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Attention Absorbed in Com
mercial Treaties.
A Powerful Customs Bund In
It M»y Seriously Affect the Trade of
the United States.
A Sensation Developed In Connection
With the French Art Exhibit
In Moscow.
Associated Press Dispatches.
Berlin, May 23.—[Copyrighted, 1891,
by the New York Associated Press. 1 —
Tbe attention of the foreign office is ab
sorbed in the commercial treaty nego
tiations, some of the results of which
will have great effect on the trade rela
tions between Germany and the United
States. Arrangements with Italy, Swit
zerland and Koumania are progressing
towards an entente. Belgium is also
negotiating with Germany, but that
country is less likely than others to be
drawn within the customs bund. Rus
sia's overtures for the reduction of the
German corn tariff, in exchange for a
lessened tariff on German manufactures,
has been received in a friendly spirit here,
but the opposition of Austria is expected
to be a bar to any definite arrangement.
, Austria tried to secure a reduction of
the German grain tariff in favor of her
self exclusively. She failed in this,
however, and now raises the point of
the German-Austrian treaty assuming a
differential treatment for Russian im
ports into Germany. Kervia has offered
to join the commercial alliance
on the basis of the free en-
Xry of swine and cattle into
Germany, Austria and Hungary. As
Servian exports cross Austrian territory,
in order to reach, Germany, the Berlin
government wants' the Austrian author
ities to guarantee against dangers of in
fection from Servian swine. The ad
mission of Servian pork into Germany
would be inconsistent with the prohibi
tion against American pork, which is
acknowledged to be safer and of purer
. The general position of the negotia
, tions now really gives reason to ex
pect a formidable central customs coali
tion, including Germany, Austro-Hun
garv, Italy, Switzerland, Roumania and
Servia, while Belgium, Russia and Spain
have partial reciprocity with the general
European bund.
The effect of the American convention
with Spain has begun to excite press
comment. As soon as the pending
European treaties are arranged, the
special privileges which the convention
accords America will be contested by the
combined powers.
The situation of France, which coun
try is menaced with commercial isola
tion, dictates the government's policy
of adhesion to a moderate tariff admit
ting of reciprocity treaties. So far as
Germany is concerned, the French gov
ernment seems to rely upon the main
tenance of the Frankfort treaty, as in
suring France the "most favored nation"
treatment, but among the critical politi
cal consequences arising from Germany's
commercial alliances, the renunciation
of the Frankfort treaty is now freely
discussed in official circles.
a RUsfliAN Sensation.
• A sensation has been caused by a dis
covery relating to the French exhibi
tion at Moscow, which gave the czar
occasion to show his solicitude for the
French. To avoid wounding the feel
ings of the French committee, the exhi
bition which was in need of funds,
secretly applied to the Jewish and Rus
sian capitalists, Grunkwolf & Polliakoff,
and got a loan on depositing 1,200,000
tickets as security. The firm became
involved in a quarrel with the commit- 1
tee, and claimed control of the en
trance money of the exhibition.
The rupture led to a Bcandal.
The czar was incensed that the fair
should have fallen into the hands of the
detested Jews. If the matter is not
speedily settled he will abandon his visit
to Moscow. In order to avoid giving of
fense to France by going to Moscow
without patronizing the exhibition, he
has sent the promoters of the fair an
angry intimation that the province of
the imperial family as an assistant of
Jewish speculation, is impossible. His
ire has also been increased by the fact
that during his stay in Moscow he de
sired to lay the foundation stone of a
monument "to be erected in memory of
his father, and also to open the first
exhibition of Central Asian prod
ucts held in Russia. The whole
programme has been dropped.
Rev. Mr. Ayers, a young American
clergyman, who has been preaching in
an English chapel here, has been the
victim of a peculiar persecution. A
young German woman took a strong
fancy to him, and made it her habit to
attend church and gaze in rapt contem
plation at the preacher. She followed
him until he was compelled to move from
one boarding house to another to elude
her. She threatened to commit suicide
before his eyes unless he listened to her
suit. The American minister, Mr.
