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The Young Actor and Jfay
Irwin Married.
Their Honeymoon in Chicago at
Once Discovered.
Manager Hayman Calls Him the Pa-
cine Coast Mrs. Potter.
The Bride a Fat, Pretty, Jolly Soubrette.
She la no Chicken Bnt la a Very IS right
Woman—Gossip Abont the Matter.
In the merry boom time Hugo Toland
waa a notable in Los Angeles society.
He is a San Franciscan who has plenty
of money, and who is stage struck.
When fair, frail Fay Templeton was
here with the Evangeline company
some three years ago Mr. Toland ran
"Jimmy" Fair a hot race for the favor
of that fascinating burlesquer, but Fair
won easily, with Toland a bad second.
In view of his large circle of acquaint
ances here the following special dispatch
to the San Francisco Chronicle of Sat
urday will be of intereet:
Chicago, May 29. —Professional peo
ple in Chicago, those who have been
in a position to observe the indications
and note the facts, are of the opinion
that Hugo Toland and May Irwin are
Mr. Toland ia a bright young man who
astoniahed San Francisco society not
many mont.ha ago by deserting hia rich
mother's luxurious mansion on Nob
Hill for the excitement and glare of the
footlights, moved to that step, no doubt,
by- numerous successes on the local
amateur stage.
May Irwin is best known on the farce
comedy stage as a pretty, fat and jolly
soubrette, who has entertained many
audiences for many years in conjunction
with her sister Florence, who ia not so
fat and not so winning.
The story is that the two were wedded
in New York a few days ago, and cir
cumstantial evidence goea far to convict
them of the delightful act. Mias Irwin,
or Mrs. Toland, as she will probably be
called off the play bills in the future, is
a member of James Powers' Straight
Tip oompany, which has just closed the
season in New York and arrived in Chi
cago tonight. She was not with the
party, however.
She had arrived nearly twelve hours
before with Mr. Toland, and the two are
now comfortably housed in a flat at 281
Laaalle avenue. Tonight they were not
at home to callers, aa they were partici
panta in a dinner at a fashionable res
taurant, given presumably in honor of
Mrs. Neeler, owner of the flats, said
this evening that while Mr. Toland and
Miss Irwin occupied a portion of her
houae, she could not answer questions
concerning their relatione to each'
other. . . .
Manager Rosenbaum, of the Straight
Tip company,often noticed the intimacy
between the two, and was not surprised
a few days ago when Miss Irwin asked
to be excused from traveling with the
rest of the company to Chicago. She
gave no reason, but was given the de
sired permission.
"She is an actress," continued Mr.
Rosenbaum, "and theremust have been
weighty reasons which caused her to
pay her own railroad fare when she
might have traveled with the company
and saved $25." He knew nothing of
the marriage, but was of the opinion,
in view of all the circumstances, that
they were man and wife.
Manager Al Hayman was of the same
opinion, and he gave a long account of
Mr. Toland's amateur ventures on the
Pacific coast. In groping about for a
comparison he said Toland was "the
Mrs. James Brown Potter of San Fran
cisco." Mr. Toland and Miss Irwin be
came intimately acquainted in Chicago
a few months ago, when he was playing
a part in Mr. Barnes of New York, and
she was with the City Directory com
Every night, the doortender testifies,
Mr. Toland waited for her at the stage
door and escorted her to her hotel.
Mies Irwin is about 32 years old. Sbe
Las always been a pretty and a very
bright woman. She was married before.
Her husband died. She has two chil
A National Guard Festivity in San
The banquet given last night by the
officers of the staff of Governor Mark
ham to the chief executive, who is com
mander-in-chief of the national guard,
and to Major-General Dimond. the divi
sion commander, and Rrigadier-General
Dickinson, the commander of the Sec
ond brigade, and their staffs, was a bril
liant and enjoyable affair, says the San
Francisco Chronicle of Saturday.
Colonel Frank W. Sumner, paymaster
general of the national guard, presided,
and proved himself a most genial men
tor of the martial gathering. Upon his
right sat Governor Markham, who was
distinguished by being the only gentle
man at the board attired in civilian
broadcloth and clawhammer. Upon
the chairman's left sat Brigadier-Gen
eral Dickinson, commander of the Sec
ond brigade, and next him on the
left was Adjutant-General Allen.
On the right of the governor was
Major-General W. H. Dimond, com
manding the division of the National
guard. The various guests, according
to their rank, were seated along the
board, the members of the governor's
staff, who were the hosts of the occa
sion, taking the lower end of the table,
besides many members of the general
staff there were present Colonel T. F.
