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None of the Prisoners Give Bail But Pilot
Dill—Few Developments In the Case
The developments in the Robert and
Minnio marine sensation, yesterday,
were not of a startling character. The
seamen are unwilling guests at the Pal
lett mansion on the hill, nnd Captain
Tom O'Farrell and George A. Burt are
by courtesy of Marshal (iard at the
Hollenbeck hotel with deputy marshals,
as guests. Deputy Marshals Tnrble and
Jenkins arrived from San Pedro at 8:30
in the morning with Captain Tom
O'Farrell, Patrick Cain, the mate;
Clans Brederaon, the cook, and the sea
men John Welch, John Gabrielson and
Jem Orsmason. The men were brought
into the United States court on com
plaints which read as follows :
That on or about the 7th day of
May, 1891, and within the jurisdiction
of tho United States and of the circuit
court in and for the southern district
•of California, to wit: on the waters
within the limits of the United States
adjacent to San Clemente island, state of
California, did feloniously, knowingly,
unlawfully and wilfully fit out and arm
and procure to be fitted out and armed,
and was then and there concerned in
furnishing and fitting out and arming a
certain vessel, to wit: the steamer Itata,
with intent then and there that such
vessel should be employed in the service
of a foreign people, to wit, certain in
surgents against the republic of Chile,
to cruise and commit hostilities against
the citizens of said republic of Chile, the
said republic of Chile being then and
there a foreign state with whom the
United States are at peace.
Ball was fixed at $5000 for George A.
Buit, Pilot Dill and Captain O'Farrell.
In the cases ol the seamen, bail was put
at $2500. Pilot Dill was the only one to
give bail, and the genial San Diegan left
for home yesterday afternoon.
The seamen were interviewed by a
Hkkai.i) [man last night. They take their
incarceration rather philosophically,
but think it is rather hard lines, in view
of the fact that they had nothing to do
with the transaction.
"You see," said Seaman Welch, "I
have been in the habit of taking peri
odical trips in the Robert and Minnie.
She has plied between San Francisco
and Humboldt for several years, and we
naturally thought that we were going to
Humboldt again. After we got outside,
the captain said that we were bound for
Santa Catalina. That is about all we
had to do with this matter. We simply
sailed the schooner."
The question arises y the Robert and
Minnie is liable, why are not the sev
eral railroad companies who transported
the arras across the country liable? Per
haps the sorest man in the land today
is Detective Morse, who represented the
Chilean minister at Washington in this
matter. It was known to the minister
about two months ago that these arms
were to be shipped to the insurgents at
Chile. It is also reported that Morse
was retained to keep a sharp lookout for
such a shipment.
Nevertheless this enormous consign
ment of rifles and cartridges were sent
across the continent and landed at Oak
land, where they were put aboard the
Robert and Minnie. There was no at
tempt at concealment, yet the San Fran
cisco alleged detective failed to catch on
until rather late in the day, when he
turned up at San Diego under an as
sumed name—which fact was the next
day announced in the papers of that
city. •
Senator Trumbull, of Chile, the young
gentleman now at San Francisco inter
ested in the succcess of the insurgents,
is a Yale man and is a schoolmate o[
Mr. J. D. Spreckels and of Colonel Fred
Crocker. He is reported to be connected
with the shipment of the rifles and car
tridges on the Robeit and Minnie. A
friend of the gentleman said yesterday :
"The United States marshal was in
structed to seize the Robert and Minnie
on representations made that she had
arms and ammunition on board. Yet the
Robert and Minnie was seized and she
did not have any arms or ammunition
onboard. This fact puts an altogether
different aspect on the case. It might
have been right to seize the Robert and
Minnie with the arms on board, but I
think the officials have exceeded t^ieir
A Libel Suit Over a Lone Widow and a
Antelope valley has once more come
to the front, and this time distinguishes
itself by supplying what promises to be
a genuine sensation. The second chap
ter, which ia now in process of enact
ment, consists of a suit for criminal
libel?the principals being C. A. Ladd, of
the Antelope Valley Times, and S. Y.
Lee., ofthe Lancaster Gazette.
