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A Reduction of Ten Dollars a Carload Ap
preciated by the Farmers—News Notes
and Gossip.
We learn, says the Riverside Press,
that the Santa Fe company has mad,e
a reduction of freight rates on grain
from all points of the Perris and San
Jacinto valleys to tide water at San Di
ego, Newport and Redondo, of two and
one-half cents per hundred pounds. As
this concession was made on the part of
the company without solicitation on the
part of the farmers of the above valleys,
it shows that the company is imbued
with a spirit of live and let live. This
reduction means fifty cents on the ton,
ten dollars per carload, which, when the
grain crop of the section benefited is
considered, amounts to a snug saving to
the man that has grain to sell. In these
days, when the grasping of railroad
companies is a matter of considerable
notoriety, the action of the Santa Fe is
worth more than a passing notice.
Vice President George Peabody of the
Rio Grande Western, who is now in
thi3 city, was interviewed on Tuesday
in San Francisco, and denied that his
road intended to build to this coast.
He said that Marysville, Utah, was the
last place from which to build such a
road. At present the little town was
not on any line of rail. The company
owned a small narrow-gauge line run
ning from Thistle on the main line to
Manti, and would shortly extend this
line without change of gauge to Marys
Marcus Pollasky, the promoter of the
Fresno mountain road or San Joaquin
valley line, is on his way to San Fran
cisco. His plans in the east are said to
have been successful. Immediately on
his arrival he will set about the letting
of contracts. Engineers are at work on
the surveys now.
The Santa Fe intends building from
the Atlantic and Pacific to Phamix.
The Calabasas. Tucson and Northern
road will meet the Santa Fe at the lat
ter point.
W. J. McDonald, contracting freight
agent of the Union Pacific at San Jose,
has been appointed to a similar position
with the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.
Paul. His headquarters will be Los An
Assistant Passenger Agent H. R. Gre
gory of the Santa Fe took a trip to San
Bernardino yesterday.
The Santa Fe is hauling an average of
lifty cars of potatoes a day. They travel
as fast freight in fruit refrigerator cars.
The Santa Fe lias issued orders to
agents that a summer convention of
teachers will be held at or near Pacific
Beach, San Diego, commencing June
22d, and continuing four weeks. A fare
and one-third, round trip, is allowed.
Tickets will be issued upon the teachers
presenting their certificates to any of
the ticket agents ot the road.
It will probably be some time before
the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe will
put on its proposed dining-car service.
The new cars are backed up at Fort
Madison, lowa. The Pullman company
claims that they infringe upon their
patent, and it is said have enjoined the
Santa Fe from utilizing them. Fred
Harvey is in the background, and after
the Pullmans get through fighting the
road he will step in and object to the in
auguration of the service, on the ground
that his franchise ior running the Atchi
son, Topeka and Santa Fe dining sta
tions is in force and has yet four years
to run.
Track-laying began yesterday morn
ing on the Los Angeles Terminal railway
at the Mission-street crossing of the
Southern Pacific running Bouth. An
immense quantity oi heavy steel rails
have arrived.
The Santa Fe will soon commence the
construction of a spur to the lemescal
tin mines.
The Santa Fe is shipping cattle from
San Diego county ranges to Chicago at
the rate of fifteen cars a week.
Travel to Bear valley by campers and
tourists is increasing.
The Examiner of San Francisco states
that on Monday Mr. Huntington pur
ebred in Scranton, Pa., 40,000 tons of
steel rails at $30 a ton. He says they
will be worth $40 in the fall.
The Long Beach and Alamitos Bay
railway filed its preliminary papers in
incorporation with the county clerk yes
terday. The road is to be of standard
gauge, three miles in length and will
run from the city of Long Beach to Ala
mitos bay. The directors are E. Bouton,
T. B. Burnett, James Campbell, A. W.
Barrett, S. 0. Houghton, E. P. Johnson
and H. L. Bissell. The capital stock is
placed at $100,000, divided into 1000
shares of $100 each, and of this sum
$3000 have been subscribed.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Flavin, child and
servant, of San Francisco are spending a
while at the Redondo hotel.
The following persons form a delight
ful party at the Redondo hotel this
week: Mrs. Hugh Glassell, Mies Violet
Trudel, of Lob Angeles; Mrs. M. B. M.
