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$2,1 to $5,000
On a net Investment of
Can be secured by the purchase of a
Five-acre Orange Grove from
San Fernando
Fruit Colony
an d re
Our lands are located on the main line
of the S. P. R. R. to San Francisco,
which give to the orchardist shipping
facilities that are of great value.
Is as near perfection as can be expected.
It is simply unsurpassed.
Supply is unlimited, coming from two
sources, viz: from several artesian wells
and a submerged dam ; is carried in iron
and steel pipes over every forty-acre
tract we own.
The soil is a warm, rich, sandy loam,
needing no fertilizer, and especially
adapted to the Orange.
Never before has any company placed
a home, planted with the king of the
semi-tropical fruits, within the reach of
all. The San Fernando Fruit Colony
and Investment Company can and will
sell you from 5 to 40 acres of this choice
land, plant it in citrus or deciduous
fruits, and care for your orchard till it is
in full bearing tondition.
Estimated Cost of an Orange Grove.
One acre of oranges in bearing will
cost * 750 00
First payment 35 00
12 monthly payments of $10 each for
first year 120 00
12 monthly payments of $7 each for
second year 84 00
12 monthly payments of f(i each for
third year 72 00
12 monthly payments of $6 each for
fourth year 72 00
Total amount paid in at the end of
fourth year I 383 OO
Estimated income from crop the
fourth year, placed to credit of pur
chaser $ 100 OO
Income from crop the fifth year 200 00
Income from the crop on the sixth
year. 250 OO
Total amount placed to credit of pur
chaser at end of sixth year $ 933 OO
Deducting purchase price ? 750 00
Cash credit due purchaser at end of
sixth year ? 183 OO
Estimated amount of cash paid in $ 383 OO
Estimated amount of cash rebate 183 00
Making actual cost per acre of bearing
orange grove $ 200 00
An absolute guarantee is given that no pay
ments will be required after the fifth
Many young msn and women, who are un
able to make an independent purchase, wish
nevertheless to secure an interest iv some
Income producing property. To those we give
the following solution of the difficulty: Form
Form clubs of from five to ten holders and
purchase the amount of land you can pay for.
We are now making arrangements to prepare
and plant the first 40 acres of the tract of 1000
Parties who want to be included in the June
planting must apply within the next few days.
On Thursday next we will personally conduct
• our second regular party over the lands. Ap
plications must be made by Wednesday, 12 m.
Round trip, including drive and dinner, $2.
Address, R. J. WIDNEY, Secretary.
University Bank Building, 317 New High
~ «
Plenty of Locations Offered at All Sorts
of Prices—Colonel Corbin's Views on
the Matter. .
Bids from parties who wish to sell the
government landj upon which to estab
lish a military post at San Diego, were
opened at army headquarters. The
bids were eleven in number, and offer
considerable variety in land offered and
in prices. The hids are as follows:
1. The San Diego Land and Town
company offer 1,000 acres of the west
end of the Story ranch, fourteen miles
southeast of San Diego, at $150.
2. San Diego Land and Town com
pany, offer 750 acres ons-half mile from
San Diego Bay at $300 per acre.
3. A. Klauber offers 1,455 acres of
part of lot 13, of Rancho Mission of
San Diego, at $75 per acre.
4. The estate of Robert Allison,six miles
east of San Diego, offers five distinct
tracts as follows: 1070 acres, at $41.30;
1265 acres, at $49.70; 1355 acres, at
$47.75; 1655 acres, at $46.34; 1995 acres,
at $45.26.
5. The Foint Loma Land and Town
company offer 320 acres at $150 per acre,
and 400 acres at $100 per acre, one mile
north of the reservation on Point Loma.
6. The Coronado Beach company of
fers 609 acres on Coronado Heights, two
miles from the boundary line between
the United States and Mexico. A price
of $60,000 is asked.
7. Los Angeles, San Diego and Yuma
railroad company offer to donate all of
lot 17 subdivision of Ocean Beach, if the
government will use its reservation at
Point Loma also.
8. The Coronado Beach company of
fer to donate the Brickyard tract, in
cluding a wharf, also 80 acres opposite
Ballast Point, and land for batteries at
Coronado Heights, between the heights
and the hotel.
9. The Coronado Beach company also
offers 640 acres on North island, with
other land for batteries, with water and
other facilities, at prices to be fixed by
the commissioners appointed by Presi
dent Harrison.
10. The Pacific Beach company offer
600 acres at Pacific beach, with a half
mile water front, water, etc., for $125
per acre.
