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United States Weather Office.
Report of observations taken atLoi Angeles,
October 7, 1891:
5:07 «• S«g " "
R 07 p. m. 129.851 OS
S 3 1
W I 4
Max. (em.. 84: mm. tern.. 52.
J. \V. Wilson was arreßted yesterday
for cruelty to animals.
The Garvanza toll bridge is to be torn
down and sold for lumber.
Ah Ling was yesterday fined $30 by
Judge Owens for selling lottery tickets.
Ed O'Conner, James Burns and Wil
lie Roach have been placed under arrest
by Detctives Bowler and Aubel charged
with burglarizing the Newsboys' home
on East Third street.
An alarm from box 7 called the fire
department to the residence of A.
Fisher, 804 Paeadena avenue, yesterday
morning. The fire was caused by the
explosion of a gasoline stove. Owing to
the promptness of the department the
damage was slight.
A meeting of the Los Angeles Athletic
club will be held next Wednesday even
ing. Following the regular meeting a
special meeting will be called to consider
tbe proposition of assessing the members
in order to raise funds to complete the
new club grounds.
The board of supervisors have received
three large views of the old courthouse
and one of the old church building which
stood on the corner of New High and
Temple streets. The pictures are hand
somely framed and will adorn the wallß
of the supervisors' room.
Chief of Police Glass is in receipt oi a
letter from a law firm in Aidmore, In
dian Territory, asking for information of
the whereabouts of one Nathaniel Grey,
who was last heard of in this city in
1857. A liberal reward will be paid to
any person who can locate the man.
Another attempt will be made to open
Third street, againßt the opening of
which a property owner named Sanders
has been making a fight for some time.
The maps and other essentials have been
prepared, and the matter will probably
come before the council next Monday.
The Southern California Land and
Loan Agency is a new firm recently
opened up for business at 138 South
Spring street. Messrs. C. W. Maxon
and 8. C. Smith manage the concern.
They will do a general real estate busi
ness, and present the very best refer
On Monday afternoon at 2: 30 o'clock
there will be a meeting of the Ministe
rial union, of this city, in the parlors of
the First Congregational church, corner
of Sixth and Hill streets. Pastors and
visiting clergymen cordially invited to
be present. Rev. J. H. Collins is secre
tary of the union.
i Richard Tanner was examined yester
day before Judge Austin on the charge
of burglary. The evidence went to show
that Tanner entered a house on Seventh
street and appropriated shoes, silks and
everything he could lay his hands on.
He was held in $1,500 to answer before
the superior court.
James Welch is the name of a man
who has been arrested several times in
the past fortnight for being drunk. The
impression at police headquarters is that
tbe man is slightly off. He walks along
at all hours of the'night and talks aloud
on all topics. He will be examined to
day in regard to bis sanity.
The directors of tbe Agricultural asso
ciation met yesterday afternoon to com
plete arrangements for the coining fair.
It is expected that arrangements will be
concluded for the free-for-all trot and
free-for-all pacing. Ie is to be hoped
that these events will be arranged, as
they certainly would bring visitors from
all over California.
Uncle John Lang is doing a rushing
real estate business at 115 West First
street. To show how great the demand
is for bargains in real estate, the fact
may be mentioned that a single piece of
property advertised on the sixth page of
the Herald brought twenty customers
to Mr. Lang's office. There is a general
agreement in the opinion that real es
tate is on the up grade, and now is the
time to invest.
The Union Mutual Building and Loan
association has incorporated. Its object
is for the purposes of encouraging in
dustry, frugality, home building and
saving among its stockholders, etc., with
a capital stock of $2,000,000, of which
amount $5000 has been actually sub
scribed. Its board of directors consists
of H. H. Markham. of Pasadena, E. P.
Johnson, D. P. Hatch, D. W. Field and
W. H. Mather of this city.
Cafe Royal. Under Low Angeles Theater.
Mercantile lunch daily, from 11 till 2.
Music in attendance noon and evening.
Koster cafe and bakery, 140 South
Spring street, opens Saturday, the' 10th.
