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O nymph, whose faith I havo so weakly kept,
O love, whose smile 1 never more muy sec.
Pity the tears these sightless eyes have wept,
A nd let me plead onco more, once more, with
1 did not dream in love - , first golden hour
That from mine eyes thino imago o'er conld
1 saw thy pictured faoo In every flower,
And heard thy footsteps in the whispering
Tho birds nnd waters ec hoed thy dear voice:
Thine eyessmiled at me from Ihostars above:
In sleep of tlieo 1 dreamed— woke to rcjoico
And tell again tbe story of our love.
The tale is donoi My punishment is just.
1 lifted up mine eyes, 1 turned away.
And loi tho flower within my hand was dm;*.
And darkened was the light of love's (west
Vet think not that my heart strayed with mine
Nay, love, for it waa ahrlned within thino
Cnn'st thou its pleadintrs evermore despise?
Ia thy warm beauty hardened into stone?
Ills work bat hnlf complete Death rlnhdsaf.tr.
And will not end the misery begun.
Night, railing, tolls my t.ilo to every star.
And tho day mocks mo with tho heartless
liut hope still lingers while my lips can pray.
And through tho endless dark I gropo for
Thinking, perchance, upon somo happy day
Thou wilt relent and turn again to me—
Wilt turn again to bemyguldc, my light.
And pleading, hoping, in tho dark I wait
For thee or Death to cud tho weary night:
O love, dear love, I pray, come not too latol
—Annie Louiso Hrakenridgo in Kate Field's
A Tremendous Eater.
Johnson Cit)\ Term., has the cham
pion eater of the* country. This is one
Clay Morris, a whilom blacksmith, who
is said by competent witnesses to have
recently eaten tit a sitting four loaves of
bread, three chickens, three pounds of
ham, five good sized yam potatoes and
live encumbers, with a quart of gravy
with tho bread and a pint and a half of
beer with which to wash the whele
down. The occasion of this meal was a
wager between himself and his brother,
Job Morris, who himself ate two and a
half loaves, two chickens, three pounds
of ham aud four potatoes, but retired
from the contest in seeing his relative's
appetite apparently undiminished.
The.winner declared the meal nothing
unusual with him, and indeed seemed to
suffer no inconvenience from li is gor
mandizing, but enjoyed unbroken slum
ber for nearly fifteen hours after. Ho
says his enormous .appetite has been of
gradual growth and is rather proud of it,
though ho is wholly unfitted for any
work by it aud spends the greater part
of his time lying down or sleeping.
At one time, however, .Moms was con
sidered a good workman and tho strong
est man in tho county. Strange to say
he is not fat in proportion to his height,
which is something over six feet, and
weighs only ICO pounds, but he claim'
not to have known a spell of indigestion
for over ten years, and though he is
stupid in tho extreme, is very vain.—
Heading Character from a Scarecrow.
Now, look over there in yonder
meadowl Tho man who made that
scarecrow sweeps his barn floor every 1
morning, oils and wraps his farm ma
chinery when storing it, is careful to
keep accounts and whitewashes tho cel
lar walls. If you don't believe it just
look at his scarecrow. There tire neatly
made posts planted at regular intervals
throughout the lot. From polo to polo
is stretched twine, forming monotonous
ly regular squares and rectangles. Why.
the very regularity of tho thing strikes a
chill to the heart of the crow and effectu
ally prevents him disarranging the plans
of so painstaking a man! —Lewiston
[low to Raise a Church Debt.
A novel plan for extinguishing a
church debt has been hit upon in Mel
bourne, Australia. The church com
mittee —or vestr3\ as the case may be—
divide tho total debt among themselves,
and each man insures his life for the
amount that falls to his share. Tho
policies aro transferred to the church
and tho annual payments on them aro
made out of tho collections. Then, of
course, as the members of tho commit
tee "drop off," the sums insured on their
lives drop in, and later, when the only
gnrvivor dies, the last installment of the
church debt is paid.—Pall Mall Gazette.
People Who Live Over 8,000 Feet High.
The population between2,ooo and 5,000
feet is found mainly on the slope of the
great western plains. In this region the
belt between 2,000 and 3,000 feet is al
most everywhere tho debatable ground
between the arid region of the Oordil
leran plateau and the humid region of
the Mississippi valley. Above 8,000 feet
irrigation is almost universally neces
sary for success in agricultural opera
tions.—Washington Star.
The most unhappy period of marriage,
according to French divorce statistics,
is for the period extending from the fifth
to the tenth year. After that the figures
drop rapidly. Only 28 per cent, of the
couples seek divorce between their tenth
nnd twentieth years of union. Only one
pair in 100 seeks to cut the knot after
the period over thirty and under forty
The Forth bridge was begun in ISBI.
There were then only two cantalever
bridges iv existence, ono of them carry
ing tho Cincinnati Southern railroad
across the Kentucky river, and tho other
spanning the river Wartho tit Posen, in
Germany. Both of these were bwilt in
Among the articles made of aebeitos
aro mittens to guard the hands of fire
men, assayers, refiners and others who
are exposed to burning. As the mate
rial b not affected by heat, the work
man thus protected can grasp hot irons,
crucibles nnd the like without discom
Experiments show that an electric
current will travel over a good conduc
tor at the rate of 000,000 miles a minute,
or around the earth in three seconds.
