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Both the method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste and acts
cently yet promptly on the Kidney s,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system
effectually, dispels colds, headaches
and fevers and cures habitual constL
pation. Syrup of Figs is the only
remedy of its kind ever produced,
pleasing to the taste and acceptable to
the stomach, prompt in its action and
truly beneficial in its effects, its many
excellent qualities commend it to all.
It is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by
all leading druggists.
IOU/Smif '"' NEW YORK, H. J!
Stranger than Fiction
Truth Mighty! Right
Dr. Liebig & Co., San Francisco's Old
est, Most Successful and Reliable
Specialists, Have Opened Per
manent Offices at 123 S.
Main St., Los An
geles, Cal.
Ix)t|\ngele» is crowded with so-called "Doc
tors," incompetent as they are unskillful and 1
unreliable, many being unqualified and un
licensed, whose unskillful treatment is caus- 1
ing thousands of chronic diseases, and on ac- ] '
count of enormous iucrease in special practice I »
in Southern California Dr. Liebig & Co., San t
Francisco's old reliable specialists, physicians
and surgeons, have opened permanent offices
at 1211 South Main street, Los Angeles. Cal '
Dr. Liebig & Co., proprietors of the. Liebig >
World Dispensary of San Francisco, Butte City,
Mont , Kansas City, Mo , have had twenty-five
years' special practice in San Francisco. V'n
equaled success in the treatment and cure of all ,
special, private and complicated diseases of
men. All desiring expert mcd cal or surgical ;
care should call for free consultation at 123 8. .
Main street, Los Angeles, Cal.. where every ap
pliance, iustrumeut and device for curing spec- (
fal diseases is used. All who trust themselves
for treatment at the Liebig World Dispensary
will have the benefit of the combined siill of ]
the stuff of specialists, where tue latest remedies
known to scientific research are carefully pre- I
pared iv Dispensary Drug Store. ;
All desiring speedy, safe and confidential '
treatment should apply to the oldest, liugest
and reliable surgical institute. Having the ma-
Jority of all the important cases of chronic dis- 1
eases of men resulting from badly treated or
neglected primary cases, Dr Liebig & Co. of «
Liebig World Dis oensary, effects cures at half
the usual prices charged by incompetent phy- i
siclans. While diseases of men are specially t
treated, yet female complaints receive careful i
attention. The special surgeons and physicians
of the Liebig World Dispensary are as qualified <
to treat delicate complaints of females as they
are to cure complicated diseases of men. Sep- .
arate offices for lady patients.
Surg oil operations upon tumors, deformities,
varicocele, hydrocele, and all cases requiring l
surgical operations specially solicited and sue- ,
cessfully operated upon.
New treatment has lately been adopted which I
has proved to be the only successful method of j t
curing weakness, spermatorrhoea, nervous de- i
bility, loss of vigor, vitality or manhood.
The new illustrated family surgical paper '
should be read by the sick and the well—a fam
ily medical journal, every line of it: a surgical ,
paper, every Inch of it; contains more valuable '
information than all the family doctor books I *
combined, and sent free to any address. The
very latest confidential book for men is alsosent .
free to men stating age and symptoms of their '
Pationts out of Los Angeles treated by corres
pondence, and remedies, securely packed, sent
by express. Surgeons will visit country pa- .
tients to perform surgical operations when de- | '
sired. 1
The lady surgeon of the Liebig World Dispen- I
sary of San Fraucisco will personally superin- >
tend the treatment of all delicate, intricate, i
weakening and complicated di*eas'?s of women; j
also personally perform al) surgical operations
known to modern Bcience, at the Los Angeles 1
Surgical Institute and Liebig World Dispensary, 1
at 123 South Main street, Los Ang. les, Cal.
"By ft thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
and nutrition, and by a careful application of
the tine properties ol well selected Cocoa, Mr.
Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a
delicately flavored beverage which may save us
many heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judi- i
clous use of such articles of diet that a constitu- ,
tionmay be gradually built up until strong .
enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun- j
dreds of subtle maladies are floating around us
ready to attack wherever there is a weak point.
