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Dancing Parties and May-Day Picnics.
The Entertainment at the University.
Society Notes and Personals.
One of the most cliarminganddelight
ful parties ot the season took place last
evening at the Bellevue Terrace. J. Fred
Blake and 1). If. Burks, the committee
in charge, were untiring in their efforts
to make the affair a success.. The Ter
race never presented a brighter or gayer
appearance than it did last night. The
dancing hall and reception rooms were
plainly but artistically decorated for the
There was a bevy of pretty young
ladies present and rr.any were attired in
exquisite gowns, thoroughly in keeping
with a May-day party. Judging by the
young ladies last evening, it would ap
pear that Los Angeles is abundantly
well supplied with fascinating and
pretty society buds this year. The pat
ronesses at the party last evening were
Mrs. L. J. Rose, Mrs. Modini-Wood,
Mrs. Kirkover and Mrs. Frank B. Ross.
At midnight an elegant repast was
served in the dining room, when souve
nir favors were presented to both the
ladies and gentlemen. Among those
present were the following named:
Mr.andMrs.G.Reed,Mrs. Dr. Small,
Miss May Newton, .Miss Clara Newton,
Miss WillaMoseley, Miss Maud Rose,
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Miss Burnett,
Chalfant, Miss Edna Lowe,
Miss Franciso, Mies Zoo Lowe,
Miss Bessie Tonner, Miss Daisy Austin,
Miss Bond, Miss Sarah Jones,
Miss Carrie Abbott, Miss Ella Barnes,
MissLeouora Smith, Miss Lyle llynes,
Miss Pease, Miss Vawter,
Harry Germain, Thaddeus Lowe,
W. D. Stevens, L. D. Sale,
Harry Watson, John B. Miller,
Mr. B«tts, John Off,
Felix Notman, Homer Young,
D. It. Collins, H. Hawkins,
W. R. Teal, Don Moore,
L. M. I.eraont, H. B. Bundrum,
H. S. Williams, J. B. Miller,
H. C. Veaaie, Frank H. Suffel,
Ed Tufts, John Off,
Harry ICirkower, 1). P. Collins,
H. W. Watson, A. W. Francisco.
Miss Pease woie a charming costume
of white India silk with diamond orna
ments. Miss Innes was attired in a
pretty gown of blue crepe. Miss Clara
Newton looked bewitching in cardinal
silk, ornaments diamonds. Miss May
Newton was charmingly attired in blue
lace. Miss Willa Mosely, a handsome
brunette, wore black lace, jacquemot
roses. Miss Leona Smith looked lovely
in blue silk. Miss Barnes was resplen
dent in pink silk. Miss Burnett wore
a pretty costume of cream silk
adorned with red roses. Miss Maud
Rose looked captivating in a white gown
and lavender flowers. Miss Bessie Ton
ner was a symphony of grace and beauty
in cream silk. Miss Vawter was dressed
in white silk. Miss Edna Lowe was
charmingly attired in pink silk. Miss
Zoe Ix)we looked radiant in a lavender
gown. Misß Daisy Austin wore a pretty
costume of cream silk, adorned with
pink flowers.
The pupils of Prof. Payne's dancing
academy, and their friends, had a danc
ing party last night at Illinois hall, at
which a large number of young folks at
tended. Among those present were the
following named:
Miss M.McAllister, Miss Pearl Gleason,
Miss Stella Shulds, Miss MaudShulds,
Miss PearlStraube, Miss Edith King,
Miss Ethel King, Miss Belle Shulds,
Miss Ada Shulds, Miss Sillinger,
.George Fitch, W. A. Witzel,
M. Kimball, M. Meyer,
A. Bradbury, George Green,
Marvin Mckenzie, Will Oliver,
George Alexander, Ralph Bidwell,
Fred Hortop, L. B. Kinney,
Glen Edmunds, Will Innes,
Roy Brousscau, Wesley Hunt,
Fred Noble, Paul Noble,
Mark Payne, Walter Taylor,
F. H. Coulter, Mr. Hall,
Mr. Walker. Mr. Viereck,
Mr. Boetoher, Mr. Judson.
