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United States Weather Office.
Report of observations taken at Loa Angeles,
September 11, 1891;
? 6
6:07 a. m.
Tm\ 6
W I 5
Max. tern., S3; mm. tern., 64.
Weather Forecast.
Say Francisco, Sept. 11.—Forecast: Fair
John Kiefer bought yesterday, through
Weslev Clark, 42 feet on Spring atreet
for *24,000.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the Western Union telegraph office,
corner Court and Main streeta. for
A. L. Colby and Geo. A. Smith.
F.x-Governor John G. Downey haa
sold to John Kiefer a lot on the weat
side of Spring street, 239 feet from the
south corner of Third street, for $24,000.
Joa. MePherson waa held to anawer at
Long Beach yesterday for an asaault
with a deadly weapon upon a man
named Dames, whom he hit over the
head with a bottle full of beer.
One of the proprietors of the Marseilles
hotel, on Commercial street, writes to
the Herald stating that this paper
made an error in calling Mr. Charles
Raskin .a "French editor," as he ia a
The reviving business of this city i.
shown by glancing over the classified
columns on the sixth page of the Her
. md. There ia considerable demand for
' good workers, and no one ought to be
idle at present.
The two splendidly illustrated lectures
on Scandinavia, the Land of the Mid
night Sun, to be given by the Rev. Dr.
Hamma, September 22d and 23d, reveal
a world of sublime scenery in nature,
while the picturesque costumes and
* quaint customs of the people represent
ed are most engaging.
Henry Stroh and Paul Smith were ar-
rested laat evening by Officer Home for
bathing in the zanja on San Pedro street.
Heveral other youngsters were brought
in but were sent home after being lec
tured. The youngsters have been mak
ing themselves obnoxious by throwing
mud at passing trains.
The board of health met Thursday
evening in the mayor's office and ap
proved a number of demands. The
plumbing ordinance was referred to the
health officer, as was also the communi
cation from the Btreet superintendent
icalling attention to the filthy condition
of the swill carts and the stench carried
by them.
1 To accommodate those who desire to
spend the entire day at Santa Monica, in
addition to the regular trains, a special
will leave the Arcade depotat 2:45 p.m.,
returning will leave Santa Monica at
6:00 p.m.
St. Vincent's college, Grand avenue,
opened its fall term September 7th.
Tuition in all branches for session of
ten months, $280. Day pupils, per
month, $5.00.
L. W. Godin has removed his shoe
store from 124 West First street (Wilson
block) to 104 North Spring street.
For sale, fine driving and draft horses,
choice milch cows and thoroughbred
Hqistein bulls. Bonito Meadows, Wash
ington street. J. E. Durkee.
K. D. List, notary public. Legal papers care
fully drawn. 127 West Second. Telephone 105.
G. O. Johnson, notary public, 212 West First
Street, Nadeau block. Telephone 180. "Al
ways ln."
Anthony Schwamm, R. R. ticket broker
sod notary public, 20' iN. Spring st. Tel. 619.
Mr. J. W. Fallast, of Chicago, is stay
ing at the Nadeau.
' J. G. Steely, Esq, of Brock ville, Can
ada, is registered at the Westminster.
P. Walsh, of Topeka, Kan., and Jud
Sager, of St. Louis, are at the Westmin
i Martin Aguirre was in the city yester
day. He will soon go into business
J. Luis Walker, of Santiago, Chile,
art officer of the Itata,has apartments at
the Nadeau.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Huntington, of
St. Louis, are guests at the Bellevue
\Terrace hotel.
W. W. Wheeler and family, of San
Francisco, are guests of the Bellevue
Terrace hotel.
George W. Barker, of San Francisco,
and Samuel Potter, of Martinez, are at
the Westminster.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Miller, and Dr.
and Mrs. J. E. Williams are at the Hol
lenbeck, from Riverside.
