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The Graves Murder Trial Re
sumed at Denver.
An Alleged Indian Outbreak at
Cheyenne Agency.
Particulars of a Horrible Railway
Disaster iv Missouri.
Some Doubt as to the Identity of the
Skull Offered as Evidence In the
Sawtelle Murder Case.
Eastern Echoes.
Associated Press.Dlspatcbes.
Denver, Colo., Dec. B.—The trial of
Dr. Graves, charged with the murder of
Mra. Barnaby, waa reaumed today.
District Attorney Stevena made the
opening addreaa. He gave a graphic ac
count of Mra. Barnaby'a life from the
time of her marriage, her friendship for
Graves and their final misunderstand-
ing; her unfortunate trip weat and her
death in this city.
He then proceeded to ahow the jury
upon what facta and circumstances he
relied for the conviction of the defend
ant. He said: "It ia a fact which we
will establish to your satisfaction, that
at the time of Mra. Barnaby'a reaching
Denver on thia last fatal trip, it waa her
intention to take from Dr. Graves all
the paoperty and money in hia control
Mad inveat it in business in thia city,
and tbat ahe waa aleo seriously thinking
of changing her will and cutcing off
Graves, who waa a beneficiary to the
extent of $25,000, and also drawing
an annual ealary from tier of $5000. We
are prepared to prove that tbe package
containing the fatal bottle mailed in
Boston, waa stamped with stamps pur
chased in Providence, and it ia evident
that tbia waa done for the purpose of
misleading the recipienta. The addresa
and inscription on tbe package are dis
guised handwriting which we are aatia
.fied we will be able to prove to you iB
tbe hand of Dr. Graves.
Stevens concluded: "We will chow
yon, gentlemen, that Graves was the
only person in the world who could have
any motive for the destruction of this
lady. We will ahow by circumstantial
evidence that thia bottle of Fowler'a
solution waa prepared and mailed by
the defendant. We propose that thia
prosecution shall stand upon ita merits,
without regard to what the defenae has
The Reds at Cheyenne Agency Going On
the Warpath.
Miles City, Mont,. Dec. B.—Ordera
have been received from headquartera
in St. Paul for the troopa at Fort Keogh
to go to Cheyenne agency, aatheYeds
are dancing, in violation of ordera, and
have notified the agent that they intend
to make an attack. Tbe disorder iB due
to the general land office allowing those
set tiers who claimed prior righta within
the reaervation to make final proofa
Chicago, Dec. 8. —Army officers in
this department are inclined to discredit
the reports telegraphed here that the
Indians at Cheyenne agency have gone
on the war path. Captain Huggins, of
General Miles's staff, says it iB hardly
possible that the Cheyeunes will at this
time attempt an outbreak. They are
dissatisfied because the whites who Bet
tied on their reservation were allowed
to remain, with the likelihood of getting
patents for their land. The number of
Cheyennes ia greatly overestimated in
the diapatehea. and instead of 2000 there
are not more than 300 able-bodied men
on the reservation.
A Wreck That Was Worse Than at First
West Plains, Mo., Dec. 8. —The wreck
which occurred two miles north of here,
last night, was more disastrous than
■first reports indicated. The scene that
followed the collision waa horrible. In
the caboose of the construction train
•were twenty-four men, and not
one of 'them escaped injury, four
being killed and nineteen others dan
gerously hurt, aome of them fatally.
Many of the neighboring farmera were
quickly on the ecenea of diaaster, and
did everything in their power to allevi
ate the suffering of the injured. Tlioße
of the injured who could be removed
were taken to the hoepital at Fort Scott.
Of the injured, Ben Martin and few
others will die. The cause of the wreck
was neglect on the part of the conductor
and engineer of the construction train.
BAwTELLE'B head.
Some Doubt as to Whether the Skull
Found Is His.
Concord, N. IL, Dec. B.—ln the Saw
telle case today, considerable comment
was caueed by the fact that the skull
supposed to be that of Hiram Sau telle,
had, when found, no teeth whatever in
the upper jaw, and but aix front teeth
in the lower iaw. Mrs. Sawtelle stated
today tbat her husband had several
teeth in the upper jaw, and those of the
lower jaw were good and regular. The
prosecution, it is aaid, ia not inclined to
admit tbat the akull ia that of Hiram
Sawtelle, nntil good and sufficient evi
dence is offered on that point.
