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A Cavern In Colorado That lieaents the
Intrusion of Strangers.
There is a cave near Rockwoorl, a sta
tion on the Denver and Rio Grande rail
road, which has been visited by many
persons. No particular mention of the
cave has been made, as it seemed to be
little worthy of notice. On Sunday last
a number of pleasure seekers left this
city to join a party at Rockwood who
had planned to visit the cave. About 4
O'clock in the afternoon the members of
the party, having disposed of their din
ner, began to climb the hill near the
top of which the mouth of the cave is
After much exertion the foremost of
the party reached the mouth of the cave,
and being in advance of his companions
they were startled to see him fall back
ward into the low oak brush as if he had
been thrown from a catapult. His com
panions pushing forward more vigorous
ly, soon came to his rescue and found
him recovering, not much hurt, but
slightly scratched and somewhat dazed.
He could give no explanation of his sud
den removal from the opening to the
Curious to know what the cause was
the entire company in a body pushed up
the hill, which has a particularly steep
descent near the mouth of the cave. To
the astonishment of the whole number
the instant after stepping into the cave
they found themselves all piled together
in a spot near where the first had landed.
It took but a little while to recover from
the entanglement, when they began to
inquire the cause of this sudden excite
ment. They all agreed that they had
seen nothing to cause such a thing, and
they were curious to know the reason
for the phenomenon. But how to find
out what they wished was the thing to
At last it was determined that fhe
strongest gentleman of tho party should
gain a position at the side of the en
trance, and, thus protected, get an op
portunity to reconnoiter. So, taking a
circuitous route and avoiding a position
directly in front of the opening, they
soon found themselves close beside the
entrance. Cautiously putting his head
out beyond the protecting wall, the fore
most peered it. His hut immediately
took flight down the declivity, but he
was thus made aware of the exact state
of affairs.
The philosophy of the current of air
in caves suddenly dawned upon him.
As is well known the air of a warm day
in summer is much lighter on the out
side of a cavo or cellar than it is inside.
Consequently the cold, heavy air rushes
out with great violence—enough in this
case to cause the trouble spoken of and
throw the party down the hill.
Later, relating this tale, an old timer
told your correspondent of a former ad
venture of his at the same place. On a
cold day in the early winter he was
tracking a deer along this hillside, when
he was astonished to see the cave open
up before him, and he noticed that the
snow seemed to have been disturbed
very recently, as though a body had
been dragged into tho entrance.
Without thinking, he stepped forward
to examine into the cause of the dis
turbed condition of the snow, when he
felt himself violently pulled into the
cave, the force pulling him from his
feet. He felt a shock, and for awhile
was oblivious to all around him. When
his senses returned he found he was
lying by and partially upon the body of
a deer. Upon examination he found the
body of the deer yet warm. This led to
a still closer examination. He at last
determined that the force of the current
of air blowing into the cave had drawn
the deer in, killing it, but that when he
was drawn in the shock was somewhat
obviated by his striking the deer, thus
saving him from death. The explana
tion is just the reverse of the other, the
air being warmer inside the cave than
out. The current flows into the cave
during the winter, thus accounting for
the strange affair.—Denver Sun,
Taming; a Zebra.
Zebras can never be tamed, unless the
process is begun while they are still very
young. H. A. Bryden gives an instance
of a tragic fate which befell one of them,
captured when he was 7 or 8 years old.
He had joined a troop of horses belong
ing to one of the author's friends, and
finally allowed himself to be driven with
them into a kraal or inclosure. It was
then determined to keep him, and if pos
sible to domesticate him.
For this purpose he was lassoed and
tied to a tree, but so ferocious was he in
the presence of man that the greatest
precautions had to be observed in ap
proaching him. All possible means were
taken to induce him to feed. When cap
tured he was in splendid condition, and
his coat shone in the sun. Herbage was
brought from the mountain tops where
he had been used to graze, and every
conceivable food placed before him, but
in vain; he steadily refused to eat.
Water he drank greedily, and would
dispose of three bucketfuls at a time.
At length, after three weeks of vain
endeavor to tame the noble creature,
during which time he subsisted entirely
on water, he died. —Youth's Companion.
The Use of the Word Telepathy.
The term telepathy must not be in
troduced without explanation. Some
term not yet in common use must be
employed when mental phenomena —in-
fluences of mind on mind—not generally
seen to bo closely related havo to be
classed together and, if possible,
broi~%"ht under one law. The familiar
term "though transference" has much
too limited a meaning. And "telep
athy" is already in use. It has been
adopted by the Society for Psychical
Research, and among other writers, es
pecially by Mr. Edmund Gurney.—
Blackwood's Magazine.
