Gabriel valley.
Coming events are the Maypole hop,
the Stoneman reception, the musicale
at the Cuniniings hotel and the rose fair
Device for Stopping Kunuways.
An ingenious contrivance lias been de
vised which, when attached to a vehi
cle, will stop a runaway horse or speed
ily arrest a vicious or frightened animal.
It consists of a removable sleeve which
acts in conjunction with a central pul
ley and side levers, which are under the
immediate control of the driver, and by
which an instant rearward revolution of
the central pulley can be effected. A
substantial band, preferably of leather,
is secured around the central pulloy and
extends forwardly, its extremity having
lateral straps attached to it, and also to
the bits of the horses, so that the revo
lution in a direction away from the
hurseu will shorten the band and pull
the heads of the horses downward and
rearward in a forcible manner, throwing
the animals upon their haunches and
quickly arresting their forward move
Provision is also made for automatic
ally locking the central pulley, so that
the tension of the horses will not be re
moved if they back up. This pressure,
however, can be readily removed by the
driver pressing with his foot on the
treadle when it is desired to control a
team of fractious horses with trammeled
heads.—New York Commercial Adver
Tho Otaheiteans, although great lovers
of society and very gentle in their man
ners, feed separately from each other,
each particular member of the family
taking his or her basket and turning
with back to all others in the room.
Requisites of a Piano Tuner.
The piano tuner is not necessarily a
great artist, nor even a good player, but
to he a good tuner knowledge and ex
perience must be necessary, and he must
possess a degree of common sense to en
able him to meet the requirements aris
ing from so complex an instrument.
"Some people are naturally adapted to
the art," observed a prominent dealer in
pianos the other day, "while others could
work at it all their lives and still not be
able to tune a piano properly. Their
hearing is not delicate enough, and their
sense of touch not sufficiently developed.
After a man gets the theory of tuning
he should take about three years for a
practical education of his hand aud ear,
so that he can tell by striking a key why
it is out of order, and then if he operates
for a time under the supervision of a
first class tuner he is apt to achieve very
good success in the tuning field."—Seat
tle Telegraph.
Brown—l eat a great deal of bread with
my meat.
Smith—Yes; and a great deal of meat
with your bread.—Journal of Education.
The Talace
Old Papa Shurtz has commenced large
preparations for Saturday, May 2d, on
which day Maier & Zoeblein's celebrated
buck beer will be 6erved, and Simon
Maier, our popular butcher, has his
hands full preparing buck sausage. This
sausage will be served on Saturday, May
2d, free to all the patrons of the Palace
saloon. Papa Shurtz states that (50,000
yards of sausage will be on hand for free
You are cordially invited to attend
our grand opening on May 2d. Chicago
Clothing company.
It is one of the easiest things in the
world to economically lay out the money
you never will have.
The Business Transacted Yesterday.
Bishop Niohol's Address-His Recep
tion Last Evening.
The Episcopal convention held three
sessions yesterday. At the morning ses
sion the opening prayers were read by
Key. Mr. Jacob 3. The report of the
committee on constitution was adopted,
and the constitution confirmed as the
constitution of tho diocese of Southern
California. The amendments to the
canons were then brought up and voted
Rev. Dr. Hill remarked that the dio
cese of Massachusetts is holding a con
vention to elect a successor to the late
Bishop Paddock. The following resolu
tion was adopted by a rising vote:
Resolved, That the secretary be au
thorized to send fraternal greeting to
that convention, expressing the wish
that it may be as wise in its present ac
tion as in the election of Bishop Pad
It was also voted that kindly greet
ings be sent to Bishop and Mrs. Kip.
Committees were appointed to prepare
resolutions in memory of Dr. Birdcall
and other deceased clergymen. Lay
delegates from newly recognized par
ishes and missions were admitted.
