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L. A. Farming and Milling Co. vs Hon" et al.
—set fo- Nov. 10th.
1.. A Farming and Milling Co. va Thompson
et«l. — Hamo. •
United states vs Mojar-quadt-oh et al — Mo
tion for new trial filed. Time for hearing mo
tlon and for pasaing sentence cont'd to Nov.
banborn vs Markham—Submitted.
Mina Richardson Hardee et al. vs The Sunßet
Oil Compnny—ordered that rule to show cause
be made absolute, injunction may issue on
complainants liling bond for $250 within five
Pacific Railroad Company vs Wm
I). Robertson—Argued and submitted on briefs
Superior Court.
People vs Ah chunn—Set for trial Dec. 7th.
People vs J. C. Refl'e.l—Three cases set for trial
D peoj) t le' vs Edward L. Maker-Transferred to
deDt 6 for trial.
People vs Bier Yuen—On trinl.
Jones vs. Owens, C. J. P.—Judgment on peti
tion signed.
San Ptdro Lumber Co. vs. Reynolds—Argu
ment. "
I .it w and motion calendar.
Raskins et al. vs. Roberts— Findings and
judgment for plaintiff
McKoon, adm'r vs. Jones et al.—Submitted
on briefs
Oovtlno vs Police Court of L. A.—Applica
tion for alternative writ of prohibition sub
Barclay vs. Severance—Argument.
Peepie ex rel Margaret Hughes vs. Dr. W. W.
Hitchcock—Dam. overruled.
Pacific Gas Engine Co. vs. Miller—Ten days
stay of execution granted.
Northam vs. Morrison—Set for Dec. Ist.
Steluert va. Frankel—Motion lor new trial ar
gued and submitted.
Penny vs. Fleming—Cont'd to Nov. 11th.
In re Insolvency Meyer Siege!— Decree and
certificate ol discharge signed.
In re contempt of J. K. Stump—Cont'd to
People vs Ed I. Baker—On trial.
Htaesak vs. Oabney, el al.—Set for Wednesday.
In re citizenship Giuda Gaetan—Petitioner
In re Willie Btone—Sheriff instructed to
bring him from the Stockton asylum
Today's Calendar.
People vs Sier Yuen—Trial cont'd.
Est of O Sveaion; pat. for sale realty.
Est of F W Hoffner; acct aud dlst.
Ktttof F. Buker; pet. to set apart estate.
Est of M k Griffith; acct. ana dlst.
Est N Hull; acct and dlst.
Ist and guard of Seebald minors.; acct.
Est of X. Hehc.iqua; letters aum.
Est of S.Garcia; letters adm
Em of P. Wlust; letters adm
Est of D. R. Rlsley; acct and dlst.
Est of M. E. Murphy; conf. sale realty.
Est of G. Stocktou; conf .Bale realty aud pars,
prop. " f
Est of W. Shappard; conf sale realty.
Est and guard, of N. B stokes: acct. and dlst.
Est and guard, of X Stokes; acct.
Est of B. Culm; supplemental acct.
Est of C. Giovauoui; letters adm.
Seabard National Bank vs. Vickerey.
People vs Ilagar et al.
Schallert-Ganabl Lumber Co. vs. Neal.
L. A. Construction Co vs. Pacific By. Co.
City Cab Co. v>. White.
Calendar clear.
People va Ed L. Baker—Trial cont'd.
People vs. Ah Tet.
New Bulla.
Sarah G. Madison vs. Home Life Ins. Co. of
N. V.—Suit lo recover $420 on note.
O. H. Churchill vs. W. R. Norton et al.—
Complaint ou foreclosure of mortgage for
August Krug ra. Jane M. Jenkins—Com
plaint on foreclosure of mortgage for $2500.
A. J. Gwynn, a plumper, fiied a petition to be
declared an insolvent debtor.
W B. Bpencer also filed a petition In in
Mary L Fleming filed the will of Stephen A.
Fleming for pro Date. The estate is valued at
MONDAY, Nov. 9.1891.
Raphael Phillips, (dmr est Simon Phillips, to
Jos Rosenthal—Lot 12 bl SS, San Pedro; $3500
Alex Helunder to Thos Davit -XX of W.».
WJ* of r-;„ and >>, of E', of H' i lot 103, 25
acres, Shu Fernando, 31—39; junto
H R 1 orris to Jas Robertson—WW of of
NW % sec 15TNR13WSBM; $40.
PCTonu. r J N Teague-8E 10 acres lot 28,
Loop A Meserve trt, Pomona, and water; $5
BENlnde to tcdward C Clay—Lot 1 bl 14,
Urniuon trt; 7 50.
