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Two Surprise Parties—The Mexican Ball.
Out of Town Events—The Rose Fair.
The concert given at the Simpson
Tabernacle last evening for the benefit
of the lloine missionary fund was well
attended. The tabernacle had been
nicely decorated by Mrs. 0. P. Howry,
Mra.J. E. Murray and Mrs. Brown. The
entertainment proved a decided success.
The Delano Ideal Banjo and Guitar club
entertained with the Montana galop.
Dr. Buell Bang the Arrow and the Song
in bis nsual excellent style. Tom Barnes
was inimitable in his humorous enter
tainment. Miss Annie Poindexter Dunn,
a little tot, played "The Alpine
Melody" to the delight of the
audience. Annie is a wonderful
little violinist for her years. Miss
Mollie Adelia Brown was never in bet
ter voice, and her solo, Nella Oaluna
Dunbel Sogrio, was quite a musical
treat. Miss Brown has a delightful
voice, and was encored several times
last night. Mrs. A. Mattison Hicks
recited the Doom of Claudius and Cyn
thia in admirable style. The Baldwin
children made a hit as usual. These
little tots are remarkably precocious,
the youngest one being especially clever.
The singing of F. A. Bacon was highly
enjoyed, as was also the banjo solo
given by C. S. De Lano. The duet, La
Serenade, by Miss Mollie Adelia Brown
and P. A. Bacon, was very pleasing.
Tbe friends of Miss L.illlie Franks, of
South Alameda Btreet, tendered her a
surprise last evening. Among those
present were:
Miss Gussießrooks, Miss Jessie James,
Miss Honora Vig- Miss Ida Arnold,
nes, Mrs. Jay Arnold,
Mrs. M.J. Hartley, Mrs. J. G.TWorley,
Miss Mamie Franks, Mr. 0. E. White,
Mr. J. E. Tidball, Mr. K. Schumacher,
Mr. Lew Morgan, Mr. John Slim,
Mr. M. J. Hortley, Mr. Jay Arnold,
Mr.FayStephenson, Mr. J. F. Morley.
The grand ball at Stimaon hall on Up
per Main street last night, given under
the auspices of the Junta Patriotica
Mexicana, was probably the finest affair
of its kind ever given in Los Angeles.
Not only were the Spanish-Americans
out in full force, but the Anglo-Ameri
cans were equally well represented.
The vast ball room had been made at
tractive by an artistic disposition of
palm branches, flowers and evergreens,
and tin! large pillars throughout the
hall gracefully draped with floral fes
The music furnished for the occasion
5 was of excellentquality, and the dancers
were accordingly in the best of spirits.
Many of the ladies were dressed in colors,
'the bright tints of which lent an air of
unwonted gayety to the scene. The
Spanish people are everywhere noted
for their dancing, and never was there a
better opportunity offered for the exer
cise of the national talent than last even
. ing. To be sure the floor was in poor
condition, but then each individual vied
with his or her,, neighbor to outdo the
other in grace and skill, and
it would appear as if each had suc
ceeded. The programme had been
admirably arranged and the dancing
was continued far into the morning
hours, and even as the Hebald goes to
press the greater portion of the three or
four hundred guests are keeping gay
time to the music at the Stimson hall,
Following is a list of the committees in
Reception Committee—J. M. Franco,
J. A. Lugo, Ramon Leyva, Juan Abila,
Adolfo Rivera, B. A. Lugo, P. L. Braca
montes, J. D. Vecerra.
On Introduction —F. A. Campuzano,
Evaristo Olivas, J. J. Childs, P. L
Perez, C. D. Fimbres, Manuel Romero.
Floor Managers—Thomas O'Campo,
Billy Sands.
Qn Saturday afternoon, at San Ber
nardino, Mrs. Lancaster and her pupils
gave a recital at tbe home ol Mrs. Byron
Waters. Tho following programme was
Hunting song Mendelssohn
Mies Frances Waters.
. Nocturne op. 9, No. 1 Chopin
Miss Bertha Wilbur.
Mazouika No. 2 Goddard
Miss Bessie Goddard.
Two preludes Chopin
Maßter Archie Gill.