11. James Gil more and George W.
Hardacre offer 810 acres of Pueblo lots
(as per maps furnished) for $230,000. If
additional land is needed they offer 260
acres at $48,000, and 60 acres at $18,000.
The adjutant general goes to San
Diego, today, by the afternoon train,
and will inspect all the sites offered,
after which the successful bidders will
be decided upon.
H. C. Corbin, assistant adjutant-gen
eral of the department of Arizona, in an
interview with a Herald reporter yes
terday, in speaking of the proposed
military post at San Diego, said that the
Deople of Los Angeles were very short
sighted in their policy of disparaging
the project. Southern California is all
one country; the presence of 1000 or
more men, who are non producers at
San Diego, could not fail to affect the
entire section, Los Angeles included.
Many of these men will draw large
salaries, all of them will draw salaries
of some size, and this money will re
main in the country, as well as the
money which will be spent for food and
supplies for these men. This is
an item that should not be
forgotten. Another fact is,
that a post at San Diego will provide the
people of Southern California with an
argument for the establishment of a post
at San Pedro and every other Southern
California port, an argument which the
recent affair of the Itata will not be
likely to weaken.
In speaking of the Itata, Colonel Cor
bin said that the insurgent steamer
would not have dared to enter San Diego
if there had been a battery with a single
gun defending that harbor. The Itata
came in there simply because it was un
defended, and afforded facilities for es
cape in case of complications.
In conclusion Colonel Corbin stated
that military posts were useful as pre
ventitive measures, more than for what
they accomplished. As such the people
of the United States should rather en
courage than discourage their establish
The Alhambra Review has changed
hands once more. The Misses O. L.
and C. E. Eddy found the West Los
Angeles paper required much of their
time, and so disposed of the Review.
Mr. W. P. James is the present pro
Judge Lamme's house is nearly com
Mr. L. L. Page's new house is about
complete. It is situated on First street,
north of Main street.
Messrs. Marsch and Gourley have the
contract to build a $1500 cottage on
Chapel avenue, south of Main street.
The Messrs. Rice and Mr. G. Moor
head are preparing some fish stories up
in the San Gabriel canon.
Mr. O. H. Stanton and family have
returned to Alhambra, after a year's
Mrs. Behlow is slowly recovering
from her recent illness.
The social given by the ladies of the
Presbyterian church, at Mrs. Green's,
on Friday evening, was well attended
aud thoroughly enjoyed. The beautiful
rose decorations attracted much atten
Saturday afternoon Mrs. Kellogg was
driving on Main street, her horse be
came suddenly frightened, and threw
her out of the buggy. Fortunately she
was not seriously injured.
Hay making has begun in earnest.
Many fields have already been cut. The
crop, generally speaking, while not very
large, is a good one, and excellent in
Halsted, Deveraux & Co. have planted
about one and a half million orange
seeds. Dr. T.D. Kellogg has planted about
two million three hundred thousand
Mr. C. Phillips and Miss B. Tompson,
both of Alhambra, were married last
Thursday. The couple departed imme
diately for Coronado. M.
Complaints Filed Yesterday With the
County Clerk.
Among the documents -filed with the
county clerk yesterday were the prelim
inary papers in the following new cases:
■ v County of Los Angeles vs. Loa Ange
les Terminal railway company ; suit to
enjoin from obstruction of public high
J. A. Jacobs et al. vs. A. F. Abbott et
al.; suit for dissolution of partnership.
L. E. B. Clander vs. H. E. Cheesbro
and C. A. Luckenbach ; suit on promis
sory note for $1000.
Mrs. Belle Pottorff applied for guar
«'"?hip a of her three minor children,
Wilhe, Rose and Harry Pottorff.
C. L. Martin sold yesterday to Rev.
Stewart 90x200 feet on Orange Grove
avenue, immediately sooth of his pres
ent place of residence. The sale was
effected through W. R. Staats.
The friends of Mies Nellie Man Jove will
regret to learn of her expected removal
to Chicago, where she will join her
brother for a permanent residence in that
Mr. Masters will give a stag dinner in
honor of Colonel Corbin this evening, at
his residence on Orange Grove avenue.
Mrs. Bartlett has returned from Los
Angeles, and will occupy for the summer
her residence on Arroyo drive.
Prof, and Mrs. Allen Dodworth move
this week into their elegant new resi
dence on Terrace drive.
C. S. Martin -eturned from Camp
Wilson yesterday.
Messrs. Wotkyns and Rose have post
poned their fishing expedition to San
Gabriel canon for a few days.