P C To. ner to Miss Annie H Lorbinger—
W 0 07 acres bl 1, Klngsleys sub Pomoua, and
water; $5
PM Munfon and wife to Rebecca McCmker
—Lot tl. Masters mi v, Pasadena, 10—73; $500.
J M Coyner and wife to John B Coyner 3905
acres in bis 27 and 28, The Paims, 21—43; $1.
Daniel Uouser to A M 8e uiour—Lot 0 bl 28,
Phillip- trt, Puente: 10.1 acres; $1705 50.
In re J W Wolfs ill et al vs Jos H Weber—De
cree quietii g title to lot 39 bl 18, Wolfsiill Or- -
chum trt, 3u—9.
San Jute Ra eh Co to Mrs E A Billings—Lot
324, San Dlmas. 10—53, covenant to erect
building to cost $GOO.
California Superphosphate company to John
Woode—All property of said phosphate com
p*nv; trust deed to secure payment of note for
United States of America to Charles W. Fel
ton—Wilev petroleum placer mining claim, i-e
--lug psit of section 10, T 3 N, R 10 W, S B M;
Charles Hahn and wife to Emanuel Elsmer—
Lot 13, bl V, Transit trl, 31—00; $300.
Z Hagermtn aud wife to Annie Hughes -Lots
5 and 0, b. B, Hhafer trt, 12—71; $800.
San Gabriel Valley bank to Mrs E C Maine-
Lot 00, bl 13, Biggin Bros' sub Qrogan trt,
36— 23:11.
Mary jb, Taft to Gerard L Lulskamp—Part of
lots 1 and 2, bl IIJ4, Orrt's survey; $1200.
California Co-operative Colony to Los An
fetes cm, iua! Railway—2.7oß acres in park
nsaid Cob ny trt, 21—15: $10.
Jose Vicente Lugo to L L Bcqnette—ll.o4
acres, Rancho ban Antonio; $175
John T Anderson and wife to Hattle L Wells,
8 P Crlthman and John Goode—loo acres, be
ing B* ii, section 2, T 8 N, B 10 W, 8 B M,
Jean Louis to Dominique Amlstoy—All in
terest iv estate of Miguel Le«nis; $5.
FL C Floyd and wife lo H W Judson-■!'..
acres Kaueho Paso de Bartle Viejo; $1.
George Merrill to Juan W unrest—Lot 3,
Philbrook'a sub, 5-391; $013 57.
Jauefclaik 10 Rachel Gutter—NW \i of BE
% sec 35, T 3 N, B 12 W, 8 B M; $10.
Jno H Clark and wife to Andrew Mcholls and
wife—Lots 3 and 4 bi B, Nadeau Orange tract,
25—34; *2000.
John Maakell to Fred R Fitzmier—Lot 11,
Maskell tract, 21—23; $750.
Mrs Elle" Q Chown—Lots 10 and 14 Hege
tract. 9—99; lot 5 bl 9, Fairmount tract, B— Hi ;
undivd '* lotO bl 4, Fairview tract, 2—044;
lots 9 and lo bl 314, Inglewood, $3UOO.
Jo* and wife to M C Nelson—W \C
of 8 W 1 ., see 0, T 18, 814W.38M; $1600
Chas U Paige and Dwlgbt Whiting to Wm
Blankenborn- otslSaud 14 bl D, Ela View
tract, 22-81; $50. mv
0 P Dorund to 0 Rosooe Thomas—Lot 4,
Thoma- A Gaibralth tract, Pasadena: $25.
T Clark to no B and Lou M Owlngs— Lot 1
bl I. Coli a Park tract, 7—37: $100.
C M Gorin to F A Halberg—Rear % lots 18 and
20 bft , Burbank, 1' —19; $1500.
ProvidencUt Land.Water aud DevelopmentCo
to A 3e»e!|lng Lo<s7 8 9 10 11 12 and 14 bl
86. Burbank, 17—19; $10.
Minou U painter ttal. to Joel Willete—Lot
54, LH M ii-'ii ner's sub of W 38.50 acres bl U
Pasadena, 14—77; $100,
Chas Bat er and wife to Geo H Williams—
Lois I 2 345 bl 1 Florence Btai ion tri, 24—33:
X N Lone Its and wife to Mrs Lucy A Amstrry
—Lot 8 bl 45 Pomona. 3—99; ",100.
Jacob R Greer, Jr et al to . )b R Greer, Sr—
W 45 ft of lot 10 O'Hara trt, 1 —237; $1.
John E I'ovner and wife In t una D L Coy
ner—:! 965 acres in bis 27 2f '. ie Palms, 747—
280 ; $1.
