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' New York, Sept. 23.—The stock market this
morning opened weak at a decline from last
evening's figures, gathered strength immediate
ly under an early demand, but later efforts at
depression became felt, and later buying became
very spirited. The market closed active and
strong at hichest prices of tho day. Final
changes were generally small fractional gains.
Atchison rose 1% per cent., Burlington 1% and
Southern Pacific 2 per cent.
Government bonds steady.
Sew York. Sept. 23—Money, on call easy;
Closed offered at 2 per cent.
Prima mercantile paper, 5%®7% per cent.
Sterling Exchange — Sternly; o'J-day uills,
$4.80%; demand $4.83%.
London, Sept. 23, 4 p. m.— Closing consols,
money, 94 11-16; do account, 94 11-10; U. S. 4s,
1120%; do 4%5, $103.
Money—% per cent.
New York, Sept. 23.—Bar sliver, per oz.,
97% c.
London, Sept. 23.—Bar silver, 44% d per
San Francisco, Sept. 23.—Bar sliver, 97®
97% c per ounce.
San Francisco, Sept. 23.—Mexican dollars,
[email protected]%c.
Nbw York, Sept. 23 —Closing quotations
were as follows;
O. S. 4s. Reg 11BJ£ N. W. Preferred..l 37%
0. 8. 4a. c0up...116% N. Y. Central.... 110%
D. 8. 2s. Reg 99>* Oregon linp't 25
0. S. 4%8. coup.. Navigation 79
Pacific 6s 110 Oregon Short Line 20%
Atchison 40% N. American 17%
American Xx 18 Pacific Mail 33
Canada Pacific... 89% Reading 42%
Canada Sou 59% Rio GrandeWst'n. 41%
Central Pacific... H3% Preferred 74%
Burlington 99% Do. firsts 76%
Lackawanna 44% Rock Island 8(1
Denver &R.G,pfd 50 St. Paul 74%
Irle 31% St. Paul & Omaha 34%
Kan. A Texas.... 18% Terminal 13%
Lake Shore 122 Texas Pacific 15%
L. A N 80% Union Pacific... 43%
Mich. Central....lol% U. 8. Express.... 58
Missouri Pacific.. 74'; Wells, Fargo A Co. 140
Northern Pacific. 30% Western Union... 84%
N. P. Preferred... 77% Am. Cotton 0i1... 25%
Northwestern 110
aosroK, Sept. 23.—Closing prices:
A. A T. K. Li '.!-:%tMex. Cent. Com. 24%
Burl. A Quincy... 99% [3aa Diego 18%
MINING shares.
Nbw York, Sept. 23.—Mining shares were as
Alice 1.60 Occidental 1.00
Americau Coal. .75 Sutter Creek 1.10
Adamscon 1.90 Gould A Curry.. 1.70
Eureka. Con.. .. 2.75 Hale & Norcross 1.70
Aspen 3.00 Homestake. ....10. f>o
Bodie 1.00 Horn Silver 3.50
Bellelsle 1.30 Iron Silver 1.10
Best & Belcher. 3.20 Mexican 2.75
Belcher 1.60 Mount Diablo.. 2.25
Caledonia B.H. 1.05 Ontario 38.50
Chollar 1.50 Ophir 4.50
Colorado Ccn... 1.50 Phceulx 8.80
Commonwealth. 1.00 Plymouth 1.75
Con.Calif.Va.,.. 7.00 Savage ... 2.50
Crown Point ... 1.50 Sierra Nev 1.75
Deadwood 1.95 Standard 1.16
Potosl 3.50 Union Con 2.25
Eureka 2.70 Yellow Jacket.. 1.15
American Flag.. 1.75 FatherDesmet.. .25
Ban Francisco, Sept. 23.—Following are the
Closing prices:
Belcher 1.60 Peerless 05
Best & Belcher. 3.15 Potosl 2.9 J
Chollar 1.70 Ophir 4.50
Crocker 05 Savage 2.70
Con. Virginia... 6.12% Sierra Nevada... 2.95
Confidence 3.50 Union Con 2.3 >
Gould A Curry.. 1.80 Yellow Jacket.. 125
Hale & Norcross 1.65 Mexican 2.10
Locomotive ... .05 Andes 4.30
Peer 10 Con. Imperial.. ,10
San Francisco Market Review.