Rhapscdie No. « Liszt
Miss Annie Holmes.
Moonlight sonata Beethoven
Mrs. John Schuyler.
Nocturne op. 31, No, 1 Chopin
Miss Annie Anderson.
La Sultana r De Kontiski
Mrs. Lucy and Emma Morris.
Noturne op. 9, No. 2 Chopin
Miss Daisy Crafts. -.*
Polocca Brllliante Web.r
Miss Lillie Carson. •
Paraphrase de concert (Rigolitto) Liszt
Miss Louise TWogood
Reading Miss Waterman
Scherzo op. 31 Chopin
Mrs. Lancaster.
On Saturday evening a surprise party,
provided with a string band, visited Mr.
and Mrs. Wirsching at their home on
Cummings street, Boyle Heights. Danc
ing and vocal and instrumenzal music
made the time pass most pleasantly.
During the evening a bounteous repast
was served, to which all did ample jus
tice. Mr. and Mrs. Wirsching enter
tained their friends in a most hospitable
and charming manner, and all who were
so fertunate as to be present declared the
party a success in every respect. Among
those present were the following:
Mr. and Mrs. Reese, Mr. and Mrs. Stone,
Mr. Johnson, Mr. Schenck,
Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Schenck,
Mrs. Dr. Seaman, Miss Alexander,
Miss A. Alexander, Miss C. Lyon,
Miss Winston, Miss P. Venita,
Misa E. Reese, Miss Dexter,
Mias M. Thatcher, MiasesEtchemendy,
Mr. Glascock, E. Ruddy,
B. Light, J. Alexander,
H. Johnßon, Mr. Smith, ■
R. Warren, F. Cochran.
The rose carnival opens this evening at
Illinois hall. The promoters have been
untiring in their efforts to give an enter
tainment that will long be remembered.
The following programme haa been ar
ranged for this evening:
Toreador grand march Carmen
Selection Amorlta Theo. Moses
Concert waltz Chas. Bach
Overture, Fest Latann
Concert polka O. K. Conterno
Selection, Faust Theo. Mos' S
Waltz, La Barcarolle B. Waldteufel
Schottlshe, La Guerida ' J. Brenner
The music will be furnished by Musso
Bros.' orchestra, R. V. Musbo, leader.
The S. M. club met Monday evening
at the Ludlam school. The programme
consisted of Russian music and papers
on Russian songs. Mi.s Lockhart, Mrs.
Davidson, Mrs. Wenger, Mr. Byram,
rlighest of all in leavening Power.—U. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
Dr. Buell, Mrs. Betta, Mias Congar, Mr.
Ney took part in the entertainment,
which was voted a success by all pres
Mrs. Dr. McCoy, of Orange, gave a de
lightful luncheon at her pretty home
last Thursday. The floral decorations
were in exquisite taste. The ladies who
enjoyed the hospitability of the grace
oua hostess were : Mesdamea Langen
berger, of Anaheim ; Barlow, Rice, Pre
ble, Van Alstyne and Bartlett, of Tus
tin; E.E.Edwards, Dye and Blee, of
Santa Ana: Skerritt, Gardener and Ja
cobs, of Orange.
The Horticultural Society Holds a
The Horticultural society of Southern
California held a meeting in the cham
ber of commerce hall on Monday even
ing, at which there was a moderate
Fine specimens of fruit and flowers
were displayed by the members, and
the good qualities of various fruits and
plants were discussed.
Measrs. Tomlinson, Denhain and
Schiller were appointed aa a finance
committee, and audited several bills.
The speakera of the evening were
Measra. Tomlinson, Lee, Kruckenberg
and Lyon.
Mra. Hart read an account of the
beneficial effects of electricity in orange
culture. The coßt is about 5 cents per
tree for the season. Fine wire is
stretched from ,tree to tree, and con
nected with a battery. Growth is much
accelerated, but the trees do not pro
duce larger or better fruit.
The secretary waa instructed to print
500 conies of the constitution and by
laws and 500 copies of a circular letter
for general distribution.