Jacob R Greer Jr c* al. to Jacob R Grees, Br—
Lot 13 Hotel trt Pa adena, 9 -88: $1.
in re Franolsoa V> de Shepherd and wife vs.
MrsFi Burse—Decree quieting title to lot 26
hi 6 Wol skill Orchard trt
InreJW WolfsKl.l vs. Frit/. I'ubllck-Decree
quieting title to lot 25 bl II Wolfsklll Orchard
Arthur H Iv s and wife to Alphonso B Haw
kins—E 44 8" ft 01 lot 9 and Wloft of lot 10
Hay s add to s.in .et ti c 11- 35, also lot Bbl 28
£ Los Angeles also lot 5 bl 3 Washington
Heights also lot tl Par :el's sub John Thomas
trt, also and',lol 0 t. ' - Woolen Mill trt, al«o
lots 244 278 273 194 2352«0 240 263 to 201
inclusive, M L Wick's sub of Garbolino Cooper
and Porter trt, IU-73; $11255, p
Jaa B Biggins to San Gabriel Valley Bank-
Lot 00 bl B. Biggins Bro * sub. 30—31: $1.
W 8 Henderson to Douglas Doty—SKU of
Of *X of sec 33 T 1 N R 8 W, 8 B M, 10
•ores and water: $1 < 00.
May M Rogers to Deering Maine—Lots 5 0 7
Bbl 8. Cal Co-oporatlve Colony, 21—15; quit
Edwin A Boners et al to Los Angeles Terminal
Railway Co—E 70 feet of bl 3, Clearwater, 19
--olj $10.
U 8 A to John T Andorson—SW\ of sec 2 T 8
N Rl6 W,S B M; patent
11 B Ablla to Marl 1 Dornalich de Ablla-Lot
11 hi 9, Paiktrt: $5.
Harry E Schofleld to Jas C Gregg—Lots 1 and
2b179 Chas T Healey's survey of ISS2; $-i4ft.
John Brown Colony to Eral y Fleicher—Lot
51,seclOT7N R 10 W, 8 B M: I^so.
Juan W Ernst aud wife to R G Boadeu—Lot 8
T Philbrook'a sub b139: $HOO.
W A Roberts to E A Hawks- Lot 1 bl A, Mt
Lookout trt. 29—07: $300
Michael Hopkins et al to Hermann E Hasse—
Lot 15 bl 8, OW Childs trt.6-378: $1200.
Addle May Manter to W W Mauter—Lot 88,
Kohler-Rit man Lake aye trt 05.5 ft, and other
land, H4—9B: $025.
Francis B Wilde and wife to Nels Label—l And
on Wilde and Kohler streets, 25x110 feet;
William Dlankcnhnrn to Louis Blankenhorn
-Lots 13 and 14, bl D, Ela View trt, 22-31,
C R Dorland to 0 W Fisher—Lot 3, Martin's
sub of part of division F, San Gabriel Orango
Grovesssn. Pasadena, 10—40, $35.
E H Wlnans and wife to Redondo Beach com
pany-Lot 15, bl 194, Kcdondo Beach, 31—1,
F W Lanterman ct al to D A Hufford—Lot 71,
Sin fer A. Lanterman'B resub of Dlmmics trt,
17—61. $050
F D Lanterman etal to Mary II Shafer—Lot
18, bl 1), lots 15,1«, 29, bl C, lot 38, bl B, and
lot 37, bl A, Shafer ,fc Lanterman's sub of Mou
tasrne trt, 19—70, $509.
F I) Lanterman et al to John 8 Haight—Lot
13, bl D, Shafer A Lanterman's sub of Mon
tague trt, 19—"6, $050
F D Lanterman to M H l*nterman—Lot 17,
bl A, lots 13, 18. 19, 30, 37, bl C, lot 12, bl D,
Hhafer & Lanterman's sub of Montague trt, 19—
70. $1090
Total number of transfers 03
With nominal consideration 21
Total consideration $45,170 07
Note—Figures separated by a dash represent
the book and page ol miscellaneous records.
lIBW York, Nov. o.—The stock market today
web active and Weak, the opening being lower
than Saturday's close. There was a Blight de
cline In most of the list in the afternoon, the
close being heavy at or near the bo.torn figures.
Important losses Include Northern Pacific pre
ferred 2 per cent , Northern Pacific Big
Four, Northwestern, Lake Shore, Wabash pre
ferred VA, and Western Union and Erie 1% per
cent. each.
Government bonds steady.
New York, Nov. 9 — Money on call easy;
closed offered at 1 per cent
Prime mercantile paper [email protected]>{ per cent.