Toland of San Francisco and Hugo To
land of New York. Mr. Toland is well
known as the handsome and talented
young actor of the Lyceum theater, New
York city, and with his mother is en
joying a pleasant visit at the Redondo.
Colonel G. W. Root, of the Redondo,
spent the day in Los Angeles.
Among the many arrivals at the Re
dondo today are: N. P. Perine, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Erwin, San Francisco;
Miss Derma, New York; H. J.Young,
Pasadena; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Bell,
Los Angeles; T. J. Colter, Boston;
Frank Newcomb, Washington, D. C.
The steamer Bonita, Captain Leland,
arrived from San Francisco yesterday
and discharged 120 tons of merchan
The steamer Coos Bay, Captain Le
land, arrived from San Francisco with
sixty tons of freight for this place on
Tuesday. B.
The Committee on Literary Programme
Make Progress.
The committee on literary exercises
on the Fourth of July celebration met
yesterday afternoon. Rev. Mr. Chi
chester was obliged to decline the proffer
of being one of the chaplains, and Dr.
Cantine accepted the position, as did
Rev. Mr. Haskins.
Mr. S. G. Willard was selected as
reader of the Declaration of Independ
ence, and the committee completed the
outlines of a very attractive musical pro
Several poems have been received; if
none should come up to the standard
required, it is suggested that some well
known patriotic poem be read, such as
Drake's address.
An inquest was held yesterday by
Coroner Weldon over the body of Edwin
T. Hoffman to determine whether he
died as the result of an accident or from
malpractice. The jury was composed of
the following persons : T. A. Smith. M.
Allen, E. C. Griffith, Cal Hartwell,
Daniel Webster, R. Williams, J. H.
Woodworth, S. If. Doolittle, J. W. Ban
buiy, H. C. Hotaling, S. Palmateer and
H. Moore. After long-drawn out pro
ceedings a verdict was rendered, to the
effect that the deceased died as the re
sult of injuries received from a fall on
September 28, 1890, from a house ou
Mace hill.
The High school classes of '90 and '91'
have organized an alumni association.
J. B.Nichols leaves for Catalina today.
The real estate activity shows no fall
ing off.
The overland arrives regularly on time
There will be no local Fourth oi July
celebration. I'asadena will gJ to Los
Angeles, en masse.
A full rehearsal of the Bohemian Girl
will be held tonight.
The choral class will hold a business
meeting tomorrow evening.
H. I. Stewart and Miss Elma Ball, j
daughter of B. F. Ball, were married
yesterday evening at the house of the |
bride's Darents. The ceremony was j
witnessed byalimitednumberof friends. ,
A Wife-Beater Fined and a Chinaman
Held to Answer.
Charles T. Petkin yesterday pleaded
guilty in Judge Owens's court to com
mitting a battery upon the person of
his wife. After hearing the testimony
of Mrs. Petkin, Judge Owens fined him
$100, which was paid.
Ah Fat, the Mongolian who very inju
diciously tried to rob a police officer,
was held to answer, with bail fixed at
People Who Yesterday Secured Per
missions to Wed.
Marriage licenses were yesterday
granted to the following named per
sons :
Holloway I. Stuart, aged 25, of Pasa
dena, and Elma F. Ball, aged 25, of Pas
Phil H. Wilson, aged 31, of Los An
geles, and Annie E. Shirley, aged 22, of
Los Angeles.
Sickness Among Children,
Especially infants, is prevalent more or
less at all times, but is largely avoided
by giving proper nourishment and
wholesome food. The most successful
and reliable of all is the <iail Borden
''Eagle" Brand Condensed Milk. Your
grocer and druggist keep it.
Berkshire Girl's Muscle.
Some of the young men who tried in
vain to lift from the sidewalk the 180
pound dumbbell, the heaviest of the col
lection on exhibition for the Housatonic
Hose company entertainment Wednes
day, were surprised to see Miss Sadie
Rogers, a fifteen year-old girl who lost
her right arm in the woolen mill, raise
it several inches with her right hand.
She is a young lady of fine physique, but
the strength manifested by this feat is
certainly remarkable.—Berkshire Cour
A Suggestion.
If you are troubled with rheumatism
or a lame back, allow us to suggest that
you try the following simple remedy:
Take a piece of liannel the size of the
two hands, saturate it with Chamber
lain's Pain-Balm and bind it over the
seat of pain. It will produce a pleasant
warmth and relieve you of all pain.