Hi. A. C. Fish Makes a Modest Demand
for Southern California.
Chicago, Dec. 8. —A. C. Fish, presi
dent of the Southern California World'a
Fair aaaociation, has applied for epace
iv horticultural ball, 88 by 270 feet. He
wants to bring a lot of orange trees in
hearing condition. He also applied for
five acres outdoora for lemon, lime,
ornamental and nursery trees, and sup
plemented this by an application for
:!000 feet of table space for fruit in
Sensational Failures.
_St. Paul, Dec. 8. —There are sensa
tional developmenta growing out of the
Bußhnell & Buahnell and Standard In
vestment company failurea. The two
concerns assigned a month ago with lia
bilities half a million and assets aaid to
be half that amount. The assignee
found affairs very complicated. In a de
cision by the supreme court today, it ia
held that tbe plan followed by the Arm,
in the majority of their tranaactions,
viz: acting as buyers in one capacity
and sellers in another in the same tran
saction, is inconsistent with the estab
lished rules of law, and therefore illegal.
Held for Manslaughter.
Tkknton, N. J., Dec. B.—The conduc
tor and engineer of a train which ob
structed the course df a New York ex
press, causing a collision on Thursday
last on the Philadelphia & Reading rail
road, have been held to the grand jury
on the charge of manslaughter, by tbe
coroner's jury.
The Snaniah government ban con
cluded details for a loan of 25,000,000
At Heanor, Nottingham, a man
strangled his wife and then committed
suicide by drowning himself in a
The pope haa inatructed the papal
nuncio in Paris to diaavow the present
action of the French bishops in the
affair of the archbiahop of Aix.
The private banking firm of Bawlree,
Dawnay & Curaeon, of Colchester, Eng.,
auapended temporarily on Tueaday.
They expect to pay their liabilities.
A dispatch from Vladivostock says
thieves have robbed the goverpment
treasury there of $250,000. Tbe thieves
entered and escaped from the treasury
by an underground passage.
A dispatch from Nifka, Russian Po
land, states that the first report of the
colliery accident there was greatly ex
aggerated; the lobs of life instead of
being ISO, as at first stated, is not more
than four.
The vessel which stranded in Tyver-
Meyaer Monday night, was the British
bank Hannah Landles, which sailed
from Liverpool December 7th for Asto
ria, Ore. The twenty-six persons on
board her were landed safely.
Mary Thereßa Olivia Cornwallia West,
daughter of Col. Cornwallis West, M.
P., was married Thursday in the
church of St. Margaret, Westminster, to
Prince Hans Heinrieh of Pelesa, former
secretary of the German embassy at
London. Among the prominent guests
were the prince and princess of Wales.
Committees have been organized in
all the Drincipal towns and cities of
Italy for the purpose of promoting the
holding of an Italian-American exposi
tion in Genoa in 1892, to celebrate the
fourth centennial of the discovery of
America by Columbus. This proposed
exhibition "is not intended to rival the
Chicago Columbian exposition to be
held in '93.
The French cabinet, at a meeting
held for the purpose of considering the
questions growing out of the attitude of
the clergy, decided that Falliers, minis
ter of justice and public worship,
should announce to the chamber of
deputiea that the government intends to
keep the bishops and clergy within the
liraita of their functions, but that there
is no question of the separation of
church and state.
Di. Welti, president of Switzerland,
resigned, owing to a plebiscite taken a
few days ago which resulted in a maj
ority of the electora voting againet the
government's purchaae ot the Swisa
Central railway. lie also resigned his
membership in a federal council, of
which body he was preaident. When
the other membera of the federal coun
cil learned of hia action, they unani
moualy asked him to reconsider his ac
tion. ,
The British court of appeals decided
in the Meybrick case that the insurance
company must pay the amount of the
insurance to the executors of Mr. May
brick, holding that the policy was only
payable to them, and not to the wife's
assignee. Mrs. Maybrick is now serv
ing a life aentence for the murder of her
husband. The money will be paid to
the executora, who must first pay the
creditors of the estate and then devote
the balance to the children of the de
ceased, aa the wife's assignee, owing to
her cfime, could receive nothing.