Sterling Exchange — Weak; 00-day b lis,
$4.80; demand $4.83^-
London, Nov. 9, 4 p. m.—Closing consols,
money, 94 13 10; do account, 95 1-16; U. d. 4s,
do 4H», $103.
Money—2 per cent.
New York, Nov. 9.—Bar silver, per os.,
London, Nov. 9.—Bar silver, <J%4 per
Ban Francisco, Nov. 9.—Bar silver, 94 <i&
95u per ounce.
San Fbancisco, Nov. 9.—Mexican dollars,
New York, Nov. 9.—Closing quotations
were as follows:
J. 8. 4s. Reg 110 N. Y. Central.... 109J„
0.8. 4a. coup. ..110 Oregon Imp't 21
J. B. 2s. Reg Navigation 70
Pacific 6s 11l Pacific Mall 345*
Atchison 40V, Reading 35 %
Janada Pacific... 84 Rock island 79U
ianada Sou dt. Paul 76%
lentral Pacific... ><U St. Paul St Omaha 31%
Burlington. 901$ Texas Pacific 11^
Lackawanna 130H Union Pacific... :!*.«.
jenver AB.G.pfd 43 U. 8. Express 49
trie 2014 Wells, Fargo A Co. 138
aan. A Texas.... 14*, Western Union... 80<4
uake Shore 121 >t Am. Cotton 0U... 26
L. 4 N 755| Terminal 12%
Ulch. Central.... Oregon Short Line 21
Missouri Pacific.. 57 % cad Trust 15/4
Northern Pacific. 34>t Rio GrandeWst'n. 40H
S. P. Preferred.. 08 * Preferred 7IU
Northwestern 113",, Do. firsts 78
N. W. Preferred lbß
Boston, Nov. 9.—Closing prices:
A. ■» T. K. R 40li|mex. <'ent. Com. IBU
Burl. AQulncy... 90J.{San Diego 10
mining shares.
Nsw Yjbx Nov. 9.—Mining shares were as
Adams oon 1.90 Mexican 2.00
tt.stdt Kelcher. 2.8) Ontario 38.00
Crown Point ... 1.00 Ophir 1.00
Dead wood 1.00 Plymouth 2.25
Eureka Con 1.10 Savage 1.40
Homestake 10.50 Sierra Nev 2.25
Horn Silver 3.50 Standard l.ao
IronSllvet 1.45 Union Con 2.10
Bar Francisco, Nov. 9.—Following are the
closing prices;
Belcher 1.25 Peerless 10
Be*) At Belcher. 2.50 Potosi 1.90
Ohollar. 90 Ophir 330
..•u. Virginia... 5.124 Savafge 1.40
/Onftdence 2.5(1 Sierra Nevada... 2.25
lould A Curry.. 1.40 UnlonCon 2.05
dale A Norcross 1.00 Yellow Jacket.. 1.35
Peer 05
San Francisco Market Review.
Sax Francisco. Nov. 9.—The produce mar
kets were strong this morning, and prices high
er all around. Wheat in good demand, and
prices still tending upward. Barley also higher,
with fair demand for choice feed grades. Oats
and corn firm, with fair demand. Ground and
rolled barley and cracked corn and feed corn
meal higher, owing to the advance in whole
The vegetable market is quiet and heavily sup
plied with ordinary varieties. Tomatoes and
Lima beans active PoUtoes coming in plenti
fully, and sow of sale. Onions steady.
The market for fresh fruits is dull. Grapes
plentiful and dull. Berries firm, choice apples
and pears soli well at top quotations.
The butter msrket is easier for better grades,
with business dull all around. Choice eggs firm
and scarce.
Visible Grain Supply.
New York, Nov. 9.—Following is a statement
of the visible supply of grain in store and afloat
Saturday, November 7th, as compiled by the
>!9W York produce exchange: Wheat, 38,972,
--000 bushels, an increase of 2,740,000; corn,
2,812,000 bushels, a decrease of 240,000;
oats, 4,384,000 bushels, a., increase of 190,000;
barley, 3,181,000 bushels, an increase of 12,000.
The British Grain Trade.
London, Nov. 9.—The Mark Lane Express
says: The beet English wheats are 2s dearer,
and even inferior new crop Is bei ter in price.
F reign wheats are 2s higher for Russian and
Is for other ports. A large bnsinesß has been
done iv Ameilcan corn at about 2s advance.