Many severe cases have been cured in
this way. The Pain Balm can be ob
tained from 0. F. Heinzeman, 222 North
Main street.
Peculiarity of Chinese Law.
If a Chinese boy were to kill a parent
he would be burned alive at the stake in
punishment ttft such an unnatural and
horrible crime. But over the life of his
children a father has absolute control,
and can murder one of them and never
incur the least penalty at the hands of
the law.—Philadelphia Times.
Well Merited Praise.
In almost every neighborhood there
is some one or more persons whose lives
have been saved by Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, or who
have been cured of chronic diarrhea by
it. Such persons take special pleasure
in recommending the remedy to others.
The praise that follows the introduction
and use makes it very popular. 25 and
50 cent bottles for sale by C. F. Heinze
man, 222 North Main ftreet.
His Excuse.
Clara (at tho wane of the honeymoon)
—Dearest, don't you love me as much as
ever? Am I not as sweet as I was?
Charier, —Yes; I suppose you are. But,
then, sweetness is not what it was. You
can get twenty pounds of sugar now for
onfl dollar.—Pittsburg Bulletin.
"Dinner for Two. Appetite for One!"
Sai 1 a dyspeptic to the waiter, ordering for self
and friend. And suppose he had had an appe
tite, it would have agonized him,subsequently,
to gratify it. 0! the abominable pangs that
even a little meal causes the confirmed victim
of indigestion. Purgatory on earth—no less.
Altogether unnecessary though. Begin at
onie, systematica ly, a course of Hostetter's
Stomach Bitters, ye unfortunates with refrac
tory stomachs. In saying this we merely echo
the recorded experience of thousands who
have used the great stomachic to their lasting
benefit. For the inaction of a sluggish liver,
and for tardy or Irregular action of the bowels,
both very apt to accompany dyspepsia, this fine
regulator is equally efficient. Malarial com
plaints, kidney trouble, rheumatism and neu
ralgia depart "when a resort is had to the Bit
Removal of Christopher.
L. Christopher, the celebrated North
Spring street ice cream manufacturer
and restauranter, will, about the 20th
inst., move his place of business to more
commodious quarters, at 241 S. Spring
street. He has formed a partnership
with Mf. Strong, and the public can
rely on the firm of Christopher &. Strong
placing before them the very best of
everything in their line. They have
also an elegant new soda fountain and
will dispense refreshing beverages.
The Official Programme for the Fourth.
Secretary Cherry of the executive
committee of the Fourth of July, has
awarded the exclusive right to publish
the official programme for the coming
celebration to Chas. W. Palm & Co.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria.
Miss Confer has taken possession of
her South Beach home.
Miss Mattise ia occupying one of the
Pcrnhoff cottages on the south side.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Claybnrn, of Po
mona, are visiting Mr. aud Mrs. A. G.
G. S. De (inrmo is spending a few
days here in the South Beach home.
Miss Kiely lias rented the Sabichi
bath house, near the old San Bernard
wharf, and will look after the interests of
the bathers at that end of the beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kearns.of River
side, are registered at the Arcadia.where
they will spend the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Rodgers, of San
Diego, are registered at tbe Arcadia.
Mr. Rodgers is one of the prominent
citizens of San Diego, and is enjoying
his vacation traveling about Southern
Today's arrivals at the Arcadia are:
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Childs, Jr., Doctor
and Mrs. McGowan, Mrs. 11. B. Marion,
ex-Sheriff Martin G. Aguirre, Mr. and
Mrs. S. A. Wilmot, George P. Allen, J.
W. Scott, Los Angeles; Doctor and Mrs.
J. Martin. Clearwater: Mrs. Charles
McFarland and Miss Cochran, Cincin
nati, Ohio; W. P. McAllester, Needles'.
The members of the new bicycle club
at Los Angeles will make the trip from
Los Angeles to santa Monica on the
Fourth, when the boys intend to beat
the best record for the distance.
Uncle John Fischer has purchased lot
41, block 38, and lot 1, block ;12, East
Santa Monica,
i On tbe evening of July 3d the firemen
will give their grand annual ball. The
management of our popular hotel, the
Arcadia, has granted trie boys the use
of the ballroom, and will furnish the
i dancers with a supper.