There has been anything but a pleas
ant feeling between the two gentlemen
for some time, and the matter culminat
ed some days since, when Lee published
an article reflecting in no pleasing man
ner on the editor of the Times. Ladd
at once had Lee arrested, and he was
taken before Justice Morris of Lancas
ter, on Saturday last, Constable Mayes
serving the warrant.
Lee furnished bonds in the sum of,
$500, and his case was set for hearing
on the 16th inst. The district attorney
has been requested to Bend a deputy up
to Lancaster to assist in the prosecution
of the case, and as there ia a v°ry strong
feeling between the two editors it is
likely that the trial will be a lively one.
The article in question is a short one in
which Ladd is pictured as being not
what he should be, and accusing him of
having entered a lone widow's dwelling
in her absence and appropriating to
himself a meal.
Ladies' Black Silk Underwear,
Ladies' black silk underwear, a com
plete line, has just been received and is
now on sale at remarkably low prices.
Call and see them. City of Paris.
A Shooting Scrape Up at Lajas
A warrant was yesterday issued for
the arrest of L. W. Pierce on a
of assault with a deadly weapon,
is a rancher living in Lajas c&
tvfew miles north of San Fernando PI <•
Vomplaining witness is a Si'
\>man, Refugia Valdez de Rni
TLeges that a few days ago Pierct
■ the target for his Wincheste
| difficulty grew out of a d,
ait some cattle which were a:l>„ wed
Royal Baking Powder
Is Superior to Every Other.
It is a scientific fact that the Royal Baking Powder is
absolutely pure. ... I will go still further and state
that because of the facilities that company have for obtaining
perfectly pure cream of tartar, and for other reasons depend
ent upon the proper proportions of the same, and the method
of its preparation, the Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly
the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the
P ublic - HENRY A. MOTT, Ph. D.,"*
Late Chemistfor U. S. Govt.
to run at large. Mr. Pierce claims that
ho never intended to shoot the woman,
but that he was after a dog belonging
to her, which was chasing his cattle.
He says also that he did not even see
her at the time he shot at the dog. The
lady came to town yesterday and swore
to the complaint, and the warrant for
Pierces arrest was issued accordingly.
Cast of the Operetta, Golden Hair and
the Three Bears—The Entertainment
of Court Los Angsles.
The handsome residence of Major
Kloke, corner of Figueroa and Twenty
first streets, was a blaze of lights last
evening, the occasion being a reception
tendered the Apollo club of this city by
the Oxymel Literary society, of which
Miss Kloke is a prominent member.
The spacious rooms were tastefully dec
orated, and about sixty guests were
magnificently entertained. The mem
bers of both clubs, together with their
families and a few invited friends, were
present, and the evening was spent in
social converse, intermingled with fine
music and followed by refreshments, of
which all present partook with a relish.
Following is the programme as rendered :
Chorus Fairy Ring
Apollo club.
Essay The Apollo Myth
Miss Hoot.
Reading Selection irom Swift
Miss Orr.
Male chorus Slumber Song
Apollo club.
Recitation Shelley's Hymn to Apollo
C Voglesttfig.
Reading Selection from Heine
Miss Hanna.
Ladies chorus Fidelin
Apollo club.
Reading , Selected
Miss Reese.
Male chorus Breeze of the Night
Apollo club.
All of the numbers were executed in a
faultless manner, and quite a number of
encores were called for and insisted on.
Shortly before midnight the gathering
broke, and the guests departed well
pleased and grateful for their pleasant
evening and happy entertainment.
foresters' ENTERTAINMENT. '
A very pleasing entertainment was
given by Court Los Angeles, No. 422,
Independent Order of Foresters, last
evening in McDonald's hall, with J. A.
Burns as chairman. The programme
was as follows: Brief addresses by C.
L. Wild, D. S. C. R., and C. A. McEl
fresh, D. S. C. R.; vocal solo, Mr. W. R.
Miller; Chinese dance, Laura and Oscar
Cotton ; cornet solo, Mr. E, Peak ; club
swinging, Mr. A. Barber; violin solo
(variations by fitmmell), Master Julius
G. Stamm; recitation, Mr. Tom Barnes;
piano solo, Miss Jessie Miller; dance
(Highland fling), Laura and Oscar Cot
ton; recitation, Miss Ella Nevell; guitar
solo, Mr. Adolph M. Mansauta; dance
(sailors'hornpipe), Mr. Robbie Burns;
instrumental selection, the Schoneman
The object of the entertainment was
to secure new members for the order.