Light travels at the rate of 1,000,000
miles a minute.
The Elntraelit, 163 N. Spring Street,
Ts the-place to get tho Anheuser-Busch Bt.
l.otjls Beer on draught. Ring up telephone
407 or 310 for the celebrated bottled beer.
Best and cheapest in market.
Pickles! Pickles! Pickles!
Cal. Vinegar Works, 655 Banning street, op
posite soap factory, near Alameda nntl Mrst
streets one-half block from electric light works,
pays the highest price for cucumbers.
W bite Rose flour can be had at Jevne's.
Collapse of a RuHrtlng nt New York and
an Eurtliqunke at Martinique.
The dull record of ordinary midsum
mer accidents has suddenly been broken
by two appalling calamities. The fall
of the live story Taylor building on Park
place, New York city, crushed out in
stantly a hundred lives or more, and the
hurricano and earthquake iv Martinique
destroyed about three times that many.
The circumstances connected with the
calamity in Park place make the indi
vidual cases peculiarly pitiful. The
building fell at 12:30, just at the begin-
ning of the Saturday half holiday. Tbe
restaurant at the bottom was crowded,
the toilers at the printing presses on the
upper floors were just making ready to
leave, the girls working in tho adjacent,
shops were changing their attire for the
street and tho clerks and proprietors
were hastening te get away to their af
ternoon of recreation. And at such an
hour death came suddenly to nearly all
—painlessly, it is to be hoped, for it
must havo been instantaneous in nearly
all cases.
There were some remarkable escapes,
j Mamie Heagney, nine years old, was
| saved by falling between two beams, a
I heavy iron shutter above her keeping off
tho bricks. A boy fell four stories uu
der an engine and got out with but few
scratches. A plumber on the tin roof
fell with it and escaped unhurt.
Whether the accident was due to an
explosion, to the heavy printing presses
or to original defects in the building is
yet to bo decided.
The building was erected about twenty
years ago, and t he builder has since died.
Many painful statements are made, how-
I ever, as to the insufficiency of tho walls,
j The testimony of the few survivors is
i that there was a slight explosion before
j the collapse, but no one knows where it
j was. A largo portion of the .building
was occupied by printing establishments,
another by lithographers and one section
by manufacturers of gold leaf, .and there
! were many heavy engines running.
Martinique, one of the few West India
possessions of France, has an area of 381
square miles and a population of about
IGO,OOO. It is famous for the long resi-
deuce of tho La. Pagerio family, and the
birth of their daughter, Josephine, who
married the Viscount Beauharnais and
afterward Napoleon Bonaparte. Tho
cottage in which she was born was not
destroyed by the hurricane. Tho storm
struck tho island about 7 p. m., and
raged till 11, and then came the earth
quake. Tho latest report puts the loss of
life at 300, but the destruction of prop
erty is fearful. The Jast hurricane in
Martinique was in 1817.
A Marquis Who Makes Money Fly.
It is said of tho present Marquis of
j Ailesbury that he is "one of the most
gorgeous spendthrifts in England." Only
a, few weeks ago tho high court of jus
tice prevented him from selling tho fa
mous Savernake estate for a million
pounds to the head of that Guinness
family widely known as brewers of se
ductive malt liquors. Although the mar
quia is not yet thirty ho has caused tho
alienation of much valuable and historic
His grandfathers from whom ho in
herited, says a recent account, "con
sented to sell Jerveaulx abbey and liis
estates in Yorkshire, and to resettle the
estates in Wiltshire, so that the young
plunger might receive $900,000 to settle
his then debts. In the five years in which
he has possessed the title he has made a
further indebtedness of $1,150,000, and
to wipe out this he tried to sell Saver
nake forest and all the property adjoin
ing. It makes 40,000 acre 3in all, which
include ninety-five farms, a thousand
cottages, a hotel, ami house and build
ing lands in Marlborough. The gross
income of the estate is about $135,000.
Out of this the taxes and repairs eat up
$77,000, and tho mortgages and family
jointures leave in all about $4,500 to the
owner. But, as till tho heirs preferred
to sco Lord Ailesbury worry along under
his indebtedness to his ridding his fam
ily of Savornake, thoy were against his
petition, and tho court sustained their
New Zealand's Numerous Judges.
It has often been «iid of tho United
States that within their borders it super
fluity of military titles exists. The weak
ness for "name handles" is not peculiar
to America. It flourishes elsewhere,
only in different form. In Now Zea
land, for example, one citizen out of
fifty is a justice of t lie peace, or some
thing higher in the judiciary. Out there
you may call a man "judge" and make
no mistake. He's either one or hopes
to be.
Soldlei'M on AYlieels.
The Russian military authorities are
among the first to make practical use of
tho wheel. They havo added to the
regular establishment a cycling corp3
lor tho more rapid transmission of dis
patches and verbal orders between the
Virions sections of a. force on the march.