The ladies of the Congregational
church will hold their regular monthly
dime social on the 19th inst., when the
Uev. D. D. Hill of Pasadena will give
his lecture on That Boy. The ladies
have also provided for good music and
Herman Morris, the indefatigable
rustler of the Sud Post, Los Angeles,
spent the day here on business and
taking notes.
The Arcadia management keep right
along in their march of improvements,
and not satisfied with the many they
have already inaugurated, they have be
gun on the bathing establishment,
which any one not a critic would con
sider well nigh perfect, having added
many new rooms and suits oi the most
approved pattern and quality. Verily
their push and progress is extremely
gratifying to the entire community, and
they deserve the harvest they will sure
ly reap.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Shrede, a newly
married couple from Duarte, are enjoy
ing a blissful honeymoon at the bt.
James, which goes to prove their good
sense in selecting the city by the sea, for
if there is one particular class of people
we dote on it is brides.
Mike Curran, of fire department fame,
thought that because he understood
quenching the fiery element he could
manage the restless billows and started
to go out yesterday in a fisherman's
skiff. When he reached the first wave
the boat was emptied of its living
freight and Mike was a sadder but
wiser man. The way his pedal extremi
ties paddled the water would make a
swimming expert turn green with envy.
It did convulse the onlookers with
laughter. Square yourself, Mike, and
we will not put the picture we have in
Sunday's issue.
Gustave Miller, who will manage tbe
Griminger pavilion this season, will
open the same Saturday by giving a
grand ball there in the evening. He lias
completed arrangements to give a ball
every Sunday.
Jack Hutch, an old time engineer, is
visiting his friends, Curran and Sweeney,
on the beach.
Mrs. George E. Wearn. accompanied
by her daughter. Mrs. L. E. Collins, are
enjoying a week heie.
A Fatal Mistake.
Physicians make no more fatal mistake than
when they inform patients that nervous heart
troubles come from the stomach and are of
little consequence. Dr. Franklin Miles, the
noted Indiana specialist,has proven the contrary
in his new book on "Heart Disease," which
may re had free at all druggists, who
guarantee and recommend Dr. Miles un
equaled New Heart Cure, which has the largest
sale of any heart remedy in the world. It cures
nervous and organic heart disease, short breath,
fluttering, pain or tenderness in the side, arm
or shoulder, irregular pulse, fainting, smother
ing, dropsy, etc. His Restorative Nervinecurts
headache, fits, etc.
THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon,
Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our Uvea
by Heinzeman, 222 N. Main, or Trout, Sixtb
and P.roadway.
On draught at Charles Bauer's, the place where
this celebrated beer can always be obtained at
5c a glass.
WHY WILL YOU cough when Shlloh's Cure
will give immediate relief? Price 10 cts, 50
cts. and |1. For sale by Heinzeman, 222 N.
Main, or Trout. Sixth and Broadway
Bo kin §
A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.
Superior to every other known.
Used in Millions of Homes—
40 Years the Standard.
Delicious Cake and l'astry, Light Flaky
Bisc.it, Griddle Cakes, Palatable
and Wholesome.
No other baking powder docs such -work.
Seed Potatoes,
The best In the market; early and late varieties,
Room 10, 108 N. Sp.lng St., Los Angeles
Arising from youthful indiscretion,
excesses in maturer years, or from any
other cause; involuntary losses, loss of
memory aud ambition, aversion to so
ciety, impurity of the blood, loss of
power, kidney and bladder troubles,
speedily and permanently cured when
every other remedy his failed, by
PRICE $2.00,
In bottle or pill form, or six times the
quantity for $10.00.
To be had of the following druggists:
106 W. First Street,
(Under the Natlck.)
Los Anoklks, : : Cal.
C. El. BEAN,
Cor. Pearl and Pico Streets,
Los Anobles, : : Cal.
I m mm
SSili Cures CRAMPS and COLIC.
j "ft ' s composed of thepures
m*/" —-\ materials, and represents the
' g s£, E " \ I full medicinal value of Jamaica
(IIIGER-BRAiil «inger in the highest degree of
/SSIV l perfection."
p ' Analytical Chemist.
~ __~Hs Sold by Drnggiits and Wine Merchants.
• | Jos. N. Souther raanufgCo.
The Greatest Discovery on Earth
which removes all inflanmlions and impuri
ties from the Bone and Flesh, and effec c a
permanent cure of Rheumatic, Neuralgia and
all other pains that the human flesh is heir to.