Bishop Nichols then delivered his an
nual address, which was a lengthy,
j thoughtful and inspiring document, re
! ferring to all questions of importance in
the diocese. After an appropriate intro
! duction the bishop gave a full account
I of his official acts during the ten months
|of his episcopate. He lias made visits
at 142 points; confirmed 1065 persons;
I delivered 116 sermons and 193 addresses;
' laid two coiner stones; opened new
J churches and other institutions oonnect
j ed with the church.
After the reading of the address the
convention sang the Gloria in Excelsis.
Rev. Dr. Hill, the oldest presbyter in
California, made appropriate remarks.
The usual committees were appointed
to consider portions of the annual ad
At 1 o'clock luncheon was served by
the ladies of St. Paul's hail. Business
was resumed at 2 p. m.
A reception was tendered Bt. Rev.
William Nichols, D. D., in St. Paul's
hall, in the evening, at which the".ol
lowing were among those present: Rev.
William Nichols, I>. I)., and wife; Rev.
George F. Bugbee, wife and daughter;
Rev. Haskins, wife and daughter; Mrs.
Harrington, Mrs. Risen, Miss Risen,
Miss Ida M. White, Rev. Mr. Richie, of
San Francisco; Colonel Treichel, Mr.
and Mrs. John Wigmore, Rev. Br.
Easton and wife, Miss Kilburn, Rev. M.
Bolton, of San Francisco; Rev. M. T.
Case, Stockton; Rev. Dr. Frew, W. B.
Carter, wife and daughter, Miss
Susie Patton, Miss Heinsch, Mrs.
and Miss Dewey, Mrs. Danver,
Rev. Dr. Spaulding, San Francisco, Rev.
Dr. Easton and wife, Major H. T. Lee
and wife, Mr. J. F. Towell, Miss Towell,
Rev. W. A. Dyer, Rev. E. J. Lyon, San
Francisco, Miss Dunkelberger, Prof. P.
W. Oreni, Mr. and Mrs. Glassel, Mrs.W.
S. Baker, Miss Lawrence, Miss Belle
Baker, Mies Cochran, Rev. M. Resta
rick and wife, San Diego, Miss Hill,
San Francisco, Rev. Mr. Judd, wife and
daughter, J. M. Elliott, Wife and daugh
ter, Rev. Mr. Burrows, Pomona, Rev. R.
C. Foute, San Francisco, Rev. Merlin-
Jones, San Bernardino, Mrs. Hough
ton, Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. But
ler, Mis. Shoemaker, Miss
Moore, Mrs. Dr. Mitchel. Mr,
Hunt, Miss Louisa Jones, Miss Foy,
Mr. C. M. Wigmore, Mr. D. Seaman,
Miss Rhodes, the Misses Tisdale, Mr.
Davidson, Miss Davidson, General Mar
lett and wife, Mrs. Latham. Miss
Latham, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Perry, Mr.
A. Carter, Mr. Prince,the Misses Routh,
Miss Draper, Mr. S. H. Routh, Mrs.
Geo. Mitchel, Miss Mitchel, Mr. Greg
ory Perkins, Jr.
Mr. Disraeli and Sir Hubert Feel.
Mr. Fronde's story about Sir Robert
Peel having once asked "a distinguished
friend" to carry a challenge to Mr. Dis
raeli is a most nonsensical romance, and
it is wonderful that he could print such
rubbish. The truth is that Mr. Fronde's
fiction is based upon the fact that there
was once a stormy scene in the house of
commons between Mr. Disraeli and Sir
Robert's brother, Gen. Peel, which
would certainly have resulted in a hos
tile meeting but for the intervention of
friends. Mr. Froude has simply con
fused Sir Robert with his brother, but
his story is all wrong, for the general
commenced hostilities by informing Mr.
Disraeli that he had told a falsehood.
The whole affair was over in less than
half an hour, as the aggressor frankly
apologized. Lord George Bentinck was
Mr. Disraeli's "friend" and Admiral
Rous acted for Gen. Peel. — London
The Origin of Piccadilly.
An article of wearing apparel will
sometimes lead into out of the way
places. For instance, the collar was once
called piccadol, or pickadill, and one
Higgins, a tailor in London, made sc
much money out of it that he was ena
bled to build a great number of houses
in a certain street, which from that tims
came to bo known as Piccadilly.—
Clothier and Furnisher.