About three hundred persons were pres
ent, and the affair was quite a success.
At the residence of Mrs. D. Gillis, Jr.,
a musicale was given on Wednesday
evening, in honor of Miss Edna Davis,
of Los Angeles. Solos, duets and recita
tions were given Dy the following: Mrs.
D. Gillis, Miss E. Davis, Miss L. Gillis,
J. 11. Destnond. C. M. Phinney, A. C.
Kaufman, W. B. Geiser and J.F. par
sons. Afterward refreshments were
served, and the evening was a most en
joyable one to the guests.—Sacramento
The operetta Golden Hair and the
Three Bears will be presented at the
Grand opera house next Monday and
Tuesday evenings, for the benefit of the
V.M.C.A. gymnasium. The characters
will be assumed by the following
Golden Hair Little Una Fairweather
Woodland Queen.. Miss Alice Austermell
Bard Mr. A. W. Hare
Faithful Florence Austermell
Lighttoot Tlllie Rusche
Frailty Iva West
Airy Fern West
Will o' Wisp '. Annie Dunn
Big Bruin Mr. Malcom Frazer
Mummy Muff Miss Annie Hare
Tiny Cub .. .Miss Lenora Mackenzie
Spirits of the Night—Mattie Hare, Anita
Captains—Frank Fanning, George Hare.
Forest Warden—Robbie Burns.
Queen's Herald and Page—Paul Brown.
Pt)U —Maudic Adonis, Hazel Budinger.
Queen's Attendants—May Williams, Jennie
Jones, Louise Bosbyshell, Agues Hawlcy, Flos
sie Dodge, Edna Murphy.
Nymphs—lris, Virginia Blenncrhasset:
Daphne, Maria Russell; i'hiloinela, Anita
Brown; Camilla, Mattie Hare.
Zephyrs—Fannie Farrell, Ada Ford.
Forest children
Tiny Sweetheat i-Juanlta Austin, Ida Hot
ter, Vera lies, F U-n Green, Bessie George, Jen
nie Molette, Bessie Hare, Vera King, Betsy
Harndon, Ora King, Mabel Molette, Stella lies,
Little Sweetthoughts—Maud Budinger, Josie
Raker, Mamie Spencer, Florence Folsom. Lizzie
Busch, Ethel Levi. ■ •
D'inty Flowerets—Julia Baker, Sadie Hare,
Annie Elßcr, May Rn.ison, Maude Haines, Lily
Forest Prettvrluts—Belle Baswitz, Rockie
Qninn, Mr.ud koney, Amelia Brown, Georgie
Bassernmn, Sad;c Green.
Woodland Guards— Robbie Burns, George
H: re, Frank Fanning, Walter Brown, Edgar
Gaibraith, Tryant Denis, Morgan Galbraith,
Lewis Bas>,Ua, Fred George, Oscar Brooks,
' iscai Leigh 1 ord, Silas Dunsmore
Harmony Orchestra —Messrs. C. Pemberton,
A. Brow ostein, D. Brownsteln, R. Klages, G.
Wilson, C. Wilson, N. R. Martin, Add Day,
Frank Mi?ler, Will Lake, Clarence Stevens, Geo.
Lawrence, Alex. M. Tuthill. Pianist, Miss
Ethel Uaines: musical director, Henri Fair
ither; stage manager, Wilfrida Fairweather.
Jr. and Mrs. F. W. Biles, of Santa
■ ruz, are visiting their relatives, Rev.
H. A. Newell and Rev. Dr. J. L. Russel.
Mr. and Mrs. Hurlbut, of Pasadena,
are expected hotre this week, after a
tour round the world.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Carter, of 312 Jef
f.-raon atreat. will celebrate their wooden
wedding today by a reception from 3 to
9 p. in.
Mrs. Charles Foreman and Mrs. Dr.
Roes returned home from San Francisco
yesterday morning.
The Simpsonian club will be enter
tained next Friday evening by Miss
Nellie SchefTner, of Flower street.
Mr. and Mrß. George Steckel are al
ready domiciled at Santa Monica.