Phelps was finally appealed to by
Ayers. Phelps communicated with the
lady's family, and it being evident that
her mind was unbalanced, she was sent
to an asylum.
Bagley Gatzert, ex-mayor of Seattle,
Wash., has arrived in the city after
making a tour of the east.
Two Parties of Vigilantes Fire Upon
Each Other in the Dark.
Dunnings, Neb., May 23.—While a
party of vigilantes who had just captured
a cattle thief named McAlvey near here,
were bringing the prisoner to town last
night, they met another party of vigi
lantes. The night was very dark, and
each party mistook the other for thieves.
Fire was opened on both sides, and be
fore the mistake was discovered Judge
Aitkens, treasurer of the county, and
McAlvey, the cattle thief, were killed.
No arrests have been made.
California Crop Conditions.
Sacramento, May 23.—The weekly
crop report issued by the state agricul
tural society, says : In Northern Cali
fornia cool weather was favorable to all
grain, but retarded fruit ripening and
hasty curing. In Southern California
the weather was cool and cloudy, with a
Erecipitation above the normal. The
ay crop was somewhat damaged, and
grain lodged in various places. The
rain haß been beneficial to corn and
•' * c
fruit, but more sunshine and warmth
are needed to advance the fruit crop.
The Cases of Several Would-be Escapes
Disposed of.
San Rakaki,, May 23.—This morning
Justice DuflJcy held court at San Quen
tin prison. Five cases, in which
prisoners were charged with escaping,
were disposed of. Hanlon and Man
ning, who escaped from prison and fled
to the hills last August, and there mak
ing desperate resistance, in which one
of their pursuers was severely injured,
were held over to answer before the
superior court. The cases of Byrne and
Johnson, kitchen employees, who
escaped two months ago, were
dismissed. The case of Slocuni,
or as he .calls himself, William Allen,
was passed indefinitely, the judge in
structing him that his case was one in
which the superior or supreme courts
could pass upon a writ of habeas corpus.
Slocutn is a prisoner who was captured
in San BernardLio.and when returned to
prison denied that he was the person
wanted. The prison officials were pos
itive that he was the party wanted, and
refused to release him. "it is expected
that the courts will be resorted to in this
A Religious Crank Commits Suicide—The
Reformed Clock Game, Etc.
San Francisco, May 23.—Hans .Roh
wer, aged 22, employed at the Old
Folks' home, committed suicide by
hanging last night, while under the in
fluence of a religious mania.
Judge Worley this morning rendered
an opinion, holding what is known as
the clock game, as at present conducted,
not a game of chance.
The American People Cultivating a Taste
for the Products of the Orchard—Good
Effect on Health and Morals.
New York, May 23.—The Commercial
Bulletin devotes a long editorial to the
extraordinary increase in fruit pro
duction .and importations in recent
years, especially from California, and
concludes: "Such a showing is an evi
dence of public prosperity and a dem
onstration of the wonderful progress
and development of efficient agencies of
transportation and distribution. It is
suggestive, also, of the acquirement of
an American fondness for fruit, as pro
nounced as the tastes which have been
proverbially ascribed as the national
traits of other countries. The develop
ment of such a taste is to be welcomed
on the grounds of public health and
public morals. The consumption of
fruit is one of the most effectual cor
rectives of a thirst for intoxicating
drinks, and is favorable to good di
gestion, a very important element of
good citizenship."
More Fighting Between British and
Portuguese Forces.
London, May 23.—A dispatch received
here from Lourenzo Marqueze, a Portu
guese town of Africa on the north side
of Delagoa bay, says the British cruiser
Brick had arrived there, and reports a
serious conflict between British and
Portuguese colonists. Commander Wina
loe says the troops stationed at the Por
tuguese military post on the river
Puugwe, attacked the British South
Africa company's fort, commanded by
Commissioner H. H. Johnston. Seven
Portuguese were killed. The British loss
is unknown. The British cruiser Magici
enne and the British gunboat Pigeon
have arrived at Beira, Mashonaland,
where in April, the Portuguese authori
ties seized British mail sacks and
stopped Willoughby'B expedition.
