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United States Signal Service.
Report of observations Uneu at Los Angeles
May 1. 1891:
6:07 n. m.
6 07 p. m.
I 2
Max. tern., 74. mm. tern.. 62.
There is a telegram at the Postal
telegraph office for Mrs. Fred Fritz.
A license was yesterday issued for the
marriage of Frederick N. Lacy, of Chi
cago, aged 48, to Kdith G. Eaton, aged
27, of Los Angeles.
W. C. Patterson and John Hancock
yesterday filed a certificate of partner
ship, to conduct business under the firm
name of W. C. Patterson & Co.
The board of supervisors met (yester
day,but did no business except to grant
a sixty-day leave of absence to Consta
ble Geo. B. Webster of Santa Monica.
At the First Congregational church,
on Sunday morning, sacramental serv
vicee and reception of members: dis
course by Rev. S. S. Williams of Minne
apolis. Rev. Dr. Hutching will preach
in the evening upon Christian Sympa
Officer J. A. Smith thinks that Mr.
Siegel's statement in yesterday's Hkr
ald about his arrest was an injustice.
He states that his witness will prove
that Mr. Siegel was driving recklessly,
and that he was nearly run over; that
there was no cable car behind the team,
and that the car in front waa stationary.
The Concordia club, an association
having for its object the Bocial and
mental culture of its members, filed ar
ticles of incorporation, yesterday, with
the county clerk. Leon Loeb, M. H.
Newinark, J. E. Waldeck, and other
well-known gentlemen, are among the
members named in the incorporation
The pupils of the Los Angeles Busi
ness college picnicked yesterday at Ver
dugo park. Prof, and Mrs. Shrader,
Prof, and Mrs. Kelsey, Prof, and Mrs.
Inskeep, and Prof. Carlson accompanied
the party, and the professors appeared
to enjoy the trip as much as the boys,
participating in all the games and kick
ing the football as enthusiastically as
any of the pupils. Numerous games and
amusements were provided, with ice
cream and more substantial refresh
ments, and the day passed pleasantly to
all concerned. About ninety of the pupils,
besides their friends and invited guests,
participated in the trip.
A very interesting aud animated de
bate was held last evening by members
of the Third Congregational Church
Literary and Debating society, on the
question : "Kesolved, That the Liquor
Traffic is Beneficial to the United
States." Affirmative: Rev. J. H. Col
lins and Miss Kate Clark. Negative:
Mr. T. K. Kcclea and Miss Laura Riley.
Pour judges and a critic were appointed
hy the president of the society, Mr. R.
McCarthy. The speakers treated their
respective sides of the question in a
masterly manner, bringing out many
strong points, and after each had occu
pied the allotted time, the judges,
through Dr. Moore, their chairman,
gave a unanimous verdict for the nega
tive. The president then announced
that, by the decree of the judges, Mr. T.
K. Eceles and Miss Laura Riley were
declared winners of the debate. Next
Monday evening the programme will con
sist of short papers.
Columbia Loan and Building associa
tion. First series. Will pay twenty
dollars (S2O) above amount paid in, on
limited number of shares. John H.
Humnhrevs & Son,! Oil South Broadway.
The German-American Savings bank,
114 South Main street, compounds inter
est quarterly to its depositors. Five per
cent interest on term deposits.
A Trip to Hawaii.
Health-giving, charming, cheap ; *125
round trip. H. B. Rice, agent, 124 West
Second street.
A suit of clothes can be selected from
the largest stock in the city, made up in
the latest style, and lit guaranteed, by
B. Seps & Son, No. 213 South Spring
street, Hollenbeck block.
R. D. List, notary public, paper? care
fully drawn. 125 West Second. Telephone 720.
Q. G. Johnson, Notary Public, has removed
to 119 N. Spring st. Always in.
lion. Max Popper returns to San
Francisco today.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Chamberlain of New
York are guests at the Hollenbeck.
W. T. Regur and J. B. Faatz, of Dcs
Moines. lowa, are stopping at the West
Mr. and Mrs. Morris G. Holmes of
San Francisco arejat the Nadeau during
their stay.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Howell of San
Diego were among the arrivals at the
Nadeau yesterday.