For sale, fine driving and draft horses,
Choice milch cows and thoroughbred
Holstein bulls. Bonito Meadowß, Wash
ington street. J. E. Durkee.
Eagleson & Co., men's furnishers, for
merly of 146 North Spring street, have
removed to 112 South Spring street, op
posite Nadeau.
_B«n't forget that W. K. Burke A Co, 155
Strflti Spring street, write insurance policies
on buildings and contents at lowest lates aud
make prompt settlements in case of loss; cap
ital of companies represented, twenty millions.
Money loaned at most reasonable terms. Notary
Pnblic same place.
K. D. List, notary pnblic. Legal papers care
fully drawn. 127 West Second. Telephone 105.
G. 8. Johnson, notary public, 212 West First
street, Nadeau block. Telephone 180. "Al
wayi In."
Anthony Schwamm, R. R. ticket broker
and notary public, 206 N. Spring st. Tel. 619.
Win. Lacy left yesterday for the north.
Mrs. Judge Bicknell has gone to San
Francisco for a visit.
W. S. Edwards is down from Calico
on a business trip and is stopping with
his family at the Bellevue Terrace hotel.
Henry Chilson has returned from
Han Francisco aud will take charge of
Trout's drug store during the proprie
tor's absence in the east.
John F. Francis is quite seriously ill
at his rooms at the Westminster hotel.
His trouble seems to be caused from
nervousness, causing fever and inso
mnia. Dr. Kurtz is in attendance.
C. Cochran, father of Deputy Consta
ble Frank Cochran, arrived in the city
this morning from Pittsburg, Pa. This
is the gentleman's first visit to the
coast. He has also a sister residing at
Lieutenant J. E. McMahan, of the
1". S. army, has returned from a trip
through Mexico and the east and is
now resting for a few days at the Belle
vue Terrace hotel, when he will return
to the east for his family.
Santa Barbara to Join in the Exhibit-
Fair Matters.
The Chamber of Commerce is gradu
ally losing its local character, and is
gradually becoming representative of
the interests of entire Southern Cali
fornia. By Southern California this
day is meant that aggregation of re
markable fertility confined in Los
Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino,
Santa Barbara, San Diego and Orange
counties. After the chamber was here
established, Ventura county was the
first to show the proper interest, and it
rather surprised the chamber by de
manding a membership and offering to
bear its share of the expenses of a per
manent exhibit. The example of Ven
tura county about two months ago was
followed by San Bernardino. Now Santa
Barbara has taKen its place in the line, for
its board of supervisors have just passed
a resolution to join the chamber of com
merce. An appropriation of $100 was
passed to establish a table in the per
manent exhibit, and committees were
appointed to canvass the county for in
teresting specimens. The board of su
pervisors also voted $15 per month to
pay the expenses of the enterprise. C.
F. Eaton and C. L. Lloyd are at the
head of the innovation.
The chamber of commerce committee
on the baby show for the coming fair,
went out yesterday to canvass among
the merchants for • prizes, and report
most remarkable progress. The display
of rewards for this feature of California
productiveness will surpass all previous
Another attraction of the fair will be
the wand-drill by the young ladies of
the Normal school, under Mr. Bessing.
Principal Moore, yesterday gave his per
mission for the exhibition.
The regular monthly meeting of the
chamber of commerce will take place
next Friday evening, October 9th. at 8
o'clock. A good attendance is desired,
as matters of importance are to come up.
Mr. Gervaise Purcell, B. A., C. E., a
member of the chamber and engineer for
the Temescal Tin Mine company, will,
in response to an invitation from the
board of directors, speak to the chamber
on the subject of the tin product of
Southern California;
The department of agriculture, manu
facturing and the arts, of the district
fair, will this year be held at the cham
ber of commerce, October 19th to 24th,
A Graceful Act Done by the Typo
graphical Union.