Overcoats at Mullen, Bluett & Co.'s.
The John Dunlap silk mills, at Peter
son, N. J., burned Tuesday morning.
Lobs, $100,000.
Bishop Gallagher, nf the Episcopal
dioceae of Louisiana, died Monday night
of heart disease, aged 52.
United Stateß gunboat No. 5, waa
Riißßell Sage ia co much better that
he took a drive in Central park Tuesday.
The other victims of the explosion are
successfully launched at Bath, Me.,
Tuesday afternoon. She was christened
the Machiaa.
Governor Francis of Missouri has de
cided to call an extra session of the leg
islature January 16th, next, for the pur
pose of re-districting the atate.
At Columbia, S. C.', Dick Lundy
(colored) waa ahot to death in jail by a
mob, for the murder of Jamea Ousts,
son of the sheriff of Edgefield county.
At Columbus, 0., fire in the city
prison caused the temporary removal of
forty-one prisoners to the county jail.
Very little damage waa done, however.
At Buffalo, N. V., a fire in the planing
mill of Lee, Holland it Co., caußed an
exploaion of dust which toppled over a
wall on to a number of workmen. The
escaping steam enveloped the buried
workmen, killing one and badly injur
ing three others.
Governor Merriam of Minnesota haa
issued a circular letter setting forth the
terrible destitution exiating in Ruaeia,
and aaking that the people of Minneaota
do all in their power to mitigate the
terrible Bufferings of the starving Rua
In a difficulty at Goodrich, Term.,
Henry Crutcher and Anthony Lock
ridge (both colored), where ahot by
James Lawson (white). Lockridge died
almost instantly and Crutcher was
fatally wounded. Justifiable homicide
was the verdict returned by the coro
ner's jury.
At Philadelphia Judge Acheaon filed
an opinion in tbe United States circuit
court, granting a new trial in the last
hat-trimming case in which the govern
ment waa victorious. A new trial waa
granted because publicationa were made
in a number of newapapers, which it is
held precluded the chances of a fair
trial and were calculated to prejudice
the minds of the jury.
Demerara Syrup.
You can buy itat H. Jevne's, 130" and 138 N.
Damage by Monday's Storm
on Puget Sound.
The Storm Extended Over the
Entire Northwest.
A Wet Wave Now Moving from
Oregon Southward.
Meeting of the State Board of Trade.
Tne San Bernardino Supervisors
Resign—Death of an Aged
Native Daughter.
Associated Press Dispatches.
Portland, Ore., Dec, B.—The atorm
yesterday did conaiderable damage on
the Bound. Many treea were blown
across the railroad tracks. Several
waehouta were encountered on the Lake
Shore and Eastern, and traina were de
The atorra extenda over the entire
northwest, from British Columbia to
the California line, and on east to Mon
tana. On Puget aound steamers were
delayed by beavy winds, but no serious
damage to shipping haa been reported.
At Fair Haven, Waßhington, last
night a team of horses standing on the
wharf were blown into the bay and
drowned. A small sloop broke fro/n ita
moorings and sunk.
The atorm aubaided laßt night, but
telegraph wires are atill badly crippled.
In the Cascade mountaina anow fell
heavily, and traina were delayed aeveral
hours on account of the anow and fallen
Spokane. Wash., Dec. 8. —A heavy
snow atorm prevailed here today, delay
ing traffic on the railroada several
houra. A warm wind ia blowing. The
snow is now melting.
San Fbancisco, Dec. 8. —The weather
bureau saya rain and anow in California
has extended to the Sacramento valley.
Snow is falling throughout Northeastern
Nevada and Northern Utah, where from
one to three inches haa fallen in the
past twenty-four hours.
Corning, Cal., Dec. B.—Light hail fell
during the night. At 8 o'clock thia
morning it commenced raining; a good
fall; business good, farmera happy.
The Matter of Marketing California Fruit
in London Discussed.