The South Side Social club held their
last party of the season last evening at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Hague,
2415 South Main street. It was a pil
low party and a jolly evening was spent
by the young folks." Among those pres
ent were:
Miss A. Guenther, Miss Ada Skofstad,
Miss M. Skofstad, Miss Rose Roth,
Miss Edith Haines, Miss Lou Campbell,
Miss Gert. Dewey, Miss Berta Dague,
Miss E. Baringer, Miss Loa Holmes,
Miss Bradley, Harry Webber,
Roy Gates, J. H. Russell,
George Crane, W. F. Whittaker,
J. W. Bridge, W. 8. Young.
Refreshments were served before the
guests departed for home.
The elocutionary and musical enter
tainment given last evening at the Uni
versity chapel, by the Delta Gamma
fraternity, was attended by a very select
audience. The following programme
was rendered to the delight of the audi
tors :
Krste (irosse Sonate, op. 42, (Firsts Move
ment) ... .Schubert-Liszt
Mrs. G. M. Lebo.
The Countess Laura Geo. Henry Booker
Laura Bell-Dyer.
Aye Maria, (Arranged from Raff's Cavati
Edith M. Brown
Violin obligate by Miss Winfred Connor.
Indian Club Swinging:—
Virgle B. Williamson, Ellen R. Emery,
Lillian A.Williamson, Belle Townsend,
Flora G. Howes.
a. Grillen (Whims)) a,,,„__,_„
6. Warum (Why?) j lv ' Schumann
Mrs. G. M. Lebo.
Cnrse Scene from Leah-
Leah Laura Bell-Dyer
Rudolph .Frank N. Laphain
Neapolitan boat song Denza
Edith M. Brown (accompanied by chorus.)
Improvi*ta on two Welsh melodies. 8. B. Mills
Mrs. G. M. Lebo.
a. Bposeu a Case )
6. Uncle Reuben's Baptism,> Laura Bell-Dyer
(by request; )
My Solitude Schubert
EdithM. Brown.
The accomplished Miss Lela Spencer
presided at the piano.
A meeting of the Rose Festival society
was held yesterday, when final arrange
ments were made for the entertainment
to be given next week.
The following ladies were assigned
to places: Mrs. Dodsworth and Miss M.
Dodsworth added to the rose crescents.
Mrs. Rendell, Mrs. Hagan and Miss
Fette to the portico.
Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Knox and Mrs. A. C.
Brown to the basket wall.
Mrs. Churchill, Mrs. Goes and Mrs.
Hardy to the arbor.
Mrs. 8. M. Perry, Miss Lilly Rogers
and Mr, Buckbee to the grotto.
Mrs. A. L. Flint, Mrs. McDonald and
Some Baking Powders
Lose Their Strength
For twenty-five years the Royal Baking Powder
Company has refused to be controlled by the mania f
its competitors—to produce a cheap baking- powder at
the sacrifice of quality or wholesomeness.
Some lower-cost brands are now being pushed on
the market which, from being made of inferior materials,
lose their strength quickly after the can is once opened.
At the second or third baking there will be noticed a
falling off in strength.
There is given in the United States Government report of baking
powder tests the case of a sample which, tested when fresh, gave an
average of 12% per cent, of leavening gas. The same sample, tested a
few days after being opened, had lost one-third of its strength. A sub
sequent test showed it to contain but per cent., or but three-fifths
of its original leavening gas.
Royal Baking Powder will not deteriorate. It will
retain its strength until used. No other baking powder
will. Government Chemist Mott states that the Royal
is superior to other brands because of the perfectly pure
cream of tartar used in it, and because of the method of its
preparation and the proper proportion of its ingredients.
It is always the case the consumer suffers in
pocket, if not in health, by accepting any substitute for
the Royal Baking Powder, especially when the substi
tute is offered on the ground that it is cheaper.
The Royal Baking Powder is the embodiment of all
the excellence that it is possible to attain in an abso
lutely pure powder. It is always strictly reliable. •It is
not only more economical but will make more whole
some food.
Miss Bell Smith to the hanging gardens.
lire. Cox, Miss Carter, Miss Lindley
and .M iss Oph to the decoration of the
Miss Bedell's name was added to those
in charge oi the boutonnieres.
The special rose exhibit has been aug
mented and at present stands : Mesdames
Chapman, Murphy, Hobbell, Wright,
Owens, Hendricks, Buckbee, Stewart,
Collins, Monroe, Calkins, Stilson, Smith
and Misses McClelland and Seymour.