Mrs. George Hatfield and Miss Maria
Hatfield, of San Diego, were guests at
the Nadeau yesterday.
M. B. Wilkinson, wife and son of On
tario and I>. Cult, of rsi.it Francisco are
guests at the Hollenbeck.
Mr. and Mrs. 1). T. Hedges of Sioux
City, lowa, and L. K. Smith of Chicago
are guests at the Hollenbeck.
Miss Bertha Foltz, tic; daughter of
the eminent lawyer, Mrs. Foltz of San
Francisco, has rooms at the Hollenbeck.
H. M. Munsell and Miss Munsell, of
New York, and James Munsell, Jr., oi
San Francisco, registered at the West
minster hotel.
George L. Alexander, San FntncitCO,
John E. Yates, Sycamore, 111., and Mr.
and Mrs. G. M.C. Hatch, Grinnel, lowa,
are guests at the Hollenbeck.
Miss Ida Coleman of New York city
was registered at the Nadeau yesterday.
Miss Coleman is a traveling saleswoman
for a large eastern glove house.
Mrs. Armijo of Albuquerque, accom
panied by her two daughters, Misses
Josefa and Lio, also Mrs. J. Borralaile,
are stopping at the Hollenbeck.
General W. T. McMillan, collector of
the port at New Orleanß,Jwith Mrs. Mc-
Millan, arrived in Los Angeles yester
day, and are occupying a suit of rooms
at the Westminster hotel.
Col. John S. Mosby has returned from
Washington city and will sojourn for
some days in our city. He is registered
at the Hollenbeck. We are glad to be
able to say that he looks the picture of
W. C. S. Hussey, Long Beach; A.
Young, wife and two children, Wil
mington ; F. E. Dorfield, San Pedro, and
Mr. and Mrs. E. 8. Belcher, Winthrop,
Mass., are guests at the Hollenbeck.
Mrs. Col. J. R. Bowler, Mrs. Bean,
Miss Masley and Mrs. Clark, all cf the
Green, Pasadena, were guests at the Na
deau last night. They came in to at
tend the performance at the opera
Mr. W. T. Belding, late steward and
caterer of the Hotel Richelieu, Chicago,
and formerly manager of the Shoreham
at Washington, D. C, is at the Hollen
beck. Mr. Belding is to act in the ca
pacity of caterer and steward of the
Arcadia, at Santa Monica, this season.
Dr. C. L. Blair has just returned from
a two months' visit to the east. During
the whole time he only had five days
when it did not rain, snow, sleet, blow
or otherwise do as much as possible to
make Hie wretched. Like all other good
Southern Californians he comes back
with a greater affection than ever before
for the "glorious climate."
Rev. W. A. Hill, of Berkeley, the old
est Episcopal clergyman in the state,
and a former pastor of St. Paul's Episco
pal church in this city, came here v few
days ago to attend the annual conven
tion, accompanied by his wife and
daughter. He was taken seriously ill
almost immediately upon his arrival,
and only commenced to improve yester
Mr. and Mrs. I. D. Ford, of Rome,
Ga..Joseph Kirkpatrick and wife, Kirk's
Grove. Ala., Miss Cade Sparks,of Rome,
tin., Mis. Riston, Santa Barbara, Mr.
and Mrs. Hugler, New York, I). G.
Scofield, San Francisco, W. D. Sagie,
Chicago, Julius Brownstein, San Fran
cisco, R. M. Wilkison, Santa Cruz, G.
Wilkison. Chicago, Kate Dutzler, San
Francisco, are at the Arcade hotel.
It Is Sold and Will Be Turned Into a
That theatrical white elephant, the
Pasadana opera house, was sold yester
day, by the company which owned it,
to Prof. T. S. C. Lowe, president of the
Citizens' bank, of this city, and of the
Pasadena lias company. The price ob
tained for the building was not learned,
but it will be dismantled as a theater,
and transformed into a factory for the
making of gas fixtures and similar par
Thla was one of the handsomest thea
ters on the coast, its appointments all
being expensive and in excellent taste.
It was built in boom times for the pur
pose of enhancing the value of adjacent
land, and has never paid from its open
ing night.
Magic dime savings bank presented
with every purchase over two dollars.