We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping
ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a
properly nourished frame." —Civil Service Ga
zette. Made simply with boiling water or milk, i
Sold only in half-pound tins, by grocers, labeled
J AMES EPFS & CO., Homoeopathic Chem
ists. London, England.
j Company.—Location and principal place
of business, Los Angeles city, California. There
is delinquent upon the following described
stock, ou account of assessment levied Febru
ary 27, 1891, the several amounts set ■ pposite
the uames of the respective shareholders, as
C 24 100 $200.00
A. Gayford > 25 100 200.00
( 2(> 100 200.00
C. Cole 2UO 50 10<>.00
8 P Rees i 33 fto 100 00
a. i. ttees j 34 50 ioo.OO
T. Bennington 82 20 40.00
C. B. Woodhead ... 250 7 14.00
Jennie L. Wicks ... 248 300 000 00
M. L. Wicks 257 50 100 00
And in accordance with law and an order ol
the Board of Directors, made on the 31st day of
March, 1891, so ninny shares ef each parcel of
said stock as may be necessary will be sold at
No. 200 N. Los Angeles street, Los Angeles city,
on the 20th day of April, 1891, at 11 a m. of
said day, to pay delinquent assessments there
on, together with costs of advertising and ex
pense of sale.
4-4-td F. E FRANTZ, Secy.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors, held
on the 20th day of April, 1891, it was resolved
that the abuve advertised sale of stock be post
poned to Wednesday. May 20, 1891
4 21td F. E. FRANZ, Secretary.
He Arrives Last Night, Just From the
East—A Notice Which Tells All About
''Here I am, just from the east, and
here's my notice," said Lewis the Light
as he walked into tho news room of the
Hkrald last night. "I may be here
some time, but I can't tell," and out he
went, responding to a query: "Yes,
I'm the Iron Rod."
Los Angeles, Now.
My Hkrald : If you'll tumble to the
racket (Gen. 49, 10) IAM I. (Rev. 1,
18.) The Iron Rod is here. He (12,25)
who swallows up those other rods. My
pretty deputy, Billy the 2th (or 2 times)
and hia satellite, that prince of blood
and iron, are not in it, in comparison
with Lewis the Light. (Dan. 7, 11.)
The Messianio Age (Dan. 8, 5) is here—
in A Horn.—The Living Man, Prince
and Ruler of this present World. lAm
that I Am f3,-4, Rev. 11,15) just the
Genius to blow it, for This World's Fair.
That Pastor who forgot to boom Me as
The Practical-Dreamer & Gen- (41, 381
ius, eulogized Me & My Act (17, 28, 31)
as The Shepherd; (Zech. 11, 15) indi
rectly, in today's Hkrald (Zech. 5, 1)
The Centre Eye, Is (11, 1, 5)
Lewis the Light.
Mrs. C. S. Martin entertained the fol
lowing guests at luncheon today: Rev.
Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Pullman, Mrs. E. C.
Bradley, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Mills and
Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore.
W. L. Wotkyns and H. H. Rose are
on a trout-fishing excursion up the San
Gabriel cafiou.
A children's entertainment under the
auspices of the Ladies' Guild, for the
benefit of All Saints church, will be
given at Morgan next Saturday after
noon at 2:30 o'clock.
A very pleasant reception was ten
dered Dr. and Mrs. Pullman at the
Carleton parlors last evening. The
members of the Universalist parish and
a number of their friends were present.
A line musical programme was ren
dered, and refreshments, consisting of
and ices, served.
The lecture tonight by Rev. Dr. Pull
man will be one of the rarest literary
treats ever afforded the people of Pasa
dena, and should be heardbyeveryman,
woman and child in the city.
Mrs. H. H. Markham arrives from
Sacramento today.
Mn. Kuntz has returned from River
Suit has been brought against Drs.
Hodge and Philbrook, for malpractice,
in the case of Edwin Hoffman, who sus
tained painful injuries by falling from
the roof of the Stanton house, last Sep
tember. The plaintiff sues for $25,000.
The Falcon, from San Pedro, cruised
around the bay ail Sunday forenoon,
finally anchoring oft' the canon, where
a smail boat went ashore, landing sev
eral passengers.
W. T. Belding has rented the Withe
row cottage, on the south side, where
the gentleman and his family will en
joy the summer months.
Colonel and Mrs. E. K. Chapin left
this morning for Arrowhead hot springs,
where they will remain during the next
few week 3. The colonel, who has been
ailing for the past few months, goes in
the hope that the change will prove
beneficial, and the best wishes of the
entire community go with them.
