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3ES I TO 8.
.57.-tfO.7S. 2f*ff
vid Bennett Hill's
erm Expires.
t Marked by a Dinner
at Albany.
Address to the Flower
York's Democracy.
r Outlines a Coorie for the
ml Congress to Follow,
raokles the Sliver
* Dispatches.
. V., Dec. 31—David B.
governor expired tonight,
was marked by a dinner,
epoke hia farewell to 150
ding the slate officials,
t Flower, and many prom
mocrats. He said among
hat during the seven years
n Albany, there had been
cession of victories for the
ntil now the entire state
is Democratic. Referring
to the senate, Hill said :
ion was that of every other
ppose: Where and how
ficiently rend away from
i aggregation of too cen
, usurped from the states,
the people, the hideous
of the war d- bt, and the
rnraent partisanship with
of privilege. Nothing to
eminent except its speci
iwers; nothing which can
by the state government
usly watched."
on the wisest course for
to pursue in the present
said: "The overturn of
ar congress by popular
ot enable one new line to
the present congress in
iws. The Republicans,
3 powerless as we are now
ws, can sit still and do
tcp, at least till the 4th
all they got by the acts
iollar congress, and the
g thereafter their main
heir tariff for protection's
of a tariff for revenue
lection incidental; saving
id subsidy principle ;sav
ocity humbug, which is
> extend state socialism
the restrictive bargains
>r the world-wide com
Democratic lopislatii>n
c house is of defeat
• White House, is a wiser
an that the Democrats
up for defeat what will
blican party their final
ie next, congressional and
ctions? Now let us hold
mr policy on these lines,
ict: Democratic legisla
■-Becond congress is quite
aother fact, and the
1) which our great lead
have to take account, is
's verdict last year upon
ar congress and all its
s an utter nullity and
mless the people of the
unfooled, stick to their
n next November thun
me just verdict,
people's verdict on the
.•ess have execution
the Democratic party,
ifore the people the
, ess issues of 1890,
1 nothing less, keep for
l power to arid to their
ta execution it 1892?
t best be done?
io free coinage bill; pass
>roprialion bills; enforce
pple to undo the worst
on-dollar congress; de
of t,hrt Sherman silver
Cinley law.
eristic feature of the
. 1 juncture is that by
the issues made by the
• ngress during the can
taring with great ener
ie union, the coincident
c interest, of senatorial
election of representa
tive are such that the
leclared a year ago, can
tore immediately and
11 said: "New York
3 lead of Nevada. The
rats care nothing for
t and their protection
York Democrats will
r federal money legis
t promote the nation's
money ever known to
gold and silver the
is Tilden's platform
ted at a fixed ratio in
oinage with paper
is a deposit
of either coin.
Democrats to a man,
snt Republicans be
iland, the chairman
tee on coinage, with
and support, if he
iner of appeal of the
ing for the present
til the Democratic
r shall be commis
i some better and
he whole Bubject."
eat and Ca'ifornia
ea Combine.
5. 31.—The Pacific
'-alifornia baseball
leolidated. At a
which Messrs.
> represented the
Finn and Harris
i plan of coneoli
i. The clubs will
cent of the
lat home or
yon will be 50
Vncisco, where 26
There will be six
j one each from
le, San Francia
rom either Los
The northwest
representatives favored solving the limit
for players, which was opposed by the
California men. The question will be
settled at a meeting next
it will also be decided whether Los An
geles or Sacramento will be admitted to
the league.
A Station Agent Responsible for a Fatal
Railway Disaster.
Denver, Col., Dec. 31.—A disastrous
wreck occurred on the joint track of the
Denver, Texas and Fort Worth and the
Union Pacific railways a few miles north
of Graneros, a small station midway be
tween Pueblo and Trinidad, 200 miles
Bouth of Denver. The road had been
blocked by snow two days, and when
the blockade was raised today, two dou
ble-header trains were started, one from
the north and the other from the sooth.
The station agent failed to deliver the
dispatcher's orders to the northbound
train, and the two trains came together
from opposite directions with a terrible
crash. Fueman H. Grubb of
Denver was instantly killed.
Mail Clerks Wolcott, Erbeit and
Evans were badly injured. The trains
were heavily laden with passengers, but
so far as learned they escaped seri
ous injuries. Four engines were badly
wrecked. Four mail cars are a total
loss, and a baggage car is nearly demol
ished. The station agent disappeared
.after the wreck, and has not yet been
Bishop Haywood's Colony.