Ban Fbancisco, Sept. 23.—The wheat market
was firm this morning, and prices a trifle higher.
Demand for shipping grades iair, and offerings
liberal. Feed barley steady, with moderate de
mand for choice stock; brewing and Chevalier
grades are in fair demand for export. Oats
steady. Corn lirmer. with moderate trading in
yellow. Hay easier, there being considerable
damaged stock in market.
The vegetable market continues dull, and
overstocked with many varieties. Potatoes
MUietandin heavy supply. Onions active for
The fruit market Is in better shape, with fair
demand for grapes and choice plums and
prnnes. Good grapes of all varieties sell well.
Melons of all kinds dull.
There is little change in the condition of the
market for dairy produce. Fresh roll butter
continues dull, with eastern creamery in good
demand. Eggs easier.
San Fbancisco. Bept. 23.—Wheat: Milling
91.7091.75; No. 1 shipping. $1.7091.75.
Barley—No. 1 feed. SI. 10951.12).,, brewing,
[email protected]: ground, $1.31932.
Oats—Surprise, $1.92>£@2.05 percental: mil
ling, $1.8591.90; good to choice feed, $1 85-.$
91.90; fair, $1.77!' a 91.87K; gray, $1.80(101.85.
Corn—Large yellow, f1 . iJ' ~ro) 1.4 >; small yel
low, $1.2d91.25;white, $1.8091.90 percental.
Brau—l4 50915.00 per ton.
Flour—Family extras, $5.40955.50; Superfine,
Lemons—Sicily [email protected]; California,s4.oo
9500 for choice: $1.5,>92 50 for common.
Limes—Mexican, $5.0J96.00; California, 50
@95c for small andsl.soX9l.7sfor large boxes.
Oranges—Tahiti, $2.5093.00 per box.
Raisius— Layers, future delivery, $1.50 per
box; Muscatels, [email protected] Spot prices: Lay
ers, fancy, $1.25; choice, $1.00; fair to good,
70990 c, with usual advance for fractional
boxes; loose Muscatels, 00975 c per box.
Dried grapes— ll{@lc tf tt for stemmed, and
IJ4 <*2}£c for unstemnied.
Butter—Fair to choice 3714940 ctf to.
Eggs—California ranch, 30935 c.
Grapes—[email protected] per box for Sweetwater. 30c.
(050 c for Muscat; 25950 c for black; Tokay, 50
«jßsc; Isabella, 50975 c; wine grapes, $12 [email protected]
14.00 per ton.
Watermelons—[email protected] per 100.
Cantaloupes—7se,<ssl.2s per crate.
Figs—soc9sl.oo perbox.
Peaches— per box; 25940 c per basket;
choice clings, per pound.
Plums—3o9t'oc per box.
Apples—2so9sl.oo per box.
'(unices —35(0(50c per box.
Crab apples— [email protected]$l per box.
Blackberries—s4.oo9l.so per chest.
Pears—3sc9sl per box; Bartletts, KSl'iC tf
Strawberries—ss.oo97.oo per chest for Sharp
Cranberries—l29l3c per pound.
Honey—White comb, 11915; amber, 8910.
Bananas—s2.oo9s2.so per bunch.
Pineapples—s4.oo9ss.oo per doz.
Onions—Red, 85c9?1.0D; silverskins, $1.00
Lima beans—3(&3Ue per lb.
Green okra—2s9loc per box.
Green c0rn—75c951.25 per sack for common;
per doz. for bay.
Cucumbers—ls92sc per box for large; pick
ling, 35950 c.
Greeu peppers—[email protected] per box for Chile;
40 s !«50 for Bell.
Tomatoes— Vacaville, 10925 c per box; river,
25940 c,
Potatoes—4o9soc tf. 100.
Sweet Potatoes—sl.so92.so.
Egg plant, 10c950 perbox.
Summer Squash—2s93sc por box for Win
ters and 25935 c for bay.
Marrowfat squash—ss per ton.
Rhubarb—4oc9l.6o per box.
Turnips—so97sc per cental.
Beets—s 1 per sack.
