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looio of the Meu to Whom the btrujcglo
Has Given Prominence.
Out of the tangle of contradictory dis
patches, letters and rumore from Chili
the truth Blowly
emerges, and as
it takes definite
shape it is inter
esting to Ameri
cana. The actors
of most promi
nence are Ad
miral Montt,
. commanding the
1 Con gressional
navy: his cousin,
the Congressional
envoy at Wash
ington; General
Canto, who com-
t •
_ /i— .'
mantled the Congressional army in its
recent campaign of victory; the fugitive
Balmaceda; Vicuna, president elect of
that party, who is now a fngitive, and,
incidentally, United States Minister Pat
rick Egan.
The odd feature of the situation is
that the trouble began in a heated po
litical contest between those called ex
treme Radicals and the moderate Repub
licans, and that Balmaceda was a rep
resentative of the Radicals, who call
themselves Liberals. But ho seems to
have been their leader only aa .Tulins
Caesar waa the leader of the Plebeians in
Romo and Napoleon Bonaparte of the
extreme Democrats of France. In fact,
history abounds in theso instances of a
union of extremes —the despot in alli
ance with the rabble against the con
servative middle classes. Congress in
Chili naturally represented tho latter.
Balmaceda was nominally in favor of ex
tending the franchise and putting all
churches upon an equality, but he sought
to govern by arbitrary methods and
without consulting the legislative power.
Senor Montt, envoy at Washington of
the Congressionalists, it is believed,
will naturally become Chilian minister
at Washington, as, of course, Minister
Lazcano, appointed by President Bal
maceda, will be recalled. The victori
ous Admiral Montt is now provisional
president of the republic. Both the
Montta are comparatively young men,
lO the prime of life, but well versed
in public affairs, as is General Canto.
As tho admirable co-operation of army
and navy was the main cause of the Con
gressionalists' success, there is reason to
hope that General Canto aud the two
Montts will continue to act in harmony
iv civil affairs, and that Chili will at
once resume her forward inarch in pro
gress and commercial development.
Alow an Island Sunk Into the Sen Leav
ing a Peak of Fire.
A laska and Alaskan waters seem at all
times prepared to furnish news items of
interest. There were the seal contro
versy, the boundary dispute with Great
Britain, involving the ownership of some
promising gold fields; the Chinese and
opium smuggling problems, tho long
doubt aa to the fate of the Wells explor
ing expedition, aud so on. Affairs in
which persons and nations are concerned
are now nearly all arranged or in process
of arrangement, and taking advantage
of the lull Dame Nature haa gone into
the business of raising a rumpus.
Bogoslov was an island of the Aleutian
gronp. A long reef connected two high
peaks, and in the center of the reef rose
a pillar eighty-four feet tall, known as
Sail rock. Some time ago the crew of a
sealer noticed as their vessel sped past
Bogoslov that the island was sinking.
It went down almost before their eyes.
First the reef disappeared, then Sail rock
vanished, and there remained the two
peaks, from one of which spouted fire
and smoke. Later ou Captain Hooper, of
the steamer Corwin, visited the spot by
order of the United States government.
He has just made a report, in which he
"The new rock continues to steam and
splutter. It is more of the nature of a
geyser than a volcano. It has no real
crater, neither does it discharge lava
and cinders. Its exhalation is more like
steam. It is white in color, very dense,
has a disagreeable odor and shoots out
as if under pressure from every opening
in the rock, the whole uniting in -a great
volume and rising to immense heights in
calm weather. We distinctly saw it,
like a white cloud, at a distance of thirty
miles. The top of the island is seldom
visible, being always enveloped in this
cloud of steam or smoke. The highest
point of which I could get a definite al
titude was 221 feet above the sea, al
though I several times caught a glimpse
of a peak that is much higher, as the
isiuoke was blown away, exposing it to
view for an instant."
Regulating a River.
A project has been submitted to
the Russian ministry on roads of inter-
communication to regulate the course of
the Volga. It is proposed to build five
large reservoirs between the city of Tver
and the mouth of the river Kama at con
venient distances apart. The water fill
ing the reservoirs at the overflowing of
the river in the spring might then be let
back to its source in the summer when
the river dries up.
Hamlin had a large head, a good face,
with well proportioned features, and
looked to the last unusually young for his
years. Not great nor picturesque, hav
ing no personal charm, he was em
bodied principle and faithful to the end.
The ParJs waiters, who have formed a
trade union, are now discussing their
ultimatum with the restaurant keepers.
They not only insist upon their right to
wear beards and no uniforms, but *Ibo
to smoke when not actually serving.
•'Now, let good digestion wait on appetite,
and health on both," is a favorite toast after
taking Angostura Bitters. Dr. J. 6. B. Biegert
A- Sons, manufacturers.
Oar Home Brew.
Staler St Zoeblein's Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught In all the principal aa
toons, delivered promptly in bottles or kegs
Office and Brewery. 444 Aliso st. Telephone 91.
Children Cry for Pitcher's JJastoria.'
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
Agents, tlau Fianciaco. Northern routes
embrace Hue* ior Portland, Ore.: Victoria, B.
(J., and Puget Souud, Alaska, and all coom
Time Table for December, 1891.
Port Harford ]
Santa Barbara... 8. 8. Coroaa, Dec. (S, 15, 24,
Kedondo I and Jun. 2.
San Pedro f3. 8. Pomona, Dec. 2, 11, 20,
Newport I 29, and Jan. 7.
San Diego I
For IS. S. Kureka, Dec. 4, 13, 22,
Redondo I 31. and Jan. ».
San Pedro and (8. B. Coos Bay, Dec. 9, IS, 27.
Way Porta J and Ji. 11. B.