Atlanta, Ga., Dec. 31.—Bishop Hay
wood, resident bishop of the Methodißt
Episcopal Cbuich South, in Los Angeles,
left Atlanta today via the Southern
Pacific, with a party of twenty, made
up of ministers and their families,
transferred from the North Georgia con
ference to reinforce the work in Cali
Treacherous Character of the Mexican
Soldiers—Feverish Activity in Mexican
Military Circles—The American War
Department Vigilant—Troops to the
Montbeey, Mexico, Dec. 31.—Nsws
was received here late last night that
Gen. Lorenzo Garcia, in command of
the troops in the Held in Northern Mex
ico, with headquarters at Mier, was mur
dered by his command, and that the en
tire force, numbering several hundred
men, under his immediate command,
had gone over to the revolution
ists, crossing over into Texas
in a body at a point between
Romr, and Carrizo. The private soldiers
in the Mexican army are nearly all con
victed fricuinal:., •r'.io ink.'*ad rj being
given a term in prison are sentenced to
serve with the military. They are des
perate characters, and nearly all are iv
secret sympathy with the revolutionists.
General Garcia was oue of the most
prominent and efficient officers in the
Mexican army, and his death at the
present time is a serious blow to the
Governor Reyes has been in constant
telegraphic communication with Presi
dent Diaz all day, but the nature of the
dispatches is not known. Reyes is gov
ernor of the state of Nueva Leon. The
military authorities here are much dis
turbed over the situation on the frontier.
The movement of troops through here
from the lower part of the republic dur
ing the past five days has been very
great, and the transportation facilities
of the Mexican National railroad have
not been sufficient to accommodate the
heavy demand made upon it by the
government. The garrison here rushed
all its available troops to Nuevo Laredo
from which place they were distributed
along the right bank of the Rio
Washington, Dac. 31. —The officials
at the war department are watching the
situation on the Rio Grande with deep
concern, but, without news from General
Stanley this morning, they are appre
hensive that Captain Bourke's force
may be very much outnumbered by the
revolutionists, but they feel confident
that the officer will conduct himself
with all the necessary prudence, and
that he will soon be reinforced.
Minister Romero said this morning he
had heard nothing except from the
newspapers about the assassination of
General Garcia and the desertion of his
troops to the revolutionists. He did
not credit the story, but army officers
familiar with the character of Mexican
soldiers on the frontier, are inclined to
accept it as probable.
City of Mexico, Dec. 31. —At the war
department today it was ascertained
that the Mexican government was mov
ing troops from interior garrisons to
strengthen the army operating against
Garza. It is estimated that there are
fully 3000 soldiers guarding the frontier
from Laredo to Ma'amorm.
The metropolitan Club OO'era S3OOO
fur a Match Between the Men.
Chicago, Dec. 31. —The Metropolitan
club of New Orleans today wired an of
fer of a $3000 purse for a finish contest
between Tommy Ryan of Chicago, and
Danny Needham of San Franoi3co. The
California Athletic and the Pacificclubs,
it is said, were bidding against each
other for the contest, and ran the figure
to $2000, when the Metropolitan raised
it to $3000. Ryan has signed and will
put up a forfeit tomorrow. lie will
meet Needham for any part of $5000,
the latter's original offer, or fight for a
bare puree. Needham has been noti
fied, and will probably accept.
Stockton Track Regulations.
Stockton, Cal., Dec. 31.—Hereafter
when horses are sent to Stockton to be
speeded over the kite-shaped track, the
owners will have to pay not only $10 for
each start, but stable rent as well, and
each driver will have to pay $10 for the
season These rules will be enforced
against home people also, and no man
can henceiorth drive over either of the
two tracks for -pleasure-.unless he pave
$10 a season for the privilege.
Uncle Sam's Unpalatable New
Year's Feast.
Blame Apt to Hedge on the
Chilean Business.
Chile Seems to Be (retting- the Best
of the Controversy.
Minister Matta Says the Valparaiso Po-
lice Did Their Duty—The Cruiser
Charleston Arrives at
San Diego.
Associated Prow DlsnatohHS.
Washington, Dec. 31. —Sefior Montt,
the Chilean minister, had another inter
view with Secretary Blame today. The
minister laid before the secretary the
following translation of a telegram from
Matta,Chilean ministerof foreign affairs,
bearing on the inquiry into the trouble
in Valparaiso between Chileans and
sailors from the United States sfeamer
Santiago, Decpmber 31.
