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Exquisite Deoorations and a Crowd of
Friends—Ati Episode at a Ball—The
Tennis Cluf— Other Events.
The very much anticipated reception
given by Mrs. General George Stoneman
at her home on Grand avenue yesterday
afternoon, was a brilliant success and
was one of the social triumphs of the
season, the house being filled by a
steady stream of guests for several
hours. At 3 o'clock carriages began to
arrive, containing the best known peo
ple in Los Angeles county. The decora
tions were elaborate and the greatest in
genuity and taste had been exhibited in
arranging the choice flowers and exotics.
The reception room was a bower of
beauty. The arch of the doorway was
decorated with bamboos, peppers, ferns
and Lady Banksia roses. The various
corners of the rooms were beautified by
green house plants on stands. Baskets
of flowers wero arranged around the
rooms. The bay windows were adorned
with ferns. The mantel piece was
banked by Duchesse de Brahant roses,
artistically draped with pink ribbons.
The top of the book case was adorned
with cloth of gold roses. In the dining
room the same exquisite taste had been
displayed in the decorations. The man
tel piece was studded with a variety of
the choicest roses, and tbe table had a
large center piece made of hot house
flowers. Baskets of flowers were scat
tered profusely around the room. A
feature of the decorations was a bowl of
sweet pea blossoms. The stairway was
ornamented with a rope of roses and
peppers. Tbe dainty skill shown in
decorating tbe rooms was a source of
wonder and admiration to every visitor.
Mrs. Stoneman was assisted in receiv
ing by Mrs. Major True, Mrs. C.J. Ellis,
Mrs. Judge Gardner, Mrs. H. T. Lee,
Mrs. Godfrey llolterhoff, Mrs. J F.
Crank, of Lamanda Park, Miss Wills,
Miss Moore, Miss Craig, Miss Grace
Cole, and the Misses Stoneman. The
ladies were attired in elegant reception
gowns. There was a constant stream of
visitors from .'I until (3 o'clock. The
Musso orchestra rendered selections
during the afternoon. Among those
J resent were noted : 1
udge Gardner, Mrs. Gardner,
Mr. Severance, Mrs. Severance,
Mr. A. Glassell, Mrs. A. Glassell,
Mr. H. Banning, Mrs. H. Banning,
Rev. and Mrs.Judd, Mrs. Hancock,
Mrs. Senator Jones, Miss Chapman, of
Willoughby Cole Washington,
Senator Cole, Mrs. Senator Cole,
Mr. Uodgers, Miss Rodgers,
J. E. Hunter, Dr. Wells,
Baron Stoneman, Boyle Workman,
Major Chaffee, Mrs. Major Chaffee,
Lieut. Fremont, Mrs. Fremont,
Chas. J. Ellis, Chas. Vogelsang,
Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Butler,
Mrs. Shoemaker, Mrs. N. C. Carter,
Mrs. Mead, Paymaster and Mrs.
Mrs. Dunkelberger, Fulton,
Mrs. Mallard, JudgeandMrs.Silent
Mrs. Caswell, Mrs. Strait,
Mrs. S. B. Caswell, Mr. and Mrs. Her-
Mr. and Mrs. Van man Hellman,
Nuys, Miss Alden, Boston,
Mrs.Coombs, Colo., Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
Mrs. Legter Scott, T. Parsons,
Mr. Bertie Crank, Mrs. Betts,
George Betts, Legrande Betts,
Mrs. Otheman Ste- Rev. M. Bugbee,
yens, Dr. and Mrs. Fitts,
Miss Holterhoff, Mrs. J. H. Patrick
and many others.
The following communication has
been received:
"Apropos of the Native Sons' ball,
some of our local dudes who think them
selves the integral male part of our local
four hundred did not accommodate
themselves as well to the order of things
as might have been expected. It ap
pears that when some of these gentle
men who part their hair in the middle
or spell their name in the center became
aware of the fact that some of the four
thousand were present, they formed
an exclusive party in the balcony, and
would not come down and dance, you
"The ladies, however, brought their
manners with them, as well as good
sense, and they remained upon the
floor, enjoying themselves with some of
the four thousand, and when the gen
tlemen above named found out that
they were not missed and the girls en
joyed dancing without them, they came
down from off the perch, and to their
dismay some found the ladies' pro
grammes rilled.