Ifor 1 8. H. homona, Dec. 4,13, 22,
! 31, and Jan. it.
Newport... ,S. 8. Corona, Dec. 8,17, 20,
Sau Diego J and Jan. 4.
For 18. 8. Pomona, Dec. 6,15,24,
Ban Francisco... I and Jan. 2.
Port Harford.... [8. H. Corona, Dec. 1, 10,19,
Santa Barbara... I 28, and Jan. 6.
For 18. 8. Coos Bay, Dec. 3. 12
Han Francisco I 21, 30, and Jan. 8
and fS. 8. Kureka, Dec. 7,10,25,
Way Ports j and Jan. 3.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro,
leave S. P. R. R. depot, Fifth street, Los An
geles, at 3:25 o'clock a. m.
Passengers per steamer Corona and Pomona,
via Redondo, nortli bound, leave Santa Fe depot
at 10:15 a.m.; or from Redondo Railway depot,
corner Jefferson street and Grand aye, 10:05
a.m. *
Passengers per Coos Bay and 2ureka via
Redondo, leave Santa Fe depot at 4:50 p. m.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserve tbe right to change the
ste.itucrs or their days of sailing.
/.*•*• For passage or freight as above or for
tickets to aud from all important points In
Surope, apply to
W. PARRIB, Agent,
Office. No. 124 West Second st, los Angeles.
Trains arrive and depart Irom dopot, corner
of Aliso and Anderson streets, Los Angeles, as
3:00 a. m Monrovia..!.... 7:48 a.m.
11:10 a. m Monrovia .. j .... 9:53 a.m.
3:10 p.m Monrovia.. .... 2:03 p.m.
5:10 p. m Monrovia .. | . 5:03 p. m.
9:30 a. m Monrovia .. I .... 8:48 a.m.
5:10 p.m.. .. Monrovia .. | .... 4:48 p.m.
Take street car or 'bus from corner of Main
and Arcadia streets direct for depot.
WM. O. KERCKHOFF. Receiver.
4-1 tf S. P. JEWETT, (Jen. Manager.
Leave the corner Spring and Temple Btreets
for Hollywood and the foothills, as follows:
7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m.
1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.
4:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.
Notice, to Contractors for Furniture.
proposals will be received by the board of
supervisors of I.os Angeles county. California,
at its offlce, up to 12 o'clock m. of the 15th day
of December, 1891, for the furniture and fur
nishing required for the following i'oobb now
in course of completion in tho upper story of
the new county court house, to-wit: One court
room with chambers, jury, witness and report
er's room thereto, district attorney's offlce, ol
fices of the county superintendent of schools
mid county board of education, with library
Said furniture to lie ready for, and delivered,
and said furnishing to be done on the comple
tion of said rooms and offices, which will be in
about sixty days.
All of the same to be according to the plans,
specifications and drawings therefor on file
with said board; except chairs, samples of
which as proposed to be furnished must be de
livered to the clerk ol said board with such
Each bid to be accompanied by a certified
check for $500.
The board reserves the right to reject any or
all bids, and also to accept or reject any portion
of any bid.
By order of the board of supervisors of Los
Angeles emu t v. California.
T. 11. WARD,
County Clerk and ex-offlcio Clerk of the Board
of Supervisors of Los Angeles county, Cali
By Henry S. Krafp, Deputy Clerk. 11-20 14t
railway. Principal place of business, I.os
Angeles, Los Angeles county, California. Office,
232 North Main street, in sa id city of Los An
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the directors, held on the 24th day of Novem
ber, 1891, an order was made calling in the full
amount remaining unpaid on the subscribed
capital stock of said corporation, and an as
sessment to the full amount remaining unpaid
of the par value of one hundred dollars on each
share was levied upon the canital stock of the
corporation, payable immediately to F. Q.
Story, treasurer, at the offlce of the corporation
st 232 North Main street, Los Angeles city,
California. Any stock upon which the assess
ment here levied shall remain unpaid on the
24th (lay fcf December, 1891, will be delinquent
and advertised for sale at public auction, and
unless pivment is made betore, will be sold on
the 15th day oi January. 1892, to pay the delin
quent assessment, together with the cost of ad
vertising aud expenses ol sale.
Secretary. 232 North Main street, Los Angeles
city, California. 11-2(J-30d
holders of the Los Angeles City Water com
pany will be held at the office of the company
corner of Alameda and Marchessault streets,
on Monday, December 14,1891, at 3:30 p.m.
as per adjournment.
S. H. MOTT, Secretary
Los Angeles. November 19, 1891.
City papers please copy. 11-20 td
We offer to the public for coming
planting season our stock of
Nortbern grown and imported Gar
den, Field, Tree and Flower Seeds,
of which we have the largest and beet
assortment on the coast.
Dntch and Japanese Flowering Bulbs.
Utah Alfalfa, Grain and Grass Seeds
at lowest market price.
Complete Assortment of Implements
for the Garden.
Florist Supplies and Fancy Baskets
of our own importation from Switzer
land and Germany.
Ti.mnrted Memorial Designs in metal
Immortelle artificial
are of late introduc
ing very popular.
rries a large stock of Orna
>s and Trees. Cut Flowers
furnished on chore notice
to any part of the country
?E—Baker Block.
and Los' Angeles Sts.
23 d&w3m
Chicken lAce Killer.
t, or send for Free Circular te
itor Co., Petaluma, CaL
Sonthera Pacific Company.
Sunday, Nov. 1,1891.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Filth street, daily, as follows:
Leave For destination. i Arr. From
3:50 p.m Banning. I 10:15a.m
5:10 p. m Banning 10:00 p. m.