Among other workersthe following names
hrve been added: Mi. and Mrs. A.
White, Mrs. Stout, Miss J. Smith ; also
Mrs. Gates namo has been added to the
ice cream committee.
A uniform admission of 25 cents was
decided upon, with 50 cents badges for
regular workers.
The Musso orchestra and Mandolin
■club is to furnish the music, and electric
lights are to be used.
The good will and kindness of the
florists in offering loans, was spoken of.
Branches of magnolia and the rubber
trees, were revuested, as well as the
other desirable greens—ferns, ivy, ger
anium, rose geranium, papyrus, umbrel
la grass, myrtle, grevilfa, acassia, cam
phor, suiilnx, fern and date palms and
the green grass of the pampas ; also all
fine vines, and long branches of the rose
The request that all ladies bring a
basket of flowers on Wednesday morn
ing when they come, that there might
be material to work with before the ex
press wagons could come in, caused
much amusement, and a promising
rivalry as to the big basket brigade for
8 o'clock sprang up.
Last evening the committee from the
Y. M. C. A., who hold services each
Sunday at the county hospital, dro'-e
out and gave a concert to an audience of
about seventy-five patients and nurses.
The committee was assisted by the Y.
M. C. A. quartette, Miss Mac Forrester,
Miss Gertrude Finney and Miss Duncan.
The following programme, as arranged
by Mr. A. W. Hare, was given:
Quartette— Medley Y. M. C. A. Quartette
Reading—Mrs. Burduok'B Music Box
MiBS Finney
Quartette—Swing Dose Gates
Y. M. C. A. Quartette
Solo—Love's Old Sweet Song Miss Forrester
Duet—l'll Take You Back, Kathleen
M iss Duncan and Mr. Hare
Recitation—Jerry Miss Finney
Quartette—Bull Dog Y. M C. A. Quartette
Solo—Selected Miss Forrester
Recitation—Daisy's Faith . .. Miss Finney
Duet—Selected Miss Duncan and Mr. Hare
Quartette—Thou Art My One Love,
Y. M. C. A. Quartette
Quartette—Shall We Meet Beyond the River
Y. M. C. A. Quartette
Song—Swanee River Company
The concert was highly appreciated,
and the youngfolks who assisted deserve
praise for their kind and benevolent act.
It will long be remembered by the audi
off for wilson'w peak.
The two camps of Woodmen of this
city left yesterday morning on the 8:30
train, in a special car, for a two days'
camping on the summit of Wilson's
peak. The party consists of about forty
well known business men of this city.
Each man rides a burro, and a train of
forty burros climbing up the peak will
surely make a novel trip. Tonight at 8
o'clock sharp they will nave a fine dis
play of fireworks, and at 8:30 an enor
mous camp fire will be visible. Colored
lights will be fired from the camp tire,
which can be seen from this city. . Sev
eral well known business men of this
city will be initiated into the secret
workings of the order.
The following programme has been ar
ranged for the social to be given by Olive
court at Forester's hall, on Monday
Overture Court Olive Orchestra
Recitation Mrs. A. Klein
Violin and Flute Duot Reich & Roth
Recitation Miss M. Ellis
Piano Duet Misses Marks
Recitation Mr. A. B. Doyle
Cavotine, violin solo R. V. Musso
Recitation Miss Pearl Emerson
Violin Solo L. Zinnamon
Selection Male Quartette
Vocal Solo Miss B.Brown
Recitation Miss Hattic Pearson
Cou ie Song gam Osborne
Flute Solo J. Reich
H. W. Altman, G. Wesley Craner,
Max Roth and Myer Siegel are the com
mittee in charge.
Guy Rose, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J.
Rose, has had two of his pictures hung
at the Paris salon. Mr. Rose has been
studying three years in Paris. He is a
foreigner and belongs to the Julian
school, two things sufficient to prejudice
the committee against him, but his
work was of such remarkable excellence
as to overcome all the feeling against his
being an American and a follower of
Julian, and his pictures were given good
positions. Mr. Rose will return here in
The Independent Order of Odd Fel
lows at Pico Heights gave an ice cream
party and supper at Gilbert's hall, tev
eral nights since. Before the supper,
Una Rebecca lodge was instituted by
W. W. Stockwell and Mrs. Van Buren
and other grand officers. The following
officers were publicly installed:
N. G., Mrs. Georgia E.Gilbert; V.G.,
Miss Ella Crandall; secretary, Thomas
Gilbert, Jr.; treasurer, Adolph Lieuz
inger; warden, E. J. Crandall; con
ductor, C. M. Chester; I. G., Dick Gil
bert ; R. 8. to N. G., Andrew Lieuzinger;
L. S. to N. G., Sutton Turner; R. S. to
V. G., H. E. Swift.
The event of the evening, however,
was the music given by a quartette from
the Ideal Guitar and Banjo club, com
posed of the following artists: Air.