The Man Chosen as Head of California's
Great University.
Stanford university starts out with
every prospect of Incoming the great edu-
cational center of
the far west, if not
of the whole
United States. It
has by far the
largest foundation
endowment of any
university in tho
world, and many
old and noted in
stitutions have
received in all
their history less
than this univer
sity of the Golden
State has at tho
start. Senator Stanford and wife, by deed
of trust in 1877, conveyed to the use ol
the university their magnificent estates,
comprising 83,000 acres of the finest wheat
and fruit lands in the state, cash enough
to complete all the buildings and enough
more to make the total endowment at
least $25,000,000. All this as a memorial
to their dead son.
For president of the Institution they
have selected Dr. David Starr Jordan, al
most a giant in body as in mind, and he
is now organizing the faculty. He was
born in Gainesville, N. Y„ aboub" forty
years ago, graduated at an early age from
Cornell university, and soon became noted
for scientific investigations, especially the
study of fishes. After experience as teacher
and lecturer in various places, Dr. Jordan,
in 1875, became professor of biology in
Butler university, Indianapolis, and in
1879 was chosen president of the State uni
versity at Bloomington. He held that
position until called to the California in
The "Leland Stanford, Jr., university,"
as its full title runs, is located at Palo
Alto, about thirty miles from San Fran
cisco, in the loveliest section of the Santa
Clara valley. The buildings,, now com
pleted nod ready for occupancy, are among
the most noble structures on the conti
He Was a British Officer, bat Is Now a
French Subject.
The innate sympathy between the Kelt
of Ireland and the Frenchman has often
led to strange political complications, and
many a prominent French family is of
Irish origin. The last romantic figure of
this sort is Captain James Dyer MacAda
ras, once a wealthy Irish gentleman, but
now a citizen of France and deputy from
He entered the British army at the earli
est allowable age, aud in time became a cap-
but the Franco-Prussian war of 1870 broke
out while he was at home on leave, and all
his soul was on fire to help France.
Great Britain had commanded her sub
jects to be neutral, but Captain MacAdaras
secretly organized about 5,000 Irishmen,
pledged all hia available means for their
pay and equipment, and went to Paris to
concert a plan for making a descent on the
north coast of Prussia. Before he could
get his force In condition all was lost in
France and ho was threatened with arrest.
He crossed the channel in a Ashing boat
and hastened to Paris, but nothing re
mained save to assist in the final struggle.
He saved part of his fortune, married au
American lady from St. Louis and became
an enthusiastic and popular Frenchman.
He and his wife are among the favorites in
Parisian society, and their house is the re
sort of prominent soldiers.
Monday, M ty 11,1891.
Susan L Mills to M C A11en—13,245 acres in
Pomona being part of land conveyed by deed
568—72 and water; $5900.
E F Spence to J H Bartle—Lots 23 24 37 and
38 bl M, Monroe's add to Monrovia trt 14—09
and water; $1000.
Mrs A M Carle to J II Bartle— Lots 23 24 37
and 38 bl M, Monroe's add to Monrovia trt 14—
69 and water; $10U0,
J B Hinkle to Peter Johnson—lo acres in sec
18 T 1 S R 2 W and water:
H L Flash to the Southern California National
bank—Hurt of lots 13 and 14 bl 57 Ruber trt 2—
280: $7000.
Linwood Salter to Fred A Baumann—Agree
ment to convey W}£ of ViA lot 30 Weßtern sub
of Lick tract.
L F Scott to J D Bicknell—Lot M, bl S Monro
via trt 9—73 and water; $1575.
Est of Sarah A Lee—Decree distributing—
of lot 5 bl 57, San Pedro, to Elizabeth Scott.
ET Barber to Robert Turnei—Agreement as
to sale of sec 5 7 9 17 and 19 In T 6 R 10 W,
seen 3 5 and 7 except NWW, also sees 9 15 17
19 21 27 29 31 and 33 T 7 R 10 W, also sees 9
17 19 21 and 27 in T 8 R 10 W, also sees 3 and
11 T 6 R 11 W, sees 23 25 27 and 35 T 7 R 11
W, sees 17 21 23 25 27 33 and 35 T 8 R 11 W,
sees 579111315 17 21 and 17 and KUjsec 33
T 8 R 12 W, also sections 25 and 35 T 8 R 13 W.
