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A Young Clergyman's Firßt Bermon—Mrs.
Clara Hoffman and the Children's Tem
perance Meeting—Pastors and Printer's
Mark Twain lias poked considerable
fun at those clergymen, who, as he ex
pressed it, "make bulletin boards of
themselves" in these days of printers'
ink, and read endless lists of announce
ments of everything, from a church
social to a lecture. The celebrated
humorist would therefore be satisfied,
prdfcably, with the action of several
Los Angelesjchurches, whose pastors issue
a regular printed bulletin or programme,
which is passed to those in attendance
on the Sunday services, and not only
saves time but prevents mistakes. The
lirst pastor to use these printed an
nouncements was Dr. Cantine, who in
troduced them shortly after coming to
the First Methodist church in 18ftfi.
Several church ia now use such weekly
bulletins, notably the First Presbyterian
and the First Congregational. In tlie
former church, Dr. J. L. Russell intro
duced a new thing last night in the
shape of a printed programme for the
evening service, giving the number of
the hyMtijn, the order of exercises and
the responsive readings.
The pleasant weather yesterday
brought out a good Attendance at most
of the city churches. At the
the pastor, Dr. J. L. Rußsell, preach
ed at the morning service upon tbe
analogy between a tree and a Christian.
He took three texts, and preach
ed in his usual forcible
and interesting manner to a
large congregation. In the evening the
assistant pastor, Joseph W. Cochran,
Jr., preached from the text, Strength
and Beauty nre in Thy Sanctuary (Psalm
xcvi: (i). His sermon was a remarkable
effort for so young a man, and his in
terpretation of tiie beautiful imagery
and poetical metaphors of the Bible was
much enjoyed by an audience that filled
the church to the doors. This was the
young man's first sermon in this church
and it was highly spoken of by all. Next
Sunday evening there will be a child
ren's service in this church, under the
direction of Dr. Russell.
The congregation of this church yes
terday had the pleasure of listening to a
sermon by Rev. E. S. Williams,
of Minnesota. Their own pastor,
Rev. Dr. Hutchins, preached in the
evening. At the morning service five
new members were received by letter
and eight on confession of faith,"four of
the latter being Chinamen from the
mission school on Olivera street. The
Young People's Society of Christian En
deavor of this church was led in the
evening by Miss Mary Bosbyshell.
A children's meeting.
A meeting composed of the members
of four Loyal Temperance legions of
Los Angeles was held at the First Con
gregational church at 3 o'clock yester
day afternoon. The church was" about
three-fourths filled with an audience of
which about one hundred were adults.
The programme was as follows: Sing
ing; reciting the Lord's Prayer in con
cert; song, congregation ; address of wel
come, recited by little Bonnie Irving;
address on temperance, Mrs.
Clara C. Hoffman ; collection ;
singing and closing exercises. The four
Loyal Temperance legions represented
were Los Angeles legion, Morris Vine
yard legion, Park church Band of Hope
and the Commercial-street legion.
Rev. Daniel Read, D.D., preached both
morning and evening at the First Bap
tist church. Rev. A. J. Frost, D.D., of
San Bernardino, will deliver a lecture
at this church on Wednesday evening.
There will be no charge for admission.
Trinity Methodist church (south) will
hold revival services every night this
week, under the direction of the pastor,
Rev. VV. B. Stradley.
Immanuel Presbyterian church was
well filled last night to listen to Dr.
Chichester's second sermon on the
Lord's Prayer, the words under consid
eration being: "Thy kingdom come."
The church is steadily growing, and
thoroughly appreciates its pastor.
Rev. J. F. Collins, the popular young
pastor of the Third Congregational
church, had another full house last
evening to listen to his regular Sunday
evening lecture. These weekly lectures
are attracting more attention every
week, and do not become at all conven
tional or dull. No one ever knows what
to expect next, and are consequently
always surprised and always pleased.