Judge M. L. Rawßon, of San Diego, ia
in the city. He is assisting the district
attorney in prosecuting the Chinese
assault case in department 0.
Captain Tejada, the military com
mander of the Itata, returned yesterday
irom San Francisco. He will remain
here for a day or two, and then join his
C. Glucksman, Jag. 11. Flagg and John
E. Warner, of New York, 0. C. Bera
back, of Chicago, Henry F. Atwood, of
Denver, Wealay Wilaon and H. Wil
liams, of Columbus, 0., and William
M. Hammerachlag, of Newark, N. J.,
are among the Hollenbeck arrivals.
The Horse Car Lines to Be Operated
By Electricity.
Superintendent Aiken, of the Cable
road, announced yesterday that the fol
lowing branches of the system which
are now being operated by horse power,
will be turned into electric roads :
The Blue line, running from Arcadia
street on Main to Spring, to Ninth, to
Figueroa, to Washington, to Rosedale
cemetery. This line has four miles of
double track and a two-horse equip
The Ninth-street line, commencing at
Fourth and Broadway, on Fourth to
Hill, to Sixth, to Ninth, thence west to
city limits. This line has \% miles
double track, two-horse equipment.
The Aliso-street line, starting at the
corner of Main and Arcadia streets, to
Aliso avenue and Pleasant avenue to
Boyle Heights, where it connects with
the cable to Boyle avenue and First
street. This line is about \% miles long,
single track.
The Kuhrta-street line, starting at Ar
cadia and Main streets, thence north on
Main to Kuhrts, thence to Mission road,
thence north to city limits. Thia line
is three miles lone, single track, two
A short line on Daly street, starting
from Chestnut street and Downev ave
nue, on Chestnut to Hoff, on Hoff to
Daly, thence to Pasadena avenue. This
line is three-quarters of a mile long, sin
gle track, one-horse equipment.
If is announced that Receiver Crank
has induced the stockholders to sub
scribe a million dollars for making the
above changes and newly equipping the
whole road.
Robert Farrell Claims to Have Seen Him
at Tehama—His Letter About the Af
fair-Still His Story Is Doubtful.
H. Jay Hanchette has been seen in
California during the paat week, accord
ing to Robert Farrell, who wrote the
following letter which was received at
the chamber of commerce yesteiday :
"Chico, Cal., Sept. 9, 1891.
"Mv Dear Wiggins : You will be as
much surprised as I was, when I tell
you that I met H. J. Hanchette this
morning. I got on the train this
morning at Tehama to come here,
and the first man I got mv eyes on
was Hanchette. Now, you will think
lam mistaken, but lam not. I know
the man too well; worked with him too
"I went up tohim,Blapped him on the
shoulder and called him by name. All
he would say was that I was mistaken ;
but I know that lam not. In looks he
has not changed a bit. His beard is just
the same, but his clothes are not so good
as they were. He is now wearing
one of the suits he used to wear in Los
Angeles. His actions are the same, but
his voice ia changed, and ia very much
"To one party here he gave h's name
as H. J. Mitchell. At the postoffice this
evening he inquired for letters as John
Blackman. To me he gave the name of
Hamilton. The only thing he would
admit waa that he had a wife and child.
He said he had never heard of the cit}
lof Los Angeles. He said he was going
to the new mines, Pine Nut. in Nevada.
"Now there is no use. I cannot be
mistaken. This is Hanchette; not his
double, nor his ghost, because ghosts
don't smoke cigarettes.
"I leave here Friday for Greenville in
Plumas county. lam traveling for the
Co-opemtive Cigar company of San
Francisco; and iri about three weeks
will be in Pine Nut. My health is about
as usual, but I am considerably shaken
up over meeting Hanchette.
"I am certain there is no mistake in
this. If you care tb answer this direct
at Susanville, Lassen county. Also
send me two or three Los Angeles pa
pers. Have not seen one since I left.
Had a letter from' home yesterday.