Briggs—l saw your wife in a, dry goods
store yesterday morning.
Griggs—You did, eh? She must have
been pricing something.
Briggs—Why so?
Griggs—She was late to dinner last
night—Cloak Review.
Prejudice and ignorance have given way to
Simmons Liver Regulator. It has stood the
WHEN WE SAY we have the best of every
thing, we mean it. We have no old or stale
goods to work offon the public. W. Chamber
lain &Co., 213 South Broadway.
WE CARRY a full line of Curtice Bros. Co.'s
celebrated deviled bam, turkey, chicken, ox
tongue, etc. W. Chamberlain & Co., 213 Broad
A Cargo of Serpents.
For two years agents of Mr. William
Cross, the naturalist of Earle street,
Liverpool, have been engaged in India
in the collection of serpents, the result
being that a cargo of reptiles has just ar
rived in Liverpool. Aftet traversing the
jungle districts, the collectors succeeded
in capturing or purchasing from the
natives who joined in the hunt about
300 pythons, some of them fourteen feet
in length being secured. About fifty
died on the journey through the country
or failed to survive the passage home,
when for the purpose of transit they
were placed in long coffinlike cases,
through which, of course, holes were
bored for ventilation and feeding.
The surviving reptiles to the nninber
of about 250 were unpacked at Mr. Cro=s'
premises, Harle street, but so excited
were they on escaping from their long
confinement that they gave considerable
trouble Some of the assistants, in en
deavoring to recapture them, as they*
wound themselves with remarkable
alacrity around posts, stair bannisters,
ami the legs and bodies of those who
happened to be in the way, sustained
bites, which, happily, have not proved
serious. Some of the larger ones also
took to swallowing the smaller fry.
To place some of the Large fellows in
the cases reserved for them required the
united strength of three men, and Mr.
Cross himself had several times to be de
livered from the coils of the creatures.
The serpents have now commenced to
lay eggs, of which there is already a
small collection. So large a number of
snakes has not been seen before in this
country; but the demand for them from
zoological societies, snake charmers and
others appears to be larger than would
be readily imagined.—St. James' Ga
A Stern Host.
There was a society wedding recently
duly assisted at by the satisfied and ad
miring relatives of the very youthful
bride and groom which had denouement
too amusing to be carefully kept from
gossip's keen ears. It seem 3 that on ac
complishing the first stage of the wed
ding journey a halt was made at a
mountain hotel, the only one in the
small summer resort which it adorned.
The pair descended from their carriage,
but instead of a smiling landlord, eager
and hospitable, tho host was serious and
stern eyed.
"I'm a father myself," he commented
to tho astonished groom, when, after
leaving his brido in the reception room
he had followed the landlord to the office
to secure apartments, "and no runaway
couples can be accommodated here. 1
advise jrou, my boy, to take that young
girl home at once without an instant's
loss of time."
Indignant, the young husband pro
tested, showing his card and giving his
home and credentials, But the landlord
was not to be duped by such manufac
tured proof, and the newly made bene
dict had to submit to the humiliation of
permitting a dispatch to be sent to his
father asking for indorsement. Of course
the reply was prompt and equal to the
emergency, but, pending its arrival, the
unhappy couple were kept under sur
veillance in the public parlors.—Her
Point of View in New York Times,
The Hole Shuts Up.
The Danish government, which is
active in perfecting its small but power
ful fleet, has given a practical demon
stration of the value of cellulose as a de
fense against the entrance of water, fol
lowing the piercing of a ship of war by a
projectile. The vessel upon which the
experiment was tried was the Hecla, the
latest additiou to the fleet. While at
anchor another cruiser, the Absalon,
took position about forty-five yards from
the Hecla, which is protected with an
inside lining of cellulose three feet thick.
The Absalon discharged a projectile
from a 5-inch gun, which pierced the
Hecla at a point near the bow and at the
water line. The latter immediaiely got
under way and cruised-' about for three
hours, the water in the meantime flow
ing freely above the holes caused by the
shot. The cellulose, which dilated upon
contact with the water, gave results ap
parently efficient, inasmuch as the com
partment which had been pierced, at the
conclusion of the three hours' cruise,
contained but a trifling quantity of
water. —New Orleans Picayune.
A Mile In I'orty Seconds by Rail.