C. F. Lemon, wife and family are at
the Arcadia.
Mrs. Senator Jones presided at the
piano at the concert given by the ladies
at the closing of the flower festival,
when R. P. Carter charmed the audi
ence by his matchless singing.
Judge Campbell spent Sunday here,
whiling away a few leisure hours.
Geoige Webb, of the Wolfskill tract,
spent Sunday here looking for suitable
quarters for "his family.
Captain E. P. Thompson, of Pasadena,
paid a flying visit to the seashore, today.
C. H. Dow, Earnest Dockstader, Miss
Allie Peyton, H. P. Piatt, Misa Lizzie
Wilson, L. G. Jessup, Mr. and Mrs. L.
P. Sweeney and child are amongst the
late arrivals at the Jackson house.
Several parties here, particularly a
comespondent at this place, have tried
to saddle on your correspondent the
authorship of "the article in Sunday's
edition of the Los Angeles World, about
Santa Monica. I take this opportunity
of denying the same, never having been
the correspondent of the World, never
having written a line for the same,
never having been requested to act as
There will be held a social at the resi
dence of Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy, on
Sixth street, Thursday, given by the
ladies of the Episcopal church. The
ladies are arranging a fine programme,
which will furnish a treat for their
Among the many who enjoyed Sun
day here were Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Dye
and family. Willis Hendershot, Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Samuels.
Edmund Emerson has purchased the
Y. C. Daly cottage, on Fourth street, for
if] 000.
Frank J. Capitan, George Basseruian,
T. M. Crawley, Dr. Ainsworth enjoyed
Sunday here.
Mr. Kipp brought down a 'bus load of
jolly Angeleflos Sunday, consisting of
Mr." and Mrs. H. J. Stuhr and family,
Judge Staaton, Constable Rogers, Theo
dore Tights, Chas. McNally, Henry and
Fritz Schemmel and many others. Af
ter enjoying the beach they drove to the
canon, where Mendel Meyer entertained
them in a royal manner, in his own in
imitable manner, at the picnic garden,
where Mr. Meyer presides. The spot is
an ideal one for a picnic; and Mendel,
while he drives dull care away by his
pleasing yarnß and the melody of his
violin, makes the ideal host. The party
returned home more than pleased with
their day's outing, promising to come
The Rev. George P. Kimball preached
to a large congregation on Sunday even
ing, at the Congregational church, on
the subject of the Importance of Little
Things, handling his theme in an able
manner. H.
The Gold Medal Won by Ludweg
The regular monthly competitive shoot
of the members of the Turnverein shoot
ing club took place Sunday, at the range,
in East Los Angeles. The prize for the
best shot, which is a handsome gold
medal, and which must be won three
times in succession, was won by Lud
weg Wundhamer, of Slotterbeck's gun
A Lot of New Names Added to the
The chamber of commerce seems to
be taking a new lease of life. Mayor
Hazard has taken hold oi Hie matter of
getting members, and the result is that
about 100 names have been added to the
list. On Saturday the following were
American Fish company, 302 South
Spring; B. A. Breakey,l3s South Spring;
William H. Burns, proprietor Nadeau
hotel; James G. Bennett, Hotel Nadeau;
J.B.Brown, 111 North Spring; Judge
Anson Brunson, Phillips block; Charles
F. Bicknell, 1455 Wright street; O. W.
Childs, jr., 118 South Main; N.C.Car
ter, Sierra Madre; James Campbell, box
987; Alex. Campbell, Temple block; B.
Cohen, Vienna bakery; A. N. Courtney,
assistant manager Russ Lumber and
Mill company, Redlands; A. E. Davis;
T. H. Duzan,"l26 South Spring. C. B.
& Q.; R. G. Dunn & Co., per
Louis F. Vetter, 232 North Main street;
Chas. Eaton, Hollenbeck hotel building;
Adolf Ekstein, Third and Broadway;
Fixen, Baade & Co., 321 South Spring;
C.L.Fisher Co., Nadeau hotel; J. C.