9:05 a.m Colton 4:20 p.m
3:60 p.m Coltou 10:0O;p. m.
5:10 p. ta Colton 10:15 a.m.
5:10 p. m Deming and East.... 10:00 p. m.
6:10 p.m EI Paso and East.... 10:00 p.m.
||0:00 p.m Chino ||8:37 a.m.
9:25 a.m. j Long and SanJ J;32 p. m .
12:40 p. m Long Beach 11:49 a. m.
4:60 p.m. « 15 »' m '
10:40 p.m. Ogden and East, Ist class 4:15 p.m
2:30 p. m. Ogden aud East, 2d class 7:25 a. in
10:40 p. m Portland, Or 7:25 a. m.
9:05 a. m Riverside 10:15 a.m.
3:50 p. in Riverside 4:20 p.m.
5:10 p.m Riverside 10:00 p.m.
9:05 a. m San Bernardino 10:15 a. m
3:50 p.m San Bernardino 4:20 p.m.
5:10p.m San Bernardino 10:00 p.m.
Redlands 10:15 a.m
9:05 a. m Redlands 4:2opm
3:50 p.m Redlands 10:00 p. m,
2:30 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 7:25 a. m.
10:40 p. m. San Frau. and Sacram'to 4:15 p. m.
|| 9:37 a.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim 9:00 a.m.
5:02 p. m. Santa Ana and Anaheim 2:14 p. m.
2:30 p. m Santa Barbara 4 15p.m.
7:25 a. m Santa Barbara 9.05 p.m.
9:30 a m.i Santa Monica 12:17p.m
1:17 p.m.! Santa Monica j 4:28 p.m.
5:07 p.m Santa Monica | 8:37 a.m.
||6:15 p. m Santa Monica ||7:50 a. m
4 :40 p. m Tustin 8:43 a. m.
4:40p.m Whittier 8:43 a.m.
Whittier || 4:20 p.m.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage
chocked, Pullman sleeping car reservations
made, aud general information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. G. Pas. Agt.,
No. 200 S. Spring St., cor. Second. CHARLXS
SEYLER, Agent at Depots.
II Sundays excepted.
EICH'D GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
tf Gen'l Passenger Agt.
COMPANY (BantaKe Route).
Leave. Arrive.
♦12:20 pm Overland * 2:45 pm
* 8:15 am San Diego Coast Line. * 1:17 pm
* 3:05 pm . Hau Diego Coaßt Line... * 7:15 pm
* 8:30 am Azusaand Pasadena.. * 9:55 am
•10:25 am ..Azusaand Pasadena.. * 2:25 pm
•12:20 pm Azusaand Pasadena.. * 2:45 pm
* 4:00 pm Azusaand Pasadena.. * 6:30 pm
t 1.25 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena.. 1 7:40 am
t 5:22 pm Azuta and Pasadena, t 4:40 pm
* 7:25 pm Azusaand Pasadena., j 7:45 pm
tll:00 pm Azusaand Pasadena "10:37 pm
t 7:45 am Pasadena t 8:50 am
ni'to pS i Bernardino via < I gig *»
♦ 4:00 lm > Fasadena \ , 6:30 £ m
•11:00 am i San Bernardino via < •10:15 am
• 5:05 pm > Orange and Riv- I* 5:42 pm
) erside (
• a .'an „„ ( Riverside via Pasa- l * s .~ n
8:30 am j dena and Ban j,, dno J 6.30 pm
•11:00 am . .Riverside via Orange.. "10:15 am
* 5.06 pm Riverside via Orange. • 6:42 pm
t,S:oo *™ I Redlands and Men <*, SjSS » ra
tone, via Pasadena. | P£
•11:00 am > Redlands and Men- < '10:15 am
* f>:or> pm > tone Orange and <• 5:42 pm
I Rfverslde (
no.on ) Sau Jacinto via San l t 2:45 pm
IIZ.ZO pm j Bernardino fit 6:30 pm
j Temecula and Ban < . in .,n „ m
111:00 am [ Jacinto via Orange ) IfiJa „™
S and East Riverside ' ' °*- pm
* 8:15 am HantaAna t 8:50 am
• 3:05 pm BantaAna • 1:17 pm
Santa Ana • 7:15 pm
t 4:42 pm Santa Ana * 5:42 pm
t 3 :05 pm Escondido via Coast Line t 1:17 pm
•10:15 am . ..Redondo Beach. .. * 8:29 am
• 4:50 pm Redondo Beach !• 3.53 pm
112:20 pm ( Highland via Pasa- |lf 6:30 pm
t 8:30 am ( dena j
! Highland via i
Orange aud River- < t 5:42 pm
side. (
• Dally, t Dally except Sunday. J Sundays
XD. CHAMBERS. Ticket Agent,
First-street Depot.
OHAB. T. PARSONrf, Ticket Agent,
120 North Spring street, Los Angeles.
Depot at foot of First street. fta
Los Angeles Terminal Railway Go.
Leave Los Angeles ior Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles.
♦ 6:35 a. m t 6:00 a. m.
* 7:10 a.m. t 7:15 a. m.
* 8:00 a. m * 8:05 a. m.
• 9:30 a. ni * 9:35 a. m.
•11:00 a. m •11:06 a. m.
•12.00 m • 1:00 p. m
• 2:00 p. m • 2:05 p. m,
• 4:00 p. m • 4:05 p. m
• 5:20 p. m • 5:25 p. m.
• 6:20 p. m • 7:05 p. m.
• 9:25 p. m •10:30p,m.
•11:25 p.m •12:15 a.m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7minutes later.
Running time between Los Angelas and Pasa
dena 30 minutes.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angeles.