Among the entries made in the office
of the county recorder yesterday was
that of the release of a $400 mortgage on
the property of Christian Keebler, de
ceased. Mr. Keebler was working at
his trade as a printer in this city, prior
to the difficulty which arose between
the Typographical union and the Times
about a year ago. Being a member of
the union, he, in common with his
brother members, was forced into idle
ness. Being of a naturally despondent
temperament, and fearing that his en
forced idleness might cause his three
motherless little children an undue
amount of suffering, his mind became
so deranged as to cause him, in a mo
ment of despondency, to throw himself
from the wharf at Santa Monica, there
by ending his earthly trbubles.
His estate consisted of a seven and
ofledialf acre ttact of land just outside
the city limits, on which' there was
found to be a mortgage of $400. The
members of the Typographical unions
throughout the Pacific coast made a
conceited move towards raising this
mortgage, and thus saving the property
to the orphans of their deceased brother
member. The result of their efforts is
shown by the record made iv the county
recorder's office yesterday.
Angostura Bitters Is universally conceded to
be the best appetizer in the world. Manufac
tured by Dr. 3. O. B. Siegrrt & Sons At all
Ostrich Feathers.
The ladies having old feathers can hare them
curled, renovated and dyed in fashionable
shades, and transformed into dress trimming,
or in any other style. Glace black guaranteed.
Also new feathers made to order. Milliners'
orders promptly attended to. Apply to Boussur
<fc Deste, 320 W. Second street.
Bone Meal.
Ground bones by the sack, ton or carload at
lowest price. Giant Bone Mill, corner Aliso
and Lyon streets, Los Angeles. Highest price
paid for dry bones.
Do you drink coffee. You want the best.'
Then try a free cup at W. Chamberlain & Co.,
213 South Broadway.
Frank X. Engler,
Piano tuner and repairer, 316 W. Second street.
North Carolina has 100,000 organized
Vanilla -\ ° f Perfect purity.
Lemon -I Of great strength.
Orange -V Economy In their use
Almond -
ROSO Flavor as delicately
and dellclously as the fresh fruit.
Rubber or celluloid plates $3.00 to $10.00
Gold fillings $1.00 and up
Silver or amalgam 50c and up
Cement fillings 50c and up
Gold or porcelain crowns $5.00
Bridge work $5.00 per tooth
Extracting with gas a specialty.
N. K. Corner Third and Spring streets.
| 7-30 2m
The Piano that wears the best, has the most beautiful tone, and
remains in tune longer than any other first-class Piano, is
Come and see them in all styles and colors
a,t the warerooms of
IOG North Spring Street.
Fine Bakersfield Peaches for Canning;
At Evans's, successor to Althouse Bros.. 102
West First street.
M. H. Gustin, Harness, Saddlery,
Whips, etc. 109 N. Broadway st.
Throat Diseases, Bronchitis. Asthma
and Consumption,
Are being successfully treated by
M. C, P. S. 0..
137 S. Broadway, Loi Angeles, Cal.
By his Aerean system of practice, which con
sists of proner Medicated Inhalations and the
Bronchitis is a disease of the mucous mem
brane of the air passage, and is one of the most
common of the pulmonary affections. Chronic
bronchitis more ofteu appears later in life.
When a cold settles on the lungs the disease
either ends in bronchitis or pneumonia. If it
ends in bronchitis it usually passes off as a cold
on the chest, and still the patient does not feel
entirely well. He feels tired and languid, and
is incapable of taking his usual amount of
exercise, and experiences a shortness of breath
with more or less warmth in the palms of the
hands. Soon after this a cough appears, ac
companied by an expectoration of thick mu
cous, followed by a hectic flush, loss of flesh
and strength, and night sweats continue, when
the patient assumes all the appearance of hav
ing a genuine case of consumption. But this
is simply catarrh of the lungs or chronic bron
The patient usually dies from exhaustion
and suffocation, being unable to expectorate
the mucous which accumulates in the passage
leading to the lungs, which in some cases is
sticky and small in quantity, but more com
monly copious, of a light straw or yellowish
Dry Bronchitis—This diseese, the very- oppo
site of the above, is a very common affection.
Very many people, who regatd themselves as
quite healthy, are today under its influence,
and are slowly but surely becoming the vic
tims of this treacherous complaint. This is
the most insidious of all pulmonary diseases.