Daniel Grldley to G L Flower—Part of lot 55
Workman and Hollenbeck trt 5—426; 11000.
Joseph M. Ellis and Sarah Louisa Ellis to Me
lissa B Irvln—Lot 63 and 64 L H Michener'ssub
of part of bl U Painter and Balls add to Pasa
dena 14-77; *2300
Number over (1000 8
Amount #2,375
Number under*looo ~ }o
Amount , 3,881
Number nominal 7
Total $26,256
Note—Transfers for which the consideration ii
under 11000 are not published in these col
The Nadeau Hotel
Is being painted with 6herwln-Willlanis paint.
P H. Mathews, agent, cor. Second and Main sts.
tain in the Bengal
artillery. He won
high honors by his
bravery and pres
ence of mind, and
on one occasion
saved the com
mand from mas
sacre by a master
ly movement. Ali
this before he was
thirty years of
age. The highest
honors seemed
within his reach.
Dr. Slvartlta's Lectures.
I»r. Sivartha and Mrs. S. S. Lightfoot
will give a series of interesting lectures,
illustrated with the great paintings of
the New Jerusalem. Ladies are cordially
invited to attend Mrs. S. S. Lightfoot's
lecture on Thursday evening next. (See
advertising columns.) Her aim is to
establish a medical institute in this city.
The San Diego Union speaks of her in
the following commendatory terms :
"Mrs. Lightfoot's lecture in Horton
hall last evening was quite a success.
Her manner of handling the very inter
esting theme of health and happiness
was original, her language and style
chaste and elegant. Dr. Sivartha had
an English nativity, May 10, 1834. His
parentage mingled the blood of both
Orient and Occident, and he thus in
herited a broad sympathy for more than
one race of men.
"Brought to this country at the age of
3 years, a large part of his life has been
Bpent in this country. He seemed born
with an instinct for his peculiar field of
work and discovery."
The scientific works of Dr. Sivartha
are extensively used in the schools and
colleges of this and other countries. He
treats in a striking way all the great
religious problems of the day. Dr.
Sivartha holds that the methods of
exact science not only apply to all ques
tions of religion, but must also guide in
the entire reorganization of society.
Eastern Produce Co., 123 East First St.
Best eastern hams, 11c and bacon.
10c, 11c and 12c; pork, 10c; lard, 9c.
Creamery butter, 25c aud 30c. Best roll
butter always on hand. .
Crushed Strawberries, With Cream,
The most delicious of all drinks, ut "Beck
with's Spa," 303 N. Main street.
90c—White Shirts—90n.
See the big display of 00c white shirts in the
show window of Mullen, Bluett it Co. if you
examine them, you will surely buy.
Choice Fruits—Finest Cherries.
Handled by Althouse Bros. Telephone 157.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yet
low Skin? Shiloh's Vitalize is a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.
Ice! Ice! Ice!
Order your ice today from the Citizen's Ice
company; telephone to No. oOd, or drop a pos
tal card to Citizen's Ice Company, Center and
Turner streets.
' The Wall paper store of W. B. Stewart has re
.moved to 238 South Spring street.
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes—
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky
Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palatable
and Wholesome.
No other baking powder does such work.
2 Million Bottles filled in 1873.
18 Million Bottles filled in 1890.
"Delightful and refreshing."
British Medical Journal.
"More wholesome than any Aerated
Waler which art can supply."
" Of irreproachable character."
" Invalids are recommended to drink
it." —The Times, London.
16 Front Street, San Francisco, Cal.
stfllifT*" * 8 com P osen °f the purest
\fj£. —materials, and represents the
\ / c 5Sf-" \ k full medicinal value of Jamaica
jNGEELBRAIji Ginger ln the highest degree of
L. ra§jp -Jl WM. T. WKNZBLL,
» Analytical Chemist.
" 5 Sold by Druggitti and Wiut Merchants.
j k 'i-;i"."""' r ' Jos. N. Souther Manuf g Co.
copartnership of Hall -ft Hart, heretofore
existing between the undersigned in the city
and county ol Los Ang< les, has this day been
dissolved by mutual consent. All indebted
ness of said copartnership will be paid by Hall
& Hart.