At the next regular meeting Forester
W. A. Lyon will read an essay on Forest
Trees. This gentleman's thorough
knowledge of the subject should secure
a full attendance. There is a display of
choice flowers at every seaaion, and the
aociety holds regular meetings on alter
nate Monday evenings. Ladies and
gentlemen who are interested in the cul
ture of flowers and fruits are always
He and Mrs. Friday Do Not Exactly
John Friday, a well-to-do resident of
Myrtle avenue, was arrested yesterday
afternoon by Officer Loomis on a war
rant charging him with battery. The
complaint waa sworn to by his wile,
Mrs. Mary Friday, who accuses him of
beating and otherwise maltreating her.
Friday's own statement of the case is to
the effect that his wife wants him to
sign his property over to her, and haa
now Btarted in to make it warm for him
because he will not do so.
Mr. Friday has been married twice
and his wife three times, which may in
part account for the lack of conjugal af
fection between them.
Bright Women Publishers.
Mrs. Lollie Belle Wylie and Mrs. Epbie
E. Williams are two of Atlanta's bright
and enterprising young women. They
edit and control a society paper at the
Georgia metropolis, write their own
"copy," make up the forma, do the mail
ing, "hustle" for advertising, and are so
energetic And thorough in their methods
that they seem to be on the high road to
success. Mrs. Wylie is well known as a
writer of poetry. Mra. Williams' specialty
is descriptive prose.
Freaks of an English Fog.
Some very peculiar effects have been
produced by the long continued murky at
mosphere at Manchester, England. Ac
cording to observations taken during three
days of fog, nearly six hundredweight of
sulphuric acid per square mile was de
posited round the infirmary, while round
Owen's college the quantity reached four
hundredweight, besides two hundred
weight of hydrochloric acid and two tons
of blacks. The leaves of plants growing
out of doors yielded a deposit of from 6to
8 per cent, of sulphuric acid and. sto Tper
cent, of hydrochloric acid.
A Paris Fashion Bulletin.
The arbiters of attire at Paris have an
nounced the fashionable colors for spring
dresses. They are gray of all hues—"lead
gray," "steel," "glass-gray"—fawn, dust
color, iris—a bluish mauve—lavender, and
orchid —a grayish green. Sometimes the
shades are mixed, such as "cork," "hop
color," "bullfinch," or "sage," shot with
white. Yellow is the leading tone tor
trimming bonnets, "cornflower blue" be
ing almost as fashionable, followed by
fawn and bronze tints.
The Moon Is Egg Shaped.
The shape of tho moon is that of an egg,
not a sphere, asserts an American astron
omer. Ho thinks that the ovoid form "is
tho result of the centripotal force of grav
itation in the mass of the moon, and the
attraction of the earth." The small end of
the moon Is directed toward our globe.
The editor of the Chicago Tribune has
probably run into an umbrella. He
prints this admonition: "No man
should carry a half-opened umbrella in
a crowd. He should either put up or
Bhut up."
"The proper study of man ia man."
The race is acting upon this theory now
more than ever before. An internation
al ethnological exposition ia to be held
at Paris in 1892, with specimenß ol the
human race throughout the whole
A Rod and Gun Club Formed—Tho Bioycle
Boys to Organize Tonight—The Los
Angeles Tennis Club's New Grounds.
There is great activity to report among
the votaries of legitimate sport and pas
times. In addition to the interest now
springing up among the athletes on ac
count of the coming field day, the ad
mirers of other branches of sport have
awakened from their lethargy.
The rod and gun men have just organ
ized a brand new club, which will be
something to boast about in the very
near future. The new club will be
christened tonight. The membership
includes all the leading sportsmen in
Los Angeles. It ia proposed to lease a
suitable piece of land and erect a club
house. The club will be modeled af
ter several well-known eastern or
ganizations. A complete Keystone
plant is to be imported from the east.
Many ctack shots have recently located
in Los Angeles. The new club will send
a team to represent the prestige of this
city at the next annual tournament of
the State Sportsmen's association.
The riders of the silent steed intend to
make cycling hum this season. A meet
ing of the wheelmen of Los Angelea will
be held this evening at the store of
Tufts-Lyons, for the purpose of forming
a club which will be second to none in
the state. Los Angeles boasts of many
speedy riders. Quite a number of the
coast records are held by the cyclists of
Southern California, and the club which
will be organized tonight will contain
more good riders than any similar club
in the West. This is no idle statement,
but can be backed up by the records.