Dr. M. H. Alter, the optician, has removed
from Main street to 126 South Spring street,
where he has increased his stock of everything,
especially a full line of styles in spectacles and
eyeglasses. Oculists' prescriptions will be tilled
accurately. Compound cylinders in two hours.
Microscopes, barometers and thermometers in
great variety.
The most elegant line of clothing will
be on display at the Chicago Clothing
company's on May 2d.
Men's Pants at $3.50.
Just what you want for every day wear; some
thing that gives service. Examine the pants
stock of Mullen, Bluett & Co.
For reliable male and female help apply to
the A. O. U. W. Employment Bureau, No. "215
S. Main st. No expense to those wishing help
or emnloyment. Fbank X. Enqleb, secretary.
Big Sale at 50c
Of good wearing knee pants, in several colors.
Call on Mullen, Bluett & Co.
The clothiers—The Chicago Clothing
company—have a grand opening on May
2d of their summer clothing.
CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath
secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
cents Nasal Injector free. For sale by Heinze
man, 222 N. Main, or Trout, Sixth and Broad
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for
you. For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or
Trout, Sixth and Broadway
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
For ConghH, Colds, Chills, Malaria,
Asthma, Bronchitis and FNEUMONIA,
there is no better remedy than this grand
Insist upon getting- Duffy's Pure Malt
Whlnkey, and take no other, as It Is
agreed by scientists to be the ONLY
I'IJKK MEDICINAL, ONE on the market.
It can be obtuined at all drug storesaud
Send for our book.
Rochester, N. Y.
FROM 8 TO 9 A. M.
Teetli filled with gotd,fl and tip,
Teeth tilled with silver, soc anil up.
Teeth filled with amalgam, 50c ana up.
Teeth filled with cement, 50c and up.
Teeth cleansed, Sue and up.
Teeth extracted without puin.
Teeth filled without pain.
Gold or porcelain crowns, ?5 and up.
Full lower or upper set teeth, the best, *10
and up.
All Work Wcirmnted.
Corner Broadway and Third Street,
(Entrance on Third Street ) 5-1
A Reputation Gained by Justice and
Fair Dealing!
I desire the public to know that not at any
time have 1 entered the Meat Fool.
I sell as low as fair dealing principles will
permit. Inspect my prices and meats, and m
jov the benefit at the end of the month.
Roast Beef 7c to 10c Corned Beef 4c to tic
Pork 10c Cutlets 12^e
Mutton. Legs 9c Porterhouse Steaks,
Veal, Koasts 10c best cuts IVMc
Steak 7c to 10c Boiled Beef ... .4c to <>c
Chops Sc to 10c Salt Pork 10c
Sausage 10c
Goods delivered to any part of the city free.
4-30 lm Cor. First and Los Angeles sts.
Construction of the Coast Line Can Soon
lie Resumed.
S\n Luis Obispo, Cal., April 30.—The
right-of-wa3 r committee today secured
eight more deeds, which closes up near
ly everything from the mouth of the
tunnel to the Arroyo Grande. The sub
scription money from San Jose and
San Francisco will be on hand at the end
of this week, and a few condemnation
suits, to be at once instituted, will close
the whole matter, so that the Southern
Pacific can resume construction of the
coast railroad.
The Sign Question.
There are saloon-keeper 3 who use
Maier & Zobelein's Philadelphia brew
ery eiens in front of their saloons; in
a number of cases many of these saloons
use Maier & Zobelein's sign when they
really do not sell their beer. Being tied to
other breweries they have to deal with
chem, but still knowing that the home
brew is far superior, they persist in keep
ing the Philadelphia sign in front of
their places. Most of this deception is
practised at Redondo Beach. Maier &
Zobelein are now energetically engaged
putting a stop to these deceptions.
Young folks, old folks, all are invited
to attend our grand opening of spring
and summer goods on May 2d. Chicago
Clothing company.
