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Why Dutchy Baker Pleaded
Guilty of Murder.
Spooks Drove Him Crazy in
the Marin County Jail.
A Suicide's Ghost Makes the Place
a Chamber of Horrors.
Any Fate la Preferable to Incarceration
There—Tramps Know the ltepnta
tlon or the Jail and Give It
a Wide Berth.
Associated Press Dispatches.
San Rafael, Cal., Oct. 31.—Much
speculation has been indulged in during
the last few days as to the reason of
Henry, alias "Dutchy" Raker, pleading
guilty of murder. On his preliminary
examination the preponderance of evi
dence was in his favor, and it was
thought manslaughter would be the ex
tent of the verdict, if the case came to
trial. A reporter interviewed Baker in
his cell in the county jail on the sub
ject. Baker was found pacing the
corridor in front of his cell.
He presented a haggard and
worn appearance. On being asked his
reason for pleading guilty, when he
would be likely to get a much lighter
sentence by standing trial, he said that
he would be willing to submit to most
any punishment in order to escape con
finement in the Marin county jail. He
said: "The place is haunted. Every
night about 11 o'clock I have
been awakened hy noises of
heavy weights dropping on the
concretes; the rattling of chains;
the slamming of iron doors, and the
steady tramp, tramp of some invisible
spook. This thing became unbearable
to me, and had I not pleaded guilty, I
would have been insane before my trial
was over."
Inquiry in the sheriff's office was not
unsuccessful. A number of prisoners
confined in the jail during the past few
years! have made similar complaints.
About a year ago VV. F. Argo, a convict
arrested for burglary, made an
attempt to escape by sawing the iron
bars from his window. His attempted
escape was discovered. That same
evening he hanged himself in his cell.
Prisoners confined in the jail at the
time declared that Argo made his ap
pearance nightly thereafter. When
Baker first complained to the sheriff of
the nightly visitant, a deputy was in
structed to watch for any nocturnal vis
itors. The first night of his vigil he
heard unmistakable sounds proceeding
from the tanks where Baker was con
fined. An examination of the cells re
vealed no cause for the st range noises.
The refutation the jail has gained on
account of its Bpooks is well-known
among the tramp fraternity, and they
give it a very wide berth.
Boodler to Be Cinched for Refusing to
Incriminate Himself.
Ban Francisco, Oct. 31.—Senator W.
H. Williams, of San Francisco, has, on
application of Jerry Lynch, been sum
moned to appear before Judge Wallace
for contempt in refusing to answer a
question put to him by the grand jury
as to whether he received money for his
vote on senate bill No. 02. Williams
declined to answer, on the ground that
he refused to be made a witness against
himself. A bench warrant has been
issued, with bail fixed at $1500.
According to the story of George W.
Faylor, in Judge Wallace's court, when
the boodle case was on trial, Williams
was the originator of the celebrated
"combine" of twenty-four. Faylor
says Williams suggested the thing,
and at his request took
him to Dan Burns, and it was arranged
that the nine San Francisco senators
who had agreed to vote together, should
do so whenever Burns told them money
for their votes had been paid. This
was the nucleus of a larger combine.
Subsequently seven interior senators
joined the nine, making sixteen, and af
ter that the sixteen were joined by
eight who had agreed to permit Burns
to do "business" for them. This was
Faylor's,story in court, and it waa the
intention of the grand jury to examine
Williams upon this matter.
Senate bill No. 6, which Williams was
aßked about, according to Lynoh's affi
davit, was a hill to reassess the rail
roads of the state for delinquent taxes.
Au Attempt at Smuggling Disclosed by a
San Francisco, Oct. 31.—A New York
dispatch stating that a consignment of
goods to Steinberger, Kalisher & Co., of
this city, which waa found among the
cargo of the ateamer Eldorado, wrecked
off the Bahama islands, contained
articles other than those named In the
invoice, cauaed some surprise in mer
cantile circles here today. The firm's
place of business adjoins that of Neu
berger, Reies <i Co., a member of which
firm is under indictment for efforts to
smuggle goods through the custom
house, but no suspicion had hitherto
attached to the first named firm. Col
lector Phelps said that the fraud would
surely have been discovered had the
gooda been sent to the custom house,
and that, in fact, every consignment of
dry goods is now sent to the appraisers
for examination. The firm profess to
be ignorant of how Bix cases invoiced as
containing linen towels, came to contain
kid gloves.
A Burglary.