A mile in 39 4-5 seconds, or at the rate
of over 00 miles an hour, is the fastest
run ever made by.a railroad train. This
unparalleled feat has been accomplished
on the Bound Brook railroad, between
Neshaminy Falls and Langhorne, by en
gine No. 206, drawing two ordinary
coaches and President McLeod's private"
car Reading, which is equal to two
coaches in weight. Other miles were
reeled off with speed as astonishing as
this crack mile, and at the end of the
"fly" the world's record was broken.
From this out all records must date from
the memorable Bound Brook flight. The
fastest mile was scored in 39 4-5 seconds.
The fastest five miles in 3m. 26 4-ss.
The fastest ten miles in 7m. 125., aver
aging 43 seconds per mile. —Philadelphia
Menthol for Mosquito ISites.
Those who have tried ammonia and
pennyroyal as a remedy against mos
quito blood poisoning should try men
thol, pencils of which cost from ten to
twenty-five cents. If the bite is wetted
with the tongue immediately after punc
ture, aud well rubbed with the menthol
until the peppermint action is felt, the
inflammation will entirely disappear
and no irritation ensue after the first
minute or two. It is a real panacea and
very little known.—New York Truth.
The historical gray coat of Napoleon 1,
which was stolen from a museum, was
found recently by the police iv theCJuar
tier dv Temple in Paris. An old clothes
dealer had given the thief three shillings
for it
T. C. Kennelley, of' Lebanon. S. D.,
has sold his eight legged calf to a museum
man for $1,000. The monstrosity is the
proud owner of two heads, two tails and
eight legs.
Answer This Question.
Why do so many people we see around us
seem to prefer to suffer and be made miserable
by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness, Loss
of Appetite, Coming up of the Food, Yellow
Skin, when for 75c we will sell them Shiloh's
Vital izer. guaranteed to cure them. Sold
wholesale by Haas, Baruch & Co., and all re
tall druggists.
Barley Crystals.
At Jevne's.
Both tho method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste and acts
fently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system
effectually, dispels colds, headaches
and fevers and cures habitual consti.
pation. Syrup of Figs is the only
remedy of its kind ever produced,
pleasing to the taste and acceptable to
the stomach, prompt in its action and
truly beneficial in its effects, its many
excellent qualities commend it to all.
It is for sale in 50c and $1 bottles by
all leading druggists,
Lieli World Dispensary.
for the cure of all nervous and chroni.:
diseases. Branch of the Dr. -Liebig Co. of San
Francisco, and now located at 123 South Main
street, Los Angeles.
They are the only Specialists in Los Angeles
performing the latest surgical operations re
quired for a Radical Cure of Stricture, Hydro
cele and Varicocele, Etc.
Urinary, Kidney and Bladder troubles
quickly corrected.
Special—Blood and Skin Diseases speedily,
completely and permanently eradicated from
the system.
Nervous Debility, Sexual Weakness and Un
fitness for Marriage yield readily to their mode
of treatment.
Infectious or Contagious diseases, Loss of
Vital Power, Gleet, Spermatorrhoea, Unnatural
Discbarges and all delicate disorders peculiar
to either sex positively cured.
Those suffering from Piles, Fistula and
Rectal Diseases fully restored to health.
All medicines compounded in their own La
boratory and FREE TO PATIENTS.
Long experience, with unparalleled success,
Is the best evidence of a doctor's skill. Thou
sands successfully treated by correspondence.
Each eminent in his specialty, selected for
their skill and experience in treating Nervous,
Private, Chronic and Complicated Diseases.
Diseases Treated Successfully
Nasa, Throat and Lung Diseases; Diseases of
the Digestive Organs; Constipation; Liver,
Kidney and Bladder Complaints, Bright's Dis
ease; Diabotes and kindred affections; Diseases
of the Bladder; Stricture, Hits, Nervous Dis
eases, Lost Manhood, Pileß. Diseases ol Child
ren and Women treated with unfailing success
Separate offices for ladies, and in charge of
the Staff Surgeons from Sau Francisco
who personally perform all surgical operations.
They ate graduates of one of the eadinguuiver
sitics. and duly licensed as Physicians
Surgeons in California.
All Chronic Diseases and Deformities
The afflicted are lulormed that this Institu
tion is supplied with skill, ability, facilities
and appliances for the succcss'ul treatment of
ail classes of disease aud chronicailments.no
matter from what cause arising. Nervous De
bility, Lack of Youthful Vigor in Meu, the re
sult of excesses, abUße, overwork or dissipa
tion, positively cured.
A friendly talk may save you years of suf
feriug and perhaps your life. Out-of-town
patients treated by correspondence.
sQfJf-AH Communications and Consultations
Sacredly Confidential.