The Guns of the Dynamite Cruiser Vesu
vius Not Perfect.
Washington, May 23.—The report of
Commander Evans' board upon the re
cent trial of the Vesuvius' guns, near
Fortress Monroe, has been presented to
the secretary of the navy. The board
in substance finds that the firing of the
machinery guns is rather crude, and
will admit of improvement. The re
sult of the firing is given in tabulated
form, and the board suggests that an
other trial be made at some point where
the exact place that the projectiles
strike can be accurately determined from
a shore station. Under such circum
stances, the board believes, a correct es
timate of the value of the vessel can be
reached. i
The Alleged Authors of Two Noted Mur
ders Held at Butte, Mont.
Portland, May 23.—The police still
maintain reticence regarding the arrest
at Butte, Mont., of two men suspected
oi the murder of William Barbour, the
Lebanon merchant, whose body was
found in the Willamette river, this city,
May 3d. An officer arrived there this
morning with requisition papers. The
police claim to have a complete chain of
evidence against them. It is also
thought that the parties arrested are the
murderers of Captain Greenwood and
wife near Napa, Cal., last fall. '
Revolution in the Province of Cordova.
Bank Payments Postponed.
Buenos Ayres, May 23.— The state
ment that a revolution has broken Out
in the province of Cordova is confirmed.
There was firing in. the streets of Cor
dova, the capital of the province of that
name, Thursday and Friday. It is be
lieved the revolt waß instigated by lead
ers of the rival factions in Buenos Ayree.
The troops quelled the disturbance yes
terday evening.
The chamber of deputies has adopted
a bill postponing the payments of bank
deposits for twenty days.
The Navajoes' Rights Invaded.
Fort Wingate, N. M., May 23.—De
tachments just returned from the re
cruiting service on the Navajo reserva
tion, bring reports indicating prospec
tive and perhaps serious trouble there.
The Navajoes claim that their rights are
being invaded by prospectors from Colo
rado. The differences arise from the
question of the right to prospect for gold
in the Cariso mountains, near the bor
der of Colorado. The Indians say that
they will kill all miners found there.
Cuba Annexed.
New York, May 23.—The noted Cuban
brigand Manuel Garcia has issued a man
ifesto declaring Cuba annexed to the
United States, and Betting forth tl c
grievances of the Cuban people against
Spain. The proclamation is being widely
circulated here, in Florida and the At
lantic states, and throughout Cuba.
Secretary Blame is still improving.
No plans have yet been made fur his
departure from New York city.
At Minneapolis, fire in the house of
Felix Lawler burned to death his daugh
ter, aged 0 years, and his infant son.
His wife was seriously burned. •
Henry Shejton Sanford, ex-United
States minister to Belgium, and late del
egate to the Brussels anti-slavery con
ference, died Thursday at Healing
springs, Va. •
At Greensburg, Pa., the jury in the
case of Captain Loar and deputies,
charged with murder at the Morewood
riots, returned a verdict acquitting all
the defendants.
By the capsizing of a pleasure yacht
containing a family named Dommart and
a party of friends at Beauvais, France,
Dommart, his son and daughter, and
five others were drowned.
Fever is raging among the officers and
sailors of the British fleet at Malta.
There is an average of forty officers and
men sick on board each vessel. The
naval hospital is overcrowded with sick
An alleged embezzler from Salt Lake
City, Utah, named John Lynch, has
been arrested in Wichita, Kan.,and sent
back to Salt Lake. Lynch is charged
with absconding with $20,000 belonging
to a firm of contractors of which he was
a member.
A statue of Linnwus, the botanist, a
counterpart of the one in Stockholm,
haa been unveiled in Lincoln park,
Chicago. It is of bronze, sixteen feet
high, and stands upon a granite pedestal.
The .statue was presented to the city by
the Swedish residents of Chicago.