Prof. Warman, the elocutionist and
lecturer, addressed a large gathering of
men at the V.M.C.A. meeting yesterday
afternoon. He was as interesting in his
rather informal talk as he is in his
lectures, and those who have heard him
would require no higher praise than
The executive committee of the
Woman's Presbyterian Bociety will have
an all-day meeting today at Bethany
Presbyterian church, commencing at
10 a.m.
A meeting of the Ladies' Foreign Mis
sionary society of the First Congrega
tional church takes place today
at the residence of Mrs. Mc-
Fadden, 727 South Hill street. Lunch
will be served at 12:30, followed by a
short progr imme.
The "funeral of Mrs. E. A. dimmer,
wife of E. Z. Cammer, editor of the Lan
caster Gazette, will take place from
the Central Baptist church today at 2
p. m.
Temperance people are endeavoring
to arrange for a song service to be given
by Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Bailey, the
temperance evangelists of Minnesota,
who arrived in Los Angeles on Friday
and are now stopping at the Palm
house. Mr. and Mrs. Bailey have a
reputation as beautiful singers, and
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
have had large audiences up in Fresno
and Tulare counties.
Railroad Men Arrested for Robbing an
Old Man,
At 1:30 this morning Oscar Carter,
who had arrived the day previous from
San Kiego, was held up on Alameda
street and robbed of $45 in greenbacks.
Carter claims that he was clutched by
the throat, and the pocketbook contain
ing the money taken. He also claimed
that a friend of his had been struck
over the head, just prior to his being
held up. Five railroad men were ar
rested by Officer Vignes in connection
with the alftiir, which is complicated and
very much mixed up. Carter positively
identifies one of the men, and claims
that all of the men arrested were with
the party that held him up. Carter
says that he left the Vienna Buffet to
go around with the railroad men, and
that they robbed him near the corner of
Ducommun and Alameda streets.
The men under arrest gave the names
of T, Lee, H. F. Shaw, John Rowe,
David Spring and John Merrill. Most
of the names are fictitious. About $75
all told were found in their possession.
Shaw having $57.57 of that amount,
mostly in bills, the kind of money lost
by Carter.
The case is very mixed. The railroad
boys are well known in this city.and one
is a son of a reverend gentleman. There
is no doubt that Carter was robbed, but
whether the men under arrest can be
connected with the robbery remains to
be seen.
The Department Called Out Early
This Morning.
A little after 1 o'clock thiß morning
the fire department was called out for a
blaze over on the East Side. A frame
building on Downey avenue, near Hayes
street, was partially destroyed before
the department arrived on the scene.
The building belonged to Mr. Sale. The
principal damage outside of the building
was done to the harness shop of L.
Hammond. The loss will probably foot
up $2000. The origin of the fire is not
Kx-Lord Mayor Knars Mixed l'|> In a
Swindling; Concern
London, May 3.—A sensation lias been
caused by disclosures arising- from a pe
tition for tlie wind up of the Anglo-Aus
trian printing company. Everech Han
sard was its promoter. Managing Di
rector Bottornly.of the Hansard's union,
now bankrupt, received £87,500 out of
£92,000 received from shareholders, as
part of tbe price of the business,
he was supposed to have acquired in
Austria. In addition Bottonily asked
for the total purchase money of £000,000.
Sir Horace Davey, in applying for an
order for the compulsory wind-up of the
company, declared that Bottomly
had never any business of any
sort in Austria to sell. The di
rectorate of the concern, of which
the recent Lord-Mayor Isaacs is chair
man, in September declared a dividend
of 15 per cent, although the company
never possessed any business. Bot
tomly and the directors, within a single
year, - divided among themselves the
whole capital subscribed. An inquiry
being threatened, they formed a com
mittee, which appointed a liquidator,
controlled by the directorate. The judge
before whom the petition was made
ordered the compulsory winding up of
the company's affairs, and dismissed
the liquidator.
Over Five Hundred Poor Children Treat
ed to California Oranges.