Globe Clothing Co., Soring street, near
For Hot Days
You need a light coat and vest. See the ele
gant assortment at Mullen, Bluett de Co.'t.
The Chicago Clothing company have
their grand spring and summer opening
on May 2d.
Delightful Summer Beverages,
Iv all flavors, at "Beckwlth's Spa," 303 N.
Main street, near Temple.
For reliable male and female help apply to
the A. 0 U. W. Employment Bureau. No. 215
S. Main St. No expense to those wishing help
or eronloyment. Frank X. Enoler, secretary.
VanU'lE AOf perfect purity.
Lemon -I Of great strength.
Orange -/ Economy in their use
Almond -
Rose etc-J F'a-v 01 " as delicately
and dellciously as the fresh fruit.
W r e guarantee a perfect fit, original
style, superior finish and reasonable
prices. We make a specialty of even
ing and party dresses, and a large
staff in our dressmaking department
enables us to make suits to order at
the shortest notice. Mourning suits
made in six hours. Remember we
guarantee our fit, and a trial will
convince you that you have found
the right place to have your dresses
made at.
119 S. Spring St.. bet, Ist and 2d.
Will Keep for Weeks With
out Ice.
83.50 PER DOZEN. 5c A GLASS.
4-25-lm 1 42 South Spring St.
As the time, for spring painting approaches
we would respectfully call the attention of
the public to the fact that we have recently
obtained the exclusive agency of
Heath k Milligaii's Prepared Paints
on the Pacific coast. In consequence, we have
greatly Increased our stock, thus enabling us to
give those who are desirous of painting, over
SIXTY different shades to select from. We
silicit a call from all who are contemplating
4-9 lm 146 South Main Street.
Who will you trade with, reader? Mr. Circular
Saw, whose noise, din and racket cuts right through
and through, and makes the sawdust fly before
you can wink, or old Mr. Grindstone, that plods
along, each step means a revolution of the old
grinder, and the slower he steps the slower the '
grind, till finally there is neither step or grind.
Mr. Circular Saw, however, is the boy for us; he
rips and snorts with a restless energy, always
ready and willing for work, and spinning round
with such speed that you can't even count his teeth.
Well, we are to the trade of this town as Mr.
Circular Saw is to his. We are the restless, tire
less, ever-working'firm that aims to make trade in
teresting, even if not often profitable.
Has brought out some real fine work in the matter
of selling stuff cheap. Never yet in the annals of
trade has goods pleaded for buyers, and prices
pleaded to vs —in the manner of their sacrifice.
But we don't care. With our object in view, with
our San Francisco project in hand, we care not if
our possessions bring their cost or not.
-:- We Arc Selling: -:-
And selling piles of stuff to patrons that know the
real true ring of a bargain. In fact, we're great
fellows to want our bargains talked about. What
is the use of our buying bargains if we tack on
such profits that it makes it a bargain no longer?
It's vile, it's vicious, to adopt such a policy. We'd
rather sell
-:- For tt|'e Crlory -:-
Of the thing. And this is attested by the crowds
that come to us day after day.
We claim to have saved this community many
millions of dollars by reason of our being here. We
are aware that we have antagonized some few mer
chants of the Grindstone species, who hadn't the
nerve nor the grit to get out of the old rut of tak
ing a lesser profit —sell like we do, on the keen,
musical 5 per cent, above landed cost, and you'll
not growl.
to suit the storekeepers. That would be folly. We
mark our goods so that when we receive them in
the morning through our back door, they march
out of the front door before night. Is that right
or wrong? It's right, our reader will reply.
Everything will be changed. New bargains take
the place of the old ones. Better values slip into
the lines of sold ones. Bigger sledge-hammers
crawl in to re-enter the gone ones —and so on. It
will be a banner day all over the shop. If you
have any money to spend, bring it to the place
where it will glide over the greatest space, and
there is nowhere where this can be done as at
-2 D E N T I S T R V ! fc-
The Lending Dentists, are now permn'ncntly jiSStOTto-- Tlfniir...
located In their New and Elegant Pallors, at 4jMjffqKW߻i ' ; B*k
No. 107 North Spring Street. *ft§ji _
Being thoroughly competent in their profes- ""Jr -i'V-dGsESIL*
slon, they are doing an extensive business, W ir^a^M
making a specialty of fine work at reasonable ■■M Tiff f 'Vrwmm
rates. They now quote the follow in« prices: I t \ . \
'Extracting with vitalized air a specialty.