Carrots—Feed, 50975 c
Parsnips—sl.2s per cental.
Cabbag 3 —40 950 c.
Garlic—293c tf lb for Italian, and 59Gc for
Dry Okra—2o92sc tf ft.
Peppers—Green, 8910 ctf ft; dry,15920c.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Sept. 23—Wheat irregular, active.
The opening was from tho same as yesterday's
closing to %o higher, and steadily advanced %c
more, then became weak and prices declined
20, ruled irregular add closed about %c lower
than yesterday.
Receipts, 1,848,000 bushels; shipments, 1,
--475,000 bushels.
Ghicaoo, Sept. 23. — Close: Wheat, easy.
Oash, 95®95V/e; October, 9li;ic; December,
[email protected]
Ooru-Easy; cash, 49c; October, 49Vic; May,
Oats—Easy; cash, 2G?ic; October, 27c; May,
Rye- Quiet,
Barley-Steady, 04965 c.
Bah Fbancisco, Sept. 23.—Wheat steady;
buyer season, buyer '91,51.73%; sel
ler '91. $1.08.
Barley -Inactive; buyer '91, tI.H%; buyer,
season, $1.18>«; seller, '91, $I.oo>i.
Liverpool, Sept. 23 —Wheat: Holders offer
moderately. No. 2 winter, steady, 9s Id pet
cental; No. 2 red, spring, 9s steady.
Corn—Holders offer moderately. Spot,6s lUd;
per cental, steady; September, 5s llkd, steady,
October, 5s firm; November, 5s 3d, steady.
N»w Yobk, Sept. 23.—Petroleum closed at
«2X. 1
General Markets.
Nbw Yobk, Sept. 23.—Hops: Easy; Pacific
coast, 14® 16.
Coffee—Options closed barely steady, 35 to 60
points down. Sales. 60.500 bags. Septem
ber, »13.40®14.10; October. $12 [email protected]; No
vember, Jll.OOrail 35; December, Siooom
11.25 May, $11.20(411.25 Spot Rio nominal;
fair cargoes. 17% c: No. 7. 14% c.
Sugar—Raw, Bteady; fair refining, 3c; Mus
covado, 89 test, 3c; centrifugals, 90 test, BWe.
Refined firm; Star.dard A, 4%c; confeotinn
er's A, 4%c; cut loaf, 5%c; powdered, 4%c;
crushed, 5%c; granulated, 4%c; cubes, 4J..C.
Copper—Firm: lake. $12.4n
Lead—Steady; Domestic, $4. 45.
Tin—Firm; Straits. $20.05.
Chicago, Sept. 23. — Pork steady: cash
$10.0(>(ttl0.05: October, $10.10010.15; Jan
uary, $12 [email protected]%.
Lard—Steady: cash, 16.0596.70j October,
$6.87%: January, $6.92%.
Shoulders—s6 62%W6.76.
Short clear—f7.7o«as7.Bo.
Short ribs—so.9o®7.os.
Chicago, Sept. 23 — Whiskey—sl.lß.
Tourist sleeping cars, Los Angeles to
Montreal, without change by the Santa
Fe route.
corrected daily.
IThese quotations are furnished by the Los
Angeles Farming and Milling company, corner
Commercial and Alameda streets. |
Wheat-Good demand, $1 80; No. 2, $1.60.
Oats—California. $1.50.
Flour—Demand steady. Extra Capitol Mills,
roller process, $5.40 per bbl; Los Angeles
xxxx, roller piocess, $5.40; Pioneer and Crown,
»5.75; Sperry's Family, $0.;75 Full Superfine,
Mill Feed—Bran, $23.00; shorts, $25.00;
cracked, ground and rolled barley, $1.15;
cracked corn, $150; mixed feed, corn and
barley,;sl.3o; feed meal, $1.55; oilcake meal
I $2.50.
Seed—Alfalfa, B%c; mustard, 3%c.
Barley—Fair demand; whole, $1.10; rolled
Coen—Carload lots, $1.45.
Grain Bags—M. 8. 22x35. [email protected]; 1883, Cal
cutta spot, 3%c; potato sacks, 4c; mill sacks,
[Corrected by Mathews Bros., 149 North Los
Angeles street.]