There may st first be a slight, hacking cough
and au expectoration of a bluish white mu
cous. And herein lies the danger. This niu
cohs. inhabiting the air cells of the lungs, be
ing difficult to raise, after a time becomes solid
ified, permanently obstructing portions of the
lungs, causing shortness of bieathnnd a feeling
of oppression on the chest, particularly after
meals or on slight exertion. After a time the
cough becomes more severe and comes on in
paroxysms, and as the shortness of breath in
creases it almost assumes the character of asth
ma. The mucous membrane also becomes
more and more thickened,which arises from the
frequent fresh tolds, and the patient at last
becomes fully aware of the terrible changes that
have taken place and the inevitable results that
are to follow.
Without courage and perseverance nothing is
cmaWe.bul witU these, aided with our Medi
tated Inhalations and Compound Oxygen
Treatment Bronchitis can be cured even after
the lungs are extensively diseased.
Consultation free.
If impossible to call personally at the office,
irritQ for list of questions and medical treatise
sent free. Address.
137 S. Broadway, Los Angeles. Cal. I
Office hours—From 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Residence, ISO South Grand avenue. .
P. 8 — Professional calls made before and
after office hours.
Mat. Bonnet and. Toque j
AT lOc.
This beautiful tract of land needs no introduction to tbe residents of Soathern Califor- I
nia. Everyone who knows of Los Angeles county also know sof the i
the productions of which have a national reputation.
This tract has been put on the market at the earnest solicitation of some of the oldest i
residents, who well know the value of it for all kinds of fruit and the fine surroundings !■
which make the tract a VERITABLE PARADISE I'OK VILLA HOWES. '
There are three lines of railroad running frequent trains connecting this place with Los 1
Angeles—the Santa Pc on the north, the Monrovia Rapid Transit extending through tbe I
ctnter. and tho Southern Pacific on the south. A large portion of these lands are covered t
with heavy live oak timber, which when i converted into wood will bring a return that
will reduce the cost per acre quite material!v. The FIRST 100 A«'RES 10 BE OFFERED i
lays south of and adjulning Lamanda Park, heine just south of Colorado street and wfth- I
and will be sold in tracts of five, ten and twenty acres to suit purchasers at low prices on
five years' time at 1% per cent interest, and a reduction for all cash.
Between Spring and Broadway, Los Angeles, and 12 E. COLORADO ST., PASADENA,
have the EXCLUSIVE AGENCY of these lauds, and will take pleasure in showing tho
tract and giving prices and all information desired. Teams at our Pasadena office at dis
posal of intending purchasers. Los Angeles patrons can go direct to the tract by rail
REMEMBER THE OFFICE NUMBER, act nulckiy, for these lands will not go begging.
" Nil. .ICS PEASE.
itßESfjflßT Wholesale and Retail Dealer in all kinds of
■F Eastern Parlor and
3 Chamber Furniture i
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Linoleums 1
A Window Shades, Etc. /
Agent for Phcenix Folding Bed and the Welch Combination Folding Bed, th4e
two beat beds in the market.
New Nos. 337, 339 and 341 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. I
As known by the ORIGINAL figures
of the Judges on
At the Centennial.
"Sympathetic, Pure and Rich Tone,
with Greatest Power."
An Instrument with a Soul in It.
Not withstanding the Superiority of the
The prices are as low and terms as easy
as those of other good makers.
Berlin Medical Institute
For the treatment of all
Private, Chronic
Nervous Diseases
Secret blood and skin diseases, sores, ulcers
and swellings; nervous debility, impotency.
spermatorrhoea, prostatorrhoea and all forms
of weakened manhood or lost viiility speedily
and permanently cured. 1 •
Secret errorj oS youth and all their terrible
effects, which, 'ike ghosts of despair, sit perch
ed upon every crflg of the sufferer's broken
frame, are quickly cured without unnecessary
loss of time. Loss\pf memory, despondency,
bashfulntss, and oihi-r troubles of mind
and body readily give way to our treatment.