Hope thii will find you well.
"I remain, yours truly,
As will be : seen by his letter Fan-ell
is positive that the man he saw on ttwj
train was Hanchette. He knew the
missing man very well, having been
employed on the Herald while Han
chette was city editor.
His letter created considerable excite
ment among those who were made
aware of the information contained in
it, but aiter careful consideration, the
officers and a number of members of the
chamber of commerce are led
to believe that the man whom
Farrell took for Hanchette was
the person encountered by Mrs. Han
chette and others in San Francisco, and
who has come to be known as "Han
ehette's double." '
It is argued that Farrell must have
had some doubts about the man he saw
being Hanchette, or he would not have
taken the slow process of informing his
friends in this city.
A strange feature of the story is that
the man gave three names, it would
seem that a person endeavoring to hide
from his friends, if that was the purpose
of tbe man, would not cause suspicion
to be directed to him by giving three
different names.
Hanehette's friends here are hoping
that the story is true and that the miss
ing man is really alive. A dispatch was
sent to officers at Cffico giving the facts
contained in the letter and requesting a
search. No reoly had been received
when this was written.
Tourist sleeping cars, Los Angeleß to
Montreal, without change by the Santa
Fe route.
Columbus Buggies.
Here we are again with another large car
load of tine carriages, aurries, phaetons and
buggies. You wil! fl d soibe of them at the
old county courthouse, as we co lid not make
room at our store aud warehouse for all of the
different styles of vehicles we are constantly
receiving. Hawley, King & Co.
The Metrooolltan stables, 324 West First
street, are running a fine new line of Columbus
Buggy company'sbuggies and pn:Hons just pur
chased of Messrs. Hawley. King & Co.
The only combination bed that a lady can operate with ease; that will not wear out carpets; that leaves the cabinet
and mirror in front when bed is down. An invitation extended to all to see thia bed.
Also Agent for the Imperial and Mantel Folding Beds. J have the largest stock of Carpets in the city thje
nicest selected stock of Furniture, and at the lowest prices. Our Shade and Curtain Department is complete. If
you want to save money get our prices before purchasing. In some of our lines we can give you very extra induce
ments to close patterns. Freight paid on all country orders.
W. S. ALLEN'S Furniture and Carpet Warerooms, 332 & 334 S. SPRING ST,
Proposed Extension of the Terminal to
Santa Ana.
A meeting of citizens was held at West
minster on Wednesday evening to con
aider the proposition of securing the
right of way for the Terminal company
to build a railroatl from Long Beach to
Westminster, Garden Grove, Anaheim
and Santa Ana. A. Rimpau, Frank Ey,
Dr. Hunt, Pelegrin and Lewis, of Ana
heim, Dr. Head, General Pierce, S. D.
McKelvey and W. A. Beckett, of Garden
Grove, and D. M. Baker, Dr. Burgess.
George Mosbaugh, C. M. Beard, Jacob
Robs and James McFadden, of Santa
Ana, and a large number of the citizens
of Westminster were present.
A. B. Bonham stated that the Termi
nal company stood ready to build the
proposed railroad, aud he thought it was
best for the citizens to secure the right
of way, and then they would have some
thing definite to otfer the company.
A committee was appointed to confer
with the Terminal company and ascer
tain what they proposed, and what they
desired the people to do, as follows: A.
Rimpau and Frank Ky, of Anaheim ; W.
A. Beckett and General H. A. Pierce, of
Garden Grove, and J. A. McFadden and
A. B. Bonham, of Westminster.
The Southern California railroad com
pany made $50,000 out of the G;A.R. en
campment at Coronado.
The grading on the Peninsular rail
road, says the San Diego papers, has
been completed from San Quintin al
most to Colnett and the work is progess
ing as rapidly as possible. Track-laying
has commenced and will be pushed for
ward as the material arrives. The com
pany has sutlicient rails on hand to lay
eighteen miles of track and will pur
chase the balance of the material from
American manufacturers.