Use German family soap.
IT H El "
Being out of order you will suffer from I
Indigestion. Headache, Biliousness.Con j
btipation, Flatulency or Heartburn. You \
will feel heavy after meals, have a bad i
taste in the mouth, and be restless at J
| To overcome all, or any of these trou- I
| hies, you should take CALIFORNIA S
FRUIT SYRUP, which is the most eft'ec- J
a live and pleasant remedy ever produced, I
does not gripe or sicken the stomach, |
and is composed of pure Fruits and
Is a Family Remedy, tried and recom
mended by Physicians. (
I Price, 50c. and $1 a bottle. Sold by all I
I Druggists.
Directors of the Los Nietos Irrigating Co.,
held at Los Nietos April 13,1891, an assess
ment of $1 00 per share was levied on the
capital stock of the company, to be due from
date, and delinquent in 30 days.
By order of the board.
J. H. MARTIN. President.
Chas. Lane, Secretary. 4-21-20t
" ■ --' ■ W'\ . f
Suited for a Sailor. With a Sailor's Suit or a Jaunty Reefer.
The moment a boy gets out of petticoats he begins to discover that
he has preferences, and it isn't a bad tiling to consult them. Give the
boy a chance! The sooner fie begins to take pride in his personal ap
pearance, the sooner will his self-respect begin to develop. We are sell
ing some of the handsomest boys' suits that ever came out of a workroom.
Nothing that we can say will give you half as good an idea about them as
a single glance will convey. They are models of neatness, models of fine
handiwork, models in design and finish, and if you think they are not
models of economy, call around and we will convince you
Our Prices Are Lower Than Any Other House in Town.
-8 SPECIAL! £-
We have made a SPECIAL REDUCTION on
Boys' Jersey Suits!
magic dime: savings banks
Given with Every Purchase Over Two Dollars.
M. C. WEINEI?, Proprietor,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
Before using the Anti-Vermin Celebrated and Successfully
. _, , Tried Vermin and Moth
and Moth Remedy. Remedy
ttf- By putting this powder under tho edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It has the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MEHLER, San Bernardino, Cal., .-ole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by C. F. HEINZEMAN, 22:! N. Main St.; 0. H. HANCE,
177 and 179 N. Spring St.; F. J. GIESE, 103 N. Main St., and all leading druggists. 5-1 tf
, . __i
Still Levels the Procession!
Land and Water Co.
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you must pay $300 to |500 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., I.os Angeles, Cal.
111 Hi .^LZHH2^L S
•raY: bkmt lock
Agents for Southern California,
1U S. SPRING ST., Los Angeles.
way company—The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the San Bernardino and East
ern Railway company will be held at the oflice
of the company, in the city of Los Angeles, on
Thursday, May 14,1891, at 11 o'clock a.m., to
elect a board of directors for the ensuing year,
and to transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
FRANK H. PATTKK. Assistant Secretary.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 28, 1891. 4-28 td
The careful and proper adjustment of Frames
is as important as the correct fitting of lenses.
We make the scientific adjustment of Glasses
and Frames our specialty, and guarantee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eyes free. Full stock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses ground to order
on premises.
S. G. MARSHUTZ, Scientific Optician,
229 S. Spring Btreet, Theater Building.
1r '• v s—a5 —a —<OG9*
Correct fitting of Glasses and Lenßes ground
to order our specialties Oculists'pre
scriptions carefully filled . Arti
ficial Eyes on hand.
Guardian's Sale at Auction
Near corner of Requena,
On Monday, May 4th, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
Sound f lid kind to all harness, well bred, with
a hay filly foal by a son of Dictator, sire of
J. I. p. The mare and foal can be seen at the
stable of Mr. Phelps, on and after Wednesday.
April 29th.
P E. KING, Guardian. K. W. NOTES,
* Auctioneer.
on hand Call and examine our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from $0.00 up.
*-l9tf all N. Main street
ARK YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yel
low Skin? Hhiloh's Vitalizfr is a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.

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