To the Minister of Chile, Washington:
From a summary of the proceedings it
appears that the struggle commenced
between two sailors in a tavern at the
ward Arrayan ; that it was continued in
the street with the accession of a num
ber of the inhabitants and transient par
ties, from the streets called Del Olave,
San Francisco and \lamos,aiid extended
to the streets Del Arsenal and San
Martin, where the police force
succeeded in restoring order.
All the North Americans, ex
cept two, state that the police did
their duty, and from the voluminous
proceedings it appears that the court
has done its duty. Whenever the pros
ecuting attorney renders an opinion,
and the time for producing evidence'
shall have expired, sentence will be
given ; and after the establishing of who
and how many are the guilty parties
(which may only be presumed at pres
ent), whoever they may be, they will
he punished. Legal proceedings are
being actively carried torward to their
proper termination.
[Signed] Matta.
When asked by an Associated Press
reporter for an opinion, Montt called
special attention to the statement that
all the North Americans, excepting two,
had said the police did their duty. He
regards this as favorable to the Chilean
side ot the controversy. It. 's noted th«
the Chilean minister • ' foreign ud
promises that when due process of law,
according to Chilean jurisprudence,
shall be observed, those found guilty
will be punished, and says these judicial
proceedings are being carried torward
actively. This in connection with the
statement that the p il ice did their duty,
is significant, as showing the Chilean
governmentdoes not wish that the action
of individuals belonging in i bile snail
be confounded with those connected v ith
the government and having official eta
tion. These lawless acts; on the part ot
individuals, as the dispatch says, are
being inquired into und r the u-*ml ju
dicial proceedings of Chile, which are
conducted secretly, and it. is said with
cumbersomenesH attaching to nearly all
the law courts deriving their authority
and precedents from Spain.
This government has never asserted
fie right to interfere with the otdinaty
judicial methods of other nal ions. It is,
however, watchful to ccc that the cus
tomary judicial methods are followed,
regarding of course, the extraordinary
character of the offense, and meantime
m iking provision for the always possi
ble occurrence of so je Untoward event,
such as undue delay or tinal response
not consistent with the dignity of the
United States.
Within the past two days 45,000
pounds of brown powder and 22,000
pounds of gun cotton have been for
warded from the east to San Francisco.
The brown povvder is intended for great
naval guns, and the cotton for shells
and torpedoes. Beyond these facts ttiere
was nothing to be learned at, the depart
ment this morning concerning war pre
Secretary Blame introduced the new
French minister to the president in the
morning, and then received the Mexican
and Chilean ministers at the state de
London, Dec. 31 —The Santiago de
Chile correspondent of the Times today
affirmed, on what he claimed the high
est authority', that Chile would not feel
humiliated in helping to the utmost of
her power to terminate peacefully and
in a manner honorable to botli herself
and the United States the conflict
which, but for the lengthy and secret
form of criminal procedure followed in
Chile-which allowed constanx false re
ports hostile to a god understanding to
be propagated abroad —could n.-ver have
attained such exaggerated proportions.
But, says the correspondent, it is evi
dent that there are firebrands who are
anxious for the inauguration ot war,
which would he disastrous to the best
interests of both countries concerned.
New York, Dec. 31.—The Herald's
Valparaiso correspondent says: Presi
dent Montt's cabinet is arranged as fol
lows: Minister of the interior, Ramon
Barros Lucos; foreign affairs. Venturo
Blanco Viel; justice, Juan Castellon ;
finance, Francisco Valdes Vergara; war,
Luis Pereira: public works, Augustin
Edwards. All the new ministers ac
cepted and took the oath today.
A San Diego Suicide.
San Diego, Dec. 31.—Miss Amanda
Thomas, sister of a well known resident
of this city, suicided by shooting this
afternoon. The cause is supposed to be
depression of spiiits, caused by ill
The San Berdoon Tag of War.
San Bernardino, D> c. 31.—1 a the tug
of war contest last night the Highlands
team were victorious, defeating the San
ta Ke team in one hour and six minutes.
For some reason the other teams refused
to pull and the entertainment closed. It
is thought everything will be amicably
arranged, and that the contest will be
ended tomorrow evening.