The Southern Pacific is hard pushed
to find freight cars for the big business
in east-bound freight it is doing.
President Campbell, of the Santa
Monica Wharf and Railroad company,
was in the city yesterday. He said
work on his line would commence in a
short time.
Ask Liverymen
How they like the Columbus Buggy Co.'s bug
gies. They are the best wearing buggy put on
the market in Los Angelea. Hawley, King Si
Rhodes Electric Co.
Electric bells, Edison electric light. 156 S.
Spring street.
Rubber or celluloid plates $3.00t0510 OO
Gold fillings $1.00 and up
.silver or aniHlgam 5 ie aud up
Cement fillings 50c am up
Gold or porccla n crowns $5.00
Bridge work .. J5.00 per tooth
Kxtrnctinß with gas a specialty.
N. E. Corner Third and Spring streets.
7-: i i am
• This week wo display our latest importations in
'~6*i — Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of
H Eastern Parlor and
|t. _ If ' Cliainl)er Furniture!
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleums,
Window Shades, Etc.
Agent for Phoenix Folding Bed and the Welch Combination Folding Bed, the
two best beds in the market.
New Nos. 337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Oar Family rtiyslclan Recommends
Cuticura Remedies, and Rays
They Cured Our Child.
Father Went tS Miles to Get Cuticura,
and Feels Thankful, and Wants
Others to I>o as He Did.
My child broke out with scrofula when two
mouthsold, and we tried everything that the
doctor could do. It took oitthls hair and broke
out on his limbs and nose. It was then Cuti-
CUBA Remedies were recommended by our
doctor who attended him. aid is now sitting
here. The doctor said CtITICUSA Remedies
cured my child, and recommends them for all
diseases of the skin and blood, ft did not take
but one set of Cuticura Remedies. I went
twenty-five miles to get them. Mv child is
well and has a tine head of hair as can be, for
which 1 feel tbaukful to you for my wife is in
bad health. I have recommended CUTICURA
remedies to others. Print this If you think
it will cause any person to do as I did.
D. F. PENSON, Langley, Pike Co., Ark.
I am the doctor that recommended Cuticura
Remedies to D. F Penson. I have known
them to cure several bad cases of skin and
blood diseases, aud I say they are good.
The new Blood and Skin Purifier and greatest
of Humor Remedies, cleanses the blood of all
impurities and poisonous eleme'ts, and thus
removes the cause, while Cuticura, the great
Skin Cure, nnd Cuticura Soap, an exquisite
Skin Beautltier, clear the skin and scalp, and
restore the bair. Thus the Cuticura Remk-
DIIS cure every species of itching, burning,
scaly, pimply and blotchy skin, scalp and
blood dlsea.es, from pimples to scrofula, from
infancy to age, when the best physicians fail.
Sold everywhere. Price, Cuticura, . 50c.;
Soap, 25c; Resolvent, ?1. Prepared by the
Potter Druo and Chemical Corporation,
Send for "How to Cure Skin Diseases.''
64 pages. 50 illustrations, and lOOtestiu onials.
DnDV'Q skin ana Scalp purified and beautified
DnDI 0 by Cuticura Soap. Absolutely pure.
Back-ache, kidney pains, weakness,
and muscular pain.
relieved in one minute by the
Vsßl \s»Cuticurn Anti-Pain Plaster. 25c.
San Clemente Island
For full particulars and transporta
tion see
Rooms 55 and 56, New Wilson Block,
Open evenings from 7 to 9.
8-2S 3m
Baker Iron Works
950 to 96S BUENA VIBTA ST,
Adjoining the Southern Pao'.flo Grounds. Tele
nhone 12*. 7-21 tf
Saturday. September 12, 1301.
Now Going On Ever Known in the
History of This House!