' 2-24-3 tn
The Celebrated Chinese Physician.
For munv y nrs 1 have been troubled with hands. The doctor Beemcd to know my trouble
asthma ami c msuniption, and notwithstanding from tho very first, and told me he would en
the fact that I had tried almost cverv known tircly cure me within two months' time. In
remedy and physicians without number. 1 was less than that period my strength came back,
rapldlv growing worse and was expecting to my general health was restored, aud ever since
die at any time Finally 1 was told by a friend that I have heen a well aud happy man.
that he had never known so successful a phy- February 24,1891. M. 8 CRAIG,
sician as Dr. Woh, and I determined to try liim. 20,b Temple street.
lain now glad to Inform those who maybe Los Angeles, Cal.
suffering from similar complaints that after _ _ _ . .
two month-,' treatment with Dr. Woh 1 am en- Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a friend,
tirelv clued. 1 most cordlnllv recommend him I had been troubled for years with indigestion,
to alt s offerers MRS F WKSSEL, causing fearful headaches and virtigo,making
May i, IS9L 32.". Ilovd st., Los Angeles, Cal. my life one of misery. I tried and paid the
* best physicians without relief. Hnally, to
For eight months past my wife was a great please mv friend, I visited Dr. Woh at his of
sutferer from female troubles. For days at a flee, and lie advised with me and gave me
time her pain was to severe that no rest could medicines. This was but six weeks ago. To
she obtain or sleep at niftht. Unwillingly I day I can truthfully say lam entirely cured,
forced her to visit Dr. Woh, the Chinese physi- 1 have not felt one symptom of my old trouble
clan. The doctor undertook tn cure her. and during the whole time. Dr. Woh Is certainly
now with grateful hearts we confess to a com- a wonderful healer of the sick,
plete recovery In her case. CHARLES HEILMANN,
J. F. iiI'RDICK, ApriKl, 1891. 331 Court st., L. A., Cal
February (J, 1891. Riverside, Cal.
I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
For quite a number of years I have been a but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
freat sufferer and paid out larg" sums of money Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, pre
or doctors and medicines. Mv disease was scribed for me.
claimed by some to be Bright* disease; others Two months ago I began his treatment, and I
said it was gravel, but I could lind no relief, can now certify that he has done me in rat
1 got worse and worse until my life was de- good. 1 recommend Dr. Woh to my friends as
spaired of The treatment and operations to an able doctor.
which I submitted were terrible. Finally, at P- E. KING
the request of a friend who had been cured by Justice of the Peace,
Dr. Woh. 1 consented to submit my case to his April 4,1891. Burbank. Cal.
Dr. Woh has thousands of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further publication
of them here.
The remedfes are purely herbs and roots which Dr. Woh has familiarized himself thoroughly
with by a long practice in the imperial hospital of China.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese physician In Southern California, and his
cures have been remarkable, especially In female troubles, tumors, etc.
All diseases are located by and through the pulse.
Free consultation to every one, and all are cordially Invited to call upon Dr. Woh at his office,
4-0-su-tu-th-sa Between Second and Third streets, Loi Angeles, Cal,
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis, Asthma
and Consumption,
Are being successfully treated by
M. C, P. 8. 0.,
137 S. Broadway, I.os Angeles, Cal.
By his Acrean system of practice, which con
sists ot proper Medicated Inhalations and the
Bronchitis is a disease of the mucous mem
brane of the air passage, aud is one of the most
common of the pulmonary affections. Chronic
bronchitis more often appears later in life.