Angostura Bitters should Und ■ place in every
household. The host euro for indigestion.
Manufactured by Dr. J. G, B. slegert A: cons.
All druggists keep them.
If you aro a lover of Formosa Oolong, treat
yourself to a pound of the most exquisite, $1.50,
atH. Jevne's.
Gluten flour, sure cure for diabetics, n
Jevne, 13G and 133 North Spring street.
Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria,
Both tbo method and results when
Syrup 6f Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to tho taste and nets
yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system
effect'inHy, dispels colds, headaches
and fevers and cures habitual consti*
pation. Bvrap of Figs is the only
remedy of its kind ever produced,
piercing to the taste and acceptable to
the stomach, prompt in its action and
i truly beneficial ia its effects, its many
•excellent qualities commend it to all.
It is for sale iii 50c and $1 bottles by
all leading druggists,
You can be skillfully treated, and all surgical
cases, tumors and deformities of women nnd
children operated upon by tho Staff' Sur
geons of the Liebig World Dispensary and In
ternational Surgical Institute of Kansas City
and San Francisco, who are graduates of the
Medical Department of the University of one
pi our oldest Slates. They are also duly
licensed surgeons and physicians for Califor
nia. All ladies suffering from delicate and com
plicated diseases which destroy health and end
life prematurely, all blood, skin.liver, stomach,
brain, nervous diseases, nnd all uterine com
plaints treated with a degree of success
hitherto unparalleled.
Mothers, daughters and sisters, preserve your
beauty and charms and prolong the same In
protecting your health.
Diseases of children and deformities receive
careful attention. Private reception parlors
2o and 21 exclusively for ladies nnd children.
123 South Main St.,
Consultation in person or hv letter free.
Office hours.—9 lo 5 and 7td 9 p.m.
Sundays, 10 io 12 a.m.
Tie GelekatGdTrencli to,
w t™u™ d "APHROD3TINE"
LgtyWk POSITIVE f-~ < 2**\
,Jj to cure any form /Ci ffl
\M jpy of nervous diseaso Mf*. rf
JV'I or any disorder of
" 10 Generative or
nans of either sex,
whether arising'/•/<
- > fromthoexcessive/ .
_ BEFORE usoof Stimulants, AFTER
Tobacco or Opium, or through youthful indiscro
i tion, over indulgence, Ac., such as Loss of Brain
' Power, Wakefulness, Bearing down Palnslntlm
back, Seminal Weakness, Hysteria, Nervous Pros
tration, Nocturnal emissions, Leucorrhcea, Diz
ilness, Weak Memory, Loss of Pcweraud Impo
tency, which if neglected often lend to preinaturo
old ago dud insanity. Price. $1.00 a box, 6 boxer:
for f 3.(i0. Sent by mail on receipt of price -
A WRITTEN GUARAJtttEB In given for
every f5.00 order received, lo refund the money II
a Permajsent euro is not offocted. Wo have
tliousaniUol icstlmoninln from old and youna
ol both vexes, who havo been permanently cured
by ihouaßolAphrodltine. Circular free. Address
—SOLD lIV - -
H. M. SALE & SON, Druggists, I.os Angeles,Cal
Warranted absolutely pure
HMffiMk Cocoa, from which the ex
■f JH cess of Oillmsbeen removed
■fflira 11 nas times the
«■ lIBHA strength of Cocoa mixed
Jsnil tl WWW with Starch, Arrowroot and
RBiUi IBH Sugar, and is therefore far
GSidimhH more economical, costing
Mhulihuß less than one cent a cup. It
Brali InQNL is delicious, nourishing,
W&I 1111 M fflk strengthening, easily di-
gestcd, and admirably adapt-
ed for invalids as well as for
persons in good health, bold by Grocers evcry
W. BAKER & CO, Dorchester, Mass.
12-19-12 m
—as to-
Correspondence with intending settlers or
investors solicited.
Attractive opportunities lor homes and lor
profitable investment In irrigation enterprises.
Lots in the direction of tho City of San Fran
cisco's growth for sale on easy terms. Address
M. t_. WICKS,
Corner of Court nnd Main Streets,
Los Angeles, Cal.
Or 702"Maikot Street, being intersection ol
Market, Kearney, Geary and Third streets,
5-16-Orn. Sax Francisco, Cai.
The Gem of the San Gabriel Valley
Only Three Miles Irom City Limits ol Los
Property of San Gabriel Wine Co.,
Original owners.
On lino ol S. P. R. R. and San Gabrlol Valley
Rapid Transit R. R.,
From 10 to 15 minutes to tho Plaza, Los An
geleß City.
Inexhaustible quantities guaranteed.
Apply at Office of
Ramoua, Lots Angeios County, Co..
10-26tf Or to U. D. WILLIAMS, Ramona
PETER CLOS, Proprietor.
Horses, Carriages and Saddle Horses To Let
AH Kinds of Horses BouglitandSold.
Horses Boarded by tho Day. Week oe Month
Telephone 255.
N0.295 Flower street, Los Angeles, Cal
(Successors to McLain it Lehman,)
Pioneer Truck & Transfer Co.