The St. James Gazette says the fact
that Bramwell Booth, son of General
Booth of the Salvation Army, is creditor
to the sum of $10,006 of a bankrupt
stock broker named Taylor, suggests
stock exchange gambling upon the part
oi Mr. Booth. Explanations are in
At a meeting of the Dominion Millers'
association, at Toronto, it was discov
ered that there are but 5,000,000 bush
els of wheat, in grain and manufactured
flour, in Canada, this quantity being
1,000,000 bushels short of the estimated
requirements of the members of the as
The negotiations which have been in
progress in Paris with the view of rais
ing a new Canadian loan, have proved
fruitless. The group of French bankers
who are favoring the plan of floating
thj loan are not satisfied with the guar
antee offered. * The negotiations will be
resumed in autumn.
Bids have been opened at the treasury
department for the stone and brick ma
sonry for the postoffice at Sacramento.
J. P. Phillips, of San Francisco, is the
lowest bidder, provided granite is used,
$138,000, and Kreuzeberger & Harvie, of
Sacramento, the lowest bidder, if sand
stone is used, $115,090.
Delegates representing a syndicate of
French distillers called upon the French
minister of commerce in order to urge
the immediate temporary admission of
foreign corn and molasses, without duty,
into France, in order to prevent foreign
distillers from competing in the French
markets, and in order to enable French
distillers to compete in foreign markets.
Anaheim Water Transfer.
Anaheim, Cal., May 23. —The stock
holders' meeting of the Anaheim Union
Water company this afternoon decided
to sell to the irrigation district on tne
bond basis. This contemplates the final
transfer of stock from the old company
to the new. The price for the old water
works is $150,000.
Trains Stopped by Caterpillars.
Mankato, Minn., May 23.—A1l trains
on the Milwaukee road, this morning,
were delayed seven miles outside the
city by millions of caterpillars which
crawled upon the rails. When ground
up their remains made the wheels slip
as though the rails were greased,
A Heavy Windstorm.
Arkansas City. Kan., May 23.—A
heavy windstorm did much damage to
buildings, fences and orchards in this
and Douglass county last night. Rain
fell in torrents, ruining the strawberry
crops, but saving the wheat from bugs.
Murder in the Second Degree.
Redding, Cal., May 23. —In the mat
ter of Joseph Goodwin, on trial before
Judge Sweeny, this week, for killing
one Allen, at Fall City, the jury, after
short deliberation, returned a verdict of
murder in the second degree.
Weekly Bank Statement.
New York, May 23.—The weekly bank
statement shows the following changes :
Reserve increase, $505,000; specie de
crease, $2,495,003; circulation increase,
$11,000. Banks now hold $5,212,000 in
excess of the requirements.
Judge Taft's Funeral Arrangements.
Cincinnati, May 23.—0n Thursday
next the funeral services of ex-Minister
Taft will be held at his request at the
family residence on Mt. Auburn, so long
occupied by the deceased.
First Car of Wheat.
Poso, Cal., May 23.—The first car of
new wheat for the season was shipped
from Kimberlena, Kern county, by
Town & Kimberlin, to San Francisco,
Don't be Deceived
By Newspaper Articles with Such Headings
"Shady Business." ,
••Questionable Transaction." \ .„._,.,.
. _ , . „ I , These notices are not editorial?.
ng h to ™ advert*ements prejS* and paid
"Sneak Thieves." V for b * a com P an y an
Sneak Thieves. r la „ baklng powder and
"How Bread 1. Raised. t Qff ag „ ablolu(el pure .„
"Tramps." I ?
"Bogus Tests." J •
Etc., Etc., Etc. t
If their baking powder were "absolutely pure" why
should they be afraid to have housekeepers see or
make the test; the fact is it contains the injurious drug
ammonia, and every Official Report shows it.
Not by tricky advertising, but by merit only,
Cleveland's baking powder .wins its way. Everything
used in it is plainly printed on every can, and it
stands test that can be made.
The Major Claims More Than He De-
There bave been received in this city
quite a number of Chicago papers,
which, in speaking of the late orange
carnival in their city, mention that
"Major Geo. N. Nolan, formerly man
ager of the Southern California exhibit
at the Rialto building, and piomoter of
the great carnival," etc. Now Major
Geo. N. IJolan never was manager of the
Southern California exhibit at the Ri
alto building—thaf has been strictly
under the management of one Ben Tru
man since it opened ; and, so far aa hav
ing been the "promoter of the great
orange carnival," most people have a
faint idea that Messrs. Hanchette,
Wells, Wiggins and others, and not
Nolan, promoted the great show.