Fitzhenry, 255 South Spring; H. Ger
main, 123 South Spring; J. M. Hale, 109
North Spring; E. H. Hutchinson, city
hall; Hellman, Waldeck & Co., 217
North Spring; R R. Haines, 125 West
First; Daniellnnes,l33l Carroll avenue;
M. D. Johnson, city hall; C. E.Kibbey,
122 South Spring; Kahn & Aaron, 137
South Spring; R. C. Kirkpatrick, 115y,
North Main ; J. A. Kelly, court house;
F. E. Lopez, city hall; F. M. Mickell,
932 Hawkins street; Merriam & Co.,
127 South Spring; C. McFarland, city
hall; 11. H. Metca'.f, 300 South Olive
street; Olcovich Bros., per Joseph 0.,
317 South Spring; John P. P. Peck, 213
West First; Patrick Bros.. 148 North Los
Angeles; W.H. Person,ll9 North Spring;
C. H. Parker, corner Broadway and
Third street; Jno. S. Park, City bank;
W. H. Rhodes, 1721 South Main ; W.W.
Robinson, mayor's office; Albert Rim
pan, 1208 South Main; Samuelßees,632'
Britannia street; C. F. Rutan, Abstract
building; Siegel, the hatter, 103 South
Spring; Jas. A. Shepard. 103 North
Spring; 3. F. Sartori, 148 South Main;
J. J Sehallert, 121 WeetEleventh street;
Spencer N. Bewail, 220 West First
street; F. W. Thompson, agent C. R. I.
& P. railway, 138 South Spring; Jno. Q.
Tufts. 132 South Spring: Freeman G.
Teed, city hall; The Unique, Julius
Lobl, 258 South Spring; E. Wineburgh,
309-311 South Spring; T. Wiesendanger,
Brypon-Bonebrake block; F.R.Willis,
1-4 Rogers block.
Something About the Man Who Is Try
ing to Cope with James G. Blame.
The diplomatic duel between Italy and
the United States has brought the Marquis
di Rudini, the new Italian premier, into
world wide attention. Secretary Blame
has been more
than a match for
his noble adver
sary, but the mar
quis has undoubt
edly shown a keen
appreciation of
the temper of his
countrymen, who
wish to preserve
the old time senti
mental notions of
patriotism while
endeavoring to
take advantage of
the more practical
statesmanship of
the times. The Marquis di Rudini is a
handsome man of magnificent physique.
He is fifty-two years old, and shrewd ana
resourceful in politics. His attitude to
ward the United States is believed to have
arisen from a conviction that an appeal to
patriotism at this juncture would avert
unpleasant domestic difficulties, one result
of which might be the return of Signor
Criipi, the former premier, to power.
Rudini first came into prominence in
1866, when he was mayor of Palermo. Tho
rabble burst into revolt and threatened to
sack the city. He managed to keep them
in check until the arrival of royalist
troops, who inflicted terrible punishment
upon the insurgents and effectually quelled
their disaffected spirit. Three years later
he became minister of the interior.
The marquis is a native of Sicily, where
the dreaded Mafia, which was the prime
cause of this last international hubbub,
Canada's Colored Lawyer.
Canada has but one colored lawyer, and
as he has shown much ability and a good
share of "horse sense" the people of the
Dominion are not only proud of him, but
the class of candidates. Mr. Davis is at
present clerk, treasurer and auditor of Col
chester North and solicitor for the town of
Amherstburg. He ia also president of the
board of directors of the Wilberforce Edu
cational institute of Chatham.
The worst attacks of indigestion Simmons
Liver Regulator never fails to relieve.
It Is Wonderful.
The immense sale now going on at N. W. cor
ner Spring and First sts., of the celebrated lirst
quality white shirts ut only 90e.
To the California Wine Company, 222 S. Spring
St., for the linest wines and liquors.
In all flavors, at "Beckwith's Spa," 303 N.
Main street, near Temple.
Ohio & Miw.Rati WM. , ,
r,ai t> v . - a /io Dolphin Street,
(Uliee President and „. r ,
~ , „ Baltimore, Md.,
General Maniiger, , , ' •
~ . ~„,■„ Jr.n'j-18,1S00,
Cmcinnntt, Ohio ~, . .' . .