Barley has risen is Od, and oats 2s higher. To
day there was a strong upward tendency. The
maikei was well attended. Advances in foreign
wheats included California Is, and American
red winter and Chilean Od English and Rus
sian flour advanced Is, and Americm is 6d
higher. All Borts of barley is Is dealer; coin,
Ou dearer.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Nov. 9.—Wheat stronger. Theopen
ing waa about [email protected]£e lower than Saturday's
closing, and ruled easy; then became stronger,
and with slight fluctuations advanced [email protected]
l%e, eased off, prices decliniug then fluc
tuated, and the closing was about }4<s higher
than Saturday.
Receipts, 1.090,000 bushels; shipments,
1,349,000 bushels.
Chicago, Nov. 9. — Clone: Wbeat, steady;
Oash, 95\c: December, 9754 c: May, SI.O4ML
Corn-Firm; oash, 68c; November, 4l>gc;
May, 45^0.
Oats—Steady; cash, 32% c; December, 32c;
Barley- Quiet. 59c.
Bye- Quiet; 94c
Flax-Quiet; 94'^c.
Ban Francisco, Nov o.—Wheal, firm; bnver
season. buyer, '91, $1 seller'9l,
$1 82J^.
i}a"leV-Flrm; buyerseason $1 22; buyer '91,
$1 Hi; seller 91, $1.15; seller season, $t,13.
Liverpool, Nov. 9—Wheat: Demand im-
E roving. No. 2 red winter, 8s BVjd per cental,
rm; No. 2 red spring, 8s 9S*d, firm.
Corn—Demand fair for spot and good
foi futures Spot, Os fAii, firm; November, 6s
5Hd, firm; December, 5b 7Jid, Arm.
California Products in New York.
New York, Nov. 9 —Quotations for soft Bhell
almonds. 14c; walnuts, 10c delivered.
Whito comb honey, 1-pound frames. 15c. spot.
Evaporated golden plums, tl>,c in barrels; 7c
in boxeß; pitted plums, 9c in boxes; pitted
prunes, 10c In boxes, all delivered here.
Lima bean«, small pircels, 12.25 per bushel;
In carload lots, *21g for early shipment per
100 pounds. •
New York, Nov. 8 —Petroleum closed at
General Markets.
New Yobk, Nov. 9.—Hops: Firm; Pacini
ooast, 14tn>18.
Coffee—Options opened steady, 15 to 2.'
points higher; el .sen steady, 5 to 2(
points up Bales. 33,000 bans. November
$12.10i>H2 20; Deem ber, $11.5.V»12.06; Jan
vary, $11 7ot»ll.S0: May, $11.30®11 35. Spoi
Rio firm; No 7,13J4C
Sugar—Raw firm. Sales Salurdav 10,000 bam
centrifugals, 90 lest, Philadelphia, at 3 7-10 c,
Refined firm, fair demand.
Copper—Weak; la*e, Novemcer, $11.35: De
comber. $11 30.
Lead-Steady; Domestic, $4.10.
Tin—Weak, uiuettled; Straits. $10.05.
Chicago, Nov. 9 —Pork steady; caau $8,409
h 50. January, $11 32U.
Lard—Firm; cash. 10.15; January, $0.30.
Shoulders— $5 70^5.75.
Short clear—sO.2s,<pso.3o.
Short ribs—ls 2=1(1*6.10
Chicago, Nov. 9 —Whiskey—sl.lß.
[The quotations given below are lx>s Angeles
wholesale selling prices The prices paid pro
ducers rule a little lower, due allowmce being
made, of course, for wholesalers' profits.]
Hams—Rex, 13c'4; Lily, I3tVW.
Bacon—Rex, 14!4c; Lily. 14,.c» heavy, 9\i
@il'<c; medium, [email protected]^.
Salt Pork—Dry, 11c.
Dried Beef—Hams, llj<c; inside, 13?<.
Lard—Refined, 3's, 9Jic; s's, 9; 10's, 9c:
50'b, 84c: special brand, pure leaf, 3 :, 4 c higher
all around.
Kill Products.
Flour—Los Angeles XXXX, $5.20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, *5.20; Sperrv's, $6 00; Crown,
$0 00; Victor, $0.00: superfine, $3.75.
Mill Kked—Bran, per tou, $24.00: shorts.
$20.00; cracked corn per cental, $1.20; rolled
barley, $1,15; mixed Iced, $1.20; feed meal
Urain and Hay.
Barley—Per cental, $t 15.
Corn—Urge yellow, per cental, $1.15; Bmall
yellow, $1.15.
Oats—No. 1, percental, $1.50.
Wheat—No, i, per ueatal, $1.9); No. 2,
Hay—Oat No. 1, 10.00®11.00; whoat No .1,
[email protected]; barley No. 1, 10.00®11.00:
alfalfa No. 1, 10.00; No. 2 grades, $1 low er all
Straw—Barley, per ton, $0 00; whoat, $5.00.