In thia connection it is understood
that, owing to the sickness of Mr. Cook,
Mr. Wells employed Major George N.
Nolan to_ do the advertising for the car
nival, which was pretty expensive, by
the way. In so doing, this Nolan makes
himself out as "formerly manager of the
Southern California exhibit in the Rialto
building and'promoter'of the great or
ange carnival." Well, there is no real
harm in it, but such methods, besides
being ridiculous and untrue, set the
author up as a sort of Bombasteß Furi
oso on a minimum scale.
This Major Nolan was formerly secre
tary of the San Diego chamber of com
merce, and was given a position as as
sistant to Major Truman. It was soon
said, however, that Major Nolan was
employed on the side in the interest of
some San Diego land companies, and his
resignation was accepted by Major Tru
Matters in the Various Courts Yesterday.
A Number of Informations Filed.
Court Notes.
"Rev." Samuel J. Fleming's fate is
still undecided. Yesterday afternoon
was the time set when his motion for a
new trial should be heard before Judge
Smith in department one of trie superior
court, but Henry T. Gage, a new addi
tion to his counsel, was engaged else
where and could not attend, so a further
continuance was asked for till next
AVednesday at 1:30 p.m. The district
attorney agreeing, this was granted.
Mr. Gage also submitted another mo
tion to correct the minutes. The motion
states that the record should show thit
"on the 13th day of May, 1891, while the
prosecuting witness, Annie Peterson,
was giving her testimony, the defendant
was absent, five minutes. That
on the same day, while the
said witness was being examined
and giving her testimony, and on an
other occasion, the defendant was ab
sent from said trial and without the
hearing thereof five minutes. That on
the same day, and at another time, the
defendant was absent one hour. That
on the 14th day of May, 1891, during the
progress of Baid trial, the defendant was
absent therefrom during the time that
the witness C. W. Pendleton was giving
his evidence." This motion and the al
legations in it will be supported by the
affidavits of A. K. Moropulos, C. W.
Pendleton, C. Gardner and Gtorge B.
The following informations were filed
by the district attorney, i# department
one, yesterday morning: J. Reinault,
for assault with intent to commit rape;
Andreas Domingues, Manuel Flores and
George Olpherts, assault with a deadly
weapon. The arraignment in each case
was set for Monday, May 25th.
The case of Nordholdt vs. Nordholdt
was argued in department six yesterday
afternoon and submitted on briefs.
The case of Barclay et al. vs. Severance
is still on trial in department four, the
case having gone over yesterday after
noon till tomorrow.
Judge Clark did not bold court yester
day. The Leonis case will be continued
tomorrow, with further testimony in.
behalf of the contestant, Nettie Pryor.
Desires to Bear Testimony.
Henry ThorneVtraveling secretary of the Y.
M C A , writes from Exeter Hall, Strand, I.on
don, February 2d, 1888:
"I desire to bear my testimony to the value of
Allcock's Porous Plasters. I have used
them for pains in the back and side arising
from rheumatic and other causes never without
deriving benefit, from their application. They
are easily applied and very comforting Those
engaged as I am in public work which Involves
exposure to sudden changes of temperature
will do well to keep a supply of Allcock'b Po
roos Plasters In their portmanteaus."
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Sherry, angelica, muscatel, port, old Sonoma
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Telephone 904 , .
Fine Kentucky whiskies, grape brandies and
imported liquors. Ooods delivered to any part
of the city.
If You Feel Dry
Ring up the California Wine Company, tele-
Ehoue 110, and order a dozen of Pabst's Blue
ibbon Beer, the best bottled beer in the mar
ket, or leave orders at 222 8. Spring st.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Coustipation, Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yel
low Skin? Shlloh's Vitalizer is a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.
Mullen, Bluett & Co.,
make: public a few facts.
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bear close inspection.
