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N«w York. jac 28.—The strength of the stock
market today was in spots. The bears made
frequent raids on the list, with, however, but
little success. After a quiet opening at frac
tional advances there was a gradual advance in
most stocks, the close being active and strong
at the highest prices. Important gains were:
Bt. Paul preferred 2% per cent, Northern Pacific
preferre* 1%, Lake Shore 1%, Cordage and Rock
Island l per cent.
Government bonds steady.
Maw Yobk, Jan. 28 —Money on call easy;
closing offered at % per cent
Prime mercantile paper—4(9s% per cent.
Sterling Exchange— Steady; tio-duy bills,
$4.84; demand $4.fc6.
Nbw Yobk, Jan. 28.—Bar silver, per os.,
91% c.
San Fbancibco, Jan. 28.—Bar Bllver, 91%@
91% c per ounce.
San Francisco, Jan. 28.—Mexican dollars,
Nbw Yobk, Jan. 28.—Closing quotations
we-.j as follows:
0. B. 48. Reg 116 N.Y. Central 115%
U.S. 4s. c0up...116 Oregon Imp't 27%
V. S. 2s. Reg 100 Navigation 90%
Pacific 6s 109 Pacific Mail 30%
Atchison 42% Pullman Palace.. 87
Canada Pacific... 91 Reading 41%
Canada Sou 60% Rock Island 92k
Central Pacific... 34 St. Paul 81)%
Burlington 110 St. Paul A Omaha 50%
Lackawanna 145 Texas Pacific j2%
Denver AR. G pfd 4,7% Union Pacific... 48%
Erie 31% U. 8. Express.... 48
Kan. A Texas.... 19% Wells, Fargo A Co. 140
Lako Shore 123% Western Union... 84%
L. A N 76% Am. Cotton 0i1... 36%
Mich. Central....lo6 Terminal 15%
Missouri Pacific.. 64 Lead Trust 20
Northern Pacific. 24% Oregon Short Line 31
N. P. Preferred... 41 Rio GrandeWst'n. 37%
Northwestern... ,118% Preferred . 69%
N. W. Preferred..l4l Do.firsts 77%
Boston, Jan. 28.—Closing prices:
A. A T. R. R 42%|Mex. Cent. Com. 20%
Burl. AO-iinoy..llo% SanDlego
Bell Telephone . 210 |
4 V jiik, Jan. 28.—Mining shares were as
A 1.35 Homestake 12.50
« foil 3.00 Horn Silver 3.50
Mest A Belcher. 2.90 Iron Silver 1.40
C'loi; ..r 1.20 Ontario 43 00
Crown Point . 1.25 Ophir 3.20
Don, CaHf. Va.,.. 5.50 Plymouth 1.90
Deadvood Ter . 2.00 Savage 1.40
Eureka Con... 1.40 Sierra Nev 1.70
Gould A Curry 1.25 Standard 1.35
Hale A Norcroi ■ 1.60 Union Con 1.50
Mexican 1.90 | Yellow Jacket.. 1.10
Ban Fbancisio, Jan. 28.—Following are the
closing prices:
Belcher 1.50 Peer 15
Best A Belcher. 2.90 Peerless 10
Ohollar 1.15 Potosl 1.90
Crocker 10 Ophir 3.00
Con. Virginia... 5.37% Savage 1.20
Confidence 2.60 Sierra Nevada... 1.65
Gould ACurrv.. 1.35 Union Con 1.55
Hale A Norcroas 1.60 Yellow Jacket.. 1.10
San Francisco Markets.
Eastern apples—s4 per bbl.
Persimmons—[email protected] box.
Apples—[email protected] per box for common and
$I.ol>@l 50 for good to choice; Siskiyou apples,
$I.oo® 175 per box; Lady apples, 50c®$l.00
per box.
Pears—[email protected] per box.
Limes—Mexican, [email protected] per box; Cali
fornia, [email protected]
Lemons—Sicily $6.00®5(>.50; Californfa,sl.2s
@3.00 for common to choice.
Oranges—Vacaville, [email protected]$1.00 per box; Los
Angeles seedlings, $1.00-91.35; Los Angeles na
vels, [email protected] for common to choice; River
side seedlings, $1.25(91.75: Riverside and
Duarte navels, [email protected]; Japanese, $1.50®
1.75 per box; Mexican, [email protected] per case;
Mandarin oranges, 1.50®2 00.
Bananas—[email protected] per bunch.