Poultry and Efga.
Poultry—Hens, per doz.; young
roosters, $1.5uf<t5.00; old roosters, $4.00 «4 50:
broilers. $3.(Ml (93.50; ducks, $1.50(35.50;
geese, [email protected] per head; turkeys, [email protected]
per pound.
Boos—Fresh ranch, 33®35c ; eastern, 28®
Dairy Products.
Butter—Foncv roll, 074W0.!: choice, GO®
05c; fair, 45®D5c; eastern, 30*331!.
Cheesk — Kastern, California,
large, 14' ; .e; small, 15%®lbc; three-pound
hand, 104icfll7c.
Ifonev and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, lib forms, extract
ed. *i%c.
Almonds—Soft shell, 14 #l6c; pipsr s hell,
lBflp20c; hard) hell. [email protected]
Peanuts—Raw 3 a>sc per lb; roasted, [email protected]
Walnuts—Hard shell, o®3c; soft shell,
[email protected]
Dried Fruits.
Apples—Evapo-ated, 9®loc.
Ai-RicoTS--Bleiched,o®B; sun dried [email protected]
Fgis—California, 10(914.
Peaches—Fancy evaporafd, unpeeled, 7(38c;
peeled, [email protected]; sun diied. unpeeled, s®6c.
Prunes-Fancy, 8®10c: choice, [email protected]
Raisins—London layers, $1.50®5t.75; loose
Muscatels, $L u0®51.25 perbox; Bultana, seed
less. 8c per lb.
Fresh Fruits.
Apples—Local, per box, $1.0031.25; eastern,
per bbl. $4 [email protected] 00.
Cranberries—Per bbl. $9.00®10.00.
Lemons—Cured, $. ®l 00 per box: uncured,
Pears—Per lb, [email protected]
Beans— Pink, $2.25®2.50 per 100 lbs; limas,
$2.50®3 50; navy, small, [email protected] 00; Gar
vanznß, [email protected]
Cabbages—Per 100lbs, $1.00®1.25.
ONIONS-Per 100 lbs. 80c.
Potatoes—Per 100 lbs, [email protected]
Sweet Potatoes—Per 10G lbs, 05®75c.
Tomatoes—Per b0x,65®75c.
By request, the grand reduction sale
at Abernethy's, 117 South Spring
street, will be continued during this
Damages for Trees Killed by Gas.
Suit has been entered in the common
pleas court by Susannah Kuch against
the city to recover $1,000 damages un
der an unusual claim. She says that
she is the owner of property on the
northwest side of Leverington avenue.
Upon this ground, she says, there is
erected a handsome house, in which she
makes her residence, and the beauty of
the premises, together with the value of
the house and grounds, was much in
creased by the presence of four hand
some Norway maple trees planted by the
plaintiff about twenty years ago.
Last fall the gaspipe along Levering
ton avenue commenced to leak, and
through the neglect Of the city officials
this leak continued until last May, and
the soil of the street became permeated
with tho gas, which caused the maple
trees to die and become worthless. The
plaintiff says that the value of herprop
erty has been greatly decreased by the
loss, and hence the suit.—Philadelphia
The Ladies' Favorite Beverage.
The most refreshing, nourishing and invig
oratingdrlnk ladles can make use of is "BLOS
RlBBO"»" Beer, which is especially beneficial
to nursing mothers and invalids It. is tbe
mildest and most agreeablo >onlc. Send orders
Sole Agents, 222 S. Spring St.
Telephone 110. 10-13-lm
Uncolored Japan, per ib 35c to 11.00
Young Hyson, per lb 75c to JI.OO
Gunpowder, per lb 5< c to $1.00
Oolong, per lb 6' c to 5i.25
English Breakfast, per lb . .35c 10 tl 00
Seymour & Johnson Co., Grocers.
The Eintracht, 103 N. Spring- Street,
Is the place to get the Anheuser-Busch St.
Louis Beer on draught. Ring up telephone
467 or 316 for the celebrated bottled beer.
Best and cheapest in market.
Livery Men.
More of the celebratod Columbus buggies re
ceived by Hawley, King & Co.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
The Four Standard and Most
Popular Mills.
cylinders, rubber hose 1 ?
lornia Pries of mill* great! v reduced.
Call aiuUeeouruew all-steel mills, far ahead
of all other steel mills; no weights and
levers ; no cog wheel gearings or complicated
machinery to g t out of order and whereby mo
tion and power is lost. Estimates given.
All kinds of Mills and rumps Repaired.