• 9:30 a. m H0:40 a. m.
• 4:00 p. m • 5:00 p. m.
Running time between Loa Angelea and Alta
dena, 55 minutes.
Glendale depot, east end of Downey-avenue
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale for Los
Glendale. Angelea.
♦ 7:20 a. m t 7:55 a. m.
* 8:40 a. m * 9:37 a. m.
•12:15 a. m • 1:12 p. m.
• 3:00 p. m • 3:47 p. m
• 5:30 p. ra * 6:17 p. m,
Running time between Los Angeles and Glen
dale, 30 minutes. Add 5 minutes for Verdugo
Park time.
I.us Angeles, Long Beach and East San Pedro.
Dkpot—East end of First-st. Bridge.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East Sau Pedro
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angeles.
10:30a.m 7:30 a m
$ 1:30 p.m... {12:00 m
5:30 p m 4:00 p.m
Between Los Angeles and Long Beach, 50
minutes: between Los Angeles and East San
Pedro, 1 hour; between East San Pedro and
Long Beach, 10 minutes.
•Dally. tDaily, except Sundays. {Sundays
only. Stages meet the 8:05 a.m. train at
Pasadena lor Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties
Depots oast end First st. and Downey-avenue
General offices, First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, Gen. Manager
Jy2-tf W. WINCUP. G. P. A.
Redondo ail way
In Effect Monday, Oct. 5, 5 a.m., '91.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jef
ferson st.
Take Grand aye. cable or Main-st. and Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angeles Redondo
for Redondo. for Los Angeles
8:50 a.m. daily 7:00 a.m. daily
10.05 a.m. dally 8:40 a.m. daily
1:35 p.m. daily 11 25 a.m. daily
5:35 p.m. dally 4:10 p.m. daily
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo 50 minutes.
President. Supt.
Gompagnie Generale Transatlantique.
North river,foot of Morton street. JBmHBBL
Travelers by this line avoid both transit by
English railway and the discomfort of crossing
the Channel in a small boat.
LA BRETAGNE, November 14th.
LA BOURGOGNE, November 21st.
LA GABCOGNE, November 28th.
LA CHAMPAGNE, December sth.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FOBGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York.
J. F. FUGAZI * CO., Agents, 5 Montgomery
aye., San Francisco. d29-tf
Establishing Rates of License for the
County of Los Angeles, State of
lue board of supervisors of I.os Angeles
\ county do ordain as follows.
Section 1. Every person regularly engaged,
or hereafter engaged, in the busiuess of auc
tioneering cither his owa goods, or goods of
others, at a fixed place or otherwise,
shall jiay a license lax therefor at tbe rate of
twenty dollars per quarter.
Section 2. Every person principallyor wholly
engaged iv hanking, loaning money at interest,
or In buyli.g or selling notes, bonds or other
evidences ■•( indebtedness of private persons,
orinbuyh.g or selling state, county or city
Btock, or other evidences of state, county or
city indebtedness, or stockß or notes, bonds or
other evidences of indebtedness of incorpo
rated companies, shall paya license tax at the
rate of ten dollars per quarter.
Section 3. Pawnbrokers shall pay a license
tax at the rate of fifty dollars per quarter.
Section 4. For every traveling exhibition or
entertainment, the exhibitor thereof shall pay
alicense tax as follows:
For every exhibition of a caravan, museum,
menagrrle, or collection of animals, not in
cluded in or with a circuß, twenty-five dollars
per day; for every exhibition of a circus, not in
cluded in or combined with a menagerie, mu
seum or collection of animals, twenty-five
dollars per day; for every exhibition of a cir
cus included iv or combined with a menagerie,
museum or collection of animals, fifty dollars
per day; for every side-show lo a menagerie,
museum or circus where a separate admission
fee iB charged, five dollars per day.
Section 5. Every person, except as herein
after provided iv section 24, who sells, gives
away, or furnishes vinous, malt or spirituous
liquors in quantities not less than one-fifth of
a gallon shall pay a license tax therefor at the
rate of twenty tivt dollars per quarter; pro
vided, that the liquors so sold or furnished shall
not be drunk iv, upon or about the premises
where it is sold or lurnished; aud provided
further, that no license shall be issued to any
person under the provisions ol this section un
til such person shall have executed a joint and
several bond to the county of lxis Angeles, with
two or more sufficient sureties, iv the principal
sum of one thousand dollars, and such bond
shall have been filed with and approved by the
board of supervisors of said county, which
bond shall be for the term of oneyear, andshall
be conditioned that the principal of such bond
during the timethat he shall continue the busi
ness specified, not exceeding the term oi the
bond, will pay all license taxes that are new,
or may hereafter, be imposed on such business
by this or any ordinance of the said board of
supervisors, "and that he will conduct such
business and the place In or ;it which the tame
may be carried ou, in conformity Willi the laws
of the state of California, this ordinance
and any other ordinance of the said board
of supervisors, now existing or hereafter
adopted by it, for the lawful regulation
of such business or place, in incorporated cities
and towns su id boud ami all succeeding ones,
to be renewed at the expiration of the term
therein named by a new one ol like term,
amount, form and effect. If at any time in the
judgment of the board of supervisors, the sure
ties on such bond or cither of them, become in
sufficient, the said board may require the prin
cipal to execute a new bond with sullicient
sureties iv like lorm and amount as theflrst
bond; and if he fails so to do within ten days
after the mailing of written notice to him of
such requirement, stating the reason therefor,
the said board may revoke the license issued,
and the licenae fees thereuuder paid shall be
forfeited to the county. If at any time it shall
appear to the satisfaction of the board of su
pervisors alter having given the principal a
reasonable notice and opportunity to be heard,
that he has violated any of tbe conditions of
his bond, the board may at once revoke bis
license and declared his bond forfeited.