The following guests registered at
Hotel Green yesterday: Mrs. George
M. Peters and children, Columbus, O.;
J. Gallagher, New York; W. A. Ander
son, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Hubbard, Los
Angeles; Carl Fresche, Milwaukee; Dr.
Sternberg and three friends, Los An
Mrs. Tuttle of Union street met with
a painful accident yesterday, falling
from the doorstep and breaking her
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Vail of Phrenix,
Ariz., who have just arrived in Pasa
dena, will remain for the summer.
The guests of the Redondo hotef found
various means of amusement last even
ing, but music appeared to lead. Sev
eral violin selections' were rendered by
little Julia Sprague of Tacoma, and in a
manner which elicited the praise of all
The warship Omaha passed here yes
terday afternoon going north. She
could be seen very distinctly from the
hotel, even to the colors of the flag, and
also persons moving about on deck.
One of the party which went out on
the Pelican Saturday, caught an im
mense shark, and just as it was about to
be hauled in the fish cut the line and i
got away. A number of fine cod and
other varieties were caught.
The latest arrivals at the Redondo
are: W. B. Beamer, J. D. Hibbard,
San Bernardino; H. M. Singer, W. G.
Wells, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Al
exander, Geo. Ely, M. T. Barnett, Los
Angeles; Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bachman
and child, San Francisco.
The steamer Eureka arrived yesterday
from San Francisco and discharged sev
enty tons of freight at the wharf. B.
Still at the Head of the Navy, Although
Over One Hundred Years Old.
Sir Provo William Parry Wallis, senior
admiral of the fleet and popularly known
as the "'father of the British navy," was
100 years old recently. His career has
been an uncommonly brilliant one. He
is a Canadian by birth, being born at
Halifax in 1791. He began his naval ex
perience in 1801, when he was appointed
midshipman on the Cleopatra, and had
his first taste of action six months later,
when the Cleopatra succumbed to the
superior power of the French frigate
Ville de Milan. The Cleopatra was res
cued after hauling down the British flag,,
and the French frigate became the prize of.
the Leander, a fifty-gun ship, without a
shot being fired.
Wallis was made a lieutenant in 1808,
when he was but seventeen years old, and.
took part in the capture of Guadeloupe,
Four years later he was appointed to the
frigate Shannon, under Captain moke,
and he is the only survivor of the great
naval duel which took place off Boston
harbor on the Ist of June, 1813, between
that vessel and the American frigate Chesa
peake. This encounter was one of themosfc
famous sea fights the world ever witnessed*
and though between single ships, ranks,
second only to Trafalgar in British naval
annals. For his share in the battle yountf
Wallis received a letter of approbation
from the admiralty and a sword from, his
captain. His promotion was very rapid
afterward. In 1845 he was senior officer
during the Syrian war; in 1851 he obtained
full flag rank, aud in 1857 he was appoint
ed commander-in-chief on the southeast
coast of America. His promotion to vice
admiral followed in 1858, since which time
he has not been to sea, but was. placed upon
the active list for life in recognition of his
long and creditable service.
Sir Provo is in feeble health, but his
mind is vigorous and his memory clear.
The one hundredth anniversary of his
birth was celebrated with fitting honors at
every British naval station.
Mullen, Bluett & Co.'s full dress suits.
Crushed Strawberries, With Cream,
The most delicious of all drinks, at "Beck
wlth's Spa," 303 N. Main street.
See the big display of 90c white shirts in the
show window of Mullen, Bluett* Co. If you
examine them, you will surely buy.
Handled by Althouse Bros. Telephone 157.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yel
low Skin? Shiloh'B Vitalizfr is a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
90c—White Shirts—90c.
Choice Fruits—Finest Cherries.
The Beautiful Steer.
[Miss Ella Paxton, known as tho "Oow Olrl
of the Panhandle," recently favored an en
lightened western audionco with the following
original production, which in her introductory
remarks she styled a "parndox" on "Beautiful
Snow." Sho also stated that It was "paradox
ed" whilo sitting on hor horso on day-herd on
her father's ranch in the Panhandlo, situated
about three miles from Mobotio, Tex.]
Oh, the staor, tho beautiful steer,
Kicking the fleas from the point of his ear.
Flapping its tail iv its frolicsome glee, *
Hopping about like a Snake river flea,
I Id lowing!
Thundering along!
Filling tho air with its Rtcsrical song.
Till the rumble from its lung laden pits
Scares timid jack rabbits and wolves into fits.
To me there is nothing on earth half so dear
As the long horned, slim bodied Texican steer,
How often I wish that I was a steer.
With a long, shiny horn at the butt of each ear;
With a clear, fearless eye and a tapering tail
That would snap like a whip in the maddening
How I'd heller
Aud roar!