Poultry—Hens, [email protected] per doz.; old
roosters, $4.50; young roosters, [email protected] 00;
broilers, large, $3.00®3.75; medium, $2.50;
small, $2;turkeys, live, [email protected] per tb; dressed,
; ducks.large, $4.20(0)?4.30 per doz; small,
$4.50; geese, Toulouse, $2.00 per pair; com
mon, 75c; doves, 65c per doz ; hares,
$1.10; rabbits, $1.00.
Eggs — California ranch, [email protected]; Eastern
Butter—Fair supply;fresh roll,fancy, [email protected]
per roll; good to choice, 50(a,55c; California
firkin, fancy 30c per lb; Eastern creamery,
30c per lb. "
Cheese—Good supply. California Ranchito,
ll%eperl!j; Eastern, 12%@13c; Voting Amer
ica, 12% c: Adamitos hand, 13% c; half cream
cheese, B®B%c.
Onions—New, [email protected]
New Potatoes—Pink eyes, 65c per sk. Early
Rose, [email protected]; Burbanks, —.
Beans—Small Navy, $3.25®53 50: Lima,
$3.50® $3.75; pink, [email protected]; red, $3.25;
Bayous, [email protected]; Garvanzos, $5®5.50.
Barley hay, good baled, $10®11 per ton;
nllalfa hay, good baled, $9®lo per ton; oat
hay, good baled, $10 per ton.
The following quotations are furnished by W.
H. Maurice, 146 North Los Angeles street:
Hams—Rex brand, 14% c; Lilly, 14% c.
Bacon—Rex brand, i4c%; Lilly, 14"% c, medi
um bacon, 12c: pigs ieet, half bbl., $6.25;
quarter bbls, $3.00.
Lard—P.ex brand, tierces, B%c; 50's, 9b>;
20's 9%; lOJs 9%; s's 9<%c; 3's, 9%c.
Special Brand—(Absolutely pure) about 2c
in advance of these prices.
Dried Beep—l6c.
fruits and nuts.
IThese reports are furnished and corrected
daily by Germain Fruit company, 324 to 330
Alameda street.]
Lemons—Lisbon, sweated, $4.50; Eureka,
$3.75: uncured, $U.75®53,00 doz.
Pineapples—s3.so @ $5.00 per doz.
Tomatoes—[email protected] perbox.
Peaches—2%@ 3c per lb.
Apricots—Dried, 9c
Honey—Extracted, 50-rb tins, new, [email protected]%c.
Raisins—London layers, $1.75®2.00; Sultana
seedless, 7%®Bc per lb.; loose Muscatels, $1.25
Nuts—Large pecans, 16c; Brazils, [email protected];
almonds, soft shell, [email protected]; paper shell, 19®
20c; hard shell, 10c; walnuts, L. A., 8c; L. N.,
9o; soft shell, [email protected]%c; filberts, 12%@14n:
peannts, California, 5%@6%c; eastern, Be.
French Prunes—Evaporated, [email protected]%c.
Apples—Evaporated, [email protected],
Bananas—Honduras via New Orleans, $2.00
Wholesale Meat Market.
[Corrected daily by S, Maier, 149 North Spring
Fresh Meats—Following are the rates for
whole carcasses from slaughterers to dealers:
Beef—First quality, 5%c; second quality,
4%c to sc.
Veal—Quotable at 7 to 8c for large and 8 to
9c per lb. for small.
Mutton—Quotable at [email protected] per lb,
Lamb—Quotable at 10c per lb.
Pork—Live hogs on foot, grain fed, medium,
7c per lb.
The Ladies' Favorite Beverage.
Th» mostrefreshing.nourishing and invigorat
ing drink ladles can make use of is "BLUE
RIBBON" Beer, which is especially beneficial
to nursing motheis and invalids. It Is the
mildest and most agreeable tonic. Send or
ders to
Sole Agents, 222 S. Spring St.
Telephone 110. 9-lltf
Our Home Brew.
Maier A Zoeblein's Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loon:-, delivered promptly in bottles or kegt
Office and Brewery. 444 Aliso st. Telephone 91.
Fine liquors for medicinal use. H. J, Woolla.