Chicago, May 3.—Over 500 children
of the Waifs' Mission and Training
school were given a treat this afternoon
at Sunday school. Besides cake, buns
and sandwiches, there were six
teen hundred oranges distributed,
the gift of the gentlemen who had
charge of the California orange exposi
tion, just closed. The donors of the
oranges represented Pasadena, San
Diego, Pomona, Santa Ana and Los An
The Winnebago Indiana Disgusted With
* ■ Agrloulture.
River Fai.ln, Wis., May 3.—After
three sucewsive failures at farming, the
Winnebago Indians have made up their
minds to Abandon farming, and will
make no further efforts to raise anything
this year on their reservation. Visitors
to their farms find them all neglected,
and if the Indians are ever civilized it
will be some other method than by pre
senting them a series of sand hills.
Meat Inspectors.
Chicago, May B.—Dr. Salmon, chief
of the bureau of animal industry, arrived
today from Washington for the purpose
of establishing government inspectors
at the various packing-houses in accord
ance with the law passed by the last
congress. This is the first move\n this
direction, and Chicago will be the first
city where inspection will be establish
ed. Dr. Salmon will go from here to
Omaha, and will devote several months
to the work of establishing inspectors
in all the large cities.
More Pinkertons.
New York, May 4. —A morning paper
states that armed Pinkerton men were
last night dispatched from New York,
Philadelphia and Chicago, to the num
ber of 150, to the Pennsylvania coke
Towed Into Port.
San Francisco, May 3.—The steamer
Wellington, which lost her propeller a.
few days ago, while 300 miles at sea, was
towed into this port tonight by the
steamer Montserrat.
Infested Steamers.
City of Mexico, May 3.—lt is stated
that smallpox infests the steamers cross
ing the Atlantic to this country from
Spanish ports.
Elephants have monstrous stomachs.
In New York it costs about $2.50 a day
to feed a full grown elephant.
Flrea Raging With Great Severity ln
Northern Pennsylvania.
Erie, Pa.. May 3.—Forest fires are
raging with great severity along the line
of the Philadelphia and Erie road, and
it is almost impossible for trainmen to
endure the suffocating smoke in some
parts of the mountain passes. In the
vicinity of Clarendon great trouble is
experienced in keeping the fire
away from the town. At Sheffield
the owners of the oil derricks are
fighting fircß, and have so far
managed to save everything except one
or two rigs. At Ludlow the mountains
are full of fire. At Wilcox tires are run
ning up one sido of the mountain and
down the other. Around Johnnonburg
and Ridgway fires are raging furiously,
but the timber does not come in close
to the town, and they are not in immi
nent danger. Game, including deer, is
chased in herds into the small lumber
ing towns.
Reading, Pa., May 3.—A heavy shower
which fell this morning did more than
the bands ot men who were fighting fire
on the Blue mountains could accomplish
in the last three days. After devastating
over 1500 acres, "the flames were ex
tinguished by the rainfall, which lasted
two hours.
A Missing Merchant's Body Found ln the
Willamette River.
Portland, Ore., May 3.T-The body of
William Barber, a merchant of Lebanon,
Ore., was found in the Willamette
river today. He left home about three
weeks ago, and came to this city, having
in his possession several hundred dol
lars, with which he intended buying
goods. His long absence from home
alarmed his friends, who notified
the authorities. Today while the
men employed at Governor Pennoyer's
sawmill were rafting logs, Barber's
body was found. It had evidently been
in the water about two weeks. An ex
amination of the body showed that he
had been shot through the head. His
skull was also badly crushed, leaving no
doubt that, the man had been murdered
and thrown into the river. The money
and papers were all missing, and the
only thing left by which he could be
identified, was a small scarf pin. There
is no clue to the murderer.