Tel. 271. 10-11 sun-tuesAwkly
10-16 3m Corner Spring and Second sts.
The True Way
The Poison of Disease
always docs this effectually. It treats the
disease instead of the symptoms, and re
moves tho cause, thereby making a cure.
M '" E. J. Rowell, No. 11 Qulncy St., Mcdford.
*b*s., soys that her mother has been cured of
Scrofula, by the use of four bottles of S. S- G.,
nfter having had much other treatment, and being
reduced to quite a low condition of health, as it was
thought she could not live.
Trcatifc on Blood and Skin Diseases mailed free.
Drawer 3. Atlanta, Ga.
I / 211W Annst Office,
> I 'X. 12H 8. Spring «t No
r \ _\ BL ' Pay Until Well. No
>m WS Knife or pain. Testl
monittls and treatise
sent fr»e. Blood, skin
_f I and all catarrhal dis
■ V V eases.
Of Pure Cod Liver Oil with
Of Lime and Soda.
There are emulsions and emnl»ion»,
, end there is still much skimmed milk
which masquerades as cream. Trt/ us
theft will many manufacturers cannot
so disauis* tlieir cod liver oil as to make
it palatable to sensitive stomachs. Scott's
hi VER OIL, combined with Hypophos
phites is almost as palatable as milk.
Por this reason as well as for the fact
of the. stimulating qualities of the U\rpo
phosphtles, Physicians frequently pre
scribe it in cases of \
All Druggists sell it, but be sure you get |
the genuine, as there are poor imitations.
M lO Economize?
If so, discard your present Coal Grates orStoves
and in their stead use our improved
No Danger of Fire or Explosion.
Call and see our elegant stock, or send for our
Illustrated Catalogue.
10-13 lm Basement Bryson Bonebrake Block
The careful and proper adjustment of Frames
is as important as the correct fitting of lenses.
We make the scientific adjustment of Glasset
and Frames our specialty, and guarantee a per
fect fit. Testing of the eves free Full stock of
artificial eyes on hand. Glasses ground to ordei
on premises.
8. G. BIARBHCTZ, Scientific Optician,
229 S. Spring street. Theater Building.
Full stock ol fine opera glasses on hand.
7-17 g
A Reputation Gained by Justice and
Fair Dealing.
I desire the public to know lhat not at any
time have I entered the MEAT POOL.
First quality of meats of all kinds, both fresh
and salted, including sausages, at bedrock
prices, viz;
Roast Beef 7c to 10c Lamb Chops 10c
Roast Pork 10c Boiled Beef... .4c to 6c
Roast Veal lOCjCorned Beef 6c
Roast Mutton, legs 9Uc Salted Pork, sugar
Steaks 7c to 10c| cured 10c
Cutlets ...10c to 12Wc; Leaf Lard 10c
Pork Chops 10c!L*af Lard cooked in
Mutton Chops 9c| cans lOC
Ham, Bacon and all kinds of prime cuts of
meats retail at wholesa c prices.
Delivered free of charge in any part of the
city. 1
II olm F. LEVY,
New and Second-Hand
Carpets, Mattresses and Stoves.
Prices low for spot cash, or will sell on install
Bt tween Fourth and Fifth Streets.
Telephone 984. P. O. box 1921 7-21-tf
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117 and 110 Mouth Los Aned«> Wtree
H. Hiller, pree't. 8. W. Hillbr, 9eo.
Los Angeles Lumber Co,
LQmber, Cement, Fife Brick and Clay, Etc..
BAN PEDRO ST., Bet. Fourth and Fifth.
Telephone 109. 9-29 tf P.O. Box 87
Fire Insurance at Fair Rates.
First-class BTOCK companies, INDEPEND
ENT of tbe Pacific lusuranoe Union.
Favorable rates upon first-class property any
where in Southern California.
C. O. HAWLEY, Manager.
86 and 87 Bryson Bonebrake Building.
10-31 3m
Edwin C. Burt's. D. Armstrong & Co.'s, and j
Faanee & Spinney's FINE SHOES.
Churchill & Alden's Warranted FINE SHOES.
'The Eminent Chinese Physician.
Dr. Woh's life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untiring
observation, study and investigation, as fully as lay in his power to perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. 'Horn in
China, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deservingly renowned as leadiug physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed
in the footsteps of his fathers. In China he has practiced his profession foi
several years, being at one time a physician iv the Imperial Hoppital, and ia
America for a long time his great number of patients, bis wonderful and many
cures, and the great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove
him to be a remarkable and successful healer of sickness and all diseases.