If the Dr. Liebig Co. cannot cure you no power
on earth can. Take one candid thought before
it is too late. Those 1 ruined in health by un
learned pretenders, and those whom other
phyßicians have pronounced incurable, espec
ially requested to try the latest improved
methods now adopted.
Each patient seen privately and Cures Guar
anteed in Curable Cases.
The Dr. Liebig Co. are the oldest.most reliable
and successful San Francisco Special Surgeons
and Physicians, and on account of thousands
of maltreated cases by so-called "Doctors" in
Los Angeles, they have opened Permanent
Branch Offices in Los Angeles, at 123 South
Main street. Call or write for particulars
Office hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 p.m. to 9 p.m
Sundays, 10 to 12 only.
PJJDCO Coughs, Golds, Influenza, OrenehttH*
UuSILO Hoarseness, Whooping Co'.igli. Croup,
Sore Throat, Asthma, ami ever/ affection of the
Throst, LunfjS and Chest, including Consumption.
Speedy ai.d permanent. Gcauiiio signet! " L Stttts,
Chinese Physician and Surgeon, has resided In
Los A ngelcs sixteen 116 j years. His reputation
as a thorough physician "has been fully estab
lished and appreciated by many. His large
practice is sufficient proof of his ability and
The doctor graduated in the foremost col
leges, also practiced in the largest hospitals of
Canton. China. The doctor speaks Spanish
OFFICE: New number, 639; old number,
117, Upper Main street. P. O. box 504,
Station C 9-15 lm
Ou&rantaa Cure for Ov-orrhce», Chronic Gleet, Bass.
aiag CJcer.i crStrieturesand Lucorrtuaaof long stags*
lie pos'.tivtly cured from 6to 14 days. Sold by Drag,
<is«a. Mfd only by NOUTHEKM CIUNU
i A HERB CO., Los Angelt*. U.sLA,
Price. 01 P. O. Bast M
10-1 lm Wholesale Agents.
Men Pacific Conpj.
Sunday, Oct. 11,1801.
Trains leave and are due to arrivo at
Filth street, daily, as follows-
Leave For destination. Arr. From
I! 3:50 p.m Banning || 10:15 a.m
t 4:35 p. m Banning t 9:25 a. m.
5:10 p. ni Banning 10.00 p.m.
9:06 a.m. Colton 4:20 p.m
!|3:sop.ni Colton 10:00.p.m.
|4;35p.m Colton 19:25 a. m.
6:10p.m Colton yio:lsa.m
5:10 p. m Deming and East.... 10:00 p. m.
5:10 p.m El Paso and East.... 10:00 p.m.
lIU :0O p. m Chino lIS :37 a. m.
9:25 a. m. j Lou >> B ped ro and SaD j y:3z P m
12:40 p. m Long Beach 11:49 a. m.
4:50 p.m. aßd j f«<-• »•
10:40 p. m. Ogden and East, Ist class f2:30 p. m
1:35 p. m. Ogden and East, 2d class 7:25 a. in
10:40 p. m Portland, Or 7:25 a. m.
9:05 a. m Riverside ||10:l5a.ni.
Riverside 19:25 am.
II3:50 p. m Riverside
t4:35p. m Riverside 4:20 p.m.
5:10p.m Riverside 10:00 p.m.
9:05 a.m.i San Bernardino ||10:15 a. m
l| 3:50 p. m. Ban Bernardino 19:25 a. m.
14:35 p. m. San Bernardino 4:20 p.m.
5:10 p. ra. Ban Bernardino 10:00 p. m.
14:35 p. m.l Redlands ||10:15a.m
9:05 a. m.l Redlands 4:2opm
1!3:50p.m.l Redlands 10.00p.m,
1:35 p. m. Sau Fran, and Sacram'to 7:25 a. m.
10:40 p. m.iSan Fran, and Sacram'to 2:30 p. m,
9:37 a. m. Santa Aua and Anaheim 9:00 a. m.
5:02 p.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim ||4:04 p. m.
1:35 p.m.! Santa Barbara 2'3op. m.
7:25 a. m.l Santa Barbara 9,05 p. m.
9:30 a m.l Santa Monica 12:17p.m
1:17 p.m.' Santa Monica 4:28p.m,
5:07 p.m., Santa Monica 8:37 a.m.
||6:15 p. m. Santa Monica i|7:soa.m
4:40 p.m.. Tustin S:4Ba. m.