Mr. H. C. Hall will continue the business,
nnd cordially solicits the liberal patronage
heretofore extended to said firm,
5 12tu3t J. W. HART.
It is well said that a gentleman never looks his best ex
cept in evening dress. But it does not mean that the gen
tleman should spend a fortune on a dress suit that he'""may
use only a few times a season.
We Carry a Complete Line of
In Clay Worsted and French Pique, Etc.
-:- CUTAWAY -:- FROCKS, ->
In Broadwale, Clay Worsted, Etc.
in ti v oi;sei y s
We have a Specially Attractive Assortment, in Exquisite, New and Nobby Styles,
equal in tit to the Finest Custom Made, from the most Conservative
Patterns to the Extreme Stylish Effects.
IT. C. Proprietor,
popular clothiers, furnishers and hatters,
249-251 Spring st., near third,
BEN. L. MORRIS, Manager.
Before using the Anti-Vermin • Celebrated and Successfully After using the Antl
and Moth Remedy. Trled Vermin and Moth
CTT By putting this powder under tho edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It hits the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MEIII.KK, Ban Bernardino, Cal., Sole
Agent lor the Pacific Coast. For sale by 0. F. HEINZEMAN. 222 N. Main st.; C. H. HANCE.
177and179 N.Spring St.; F. J. GIESE, 103 N. Main st., aud all leading druggists 5-1 li
Still Leads the Procession!
Land and Water to.
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red
lands you must pay $300 to $500 per acre
for land inferior to oure.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BROWN, Agent,
213 W. First st., Los Angeles, Cal.
Motto :—Good Work at Moderate Prices.
Aim :—To Please Every Patron.
on hand Call and examine our goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from |».0O up.
4-19tf 211 N. Main street.
Hammel & Denker's Ranch, Rodeo de
Los Aquas,
MONDAY, MAY 18TH, 1891,
AT 11 O'CLOCK, A.M.,
Or immediately alter Lunch, which will be
spread lor all the guests attending sale.
Owing to the lact that the undersigned are
about to subdivide their ranch Into ten-acre
tracts, owing to its adaptibility for fruit-grow
ing and the raising of vegetables, it being in
the frostlcss belt line, and also in settling the
estate of the late Henry Hammel, we will sell
the following live stock:
The catalogue embrace* as fine a lot of graded
Holsteiu and Durham cows and heiters as can
be seen on any ranch in the State.
Fresh, or will be in ten or fifteen days.
Fifty Head Lovely Heifers!
Gentle and all large milkers.
Is alio exceptionally fine for orchard work, as
they are low and very heavy set, weighing from
1,000 to 1,150 pounds; 50 head of this class;
also by our Hambletonian horse, a lot of Young
Brood Mares, Colts and Fillies, Roadsters, and
Family Buggy Horses.
Two 16-foot Headers, Buckeye Mowing-
Machines, Threshing Machines,
And, i n fact, all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments A special invitation is extended to all
to Inspect fhe land and select their choice, us
the land will positively be sold as soon as the
stock ls sold.
Take the Temple-street road, the Pico street,
or Sixth street, by Westlake park. Either will
take parties to the ranch, which is situated be
tween Santa Monica and Los Angeles. All in
formation desired can be had at the ranch, or
at the office of Hammel & Denker. 117 Requena
5 3td E. W. NOYES, Auctioneer.
$500 Reward !
WE will pay the above reward for any ease of Llvsr
Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache, Indigestion. Con
stipation or CostivenesB we cannot cure with West's
Vegetable Liver Pit ls, when the directions are strictly
complied with. They are purely Vegetable, and never
fail to give satisfaction. Sugar Coated. Large boxes,
containing 30 Pills, 25 cents. Beware of counterfeit**
and imitations. The genuine manufactured only by
Bold by H. M. SALE & 80N 220 S. Spring it
Directors of the Los Nletos Irrigating Co.
held at Los Nletos April 13,1891, an assess
ment of $1.00 per share was levied on the
capital stock of the company, to be due Iron
date, and delinquent iv 30 days.
By order of the board.
J H. MARTIN. President.
Chas. Lakh, Secretary. 4-21-201

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