"If the tailors of some of the four
hundred had been present, there would
have been some excuse for the boys not
wanting to meet them, but as it was, a
representative gathering of the youth
and brains of the city, somebody showed
very poor taste in trying to be above
the rest, especially as those entitled to
distinction did not make any difference
between people.
"I imagine that if the Native Sons
would have thought the 'nobility'
would have been with them, they would
have set one portion of the hall aside
for them, and carpeted their portion
with blue canvas to match, and hung
the royal colors of the Woolloomolloo.
"Aside from this trifling episode, the
natives can be proud of their success in
having the most thoroughly enjoyable
entertainment of tbe season."
It is on the tapis that the Los Angeles
Tennis club will shortly erect a club
house and build up seven courts. Sev
eral interesting games have been played
at the courts during the past week. Yes
terday Bumiller and Cochran beat Cosby
and Germain 6-2, 1-6 and 6-4; Coulter
and Germain beat Arnold and Chase
9-7, 8-10, 6-2, and Chalfant and Cochran
beat Bumiller and McCrea. Among the
ladies noted at the court during the
week were: Mrs. Chalfant, Miss Ring,
Miss Clara Carran and Miss Rawson.
An entertainment in the nature oi
flower festivals is to be given beginning
Wednesday evening and continuing
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
through the week. It is to be held in
Illinois hall and -will be devoted to
roses. The construction plans under
the charge of Mrs.Aberthary.show many
variations upon the former flower festi
val. Among them may be mentioned
the tree decoration on the west side,
the hanging garden on the south, the
balconies for the singers and musicians,
the white rose arbor, the grotto of water
plants, the rose petals, and the Indian
basket wall. Some of the best vocalists
in the city are to render selections each
evening, besides the orchestral music,
while Thursday and Friday evenings
the treat of hearing the Mandolin club
will be afforded the guests.
All interested have been requested to
contribute all kind of greens, except
peppers, eucalyptus aud cypress, as well
as roses.
Miss Bernice R. Talbot of Hewitt
street was surprised by a party of her
friends on Friday evening. They ten
dered her a delightful surprise party.
Among the guests were :
Miss O. Bedney, Miss Mary Reed,
Victoria Gradnego, Miss M. Roberson,
Miss M. Prince, Miss Susie John,
Miss hessie Sawyer, Mrs. R. F. Jones,
R. F. Jones, J. M. Alexander,
Isaac McVea, E. D. Johnson,
Bus Bedney, Walter Hill,
John H. Brown.
The May-day party given by Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Perry, at their home at
Boyle Heights, was attended by the fol
lowing named young folks:
Misses Bicknell, Miss Etta Bicknell,
Miss (latch, MissYocum,
Miss Chapman, Miss Beebe,
Miss McCoraas, Miss Potts,
Miss Perry, Mr. Bicknell,
Mr. Beebe, Mr. Ilolloway,
Mr. Teale, Mr. Murphy,
Mr. Perry, and others.
The following ladies and gentlemen
attended the reception at Caledonia
hall given last Tuesday to Miss Flora
Pearson by her uncle, A. A. Pearson :
Mrs. i'tarson, Mrs. Newell,
Mrs. Pinney, Miss Flora Pearson,
Miss Hattie Pearson Miss Maud Reese.
I Miss Newell, Miss Argenta Mc-
Miss Burton, Kee,
Miss Campbell, Miss Tuthill,
Miss P nney, Miss Mcintosh,
Miss Morgan, MissHeiman,
Miss Longley, Miss Klages,
Miss L. Mclvee, Miss Kinsey,
Miss Barber, Mr. A. A. Pearson,
Mr. Ruthart, Ex-Gov. J. J.Uosper
Mr. Webster, Mr. Morgan,
Mr. Jeffries, Mr. Hampton,
Mr. R. Wankowski, Mr. N. Moore,
Mr. Boldt, Mr. Tuthill,
Mr. Peck, Mr. McStay,
Mr. Bin ford, Mr. Wilson,
Mr. Kiiißey, Mr. Klages,
Mr. Campbell, Mr. Longley.
Lieutenant Robertson, of San Diego, is
in the city.
Mrs. William Nile?, nee Starr, of Los
Angeles, is visiting friends in Denver.