Everyone interested in the pastime
should join the club.
The Los Angeles tennis club has been
managed very judiciously since ite
organization, about two years ago. As
a result the members have decided to
branch out. At a meeting of the club,
Messrs. Forrester, Joe Patrick and Ed
Tufts were appointed a committee of
three to lease new grounds for a term of
three years. They were also instructed
to make arrangements for the construc
tion of a club house and four new
courts. The estimated costs of im
provements to be made will exceed
$1000. The membership of the club
will be increased to 175. The committee
are now busily engaged iv securing a
suitable piece of land.
It will therefore be seen that amateur
sport is to have a big boom in Los An
geles this season, and the Herald will
be in the swim.
Eye, Ear, Nome, Throat.
The specialists of the The Liebig Inter-
National Surgical Institute will be at
rooms 22 and 23, 123 South Main street,
until May 9th, to meet all desiring to
be cured.
The Anheuser-Bush saloon, on North Main
street, opposite Wells-Fargo's oflice, have en
gaged a first class ladies' orchestra, which will
dispense music nightly. Mr. E. L. Sienwieke,
the m. linger, promises the public a fine pro
Is the finest brewed. Nothing better as a tonic.
California Wine Company, Sole Agent.
SLEEPLESS NIGHTS, made miserable by that
terrible cough. Shiloh's Cure is the remedy for
you. For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or
Trout, Sixth and Broadway
CATARRH CURED, health and sweet breath
secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50
cents Nasal Injector free. For sale by Heinze
man, 222 N. Main, or Trout, Sixth and Broad
way. _
Use German family soap.
REES—The funeral of the late Mrs. W.J. Rees
will take place Thursday, May 7th, at 2 p. m.,
from the residence of her parents, Rev. and
Mrs. D. Hughes, No. 843 Hemlock street,
near East Ninth street and Central ayenue.
Friends of the family are invited to attend
without further notice. Interment in Ever
green cemetery.
Makes many lives miserable, and often leads to
Jell-destruction. Distress after eating, sick head
ache, heartburn, sour stomach, mental depres
sion, etc., are caused by this very common and
Increasing disease. Hood's Sarsaparllla tones
the stomach, creates an appetite, promotes di
gestion, relieves headache, clears the mind, and
cures dyspepsia.
In a Terrible Condition.
"I owe my life to Hood's Sarsaparllla For two
yean I was in a terrible condition with dyspepsia.
I could eat nothing but soda crackers, and my
weight fell from 170 to 188 pounds. Hood's Sar
saparllla helped me at once, and after using 13
bottles I was entirely cured. I have gained my
nsual weight, 170 pounds, and hare had excellent
health ever since." T. J. Wilooz, 20-261 st South
Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Headache—Hot Flashes.
"I had headache, hot flashes, soreness and
swelling across my body, pain in my right side,
with frequent vomiting. I used Hood's Sana*
parilla with the best results. I am in better
health than for four years. Hood's Sarsaparllla
Is safe, reliable, and sure." J. C. Willson, Au
burn, Cal.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by druggists. SI; six for f5. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD St CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mail,
100 Doses One Dollar
fIMDrC Bronshltte,
UUIULO Hoarsonsss, Whcoping Cough, Croup,
Sore Throat, Asthma, and every affection of the
Throat, Lungs and ChOEt, including Consumption,
Speedy and permanent. Usauine signed 1 1. B'.tU.
A New Departure.
Pabst's Blue Ribbon Beer
"Oh, you—you—infamous—what shall I
call you?" exclaimed the enraged kitchen
"Call me wot you please, ma'am," re
plied the imperturbable milkman, whose
horse had stamped and spattered muddy
water ull over her. "Call me wot you
please," he repeated cordially, as he gath
ered up his lilies and drove off. "Th' hain't
no rule fur the pcrnunciation of proper
names." —Chicago Tribune.
Kuved from an Awful Fate.
"Suppose," said the interested spectator,
as be |HUSed at the wicked wretch who sat
calmly picking his teeth inside the prison
barf, "that you could he free once more.
