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Beautifully Decorated Rooms—A Surprise
Party—Two' Engagements-Notes and
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Carter, of 312
Jefferson street, were at home to their
friends yesterday from 3to 9 p.m. It
was their wooden wedding. The par
lors were adorned with stands of roses,
the bay window being covered with ivy.
The mantel-piece was banked with the
choicest of roses. The dining room was
decorated with ivy and red geraniums.
Mrs. Carter received her guests in
her wedding dress of brown silk and
white lace. There was a stream of
friends and well-wishers for several
hours. Mr. and Mrs. Carter received
many appropriate presents.
Lunch was served during the recep
tion, each guest being presented with a
hand-painted wooden favor. Among
those present were:
Miss Morrison, Mrs. F. C. White,
Mrs. J. A. Barron, Mr. Luke,
Miss Mabel Forsyth,Mrs. Luke,
Mrs. Jennie QillelenMrs. F. C. Howe?,
Miss Flora Howes, Warren Gillelen,
Mr. A. N. Hamilton, Mrs. A. N. Hamilton
Dr. Pratt, Miss Mary T. Brown
Professor Shraeder, Mrs- Shraeder,
Frank Sanborn, Edward Hyne,
George Sinsabaugh, Professor Arnold,
Colonel Hall, Mr. B. J. Tilden,
Mrs. B. J. Tilden, Mr. T. W. Tolchard,
Mro.T. W.Tolchard.Mr. W. A. Wright,
Mrs. W. A. Wright, Prof. F. A. Bacon,
Mrs. F. A. Bacon, Miss Weister,
Miss Dunning, J. S. Dougherty,
Miss Ada Strong, James Koss,
Mrs. Talbot, Miss Celia Hamby,
E. Thompson, Mr. R. M, Town,
Mrs. R. M. Town, Mr. A. 0. Sohaefer,
Mrs. A. C. Schaefer.Dr. Beckett,
Mrs. Beckett, Miss Jennie Hayes,
Clarence Dougherty .George Williams,
Mrs. 8. McCool, Mr.J.R.Umpstead,
Mrs, J. R.Unipstead,Mrs. Zucker,
Miss Grace Tuttle, J. J. Gosper.
The engagement has been made pub
lic of Edwin P. Davis of Adrian, Mich.,
to Miss Ysabel Sepulveda, daughter of
Mrs. J. A. Sepulveda of South Broad
way. Miss Sepulveda is a native
daughter of Los Angeles, and is a very
pretty and accomplished brunette.
The engagement is announced of fsa
dore B. Dockweiler of Los Angeles to
Gertrude Reeve of San Francisco.
Miss Helen Schessler was given a
birthday party, Monday evening, at the
residence of her parents. A merry even
ing was spent iv social enjoyment dear
to the heart of the little ones. Those
present 'ftere:
Miss Flossie Dodge, Miss Nellie Hacker,
Miss Ethel Hutton, Miss Mattie Smith,
MissEttaCampbell, Miss Hester Difani,
Miss Nellie Tucker, Miss Essie Berne-
Miss Maud Rooney, stine,
Miss Dell Bullis, Miss Ursulla Golds-
Miss Emma Brown, worthy,
Miss Iva Woods, Bob Baker,
Clarence Anderson, Leslie Jenkins,
Frank OoMsworthy.Estel Tucker,
Mrs. JohnMcllmoil.Miss Nina Hacker,
Mrs. W. H.Walker, Miss Lulu Baker,
Mrs.W.H.Mcllmoil.Mrs. M. Jenkins,
Mrs. M. Schuessier, Clio McGarvin,
Miss A. Jenkins, W. Jenkins,
MissM.Hutchinson, A. Schuessier,
MissAlphauicllmoil.G. Baker,
MissN.Gold9Worthy,Miss Rena Bullis.
Mr. and Mrs. Freeman G. Teed will
summer at Santa Monica.
Mrs. M. Dodsworth left last night to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Pell Gallaher,
of Billings, Mont.
J. McNulty, of San Diego, is in the
The picnic of the Young Mens' Insti
tute is set for May 30th, at Verdugo
Tho Knights of Honor give an enter
tainment this evening at. Forester hall.
Mrs. Walter Moore and family have
returned home from a northern visit.