Piano and Safe Moving a Specialty,
Telephone 137 3 Market St, Los Angeles' Cal
Soatiiera Pacific Coopy.
Monday, SKrT 7,1891.
Traius leave and are due teUarrive at
Fifth street, daily, as follows:
i Leave For | destination. • Arr. From
II 3:50 p.m Banning I||10:15 a.m
14:35 p. m Banulng 1(9:25 a. m.
5:10 p. in Banning 110:00 p. m.
9:05u.m Colton I 4:20p.m
II3:50 p. m Colton 1 10:00 p. m.
14;35 p. m Colton (9:25 a. in.
s:t()p m.l Colton ||10:15a.m
5:10 p. in.: Denting and East 10:00 p. ra.
5:10 p.m. l . ...El Paso and East.... 10:00 p. in.
tB:ooa.m Catalina t7:sop.m.
II6:00 p. m Chino || 8:37 a. m.
9:25 a.m. j Long and San j 4 . 32p . m ,
12:40 p. m Long 8each....... 11:49 a. m.
5:12 p.m. j^ W,d 8-15a.ni.
t8:00a m. i»™Op ™
j 10:40 p.m. Ogden and East, Ist class! 2:30p.m
I 1:35 p.m. Ogden and East, 2d class! 7:25a.ni
' 10:40 p.m Portland, Or 1 7:25 a. m
9:05 a. m Riverside l||lo:lsa.m.
Riverside t9:25a. in.
II 3:50 p. iv. i Rlversldo -10:00 p.m.
14:35 p.m.! Riverside I 4 - 20p.m,
5:10 p.m.! Riverside !10:00 p.m.
9:05 a. M.i San Bernardino )||lo:lsa. m
li 3:50 p. m ban Bernardino. 119:25 a. m.
14:35 p. m. Sail Bernardino. ■ 4:20 p.m,
5:10 p.m. San Bernardino 10:00j>.m.
t4:35p.m.j Redlands j||lo:lsa.m
9:05 a.m.! Redlands..—.... 4:2opm
11 3:50 p.m.j Redlands. .„ ... 110:00 p. in.
1:35 p.m. San Fran, and Sacram'toj 7:25 a. m.
10:4.0 p. m. Sun Fran, and Sacram'to 2:30 p. in.
I|9:37a.m.'9antaAiiaaiid Anaheim 9:00 a.m.
5:02 p. m. Banta Ana and Anaheim ||4:04 p. in.
1:35 p.m Santa Barbara 2-30 p.m.
. 7:25 a. m Santa Barbara 9.05p.m,
9:30 a ro r Santa Monica 12:17p.m i
1 tio:2sa.m. Santa Monica 16:40 p.m. !
! 1:17 p.m Santa Monica 4:28 p.m. :
1 5:07p.m Santa Monica 8:52 a.m.'
||6:15 p. m Santa Monica I||7:2oa. m I
4:40p.m Tustin ~ 8:43 a.m. '
_4;40p.m Whittier i 8:43 a.m. ;
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, and general information given npon ho
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. 0. Pas. Act, ;
No. 200 8. Spring St., cor. Second. CHARLES
6EYLEK, Agent at Depots.
♦Sundays only.
[I Sundays excepted.
RICH'S GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
tf Gen'l Passenger Agt
SootherD California li'y Co.
SUNDAY, AUGUST. 16. 1891.
Trains depart from nnd arrive at Los Angeles.
Leave. I Arrive.
. , !„
Overland Expresß, Daily, i
To and from Kansas!
City, Chicngo, St. Louis
12:20 p. m. and all points east. 2:45p.m
jStops at Downey avenue,
: Pasadena, Azusa, Glen
doraand North Ontario
1 • - ,„ ■• San Diego Express. ,„.,„ „
1 I ntnS' Daily.vla Coast Line. S'"'
1 3.05 p.m. liecliningchairs. 9:00 p.m
I 8:30 a. M.i ..Azusa, Pasadena., i 9:55 a, m
10:25 a. m > andimerinidiato 1 1:25 p.m.
I 12:i!0p.m. ) stations—daily. ( 2:45 p.m.
4:00 p. m. i < 6:30 p. m.
1.25 p.m. > DailyexceptSunday. < 7:40 a. m
5:22 p.m. ) < 4:40 p.m
6:30 p.m. Sundnysonly. 8:50a.m
7:45 a.m. Pasadena, dally ex. Sun. 8:50 a.m.
8:30 a.m. ban Bernardino 9:55 a.m.
12 20p.m. Via Pasadena. 2:45p.m
4:00 p. m. Daily. 6:30 p. m,
San Bernardino
Via Orange and Riv
-10:00a.m., crsido-daiiy. 10:15 a.m.
4:00 p. m. I DailyexceptSunday j 5:39 p.m.
0:40 p.m.!' sundaysonly.
1 Riverside _
a.m. „ ITlirough train, via l'nsa o-aop.m
o .oo a. m.| donil ftnd Bftn Ber .
I Via Orange-daily. 10.10 a. m.