Miss Helen Klokke is convalescent
after a severe illness.
Mr. aud Mrs. A. E. Little, nee Etta
Hiller, are at home to their friends on
Van Ness avenue, San Francisco.
Mrs. George Reed returned last week
from her visit to friends in the northern
part of the state, and the genial George
is again happy.
Prof. Payne will organize an advanced
class for ladies and gentlemen Monday
evening, May 4th.
Now that Robert Carter is going to
England, there are many candidates in
the field for championship honors at
tennis. It is reported that R.McKnight,
A. A. Kingsland and Jack Perry will en
gage in a tenuis match on Tuesday af
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walsh will spend
the summer at Santa Monica.
The Herald is in receipt of invitations
for the grand concert to be given at the
Simpson tabernucle next Tuesday even
His Note Given to the Iroquois Club
Must Be Paid.
Justice Austin and a jury devoted the
entire day yesterday to a case entitled
W. H. Holmes vs. Charles Kearney, D.
Kevane and M. C. Marsh. The story of
the case is partly an old one, and will
be remembered by many readers of the
During the campaign of 1888 Mr.
Kearney was one of the active workers
iv the Iroquois club, and officiated as
financial secretary. In some manner,
never fully made public, Mr. Kearney
ran short in hie accounts, and on being
pressed to settle at the close of the cam
paign, was compelled to effect a com
promise. In order to clear himself he
gave his note for $138.60, the amount of
the shortage, indorsed by D. Kevane
and Martin C. Marsh as sureties. The
note was made payable to J. H. Mel
ville, who had been elected as Kearney's
Time passed and the note was not paid,
and finally it was sold to the
W. H. Holmes collection agency. After
repeated failures to collect on the note,
Holmes brought suit, and the case came
up yesterday, The story, as told above,
was given in detail on the stand by the
witnesses for the plaintiff. The defend
ants made, a hard fight, and contested
the legality of the note, on grounds of
undue influence, occasioned by threats
of exposure and publicity made by Mel
ville and members oi the club. After
listening to all the testimony, and care
fully examining the note in question,
the jury retired, and after some deliber
ation, brought in a verdict in favor of
the plaintiff, who was given judgment
against Kearney in the full amount of
$138.00, with interest from date of the
Free for Ladles Only.
A magnificent course of free lectures by Dr.
Robert Brown, the world renowned specialist
and manager of the Occidental Medicine com
pany, will be delivered to ladies only, at For
esters' hall, Main street,nearFirst,commencing
Mouday.May 4th,lectures beginning at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon. Private consulting rooms,
South Spring street. See small circulars.
Consultation free.
Men's Pants at $3.50.
Just what you want for every day wear; some
thing that gives service. Kxamine the panls
stock of Mullen, Bluett & Co.
Some Features of the Services Annonnced
for Today—Events of Interest Which
Will Occur During the Week.
Rev. Dr. Cantine will preach both
morning and evening today in the First
Methodist ehiirch.
Plymouth Congregational church
holds but one preaching service today,
that being at 11 a. m., when the pastor,
Rev. A. J. Wells, will preach.
At the Church of the Unity on
Seventh street, the pastor, Dr. Thomp
son, will preaih this morning on Jesus,
in His Relations to the Christ. In the
evening there will be a young people's
Bishop Nichols, of San Francisco, will
preach at St. Paul's Episcopal church
this morning and administer confirma
tion. In the afternoon he will conse
crate the new St. Barnabas church, at
At Christ church, Rev. W. H. Hill, of
Berkeley, formerly a Los Angeles pas
tor, will preach in the morning, and
Rev. Mr. Jessup in the evening.
St. John's Episcopal church, corner of
Adams and Figueroa streets, will have
preaching by Rev. Dr. Bower in the
morning, and Bishop Nichols will
preach and administer confirmation at
the evening service.
Rev. W. J. Chichester will preach
both morning and evening at the Im
manuel Presbyterian church. The
evening sermon will be the second of
the Eeries of sermons on the Lord's
prayer. The words considered are,
Hallowed Be Thy Name. The first of
the series was listened to with unusual
interest, and the second will doubtless
draw a large audience.
At the Simpson tabernacle Rev. W.