Interesting Statistics of the Year* Pro
ducts, Manufactures, Kte.
Ban Francisco, Dec. 31.—The Chron-
Mcle will publish tomorrow the following
statistics relating to California's pro
;grpss during the past year:
Wheat produced, 30,000,000 centals.
Barley, 16,000.000 centals.
uranges, 4600 carloads.
Raisins. 2,500,000 boxes.
Fresh fruits, dried, 446 000,000 pounds;
canned. 60 000 000 pounds; consumed at
, home, 50 000,000 pounds.
Potatoes, 125 000,000 pounds.
Sugar, 9.000 000 pounds.
Wool, 32.000.000 pounds.
Wine. 10,5"O,000 gallons.
Brandy, 1,500.000 gallons.
Petroleum, 475,000 barrels.
Lumber, 500,000,000 feet.
Value of cereals, hay and root crops,
$30 000,000.
Value ol all exports, $52,000,000, an
increase of $12,000,000 over 189 >.
.Clearing house operations, $895,000,
--000 ; increase, $50,000,000 over 1890.
. Total assessed valuation of state,
$1,242,000,000; an increase of $182,000,
--000 over 1890; almost doubled since
Total product of San Francisco manu
factures. $109 000,000.
Total shipment sent east by railroads,
954,000,000 pounds. .
Walt Whitman is gracious, old and
feeble. The poet is so disabled by old
oge that he was unable to send a few
lines of verse to Whittier in honor of
his 84th birthday.
An Agreement Signed With Chief Ramsey
That Puts an End to the Southern
Paoifio Operators' Srike—A Signa
Victory for Organized Labor.
San Francisco, Dec. 31. — General
Manager Towne has issued an order to
all division superintendents of the Pa
cific system' of the Southern Pacific,
stating that an amicable adjustment of
the railway telegraph operators'strike
has been reached, and that the com
pany will no longer object to
its operators becoming members
of the order, if they so elect.
The affidavit in relation to the order
having been withdrawn, he requests
that the division superintendents advise
■\"' ,1 o:r operators forthwith of this ad
jttatiuent. The agreed list of strik
ers contains the names of eighty men,
and of these only about a dozen
are objectionable to the company or
brolhei hood. Ihe others will return to
work inside of twenty days. Several of
them resumed their old places today.
Cniel Ramsay will endeavor to have the
list of objectionable operators reduced
before returning east.
The agreenn-nt was signed by Acting
Grand Chief Ramsey, of the Order of
Railway Telegraphers, and A. N. I'owne,
second vice president and general man
ager of the Southern Pacific, this morn
ing, and this ends the sttike.
The student regulations in the ritual
of the order have been considerably
modified. When the railway officials
place students in offices where
members of the order are employed,
the latter may give notice
and information thereof to the officials
of the order. According to the agree
ment Ramsey will use his brst effoits to
keep in this district the officials of said
order who tnav not be obnoxious to the
railway officials, and who will use their
best efforts to work in harmony with
the railway officials.
The railroad company agrees to re
employ the striking telegraphers as
nearly as possible at their former posi
tions, some to resume work at once and
the others to resume within the next
fifteen or twenty days, except at points
where the telegraph offices may not be
In addition to recalling the ob
jectionable affidavit, the company agrees
that no objection will be raised to its
present operators becomiug members of
the order, nor will it discriminate
against any seeking employment who
may be members of the order.
The Charleftton Join* the San Franoltco
at the City of Kaynollmate.
San Dikoo, Dec. 31.—The cruiser
Charleston arrived and anchored off the
Hotel Del Coronado this afternoon about
4 o'clock. Admiral Brown of the cruißer
San Francisco received word that the
Charlesion will come ins de the harbor
on the morning of January Ist, at 10
o'clock, so there will be two modern
men-of-war in the harbor at the same
time, with a third—the Baltimore—daily
expected. The Charleston is anchored
so far out that no com.-mication could
be had with her officers, therefore
nothing can be known of her trip or in
tentions till tomorrow.
Great preparations are being made for
a grand New Year's ball to be held at
the Hotel Del Coronado the night of
January Ist. Admiral Brown and the
other officers of the San FrancißCO and
Captain Remy and officers of the
Charleston will be present in full uni
Captain Sampson, of the San Fran
cisco, is preparing to remain here some
time. "Our regulations require target
practice every thj » months," he said
this morning, "a\ j after January Ist,
we shall have prauice here," he added.