Notice of Sale of Real Estate Under
R. Williams, defendant. 1
Sheriff's sale, No 11,681.
By virtue of an execution issued out of the
superior court of the county of Los Angeles,
state of California,wherein John Allen, trustee,
plaintiff, and K. Williams, defendant, upon a
judgmeut rendered the 10th day of April, A. 1).
1891, for the Bum of $4216.09. in lawful money
of ttie United States, beßldes costs and interest,
I have this day levied upon all the right, title,
claim and interest of said defendant R. Wil
liams of, in aud to the following described real
estate, situate in the county of Los Angeles,
state of California, and bounded and described
as follows: j
Lot fifteen [151, sixteen IJ6|, seventeen 1171,
eighteen 1181, nineteen [19], twenty-two [221,
and the south five [5] feet ot lot fourteen I I
in the Williams' Home tract, situated in the
ci'.y of Pasadena, county of Los Angeles, state
of California, as per map thereof recorded in
book 11, page 38, miscellaneous records of Los
Angeles county, California.
Public notice is htrebygiven that I will, on
Saturday, the 17th day of October, A. 1). 1891,
at 12 o'clock SI. of that day, in front of the
court house door of the county of Los Angeles,
Broadway entrance, sell at public auction, for
lawful money of the United States, all tberight,
title, claim and interest of said defendant R.
Williams, of, in and to the above described
property, or bo much thereof as may be neces
sary to ratßO sufficient to satisfy said judgment,
with interest and costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder.
Dated this 23d day of September, 1891.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Anderson, Metcalf it Anderson, attorneys for
plaintiff. 9-24thur4t
Notice of Assignee's Auction Sale of
Jewelry, Watch Movement and
Precious Stones.
virtue of an order of sale duly given and
made by the superior court of the county of
Los Angeles, state of California, in a proceed
ing therein pending, entitled "iv the matter of
Frederick Linde in insolvency," number 15,389
ou the register of actions of said court, the un
dersigned assignee of the estate of said insolv
ent debtor will, on Wednesday, the 30th day ol
September, 1891, commencing at 11 o'clock
a.m., and at the Broadway entrance to the
court house, city of Los Angeles, county and
state aforesaid, sell at public auction for cash
to the highest bidder, the following personal
property, to-wit:
Three diamonds, 1 sapphire, 67 garnets, 14
diamonds (roses), 2 opals, 15 diamonds, 6 ru
bies, 3 cameo lockets, 2 plain lockets, 11. O. O.
F. locket, 1 B. W. Raymond watch movement,
No 3,661,456; 1 diamond and emerald ring,
lOdwts. 14-k. gold.
Said property may be examined upon applica
tion to the undersigned at the office of the
sheriff, in the court house, city of Los Angeles.
Terms, c»sh on delivery.
Dated September 23,1891
Assignee of the estate of Frederick Llnoe,
insolvent debtor
Graves, O'Melveny & Shankland, attorneys
for assignee. 9 24 td
Has the largest Beet Sugar Factory and Refinery in the world and the United
States Experiment Station is located here.
Thia celebrated ranch is the property of Mr. Richard liird and contains about
50,000 acres; Hi.OUU acres of it lias been put in the market in tracts to suit,
bounded by Pomona, Ontario and Riverside, places noted for fruit culture, beauty,
etc. 10,000 acres of artesian water lands, which will produce alfalfa, corn, beets,
etc., without irrigation. The best artesian water is provided for deciduous fruit
and choice orange lands. Excellent well water ia abundant at from Bto 26 feet
deep. The land ia porous, smooth, unbroken and ready for the plow.
The crop needs no housing, Backing or boxing, or holding for market. With
right tillage, the yield is large and profits sure. Wherever in Europe or the
United States thia industry haa been established, land has quadrupled in value,
/ and the people greatly prospered.
feed furnished at cost on trust till sale of beets; use of seed drills free;
special implements at cost; experienced sugar beet farmer on the ground to
freely give correct instruction.