4:40 p. m. 1 Whittier 5:43 a. m.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, and general information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. O. Pas. Agt.,
No. 200 8. Spring St., cor. Second. CHARLES
BEYLKR, Agent at Depots.
(Sundays only.
II Sundays excepted.
RICH'D GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
' tf Gen'l Passenger Agt.
Soiien California R'y Co.
SUNDAY, AUGUST, 16, 1891.
Trains depart from and arrive at Los Angeleß.
Leave. Arrive.
Overland Express, Daily.
To and from Kansas
City, Chicago, St. Louis
12:20 p. m. ami all points east. 2:45p.m
Stops at Downey avenue,
Pasadena, Azusa, Glen
dora and North Ontario
c. -ik o ~ ■ • San Diego Express...
Daily.vfifcoasfLine. I |:i2g- m '
d. Oop.m. Kecliningchairs. 9.00 p.m
8:30 a.m.) ..Azusa, Pasadena., c 9:55 a.m
10:25 a.m./ and intermediate < 1:25 p.m.
12:20 p.m.) stations—daily. ( 2:45 p.m.
4:UOp. m. ) i 0:30 p. m.
1.25 p. in. > Daily except Sunday. { 7:40 a. m
5:22 p.m.) ( 4:40 p.m
0:30 p.m. Sundays only. B:soa.it)
7:45 a. m. Pasadena, daily ex. Sun. 8:50 a. m.
8:30 a. m Sau Bernardino 9:55 a. m,
12 20p.m. Via Pasadena. 2:45 p.m
4:00 p.m. Daily. 0:30 p. m.
San Bernardino
Via Orange and Riv
,„,„„. „ erside—daiiy. 10:15 a.m.
10:00 a.m. . * i
4:00 p.m. I Daily except Sunday 5:39 p.m.
C;4op.m. Sundays only.
Riverside r gar «
a.m.™ Through train, via Pasa- °-<" , P- m
8 .JO a. m. dcnil and San Ber .
nardino—daily. in.m=™
Via Orange-daily. 1015 a '
DallyexceptSunday j 5:39p.m
6.40 p! m! Sundays only. q ., s . „
8:30 a. m. .Redlands and Mentone. X.on a m
12:20 p.m. Via Pasadena—daily. o.f.Jf'"
4:00 p.m. Daily except Sunday. •'•4O p.m.
Vla °sTd D e?!dally KiVer "10^ a '»'
"iootSl DallyexceptSunday J 5:39 p.m.
(j :40 p. m, Sundays only.
San Jacinto., 6:30 p. ia.
12:20 p. m. Daily except Sunday.
Via San Bernardino.
...Temecula and San ..
Jacinto- 5:39 p.m.
10:00 a.m. Daily except Sunday.
Via Orange and East
8:15 a.m. 8:50 a.m.
3:05 p.m Santa Ana daily.... 12:10 p. m.
5:06 p.m. 9:00 p.m
DallyexceptSunday. 5:39 p.m.
Via Coast Line.
3:05 p.m. Daily.
DallyexceptSunday. 12:10 p.m.
-.Kcdondo B each ..j 8 3 :2 6 9 3 a p .m :
9:10 a.m. Sundavsonly. 6:19 p.m
4:oop.m.•; : ;;• i;"^ 1 ,"^;.;;;;;;; 9;55am -
Via Pasadena —Daily ex- 6:30 p.m.
8:30 a.m. cept Sunday.
Via Orange and River- 10:15 a.m.
10:00 a.m.! DallyexceptSunday. 5:39 p.m.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
First-street Depot.
CHAS. T. PARSON*, Ticket Agent,
129 North Spring street,
Depot at foot of First street. f23
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Co.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles,
» 0:50 a. m t e -l° *••
* 8:05 a. m * 8:10 a. m,
* 9:05 a. m * 9:10 a. m.
•10:00 a. m "10:05 a. m.
♦11:00 a. m *11:05 a. m.
•12:00 m * 1:00 p. m
* 2:00 p. m * 2:05 p. m,
* 4:00 p. m * 4:05 p. m
* 5:20 p. ra * 5:25 p. m.
* 6:20 p. m • 7:05 p. m.
* 9:25 p.m *10:30p,m,
•11:25 p.m *12:15 a. m.
Downey avenue leaving tini c 8 minutes later. \
Running time between Los Angelus and Pasa
dena 30 minutes. '
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale lor Lot
Glendale. Angeles. i
t 7:20 a. m t 8:00 a. m.
4 8:45 a. m * 9:37 a. m.