1 4 : : 00p'.ni I DailyexceptSunday j 5:39p.m
6.40 p.m. Sundays only. „,.. . _
8:30 a. m. .Redlands and Montono. a -™
12:20 p.m. Via Pasadena—daily. SISS'Z
4:00 p.m. DailyexceptSunday. *-4 J P.m.
Via Orange and River- , A . lrt „ _
side-daily. 10:15 * m
"twSlfci DailyexceptSunday) 5:39 p.m.
6:40 p.m. Sundaysonly.
.Snii Jacinto.,. 0:30 p. IdU
12:20 p.m. Daily except bunday.
Via San Lernardino.
... Tcmecula ami San ..
Jacinto- 5:39 p. m,
10:00 a. Ei. Duily except Sunday.
Via Orange and East
8:15 a.m. 8:50 a.m.
3:05 p.m SantnAnadailv 12:10 p. m.
5:05p.m.i 9:00 p.m
Dnily except Sunday. 5:39 p.m.
I Via Coast Lino.
3:05 p.m. Deity.
Dnilycxcept Sunday. 12:19 p.m.
- Uodomlo Beach . )
9:10 a.m. 1 Sundaysonly. 6:19 p.m
4 :oo p. m.l ;•;;; •; iMg^.;;;;;;; 11:8n a - m
-! Via Pasadena—Dally ex 6:30 p, m.
8:30 a. m.l ODPt Sunday,
(Via Orange and River- 10:15 a.m.
side —daily.
10:00 a.m.! DailyexceptSunday. 5:39 p.m.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
First-streot Depot.
CHAS. T. PARSONS, Ticket Agent,
129 North Spring street,
Depot at foot of First street. 123
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Co.
Leave Los Angeles for | Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Lob Angeles.
t 6:50 a. m I ♦ 6:10 a. ra.
» 8:05 a. m * 8:10 a. m.
* 0:05 a. m * 9:10 ft. m.
'10:00 a. m *10:05 a. m.
♦11:00 a. in , *11:06 r. m.
♦12:00 m * 1:00 p. m
* 2:00 p.m * 2:05 p.m.
* 4:00 p. m * 4:05 p. m
* 5:20 p. m * 5:25 p. m,
» 0:20 p. m * 7:05 p. m.
* 9:25 p.m ! »10:30p,in.
•11:25 p. m *12:15 a. rr.
Downey avenue leaving time 8 minutes later.
Running time between Los Angelas and Pasa
dena 30 niinutcs.
Leavo Los Angeles for Leave Glendale lor Los
Glendalo. Angelos.
t 7:20 a. m t 8 :00 a. m,
* 8:45 a, m * 9:37 a. m.
•12:15 a. m * 1:12 p. m.
* 3:00 p. m • 8:47 p. m
* 5:30 p. m I * 6:17 p. m,
Running time between Los Angeles and Glen
dale, 30 minutes. Add 5 minutes for Verdugo
Pack time.
Leave Los Angeles for I Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angeles.
* 0:50 a. m t 7:50 a. to.
£ll:00a ru $12:00 noon
* 5:20 p. m I * 6:20 p. m.
Running tlmo between Los Angeles tud Alta
dena, 55 minutes.
•Daily. tDaily, except Sundays. $S.unday s
only. Stages meet the 8:05 b. m. train at
Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Special ratas to excursion and picnic parties
Depots east end First st. and Downcy-avenne
i bridges.
liODeral offices, Flrst-sircet Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, Gen. Manager
Jy2-tf W. WINCUP. G. P. A.
I Compagnie Generale Transatlantique.
North river, foot of Mortons tree t. JSHnBL
i Travelers by this line avoid both transit by
! English railway and the discomfort of crossing
1 the Channel In a small boat.
Saturday October 3d, nt 3:30 a. m.
SaturdtiT- October 10th, at 8 a.m.
Saturday, October 17th, at 3:30 a. ra.
Saturday, October 24th, at 8 a.m.
For freight or ■assage apply to
i A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUOAZI & CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
' aye., San Francisco. 029-U
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
Agents, San Francisco. Northern rontet
embiaco lines for Portland, Ore.; Victoria, £
o.| aud Pngct Sound, Alaska, and all coast
Time Table for eptember, 1891.
i*±VK BAN fbancisco.
1 Port Harford.... l
1 wanta Barbara... *S. S. Queen Pacific, Sept.
! Kedondo ' 3, 12,21, 30; Oct. 0.
I San Pedro fS. «. Pomona, Sept. 7, 16,
) Newport I 25; Oct. 4.
i San Diego J
For 18. H. Coos Bay, Sept. 1. 10,
; Bedondo : 10,28; Oct. 7.
; San Pedro andfS. s. Eureka, Sept. 5.14, 23-
Way Porta J Oct. 2.
Foi ') *S. c. (Jueen of Pacific, Sep!,
I 5, 14, 23; Oct. 2.
I Newport (B. ri. Pomona, Sept. 9, 18
San u1eg0....... J 27; Oct. 6.
For 18. 8. Pomona, Bept, 2, 31.
; San Francisco... (. 20,29; Oct. 8.
| Port Harford |*S H. Queen of Pacific, Sept
Santa Barbara... J 7,10, 25; Oct. 4.