A. Knighten will preach in the morning
on "God operates by Human Wills;" in
the evening his subject will be "A Gar
den, Lovely, Fragrant,or Life's Spring."
On Tuesday evening, next, a concert
will be given for the benefit of the home
missionary society. Miss Mollie Adelia
Browne, Professors T. A. Bacon and De-
Lano, together with good local talent,
will take part in the entertainment.
Rev. George A. Rawson, of Vernon,
will preach at "Park Congregational
church, on Sunday morning, and Rev.
E. S. Williams, in the evening.
At the East Los Angeles Congrega
tional church May floral services will be
conducted today. The Rev. Dr. Lloyd
Jenkins will preach both morning and
Dr. D. Read will preach this morning
and evening at the First Baptist church,
his evening subject being The Relation
of Christianity to the State.
The Young"Men's Christian associa
tion hold their regular young men's
meeting this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at
their building on Broadway, near Sec
ond ; meeting preceded by a short song
At St. Vincent's church, corner of
Grand avenue and Washington street,
the choir will render the following pro
gramme at high mass this morning:
Kyrie from Schubert's mass in F, Gloria
from Rossini's Messe Solenelle, Credo
from Haydn's Fifth mass, Sanctus, Ben
edictus and Agnus Dei from Beethoven's
mass in C, Vidi Aquam, Palestrina. For
the offertory Mr. Chas. S. Walton will
sing the Aye Maria from Wagner's Lo
hengrin ; Miss Kimball, the Veni Cre
ator by Mendelssohn, as well as the Et
IncarnatUß Est by Haydn, and Mrs. J.
J. Schallert, the contralto part in the
Qui Tollis by Rossini. The services be
gin at 10 o'clock.
The music at the cathedral today will
be as follows: Mass in Dby Le .leal;
Miss O'Kane will sing the soprano solos
in Kyrie Gloria and Sanctus; Miss Bur
dick will sing the soprano solo "Et in
eamatus est;" Mrs. Gardner, alto solo,
Agnus Dei; Mr. Joseph F. Nuelle and J.
R. Logic will sing the duet for tenor
and base. Et in Spiritum.
The feast today is the celebrated one
of the rinding of the cfoss, which comes
the 3d of May. It is a festival among
those most observed by the Catholics of
the w irld.
There are numerous May festivals
and socials to take place in the city
churches this week, which will be duly
announced today at the various churches
and will appear in tomorrow's Herald.
The East Side churches have three so
cials during the week—two on Friday
and one on Tuesday night. The Third
Congregational and the First Baptist
were announced to have socials at some
time this week, but the date had either
not been set or was forgotten.
Rev. Mr. Tinker, of this city, the mis
sionary of the Baptist churches, is soon
to return from San Diego county. His
wife and daughter are stopping "at the
Baptist college.
The society of King's Daughter's held
their regular monthly meeting in the
parlors of the First Methodist church
yesterday afternoon.
The Holiness people are holding a very
largely attended tent meeting or camp
meeting at the corner of Ninth and Los
Angeles streets. Three services a day
are held, and the people from several
blocks surrounding, who have no church
in the vicinity, till the large tent to over
The sickness of Rev. C. B. Ebey, of the
Free Methodist church, will not pre
vent the holding of services at the tent
erected by that organization on Fifth
Family Picnic.
The Council of Labor will hold a picnic at
Verdugo park on Sunday, May 3. Good music,
refreshments and speakers Traim leave the
Terminal railway depot at 8:25, 11:40 and
2:15. Tickets, 50 cents for the round trip.
Grand art sale, Tuesday, May sth, at Rhoades
& Reed's auction house, corner Second and
Broadway; $30.00 worth of fine oil paintings
given away. Everyone attending the sale will
receive a chance in the drawing.
Ice! Ice! Ice!
Order yonr ice today from the Cilizen'B Ice
oompany; telephone to Ko tiOii, or drop a pos
tal card to Citizen's lee Company, Center and
Turner streets.
A New Departure.
The Anlicuser-Uush saloon, on North Main
street, opposite Wells-Fargo's office, have en
gaged a first class Indies' orchestra, which will
dispense music nigntlv. Mr. E. L. Sienwieke,
the manager, promises the public a fine pro
We Give Two Pounds
Granulated or cube sugar free with every
pound of tea, also with every dollar's worth of
coffee. Discount Tea Co., 250 S. Main st.