*12:15 a. m * lfM P- m.
* 3:00 p. in * 3:47 p. m
* 5:30 p.m * 0:17 p. m,
Bunning time between Los Angeles and Glen
dale, 30 minutes. Add 5 minutes lor Verdugo
Park time.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los.Angeles.
t 6:50 a. m f 7:50 a. re.
511:00 a. m 512:00 noon
* 5:20 p. m » 6:20 p. to.
Running time between Los Angeles aud Alts- >
dena, 55 minutes. _j
•Daily. tDaily, except Sundays. '
only. Stages meet the 8:65 a.m. train at
Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties
Depots east end First st. and Downey-avenue
General offices. First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, Gen. Manager
Jy2-ti W. WINCUP. G. P. A.
Compagnie Generale Transatlantiqne. j
North river, foot of Morton street. JGMHUK.
Travelers by this line avoid both transit by ,
English railway and the discomfort ot crossing
tbe Channel in a small boat.
LA BOURGOGNE, ..«.«*_ _ i
Saturday October 3d, at 3:30 a. m.
Saturday, October 10th, at 8 a.m.
Saturday, October 17th, at 3:30 a. m.
Saturday, October 24th, at 8 a.m.
For freight or passage Agent>
No. 3 Bowllng*Green, New York.
J. F. FUGAZI & CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francisco. a29-tf
Pacific Coast S. S. Co.
Agents, Sun Francisco. Northern rouu
embrace lines for Portland, Ore.; Victoria, 1
0., and Puget Bound, Alaska, and ail coal
Time Table for October and November,
Port Harford.... 1
Hants Barbara... j S. S. Corona, Oct. 13, 22, 31;
Redondo ! Nov. 9,18, 27.
Kan Pedro f»8. S. Queen of Pacific, Oct.!)
Newport 1 18, 27; Nov. 5,14, 23.
ban ulego J
For i S. S. Eureks, Oct. 11, 20, 29,
Redondo 1 Nov. 7, 10, 25
ban Pedro and 'S. o. Pomona, Oct. 16, 25;
Way Ports j Nov. 3, 12, al, 30.
For 1 *S. 8. Queen of Pacific Oct
I 11, 20, M; Nov. 7,16, 25.
Newport ,S. S. Corona, Oct. 15, H4;
San iilego j Nov. 2,11, 20, 29.
For 1 «s. S. Queen of Pacific, Oct.
San Francisco... 1 13,22,31; Nov. 9,18, 27.
Port Harford (a. S. Corona, Oct. 17,26; Nov.
Santa Barbara....) 4,13,22.
For IS. s. Pomona, Oct. 10, 19,
SanFrauclßCO t 28; Nov. 6, i 5,24.
and fB. S. nureka, Oct. 14, 23;
Way Ports J Nov. 1, in, 19, 28.
"The Queen of Pacific will not stop at Re
dondo nor Newport.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro,
leave S. P. K. R. depot, Fifth street, Los An
geles, at 9:25 o'clocs a. m.
Passengers per steamer Corona via Redondo
leave Sama Fe depot at 10:15 a.m.; ol from Re
dondo Railway depot,eornerJeuersoi> street und
Grand aye., 10:05 a.m.
Passengers per Pomona and Eureka via
Redondo. leave Santa Fe oepot at 5:2b p. m.
Plans of steamers' atoms at ageai's office, 1
where beitim may be secured.
The steamers Eureka and Pomona will call
regularly at Newport pier for and with freight
aud passengers
Tn. company reserve the right to cnange thi
ste.iii.ei's or their de.ys ol sailing.
£kjr-For pubsage or freight as above or ios
ticsets to and lrom ail important poinus la
.Europe, apply to
W. PAKItIS, Agent,
Office. No 124 West bsaionci st, Los Angeles
Kecloiiclo I^aiiraay
In Effect Monday, Oct. 5, 5 a.m., '91.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jef
ferson st.
Take Grand aye. cable or Main-Bt. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Redondo
forßedoudo. for Los Angeles
8:50 a.m. daily 7:ou a.m. naily
10 05 a.m. daily 8:40 a.m. daily
1:35 p.m. daily 11 25 a.m. daily
5:35 p.m. daily 4:10 p.m. daily
Ruunlng time between Los Angeles and Ke
dondo 50 minutes.
President. Supt.
Trains arrive aud depart from depot, comer
of Aliso aud Anderson streets, Los Angeles, as
8:00 a. m.... j.. Monrovia .. I 7:48 a. m,
11:10 a. m.... |.. Monrovia .. | .... 9:53 a. ra.