For i S. 8. Coos Bay, Sopt, 4, 13,
, San Francisco I 22; Oct. 1.
and ;8. S. .lureka, Sept. 8,17, 26;
J Way Porta J Oct. 5.
*The Qomil of Pacific will not stop at Re
! dondo nor Newport.
Cars to connect with steamers via Fan Pedro,
leavo S. P. K. R. depot, Fitth street, lais An
geles, at 9:25 o'clock a. m.
Passengers per steamer Pomona via Re
dondo leavo Santa Fe depot at 10:15 a. m.; or
from Redondo Railway depot, corner Jefferson
! street and Grand aye., 10:40 a.m.
Passengers per Coos Bay aud Eureka via
'■ Redondo, leave Santa Fo depot ot 5:25 p. m.
i Plans of steamers' cabins at agcai's onlcc.
where berths may lie secured.
' The steamers Eureka und Coob Bay will call
; regularly at Newport pier for and with freight
■ and passengers
, Tn<r company reserve the right to change the
I aW.io.ci-- or their days of sailing.
i<3F~For passage or freight as above or for'
; tickets to and from all important points in
Kurope, appiy to
W. PARRIS, Agent,
Office. No 124 West Second Bt, Los Angeles
Redondo Railway
JULY 1, 1891.
I Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jef
ferson et.
Tnke Grand aye. cable or Maln-st. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
j Trains Leave Trains Leave
Lou Angeles Redondo
for Redondo. for Los Angeles. I
i 8:00 a.m. daily 6:30 a.m. uaily
' 9:30 a.m. daily H:l5 a.m. daily
10 40 a.m. daily 9:20 a.m. daily
1:30 p.m. dally 11:00 a.m. daily
4:20 p.m. except fun. 2:45 p.m. except Sun.
6:45 p.m. except eon. 5:30 p.m. except sun ,
4:10 p.m. Sun. Only. 3:30 p.m. bun. only. I
7:10 p.m. bun. only 5:50 p.m. bun. only
8.15 p.m. Sun. only 7:00 p.m. bun. only
A. B. Greenw aid's Cigar Store,
Corner Fir it and Spring sts. tf
Trains arrive and depart from depot, cornel j
of Aliso andAnderstai streets, Los Angeles, as
H :00 a. m Moi irovia .. I 7:48 a. m.
11:10 a. in Monrovia .. | .... 9:53 a.m.
3:10 p.in Monrovia .. 2:03 p.m.
5:10 p. m Moi rovia .. | . 5:03 p. m
9:30 a. m | .. Monrovia 8:48 a.m
5:10 p. m ... |.. Monrovia 4:48 p. m
Take street car or ' bun from corner of Main
and Arcadia streets dirict for depot.
WM. Q. KERCKHoFF. Receiver.
_4-ltf H. P. JEvVETT, Gen. Manager.
Leave the corner Spring and Temple streets
for Hollywood and the foothills, as follows:
7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m
10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m,
*7:20 p.m. »b :20p.m.
•Saturday and Suinday only.
Until the 27th of September the Wilmington
i Transportation Company's steamship Falcon
I will make trips to A valon, connecting at ban
j Pedro with trains leaving nnd arriving at 8.
j P. Arcade depot, I.os Angeles, as follows:
I Sunday 8:0Oa m. bunday 7:50 p.m.
Monday 9:25 " Tuetday.. . 4-32 "
Wednesday 9:25 " Thursday .. .4:32 "
Friday 9:25 " |-aturday 4:32 "
Tho company rescirves tho right to change
steamers und days of sailing.
Excursion every Bi inday.
Fare—Round trip from I.os Angeles, nnllm
ited, $3.00: Sunday i inly, $2 60.
Agent, 130 W. Set ionri street, Los Angeles.
Gen. Pass, nnd Freight Agent, ban Pedro.
7-1 tf
• Jones and P. B. "am, defendants.
Hherifl's sale, No. 1< 1,924.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
Under and by virtu c of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and Bale, issued out of
tho Superior Court of the 1 county of Los An
geles, of the State of Calif rnia, on the 17th
day of September, A. D. 1891 in the above en
titled action, wherein C. B. Grove, the above
above named pluintiff, obtained a judgment and
decree of foreclosure and sale agaim-t Cornelius
.tones, et al., on ibe 16th day of
July, A.D. 1891, for the sum of seven hundred
and fifiy-two and 86-100 dollars, lawful money
of the United States, which said decree was. on
the 17th day of July, A. D. 1891, recorded in
judgment book 26 of tiaid court, at page49,l am
commanded to Fell till th .t certain lot. piece
or parcel of land si mate, lying and beine in
the city of i.os Angeles, county of Los Angeles. '
State of California, and bounded and described
as follows:
Lot ten (.10) of block H according to map of
Glassell'a subdivision, of lot No. seven 7), etc..
block thirty-nine (391 of Hancock's survey, re
corded in book 6, nt l>age- .138. of miscellaneous
records in the office of the tounty iccorder of
said I.os Angeles county.