Much Damage Done by a Storm at fadu
cah, Ky. *
Padi t cah, Ky.,May3.—Last evening
a hurricane, with heavy rain and hail,
struck town, and in a few minutes the
streets were rivers of water. The rail
road depot, the colored people's school
house and the freight office were un
roofed. The • newly built Third-street
Methodist church was picked up and
dropped into the middle of
the street, a confused mass of
debris. Several mills were more
or less damaged. Over one hundred
buildings were either totally wrecked,
moved from their foundations or unroof
ed. Mrs. Henry. Meyers and three
children were badly cut by broken glass.
Weslev Orr was buried under an over
turned wagon, and Buffered internal in
juries. His little son was also badly
hurt. Several otherß were reported in
jured. The storm lasted until mid
The Superintendent of Census Coming to
the Coast.
Washington, May 3. —The business of
the census office is now in such a con
dition that Superintendent Porter will
take advantage of the opportunity, and
make an extended tour of the North
west. Accompanied by Mrs. Porter, he
left Washington tonight, going
direct to Chicago, where he remains
several days. Porter will stop at all the
principal cities en route to the Pacific
coast, and will spend considerable time
with relatives in San Francisco. He
will also travel through the Puget Sound
country. He expects to return to
Washington during the early part of
Two Hotels and Other Property Burned
at Altoona, Pa.
Altoona, Pa., May 3. —Two fires this
morning totally destroyed theßehm and
Rising Sun hotel, the Altoona com
pany's building and the large Exchange
stables attached to the White Hall
hotel. Loss, $100,000. The fire .was un
doubtedly incendiary.
Many guests at the hotels had narrow
escapes, hut no one was hurt. The
police have arrested several suspicious
characters who are supposed to have ap
plied the torch.
Two Terrific Explosions Late Last Night.
Particulars Meagre. !*
Rochester, N. V., May 3.—A boiler
at the Preigsville salt shaft, near Mount
Morris, N. V., exploded tonight, with a
concussion that was felt six miles away.
It cannot be learned whether anyone
was killed.
Pittsburg; May 4.—-A boiler explo
sion is reported to have occurred after
midnight, tonight, at the Keystone
rolling mill. Several people are said to
have been killed.
The British Colonies Preferred — The
Rothschilds Go Back on Russia.
London, May 3.—Sir John Simon, ad
dressing a meeting of the Choverei Zion
association, today, opposed the sending
of Russian Jews to South America. He
said he preferred the British colonies,
which could easily absorb the whole
Jewish population in the world. He
had reason to believe that the Roths
childs syndicate would withdraw their
offer of a loan to Russia. It is believed
that the Rothschilds authorized Sir
John to make this statement.
Judge Tuft Dying.
San Diego, May 3.—Ex-Secretary of
War Taft had another relapse today,
and his death is now expected at moat
any time. His physicians are continu
ally at his bedside, and are of the opin
ion that if he is able to survive this
attack his chances for recovery are good.
A new complication in the shape of
hemorrhage of the bladder has appeared,
and tonight his condition is critical.
Ran on a Spit.
Marshfield, Ore., May 3.—The steam
schooner Record, attempting to pass out
the river, ran on a spit, and it is re
ported will be a total loss. The vessel
was owned by Stephen & Co., of San
Francisco. At last accounts she was not
broken up, and an effort was being made
to save her. The steamer Chance was
following the Record out, but put back.
Through Natchez Pass.
Tacoma, Wash., May 3.—lt is stated
here, on authentic iHformation, that the
Great Northern railroad has decided to
cross the Cascade mountains, through
Natchez pass, in building to the coast.
Free for Ladle* Only
A magnificent course of free lectures by Dr.
Robert Brown, the world renowned specialist
ami manaeer uf the Occidental Medicine com
pany, will be delivered to ladles only,'at For
esters' hall, Main street, near Flint, commencing
Monday, May 4th,lectures beginning at 3 o'clock
In the afternoon. Private consulting rooms,
816% South spring street, gee small circulars.
Consultation free.