Section 6. Exery person, except as herein
after provided in section 24, who, in a saloon,
restaurant, drug store or other place, either
personally, or by agent, servant or employee,
sells, gives or furnishes to others, in quantities
less than one fifth of a gallon, vinous, malt or
spiritpus liquors, shall pay for each and every
room, compartment, bar or place inor at w nidi
sneli liquor isso sold.givenorfuniisned.aliccnse
tax of twenty dollars per month, payable quar
terly in advance; provided, that in cities or in
corporated towns w here a license tux is im
posed for, carrying on such business, the
amount of such license imposed by this ordi
nance shall be i educed by the amount
of such city or town license, but shall not
be so reduced in any case to less than
fifteen dollars per month; provided further
that no license shall be issued or delivered to
any such person uuder this section, until after
such person shall have executed a joiut and
several bond to the county of Los Angeles in
the principal sum of two thousand dollars, on
the same terms, conditions, liabilities and re
strictions as provided in tbe preceding sectien,
in incorporated cities and towns said boud and
all succeeding bonds to be renewed at the ex
piration of the term therein specified, by the
filing of a new one in the place thereof, of like
term, amount, form and effect.
Section 7. Every traveling merchant, hawker
or peddler who carries a pack of aud vends
goods, wares or merchandise M any kind, other
than manufactures or productions of this State,
shall pay a license tax therelor at the rate of
Ihieedollars per month; and such traveling
merchant, hawker or peddler who uses a wagon
or ono or more animals for the purposeof vend
ing goods, wares or merchandise ol any kiud,
other than manulactures or productions of this
State, shall pay a license tax therefor of six
dollars per month for each outfit.
Section 8. There shall be appointed by the
Board of Supervisors of this county, one or
more license tax collectors who shall hold
office during the pleasure of said Hoard; and
in case oi more than one such collector being
appointed to hold office for the same time, the
order or orders of appointment shall define the
territory or part of the country in which each
fill till it ft
It shall be the duty of such collector or
collectors to collect all license taxes
under this ordinance, and perform such
other duties as are by this ordinance pre
scribed. Such collectors shall be qualified
electors of Los Angeles county, and before en
tering upon the duties of ihe office, shall tase
and subscribe to the constitutional oath of
office and file the same with the clerk oi said
board, and eacli shall also execute a bond to
the county in such sum as may be fixed by the
board of supervisors, with at least two good
and sufficient sureties to be approved by said
board, conditioned for the faithful discharge of
the duties of such office; said bond to be so
filed and approved, and said oath so taken and
filed, within ten days Irom the date of said
appointments, otherwise, said appointments to
be void and of no effect. Such collector or
collectors shall receive a compensation, the
same to be fixed and determined by the board
of supervisors, and to be allowed and audited
the same as other claims against the county.
Section 9. The county auditor must prepare
aud have printed blank licenses of all classes
mentioned in this ordinance for terms of three
months, and for such other terms as are hereiu
authorized to be issued, with a blank receipt
attached for the signature of the license tax
collector when sold, and with stubs to be at
tached and returned to the auditor, showing to
whom, for what business, at what place, and
the date and time for which such license Is
issued, and the amount received therefor.
Section 10. The auditoriuust affix his official
seal to, number and Bign all licenses, from
time to time, and deliver them to the licenae
tax collector or collectors of the county,
in such quantities as may be required
by him or them, taking a receipt
therefor, from such collector or collectors, and
charging such collector or collectors with the
same, making an entry of the numbers, classes
and amounts thereof.
Section 11. The auditor must keep the nec
essary proper books iv which lie must keep the
accounts of the collector or collectors of all
licenses delivered to such collector or collec
tors and sold or returned by him or them. A
correct statement of each collector's account
must be certified to the county treasurer and to
the board of supervisors on the first Monday of
each month by the auditor.
Section 12. A licenso must be procured im
mediately before the continuance hereunder or
the commencement of any business or occupa
tion liable to a license tax, from the license tax
collector or collectors of this county, which
license shall authorize the party obtaining the
same in his or its town, city or particular local
ity in the county, to transact the business de
scribed ml such license. A separate license
must be obtained for each branch establishment
or separate house of Dusiness located in this
county. No license issued under this ordinance
shall authorize any person to carry on any
business within the limits of any incoporated
city or town, having power to impose or levy
city or town license tax unless in additou
thereto, the license required by such city or
town be also procured; and no person shall
transact any business hereinbefore specified
without flrßt obtaining a license therefor.
Section 13. All sums of money for
license provided for by this ordinance are
due and payable quarterly in advance at the
offlce of the license tax collector, ana all li
censes herein provided for shall be issued quar
terly in advance, except where it is herein
otherwise expressly provided, or it clearly ap
pears that payment is to be made and license
issued otherwise, and all quarterly licenses
shall end with the last day of March, June, Sep
tember and December of each year. All blanks
for quarterly license* as prepared by tbe aud
itor shall contain a statement to tho effect that
they aye for the term of three months from....
to ••• .