San Francisco, Dec. B.—The regular
meeting of the state board of trade was
held today. The report of the finance
committee showed $1341 on hand ; cash
balance December Ist, $842.
Leonard Coates of Napa wrote a letter
relative to creating a market in London
for California fruits, and announced the
holding of a grand fruit exhibition in
that city in 1892, and suggested that it
would be a good idea for California to be
Gen. N. P. Shipman and othera apoke
in favor of Coates'a suggeation.
L. S. McAfee, chairman of the com
mittee appointed to make arrange
ments for the opening of an agency in
London for the purpose of marketing
California fruita, reported the auggeation
tbat the large holdings of Engliah capi
taliats in European orchards would op
erate against the pushing of California
Mr. Wright, an Englißhman who has
lately come to California, arose to Bay
that from hia experience in London, he
could Bay the question waa not who
raised them, but to know if the producta
were good.
The committee on indoraement of the
California Traffic association presented
a report sustaining the reaolutiona of
the board to the effect that the board
recognizee the able efforta of the Cali
fornia Traffic association as very worthy,
commendable and deserving of assist
ance aud the able support of every mer
chant and business man in the state,
and that the board holds that it is will
ing to assist the aaeociation to the full
extent of ita ability.
Joaquin Miller's Sou Arrested for Rob
bing a Stage.
San Francisco, Dec. 8. —The sheriff of
Mendocino county haa arrested Harry
Miller, the 22-year-old aon of Joaquin
Miller, the "poet of the Sierraa," for
robbing a atage north of Ukiah, on No
vember 15th. Young Miller haa con
feaaed to the crime. He waa a child of
Minnie Myrtle, Joaquin Miller'a first
wife, and in confessing to the crime of
robbing the stage after his arrest, he
said he had tried to cut wood for a liv
ing, but being hard up, decided to rob
a stage.
A Native Daughter Who Witnessed
Wonderful Development.
Napa, Cal., Dec. B.—Mrs. Martha Hi
guerra Frias died here today. She was
born in San Francisco when there were
but three houses there, and has seen the
entire growth and development of Cal
ifornia. Her age is not known, but it
is thought to be about 104 years. At
one time she was wealthy, owning a
large tract in this county under a Mexi
can grant, but complications arose and
her property waß all taken from her
after lengthy litigation, and she died
Sam'l of Posen's Petition Denied.
San Fbancisco, Dec. 8. —Chief Justice
Beatty of the supreme court of Cali
fornia today denied the application of
Actor M. B. Curtiss (Sam'l of Posen) to
be admitted to bail pending his trial for
murder of Policeman Grant.
Udell's Services Repudiated.
Bakersfield, Dec. B.—The executive
committee of the citizens' defense asso
ciation has sent a dispatch to Secretary
Noble denying the authority of Alvo
Udell to represent settlera in Kearn
county in the matter of conteated selec
tions'of state school lands. The set
tiers claim to be able to hr.ndle their
own cases.
Two of the San Bernardino Supervisors
Step Down and Out.
San Bernardino, Dec. 8.--Atthia after
noon's session of the boaid of super
visors, two membera, G. W. Garcelon of
Riverside, and W. H. Glass of High
lands, resigned aa membera of the board,
and their resignations were accepted.
The other three membera of the board,
J. N. Victor of tbia city, I. W. Lord of
Cucamonga, and .1. A. Johnson of Dag
gett, worked unanimously together, and
decided to enlarge and rebuild the pres
ent conrt houao at a coat of $380,000.
Garcelon and Glass opposed this ex
penditure. Their reasons for resigning
have not yet been given to the public.
Santa Ana Wants More Railroads.
Santa Ana, Dec. B.—At a meeting of
the Santa Ana board of trade last eve
ning, a committee was appointed to call
on the Santa Fe and ask that the line
from San Bernardino be extended to
Santa Ana, as was first agreed upon,
aud another committee to ask the rail
road companiea to make Santa Ana a
terminal point, with freight rates the
same aa San Diego and Los Angeles.
Prohibition in South Carolina.
Columbia, S. C, Dec. B.—The house
of representatives has passed the Childs
bill to prohibit the manufacture and
aale of spirituous or intoxicating liquors
in South Carolina, except under certain
restrictions. The bill now goes to the
Voting in Ventura.