Pineapples—s6.oo per do*.
Apricots—Bleached, [email protected]%c per lb.; do. sun
dried, 2® 3c.
Peaches—Peeled, evaporated, ll®l3c per lb;
sun-dried, [email protected]%c; bleached, 3®5%c.
Apples—Evaporated, 5®6%c; sliced, 3®3%c;
quartered, 2%fe>3c.
115 PER CENT. | /j|3k sl5 PER CENT. I
M This sale eclipses any PREVIOUS ENDEAVOR of ours to give the Los Angeles public BARGAINS! Every SPRING we offer extra INDUCEMENTS to the fl
I| PURCHASING PUBLIC This SPRING we've OVERREACHED any previous one by GIVING a clean cut of ||
■ 15 Per Cent Discount! I
m Our motto : RAISE THE STANDARD AND LOWER THE PRICE. Right in the heart of the dullest season, when everyone is complaining of the STRINGENCY It
lOFI OF THE TIMES, we are sailing along with our course MAPPED OUT FOR A BIG BIZ this coming year. TO DO THIS AND HAVE OUR STOCK IN PRIME H
CONDITION, we give this STIMULANT to TRADE by INFUSING a DISCOUNT on the ENTIRE STOCK in our house. Most merchants would consider this a M
foolish move; not so with US; we know the PUBLIC appreciate what WE have done for THEM in the past, and stand ready to ENDORSE what WE are DOING NOW. |l :
Prepare for him by purchasing one of our fine Mackintoshes, which are universally worn. Remember, the discount is the same on our entire stock of Rubber and Oil lf§
Clothing, Umbrellas and all wet-weather goods. Only 15 days more will this Great Sacrifice Sale run.
§ The Only Strictly One-Price Clothing Firm in Los Angeles, 1
f 129-i3l NORTH JSPRINC^
Plums—Pitted, 4%@5c: unpitted, [email protected]%c.
Grapes— per. lb.
Prunes—[email protected]; German prunes, 495 c.
Pears—Evaporated, [email protected]; sliced, [email protected]; quar
tered. 2%®3c.
Nectarines—Red, [email protected]; white, [email protected]
Figs—Pressed, 4<si%c; unpressed, [email protected]%c.
Raisins—Layers, fancy, $1.25(81.35 per box;
good to choice, $1.00(31.10; fair, [email protected]$1.00,
with usual advance for fractional boxes: Mus
catels, [email protected] per box.and _ ■ , (&'■ . ; , u per lb. for
Mushrooms—2(X»2sc per lb.
Asparagus—lsW2oC per Id.
Los Angeleß summer squash—l2%c per lb.
Green peppers—Loa Angeles, 15(<i25c per lb.
Los Angeles string beans—Hse per lb.
Los Angeles tomatoes—tt.OMH.so per box.
Southern green peas—[email protected] per lb.
Turnips—so®76c per cental.
Beets—slper sack.
Carrots—Feed, [email protected]
Parsnips—sl.2s per cental.
Garlic—2;<ij2Kc. per lb.
Cauliflower—7sc per doz.
Dry Peppers— 12«515c.
Dry Okra—[email protected]ßc lb.
Marrowfat squash—[email protected] per ton.
Chicago Grain Market.
Ohicaqo, Jan. 28.—Wheat unsettled and Ir
regular. The opening was about %c below
closing figures of yesterday, and after a wide
range closing about %c higher than yesterday.
Receipts, 551,000 bushels; shipments,
542,000 bushels.
Chicago, Jan.2B.-Close: Wheat, firm; cash,
87%; May, [email protected]%.
Corn—Stronger; cash, 39: May, 41%.
Oats—Steady: cash. 29%; May, 31%.
Barley-Quiet; [email protected]
Rye-Strong; 80%
Flax—Quiet; 96.
Bah Francisco, Jan. 28.—Wheat firmer; buy
er season, 1.70%.
Barley-Easy; buyer season, 1.07%.
Liverpool, Jan. 28—Wheat: Demand poor.
No. 2 red spring and winter, 7s, lOHd, dull.
Corn—Demand good for spot and good for
futures. Spot, 4s 7%d, steady; January, 4s
7%d, steady; Februarj, 4s i%d, steady; March,
4s 3%d, steady.
Corn—Holders offer futures moderately, and
supply of spot poor. Bpot,,'4s Bd, firm; January,
4s steady; February,4s sd, steady; March,
4s 3%d, steady.
General Markets.