"My foot suddenly ~ 1 b ™f c <\ M "
turned and gave me ly in liipcndsido by
a very severely a fall and suffered »e
-spndned ankle, 'lho K » r rr .r,i «rm
application of St. sorely. St. JIOODSOII
Jacobs Oil resulted at compl o t c 1 y cured
once in arelief fiom , ue ." Wm, C. Harden,
PU w"w. Peabodv, Member of State
Prest.&Gen'lMan'gr Legislature.
also make him
something of a
pet. His name is
Delos R. Davis,
and he was born
at Colchester in
1846. For years he
worked at all sorts
of hard, manual
labor, yet made
time to study. In
1886 he was called
to the bar by the
benches of the On
tario Law society.
He stood first in
Drop a Postal
Delightful Summer Beverages,
The selections rendered in the parlors
of the Redondo hotel by the orchestra
last evening were beautiful, indeed,
and admirably rendered.
The work of replanting several of the
large flower beds on the grounds of the
Redondo hotel company is now going on.
They will contain many choice plants
and improve the surroundings greatly,
but to an easterner, unaccustomed to
flowers in such profusion, they were
quite pretty enough before.
J. M. Odmer, of Lynn, Mass., a large
manufacturer of that city, is a guest of
the Redondo hotel.
Other arrivals include P. P. Luck, Wy
oming; P. P. Frasee, Australia; B.
Rowe, Lordsburg, Cal.; Henry R. Belur,
Edward A. Younger and wife, A. Dalton
Harrison, G. Zeil, San Francisco; Harry
Brook, George W. Parsons, W. M. Shel
don, Los Angeles; F. J. Knowing, Lon
don, England; W. D. Ridelsperger, Miss
Kidelsperger, Warren, Pa.
The steam schooner P. S. Jewell ar
rived today from the Columbia river,
Captain R. Johnston, with 12,000 ties
for the Terminal railway company.
Sudden Deaths.
Heart disease is by far ,the most frequent
cause of sudden aeuth, which in three out of
four enses is unsuspected. The symptoms «re
not generally understood. These are: A habit
of lying on the right side, short breath, pain or
; liistress in side, back or shoulder, irregular
pulse, asthma, weak mid hungry spells, wind in
i stomach, swelling of ankles or dropsy, oppres
! sinn, dry cough and smothering Dr. Miles'
I illustrated book on heart disease, free at all
I druggists, who sell and guarantee Dr. Miles'
I unequaled New Heart Cure, and his Restorative
I Nervine, which cuics nervousness, headache,
I sit splcssness, effects of drinking etc. It con
tains no opiates.
Mullen, Bluett & Co.'s full dress suits.
Kjke Phosphate,
New popular eastern drink, to be obtained only
afßeckwlth'sSpa." Try it. 303N.Mai*st.
Thoold idea was that facial eruptions weia
due to a "blood humor," for which they
gave potash. Tliustheoldfarssparillascon
taln potash, a drastic mineral, that instead
of decreasing, actually creates more erup
tious. You hare noticed this when taking
othcrSarsaparillas. It is however now known
that the stomach, the blood ercsting power,
is tho seat of all vitiating or cleansing oper
ations. A stomach clogged by indigestion or
constipation, vitiates tho blood, result pim
ples. A clean stomach and healthful di
gestion purifies it and they disappear. Thus
Joy's Vegetable Sarsaparilla is compounded
after the modern idea to regulate the bowels
and stimulate the digestion. The effect is
Immediate. A short testimonial to contrast
the action of the potash Sarsaparillas and
Joy's. Mrs. C. D. Stuart, of 400 Hayes St.,
S. F., writes: "I have for yeira had indi
gestion. I tried a popular Sarsaparilla but it
actually caused more pimples to break out
on my face. Hearing that Joy's was a later
preparation and acted differently, I tried It
and the pimples Immediately disappeared."
JUJJ Sarsaparilla
Largest .bottle, most effective, same price.
For Sale by Off & Vaughn, the Druggists.
the County of Los Angeles, State of Cali
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Co., plaintiff,
vs. Clarence W. Scott, is executor of the last
will of John A. Anderson, deceased: Sadie E.
Scott, John E. Anderson and tieorge W. Scott,
Action brought in the Superior Court of the
State of California, in and for the Coanty of
Los Angeles, aud the complaint filed in said
County of I.os Angeles in the office of tf*e derk
of said Superior Court.