When a cold settles on the lungs the disease
either ends in bronchitis or pneumonia. If it
ends in bronchitis it usually passes oil'as a cold
on the chest, and still the patient does not feel
entirely well. He feels tired and languid, and
is incapable of taking his usual amount of
exercise, and experiences a shortness of breath
with more or less warmth in the paims of the
hands. Soon after this a cough appears, ac
companied by an expectoration of thick mu
cous, followed by a hectic flush, loss of flesh
and strength, and night sweats continue, when
the patient assumeß all the appearance of hav
ing a genuine case of consumption. But this
is Bimply catarrh of the lungs or chronic bron
The patient usually dies from exhaustion
and suffocation, being unable to expectorate
the mucous which accumulates in the passage
leading to the lungs, which in some cases is
sticky and small in quantity, but more com
monly copious, of a light straw or yellowish
Dry Bronchitis-This disease, the very oppo
site of the sbove, is a very common affection.
Very many people, who regard themselves as
quite healthy, are today under its Influence,
and are slowly but surely becoming the vic
tims of this treacherous complaint. This is
the most insidious of all pulmonary diseases.
There may at tlrst be a slight, hacking cough
and an expectoration of a bluish white mu
cous. And herein lies the danger. This mu
cous, inhabiting the air cells of the lungs, be
ing difficult to raise, after a time becomes
solidified, permanently obstructing portions of
the lungs, causing thortness of breath and a
feeling of oppression on the chest, particularly
after meals or on slight exertion. After a time
the cough becomes more Bevere and comes on
in paroxysms, and as the shortness of breath in
creases it almost assumes the character of
asthma The mucous membrane also be
comes more and more thickened, which arises
from the frequent fresh colds, and the patient
at last becomes fully aware of the terrible
changeß that have taken place and the inevit
able results that arc to follow. .
Without courage and perseverance nsihing is
curable, but with these, aided with cmt Medi
cated Inhalations and Compound Oxygen
Treatment, Bronchitis can be cured even after
the lungs are extensively diseased.
Consultation free.
If impossible to call personally at the office,
write for list of questions and medical treatise
sent free. Address
187 B. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Office hours—From 9 a. m. to 4 p. m.
Residence, 119 Bouth Grand avenue.
P. S.—Professional calls made before and
after office hours.
FlO BT C" to everyman, young, middle-aged,
f f\tL C and old; postage paid. Address
Dr. B. Dfc Mont,ysi Columbus Aye., Boston, Mass.
A practice hie profession in this city was Dr.
WONG HIM- Has practiced here for sixteen
(10) years, and his cures and successful treat
ment of complicated diseases is proof of hii
ability. He belongs to the sixth generation of
doctors in his family. A trial will couvlnee
you. OFFICE: 639 Upper Main st. P.O. box
564, Statiou C, Los Angeles, Cal.
Upper Main St., has cured my mother of the
typhoid fever in the short timeof one week,and
has left her entirely well, and also has cu>ed me
of a tumor I had on my left side. After suffer
ing for a long time aud receiving no benefit from
otheis, I concluded to try the above gentleman
(Dr. Wong Him), who has left me entirely well,
and now I feel it my duty to testify 1h his be
half 1 wish to recommend him to the publlo
as an efficient and skillful physician. MISS
550 Gariardo St., Los Angeles, Cal February
I take this opportunity of highly recommend
ing Dr. Wong Him's abilities as a physician to
all who have auy diseases, especially those
whose complaints resist the treatment of other
For two months I suffered from impure blood
and disordered stomach, together with a sore
lip which failed to heal, and was fiuallv per
suaded to call and see Dr. Wong Him at his of
flee, 639 Upper Main street. I had a consulta
tion, and after an examination of my pulse he
gave me a powder for my lips and medicine In
ternally, aud said he would cure me in one
week or ten days, and at the expiration of that
time declined to give me any more medicine,
because I was cured, which statement I fully
endorse, for I have not been so well for a long
February 25,1891. Los Angeles, Cal.
Everything New and First-Class.
146 and 147 N. Main Street,
ap29-tf JERRY ILLICH. Proprietor
For all Irregularities
For sale at all Drug Stores.
At wholesale by F. W. BBACN & CO.
12-10-6 m
Wholesale Wine and Liquor Merchant,
1 404 and 406 N. Log Angeles St.
Telephone 224.
Family trade supplied. Goods delivered to any
part of the city free of charge. Orders for the
country promptly attended to. Agency -ud depot
of Uncle Sam's wine vaults at Napa City, Cal.
12-31 ly

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