Masnr, Miss Masac, Miss Mamie Loomis
and Miss Zoe Loomis.
Miss Frowiss rendered several selec
tions on the zither. Misses Carrie and
Sarah Armstrong entertained with a
vocal duet. Miss Crandall officiated as
accompanist. The entertainment was
voted a success by all fortunate enough
to be present.
Misses Clara and May Newton have
returned from a delightful outing at
Mrs. Colonel Bowler, Mrs. Clark and
Mrs. lieane, of the Hotel Green, Pasa
dena, were in Los Angeles yesterday.
They attended the May party at the Belle
vue terrace last evening.
Colonel and Mrs. E. N. Robinson and
Miss Robinson, of Los Angeles, are
guests at the Baldwin hotel, San Fran
Misses Edna and Zoe Lowe, of Pasa
dena, made their debut in society at the
Bellevue May-pole hop last evening.
Both are pretty and bright young ladies.
Mrs. S. M. Perry gave a delightful
May-day party to the young folks yes
terday, at her beautiful home at Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Brodrick, Mr. and
Mrs. George Kimball and family and
Rev, Mr. Todhunter have arranged for a
camping partp for the month of May.
Mrs. Al. Reynolds gave a party last
evening at her home at Boyle Heights.
A delightful evening was spent in danc
ing and singing.
The ladies of the Frank Bartlett Re
lief corps and their friends enjoyed a
May-day picnic yesterday.
Miss Annie Yocum leaves shortly for
a month's visit to her sister, Mrs. D E.
Miles, at the Bella Vista hotel, San
Mr. and Mrs. A. Young, of Wilming
ton, were visitors in Los Angeles yester
Captain Banning's party left yester
day for Ventura.
The very much anticipated reception
of Mrs. Governor Stoneman takes place
this afternoon, at her residence on
Grand avenue.
Make* many lives miserable, and often leads to
self-destruction. Distress after eating, sick head
ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental depres
iion, etc., are caused by this very common and
increasing disease. Hood's Sarsaparilla tones
the stomach, creates an appetite, promotes di
gestion, relieves headache, clears the mind, and
cures dyspepsia.
In a Terrible Condition.
"I owe my life to Hood's Sarsaparilla, For two
yean I was in a terrible condition with dyspepsia.
I could eat nothing bnt soda crackers, and my
weight fell from 170 to 138 pounds. Hoc "s sar
saparilla helped me at once, and after using IS
bottles I was entirely cured. I have gained my
usual weight, 170 pounds, and hare had excellent
health ever since." T, J. Wilcox, 20-26 ut South
Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Headache —Hot Flashes.
"I had headache, hot flashes, soreness and
swelling across my body, pain in my right aide,
with frequent vomiting. I used Hood's Sana
parilla with the best results. I am in better
health than for four years. Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is safe, reliable, and sure." J. C. Willsoh, Au
burn, Cal.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sold by druggists. *1; six for $5. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mast
100 Doses One Dollar
Last Night'B Meeting of the Board of
The board of directors of the chamber
of commerce met last evening. The
following were present: Messrs. Ger
main, Shatto, Hughes, McGarvin, How
ard, Ponet, Anderson and Toler. Eu
gene Germain presided.
The acting secretary reported collec
tions to the amount of $214 during the
week, which sum cleared up the over
draft and left a small balance in bank.
He was instructed to have notices
printed for the regular meeting of mein
be.ru to be held next Friday evening.
The acting Secretary reported that six
delinquents had paid up. The list of
those remaining was read and canvassed
and five more were dropped.
A committee of four was appointed to
discuss some plan for an entertain
ment for the chamber and report at the
next meeting. The committee consists
of Messrs. Shatto, Breed, Hughes and
Howard, together with the acting secre
It was decided that a reception be
given to the people who had taken part
in the orange carnival at Chicago, and
the matter was placed in the hands of
the same committee as the entertain
The board then adjourned.