The people of the State of California send
greeting to Clarence W. Scott. Sadie E. Scott,
John E. Anderson and tieorge W. Scett, de
You are hereby required to appear in an
action brought against you by the above-aumed
plainlill in the .-uperior Court of the State of
California, in and for the County of Los An
geles, and toanswerthecomplaintiiled therein,
within ten days (exclusive of ihe day of ser
vice) after the aeririee on you of this summons,
if served within this couuty: or If served else
where, within thirty days, or judgment by de
fault will be taken against you according to
the prayer of said complaint.
The said action is brought for the purpose of
acquiring, by condemnation, for use as* right
of-way. and for statiou and yard purposes for
the line of railroad now being constructed by
plaintiff from a point ou Downey a viru-. in
the City of Los Angeles. County of Los Angeles,
and State of California, to a point on the Bay of
San Pedro, in said county, lots one 1) and
twelve (12), in block "1" of the Clemant tract,
In said City o£ Los Angeles, as the same is
shown upon a map of said Clement tract re
corded in book 17, on page 41, of the Miscella
neou < Records of said county, which laid lots
are the property of defendants; and plaintiff
seeks to acquire them for such uses and pur
poses as are necessary and incident to-the con
struction, maintenance and operation of Its
said line of railroad along, near and'over the
same. Reference is had to complaint for par
ticulars and for a more particular description
of said lots or parcels of land sought to be ac
quired by this action.
And you are hereby notified to appear and
show cause why the property described should
not be condemned as prayed for in the com
plaint, and that if you fall to appear and an
swer to the said complaint as above required
the said plaintiff will cause your default to be
entered, and will apply to the court for the re
lief demanded in the complaint.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
| Superior Court of the State of CiJifornia, in
! and for the County of Los Angeles, this ltith
i day of Febraary, in the year of our Lord one
I thousand eight hundred and ninety-one.
fSEAL.I T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By D. E. Adams, Deputy.
Gibbon & Creighton, attorneys for plaintiff,
Los Angeles Theater building, lios Angeles,
Cal. 3-31 lOt tues
Society, a corporation, plaintiff, vs. Emily
J.Valentine, James K. Mulkey. The National
Bauk.of California at Los Angoles. and the Ab
stract and Title Insurance Company of Los
Angeles, defendants.
Sheriffs sale No. 14.393.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
Unde» and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure aud sale, issued out of
tha Superior Court of the County of Los An
geles, of the State'of California, on the Bth day
of: May, A. D. 1891, in the above entitled,
action, wherein The German Havings Bank and
Loan Society, a corporation, the above named
plaintiff, obtained a judgment and decrue
of foreclosure and sale against Emily J. Valea
tine, et al., defendants, on the btn day of
May, A. D. 1891, for tha sum of »14,88(>.!>0,
lawful money of the ITnlted States, which
said decree was, on the Bth day of May, A.
Ik 1891, recorded in Judgment Moo* 125 of said
Court, at page 2«1, 1 am commanded to
sell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land situate, lying and being in the City of Los
Angeles, County of Lcs Angeles, State oil Cali
fornia, and bounded and described as follows:
Lot twenty-three (23), in block D, of the
Ri vara and Vignolo tract, frontiug 3(> feet and 9
inches on the easterly side oi Main street aud
extending in an easterly direction with even
width 140 feet to an alley, per map of said
tract recorded in book 5 of miscellaneous
records, at page 110 of records of Los Angeles
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging, or iv anywise appertaining
Public notice is hereby given that on Thurs
day, the 4th day of June, A. D. 1891, at
12 o'clock M. of that day, in front of the Court
House door of the County of Los Angeles, I
will, In obedience to said order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, sell the above de
scribed property, or so much thereof as may be
necessary to satisfy said judgment, with inter
est and costs, etc., to the highest and best bid
der, for cash, lawful money of the United
Dated this 11th day of May, 1891.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Chapman <& Hendricks, Att'yi tor Plaintiff.
5-12 tu4t
discount" sale of
7c Wall Paper reduced to 4 i-2c
ioc White Blanks reduced to 7c
25c Gilt Paper reduced to ioc
Elegant Gilt Paper 15c, 20c, 25c
Elegant Embossed Gilt Paper 20c, 25c, 30c
Ingrain Papers J SC
Hand Goods and Leathers reduced 25 per cent.