Ventura, Cal., Dec. 8. —The Austral
ian syatem waß teated in thia place yes
terday at a town election. |The Citizens'
ticket swept everything. It was the
moat exciting election ever held in Ven
Some Interesting Evidence Introduced
Yosterdry—Mr. White Cross-Examines
the Contestant.
The Cohn caae was taken up in de
partment two of the Buperior court
yesterday, after Judge Clark had dia
posed of a lot of probate business.
Dona Delfina took the stand about 11
o'clock, and Mr. White resumed the
cross-examination of the contestant,
which waa interrupted by the previous
day's adjournment.
A great deal of time waa expended in
questioning the witneaa about certain
documenta aigned by ber and which
were introduced in evidence.
One of the papers waa an agreement
so worded tbat it appeared the contest
ant bound herself to acquit Cohn and
hia heira from any action. Tbe docu
ment, which ia likely to play an im
portant part in the case, reads as fol
lowa :
"Know all men by theße presents tbat
I, Delfina Varelas, of Lob Angeles coun
ty, Btate of California, for and in consid
eration of the conveyance to mo by Ber
nard Cohn of the same county and Btate,
of certain real property situate on tbe
easterly side of the plaza, in Los Angelea
city, being the aame property conveyed
to said Cohn by (t. R. Butler et ux.,
leaa that portion recovered from said
Cohn by H. Newmark, by deed of con
veyance of even date herewith, released
and forever discharged and acquitted,
and by these presents do for myself,
my heirs, executora and administrators
remise, release and forever discharge
and acquit the said Cohn, his heirs,
executors and administrators, of and
from all and all manner of actions and
causes of actions, suits, debta, dues,
auma of money, accounts, reckon
ings, specialties, covenants, con
tracts, controversies, agreements,
promiaea, variences, damages judg
ments, executiona, and claima whatever
in law or in equity, which against the
eaid Bernard Cohn I ever had or now
have or which I or my heira, executora
or administrators hereafter can, shall or
may have, for, upon or by reason of any
cause, matter, thing or claim whatso
ever, more especially any cause, matter,
thing or claim arising or to arise from
or by reason of an or any previous con
nections, business, or otherwise, which
have or may have existed between the
said Delphina Varelas and the eaid B.
Cohn, at any and all tiaies from the be
ginning of the world to the date of these
"In witness whereof I have hereunto
set my band and seal this 20th day-of
October, A. D. 1880.
"Delphina Vakelab.
"Signed, sealed and delivered in the
presence of R. H. Chapman, notary
Mr. White taxed the memory of the
witness by asking her to state what she
testified to before Mr. Walters, who
took depositions in the case when the
action was first brought. The contestant
remembered what she awore to at that
time very well indeed, and her evidence
was substantially tbe same aa that given
at the time. She denied having made
some of the statements accredited to
her in the transcript of tier evidence,
which Mr. White held, and from which
he asked the questions.
In testifying about the marriage con
tract witness said she showed it to Mike
Stack, in January, 1887, and in May it
was gone. Stack worked at the Buena
Vista-street house and took hie meals
there. She also teatified aa to Cohn's
visits and the length of time he re
mained. He went to see her
every day, she eaid, took most of his
meals there during aome years.
In reaponse to further queations Del
fina swore she did not write to Mrs.
Helmuth at San Francisco regarding the
deposition of the latter, and never
talked to her about it. Mr. White then
aeked that contestant's counsel pro
duce a letter v/ritten by Mrs. Helmuth
to Delfina. Counsel stated that he saw
the letter in Judge Winder's possession
in Judge Clark's chambers in the old
court room in the abstract building
when the stipulation waa made regard
ing the taking of depositions.
Judge Winder waa at that time coun
ael for the contestant. Her counsel
told Mr. White they knew nothing of
such a letter.
The case will be resumed this morn
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Thomas Louw Going Home After Ful
filling His Mission.