A telegram received from Secretary
Hanchette at the chamber yesterday
announced the successful ending of the
carnival, with all bills paid and every
one pleased. The amount of the ex
penses and receipts are of course not yet
known,but it is satisfactory to know that
the receipts exceeded the expenditures
by at least a small margin.
A certain cure for malarial fevers is found in
Simmons Li vet Regulator.
"Patience" should be taken off a
monument and put at the end of a tele
To prevent fevers, keep the liver active and
bowels regular with Simmons Liver Regulator.
Young folks, old folks, all are invited
to attend our grand opening of spring
and summer goods on May 2d. Chicago
Clothing company.
In 1850 "Brown't Bronchial Troches," were
introduced, and their success as a cure for
Colds, Coughs Asthma and Bronchitis has been
FBIOAT, May 1, 1801.
Franeisca W de Shepherd to F I' Ilaseltine
and Mary Ilaseltine —Agreement to convey lot
42 bl!» Wolfiikill Orchard trt 'JO—1); $2070."
L Canada Land and Water Co to Charles W
Bell—S 21)0 feet of lot D and N 8 acres of lot 11,
Bo La Canada Laud and Water Co lauds,
30—75; £1150.
J S Mills and W L Woodward to Eliza Arnold
—Lots 20 30 and 31 bl 57, l.ordsburg; $1000.
Delia Curtis to Hdwin Slade—Lot 7 in L t 4. of
A Nindes sub of lots 4 and 8 bl C, San Pasijual
tract, 7—40; $5000.
W II Barber to LJ White—Lots 103 and 104
in sec 7 Chutsworth park, 30—01 and water;
W II Barber to Alice G White—Lots 89 and
90 in sec 7 Chatsworth park, 30—91 and water;
Gardner H Smith, iteorge D Patten and C C
Potten to B M spear—so acres in Ro San Pas
qual; $17,135.
Number over $1000 8
Amount $34,955
Number under $1000 10
Amount , 0720
Number nominal 10
Total $41,675
Note—Transfers for which the consideration is
under $1000 are not published in these col
Head, Arms and Breast a Solid Scab.
Cured by Cuticura Remedies
At a Cost of $3.75.
I used two bottles of the Ccticura Resolv
ent, three boxes of Cuticura, and one cake of
Cuticura Soac, and am cured of a terrible skin
and scalp disease known as psoriasis. I had it
for eight years. It would get better and worse
at times. Sometimes my head would be a solid
scab, and was at the time I began the use of the
Cuticura Remedies. My arms were covered
with scabs from my elbows to shoulders, my
breast was almost one solid scab, and my back
covered with sores vaiyiug in size from "a pen
ny to a dollar. I had doctored with all the
best doctors with no relief, and used many dif
ferent medicines without effect. My case was
hereditary, and I began to think incurable.
AKCHEtt RUSSELL, Deshler, Ohio.
Prairie Scratches
Two years ago a form of skin disease was
prevalent in this vicinity, and variously named
•'prarie digs," "scratches," etc., but was prob
ably better named simple itch. From my own ex
perience I can say that two bottles of Cuticura
Resolvent, six boxes of Cuticura, and two
cakes of Cuticura Soap affected a cure for a
family of seven, and there has been no return
of the disease.
A. 8. PEACOCK, WaKeeney, Kan.
Could not Scratch Enough
I used one box of Cuticura, one cake of Cu
ticura Soai', one bottle of Cuticura Resolv
ent, and have had since, a smooth, soft skin as
anyone. I h»d been troubled for about four
years with what the doctors called eczema. I
was troubled mostly on my wrists, shoulders
and ankles by first a. large * welt rising, after
wards a burning, itching sensation, that I could
not scratch hard enough. W. E. BRADLEY,
1211 So. sth St., Denver, Colo.
Are sod everywhere. Price, Cuticura,the great
Skin Mure, 50c. Cuticura Soap, an exquisite
Skin Purifier and Beautifier, 25c, Cuticura
Resolvent, the New Blood Purifier, $1. Pre
pared by the Potter Druu and Chemical cor
poration, Boston.