Provided, that tho first licenso may be Issued
for tho unexpired fraction of a quarter at the
same rate. , , ,
Section 14. Against any person required by
this ordinance to take out a license who faiiß,
neglects or refuses to take out such license, or
who carries on or attempts to carry on business
without such license, the license tax collector,
whose duty it is to collect such taxes, shall di
rect suit in the name of the County of Los An
geles, as plaint! IV, to be brought for the recov
ery of the license tax. In case of recovery by
the plaintiff, ten dollars judgment must be ad
ded to the Judgment ancf costs, to be collected
from the defendant, and when, collected must
be paid to tbe license tax collector institntlng
such suit, as compensation for his services
Section 15. Every rierson who violates any
of tbe provisions of this ordinance shall be
guilty of s. misdemeanor, and upon convicUon
thereof, shall be punished by imprisonment Ui
the county jail, not less than thirty days, nor
more than one hundred days, or by a fine of not
less than fifty dollars, nor more than one hun
dred dollars, or by both such fine and impris
A Judgment that the defendant pay a fine
may also direct tbat he be imprisoned until the
line be satisfied, specifying trio extent of im
prisonment which must not exceed one day for
every dollar of the fine.
Section 10. On the last business day preced
ing the first Monday of each month, the collec
tor must make a report to the auditor of all
license money collected, return to him the
stubs of all licenses issued during the preced
ing month, deposit the money so collected with
the county treasurer, and take duplicate re
ceipts therefor, one of which he shall file with
the auditor.
The auditor must thereupon credit the col
lector and charge the treasurer therewith. On
the last day of March, June, September and De
cember of each year the collector must return
to the auditor all license blanks unsold and be
credited therewith.
Section 17. No person, who is holden as a
principal or surety upou any bond given under
the provisions of this ordinance, shall be per
mitted to become a surety upon any other bond
given to comply with either of the sections
hereof. The provisions of this section shall not
apply to regularly incorporated surety compan
Section 18. No license to sell, give or furnish
vinous, malt or spirituous liquors uuder this
ordinance shall be Issued until ordered to be is
sued by the board of supervisors, written notice
of which said orders shall be given to tho
license tax collector or collectors, as the case
may be, by the clerk of the said board of super
Section 19. To carry on the busiuess men
tioned in section 0 of this ordinance, applica
tion for license therefor shall be made in writ
ing to the board of supervisors, which applica
tion shall describe the place where the business
is to be carried on, whether the applicant al
ready holds a municipal licence ttierefor, and
if so the particulars thereof, whether the appli
cant is to carry on the same in bis own interest,
or as the agent, servant, representative or em
ploye of another; and if an such agent, servant,
representative or employe, of whom, and shall
give the address of the principal, and shall be
signed by the applicant.
Each application, except where the applicant
holds a municipal license, shall be accompanied
with live dollars lor cost of advertising, the same
to be paid to the clerk of the board.
Section 20. On the receipt of such applica
tions lor license under section 6 of this ordi
nance, the board of supervisors shall fix a day
for hearing the same, and the clerk of said board
shall publish a list of all such applications iv a
newspaper of general circulation in the county
to be determined by the board, for at least twen
ty days before the time set for hearing.
When the applicatiou is made in the manner
provided for In section 19 hereof, the board of
supervisors may order the license to be issued,
provided, a protest against the issuance of the
license, signed by the qualified electors of the
election precinct in which the place described
in the applicatiou as the place where the busi
ness is to be carried on 18 situated, in number
equal to two-thirds 0 3 ) of the votes cast at the
last preceding general election in such precinct
is not filed with the clerk of the board of super
visors at least one day before the time set for
such hearing; if such protest is filed, the board
of supervisors shall not allow the license to be
A right to a license under such application
may extend for a period of one year and no I
more, This section shall not apply to incor
porated cities or towns where a license has
been issued by the municipalauthorities there
Section 21. Any person having once been
refused a license under section ti of this ordi
nance, or having failed to prosecute his applica
tion therefor, by reason of a protest being filed
as provided in section 20, shall not be granted
a license upon aßecorid application made within
six months after the first application ;and noner
6cn shall lie granted a licenseupon anyappliea
tion niter having bean twice refused by reason
if such protest: provided further, that any ap
plicant for license under said section 6 may be
examined under oath, and any computent evi
dence may lie adduced ax to who is the real
party in interest, and if the board of supervis
ors are satisfied tbat the application is not in
the interest of the party in whose name the ap
plication is made, they may refuse to grant the
license; and if found to be in the interest of
one who has already been refused a license,
they may treat the application as if made by
the real party in interest, and the application
shall have the same effect against any future
application, as if it had been made in the name
of the real party in interest.
Section 22. All vinous, malt or Bpirtuous
liquors sold, given away or furnished to others
under the provisions of this ordinance, shall be
dispensed in a single room: no games shall be
played, dealt, carried on or opened for money,
checks or other representatives of value in
such room, nor shall such room be
connected by any opening, door
or passageway with any room where
games are playod, dealt, opened or carried on
for money, checks_.or other representatives of
Section 23. Eyery place where vinous, malt
or spirituous liquors are sold, given or furnished
to others under the provisions of this ordinance
mall be and remain closed from twelve p. m.
on Saturday night until five o'clock a. m. on
Monday, and between the hours ot twelve p.m.
and five o'clock a. m. at all other times, and
between said hours no vinous, malt or spiritu
ous liquors shall be sold, given away or fur
nished, provided that this section shall not ap
ply to incorporated cities or towns.
Section 24. The provisions of this ordinance
shall not apply to druggists or apothecaries,
either selling, giving away or furnißhing vin
ous, malt or spirituous liquors in pursuance»of
prescriptions of a regularly licensed physician;
to physicians, surgeons, apothecaries or chem
ists for liquors used by them in the preparation
of medicines, or in tbe arts; nor to the selling,
giving away or furnishing of the same by keep
ers of hotels or restaurants to guests only, when
served at tables with regular meals taken by
such guests in such hotels, or purchased in such
restaurants; nor to the selling or furnishing of
wine iv quantities not less than one gallon
manufactured in thiscounty from grapes grown
iv this county, when sold or furnished by the
manufacturer on the premises where manufac
tured, and not permitted to be drunk in, upon
or about the premises where sold or furnißhed.