For a long time I bave been suffering with Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a friend,
bladder and kidney troubles. No doctoring or I had been troubled for years with indigestion,
medicines seemed to do me good. 1 consulted causing fearful headaches and vertigo, making
the best physicians and surgeons in U« An- my life one of misery. I tried ana paid the
gelescity. They gave me moruhine and strong best physicians without relief. Finally, to
drugs, but no relief could I obtain. After suf- please my friend, I visited Dr. Woh at hia of
ering great pain and anguish, and having my nee. and he advised with me and gave mo
passage almost entirely clogged I fourteen da\ a medicines. This waa but six weeks ago. To
ago began using Dr Woh's medicines today I day I can gladly and sincerely say that he baa
am perfectly well. Ido consider Dr. Woh the entirely cured me.
most successful physician in southern Call- CHARLES HEILMATUf.
fornia. C. A. STEELE. April 3,1891. 331 Court St., L. A., CaJ
316-318 S. Main street,
Oct. 13, 1891. Los Angeles, Cal.
In Cleveland, 0., many months ago I caught I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
a severe cold which settled on my lungs, ter- but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
initiating in asthma. The doctors sold there Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, pre
was no hope of my recovery, but that a change scribed for me.
to California mifiht prolong my life. February Two months ago I began his treatment rid I
last I came to San Bernardino and doctored can now certify that he hfl done me;t «»
with three physicians, but obtained no. relief good. I recommend Dr. Woh to my friends a
Finally Dr. Woh was lecnm mended to me by a an able doctor.
friend. I took his midiclnes and followed his P. E. KING,
directions, and today I am fully cured and per- Justice of the Peace,
fectlywell. MISS GRACE M FIELD, Burbank, Cal.
October -O. 1991. San Bernardino, Cal.
Dr. Woh has hundreds of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further publication
ef them here.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese Phyßiclan in Southern California. Hia
many cures have been remarsabH, involving Female Troubles, Tumors and every form of disease.
All communications will be regarded as strictly confidential.
FTee consultation to every one, and all are cordially Invited to call upon Dr. Woh at his office,
Brtwwii sowmd and TVilrd «tr-«*t«. A-S-su-tn-th-sft T,o« Angelea. Cal.
713 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
All kinds of Chinese herbs and medicines for sale. The best accommodations for those
desiring to remain at the Sanitarium for treatment. Everything under the personal supervision ol
Dr Wong. Consultations absolutely free. The following are a few of the testimonialsof patient*
Cl Af fer fmirdifl"rent cv ctors bsd failed to re- On November 30th last I was taken very tick
lteve me of intense suffering from which Ivi as and from that time till May 23d I was treated
unconscious at times during five days Dr. by three different doctors. One said I had
Wong afforded me relief in five hours and cancer in lhe stomach, another said I had
cured me in ten days, l hay* enjoyed first clotted blood in the heart, the third said I had
class health ever since (now three years;. Dr. cancer on tho heart.
Wong's diagnosis was that there was a collec- When Dr. Wong came, on May 23d 1 had
tion of blood on the brain been miserable for fifteen days, and could not
„„,.., ~ . , i V* i lift my hand. My eight children and neieh
-326 Park Place, Los Angeles, Cal. bors thought I would die that aav The doc
August 25 I*9o. to* who treat*d me said no power on earth
1 treated with two doctors for six month.; CoQld sftV e me. Three days after I took the
one said .hat 1 had heart disease, the other 6rBt me d ic i ne of Dr . Wong, I rode to his oftice
didn't know what to call my disease; either of onK mlle)i aun each cay since I have con
them failed to benefit me tinued to improve in-trength andiweicht and
Dr. Wong's olsguosis was that my liyer. kiuv for Borne weekB , , » o ™ S»"*
neys, stomach and b ood were diseased, itook housework uearij an my
medicine of Dr. Wong, which efl'ected a per- ,-,„ ,„„„„'. ~
inanent cure in a few months' time, and I have „,"£' w ,° nB S * sB , my 2 lsease originated in the
been In excellent health and have woiked hard t by J 'l ea l antl df y bloou *y
ever since, now five years. « h »< lr '. n have found in Dr Wong's treatment
G P. W. JENSEN, immediate and permanentrelief.
Alvsrado st., near Pico at, Los Angeles, Cal. August 22,1890. MRS. C. M. PARRA,
November 4, 1890. No. 512 Gallado St., Los Angeles, Cal.
60 " °, f s, ™ l,,r lea'lmonials ran be seen at tbe Sanitarium. DP. M Or-G bs* cured
, over 2000 people who were afflicted with nearly every form of the vario us diseases the human
1 flesk is heir to.

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