Men's Neckwear—All our light colored Men's Neck
wear previously sold at 35c and 25c will be on sale today at
15c; great value.
Men's pleated bosom front outing flannel shirts, six
pleats, 45c ; very cheap.
Men's flannelette outing shirts, 25c ; regular price, 45c.
A special sale of Cocheco "C" Sateens, in black and
white and colored checks, at B^c; this quality of sateens
sold all over the country at 15c a yard, aud in some places
20c ; you can realise the bargain at B%c.
The new dress fabric, fast color, oil finished "Chan
tilly," for house or street dresses, on display in our window
in the richest effects, on special sale today at 14 yards for
$ 1 ; we will not cut less than $1 worth; these goods are
worth $1.75.
A few of those embroideries left that were the talk of
the town yesterday, the kind we sold at ioc and \2%c\ the
15c and 25c ones are all sold; best values ever shown in
the world.
To close out a line of Ladies' Button Boots, we offer
you a turned sole shoe at $2 ; worth at least $3.
A special sale of Ladies' Black Stockinette Jackets at
$5 apiece ; goods worth $10. Some are plain, others satin
faced, others vest fronts, and others reefer styles; worth
Special sale of Apron Checked and Fancy Fall Dress
Style Ginghams, 5c a yard ; these goods were made to sell
at ioc.
Special sale of Swivel Surahs, in embroidered flowers
and self-colored designs, at $1.50 a yard; these goods are
cheap at $2.50. These are the very latest novelties in silk
effects ; they are beauties, and we lead off the season by
killing the price. Peoples' Store never kept such exquis
ite goods before.
A special sale today of short length outing flannels, it's
our 15c grade, and we offer them in short lengths at 6%c :
this is the biggest bargain we've offered in many a day.
A special sale today of Ladies' Jersey Ribbed Bodies or
Vests, bound and stitched, at 15c ; we'll close out one case
today at that price; you can't match it for 25c anyweere.
Angora.-Uugs, 6 feet long and 3 feet wide, $2 apiece.
Come in and see how they look after they are beaten and
combed out. You would not take $10 for one. We'll guar
antee every one that sees them will buy one and thank us
for the opportunity.
Special Sale of Ruchings—We will amaze you with
values ; i2}ic what you paid 25c for; 15c what you paid
30c for, and 25c for what you paid 50c to 75c; if they
are not as we say, don't believe us in the future.
To be Closed Out by October Ist, making room for our
New Shelving and arrangement of our
other departments.
Regular price $7.00 for a gray striped sack suit; closing out price, $3.75.
Regular price $8.75 for a solid gray frock suit; closing out price, $4.13.
Regular price $10.00 for an all wool business suit; closing out price, $6.87.
Regular price $12.50 for an all wool gray sack or frock suit; closing out price, $7.12.
Regular price $13.00 for solid gray, all wool sack suits; closing out price, $8 82.
Regular price $13.75 for a seal worsted diagonal frock suit; closing out price, $8.82.
Regular price $14.50 for a black diagonal sack suit; closing out price, $9.38.
Regular price $15.00 for a dark mixed, light-weight cheviot frock suit; closing out
price, $10.50.
Regular price $16.50 for all-wool cassimere sack or frock suits; closing out
price, $11.25.
Regular price $17.32 for gray mixed worsted frocks; closing out price, $12.99.
Regular price $19.00 for black corkscrew or gray striped Prince Albert suits;
closing out price, $13.87.
Ie is useless for us to describe the suits further. If you have any confidence
in us or our wares you will find what we say is true. We are giving up men's
clothing, for we are going out of that branch of business, and you know us.
When we say we will do a thing we do it. If anybody can sell you clothing as
cheap as we, who are willing to lose 25 per cent, and get out, why—go to them.
Special Sales all over the house. We mean business, and
intend to do it. We have the largest, best and cheapest
stock of our lives, and we'll knock the spots out of trade in
this town. Don't you forget us.

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