Thomas Louw, a prominent legislator
and horticulturist of Cape Colony,
Africa, who was sent to this country by
his government to procure ladybug
enemies of the cottony cushion scale
and look into the agricultural and hor
ticultural interests of California, de
parted yesterday for I.os Angeles, fays
the San Francisco Chronicle. From
there he will go east, and thence to his
home by way of England. He obtained
a supply of the ladybugaof Secretary
Lelongof the Btate board of horticul
ture to take back with him, and he also
made arrangements to have a number
of orange treeß, consisting of several
varieties which do not exist in Africa,
transported to that country in a minia
ture hothouse. Mr. Louw was very
much surprised at the wonderful fertil
ity and depth of California soil and the
remarkable variety of fruits grown
How can you atand it without an overcoat?
Crowds are dally attracted around the counters
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Not Defeated Yet.
Chicaoo, Dec. B.—lt is reported this
evening that the Baltimore and Ohio
and the Niagara Falls Short line have
fallen into line with tbe Kri<\ and will
restore traffic relations with the Alton.
Strange to say, the board of rulings does
not acknowledge itself defeated yet.
Poultry Show at Petaluma.
Fbtaluma, Cal., Dec. B.—The poultry
show opened at agricultural park pa
vilion today and was well attended.
Over 1500 fowls, besides pigeons and
other birds, and rabbits, cats and dogs,
have been entered for exhibition.
Nickel Mines Sold.
Ottawa, Ont., Dec. B.—The Dominion
Mineral' company haa sold the Blizzard
and Worthington nickel mines, to an
English ayndicate, for $2,000,000.
Rushing Repairs on the San Francisco.
Vallejo, Cal., Dec. 3. —Men at the
navy yard are working overtime to get
the cruiser San Francisco ready for sea
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The Spanish government is preparing
a tariff list with very high maximum
duties- for nationa not negotiating
treaties with Spain, and minimum
duties for those applying for reciprocity
arrangementa. Spain preaervea ber
right to concede ratea below the mini
mum to those nations consenting to
reciprocity with the Spanish govern
ment. The new tariff ia a complete
victory for the protectioniata.
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Lurriber : Dealers,
AND— r-
Head office, Los Angeles— W. Second st.
12-37-3 m
No. 816 Commercial Street Jnl tf
uccesiors to McLaln & Lehman,)
rnoFBiKTOKs or thb
Pioneer Truok & Transfer Co.
Piano and Safe Moving a Specialty.
Telephone 187 3 Market Bt Los Angeles' Oal
1 The FiiMt Ccmmerriil Lunch, from II \
1 Supper from 6P.1.t08 P. I. 1
j Ila Ctrto from 6A.M.t012 P. I. I
/ lady singers or dancers f
I at the above place. I
Exclusive ladies' entrance to private apart
ments on First street. 8-30 6m
Fall anil Winter Stock:
It will pay intending- purchasers to
visit onr store and examine our goods
and prices before buying elsewhere.
112 S. Spring Street,
Opposite the Nadeau Hotel,
Formerly at
#B 118 S. Spring Street,
M Have on exhibition the largest
JM Ha find bent selected stock of
Mbß Eyer brought to this city, both ia
New Patterns, New Shades In Suiting, Over
coating and Trousering, which we are
making up to order at the
Guaranteeing perfect fit and satisfaction. A
visit to our store will convince the mos
doubtful. 10-3 3m
Dr. T. E. Thiele,
Physician and .Surgeon,
Just returned from Europe, where he has been
visiting the principal medical centers, to brine
home all th* new discoveries, machines
apparatus and Instruments used for treat
ing human ailments, sickness and disease to
emnloy here for the benefit of his patients
There is hardly a case of sickness or
Injury now which modem medical science is
not able to conquer and restore to health
t . . T f. lele 1« prepared lo cure tho most
intractable diseases, such as have resisted all
remedies heretofore, and therefore invites all
those who suffer from any ailment whatao
* i , > ma ;, r ;f , woman or child, who have sought
relief in vain elsewhere, or have been given up
XSJiTSi i a C * U an(l consult him. There ia
certainly hope yet. Don't despair.
Modern science of Hypnotism applied
where Indicated; works wondersisom*.
times when ail other treatment failed.
«-Sn^-So™ -8 10 10 a - m -> »no 2 to 4and
6.30 to 7:30 p. m. 1122-lni

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