Together with all and singular the tenc- j
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging, or in anywise appertain
Public notice is hereby gi vcu, that on Mon
day, tho 12th day of Octobei , A. D. 1891, at 12
o'clock m. o( that day. In front of the court
house door of the county of L os Angeles, Broa i
way entrance. 1 will, in obedience to said order
of Bale and decree of foreclosure and sale, sell
the above described propel ty, or so much
thereof as may lie necessai y to satisfy said
judgment, with interest and costs, etc., to tho
highest and best bidder, for ca 9h, lawful money
of the United States.
Dated this IBth day of Bept« mber, 1891.
Sheriff of Los A. lgeles County.
By F. C. llannon, Deputy St 'erlff
O'Mclveuy A Henning, attorn eys for plaintiff
9-19 sat 4t
Notice of Assignee's Auction Sale of
Jewelry, Watch Movement and
Precious Ston*.
virtue of nn order of sale d uly given and
made by the superior court of tho county of
Los Angeles, state of California, in a proceed
ing therein pending, entitled "In 'he matter of
Frederick Linde intnsolvoncy," number 15 389
on the register of actions of said court, the uti
dersit ned assignee of tho estate of said insolv
ent debtor will, on Wednesday, tho 30th day O'
September, l*t>l, commencing at 11 o'clock
a.m., and nt the Broadway entrance to the
court house, city of Los Angeles, county and
state aforesaid, sell at. p-abllc auction for cash
to the highest bidder, the following personal
property, to-wit:
Three diamonds. 1 sup-phirc. 07 garnets, 14
diamonds (roses), 2 opal 15 diamonds, 6 ru
bies, 3 cameo lockets, 2 i>laln lockets, 1 I. O. O.
F. locket, 1 B. W. Raymond watch movement,
No 3,661,456; 1 diamond and emerald ring,
lOdwts. 14-k. gold.
baid property may be examined upon applica
tion to the undtrsignwl at the office of the
sheriff', in tho court house, crty of Los Angeles
Terms, e'sh on delivery.
Dated September 23.1891.
?'. I> GTBBON,
Assiguco of tho or,tate of v rederick Linde,
insolvent debtor
Groves, O'Melveny & Shan kland, attorneys
for assignee. " 9-24 td
* *>
Health is Wealth!
Db. E. C. West's Nerve and Brain Treat-
JfpftiT, h guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dlzsl
ness, Convulsions, Kits, Nervous Neuralgia,
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness, Mental
1 Depression, Softening of tho Brain resulting in
| insanity and leading to misery, dfecay aim
death, Premature Old Age, Barrenness, Loss of
Power in either sex, Involuntary Losses art!
Spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of the
brain, self-abuse' or over-indulgence. Each fccx
contains one month's treatment. $1.00 a fccx,
!or six boxes for $5.00, sent by mail prepaid cv
1 receipt of price.
jTo cure any case. With each order received r y
us for six boxes, accompanied with $5.00, Va
1 will send the purchaser our written guarantee
I lo refund the money if the treatment does not
i effect a cure. Guarantees Issued only by
n. M. SALE & SON,:
! Druggists, sole agents, 220 S. Spring street
Los Angeles. Cal.
I all Its formsTsemlDaJ
Weakness, Impotency and Lost Manhood per
manently cured. The sick and afflicted should
not fail tc call uoon him. Tho Doctor has trav
eled extensively in Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining a
■ great deal ot valuable in forma tion, which he Is
competent to impart to those in need ol his
, services. The Doctor cures where others fall.
Try him. DR. GIBBON will make no charge
| unless he effects a cure. Persons at a distance
I CURED AT HOME. All communication!
strictly confidential. All letters answered in
plain envelopes.
! Call or write. Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, Boi
1,957, San Francisco, Cal.
I Mention Los Angeles Herald. 07-12 m
Chinese Physician and Surgeon, has resided in
Lo- f ngeles sixteen 16, years. His reputation
as a thorough physician has been fully estab-
I lished and appreciated by many. His large
I practice is sufficb nt proof of his ability and
( honesty.
Tho doctor graduated in tbo foremost col
! leges also praciio d in tbe Jargct hospital' of
! Canton. China. The doctor speaks .-punish
OFFICE: New numbT, 639; old number,
117, Upper Main street. P. 0. box 564,
Station C. 9-15 lm
ktfs lal s I •jWBf For LOST ° r FAHIHO MANHOOD,
a allitlF l ?9Tl Geacr! ' ! and NERVOUS DEBILITY,
CSMSj HI I! [Weakness of Body and Kind, Effects
PB " 111 ■ I 111 Inf Errors crEz cesses in Old or Young.
Robust, Noble DIAN'IIOOD full, He stored. How lo Enlarge end
AbMiluletr unfailing HUSH TREATMENT—Benefit* In a day.
Men testify from 50 Stales and Foreign Countries. Wrile I lieu.
Ilescrtptivo Uook, explanation and proofs malted (seated)freo.
rCMcheiter's Encllah Diamond Ilrmnd.