How would that suit, you?"
"It wouldn't unit, me at all," replied the
hardened felon, as a great tear of joy slowly
coursed down hia cheek; "my wife's dress
maker's bill falls due tomorrow." —Cloak
Covering; lint ire Body With White
Scales—Suffering Fearful.
Cured by Cntlcura.
My disease (psoriasis) first broke out on my
left cheek, spreading across my nose, and al
most covering my face. It ran into me eyes,
and the physician was afraid I would loße my
eyesight altogether It spread all over my
§head, and my hair all fell out,
until I was entirely bald
headed; it then broke out on
my arms and shoulders, until
my arms were just one sore
It covered my entire body, my
face, head, and shoulders be
ing the worst. The white
scabs fell constantly from my
head, shoulders and arms; the
skin would thicken and be
red and very itchy, and would ,
crack and bleed if scratched.
After spending many hun
dreds of dollars, I was pro
nounced incurable. I heard
of the Cuticuba Remedies, and after using two
bottles cutruba Resolvent, I could see a
change; and after I had taken four bottles, I
was almost cured; and when I had used six
bottles of Cuticura Resolvent, one box of
Cuticura, and one cake of cuticuba Soap, I
was cured of the dreadful disease from which I
had suffered for five years. I cannot express
with a pen what I suffered before using the
Remedies. They saved my life, and I feel it
my duty to recommend them. My hair is
restored, as good as ever, and so is my eye
Rockwell City, lowa.
Cuticura Resolvent
The new Blood Purifier, internally (to cleanse
the blood of all impurities and poisonous ele
ments), and Cuticuba, the great Skin Cure, and
Cuticuka Soap, an exquisite Skin Beautifier,
externally (to clear the skin and scalp and re
store the hair;, have cured thousands of cases
where tbe shedding of scaleß measured a quart
daily, the skin cracked, bleeding, burning and
itching almost beyong endurance, hair lifeless
or all gone, suffering terrible. What other rem
edies have made such cures?
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, 50c; Soap,
25c; Resolvent, $1. Prepared by the Potter
Druo and Chemical Corporation, Boston.
fjgJT- send f.ir "How to Cure Skin Diseases,'
04 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 test! vi onials.
MPLES, blackheads, red, rough, chapped,
and oily skin cured by Cuticuba Soap
W&MF Back-ache, kidney pains, weakness
ami muscular pain,
m MFXT relieved In one minute by the
faY Anti-Pain Plaster. 25c.
Epileptic Fits, Falling Sickness, Hyster
ics, St. Vitus Dance, 'Nervousness,
Hypochondria, Melancholia, In
ehrity, Sleeplessness, Dizzi
ness, Brain aud Spinal
This medicine has direct action upon
the neive centers, allaying all irritabil
ities and increasing the flow and power
of nerve fluid. It is perfectly harmless
and leaves no unpleasant effects
Our fompUK't lor snnerers ol nervous di
seases will bo sent free to any address, and
poor potiont3 can a'so obtain this medicine
tree o' charge fiom ua.
This remedy ban been prepared by the RevereDd
Paßtor Kumig, of port Wayne, Ind., for the pn3t
ten yearß, and is now prepared under his direc
tion by the
SO West Uiilioa, cor. Clinton Bt., CHICAGO, ILL.
Price $1 per Bottle. 6 BoCtl<-s tor 95.
C. F. HEINZEMAN, Druggist and Chemist,
222 North Maiiv> red, - - Los Angeles, Cal
Hammel & Denker's Ranch, Rodeo de
Los Aquas,
AT 11 O'CLOCK, A.M.,
Or immediately after Lunch, which will be
spread for all the guests attending sale.
Owing to the fact that the undersigned are
about to subdivide their ranch into ten-acre
tracts, owiug to its adaptibility for fruit-grow
ing and the raißing of vegetables, it being in
the IrostleSß belt line, and also in settling the
estate of the late Henry Hammel, we will sell
the following live stock:
The catalogue embraces as fine a lot of graded
Holstein and Durham cows and heifers as can
be seen on any ranch in the State.
Fresh, or will be in ten or fifteen days.
Fifty Head Lovely Heifers!