CBo""Send for How to Cure SVin Diseases, 04
pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
TiTTIfPLES, black-heads, red, rough,chapped
A Airland oily skin cured by Cuticura Soap.
JK3&fe Aching Bides and Back, Hip, Kidney,
ffjpjl* aud Uterine Pains, and Rbeuu atism
jßS'flVrelieved In one minute by the Cut
(v'lftdcura Anti-Pain Plaster. 'Price, 25c.
FROM 8 TO 9 A. M.
Teeth filled with gold, S] ami up.
Teeth filled with silver, 50c and up.
Teeth filled with amalgsm, 50c ana up.
Teeth filled with cement, 50c and up.
Teeth cleansed, sue aud up.
Teeth extracted without pain.
Teeth filled without pain.
Gold or porcelain crowns, f5 and up.
Full lower or upper set teeth, the best, $10
and up.
All Work; Warranted.
Corner Broadway and Third Street,
(Entrance on Third Street.) 5-1
way company—The annual meeting of the
stockholders of the San Bernardino and East
ern Railway company will be held at the office
of the company, in the city of Los Angeles, on
Thursday, May 14,1891, at 11 o'clock a.m., to
elect a board of directors for tho ensuing year,
and to transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
FRANK H. PATTEE. Assistant Secretary.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 28, 1891. 4-28 td
Suited for a Sailor. With a Sailor's Suit or a Jaunty Reefer.
The moment a boy gets ont of petticoats lie begins to discover that
he has preferences, and it isn't a bad tiling to consult them. Give the
boy a chance! The sooner he begins to take pride in his personal ap
pearance, the sooner will his self-respect begin to deveiop. We are sell
ing some oi the handsomest boys' suits that ever came out of a workroom.
Nothing that we can say will give you half as good an idea about them as
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models of economy, call around and we will convince you
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-2 SPECIAL.! fc-
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Boys' Jersey Suits!
magic dime: savings banks
Given with Every Purchase Over Two Dollars.
H. C. WEINEI?, Proprietor,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
„„, ~, iy , „ . Tried Vermin and Moth
and Moth Remedy. Remedy.
f)V*- By putting this powder under the edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no>
Moths. It hits the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MiSHLKR, San Bernardino, Cal., Hole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by C. F. HB.INZF.MAN. 222 N. Main St.; Oi H. HANCB,
177 and 179 N. Spring st.; F. J. GIKSE, 103 X. Main st., and all leading druggists. 5-1 tf
Still Leads the Procession!
Land and Water Co.
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you must pay $300 to $500 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., Los Angeles, Cal.
A Reputation Gained by Jus
tice and Fair Dealing.
I tfeaire the public to know that
not at any time have I entered the
I sell as low as fair dealing principles will
permit. Inspect my prices and meats, and en
joy the benefit at the end of the month.
Roast Beef 7c to 10c iCorned Beef 4c to 6c
Pork 10c [Cutlets 12>,e
Mutton, Legt 9c jPorterhouse Steaks,
Veal, Roasts 10c best cuts 12Uc
Steak 7c to 10c Boiled Beef 4c to Oc
Chops 8c to 10c Salt Pork 10c
Sausage 10c i
Goods delivered to any part of the city free.
r. LEVY,
4-30 lm Cor. First and Los Angeles sts.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for
you. For Bale by Heinzcman, 222 N. Main, or
Trout, Sixth and Broadway
The careful and proper adjusfmant of Frames
Is as important as the correct fitting of lenses.
We make the scientific adjustment of Glasses
and Frames our specialty, and guarantee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eyes free. Full stock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses ground to order
on premises.
8. G. MARSHUTZ, Scientific Optician,
229 3. Spring street, Theater Building.
Correct fitting of Glasses and Lenses ground
to order our specialties Oculists' pre
scriptions carefully liUed Arti
i ficial Eves on hand.
Guardian's Sale aF Auelion
Near corner of Requena,
On Monday, May 4th, at 10 o'clock a.m.,
Sound snd kind to all harness, well bred, with
a bay Ally foal by a son of Dictator, sire of
J. LC, The mare and foal cun be seen at the
stable of Mr. Phelps, on and after Wednesday
April 29th.
P E. KING, Guardian. E. W. NOTES,
4 "0 Auctioneer.
L on hand Call and examine our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from fd.OO up.
419tf 211 N. Main street.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation. Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yel
low Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizar is a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.

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