—Original aod Only Genuine. A
SAFC . always reliabl*. ladies ask /K\
vSa* Druggist for Chtr-huters ZftinltaA I>ta-fi_\\
WF*yjßn&B_jnond Brand In Red and Gold mctaUtev%jßf
T-V —Z«32boxea, seated with blue ribbon. Take VST
T*\ ®*» VWflno other.. Jtrfute dangerous aubstltu- v
I / ftftiant and imitations. Al Druggists, or lend 4c
I *•> ySr in stamp! for particulars, testimonials and
B "Keller tor Ladlea," it. leurr, by rctnrn
A if Mi.ll. 10.000 Testimonial-.. A'sma Paper.
v —"/ Ohlrhe«terOhemlealCo.,Madlaon Square,
gold bj all Local Druggiau. PhUadav.. pi.
cores in'N&ji (Jonorj-liceci «fc ulci-t'.
jlSSfo' T " 6 ."IV Y . S ,OVI "i'aeonly sate remedy for
.l""Bu!.fM. 10 1-encorrt.ccaorVVhitea
ytm I prescribe it and feci
L&9 MfdoniroT safe in recommending it
82H THnEvsnsCHEM" - !'fn. to all sufferers.
"SHoV ancIKN>TI.O SHctHa A. j. STONKR. M, D. c
W Sold I>v JBropKisttit,
Ztzi~^m^Wv*^' .eel PH<CE Sl.OtV
Notice is hereby given that tbe under
signed, T. B. Burnett, will make application to
the board of supervisors of the county ol Los
Angeles, state of California, at the rooms of
said board, in tho new cou thouse, in the city
of Los Angeles, in snid county, on the 13th day
of October, A D 1891, at tne hour of lOo'cleck
a.m. of said day, or as Boon thereafter as said
application can be heard, for a grant of author
ity to construct a wharf on the easterly side of
San Pedro harbor, iv too to»nship of Wilming
ton, in said county of Los Angeles, the size and
location whereof aro more particularly de
scribed as follows:
Commencing at a point in tlx easterly hatv
bor lino of 8 n Ptdro harbor (designated on
the surveys by the U. S. engineers as "Wil
mington harbor,") established and approved by
the secretary of war on the 28th of July, 1891,
which point of commencement 1b distant two
thousand 2000) feet, measured on said barb- r
line,southerly from its mo tnortnerlypoint,and
two hundred and twonty-threo (223) feet dis
tant in a westerly direction, upon a line drawn
at right angles with said harbor line, from the
single work b'cakwater constructed by tho
United States gover ment; thence running
southerly and southeasterly along the said
harbor line, as it curves, one thousand (1000)
feet to a point which Is distant, upon a line
drawn ot right angles with said harbor line,
1 one hundred and nincty-cifht (198) lee. south-
I westerly Irom the said single work breakwater:
! thence northeasterly and at right angles with
• said harbor line seventy'-ove (75) feet; thenco
I northwesterly and northerly and parallel with
i said ■ arlmr line and at a uniform di-tunce of
I seventy-live ('5) feet therefrom to a point lv
! the aforesaid line driwn from the point of be
i ginning Mt risht nupb s with said harbor line;
j thence westerly along said last mentioned line
to the point of beginning; together with the
rights of way and all necessary use for the pur-
I pose of said wharf of the tide lands belonging
Ito the state >\djacent thereto, which will be
more particularly des-ribed In a pe'ition to be
hereafter filed; ond al»o a right of way over
sucn tide lauds lying between said wharf and
high and dry land, fifty (50) feet In width.
Dated nt Los Angeles, California, September
! 11, A D. 1891. 9-12 to 10-13
j Proposals for the Purchase of Los
Angeles County Court House Bonds.
proposuls will be re-el red by the under
signed ur> t.i the 24th day ol October. 1891. at
2o'elockp m of that day, for the purchase of
one hundred and twenty (120), or any portion
thereof Log Angeles county itourt house bonds
numbered consecutively from forty-one (41) to
one hundred and sixty (160). both numbers in
cluded, of tho denomination of one thousand
dollars Mm hi each, and payable on tho first
d*v of January, A.D. lsiln, or at any time be
fore that date, at tbe pleasuie of said county,
in gold coin of the United States with interest
thereon at tho rate of five (*«i per cent per an
num, payable semi-annually on the first day of
January and on the first day of Julyoftach
year, bonds andelnterest payable at the office of
the county treasurer of said Los Angeles
Said bonds having been issued in conformity
with an ordinance enacted by the Board of
Supervisors of said 1 os Angeles county, dated
April 2Htn, A.D. 1830, and under authorlty
conferred upon said board by tho provisions ol
on set of the legislature of the State ol Cali
fornia, entitled. ' An Act to Establish a Uniform
System of county and Township Government,"
approved March 14th, A.D. 18-3
None of said bonds will be sold for loss than
face value and accrued Interest, nor shall any
snio thereol be final or valid until approved by
tho said Bos.rd of Supervisors, and the right Is
hereby expressly reserved to reject any or all
nforesatd proposals.
Mark envelopes: "Proposals for the Pnr
chase ol Court House Bonds. '
By order of the Board of Supervisors ot Lob
Angeles county. California
Dated September 16th, 1801.
918 30t Treasurer of Los Angeles Couuty, Cal.

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