The captain believed the Baltimore
would not stop here, but will proceed
diiect to San Francisco.
The members and officers of company
A, naval reserve, were aboard the cruiser
San Frac cisco this morning, and had
tbeir first lesion in the manipulation
of gnns. Admiral Brown has ordered
eve. facility extended to the reserve,
UH'B 1937 *
OUR HERALD in the advertising department takes
his seldom used bugle from its perch on the wall to
make the following announcement:
All denizens of Los Angeles City and the country
lying adjacent thereto, Greeting!
"The house for which I am trumpeter in ordinary and
otherwise, instructs me to announce—proclaim—make pub
lic—the fact that with the beginning of the new year we
inaugurate a
Gigantic Clearing Sale
: OF ALL, :
We want to get our various departments in the best
possible shape at the end of the season, and we are willing
to stand a loss in order to attain this end. Every depart
ment is represented in this sale.
Agents for Stein, Bloch & Co.'s Fine Tailor-made Clothing
for Men, Boys and Children.
Agents for Dr. Jaeger's Sanitary Woolen System Goods.
Agents for Johnston & Murphy's Fine Shoes for Men.
and the reserve will practice on board
the cruiser three times a week during
the vessel's stay in this port.
Iquio.uk, Dec. 31.—The United States
cruiser Boston has arrived here.
Judge Shaw Sustains the Company's
Demurrer—The Main Points of His
The controversy between the city
council and the Citizens' Water com
pany, which has been going on for
months past, was practically settled
yesterday by an opinion handed down
by Judge Lucien Shaw in department
five of the superior court.
Ou the request of the council, City
Attorney McFarland brought sait to
annul the company's franchise on the
ground that illegal rates had been
charged consumers. The war which
was waged against the company by the
council and also by the residents of the
hill section of the city, was fully writ
ten up at the time.
From the opinion of the court, the
complaint appears to have been very
weak, and a demurrer by the defendant
was sustained.
The main points' of the opinion are
as follows:
The complaint does not allege that
the excessive rates were charged will
fully nor with a knowledge that they
were excessive. In that particular it
fails to state a cause of action and for
that reason the demurrer must be sus
lam of the opinion, also, that so far
as the constitution declares a forfeiture
of the waterworks of the defendant it is
inoperative and void. The condition an
nexed to the grant by implication of law
is that the franchise thereby granted
shall be forfeited, not that any other
property thereafter acquired by the
grantee or his assignees should be for
feited. (State Bank v. State, 1 Blackf,
The constitution having been adopted
after the grant cannot have the effect of
annexing an additional forfeiture or con
dition to it. It follows that in so far as
the complaint seeks a torfeiture of any
thing except the franchise granted to
Beaudry, and now held by the defend
ant, it fails to state a cause of action.
But the most serious objection to the
complaint, and one which I think is
fatal to the action, is that to
state a cause of action in favor of the
city council. I know of no law which
gives the council of the city, as such,
any right to maintain an action of any
sort. But even if there were such a
law, I think the sole right to maintain
this action is in the city. The constitu
tion declares that the franchise shall be
forfeited to the city. The complaint
shows that no cause of action exists in
favor of the city council, and for that
reason, also, the demurrer must be sus
tained. Lucien Shaw, Judge.
December 31,1*91.
He Denies Ever Having Embraced
Mrs. Bedan.
Albert Turney, the defendant in the
sensational damage suit brought by
Martin Bedan, to recover $20,000 for the
alienation of his wife's affections, was
on the witness stand yesterday, and told
Judge McKinley and the jury his side of
the case.
He emphatically denied ever having
intercourse with Mrs. Bedan, as is al
leged in the complaint made by her
husband, and of course denies her
statements as to acknowledging the
parentage of her child. Turney was the
only witness for the defense, and when
his story was concluded court adjourned
to Saturday, when the case will be ar
gued and submitted to the jury.
Mrs. Bedan, who is a German woman
about 39 years of age, stated in her ex
amination that she was working at a
house on Grand avenue which is owned
by the defendant, and late in the after
noon of the 16th of December, 1890, he
seized her and outraged her person. A
child was born on September 14th of
this year, and two weeks after its birth
her husband left her and will not live
with her.
The husband alleges that he is
damaged to the tune of $20,000 by the
seduction of his wife and the alienation
of her affection.
Good values in Fine Tailoring a Perfect
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