It is guaranteed to cure any case of Sore Eyes,
Sore throat, remove Tumors, Worts and Ulcer
ated sores without pain or injury to the sound
fle»h. And it also takes oft" Spavins, Curbs,
Splints and all false enlargements on hones.
When all other remedies fail try Paradise Oh..
There is no necessity of suffering pain. To
purify the blood and regulate the liver, kid
neys and bowels; to cure sick headache, dys
pepsia, nervousness and kindred diseases that
Is caused by impure blood, use Paradise Bit
ters. Price of each, Jl per bottle. Manufac
tured by Kellett & Brown, Fresoo. Cal. All
druggists can obtain the same by applying to
F. W. BRAUN <i CO.,
6-16 3m Los Angeles, Call fornin.
!j Leitersof Science and of Law will bo held
at the University in Berkeley, also at Los An
geles, room 15 of the New High School Build
ing, on JuneESth, 2«ih and 27th, between the
hours of S a. m. and 5 p. m.
The second examination for the same College
will be held at the Uuiv-rsi'v iv Berkeley, on
September 15th. Kith and 17th.
The Academic year IS9I-92 will commence
September 17, 1891.
6-14-lOteod J. H. C. BONTE, Secretary.
Los Angeles county, Cal., a branch of the Con
vent of Our Lady of.the Sacred Heart, Oakland,
Ihis institution, conducted by the Sisters of
the Holy Names, occupies one of the moßt
Eiicturesque Bites in San Gabriel valley. It has
eatures of excellence that specially recom
mend it to public patronage. The course of
study embraces the various branches of a solid,
useful and ornamental education.
For particulars, apply to the
Successors to
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Lobsters, Crabs, Shrimps and Clams
Always on hand. JWW'e make a specialty
of shipping fish and oysters to all points in
Southern Cala.. Arizona, Texas, New and Old
Mexico. Telephone 036
Third and Spring sts., LOS ANGELES.
5-21 lm
Naud's Warehouse,
1 ■
General Merchandise Warehouse.
Wholesale Wine and Liquor Merchant,
404 and 406 N. Los Angeles St.
Telephone 224.
Family trade supplied. Goods delivered to any
part of the city tree of charge. Orders for tbe
country promptly attended to. Agency and depot
of Uncle Sam's wine vaults at Napa City, Cal.
12-31 ly
"La N"
Creamery Butter!
Depot, Fourth and Broadway.
5-24 lm
L. B. COUN'S, -:- The Pawnbroker's
MAiN.STREET.bpp. Western Union Tel
egraph office,for
Money, Diamonds and Watches.
4 9-3 m
Baker Iron Works
950 to 966 BUENA VISTA BT,
Adjoining the Southern Par'flc Grounds. Tel*
phone 124. m 23
The Eminent Chinese Physician.
Dr. Woh's life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untiring
observation, study and investigation, as fully as lay in his power to perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. Born in
China, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deservingly renowned as leading physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed
in the footßteps of his fathers. In China he has practiced his profession for
several years, being at one time a physician in the Imperial Hospital, and in
America for a long time his great number of patients, his wonderful and many
cures, and the great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove
him to be a remarkable and successful healer of sickness and all diseases.
, . . ~ . ... Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a friend.
For many years I have bjen troubled with , nRd been troubled lor years with Indigestion,
lung disease, which finally ended in asthma eaiißing fearful headaches and vertigo, making
and consumption ' my life one of misery. I tried and paid the
I consulted with the best physicians I could best pnye i clalls without rellof. Finally, to
find, but they did me no benefit, but on the please my friend, I visited Dr. Woh at his of
contrary I got worse and worse, until 1 was told § cc and n0 a( jvised with me and gave me
by one of them I could not recover. Dr. Woh mcdlclnes . This was but six weeks ago. To
took me in this condition. He has in two j can g| a(lly and s i„cerely say that ho has
months' time entirely cured mo. I most en J iro! y cured me.
cordially recommend him w all sufferers. CHARLES HELLMANN,
. MRS. F. WKSSEL, April J.IBSI. 331 Court St., L. A., Cal
325 Boyd St., Los Angeles, Cal.
May Ist, 1891.