New York, Jan. 28.—Hops firm; Pacific coast,
[email protected]%.
Coffee—Options closed steady, 10 poiDts down
to 10 up. Sales, 21,000 bags. January,l3.2o
@13.30; February, [email protected]; March, 12.20
(912.30: May, [email protected] Spot Rio firm;
No. 7,13%. ' \/V
Sugar—Haw, steady; refined easy.
Copper—Quiet; lake, 10.02%.
Lead—Firmer; Domestic,4.2s.
Tin—Steady; Btraits, 19.70.
Chicago, Jan. 28.—Pork, firm; cash 11.80;
May, 12.10.
Lard—Firm; cash, 6.48%@6.50; May, 6.77%.
Shoulders—4 62ma4.75.
Short rib5—5.82%®5.85.
Bhort c1ear—6.00i96.50.
Chicago, Jan. 28 —Whisky—l.l 6.
Nbw Yobk, Jan. 28.— Petroleum closed at
(The quotations given below are Los Angeles
wholesale selling prices. The prices paid pro
ducers rule a little lower, due allowance being
made, of course, for wholesalers' profits. 1 — —
Hams—Bex, 12% c; Lily, 1214 c.
Bacon—Rex and Lily, ll%c; medium, 10% c.
Salt Pobk—Dry, 10c.
Dried Beef—lnsides, 13V.
Lard—Refined, 3's, B%c; s's, 8%; 10's, B%c;
50's, 8c; special brand, pure leaf, 3%c higher
11 around.
Miil Products.
Ploub—Los Angeles XXXX, $5.20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, $5.20; Sperry's, $6.00; Crown,
$6.00; Victor, $6.00: superfine, $3.50; Graham,
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $26.00; shorts,
$28.00; Cracked corn per cental, $1.40; rolled
barley, $1.15; mixed feed, $1.15; feed meal
$1 45.
Grain and Hay.
Babley—Brewing, [email protected]; feed, 90®
Corn—Large yellow, per cental, [email protected];
small yellow, $1.20®1.35.
Oats—No. 1, percental, $1.50.
Wheat—No, 1, per cental, $1.70®1.90; No.
2, [email protected] " ■ V
Hay—Oat No. 1. $14: wheat No. 1,513: bar
ley No. 1, $14; alfalfa No. 1, $13; No. 2 grades
$1 lower all around.
Straw—Barley, per ton, $8.00; wheat, $.800.
Poultry and Kegs.
Poultry—Hens, [email protected] per dos.; young
roosters, $6 00(90.50; old roosters, $5.00;
broilers, $4 00; ducks, $7.00; geese, $1.00 per
head; turkeys, 17c. per pound.
Rous—Fresh ranch, 17®18c.; eastern, 12(gU5c.
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll, [email protected]%c: choice, 60®
62J<c; fair, [email protected]; eastern, [email protected]
Cheese — Eastern, 13(915c; Caliloreia,
large. 14%(»i5Ljc: small, [email protected] th-ee
pound hand, [email protected]
Honey and Beeswax.
Honey—Comb, lib forms, 13(915e; extract,
Beeswax—[email protected]
Almonds—Soft shell, [email protected]; paper shell,
18(920c; hard fhell, [email protected]
Peanuts— Raw. 3(35c per lb; roasted, 5(38c.
Walnuts—Hard shell, 6(98c; soft shell,
[email protected]
Dried Fruits.
Apples—Evaporated, [email protected]
Apricots—Bleached, 6®B; sun dried, [email protected]
Figs—California, 14(916.
Peaches—Fancy evaporated, nnpeeled, 7<aßc;
peeled, 14(916c; sun diied, unpeeled, [email protected]
iPrunes—Fancy,[email protected]: choice, 7(98.
Raisins—London layers, [email protected]; loose
Muscatels, [email protected] per box; Sultana, seed
less, 8c per lb.
Fresh Fruits.
Apples—Local, per box, $1.00(91.50; eastern,
per bbl. $4 50(95.00.
Cranberries—Per bbl. [email protected]
Bananas—Per bunch, $2.50(93.50.
Lemons—Cured, $2.60®4 per box: uncured,
[email protected]
Beans—Pink, [email protected] per 100 lbs; limas,
[email protected]; navy, small, [email protected]
Cabbages—Per 100 lbs, $1.00.
Onions—Per 100 lbs, [email protected]*1.25.
Potatoes—Ordinary, per 100 lbs, [email protected]$1.00;
choice Burbanks, $1.25(91.40.