Buy lanel where you won't have to wait FIVE LONG YEARS for your trees,
to commence giving you a support, go to Chino, where you can get the beet
lands in the world ior all kinds of fruits. Raise beetsr between the rows and get
your cash for them in five months, and you can earn irom $40 to jjilbO per acre,
and the price of beeta is established beforehand and not subject to any market
fio^tmUions^Tjiisjs the chance raised thigy^arTand"
a contract with the Messrs. Oxnard Beet Sugar Company to consume 21,500 acres oi
beeta in 5 years. They will double theeapacitv if you raise the beeta. Where on
time ? Prices, $50 to $250 per acre; easy termß,
Ia a rapidly growing business point situated near the center of the great Chino
ranch; haa daily mails, the great Sugar Factory, and W. F. Co.'s express, two
railways connecting at Ontario with the Southern Pacific main line, telegraph,
telephone, beat of water under fire pressure, etc., and is surrounded for miles by
the richest land in the world. Lands and lota for eale at reasonable prices on
moderate terms. Title, U. S. PATENT. For further information addreaa
General Agent, No. 103 South Broadway, Los Angelea.
( RALPH E. HOYT, 53 Dearborn at.. Room 20, Chicago, 111.
I S. W. HOLSINGER, Chino, Cal.
BRANCH OFFICES H W. K. GIRD, Chino Office, Ontario, Cal.
I CHAS. HOLDEN, 3G and 38 Monroe St., Grand Rapids,
■ I Michigan.
g Brail's Ig!
;$£ EL ifi
Q Built for long usage % g CO OS
► —s i_j And laree surfaces. 525 >—i CrJ
I P ffi Jortap B <o ZA 2
p-H Dh Easy-running [W| S
B M ► —\ And convenient § rHj
I 1Z As the J S •
*j Ordinaiy house £3 J5
I Sweeper, yet g? £
I ) Twice its length and £
I Strength, and g CO #
HH Durability. bo
Try one. *
ai^m»w»—hi lllihlirWtfniTTOn^flßilhft
DjNQUESTIONIBLY the most elegant resort on the coast.
Boautiful ballroom 1 Passenger elevators 1 Incandescent lights in every room >
Pavilion on beach (a la carte) where will be served at all times the finest fish dinners, clam
chowder, terrapin stews, etc. The cuisine will be the feature of tho house.
Boots' amd Srioes —
J£\mh MEANS & CO.ofP»/
STYLES, Sl2E ~*^^^
N. BENJAMIN, BOSTON SHOE STORE, Corner Main and Second, Los Angeles.
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blaoksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117 and 119 South Loa Angela* Btree
Wholesale Wine and Liquor Merchant,
404 and 406 N. Loi Angeles Bt.
Telephone 224.
Family trade supplied. Goods delivered to any
part of the city free of charge. Orders for the
country promptly attended to. Agency and depot
of Uncle Sam's wine vaults at Napa City, Cal,
12-31 ly
x™ Kntirelynew; noth
/ ing like it on the
i i market. Can be
Pk moved without ahut-
• '**' ting off water. Con
> ; Rtructed entirely of
brass. It, will wet
\ '>•,""][ the entire area of
and is guaranteed
OT/ not to
RUSSELL k KOEBERLE, Proprietors.
713 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
All kinds of Chinese herbs and medicines for sale. The best accommodations for those
desiring to remain at the Sanitarium for treatment. Everything under the personal supervision ol
Dr. Wong. Consultations absolutely free. The following are a few of the testimonials of patients
cured by him:
Four years ago my daughter, Virginia Bell, placed me in excellent health in three months'
was treated by Dr. Wong ior what eminent time, MiSS LIZZIE ELLEDGE,
physicians called hip disease, and had pro- No. 1715 Pacific St., Los Angeles, Cal.
nounced incurable after treating her for seven _ . _ „, . ,
or eight years. Dr. Wong's diagnosis waß that , Three years since. Dr. Wong cured me of a
she was afflicted with one of thetbirteen forms lung and brain disease our best doctors hod
ofcancer. His medicine effected a permanent failed to aflord any rsiief. O „ ITIT ,™
cure in seven months'time. Two years ago „ „„.„,,. , . MKS. F. syuAKitb.
my grandson became blind in one eye. Dr. ,>«>• l°sb \ irgima aye., Los Angeles.Cal.