Heirt disease, softening of the brain
and spine, insanity ami other afflictions
caused by the errors, excesses and diseases
of boys and men are cureid and prevented. Lost
virility and manly power restored, deformities
removed ana organs ree\ tore d t0 health. Dis
eases caused by the use of? mercury and poison
ous drugs used in the improper treatment of
private diseases readily yieUJ to our purely veg
etable treatment. \
The treatmentof the Berlin <Medlcal Institute
Is the safest, best and surest Mown to modern
medicine. Wo use no patent nostrums. Every
prescription is written by our .staff surgeons
and carefully compounded in our laboratory
by .expert chemists. \
Patients and the afflicted, in all * parts of the
country, are cordially Invited to wr* te us or call
at our offices, where consultation aJ"I prescrip
tion is free, a nominal charge only being made
for medicine. Patients abroad, by '\vrlting us a
thorough history of their case, will'be success
fully treated by mail. AU consuitAUpiH and
communications sacredly confldeht!'<a'. Office
hours froia 0 a. in. to Bp. m. Bund!avs, 10 a.
m. to la noon and 2 to 4 p. m. Acldress all
communications to Lock Box 1594,'<>r at
our offices, No. 107 North Spring sjreet, Los
Angeles, Cal. 9-14
Thursday, October 8, 1801.
Our Great Sale of Mens Shoes!
The Entire Stock of The Maze of San
Francisco Sent to Us to
Be Slaughtered.
Shoes Worth from $2.50 to $9.00 a Pair, Embracing the
Makes of Hanan & Son, and Lilly, Brackett & Co.,
to be Slaughtered from $1.50 to $6.00 a Pair.
Gentlemen who have never been in our shoe department will find the finest
and most artistic stock of foot wear that was ever turned out from the cobbler's
bench, at one-half Tegular prices.
The Maze of San Francisco started in to do the finest trade in men's foot wear
in San Francisco, and with this in view, put in a stock accordingly. Their busi
ness grew to such proportions that they found their store room not enough
to accommodate their business, and not being able to obtain more, were obliged
to give up several lines of goods, among which were their men's shoes. They sent
us down their entire stock to be sacrificed. You will see the goods displayed in
our show windows, and we submit that the prices we have placed upon these
goods will merit your patronage if you are in want of foot wear.
$20,000 worth of men's ehoesare to be slaughtered by us. If yon come into
this department and see the goods and the quantity of the stock, you will see the
necessity of our doing something to get store room.
In ladies' shoes we will sell you a shoe at $1.50 that cannot be equaled
under $2.25.
We will sell you a ladies' shoe at $2 that cannot be replaced for $3.
We will sell you a shoe at $2.50 that is worth $3.50, and you will admire the
quality, price and style.
At $3 we will sell you a ladies' shoe that is worth $4.
In boys'shoes we will start them for this sale, 12s to 2s. at $1.50: 3s to ss.
at $2.
As you are aware, from our frequent advertising, we are retiring permanently
from gent's clothing. They have not been moving as fast as the quality and price
should move them. We have been offering the goods at less than New York cost.
Today we make a still further reduction iv the hopes of larger and more speedy
Have put in our show windows two windows of suits, one at $8.50 per suit,
and the other at $10.50 a suit. These goods cost us from $10 to $13 apiece. They
are all wool goods, warranted of the best makes, stylo, cut and durability. We
want the room to enlarge our other departments, and request those in need of
clothing to be kind enough to help us out in getting rid of our stock. As you
know, people are in business for profit and cannot exist on loss, neither could we:
but our clothing stock has to go, and if it does not bring 10c on the $1 of its cost,
we will close out our entire stock at any sacrifice.
The trimmings that we offer at special sale today are worth just double the
price that we ask you in the list enumerated below. They will commend them
selves to you for price and quality.
• Black colored cogue feather trimming, 4 in. wide, $2.50 a yard.
Black and colored cogue feather edging, 65c a yard.
Black ostrich feather trimming, 4 in. wide, 50c a yard.