I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
For 3 years I have been troubled with terrible but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
cramps ami pains in my abdomen and with Chinese physician, of Los Angoles city, pre
dropslcal swellings of my feet and limbs I en- scribed for me.
deavored in every way to find relief but filled. Two months ago I began his treatment, and I
until four week's ago 1 began using Dr. Woh's cau now certify that ho has done me great
medicines Now lam perfectly well and cur- d good. 1 recommend Dr. Woh to my frlemlß ai
of a sickness of three vears's siandlng. Ido an able doctor.
recommend Dr. Woh to all my sick friends. P. E. KINO,
MISS JESSIE M. FIELD, Justice of the Peace,
june 10, 1891. San Bernardino, Cal. May 4, 1891. Burbank. Cal.
Dr. Woh has"hundreds of similar testimonials, but space alone provents further publication
of them here.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and bost-known Chinese Physician In Southern California. His
many euros have been remarkable, involving Female Troubles, Tumor* and every form of disease.
All communications will be regarded as strictly oonfldential.
Free consultation to every oue, and all are cordially Invited to call upon Dr. Woh at his office,
Between Second and Third streets. 4-5-su-tu-th-ra Los Angeles, Cal,
Successfully A^^r^st^^h^A^^
and Moth Remedy. Trled Verm Re,ncdy M ° th
JQpy By putting this powder under tho edges of carpets, I guarantee that there will be no
Moths. It has the same effect if used for upholstered furniture, woolen goods, wearing ap
parel, etc. Address all communications to JOSEPH MEHI.KR, San Bernariino, Cal., Sole
Agent for the Pacific Coast. For sale by C. F. HEINZEMAN, 222 N. Main St.; 0. H. HANCE,
177 and 179 N. Spring St.; F. J. GIEBE, 103 N. Main St., and all leading druggists; "F. C. Wolf
-100 W. First street; J. H. Trout, Sixth and Broadway.
- 1 — — \ i
~ LUMP -:- COAL r>
A lf your dealer does not keep It RING UP TELEPHONE 36, or leave your f\
orders with / X
Oak, Pine and Juniper Wood sawed and split to order.
/\ hjk Ladies' Hair Dresser,
(fV i '"'V Practical and Theatrical Wie;s and Beards, Hair
\vfK\ Iff// Jewelry and Hair Devices.
Theatrical Wigs For Sale and to Rent.
" j\/• / Meyer's Grease Paints, Make up Articles and Masks.
7 « / : N 991 flm l 99fi WEST 3ECOND STREET,
£ ./ \ allu 440 Under Hollenbeck Hotel, Los Angeles.
f y No. 1, around the head. No. 2, ffom forehead to poll of
I neck. No. 3, 'rom temple to temple across front. No. 4,
1 from temple to temple across crown. No. 5, from temple to
I temple around back.
Gent's Wigs made on cotton foundation, from $7 to $12.
Gent's Wigs, inadb on silk foundation, from $10 to <25.
Tester W Oil!
Best and Safest Manufactured.
Water white, and guaranteed 150 deg.
fire test. Expressly for family use.
Give it a trial, and you will use no other.
Faucet cans furnished free.
345 South Spring Street.
3-17 6m
A sure cure for Bronchitis and Catarrh.
Will cleanse the blood and regulate your
YERBA SANTA SALVE will heal and cure
any sores, cuts or bruises. Sold by all druggists.
J. MARX St CO., Sole Proprietors
and Mfrs, 451 So Spring st., Los Angeles.
F. W. BRAUN, Wholesale Agent.
• ant and auditor, Jfellow of the Amerl
can]Assoclatlon of Public Accountants.
jp M 511S M[ i ®- Ml
Books opened and adapted to special require
ments. Investigation and adjustment of
books or complicated accounts. New books
opened, kept and balance sheets prepared.
Office, 218 NORTH MAIN ST., Los Augeles
12-29-1 yr
Headquarters Executive Committee,)
110 West Second St., I.o« Angeles. j
The Literary Committee for the celebration
of the Fourth of July Invites contributions of
poems to be read on that occasion.
These poems must not contain more than one
hundred lines, and must be signed with a norn
de plume.
Tne true name of Ihe writer must be enclosed
in a smaller envelope bearing the same norn de
plume as the poem,
All poems must be addressed to Frank W.
Cherry, secretary Fourth of July committee,
110 West Second street, on or before June 26th,
at 5 o'clock p. m., and the outer envelope to be
marked "Poem."
6-13-14t FRANK W. CHERRY, Secretary.

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