Invitations are out for the first an'
niversary ball of the Signal Corps at
Armory hall on Thursday evening, May
Mrs. Florella Hart and Mrs. O. S.
Chap in, qf Poway, are visiting Mrs.
William Wright of this city.
Dr. Babcock of Los Angeles is visiting
his mother, Mrs. E. S. Babcock, at Cor
An Interesting Interview With the Dis
tinguished Gentleman.
Captain A. F. Dill of National City,
who has so suddenly jumped into promi
nence by reason of the fact that in his
capacity of a harbor pilot he steered the
Chilean steamer Itata out of the bay of
San Diego, returned to San Diego last
evening on the Santa Fe train and soon
after left for his home near National
City, where a San Diego Daily Union re
porter went for the purpose of con
gratulating the captain on his narrow
escape, and to ask after the health of
Captain Mannzen, with the following re
On reaching the Dill residence the re
porter clanged the silver door-bell, and
the summons was quickly answered by
the captain in person, who appeared in
night shirt and bare feet, when the fol
lowing interesting conversation oc
"Is this Captain Dill?"
"Yes, what do you want?"
"I am a representative of The Union,
and I came to—"
"I have nothing to say. I have said
all I have to Bay in the Los Angeles pa
pers and I have nothing more to say
here to The Union or to any other pa
"Captain, I —"
"I tell you I have nothing to say. I
don't know anything and have nothing
to say."
"Where did you—"
"That is all, Bir; I have nothing to
Highest of all in l>avening Power.—TJ. S. Gov't Report, Aug. 17, 1889.
"Zip—bang!" This represents the
shntting of the door.
"Murr-r-r " This lat
ter is an imitation of the reporter's pray
ers on the way back to the office.
People Who Yesterday Secured Per
missions to Wed.
Marriage licenses were yesterday
granted to the following named per
sons :
John Henry, aged 28, a native of Ire
land, and Bridget Kennedy, aged 23,
also a native of Ireland, and both resi
dents of Los Angeles.
Edward G. Norton, agei 24, a native
of New York, and resident of Sierra
Madre, and Helen M. Ashdown, aged
20, a native of Canada and resident of
The Army's Rather Startling Parade.
An Indian Salvation Show This Even
People expect strange and peculiar
actions on the part of the Salvation
Army, who, with their badges and red
shirts have become as much a feature
of life in large cities as policemen and
telegraph boys. So when circulars
printed in red and blue ink are scattered
around announcing a meeting with an
odd name or curious performance, peo
ple only smile and Bay "That's just like
the Salvation Army." Such
an odd performance, denominated
The March of the Ten Virgins, was an
nounced for last evening, and a Herald
reporter, who probably needed the serv
ices of the Salvation Army as much as
anyone in town, did an unheard-of thing
—for a reporter—and attended.
The ten virgins, in accordance with the
advertisement, paraded with the army.
They were attired in oriental costume
and bore lanterns, of which five were
lighted and five were out, in accordance
with the scriptural narrative. The hall
was pretty well filled when the army
arrived at its quarters, and when the
members of the army had taken their
seats the meeting commenced at once.
There was Utile peculiar about the meet
ing itself. It might have been a church
prayer meeting but for the real
earnestness displayed. The singing
was good, and though it sounded
odd to hear religious songs set
to the airs of popular street and
theater songs, yet the words had been
written for the music by a skillful bard,
while almost any one could join in
the choruses, through familiarity with
the tunes. Unlike the average church
service, the speaking was all brief, while
the singing and instrumental music was
plentiful and good. Adjutant Boville
gave utterance to a few lively, pointed
words after each speaker, and' started a
a song appropriate to what had been
said. The audience, "composed of very
heterogenous elements, kept excellent
order, joined in the singing and seemed
to enjoy it.
Tonight the army has an Indian pro
cession, or rather, a procession of Bold
iers attired in the Salvation Army uni
form as it is in India. There are detach
ments here from San Bernardino and
Pasadena, who will remain for two
days and assist in the coming meetings
and processions.
Youngsters Who Have Organized as a
Band of Thieves.
Of late the police have been much an
noyed by numerous complaints of petty
thefts, which, when investigated, would
all be traced down to small boys, whose
youth exempted thtsn from prosecution.