Colored-silk feather Edging, with pasementerie, all the latest shades, 65c a
Colored silk feather edging, without pasementerie, 50c.
Black and colored silk chenille trimming, 2 inches wide, 65c a yard.
Black silk pasementerie, 1 to 3 inches wide, 25c to 65c a yard.
Black silk aud nail-head trimming, 3 inches wide, $1.50 to $2 a yard.
Black beaded pusomenterie, from to 2 inches wide, ranging from 35c to 75c
a yard.
Black silk frogs, 9 inches wide, 50c each.
Black and colored silk frogs, 3 inches wide, 20c each.
Black and colored silk pasementerie, 1 3 ' inch wide) 16-jC a yard.
In view of the opening of school next week we present a list of stationery,
some of the items of which are adapted to school use, and for quality and price
we think are lower than they cm be purchased for elsewhere. In addition we
have a line of very choice papetries, which we offer at much less than stationers'
Extra thick school tablets, S'y'c each.
School slates, strongly bound, 9c, 15c and 19c each.
School slates, unbound, 4c each.
School satchels, 15c and 25c each.
Rubber tipped lead pencils, 10c per dozen.
12 and 15 inch boxwood rules, 5c each.
Students' eye shades, 15c each. •
35c for a box of 250 envelopes.
Heavy bevel-edge visiting cards, 15c a package.
Paper and envelopes, 15c a box.
Children's stationery, a box.
Ink and pencil erasers, 10c each.
Writing tablets, 5c to 20c.
Stenographers' note books, each.
Scratch tablets, lc each.
Pens, 4c a dozen.
Writing paper, 19c a package.
10c bottles of mucilage for sc.
10c bottles of best ink for sc.
Pocket memorandums BJ£c to 50c.
■..■■■IIM ■ iwi.llll.lll———.^TJWCT—„.
We are having a special sale to-day of all-silk faille Francaise. We will war
rant the goods equal to any $.1.50 quality that can be purchased in this-town; they
come in all colors, and the price for this sale will be 75c. This is a fiver, done to
liven up the trade in our silk department.
In dress goods we call your attention to a line of pattern suits :
Item I—A line of fancy spot serges, solid grounds, with colored camels' hair
spots, at $7.75 a pattern.
Item 2—Fancy Scotch cheviots at $9.25 the pattern.
Item 3—Striped cheviots, all Scotch goods, at $8 the pattern.
Item 4—Camels' hair cheviots, full pattern, at $10.75.
Item s—Camels' hair serges and camels'hair fancy spots at $12.25 the pattern.
Item 6—Fancy Scotch cheviots and wide wale cheviots at $13.25 a pattern.
Item 7—Austrian cord suitings at $15.25 the pattern.
We call your attention to these suitings ; they are the highest class of novel
ties and are fully 25 per cent under what they can be purchased for elsewhere.
We would like you to inspect these goods and see what they are; the quality aud
price will surely number you among our patrons. In plain dress goods we give
l you the best value in the United States. A line of colored Henriettes at 40c, we
| think the best value ever offered any public.
At 35c we are selling a line of Scotch cheviot all-wool checks that we know
i cannot be equalled for the price.
' At 50c our line of all-wool dress goods surpasses our combined showing for the
.past five years.
We are selling to-day at 00c a yard what in former seasons brought us 75c.
/ We are selling goods at 80c a yard that brought us in past seasons $1.25._
Our dress goods department will make an impression upon this public this
jl Beason, and the following seasons you will know where to find the choice goods at
|' the right prices. We are working for this department and intend making it the
I largest and best in our store. An inspection is earnestly requested.
We have not the largeet cloak department in the world, but what we have we
■ can undersell any competition that there is.
We will Bell you Astrachan capes at $2.
We will sell You fur boas for $2.
We will sell you fur capes at $5.50 apiece.
We will sell you cloaks at $3; cannot be matched at $5.
We will Bell you cloaks at $5; cannot be matched at $10.
We will sell you cloaks at $7.50, trimmed with fur, and cannot be matched
for $12.50. We can save you money in cloaks if there is anything in our stock
that will fit or suit you.

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