Pabst's Blue Ribbon Beer
Is the finest brewed. Nothing better as a tonic.
California Wine Company, Sole Agent.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation, Disziness, Loss of Appetite, Yel
low Skin? Shiloh's Vitalizar is a positive cafe
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for
you. For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or
Trout, Sixth and Broadway
Use German family ioap.
, Covering Entire Ilody With White
Scales—Suffering- Fearful.
Cnretl hy Cuticura.
My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on m?
leit cheek, spreading across my nose, and al
most covering my face. It ran into me eves,
and the physician was afraid I would lose my
eyesight altogether It spread all over mv
head, and my hair all fell out,
' AWUM/ISSPSe, 111,111 I was entirely bald
t tWflm§BL\*Nsk " eiul od: it then broke out on
,W(Jj™|2l» 'fir. mv R rms nnd shoulders, until
<bmy arms were Just one sore
1 V iSC /<S>f It covered my entire body, my
ftih f= j 'see. hcud, and shoulders he
, \» j lag the worst. The white
-l / scabs fell constantly from my
» \ / head, shoulders und arms; the
" / skin would thicken und be
Bft **sSr'fl. r< ''' XI " 1 T "chy, and would
' . crack and bleed if scratched.
Afti'r spending many bun-
WvOo? ~jr dreds of dollars, 1 was pro
j <tq nnunced incurable. 1 heard
of the Cuticura Remedies, and after using two
5 bottles CUTi-.uaA Kkmolvsnt, 1 could see a
3 change; and afWr I had taken four bottles, I
was almost cured; and when I had u«ed six
bottles of CUTICtIBA Resolvent, one box of
| Cuticura, and one cake of Cuticura Soap, I
was cured of the dreadful disease from which I
I had suffered for live years. I cannot express
with a pen what I suffered before using the
Remedies. They saved my life, and 1 feel it
my duty to recommend them. My hair is
! restored, as good as ever, and so is mv eye
i Rockwell City, lowa.
Cuticura Resolvent
The new Blood Purifier, internally (to cleanse
the blood of all impurities and poisonous ele
ments), and Cuticbba, the great Skin Cure, and
Cuticuka Soap. an exquisite Skin Beautifier,
externally (to clear the skin and scalp and re
store the hair), have cured thousands of casus
where the shedding of scales measured a quart
daily, the skin cracked, bleeding, burning and
itching almost beyong endurance, hair lifeless
or all gone, suffering terrible. A hat other rem
edies have made such cures'.'
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50c; Soap,
25c; Kcsolvent, |l. Prepared by the Potter
Druo and Chemical Corporation, Boston.
tMW~ Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases, '
04 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials.
mPLES, blackheads, red, rough, chapped,
and oily skin cured by Cuticura Soap
C&aV Back-ache, kidney pains, weakness
and muscular pain,
M mV\, relieved In one minute by the
'MM Anti-Pain Plaster. 25c.
UEJ f|f two weeks!
I As a Flesh Producer there can be \
| no question but that
! Of Pure Cod Liver Oil and lipphosphites
Of Lime and Soda
>ia without a rival. Many have (
! wineda pound a day by the use (
{ of it. It cores * j
{ Be sure yon get the genuine as tliere are i
{ floor imitation*, j
II a mine I & Denker's Ranch, Rodeo de
Los Ag-nas,
MONDAY, MAY 18TH, 1891,
AT 11 O'CLOCK, A.M.,
Or immediately after Lunch, which will he
spread for all the guasts uttendiug sale.
Owing to the tact that the undersigned are
about to subdivide their ranch into ten-acre
tracts, owing to its adMptibility for fruit-grow
ing hud the raising of vegetables, it being in
the frostless belt line, and also in settling the
estate of the late Henry Hammel, we will sell
the following live stock:
The catalogue embrace* as fine a lot of graded
Holstein and Durham cows and hellers as can
be seen on liny ranch in the State.
Fresh, or will be In ten or fifteen days.
Fifty Head Lovely Heifers!
Gentle and all large milkers.
Is al<io exceptionall'- fine for orchard work, as
they are low and very heavy set, weighing from
1,000 to 1,150 pounds; 5o head of this class;
also by our Hambletonian horse, a lot of Young
Brood Marcs, Colts and Fillies, Roadsters, and
Family Buggy Horses.