Several of the most incorrigible were
taken at various times before the poliie
judges, lectured and later released. At
last one lad in a sudden burst of consci
entiousness told the officers a tale that
opened their eyes. They then learned
of the existence of an organization of
boys banded for the purpose of mutual
assistance and protection as professional
petty larcenists.
It seems that there is quite a
large membership, and the whole
is well systematized with "lifting,"
"shoving" and executive committees.
A lad not yet a dozen years old is desig
nated as the captain, and among its
numbers are members of several well
known and respected families.
The police have the names of forty
six boys who belong, and eleven of the
youngsters were brought in and exam
ined at head-quarters, yesterday. They
were then released with orders to return
to the police court at 1:30 p. m., today.
This is a reminder of a similar organ
ization self styled tlie Red Handed
Rangers, which was discovered among
the boys along the river front seven
years or more ago, and like that is prob
ably the outgrowth of persistent and
excessive dime-novel reading.
The Los Angeles Club to Have a
The Los Angeles Tennis club promises
to be second to no club in the state in
the very near future. It ia proposed to
have the new courts on Seventh, beyond
Pearl street. The club expects to raise
$1000 by subscription in order to build
a first-class club house. The member
ship will be increased. Tennis is hav
ing a most decided boom in Southern
California. Clubs are springing up all
over the city and vicinity. It has not
yet been decided whether the annual
tournament of 1801 will be held at Santa
Monica or Redondo. The chances are
that in 1892 and thereafter the
annual tournament will be held on the
courts of the Los Angeles club. Mr.
Arnold is generally regarded as the win
ner of the championship this year. The
contest for the supremacy among the
ladies will be very close and exciting.
There are a number of very promising
players coming to the front, but they
will hardly be able to successfully cope
with Arnold this year. The University
man plays a strong game and ia an un
deniably hard man to beat.
It Was to Protect the People from Wild
Cat and Counterfeit Hank Notes*
John Thompson,'founder of Thompson's
Batik Note Reporter, died recently at his
home in New York after n protracted ill
ness. Mr. Thompson was born in Berk
shire county, Mass., in 1808. He worked
on his father's farm until attaining his
nineteenth year, when he became a school
teacher. Subs e
queutly he wus
of a legalized lot
tery at Pough
keepsie. He saved
81,000 la this busi
ness, and with this
small capital
made his start on '
Wall street. ill
Owing to his
prudence and cau
tion in business
transactions, Mr.
Thompson succeeded in a few years in in
creasing his capital to $10,000. He then
started Thompson's Bank Note Reporter,
for the purpose of giving trustworthy in
formation on the currency of the country,
which then consisted mainly of state bank
issues. Tills journal met with instant
favor, and soon became a nocessity in every
bank, broker's office and counting house
In the United States, and its circulation
ran up to over 100,000 copies a week. Mr.
Thompson was sued several times for his
bold denunciation of bad banking and
fraudulent issues of currency notes, but
was always victorious iv the courts.
Mr. Thompson was vice president of the
Chase National bank at the time of his
Tuesday, May 12,1801.
Cavin Thornton to B F Hitter—Agreement to
convey 2 acres in lot L, Painter and Bell's addn
to Pasadena and water; $1400.
James Fulton, M J Austin and J M Hathaway
to Jefferson H Hathaway—SWJi of BWW hi D,
Phillips trt; $1500.
Nancy 8 Bwan to John Chawnes—Subdivision
No. 3 of lot, 19 Gunn nnd Hazard's sub of Cul
len trt 45—28; $2087.
Geo D Rowan and Fannie F Rowan to John
Steere—Lots A and B bl 147 Santa Monica:
W D Mitchell to M N Kewmark—Part of lots
10 17 and 18 Bruningtrt3—lo2; $5000.
Stephen Townsend to A J Myrchln—Lot 13 bl
15 Altadenamap 1 10—40; $1035.
D Bridenstino to Flora A Griswold—Lot* 12 3
4 5 0 7 8 9 10 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 and
54 Calvlu Thorntons sub of part of Grogan trt
22—19; $2000.
Fayette L Simons and Mrs Annabel'e S Widner
to James J Simons—Undiv'd-;<; interest in lot on
W line .Upper Main street 15">.ti feet from NW
corner of Short and Upper Main streets; also lot
(i block B, C M Stimson's Prospect Hill add'n to
Santa Monica, 9—72; $6000.