Wong restored Bis sight and the eye to a per- Augußt 10,18 JO.
fectly healthy condition in three weeks'time. For neßrlj . one year j was treaKd by
„„, .„„„„, „ laon w mo6t noted physicians of New York city, to
Savannah, Cal., August 3,1890. whon) j paid 's 2o per day for medical advice.
After I had been treated eleven years, by six They failed to prevent me from running down
different doctois, for consumption, and they Finally these physicians told ray friends that
had stated that I couldn't live two months, I my case was incurable, and that I could not
took Dr. Wong's medicine for seven months i posßibly live one year, as I was in the last
and was permanently cured and have enjoyed stages of consumption. Dr. Wong cured me in
excellent health ever eince-now two years. I fonr months' time, and I am as well as any
now weigh 108 pounds. man in the world, and have worked hard for
MBS. A. M. A VELA, two years'time.
1612 Brooklyn aye., Los Angeles, Cal. C. HASS, Foreman in Spreckelß' Sugar Hennery,
August IK, lb9o. November 4th, 1890. San Francisco, Cal.
For eight years I was afflicted with heart Two years'ago Dr. Wong cured me of a spleen,
disease and suffered a hundred deaths. And liver and stomach trouble in a few weeks. I
after treating with renowned physicians in the have been perfectly healthy ever since,
east, and at last, becoming unconscious with B. JENSEN, 106 B street,
what doctors called matter on the brain, and November Ist, 1890. Portland, Or
being given up to die, Br. Wong's medicine
Hundreds of similar testimonials can be seen st the Sanitarium. DR. WONG has cured
over 2000 people who were afflicted with nearly every form of the various diseases the human
flesh is heir to.
—given to —
The Eminent Chinese Physician.
Dr. Woh's life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untiring
observation, study and investigation, aa fully as lay in his power to perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. Born in
China, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deservingly renowned as leading physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed
in the footsteps of his fathers. In China he has practiced his profession for
several years, being at 6ne time a physician iv the Imperial Hospital, and in
America for a long time hia great number of patients, his wonderful and many
cures, and the great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove
him to be a remarkable and successful healer of sickness and all diseases.
md ..m snmn'tim, nna "y en<Ka lv """""» causing iearful headaches and vertigo, making
1 coTuS'Tith the best physicians I could S^p'^Tcians^itnout 1 relief ' Finally *t2
find, but they did me no benefit, but on the SuLPKJiSSS I JEftiJi ni w„h „. i s ii }?
contrary I got worse and worse, until I was told E'^™ ,^ Ul ™»h ™» "iSi 8 ™«
by one of them I could not recover. Dr. Woh SuL T M A JeS? ,T 5!
tnnlr mp in this pnnriUinn H« hru In tvn meaitllies. Ainu WHH Uul EJX weeKS SffO. 10
-monthT time enXely io cured H me Inmost S&y th " h ? b *°
cordially recommend him to all sufferers. entirely curia me. ™,„ im ,
325 Boyd A P ril 3 - 1891 ' a3l *™ t A., Cal
May Ist, 1891.
„ „ n . ..... I have tried many doctors for heart disease.
For 3 years I have been troubled with terrible but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
cramps ann pains in my abdomen and with Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, prt
dropsical swellings of my feet and limbs I en- scribed for me.
deavored in every way to find relief but failed. Two months ago I began his treatment, rid I
until fonr weeks ago I began using Dr. Woh's can now certify that he has done me'r «t
medicines. Now lam perfectly well and cur. d good. 1 recommend Dr. Woh to my friends a
of a sickness of three years's sanding Ido an able doctor.
recommend Dr. Woh to all mv sick friends. Pr KING
MISS JESSfIK M FIELD, Justice of the Peace,
june 10,1891. San Bernardino, Cal. Burbank, Cal.
Dr. Woh has hundreds of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further pub'.icatiou
ef them here.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese Physician in Sou'hern California H »
many cures have been remarkable, involving Female Troubles, Tumors and every form of disease
All communications will be regarded as strictly confidential.
Free consultation to every one, and all are cordially Invited to call upon Dr Woh at his office,
Between Second and Third streets, 4-5-su-tu-th-sa Loi Angelea, Cal,

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