A New Departure
The Antieuser-Bush saloon, on North Main
street, opposite WellsFargo's office, have en
gaged a first class ladles' orcliestia, which will
dispense music nightly. Mr. K. L. Hienwh-ke,
the manager, promises the public a fire pro
gram me.
Pabst's Blue Ribboon Beer
Is tho finest brewed. Nothing better us a tonic.
California Wine Company, Sole Agent.
Use Herman family soap.
BBQNIY— In this city, May M, IMI, at his laU
residence, 6M Ducommuu St., John Begney
a native of France.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
CAMMKK—On May 3, IHOI, Mrs. Ellssnboth A.,
wife of K. Z. Oammer, born in Atlanta, On.,
January 27, 1 H*>4.
Funeral Monday at 2 p. m. from Central
Baptist church. Friends and acquaintances
are invited.
Makes many lives miserable, and often leads ts
self-destruction. Distress after eating, sick head
ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental depres
sion, etc., are caused by this very common and
Increasing disease. Hood's SarsapariUa tons*
the stomach, creates an appetite, promotes di
gestion, relieves headache, clears the mind, and
cures dyspepsia.
In a Terrible Condition.
" I owe my life to Hood's Barsaparllla. For two
years I was ln a terrible condition with dyspepsia.
I could eat nothing hut soda crackers, and my
weight fell from 170 to 188 pounds. Hood's Sar
sapariUa helped me at once, and after mslng 13
bottles I was entirely eared. I have gained my
usual weight, 170 pounds, and have had excellent
health ever since." T. J. Wilcox, 20-26 Ist South
Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Headache—Hot Flashes).
"I had headache, hot flashes, soreness and
swelling across my body, pain ln my right side,
with frequent vomiting. I used Hood's Sarsa
pariUa with the best results. I am In better
health than for four years. Hood's SarsapariUa
Is safe, reliable, and sure." J. C. Willson, Au
burn, Cal.
Hood's SarsapariUa
Sold by druggists. $1; six for 85. Prepared only
by C. L HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass,
100 Doses One Dollar
Hammel & Denker's Ranch, Rodeo de
Los Aquas,
AT 11 O'CLOCK, A.M.,
Or immediately after Lunch, which will be
spread for all the guests attending sale.
Owing to the tact that the undersigned are
about to subdivide their ranch into ten-acre
tracts, owing to its adaptibilitv for fruit-grow
ing and the raising of vegetables, it being in
the frostlcss belt line, and also in settling the
estate of the late Henry Hammel, we will Bell
the following live stock:
The catalogue embraces as fine a lot of graded
Holstein and Durham cows and heiters as can
be seen on any ranch in the State.
Fresh, or will be in> ten or fifteen days.
Fifty Head Lovely Heifers!
Gentle and all large milkers.
Is also exceptional! r fine for orchard work, as
they are low and very heavy set, weighing from
1,000 to 1,150 pounds: 50 head of this class;
also by our Hambletonlan horse, a lot of Young
Brood Mare«, Colts and Fillies, Roadsters, and
Family Buggy Horses.
Twol6-foot Headers, Buckeye Mowing
Machines, Threshing Machines,
And, 1 n fact, all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments A special invitation is extended to all
to inspect the land and select their choice, as
the land will positively be sold as soon as the
stock is sold.
Take the Temple-street road, the Pico street,
or Sixth street, by Westlake park. Either will
take parties to the ranch, which is situated be
tween Santa Monica and Los Angeles. All in
formation desired can be had at the ranch, or
at the office of Hammel & Denker. 117 Requana
5 3td E. W. NOYES, Anctloneer.
t,9lßNr>/J Is composed of the purest
P/. ~x materials, and represents tho
txS2EE?L\I full medicinal value of Jamaica
IDEfLBRAfI Ginger in the highest degree of
J perfection."
r '_ Analytical Chemist.
p.. —sill Sold by Druggists and Wine Icrtbants.