James J Simons to Fayette L Simons and Mrs
Annabelleß Widner—Undiv'd y 3 interest in lots
1 2 and N 40 feet of at 3, lot 5, and N 40 feet of
lotO, all in block 1, Plater's subdn of Messiek
tract, 5—511; $6000.
I) Parker to F X Adams-W 'A of lot 4, I-aural
tract, 37—68, and water; $1700.
0 G Moores to J L Spencer—Part of lot 11, Ro
Paso de Bartolo Viejo. 23—55; $8000.
James M Robinson and Catharine M Robin
son to George R Gooding—N 1 ., of lot 34, Work
man and Hollenbeck tract, 5—426; $1250.
Besabe D dc Fay to Gracian Uhalde—Lots 4
and 5 block 8, Sanchez tract. 3—158: $3057.
WB Barber to Sarah E Wright—Lots 87 and
88 in sec 7, Chatsworth Park, 30—91, and water;
W B Barber to W A Wright—Lots 15 and 16 in
sec 18, Chatsworth Park, 30—91, and water:
Number over $1000 14
Amount $43,892
Number under $1000 16
Amount 6,073
Number nominal 5
Total $49,965
Note—Transfers for which the consideration is
under $1000 are not published In these col
Changing Defeat to Victory.
The genius of Sheridan at Winchester changed
defeat to victory. So when feeble adversaries
In the shape of inefficient remedies fail to stay
the progress of that obstinate and malignant
foe, malaria, Uostetter's Stomach Bitters turns
the tide—drives the enemy back. Nothing in
materia meilica, or out of it, compares with this
as an opponent of every form of malarial dis
ease. Chills and fever, dumb ague, bilious re
mittent and ague cake—it matters not—one and
all are extirpated by the Bitterß. To take a
course of the great preparative in advance of
the malarial season, is to buckle on. as it were,
an armor of proof which defies attack. 8o forti
fied, so protected, you shall be Bcatheless. Re
member, too, that the Bitters is an eradicator of
liver complaint,constipation, rheumatism, kid
ney complaints and dyspepsia.
Order your ice today from the Citizen's Ice
company; telephone to No. ttOti, or drop a pos
tal card to Ciiizen's Ice Company, Center and
Turner streets.
Is being painted with Sherwin-Williams paint.
P H. Mathews, agent, cor. Second and Main sts.
The wall paper store of W. B. Stewart has re
moved to 238 South Spring street.
Ask for (he "Independence," the healthiest
cordial In the market.
THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives
By Heinzoman, 222 N. Main, or Trout, Sixth
and Broadway.
Weak Women
Owe to themselves a duty to take Hood's Sarsa>
parilla, in view of tho great relief it has given
those who suffer from ailments peculiar to the
sex. By purifying the blood, regulating lmpor
taut organs, strengthening the nerves, and toning
the whole system. It restores the debilitated to
After 15 Years.
"For 16 years my mother has been troubled
with milk leg. She went to different parts of
California, as persons said the climate might
help her, but It was of no avail, and I, being a
druggist, thought I would get her to try Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Before she had taken half a bottle
she said she was improving, so she cCntinued un
til she took half a dozen bottles, and now she is
perfectly welL For nearly fifteen years she was
unable to walk around, but now she can walk as
well as ever." T. F. Blake, San Francisco, with
C. F. Richards & Co., Wholesale Druggists.
Like a New Creature.
" I have been for years trying to get help lot
that terrible general debility and weakness so
common to women. Within a year I have taken
ten or twelve bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla, and
lam now feeling like a new creature." Mas. F.
B. Ross, Marlin, Texas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by druggists. |1; six for $5. Prepared only
by C. I. HOOD & CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Uass.
100 Doses One Dollar
Wholesale Wine and Liqnor Merchant,
404 and 406 N. Los Angeles St.
Telephone 224.
Family trade supplied. Goods delivered to any
part of the city free of charge. Orders for the
country promptly attended to. Agency and depot
of Uncle Sam's wine vaults at Napa City, Cal.
12-31 ly
115 B. Second Street.
Take Notice—l have removed from No. 202
East Second. . 4-7-Jiu
Ice! Ice! Ice!