3:10 p. ru ... 1.. Monrovia .. 2:03 p.m.
5:10 p. m— |.. Monrovia .. | . 5:03 p.m.
9:30 a. m.... I .. Monrovia .. | .... 8:48 a.m.
5:10 p. m.... 1.. Monrovia .. | .... 4:48 p. m.
Take street car or 'bus from corner of Main
and Arcadia streets direct for depot.
WM. G. KEKCKHOFF, Receiver.
4-1 tf 8, P. JEWETT, pen. Manager.
Leave the corner Spring and Temple streets
, lor Hollywood and the foothills, as follows:
7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.
5:00 p.m. 0;00 p.m.
'7:20 p.m. *8:20 p.m.
♦Saturday and Sunday only.
Magnificent Fruit Land
This tract is part of the famous Jurupa Ranch
and lies high. It is easy of access, and adjacent
to Riverside and Chino. The soil is a rich,
sandy loam, easily worked and well adapted to
citrus fruits.
We are now offering a few parcels as a starter
at the above low hgures, 2 inches of water
going with every 10 acres.
II required, land will be set out and culti
vated for non-residents for a small extra charge.
f£t¥~ TERMS —One half cash, balance in
TEN YEARS at 6 per cent.
Don't wait till the choice pieces are gobbled
and the price is raised.
10 3 lm 107 8. Broadway.
fcreatmentof Sexuafand
Seminal Diseasesj_such
Weakness, Inir-otet cy and Lest Manhood per
manently cured. The sick and afflicted should
not fall to call unon him. The Doctor has trav
eled extensively in Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining a
great deal of valuable information, which he la
competent to impart to those in need of his
services. The Doctor cures where others fall.
Tit him. DR. GIBBON will make no charge
unless he effects a cure. Persons at a distance
CURED AT HOME. AU communications
strictly confidential. All letters answered in
plain envelopes.
Call or write. Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, Boi
1,957, Sau Francisco, Cal.
Mention Los Angeles Herald. 07-12 m
You can have them by using
—MANUINE ! —*-
The best article in use for removing from
the skin Tan, Sunburn and all Roughness
caused by the use of hard water, exposure to
the wind, etc.
M. B HULL, Sole Agent, P 0. Box 1332, I
Los Angeles, Cal.
For sale at J. NEUBAUER'S, 224 and 226 I
West Second street. 10-4 lm |
Apply fos circulars on Government and State
land. We are headquarters.
P. O. Box 1865, Los Angeles, 6 7 3m
Los Angeles Pawo Broker,
146 >". MAIN STRKBT,
Opposite the Western Union Telegraph Office.
L. B. (JOHN, Prop.
Money advanced on personal property of
every description.
Bargains in unredeemed pledges -9 3m
Naud's Warehouse.
General Merchandise Warehouse.
How Lost! How Regained
A Great Medical Work for Young' J3M
Middle-Aged Men. Sew Edition.
Or SELF-PRESKRYATION. A new and onij
and WEAKNESSES of MAN. 800 pages, cloth,
gilt; 155 invaluable prescriptions. Only SUK
by mail, doublo scaled. Descriptive Prosper),
us with endorsements f-nr-r- I REND
of the Press and voluntary bKhl 1 | Kr.uT
testimonials of the cured. 1 llla»a». PiVVVi
Consultation in person or by mail. Expert treat,
TAIN CURE. Address Ilr. W. H. Parker, oi
The Peabody Medical BBn i _jf •'fITHPB
Institute, No. 4 Bui- MtMilffl aTBM
finch St.,Boston,Ma=o. Lb Jf ■* aLTaC"**
or Post Office """" II F *!
The Peabody Medical Instituie has many tint
tators but no co <iat —Herald. (Copyrighted.)
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
Weakness, Nervonineu, Debility, and all
the train of evils from early errors or later excenseft.
tbe results of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full
Btrengtb, development, and tone given to every
orpan and portion of tbe body. Simple, natural
methods. Immediate improvement seen. Failure
1 ImposHtble. 2.000 references. Book, explanations
and proofs mailed (sealed) free. Address
juP ™<t,*fc? l -' e RrcieHv fay
cures m -ha % Conor riHten, <& *i font
faM . I prescribe it md Mcl
jjjjl Hiecnir »j safo In recornuietidiligi*
HM THttVM»OHEIIM"< , < v i to all snirerers.