And paw up the ground!
And lope over the hills with a thundering
And snort like a terror, and hump up my back
When I saw tte wild cowboy pursuing my
And I'd laugh at his oaths as he fell to the rear.
Oh, I'd be a Jo-dandy if I was a steer!
I onco roped a beautiful steer—but I fell,
Foil from my pony with ear piercing yell!
Fell with the lariat fast to my wrist!
Fell to bo dragged through the grass wet with
tho mist.
Grunting I went!
A full mile a minute, or I don't want a cent,
l'hc gravel and grass yanked tho hide from my
And ruined a pair of forty cent hose;
Aye, even my bustle was thrown out of gear
By the frolicsome freaks of that beautiful
—Chicago Tribune.
Miles'* Nerve and Liver Pills
Act ou a new principle—regulating the liver
I stomach and bowels through the nerves. A new
I discovery. Dr. Milcs's Pills speedily cure bil
iousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipa
tion. Unequaled for men, women-, children.
Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses, 25 cts
Samples free by all druggists.
Mullen, Bluett & Co.'s full dress suits-.
Egg Phosphate,
New popular eastern drink, to be obtained only
at "Beckwith'sripa." Try it. 303 N. Main st.
Pabst's Blue Ribbon Beer
Is the finest brewed. Nothing better as a tonic.
California Wine Company, Sole Agent.
Stranger than Fiction
Truth Mighty! Right
Dr. Liebig:& Co., San Francisco's Old
est, Most Successful and Reliable
Specialists-, Have Opened Per
manent Offices at 123 S.
Main St., Los An
geles, Cal.
lA)«|Angeles is crowded with so-called "Doc
tors," Incompetent as they are unskillful and
unreliable, many being unqualified and un
licensed, whose unskillful treatment Is caus
ing thousands of chronic diseases, aud on ac
count of enormous increase in special practice
in Southern OuUfornia Dr. Liehig & Co., San
Francisco's old reliable specialists, physicians
and surgeons, have opened permanent offices
at 123 South Main street, Los Angeles. Cal
Dr. liebig <fc Co., proprietors of the Lieblg
World Disnensary of San Francisco, Butte City,
Mont, Kansas City, Mo , have had twenty-five
years' special practice in San Francisco. Un
equaled success in the treatment and cure of all
special, private and complicated diseases of
men. All desiring expert medcal or surgical
care should call for free consultation at 123 S.
Main street, Los Angeles, Cal.. where every ap
pliance, instrument and device for curing spec
ial diseases is used" All who trust themselves
for treatment at the Liebig World Dispensary
'will have the benefit of the combined silll of
the staff o! specialists, where tae latest remedies
known to scientific research are carefully pre
pared in Dispensary Drug Store.
All desiring speedy, safe and confidential
treatment should apply to the oldest, laigest
and reliable surgical institute. Having the ma
jority.of all the important cases of chronic dis
eases of men resulting from badly treated or
neglected primary cases, Dr Liebig & Co. of
Lieblg World Disoensary, effects cures at half
the usual prices charged by incompetent phy
sicians. While diseases of men are specially
treated, yet female complaints receive careful
attention. The special surgeons and physicians
of the Liebig WorUl Dispensary are as qualified
to treat delicate complaints of females as they
are to cure complicated diseases of men. Sep
arate offices for lady patients.
Surgicil operations upon tumors, deformities,
varicocele, hydrocele, and all cases requiring
surgical operations specially solicited and suc
cessfully operated upon.
New treatment has lately been adopted which
has proved to be the only successful method of
curing weakness, sperm atorrhiea, nervous de
bility, loss of vigor, vitality or manhood.
The new illustrated family surgical paper
should be read by the sick and the well—a fam
ily medical journal, every line of it: a surgical
paper, every inch of it; contains more valuable
fnfor'natian than all the family doctor books
combined, arid sent free to any address. The
very latest confidential book for men is also sent
free to men stating age and Bymptoms of their
Patients out of Los Angeles treated by corres
pondence, and remedies, securely packed, sent
by express. Surgeons will visit country pa
tients to perform surgical operations, when de
The lady surgeon of the Liebig World Dispen
sary of Ban Francisco will personally superin
tend the treatment of all delicate, intricate,
weakening and complicated diseases of women;
also personally perform all surgical operations
known to modern science, at the Los Angeles
Surgiaal Institute and Liebig World Dispensary,
at 123 South Main street. Los Angtles, Cal.