The Nadeau Hotel
Head One Solid Sore. Itching Awful.
Had to Tie His Hands to Cradle.'
Cared by Cutlcara.
Our little boy bro'tc out on his bead with a
bsd form of eczema, when he was four months
old We tried three doctors, but they did not
help him. We then used your three Cuticuba
Remedies, and after using them eleven weeks
exactly according to directions, he began to
steadily improve, and after the uso of them for
seven months his head was entirely wel'.
When we began using It his head was a solid
sore from the crown to bis eyebrows. It was
all over bis ears, most of his face, and small
places in different parts of his body. There
were sixteen weeks that we had to keep his
hands tied to the cradle aud hold them when
he was taken up; and had to keep mittens tied
on his bands to keep his finger nails out of the
sores, as he would scratch if he could in any
way get his hands loose. We know your Cuti
cuka Remedies cured him We feel safe In
recommending iliem to others.
Webster, lud.
Cutlcura Resolvent.
The new Blood and Skin Purifier, and great
est of Humor Remedies, cleanses the blood of
all impurities and poisonous elements, and
thus removes the cauße, while Cuticuba, the
freat skin cure, and Cuticuba Boap, an exquis
le skin beautifier, clear the skin and scalp, and
restore the hair. Thus the Cuticuba Remedies
cure every species of Itching, burning, scaly,
pimply and blotchy skin, scalp and blood dis
eases, from pimples to scrofula, from infancy
to age, when the best physicians fail.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticuba, 50c.;
Soap. 25c; Resolvent, SI. Prepared by the
Pottkk Dkuo and Chemical Cobpobation,
Boston, Mass.
UHv-Send f or "How to Cure Skin Diseases,"
04 pages, 50 illustrations, and 100 testimonials,
Pfl D V'Q 'Skin and Scalp purified and beautified
DHDI 0 by Cuticuba Soap. Absolutely pure.
•H |§ )>' females Instantly relieved by that
elegant, and Infallible Antidote
4Har '" Inflammation and Weakness,
the Cutlcura Anti-Pain Plaster.
Laying on the Rod.
In the mayor's court, at Anthony, Fla..
a few days ago, a lad, for violation of an
ordinance, was find $3. The court
granted the boy's mother the privilege
of paying the fino or whipping the boy
in open court. She accepted the latter,
and the mayor had to check her to pre
vent an unmerciful whipping. — Ex
The Japanese census shows that the
population a year ago was 40,072,020—
20,245,336 males and 19,825,684 females,
7,840,872 inhabited houses, 3,825 nobles,
1,993,637 shizuku, or members of the old
military class, 38,074,558 "common peo
ple" and 7,445,119 married couples.
Rev. Dr. Edward A. Foggs, the ven
erable rector of Old Christ church (Epis
copal) of Philadelphia, has tendered his
resignation, to take effect on Oct. 1,
1891, that being the day on which he
will terminate his thirty years' rector
ship of the parish.
The Duchess of Northumberland has
just been buried in Westminster Abbey
as a Percy, the only family in England
retaining the prescriptive right to the
honor of interment there.
Mullen, Bluett & Co.'s stylish light weight
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes—
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and Pastry, Light Flaky
Biscuit, Griddle Cakes, Palata&le
and Wholesome.
No other baking powder does such work.
Automatic Inkstand!
mosTelnomicai stand in the world.
Because, in the open stand, evaporation and
waste is about 90 per sent; while in the Davis
Automatic tho ink, after springing up and
inking the pen, returns to the reservoir, where
it is kept perfectly air-tight, thus preventing
all evaporation and waste and preserving the
ink as bright and clean and pure as when first
put in the stand.
Placed on trial anywhere in Los Angeles.
Send for circular.
346 North Main St., Los Angeles.
Telephone 012. 4-15
Breakfast Cocoa
Warranted absolutely pure
Cocoa, from which the ex
cess of Oil has been removed.
It has three times the
strength of Cocoa mixed
with Starch, Anowropt and
Sugar, and is therefore far
more economical, costing
less than one cent a cup. It
is delicious, nourishing,
strengthening, easily di
gested, and admirably adapt
ed for invalids as well as lor
persons in good health. Sold by Grocers every
" W. BASER & CO, Dorchester, Mass.