Barry, Lieutenant-Colonel J. O'Connor,
and Major O'Brien, Third infantry;
Colonel William Macdonald, JLieuten
ant-Colooel J. A. Koster and Major Den
nis Geary, Second artillery; and Col
onel VV. P. Sullivan, Lieutenant-Colonel
H. P. Bush and Major G. E. Burdick,
Third infantry. * * *
The First infantry band in the ball
room had played the ten numbers of a
most enjoyable Jprogramme when Col
onel Sumner arose, and after a brief but
eloquent introductory address, proposed
the toast, The State of California, in re
sponse to which he called on Goyernor
Markham. * * *
,The other toasts were as follows:
The National Guard of California,
Major-General Diniond.
The Second Brigade—an organization
we, as citizens, are proud of, and one oi
the best brigades in the United States,
snd a standing guarantee of peace and
order in this community, Brigadier-
General John H. Dickinson. I
The Adjutant-General's Office, Adju
tant-General Allen.
The Third Infantry, Colonel Thomas
F. Barry.
The Law in the Army, Judge Advo
cate J. N. E. Wilson.
The Old Soldier, Colonel A. D. Cutler.
The First Infantry, Colonel W. D.
The Press, Colonel Horace G. Piatt.
The Ladies, Colonel T. C. Marceau.
The committee of arrangements were
Colonels Chadbourne, Sumner, Laidlaw,
Marceau and Sanborne.
It Made Her Faint.
"Ring for the janitor. The lady has
fainted," said tbe landlord to the boy. "1
ought not to have told her without first
preparing her for it, I suppose."
"What's the trouble?"
"I told her I had no objection to chil
dren."—New York Sun.
Yum Tarn.
Teacher —Tommy Slimson, have you any
good excuse for being late?
Tommy (beaming)— Yea, ma'am.
Teacher —What is it?
Tommy—Waffles.—Harper's Bazar.
One Was Nothing.
He—May I kiss you just once?
He (unabashed)— How many times?—
Must Have Bean.
"What aver induced you to marry Freil»"
"Fred, of course." —Life.
A Flattering Increase in California Pro
ducts—The Imports—Tremendous In
crease in Dried Fruit Shipments.
General Freight Agent Sinurrf of the
Southern Pacific company, haa compiled
aome interesting and useful tables,allow
ing the relative importations, California
production and shipments of certain
fruits from this state.
Prunes were received in the United
States from abroad to the amount of 57,
--(531,870 pounds, during the year ending
June 30, 1885. Two years later the
quantity was over 92,000,000 pounds,
while last year it was 58,003,400 pounds.
The products of this state were 2,000,000
pounds in 1886. 45,000,000 pounds in
1889 and 12,200,000 pounds in 1890.
Prior to last year .the prune shipments
were not segregated from the other
dried fruits, but the amount sent out of
California in 1890 was 10,224,700. This
year the protective tariff on prunes,
which has been doubled and is now 2
cents a pound, is expected to operate
very favorably to the home producer.
On tigs the duty haa been raised one
half a cent a pound, and now i 8 2J 2
cents. In 1887 the fig production of
thia state was 90,000 pounds, in 1889 it
was 100,000 pounds and in 1890, 200,000
pounds. The receipts from abroad were
in 1887 8,724,583 pounds, in 1889 10,649,
--049 and last year a trifle less.
Raisins show a very large increase-in
production during the paat six years,
while the quantity imported haa re
mained about the same, and in fact was
smaller during each of the last two
years than in any of the four preceding
ones. In 1885 the foreign raisins con
sumed in the United States amounted to
38,397,787 pounds, in 1888 to 40,476,473
and last year to 36,914,330. The pro
duction of California raiains in 1885
amounted to 7,500,000 pounds, in 1888
to 18,300,000 pounds and in 1890 to over
35,000,000 pounds. In the same way the
shipments of raisins from this state to
the east have increased, being repre
sented for the three years chosen by
6,000,000. 14,000,000 and 29,000,000
pounds respectively. The tax on raisins
has been increased half a cent, and this
is looked upon as promising much aid
to the local producer.
A Inionds do not figure particularly well
in Mr. Smurr's estimates, as in 1887 the
California product was 500,000 pounds
and in 1890 was only 200,000 pounds.
The foreign importations were in 1885
4,732,200' pounds, in. 1887 5,482,363
pounds and last year 5,715,853 pounds.