5-10-1 m
—Si OF THE if-
A Nobby $25.00 Spring Suit for. $20.00
A Stylish $20.00 Spring Overcoat for 15.00
A Plain Corkscrew $8.00 Pants for 6.50
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And all other goods at same discount.
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The Celebrated Chinese Physician.
For m*»r years I have been troubled with f*^ he T^L d
lung disease which finally ended in asthma »™» 'e'ure me withinYwo In
and consumption. t m less than that period my strength came back,
I consulted with the best physicians I could health was restored, and ever since
find, but they did me uo benefit, but on the .i.Bti havp Iwpii n well and h»»nv man
contrary I got worse and worse, until I was told th &lwy aS?1891. mTcRAIO.
by one oS them I could not recover. Dr. Woli ' ' l ° a3 - 2076 Temple street,
took me in this condition. He has in two Los Antreles Cal'
months' time entirely n-jired me. I most 1
cordially recommend him ( to all sufferers Dry Woh WM recommGn ded to me by a friend.
M , _ . F ; „,5 „ ,V', I had been troubled for years with indigestion,
~ , . 3-2o Bojcl St., Los cal. causing fearful headaches au4 virtigo, making
May IsS, 18.(1. my life one of misery. I tried and paid the
best physicians without relief. Finally, to
For eight months past my wife was a great please my friend, I visited Dr. Woh at his of
sufferer from female troubles. For days at a flee, and he advised with me and gave me
time her puin was so severe that no r-st could medicines. This was but six weeks ago. To
she obtain or sleep at night. Unwillingly I day I can truthfully say lam entirely cured,
forced her to visit Hr. Woh. the Chinese physi- I hare not felt one symptom of my old trouble
cian. The doctor underteok to cure her, and during the whole time. Dr. Woh ls certainly
now with grateful hearts- we confess to a com- a wonderful healer of the sick,
plete recovery in her cas*. CHARLES HEILMANN,
J. F. BURDICk, April 3, 1801. 331 Courtst., L. A., Cal
February 6, 1801. Riverside, Cal.
I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
For quite a number of. years I have been a but have derived no beneflt until Dr. Woh, the
great sufferer and paid out largesums of money Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, pre
for doctors aud medioines. My disease was scribed for me. 4
claimed by some to be Brlght's disease; others Two months ago I began his treatment, and I
saitkit was gravel, but I could find no relief can now certify that her has done me great
I got worse and worse until my life was de- good. I recommend Dr. Woh to my friends as
spalred of The treatment and operations to en able doctor.
which I submitted were terrible. Finally, at P. E. KINO
the request of a friend who had been cured by Justice of the Peace,
Dr. Woh, I consented So submit my case to his April 4, 1801. Burbank. Cal.
Dr. Woh has thousands of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further publication
orithem here.
. The remedies arc purely herbs and roots whtah Dr. Woh has familiarized himself thoroughly
with by a loug practice in thejinperlal hospital of China.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese physician in Southern California, and his
onres have been remarkable, especially ln female troubles, tumors, etc.
All diseases are located by and through the pulse.
Free consultation to every one, and all are cordially invited to call upon Dr. Woh at his office,
4-5-BU-tu-th-sa Between. Second and Third streets, I.oa Angeles, Cal.
■' al in' sif
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installments. Will rent habv buggies by day or
week. LOCK BOX 1921. 4^9-3m
THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, ol Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives
by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout, SUtp
and Broadway.
Private Dispensary,
seminal weakness, Icipotency, etc., resulting
from youthful indiscretion, excesses in matured
Years and other causos, inducing some of the
following symptoms, as dizziness, confusion
of ideas, defective memory, aversion to
society, blotches, emissions, exhaustions,
rariocele, etc., are permanently cured.
troubles, weak back, incontinence, gonorrhoea,
gleet, stricture, aud all unnatural discharges
are quickly and perfectly cured.
causing -doers, eruptions, enlarged joints, rheu
matism, swelling in groins, mucous patches in
mouth, sore throat, falling hair, catarrh,
raany other symptoms, are quickly removed/
i.nd all poison thoroughly and permanently*
eradicated from the system, by purely vegety
ble treatment, /JL t .
at office or by express.
letters strictly confidential, aid office. 13SF» U »
Main It. 8-2ff

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