121912 m
Finest finished Cabinet Photos only 53.00 per
dozen. Guaranteeri f)rst-class.
It is well said that a gentleman never looks his best ex
cept in evening dress. But it does not mean that the gen
tleman should spend a fortune on,a dress suit that he may
use only a few times a season.
We Carry a Complete Line of
In Clay Worsted and French Pique, Etc.
-:- CUTAWAY -:- FROCKS, -:-
In Broadwale, Clay Worsted, Etc.
We have a Specially Attractive Assortment, in Exquisite, New and Nobby Styles,
equal in fit to the Finest Custom Made, from the most Conservative
Patterns to the Extreme Stylish Effects.
H. C. Proprietor,
BEN. L, MORRIS, Manager.
Before using the Anti-Vermin Celebrated and Successfully A^^^j^^^j^A^^
and Moth Remedy. Tried Vernl Remedy M ° th
CsV" By putting this powder under the edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It has the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MKHI.r.R, San Bernardino, Cal., Sole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by (J. F. HEINZEMAN. 222 N. Main St.; C. H. HANCE,
177 and 179 N. Spring st.; F. J. GIESE, 103 N. Main st., and all leading druggists. 5-1 tf
Still Leads the Procession!
Lid and Water Co. I
Best Orange Land,
$100 Per Acre!
Location, 5 miles north, of Riverside
and 4 miles west of San Bernardino.
Think of it! Fine Orange Land at $100
per acre. If you go to Riverside or Red- '
lands you must pay $300 to $500 per acre
for land inferior to ours.
Long time. Liberal discount for cash.
L. M. BBOWN, Agent,
213 W. First St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Fisln ! Fist] ! ,
Fresh from the Water.
Young Domestic Ducks, Turkeys,
Lobsters, Mussels, Crabs,
Shrimps, Oysters.
Mott Market; Branch, Broadway Market.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers and Shippers.
on hand Call and examine uur goods
before purchasing elsewhere. New gun stocks
made from $li 00 up.
4-19U ail N. Main street.
Hammel & Denker's Ranch, Rodeo de
Los Aquas,
MONDAY, MAY 18TH, 1891,
AT 11 O'CLOCK, A.M.,
Or immediately after Lunch, which will be
spread for all the guests attending sale.
Owing to the tact that the undersigned are
about to subdivide their ranch into ten-acre
tracts, owing to its adaptibility for fruit-grow
ing and the raising of vegetables, it being In
the frostless belt line, and also in settling the
estate of the late Henry Hammel, we will sell
the following live stock:
The catalogue embrace" as fine a lot of graded
Holfttein and Durham cows and heifers as can
be seen on any ranch in the State.
Fresh, or will be In ten or fifteen days.
Fifty Head Lovely Heifers!
Gentle and all large milkers.
Is also exceptionally fine for orchard work, as
they are low and very heavy set, weighing from
1,000 to 1,150 pounds; 5o head of this class;
also by our Hambletonlan horse, a lot of Young
Brood Mares, Colts and Fillies, Roadsters, and
Family Buggy Horses.
Two 16-foot Headers, Buckeye Mowing
Machines, Threshing Machines,
And, i n fact, all kinds of Agricultural Imple
ments A special invitation is extended to all
to inspect the land and select their choice, as
the land will positively be sold as soon as the
stock is sold.
Take the Temple-street road, the Pico street,
or Sixth street, by Westlake park. Either will
take parties to the ranch, which is situated be
tween Santa Monica and Los Angeles. All in
formation desired can be had at the ranch, or
at the office of Hammel & Denker. 117 Requena
5 3td K. W. NOVKS, Auctioneer.
Barber Supplies and Cutlery,
V 123 W. Third St., l.os Angeles, Cal.
on the Pacific Coast.
Bole manufacturers of the celebrated Diamond
Festus Razors. China Painting and Burning
done to order. 4-12-3 m
Directors of the Los Nletos Irrigating Co.
held at Los Nietos April 13,1891, an assess
ment of 11.00 per share was levied on the
capital stock of the company, to be due from
date, and delinquent May 30,1891.
By order of the board.
J. H. MARTIN. PresideuL
ChaB. Lank, Secretary. a-IU-td

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