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(W \ Turning 1
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sediment. Guaranteed harmless. It requires
about ten days' use to restore the color. Prices,
SI. Get your druggist to order It for you. If
you have any trouble with 70ur hair or scalp,
call on or write to
"Beauty Doctor,"
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ladies for all blemishes or defects of face or
figure. Lady agents wanted. ■
Los Angeles county, Cal., a branch of the Con
vent of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Oakland,
This Institution, conducted by the Sisters of
the Holy Names, occupies one of the most
picturenque sites in San Gabriel valley. It has
features of excellence that specially recom
mend it to public patronage. Tho course of
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Throat Diseases* Bronchitis, Asthma
and Consumption,
Are being successfully treated by
M. C P. 8. 0.,
137 8. Broadway, I.os Angelas, Cel.
By his Acrcan system of practice, which con
sists ot proper Medicated luhalatlons and the
Bronchitis is a disease of the mucous mem
brane of the air passage, aud Is oue of the most
common of the pulmonary affections. Chronlo
bronchitis more often appears later In life.
When a cold Bettles on the lungs the disease
either ends in bronchitis or pneumonia. If it
ends in bronchitis it usually passes off as a cold
on the chest, and still the patient does not feel
entirely well. He feels tired and languid, andY
Is incapable of taking his usual amount of
exercise, and experiences a shortness of breath,
with more or less warmth in the palms of the
hands. Soon after this a cough appears, ac
companied by an expectoration of thick mu
cous, followed by a hectic flush, loss of flesh
and strength, and night sweats.contlnue, when
the patient assumes all the appearance of hav
ing a genuine case of consumption. But this
is simply catarrh of the lungsor chronic bron
The patient usually dies from exhaustion
and suffocation, being unable to expectorate
the mucous which accumulates in the passage
leading to the lungs, which in some eases Is
sticky and small iv quantity, but more com
monly copious, of a light straw or yellowish
Dry Bronchitis-This disease, the very oppo
site of the above, is a very common affection.
Very many people, who regard themselves as
quite healthy, are today under f:n influence,
and aro slowly but surely Incoming the vic
tims of this treacherous complaint. This is
the most insidious of all pulmonary diseases.
There may at first be a slight, hacking cough
I and an expectoration of a bluish white mu
cous. And herein lies the danger. This mu
cous, inhabiting the air cells n£ the lungs, be
ing difficult to raise, after a time becomes
solidified, permanently obstructing portions of
the lungs, causing shortness of breath and a
feeling of oppression on the chest, particularly
after meals or on slight exertion. After a time
the cough becomes more severe and comes on
in paroxysms, and as the shortness of breath in
creases it almost assumes the character of
asthma The mucous membrane also be
comes more and more thickened, which arises
from the frequent fresh colds, and the patient
at last becomes fully aware of the terrible
changes that have taken place and the inevit
able results that are to follow.
Without courage and perseverance nothing Is
curable, but with these, aided with our Mudi
cated Inhalations and Compound Oxygen
Treatment, Bronchitis can be cured even after
the lungs are extensively diseased.
Consultation free.
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P. S.—Professional calls made before and
after office hours.
Cash and Credit Sale on Premises,
At the Breeding Farm of Marcus A. Forstcr.-om
THURSDAY, MAY 28,1801,
Sale commencing at 1 o'clock p.m.
The catalogue embraces 100 head of very
fashionably bred mares from 3 to S years old;
70 head of'large fine geldings, all broke to sad
dle, together with 30 head of Graded Perche
rons. Total 200 head. ...
Take 8:16 a.m. train.'oot of First st., returning
leave Caplstrano at 7:15 p.m.
Buyers at our last sale, viz., May sth, were
more than pleased.
Terms of Sale: Cash for all purchase* up to
$200. Liberal credit extended on approved, pa
per on all sums over that amount.
Horses delivered free of charge.
Free barbecue for all guests on arrival of
train. M. A. FORBTER, Proprietor.
E. W. NO YES, Auctioneer.
Sd Potatoes,
The best in the market; early andlatevarieties.
Room 10,108 N. Bp.ing st, Los Angeles.

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