Mocntainview, Cal., Oct. SI. —Last
night the jewelry store of Phil Clark,
the drug store ot Steve Clark and the
poatoflice, which are in the same room,
were robbed by burglars. Seven hun
dred dollars' worth of jewelry was stolen, j
$50 worth of cutlery, in kuives, from the
drug store was taken, and $40 cash from
the postoffice. This morning Constable
McLaren arrested the French Pet, a no
torious character, at Lawrence station,
finding upon his person part of a bur
glar's outfit.
Pool Room Ordinance Valid.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.—The supreme
court has rendered a decision sustaining
the validity of the municipal ordinance
prohibiting the carrying on of pool
rooms in San FrancißCO.
The Borough's Anniversary.
Reno, Nev., Oct. 31.—The Native
Sons of Nevada, assisted by nearly every
prominent business man in the city,
celebrated the twenty-seventh anniver
sary of Nevada's admission into th
union, today, by a grand parade and ex
ercises at the opera house.
General Gomez, of Mexico, is dead.
The president has appointed William
M. Mead commander in the navy.
Thomas Williamson was hanged at
Sedalia, Mo., Saturday morning, for the
murder of Jefferson and Thomas Moore,
father and son, in May, 1890.
A dispatch from Mombasa says the
Lugard expedition severely defeated the
rebel Arabs of Uganda and Unyro. This
is regarded as a serious blow to the
slave trade.
A dispatch from Ottawa says William
R. Meredith, leader of the opposition in
the Ontario legislature, has accepted the
portfolio in the dominion cabinet, ten
dered him by Premier Abbott.
The comptroller of the currency has
declared the first dividend of 15 per
cent, in favor of the creditors of the
Spokane National bank, Spokane,Waßh.,
on claims proved, amounting to $283, :
Warrants have been received at the
office of the United States marshal, at
New Orleans, for the arrest ef fifteen
men charged by affidavits made in South
Dakota, with sending lottery matter
through the mails.
A Prohibition Orator Stirs Up a Hornet's
Orange, Mass., Oct. 31.—At a Pro
hibition rally last evening, Rev. J.
Wesley Hill, of Utah, commented
severely upon President Harrison's rec
ord and Governor Russell's position on
the Prohibition question. Rev. George
W. Judson, pastor of the Congregational
church, hissed the speaker, and was
asked to the platform to defend his ac
tion. Judson took the platform, and
an exciting debate ensued between the
two men. The audience became greatly
excited, and Judson's wife fainted. The
[ pastor of the Universalist church arose
! and denounced Hill, and declared that
he ought to be made to leave town.
The audience joined in hostile demon
strations. A deputy sheriff escoited
Hill to his hotel.
He Thinks There Is Little Hope of Ob
taining Reduced Rates for Dried Fruit
and Canned Goods—His Views of the
Newly Formed Traffic Association.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.— J. C. Stubbs,
third vice president of the Southern Pa
cific company, who has just re
turned from the east, said today
that there was apparently little
prospect of the eastern lines
consenting to participate in the reduc
tion in rates on dried fruits and canned
goods, adopted by the Transcontinental
"The representatives of these roads,"
he continued, "say that there is more
profit in hauling eastern goods to
Montana and other parts of the country,
where the trade is not controlled by
California fruit-men, than there is in
carrying California produce to the east.
If reduced rates can be secured, how
ever, we mean to get tbem."
Speaking of the California Traffic as
sociation, Mr. Stubbs said : "It will be
all very well if the merchants refuse to
be guided by anti-railroad agitators.
From the standpoint of the railroad, I
think the movement will do no harm. I
do not see how it can result in build
ing a competing line. Then lam confi
dent, aside from any inducement that
may be held out by the San Francisco
people, that a competing line will come
here before long. I do not think it
would be good policy for the Santa Fe
to build to this city, for it has
already got a line here in virtue of its
contract with us. The only reason for
its building a line is the local traffic
which it would secure. In respect to
this, ita competition would not hurt our
system, while, as for through business,
it is already a strong competitor."
Municipal Accounts Audited.
Pittsburg, Oct. 31. —Thesub-auditing
committee of the Allegheny council, ap
pointed to investigate the affairs of the
mayor's office, made a report today.
The report criticises the "criminally
careless manner in which the original
dockets were kept," linds a balance due
the city, unaccounted for, of $1425 in the
accounts of Mayor Wynian, aud of $853
in the accounts of ex-Mayor Pearson.
The witness fee books of ex-Mayor Pear
son show uncalled for a balance of $1773,
and those of Mayor Wynian of $1555.
The Pacific Short Line Revived.
Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 31. —Articles of in
corporation of the Sioux City, O'Neil
and Western railway company have
been filed with the secretary of state.
This is the old Pacific short line, which
was recently sold at Omaha, revived un
der a new name. The capital stock ia
$4,300,000. The eastern terminus of the
road is at Covington, Dakota county,
Neb., and the western terminus at
O'Neil, in Holt county, passing through
the counties of Dakota, Dixon, Wayne,
Pierce, Antelope aud Hall.
Ouay Is No Wiser.
Washington, Oct. 31. —Lacey, comp
troller of currency, Bent a telegram to
Senator Quay this morning, Baying so
far as he was able to learn no one con
nected with the treasury department
authorized his certificate of deposit to
be shown the Democratic state com
mittee, and he does not know how it
came into their possession.
Only Two Survivors.
New York, Oct. 31. —The British
steamer Smeaton Tower, which has ar
rived from Mayaguea, brought two sur
vivors of tbe Swedish bark Mora, which
was wrecked on the island of Mona,
August 22d. The captain and the re
mainder of the crew, numbering seven,
went down with the wreck.
The Imperial Travelers.
Berlin, Oct. 31.—The imperial
Russian yacht, Polar Star, having on
board the czar and czarina, the king and
queen of Denmark and the Princess of
Wales, arrived at Dantzic, today, from
Copenhagen. The party will proceed by
train to Livida, via Warsaw.
War With Chile.
Whethor sr not we are to have war with
Chile, we must all make war against chilly
weather by clothing ourselves coruforlably at
the great one-price clothing house of Mullen,
Bluett & Co.
Truffied Sardines
At B. Jevne's, 136 and 138 N. Spriug.
Terrible Result of the Earth
quake in Japan.
More Than Ten Thousand Peo
ple Killed.
Eighteen Thonsand Houses Destroyed
in a Single Province.
Many Wreck* About the Island of Hon
do—Miles of Railroad Ruined—The
American Missionaries at
Hlogo Safe.
Associated Press Dispatches.
London, Oct. 31.—A private dispatch
received here from Japan says the loss
of life by the recent earthquake in the
island of Hondo and other places is very
great. Over 2000 persons were killed
and 18,000 houses destroyed in the
province of Nagova. Five thousand
houses were destroyed and that number
of persons killed at Giftu. The
towns of Kanoa and Kasamabsa are also
reported destroyed, together with fifty
miles of railroad. The total loss of life
may be ever 10,000. There have been
many wrecks about the island of Hondo,
as a consequence of the disturbance.
Boston, Mass., Oct. 31. — The
secretary of the American board
of foreign missions received a cablegram
this morning from Hiogo, Japan, stat
ing that the missionaries are safe. This
has reference to the earthquake there.
Yesterday's Races at Washington, Chi
cago and Nashville.
Washington, Oct. 31. —Five furlongs
—Mrs. Peck won, Alcina colt, second,
Gondolier third; time, 1:03?4.
Mile and one-sixteenth —Mary Stone
won, Cerebas second, Margherita third ;
time, 1:50.
Free handicap, six furlongs—White
Rose won, G. W. Cook second, Ocypete
third ; time, 1
Seven furlongs—Prather won, Isaac
Lewis second, Pliny third ; time, 1 :_29^.
Mile—Madrid won, King Thomas sec
ond, Thiers L. third ; time, 1 ■■■H}*-
Free handicap, mile and one-quarter,
six hurdles—Both well won, St. Lake
second, Wheatley third ; time, 2:21.
Chicago, Oct. 31. —Eleven sixteenths
of a mile—Sull Roses won, Bob Francis
second, Lela third ; time, 1:103 a.
Mile—Conundrum won, Antoinette
second, Oakdale third; time, 1:46k.
Mile and one eighth—Rimini won,
Pendleton second, Tom Jones third;
time, 1:56%.
Six furlongs — Falero won, Judge
Hugh second, Galinda third; time,
Mile and one-half, hurdle — Lijero
won, Winston second, Aristocrat third;
time, 2:52.
Nashville, Oct. 31.—Six furlongs-
Drift won, Berke Hardy second; time,
Thirteen-sixteenths mile — Queen
Trowbridge won, First Lap second,
Lemon Blossom third; time, 1:24.
Fifteen-sixteenths mile—Blue Maid
won, Joe Carter second, FannieS. third;
time, 1:37> 2 .
Free handicap, eleven-sixteenths
mile—Ceventon won, Blaze Duke sec
ond, Bolivar Buckner third; time,
1 -.10%.