Section 25. For the purposes of this ordi
nance the words "hotel" aud.■'restaurant" shall
each be construed to mean a place where meals
are regularly furnished to travelers and guests,
the meals being prepared with such frequency,
aud consisting of such variety and quantity as
is ordinarily furnished by hotels and boarding
houses to boarders who pay a stipulated price
for their meals by the day or week; and shall
not be in the same room, nor connected by a
door with any room where a retail liquor busi
ness is conducted under section 6 of this ordi
Section 26. Nothing in this ordinance con
tained shall be construed or deemed to author
ize the sale or furnishing of intoxicating
liquors to minors, Indians, habitual drunkards,
or to any person or class of persons to whom
such sale or furnishing of liquor is prohibited
by law.
Section 27. Whenever the word "person" or
"party" is used in this ordinance referring to
those liable to pay license tax, the same Is
intended and shall be construed to mean and
include afirm, association or corporation; and
whenever the terms used in this ordinance
designate the principal, the same shall be con
strued to mean and include the agents, ser
vants, representatives and employes of such
Section 28. An ordinance entitled "ordi
nance establishing and fixing rates of licenses
for the county of Los Angeles, state of Califor
nia," passed the 4th day of June, 1891, and all
ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict
with this ordinance are hereby repealed.
Section 29. This ordinance shall take effect
and lie in force on and after the first day of
January, 1892, and prior to the expiration of
fifteen days from the passage thereof, be pub
lished for the period of ten days in the Even
ing Express, Daily Hkkald and Daily Times,
newspapers printed and published in the
county of Los Augeles, with the names of the
members of the board of supervisors of said
county voting for and against the same.
[seal| S. M. PERRY,
Chairman of ihe Board of Supervisors of Los
Angeles County, California,
Attkst: T.H.WARD,
County Clerk and Ex-offlcio Clerk of the
Board of Supervisors of Los AngelesCouuty,
Deputy Clerk.
State ok California, (
County of Los Angeles. (
I, T. H. Ward, County Clerk oi Los Angeles
county, California, and ex-oflicio clerk of the
baard of supervisors thereof, do hereby certify
that at a regular meeting of the board of super
visors of Los Angeles county, California, held
on Friday, the 13th day of November, 1891, at
which meeting there were present SupervisosH
8. M. Perry, chairman; Supervisors E.
A. Forrester, A. E. Davis, J. W. Cook aud H, C,
Hubbard, and the clerk, the loregoing ordi
nance, containing twenty-nine sections.was first
considered section by section, and each section
separately adopted bythe following vote,to-wit:
Sections one, two, three, four, five, seven, eight,
nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fif
teen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,
twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty three,
twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty
seven, twenty-eight and twenty-nine.
Ayes: Supervisors Perry, Forrester, Cook, Da
vis and Hubbard.
Noes: None.
Section six:
Ayes: Supervisors Cook, Davis and Hubbard.
Noes: Supervisors Perry and Forrester; and
that the ordinance as a whole was then passed
by the following vote, to-wit,
Ayes: Supervisors Forrester, Cook, Davis and
Noes: Supervisor Perry.
lv witness whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal this 13th. day
ol November, 1891.
, |Beal L, . T. n. WARD,
County Clerk oi Los Aiige.er, County, Califor
nia, und ex-offlcio Clerk of the Board of Su
pervisors of said county,
liy Henry 8. Kxarr, Deputy. 11-17:15t
county oi Los Augeles, State of California.
Elizabeth Hollonbeck, plaintiff, vs, M. I.
Wicks, James I. McCarthy, J. I. Weed, Chsrlcs
McCarthy, Mrs. 1.. X, Heusler, Edward McCar
thy, Cyrus P. Cook, F. J. Chamberlain, Minnie
A. Austin, W. H. Avery as administrator of the
estate of John R. Clark, J. ii. Hlnkle, Fort
Bragg Redwood company, a corporation, An
drew Glassel, Isaac N. Van Nuys, George W.
Hughes, Mrs. R. L. Gilbert, H. E. Cheesebro,
Dr B li, Hopkins, (i. H. Blount, Rev. John A.
Wood, F. E. Hamilton, John Doe, Richard Roe
and W. F. Jewett, defendants.
No. 15,309.
Action brought in the Superior Court of the
state of California, iv and for the county of Los
Angeles, and the complaint filed in said county
of Los Angeles, in the office of the clerk of said
superior court.
The people of the state of California send
greeting to
M. L Wicks, James P. McCarthy, J. I. Weed,
Charles McCarthy, Mrs. L. E. Hensler, Edward
McCarthy, Cyrus F. Cook, F. J. Chamberlain,
Minnie A. Austin, W. H. Avery as administra
tor of the estate of John R. Clark, J. B. Hlnkle,
Fort Bragg Redwood Company, a corporation,
Andrew Glassel, Isaac N. Van Nuys,George W.
Hughes, Mrs. R. L. Gilbert, H. E. Cheesebro. Dr.
E. B. Hopkins, G. 11. Blount, Rev. John A.
Wood, F. E. Hamilton, John Doe. Richard Roe
and W. V. Jewett, defendants.
You are hereby required to appear in an act
ion brought against you by the above-named
plaintiff, in the Superior Court of the State of
California, in and for the County of Los An
geles, and to answer the complaint filed there
in, within ten days (exclusive of the day of ser
vice) after the service on you of this summons,
if served within this county; or, if served else
where, within thirty days, cr judgment by de
fault will be taken against you, according to
tbe prayer of said complaint.