«■■;.-;:;.■,... Jos. N. Souther Manufg Co.
Wholesale and Retail Manufacturers of
Harness and Saddlery Goods,
Blankets. Robes. Whips, Horse Clothing.
Agents for J. O'Kane A J. A. McKerron's cele
brated Hoise Boots. Repairing promptly done
110 South Main St., I.os Angeles, Cal.
Druggist & Chemist
No. 338 N. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Prescriptions carefully coimounaed day and
night- m2l-tf
Naud's Warehouse.
—AND —
General Merchandise Warehouse.
(Successors to McLain & Lehman.)
Pioneer Truck & Transfer Co.
Piano and Safe Moving a Specialty.
Telephone 137 3 Market St. Los Angeles' Cal
Suited for a Sailor. With a Sailor's Suit or a Jaunty Reefer.
The moment a boy gets out of petticoats he begins to discover that
lie has preferences, and it isn't a bad thing to consult them. Give the
boy a chance! The sooner he begins to take pride in his personal ap
pearance, the sooner will his self-respect begin to develop. We are sell
ing some of the handsomest boys' suits that ever came out of a workroom.
Nothing that wo can say will give you half as good an idea about them as
a single glance will convey. They are models of neatness, models of fine
handiwork, models in design and finish, and if you think they are not
models ol economy, call around and we will convince you
Our Prices Are Lower Than Any Other House in Town.
We have made a SPECIAL REDUCTION on
Boys' Jersey Suits!
MAGIC DIME savings banks
Given with Every Purchase Over Two Dollars.
H. C. Proprietor,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
Before using the Anti Vermin Celebrated and Successfully After usu g the Anti
. .t, „ . Tried Vermin and teeth
and Moth Remedy. Remedy
Cmf" By putting this powder under the edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It has the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
pareh,etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MEHLKR, San Bernardino, Cal., r-ole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by C. F. II KIN /.KM AN. 222 N. Main st.; C. 11. HANCE,
177and179 N. Spring St.; F. J. GIESE. 103 N. Main St., and all leading druggists. 5 1 tf
Still Leads the Procession!
Land and Water Co.
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you must pay $300 to $600 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., Los Angeles, Cal.
A Keputation Gained by Jus
tice and Fair Dealing.
I desire the public to know that
not at any time have I entered the
I sell as low as fair dealing principles will
permit. Inspect my prices and meats, and en
joy the benefit at the end of the month.
Roast Beef 7c to 10c Corned Beef... .-to to Oc
Pork lOc Cutlets 12J^c
Mutton, Legs 9c Porterhouse Bteaks,
Veal, Roasts 10c best cuts 12Uc
Steak 7c to 10c Boiled Beef ... .4e to 6c
Chops Soto 10c Salt Pork lOc
Sausage 10c
Goods delivered to any part of the city free.
4-30 lm Cor. First and Los Angeles sts.
The careful nnd proper adjustment of Frames
Is as Importaut as the correct fitting of lenses.
We make the scientific adjustment of Glasses
and Frames our specialty, and guarautee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eyes free. Full stock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses grouud to order
on preip.ises.
S. O. MAKKIn 17. Scientific Optician,
229 S. Spring street, Theater Building.
... , ""%^Cf*
Correct fitting of Glasses and Lenses ground
to order our specialties Oculists' pre
scriptions carefully filled Arti-
ficlal Kyes on hand.
Guardian's Sale atklion
Near corner of Requena,
On Monday, May 4th, at lO o'clock a.m.,
Sound and kind to all harness, well bred with
a bay filly foal by a son of Dictator, sire of
J. I. c. The mare and foal can be seen at tho
s . tab , l , e „ of Mr - Whelps, on and after Wednesday
April 29th. *
KING, Guardian. E. W. NOTES,
*• 29 Auctioneer.
on hand Call and exar, le our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. . ew gun stocks
mad,- from fd.oo up.
4.1 01{ U : SL ' -EIIBECK,

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