Nine-sixteenths mile—Parolee won,
Maggie Lubus second, Ten-to-one third :
time, 57.
An Unknown Captures a Prize In Phe
nomenal Time.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.—Races at the
Bay District t rack today :
One mile, all ages—Acclaim won, Ne
vada second ; time, 1:40 1 5.
Six and a half furlongs, selling purse,
all ages—Revolver won, John Treat sec
ond ; time, 1:21%.
Fame stakes, one and three-fourths
miles —Lodovic won.Mero second; time,
3:08 2-5.
All ages, five furlongs—Fox, a horse
almost unknown, won two Btraight heats
in 1:00 3-5 and 1:01 1-5, the record
being 58.. seconds. Oregon Eclipse was
second in the first heat, and Inkerman
in the second heat, the latter receiving
The Richmond Terminal.
New York, Oct. 31. —The Sun says:
President Inman, of the Richmond Ter
minal line, has made adeal with Banker
Smithers, of London, to handle the
floating debt of the entire system.
President Inman was seen this morn
ing and said : "There is no truth in the
statement that Smithers or any one else
has requested or suggested my resigna
tion or displacement."
It is officially stated that the floating
debt of the system has been arranged
Quay's Libel Suit.
Pittsburg, Oct. 31.—The preliminary
hearing in Senator Quay's criminal libel
suit against President Barr and Editor
Mills, of the Pittsburg Post, was held
today. On cross-examination Quay de
nied having received $8886 from Bardsley.
He said there was a consideration be
tween Bardsley and himself. He had
no business transactions with Bardsley.
He received the certificate from David
Martin, of Philadelphia, in exchange
for a note. Defendants were held for
trial in December next, in $1000 bail.
Suicide Due to Despondency.
San Francisco, Oct. 31.—William
Center, son of John Center, a well
known capitalist, formerly associated
with large shipping interests here, com
mitted suicide thia morning, firing two
shots through his head. It is supposed
the deed was due to despondency, re
sulting from a severe attack of typhoid
fever. His parents are in San Jose.
A Blizzard In North Dakota
Hillkboro, N. D., Oct. 31. —Snow is
falling and drifting through wheat
shockß and stacks. Further threshing
this season appears impossible.
Fergus Falls, Minn., Oct. 31.—A
regular blizzard is blowing and the
ground is covered with snow.
Fire's Clean Sweep.
Toledo, 0., Oct. 3l.—At North Balti
more, thirty-two miles north of here,
fire this mfff'ning destroyed all the build
ings on Main street, north of the Balti
more and Ohio tracks. A hotel, Burk's
bank and fifteen stores were burned.
The loss is estimated at $200,000.
Playing in the Rain.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 1 31. —Today's
game between 'Frisco and Oakland was
played in a drizzling rain. The home
team won by a score of 9 to 3.
There are opportunities in life which outline a new
and prosperous career, when taken advantage of by wise
There are opportunities where neither life nor career
are at stake, but those on the alert are sure to find them
selves a few dollars ahead. We are in a position and partly
obliged to offer you such a chance. Owing to the CON
SOLIDATION of our Pomona place with this store our
counters are crowded with new and fashionable clothing,
the bulk of which we are determined to sell within the next
30 days. We realize that extraordinary inducements onby
will effect the entire sale of this large lot of goods, but are
fully prepared to make the sacrifice*
Beiug known as the Boston Square Dealers, a name
which we have at all times taken pains to merit, a state
ment from us is not to be placed on the same level with
those fakirs that are continuously selling out, removing or
inaugurating some scheme to obtain the people's money.
Our offer is the following: For the next 30 days we
will sell our
leu's, Boys' and Children's Clothing
At prices which vary from 15 to 25 per cent below regular
figures, and as all our garments are marked in plain figures,
the reduction will be apparent to the most unsophisticated.
We extend an urgent invitation to all who want to buy
good and serviceable, as well as stylish and nobby clothes>
at reduced cost.

Tlie Boston Sure Dealers,
Burnham to Stay Away From Town
That Long.
F. P. Burnham, who was arrested Fri
day on a charge of threatening to kill
his father-in-law, Mr. Welch, was before
Judge Owens yesterday morning. Burn
ham's wife has separated from him and
he claims that Mr. Welch has caused the
trouble between them.
After some little see-sawing, the case
was indefinitely postponed upon the
promise by Burnham that he will ab
sent himself from the state for a year
and a half. The wife agreed to the ar
rangement and the husband was dis
charged from custody.