The tariff on almonds continues at 5
cents a pound. .
The shipments from this state to the
east of all kinds of dried fruits, except
raisins, were in 1885 5,794,160 pounds,
in 1887 17,564,870 pounds and in 1890
33,699,875 pounds. These estimates are
very conservative and, especially with
regard to raisins, are well within the
actual figures.
A modification of what is known as
the Australian ballot plan is in force in
England in the election of members of
the house of commons. This regulation,
however, is not permanent there, as it is
here in the states employing this system.
An act of parliament is passed annually
to provide for the method of voting.
Names aro taken by the Indians in
early life, after a period of fasting and
seclusion, which is a part of their "med
icine" or religion. With some the first
animal seen, with others the first thing
seen by the Indian after rising from this
period of seclusion becomes his totem or
guardian spirit, and also his name.
It is now forty years since the first of
the great series of world's fairs was held
in London. The receipts for admissions
there were less than two million dollars.
At the last world's fair in Paris the re
ceipts were over eigflt millions. Chicago
expects to multiply that last by two.
Men do not carry flacons or scent bot
tles nowadays, nor do they wear jew
eled carters or bracelets. When the
semblance trf nainnood Is seen decked
out in these effeminate and superficial
trifles it is safe to be avoided.
Buffalo Tidings states that Murvale
Eastman, the hero of Tourgee's novel, is
modeled upon a young Episcopal minis
ter of that city, the Rev. Henry A.
A Mystery Explained.
The papers contain frequent notices of rich,
pretty and educated girls eloping with negroes,
tramps and coachmen. The well-known spe
cialist, Or. Franklin Miles, says all such girls
are more or less hysterical, nervous, very im
pulsive, unbalanced; usually subject to head
ache, neuralgia, sleeplessness, immoderate cry
ing or laughing. These show a weak nervous
system for which there is no remedy equal to
Restorative Nervine. Trial bottles and a fine
book, containing many marvelous cures, free
at all druggists, who also sell, and guar
antee, Dr. Miles'celebrated New Heart Cure,
the finest of lv art tonics. Cures fluttering,
short breath,etc.
ARE YOU MADE miserable by Indigestion
Constipation. Dizziness, Loss of Appetite, Yet
low Skin? Shiloh's Vitaliz cis a positive cure
For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout
Sixth and Broadway.
Ask for the "Independence," the healthiest
cordial in the market.
LEWIS the light proves to be a
discordant factor.
The Meeting at Turner Hall—Several
Good Speeohes Made—Lewis Insists
on Talking Religion—The Last Meet
ing of the Summer.
The Los Angeles aection of the Social
ist People's party held a scantily-at
tended but by no means uninteresting
meeting in Upper Turn Verein hall, yes
terday afternoon. There were only
about a score of people in the hall when
Chairman Neubauer called the assem
blage to order at 2:30, and the prospects
at this time looked most discouraging.
After accounting for his inability to
provide the usual music, which it has
been the pleasure of the section to listen
to at the commencement of each debate,
by stating that all the musicians had
gone down to the beach to take a bath.
the venerable chairman introduced the
first speaker of the day, J. D. Bailey.
Mr. Bailey does not have the appear
ance of the typical Socialist, and his pa
per showed that he was only at the begin
ning of the great economic theories
which these people love to dis3uss. lie
talked on the eight-hour question for
about half an hour, gave a history of the
movement in America from 1825 to the
present day, and wound up with a strong
argument in favor of the innovation.
When the applause following Mr.
Bailey's speech had subsided, Chairman
Neubauer called for volunteer addresses. 1
No one seemed ready to talk, until a
wild-eyed stranger who had crept into
the hall with two small boys at his heels
during the latter part of Bailey's speech,
asked permission to say a few words
Chairman Neubauer began to mov<
about uneasily as soon as the stranger
took the floor. It was apparent to the ,
audience that something was wrong, and j
when the chair cautioned the speaker
"to keep off of religion and talk only on I
the subject untler debate," they were !
sure of it. "All right," said theetranger, i
and then lie began :
"The speaker before me made refer- j
ence to a rotten ship in mid-ocean, with
the hull eaten out by worms, and fast ;
going to the bottom. No aid is near; a.
safe harbor is far off, and unless some I
great mind, some strong leader takes
charge, all are doomed. Now, I have i
been warned not to talk on religion, and i
I only want to say that the man who 1
spoke before me knows nothing about
the subject; he oilers no remedy; he
uses the same old pointless arguments,
and I "
"Here, here," broke in the chair, "I
want no insults; if you can't talk with
out insulting the gentleman, you "
"I did not insult him ; I only wanted
to aay "
"Go hire a hall or talk on the street
corner, you can't talk here," cried out
the chairman.