— ~—"
Company.—Location and principal place
of business, Los Angeles city, California. There
is delinquent upon the following described
stock, on account of assessment levied Febru
ary 27,1891, the several amounts 3et opposite
the names of the respective shareholders, as
t 24 100 1200.00
A Gay ford 25 100 200.00
( 26 100 200.00
C Cole 200 50 100.00
„'„ „ ( 33 *0 100 00
S. P. Rees j 34 50 100.00
T.Bennington 82 20 40.00
CB. Woodhead .... 250 7 14.00
Jennie L. Wicks ... 248 300 000 00
M. L. Wicks 257 50 100.00
And in accordance with law and an order of
the Board of Directors, made on the 31st day ol
March, 1891, so many sharos ef each parcel of
said stock as may be necessary will be sold at
No 200 N. Los Angeles street, Los Angeles city,
on the 20th day of April, 1891, at 11 a m. of
said day, to pay delinquent assessments there
on, together with costs of advertising and ex
pense of sale. E, FRANTZ, Secy.
At a meeting of the Board of Direotors, held
on the 20th day of April, 1891, it was resolved
that the above advertised sale of stock be post
ponedto Wednesday Ma^O^lSOi^^^
7c Wall Paper reduced'to 4 I-2C
ioc White Blanks reduced to 7c
25c Gilt Paper reduced to 10c
Elegant Gilt Paper 15c, 20c, 25c
Elegant Embossed Gilt Paper 20c, 25c, 30c
Ingrain Papers
Hand Goods and Leathers reduced 25 per cent.
5-10-1 m
A Nobby $25.00 Spring Suit for $20.00
A Stylish $20.00 Spring Overcoat for - • ■ 15-o*-*
A Plain Corkscrew $8.00 Pants for 6.50
A Fancy Striped Worsted $7.50 Pants for 60a
And all other goods at same discount.
IO Days Only !
4-1H lm _____
There is an Opportunity
That Occurs Once in a Lifetime
That once lost can never be regained. It may mean re
newed health, prolonged life and happiness.
For one or both of the above blessings, to be procured by mak
ing a purchase of
The Best Unimproved 1 Orange Land
In Southern California, in one of Nature's most lovely valleys,
lying between Redlands and Riverside, with soil fully equal to
either, where there are no rocks or brush, and requires very little
grading; where nearly 9000 acres are already sold, mostly to
settlers; where hundreds of families are now living in their own
houses, and are today planting Oranges, Peaches, Prunes, Plums,
and Apricots and Raisin Grapes; where WATER is on the tract,
and is being delivered at the highest corner of every 10-acre lot
as rapidly as men and money can do it.
where; in four years' time
You; will see a duplicate of what REDLANDS is today; where the
ten acres you buy now at $100 per acre, will "improved," be worth
from $1000 to $2000 per acre. Where else can you in four years'
time get like results, renewed health and increased wealth ?
Alessandro is the Place!
Since the sale of town lots at Moreno, April 29th, where 2000
people, many of them strangers, who saw Alessandro and its at
tractions .for the first time, our sales have been large. Our ex
hibit at the Chicago Orange Festival has also had its effect.
Letters of inquiry are pouring in upon us from all quarters, re
garding the promised land.
Moreno Town Lots Have Been Marled Up 25 Per Cent.
Today is Your Opportunity.
For further Particulars Call on or Address,
Manager Land Department, Bear Valley Irrigation Company,
Corner Cajon street and Citrus avenue, Redlanda, Cal.
way compauy—Tho unnual meeting of the
stockholders of the Han liernaicHno and East
ern Railway company will be held at the office
of the company, in the city of Los Angeles, on
Thursday, May 14,1891, at 11 o'clock a.m., to
elect a board of directors for the ensuing year,
and to transact such other business as may
properly come before the meeting.
FRANK H. PATTEE, Assistant Secretary.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 28,1891. 4-28 td
pany—The annual meeting of the stock
holders of the Southern California Railway
Company will be held at the office of the com-
E any, in the city of Los Angeles, on Thursday,
[ay 14,1891, at 10 o'clock a.m., to electa
board of directors for the ensuing year, and to
transact such other business at may properly
aome before the meeting.
FRANK H. PATTEK, Assistant Secretary.
Ih» Angeles. Cal., April 28,1891, . 4-28 td
Incorporated March 7th, 1891 Wholesale andT
Eetail Dealers In _ £
Santa Crus and Tehachapi LinJJ
Cement, Plaster, Hair, Fire Brick, Fire
Lath and General Building Material^
809 N. 1»S ANOKLUB STBltrf':
Telephone 183, P. O. Box 43, StF^
4-7-Sm |

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