Gentle and all large milkers.
Is also exceptionally fine for orchard work, as
they are low and very heavy set, weighing from
1,000 to 1,150 pounds; 50 head of this class;
also by our Hambletonian horse, a lot. of Young
Brood Mares, Colts and Fillies, Roadsters, and
Family Buggy Horses.
Two 16-foot Headers, Buckeye Mowing -
Machines, Threshing- Machines,
And. i n fact, all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments A special Invitation is extended to all
to inspect the land and select their choice, as
the land will positively be sold as soon as the
stot k is sold.
Take the Temple-street road, the Pico street,
or Sixth street, by Westlake park. Either will
take parties to the ranch, which is situated be
tween Santa Monica and Los Angeles. All in
formation desired can be had at the ranch, or
at the office of Hammel & Denker. 117 Requena
5 3td E. W. NO YES, Auctioneer.
Incorporated March 7th, 1891 Wholesale and
Retail Dealers in
Santa Cruz and Teb.acb.api Lime,
Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Fire Clay,
Lath and General Building Material,
Telephone 183. P. O. Box 13, Station C,
4-7-3 m
Suited for a Sailor. With a Sailor's Suit or a Jaunty Reefer.
The moment a boy gets out of petticoats he begins to discover that
be has preferences, and it isn't a bad tiling to consult them. Give the
boy a chance! The sooner he begins to take pride in his personal ap
pearance, the sooner will his self-respect begin to develop. VVe are sell
uig some of the handsomest boys' suits that ever came out of a workroom.
Nothing that we can say will give you half as good an idea about them as
a single glance will convey. They are models of neatness, models of fine
handiwork, models in design and linish, and if you think they are not
models of economy, call around and we will convince you
Our Prices Are Lower Than Aoy Other House in Town.
We have made a SPECIAL REDUCTION on
Boys' Jersey SuitlS!
Given with Every Purchase Over Two Dollars.
11. C. Proprietor,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
DEIAT H Jli^ft
*£*i-'W r ~ INSECTS on PLANTS
Before using the Anti-Vermin Celebrated and Successfully After using the Anti
Tried Vermin and Moth
and Moth Remedy. Remedy.
tSf- By putting this powder under the edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It has the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MEHI.ER, San Bernardino, Cal., Sole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by C. F. HEIN ZEMAN. 223 N. Main St.; C. H. HA In WE,
177 and 179 N. Spring St.; F. J. GLEBE. 103 N. Main st., and all leading druggists. 5-1 If
■ ■ <
Still Leads the Procession!
re I
Land and Water Co. 1
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you mußt pay $300 to $600 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., Los Angeles, Cal.
A Keputation Gained by Jus
tice and Fair Dealing.
I desire the public to know that
not at any time have I entered the
I sell as low as fair dealing principles will
permit. Inspect my priceß aud meats, and tn
joy the benefit at the end of the month.
Roast Beef 7c tolOc Corned Beef —4c to 6c
Pork 10c Cutlets 12J^c
Mutton, Legs 9c Porterhouse Steaks,
Veal, Roasts 10c best cuts 12Uc
Steak 7c to 10c Boiled Beef 4c to 6c
Chops 8c to 10c Salt Pork 10c
Sausage 10c
Goods delivered to any part of the city free.
4-30 lm Cor. First and Lob Angeles its.
The careful and proper adjustment of. Frames
is as important as the correct titling of lenses.
We make the scientific' adjustment of Glasses
and Frames our specialty, and guarantee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eyes free. Full stock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses ground to order
on premises.
S. O. MARSHUTZ, Scientific Optician,
220 S. Spring street, Theater Building.
Correct fitting of Glasses and Lenses ground
to ordetour specialties Oculists' pre
scriptions carefully filled Arti
ficial Eyes on hand.
on hand Call and examine our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from $b.OO up.
4-19tf 211 N. Main street.
Maud's Warehouse.
General Merchandise Warehouse.
(Successors to McLaln & Lehman,)
rnopRHTOBS of th«
Pioneer Truck & Transfer Co.
Piano and Safe Moving a Specialty.
Telephone 137 3 Market St. fcos Angeles" Cal

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