—A LBo—
Two 16-foot Headers, Buckeye Mowing
Machines, Threshing Machines,
And, i n fact, all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments A special invitation is extended to all
to inspect tho land and select their choice, us
the land will positively he sold as soon as the
stock is sold.
Take the Temple-street road, the Pico street,
or Sixth street, by Westlake park. Either will
take parties to the ranch, which is situated be
tween Santa Monica and Los Angeles. All in
formation desired can be had at the ranch, or
at the office oi Hammol & Denker. 117 Requena
5 3td E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer.
pWWi Cures CRAMPS and COLIC.
"It Is composed of the purest
\- —vJ materials, and represents the
[S_Z-55EE?'_\_i full medicinal value of Jamaica
WfjGEfLBRAHI Ginger in the highest degree of ■
l| perfection."
f—- wm. t. wknzell,
f" »j Analytical Chemist.
I Sold bj Druggists and Wine Merchants.
| Jos. N. Souther Manufg Co.
lav) UI C ia QUICK. Others in
—3 a Kin tme" !P comparison are slow or
"3% f~DEAD. Ifsnfferingtry
Ssy/foav- It Penetrates, Re-
V/OOy/yfW(fwV\v\ Heves, Cares.
' /"'/'l'l'Vv\\ All Druggists.
Suited for a Sailor. With a Sailor's Suit or a Jaunty Reefer.
The moment a boy gets out of petticoats he begin 3 to discover that
lie lias preferences, and it isn't a bad thing to consult them. Give the
boy a chance! The sooner he begins to take pride in his personal ap
pearance, the sooner will his self-respect begin to develop. We are sell
ing some of the handsomest boys' suits that ever came out of a workroom.
Nothing that we can say will give you half as good an idea about them as
a single g ance will convey. They are models of neatness, models of fine
Handiwork, models in design and finish, and if you think they an not
models of economy, call around and we will convince you
Our Prices Are Lower Than Any Other House in Town.
We have made a SPECIAL REDUCTION on
Boys' Jersey Suits!
magic dime: savings banks
Given with Every Purchase Over Two Dollars.
H. C. WEINEI,, Proprietor,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
Children's Wool Suits Sale!
Four, Six and Eight Years $1,19
Jersey, with Blouse Waists and Sash $1.89
PHENOMENAL SALE of Blue and Black English Broadcloth
Jackets, full silk lined, tailor-made, worth $18.00, at $6.98.
Still Leads the Procession!
Land and Water Co.
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you must pay $300 to $500 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., Los Angeles, Cal.
A Reputation Gained by Jus
tice and Fair Dealing.
I desire the public to know that
not at any time have I entered the
I sell as low as fair dealing principles will
permit. Inspect my prices and meats, and en
joy the benefit at the end of the month,
Roast Beel 7c to 10c Corned Beef 4c to tic
Pork 10c Cutlets 12^c
Mutton, Legs 9c Porterhouse Steaks,
Veal, Roasts 10c best cuts 12J^c
Steak 7c to 10c Boiled Beef .... 4c to 6c
Chops 8c to 10c Salt Pork 10c
Sausage 10c
Goods delivered to any part of the city free.
4-30 lm Cor. First and I.os Angeles sts.
The careful and proper adjustment of Frames
is as important as the correct fitting of lenses.
We make the%cientific adjustment of Glasses
and Frames our specialty, and guarantee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eyes free. Full 6tock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses ground to order
on premises.
8. G. MARSHOTZ, Scientific Optician,
229 8. Spring street, Theater Building.
Correct fitting of Glasses and Lenses ground
to order our specialties Oculists' pre
scriptions carefully filled Arti-
ficiftl Eves on hand.
Guardian's Sale at Auction
Near corner of Requena,
On Monday, May 4th, at 10 o'clock a.m..
Sound and kind to all harness, well bred, with
a bay filly foal by a son of Dictator, sire of
J. I. C. The mare and foal can be seen at the
stable of Mr. Phelps, on and after Wednesday
April 29th. 3
P. E. KING, Guardian. E. W. NOYES,
\ 29 Auctioneer.
on hand Call and examine our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from |(i.OO up.
4-19tf 211 N. Main street.

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