Charles Walker On His Way Back to
Sun-Kissed Arizona.
Yesterday morning Sheriff Kelly of
Tombstone arrived in the city with
Charles Walker, whom he arrested at
Reno, Nevada, under a requisition from
the governor of Arizona. He brought
his prisoner to the city jail, where he
was locked up until the afternoon, when
the sheriff continued his journey.
Walker is a cattle man, and is wanted
in Cochise county upon a charge of em
bezzlement, in connection with a cattle
Responsible for Five Lives.
Minneapolis, Oct. 81. —Conductor
Woodson, of the "Soo" road, was ar
rested here today for manslaughter. He
was held responsible by the coroner's
jury, at Glenwood, for a collision of
freight trains, by which five persons
were killed.
AH on Board Perished.
Portland, Me., Oct. 31.—Captain
Spaulding, of the schooner Luell a Wood,
arrived here from Baltimore, reports
that on October 22d, inChesapeake bay,
he saw a lumber-laden schooner foun
dered in a gale. All on board must have
The Babies Again Shut Out.
Sacramento, Oct. 31.—Today's game
resulted in San Jose again being shut
out by Sacramento. Score, sto 0.
Dungan, the heavy hitter of Kansas City,
will catch for the Los Angeles team in today's
ball game at the Flrtt-street grounds.
Advertising That Pays—How to Make
On the sixth page of the Herald ap
pears a list of classified advertisements
which should be read by every one.
Persons wanting situations, help, or
who wish to rent, buy or sell property,
will do well to advertise in these col
umns. Desirable opportunities for the
investment or borrowing of money
appear daily. Other features are cheap
eastern excursions, business chances,
educational cards, professional cards,
personal notices, special notices, ex
change advertisements, stock for sale
and a full record of the amusements of
the city.
Columbus Boggies.
Thirty-five more of these celebrated vehicles,
consisting of surrtes, phaetons, carriages and
buggies, just received. Hawley, King & Co.
Eckert & Hopf, of Santa Monica,
Have taken charge of the Cafe Royal, at 22u 8.
Bpring street; and will serve fresh razor clams,
mussels, llsh and game dayy direct from Santa
Monica. _
Oranula, the great health food. For sale by
all grocers. H. Jevne. agent.
Crystal Palace.
We hereby give notice that during fair week
we will have a grand exhibition in our store
and Art Rooms of
Plain and Decorated China,
Dinner and Fish Sets,
Game and Berry Sets.
Plain and Decorated China,
White China for Decorating,
Belgium and Bohemian Cut
Class Ware,
Piano and Banquet Lamps,
Bisque Figures and Hun
garian Vases,
Bronzes and Ornaments,
Baby Carriages, and a thousand other
articles too numerous to mention.
Do not forget to look at the celebrated B. &
138,140, 142 S, MAIN ST.
7-4 tim
fßjMßa|pß Has Just Received a Fine Line
waHEBBjC of the Latest Styles in
W ! For the Holiday Trade.
will! mil I Elegant Business Suits made
Wm HI t0 oracr from $20 to $35.
mm Wil l Punts made to order from $5
HH IP Stylish Overcoats made to or
*>l*l||a der from $20 to $36.
Samples of Cloth and Rules for Self-Measure
ment sent free to any address.
143 S. SPRING ST.,
\ Bupper from 6P.1t08 P. M.
I Ala Cart* from 6A.M.t012 P. S.
/ at^Oil^bm4'' <1 f V neer " ° rflaUCerS
Exclusive ladies' entrance to private apart
ments on First street. 8-301*1
118 S. Spring Street,
Have on exhibition the largest and best
selected stock of
Ever brought to this city, both in
New Patterns, New Shadeß in Suiting, Over
coating and Trousering, v. hich we are
making up to order at the
Guaranteeing perfect nt and satisfaction. A
visit to our store will convince the mos
doubtful. 10-3 3m
mm k co.
Ill's Furnishers,
14.6 North Spring Street,
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With the Largest and Best Stock of
New Goods ever shown in this
city, and at much
It will pay intending purchasers to
visit our store and examine our gooda
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The public are cordially invited to in
spect our new premises and stock.
New and Second-Hand
Carpets, Mattresses and Stoves.
Prices low for spot cash, or will sell on install
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
Telephone 084. P. O. box 1921. 7-21-tf
Bathing Rooms at 32VA 8. Spring street.
Rooms 0 and 7. I.UDWIU GOSBMAN, German
Masseur. Secure health through my massage
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