fflt 7«aHH.Wi,e.g«S3 A .. SI ONKK.it ft, I
U- »■ IIK'.'ATUH. U&
cated at Los Angeles, California, No. 121
Temple street. Room 4
NOTICE—There is delinquent upon the fol
lowing described stock in the above-named
corporation, on account of as-essment. levied
on the 31st day of August, 1391, the »overal
nmonnts set opposite the names of the respect
ive shareholders as follows:
Estate of C. B. | | |
Richardson, I). I
W. Field, Ad
mlnistrator... | l I 30,000 I WfiOO 00
And in accordance with law and 'he order of
tho Bi ard of Directors, made on the said 31st
day of August, 1891, at the time when such
asstssmeut was levied, to many shares of such
, stock as may be necessary will be sold at the
office of said corporatfon, No. 121 Temple
street. Room 4, in the city of Los Angeles, state
of California, ou the 21st day of October, 1891,
atlOo'eiock a. m. of that day, to pay delin
quent assessment thereon, with costs of adver
tising und expenses of sale.
W. S. JAMES. Secretary-
Location of office No. 121 Temple street
Room 4, Los Angeles, Cal.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an
order of the Board of Directors of the Sunßet
Oil Company, duly made on the 7th day of
October. 1891, the time fixed in the foregoing
notice for the sale of said delinquent stock is
postponed to and until Monday, the 20th day
of October, IS9I, st 10 o'clock a. m , and at
the same place fixed by the foregofng notice of
sale. W. 8. JAMES, Secretary.
sued out of the superior court of the State
of California, in and for Los Angeles county,
and to me directed and delivered for the case
of Gregory Perkins, Jr , vs. O. W. Hunsaker, I
am commanded to sell the following property,
towit, held by me under writ of attachment, in
the above entitled case:
Stock of wines liquors, cigars, billiard tables,
bar fixtures, etc. etc , contained in saloon at
No. 243 8. Spring street, Los Angeles, Cali
fornia. For further description reference is
hereby made to inventory on file in my office.
Notice is hereby given, that on Tuesaav, tne
27th day of October. A. D. li-91, at 2 o'clock p.
m., I will sell all the right, title and interest of
said defendant in and to the above described
piorerty. at No. 243 s. Spring street, Los An
geles city, county of Los Angeles, at public
auction, for cash in hand in U. 8. gold coin, to
the highest and best bidder, to satisfy said or
der of sale and all costs.
Dated at Los Angeles, this 21st day of Octo
ber, A. D. 1891.
E. D. GIBSON, Pheri'i
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy. 10-J r .
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,303, Department 2.
the county of Los Angeles, state of Califo
In the matter of the estate of Annie Fa
Notice is hereby given that Tuesday, tbo
3d day of November. 1891, at 10 o'clock
of said day, at the courtroom of this court.
Deoartment Two thereof, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and stale of
California, has been appointed as the time und
place for hearing the application of John P.
Moran, praying that a document now on
file In this court, purporting to be tin Is
will and testament of the said deceased, be
admitted to probate, that letters testamentary
be issued thereon to said John P. M< ri n,
at which time and place al! persons lute]
therein may appear and eomestthe sau.e.
Dated October 19, 1391.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By F. E. Lowi v. Deputy.
Isidore B. Doi fcweiler. attnrnev for petitioner.
10-21 lot
Laud and Water Co. ,
Notice Is hereby sivtn that the annual meet
ing of the stockholders of the above company
will be held on Monday, the 16th day of
November, A D. 1891, at 3:30 o'clock p. ra.,
at the office of the company on the corner of
Alameda and Marchessault streets, Los Angeles
city, for the purpose of electing directors for
the ensuing year.
S. H. MOTT, Secretary.
(City papers please copy.) 10-23-td
Water Company.
Notice is hereby given that the annual meet
ing of the stockholders of the above company
will be held on Monday, the 16th day of
November, A. D 1891, at 3,30 o'clock p. m..
at the office of the company, on the corner of
Alameda and Marchessault streets, Los Angeles
city, for the purpose of electing trustees lor
the year ensuing.
8. H. MOTT, Secretary.
I City papers please copy ) 10-23 id
Wholesale Wine and Liquor Merchant,
404 and 406 N. Los Angeles St.
Telephone 224.
Fsmilytradesuoplied. Goods delivered toany
part of the city free of charge. Orders for the
country promptly attended to. Ageucv and depot
of Uncle Sam's wine vaults at Napa City, Cal.
12-31 ly
& Chicken Lire Killer.
Ash your dealer lor it, or send for Free Circular 6e
Petaluma Incubator Co., Pctaluma. Cal

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