"I'll tell'you what is the matter with
you people; you find yourself down
trodden and oppressed and you talk it
over and talk it over, but you find no
remedy, and you never will unless you
come to me. I can help you; I have
the key and I alone can "
"There now, that will do. You must
stop—" broke out the rattled chairman.
"Very well then, if you won't let me
show you the true remedy I'll go.
Come on boys; we'll leave them to
themselves. But they know I have the
only key; I have the light "
And the door slammed on Lewia the
This rather exciting episode some
what disturbed the even course of
events. Someone said "he's crazy," and
thia conclusion was generally accepted.
Christian Michaelson was then called
to take the floor, and although, as he
announced, "English was not his native
tongue," he got along very well. Mr.
Stewart followed Mr. Michaelson, and
likewise made a very brief speech. As
there was no one else who wished to
talk, the chair announced that nex;
Sunday's meeting would probably bt
the last held by the section till fall
owing to the great falling ofF in attend
ance. "Everybody wants to go to the
beach," he said.
The gavel announcing adjournment
then fell, but a gentleman over on the
south side of the hall, with a flannel
shirt, a linen collar, and no vest, de
manded an explanation before the
meeting dispersed. "What kind of
people am I among, anyway?" he said.
"I can't tell from Mr. Bailey's address
whether you are Anarchists, Socialists,
or Nihilists. What have I got into, I'd
like to know. Besides, I'd like to talk a
little myself."
That settled it. The chair waa obdur
ate, and the gentleman with the com
bination apparel was set upon. The
meeting then dispersed to go to the fire.
Dyspepsia and its attendant ills are quickly
cured by Simmons Liver Regulator.
Horse blanket and buggy robes at Foy's sad
dlery house. 315 N. Los Angeles street.
If you
are alive
To the importance of pure
food, and want to be sure of
getting a baking powder
free from ammonia and all
other objectionable ingre
dients, you will try
Cleveland's. It costs no
more, will go farther, and
is, in every way, Abso
lutely the Best.
y Potatoes,
The best in the market; early and late varieties.
Room 10, 108 N. Sp.ing St., Los Angeles.
4-18 d&wtf
Barber Supplies and Cutlery,
123 W. Third St., l.os Angeles, Cal.
on the Pacific Coast.
Sole manufacturers of the celebrated Diamond
Festus Razors. China Painting and Burning
don* to order. 4-12-3 m
L Being ont of order you will suffer trcm
J Indigestion. Headache, Biliousness, Con
I stipation. Flatulency or Heartburn. You
I will feel heavy alter meals, have a bad
f taste in the mouth, and be restless tit
| nights.
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| hies, you should take CALIFORNIA
I FRUIT SYRUP, which Is the most effec-
9 five anl pleasant remedy ever produced,
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M Herbs
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I nvcndej by Physicians.
: 1 Price. 50c and $1 a bottle, gold by all
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y spring TraF
j • STYLES, 8B
1 18 91. IIH
» =»• if *^=-
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Respectfully yours, CORD AN BROS.
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JL brandy:
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|'tf^ —~x &l materials, and represents the
i' / c !l!l. w \ I full medicinal value of Jamaica
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H V'ZBSjU I perfection."
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IS ay« Your
'fJ7~.f~<-- Gray?
restore it to its Original Colob. You can
apply it yourself and no one need know you
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make the hair sticky:does not stain the hands
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sediment. Guaranteed harmless. It requires
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Ul. Get your druggist to order ItT for you. II
you have any trouble with your hair or scalp,
j call on or write to
"Beauty Doctor,"
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j ladies for all blemishes or defects of face or
| figure. Lady agents wanted.
Los Angeles county. Cal., a branch of the Con
vent of Our Lady uf.the Sacred Heart, Oakland,
1 his Institution, conducted by the Sisters of
the Holy Names, occupies one of the most
picturesque sites in San Gabriel valley. It has
features of excellence that specially recom
mend it to public patronage. The course of
study embraces the various branches of a solid,
useful and ornamental education.
For particulars, apply to the
—as TO
Correspondence with intending settlers or
investors solicited.
Attractive opportunities for homes and for
profitable investment in irrigation enterprises.
M. U. WICKS, »
Corner of Court and Main Streets,
Los Angelks, Cal.
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