The Bald action is brought to obtain a decree
of this court for the foreclosure of a mortgage
described in said complaint and executed by
thesaidM L. Wicks on the 31st day of May.
1887, to secure the payment of five certain
promissory notes of even date with said mort-
f age, each of said notes being made by the de
endaut M. 1.. Wicks; two of which said notes
are of the sum of $10,393.50, due respectively
one and two years after date payable to Bdward
H. Hollenbeck or order, with interest at the
rate of eight per cent, per annum from date un
til i .aid. interest payable every six months, and
if not so paid to be compounded every
six months and bear the Bame rate of
iuterest as the principal. One of said notes,
same date, rate of interest, terras and condi
tions being lor the sum of five thousand dol
lars, payable to Elizabeth Hollenbeck, and two
of said notes, same date, rate of interest, terms
and conditions being for ttie sum of $21,177.50
each, payable to said Elizabeth Hollenbeck,
and due respectively one and two years after
It being alleged in said complaint that said
note for $5000.00 and said note for $21,177.50,
due one year after date, have been paid in full,
and that there is now due upon said notes re
maining unpaid the sum of $35,705.23, with
interest thereon since the Ist day of March,
1891, at the rate of eight per cent per annum,
compounded every six months, and the sum of
$300.00 paid by plaint in for taxes on the mort
gaged premises under the terms of said mort
gage, with interest thereon from the
loth day of December, 1890, at the rate of
eight per cent, per annum compounded every
six months; that the premises conveyed by
said mortgage, upon which said mortgage is
now a lien (a description thereof being set
forth in exhibit "H" of said complaint), may be
solil, and the proceeds applied to the payment
of said mortgage debt, and said $300.00 paid
for taxes as aforesaid, and a reasonable counsel
fee. (it being alleged in said complaint that
$l. r ioo.oo is a reasonable counsel fee for the
foreclosure of said mortgage), ami costs of suit.
In case such proceeds are not sufficient to pay
the Bame then to obtain an execution against
said defendant M. L. Wicks for the balance
remainingdue,and also that the defendants
and all persons claiming by, throughor under
them, or either of them, may be barred
and foreclosed of all right, title, claim,
Hen and equity of redemption and
interest in and to said mortgaged premises, ard
for other and further relief as will more fully
appear by reference to the complaint filed
And you are hereby notified that if you fail
to appear and answer the said complaint as
above required, the said plaintiff' will apply to
the court for the relief demanded in the said
Given under mv hand and the seal of the
superior court of the county of Los Angeles,
on the 15th day of September, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and
IBEAL.I T. H. WARD, Clerk.
By A. W. Seavkb, Deputy. 11-10 tues lOt
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
executor of the last will and testament of
Annie Farrell, deceased, to the creditors of, and
all persons having claims against the said de
ceased, to exhibit the Bame with the necessary
vouchers, within four (4) months after the first
publication of this notice to the said executor,
at the law offices of Isidore B. Dockweiler, Esq.,
rooms 10 and 11 Bryson -Bonebrake block, cor
ner Spring and Second streets, in the city of
Lob Angeles, county of Lob Angeles, State of
California, the same being tbe place for the
transaction of the business of said estate, In the
county of Los Angeles.
Dated this 6th day of November, A.D. 1891.
Executor of the last will and testament of
Annie Farrell, deceased.
Isidore b. Dockwbiler, attorney for estate.
First publication Novemlier 7th, A.D. 1891.
11-7 tf
holders of the Crystal Springs Land and
Water company will be held at the offlce of tbe
company, corner of Alameda and Marchessault
streets, on Monday, December 14,1891, at 3:30
p.m., as per adjournment.
8. H. MOTT, Secretary.
Los Angeles, November 19,1891.
City papers please copy. 11-20 td
to purchase or lease any portion of the
north fractional % of Sec. l.Town. 3,
R. 12 W, of San Bernardino M er.. or to lease the
same or any portion thereof, as I am the right
ful owner of the same and improvements, and
wil neither admit any right to lease or sell
without my permission.
November 21,1891. 11-22-lm
Dr. E. C. West's Nerve and Beam Treat
Kent, a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Dizzi
ness, Convulsions, Fits, Nervous Neuralgia,
Headache, Nervous Prostration caused by the
use of alcohol or tobacco, Wakefulness, Mental
Depression, Softening of the Brain resulting in
insanity and leading to misery, decay and
death, Premature Old Age, Barrenness, Loss ol
Power In either sex, Involuntary Losses and
Spermatorrhoea caused by over-exertion of tbo
brain, self-abuse or o\ ci- indulgence. Each box
contains one month's treatment. $1.00 a box,
or six boxes for $5.00, sent by mail prepaid on
receipt ol price.
To cure any case. With each order received of
us for six boxes, accompanied with $5.00, >."»
will Bend the purchaser our written guarantee
to refund the money if the treatment does not
effect a cure. Guarantees issued only by
If. M. SALE & SON,
Druggists, sole agents, 226 8. Spring street
Los Angeles. Cal.
Gaeily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
Weakness, Nervousness, Debility, and all
the train of evils from early errorsor later excesses,
the results of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full
strength, development, and tone given to every
organ and portion ol the body. Simple, natural
methods. Immediate improvement seen. Failure
Impossible. 2,000 references. Book, explanations
and pn aifs mailed (sealed) free. Address
M E, S O Is acknowledge?
JB-~\ tl,e leading remedy lot
««morrhd?a A Gleet.
Httff <aauM Btrisun. " Le i>corrli<ieaorV\,bites
M I vresenoe it and fuel
8551 _ mmsbljit safe in recommending i|
taai to all sufferers
~W 1! SoI4 *>T Bragfflittfß.
i'HICK Ol «U.

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