Sweet Potatoes—Per 100 lbs, [email protected]
Tomatoes—Per b0x,65(975c.
Fresh Meats.
Beef—Per lb. 4%(95c.
Mutton—Per lb. 7(98c.
Lamb—Per lb. 9® 10c.
Pork—Per lb. 7c.
Veal—Per lb. [email protected]
Thursday. Jan. 28. 1892.
Daniel L Russell to Lewis C Tilghman—NE I
acre in S% of SE% sec 31, T5 N, R9W, 8 B M;
Evan Davis and Louisa Davis to Arthur Gay
lord and Al (red Cooper—Lot 9, Baugh trt, and
water; $2200.
Mrs A B Schafers and hus to Hannah A Bald
win—Lots 21 and 23, Alta Vista trt, 26-33; $10.
Same to same—Lot 13, bl 4, City Center trt,
13-11: lot 28, bl 1, Urmstontrt; lots 6 and 7-,
bl 2, New Main St and Wilmington Aye trt, 15
--16: $1300.
Jules Roth to Mrs A R Schafers—Lots 21 and
23, Alta Vista trt, 26-33: $5.
R F Howe et ux et al to A E Hoskinson— Lot
5, bl 6, Lemar'B sub, Pomona, IS-5; $200.
J M Jones to Mrs 8 H Hapgood—Bl 26, West
Glendale, 28-76; $1.
T W Blackburn et ux to M G McKoon—Lot 17
and E 5 feet lot 18, bl 11, EL A: $5.
SheriffGibaon to Delia W Chase—Lots 18 and
20, bl 0, Angeleno Heights, 7-88; $4500.
W Russell to Thomas D Stimson—Lots to 13
and 20 to 25, V Dol trt, 37-75; $1.
,v;- H N Rust to J J Young—Lots 1 and 2, Foote's
add, 8 Pasadena, 14-83; $5.
Thomas Lovell et ux to Henry Thomas—NU
E% EM BW% BWJ4 sec 1, T 2 S, R 14 W, S
J P Croffsto Augeline Croffs—Lot 6,bl 2,Doo
little & Talbot's sub lots 1, 2 and 3, bl 189, Po
mona, 25-28; $600.
Santa Monica Wharf andTetminal Ry Co to
X H Wade—Certain described rights-of-way
granted to grantor by Arthur Gayford, deeds
744-90; $1.
Julius Fißt to Bailie Schrieber—Lot 4 bl C,
Cameron trt; Lots 15 and 29, Long A Stedman
trt; und% int in lot 21 bl A, Dnnkelberger trt;
und 14 int inlet 1 bl 2 City Center trt; also part
of trt described in deeds 116—221; $3500.
Herman Conrad; to Crispin Hartshorne—Lot
11 bl 59 Border City townsite 25—39: $200.
Albert Wallace etux et al to Mary L Burstr
ham-W X lot 4 Wallace Bros sub lot 1, 2 acs N
14 lot 9 bl C, San Pasqual trt 23—3; $400.
W W Beach et al to Nancy J Beach—Lots 18
and 19 bl L, West Los Angeles 3—142; $1.
A M Telller to Constancia Mascarel—interest
in decree of distribution in the estate of Leonis,
deceased; $5.
Ellen C Bowker and husband to Harriet A
Dodd—Lotß 24 32 ana 34 Kllendale Place
18—86; $1.
U T Btarn m to George R Bhatto—Lots 5 and
18 bl 5, lota 21 and 22 bl 3, lota 21 22 and 23
bl 2, Avalon; $1.
N B Carter et ux to Isaac N Wilson—Blocks
22 and C, lots 7 to 14 bl 1, and lots 1 2 and 3
bl D, Cahuenga townsite 3(1—11; $2409.
Deeds in escrow between Santa Monica Wharf
and Terminal Ry Co to X II Wade, to secure
construction of standard gauge railroad from
at or near Mesrner stalloa to Suuta Monica.
Bherftt Ul bson to Charles Lane, admr—Lot 17
bl X, sub lot 6 bl 39 Hancock survey 6—138;
In re Terlutter A Ileinman, insolvent—As
signment In insolvency to assignee.
C J Fox el ux to Mary A Dunham—Lot 14 bl
15 Altadena 16—46; $375.
In re estate of Marta O de Altimlrano, de
ceased— Order con firming sale und 1-10 inter
est In N % lot 8 and b % lot 9 bl 30 Ord's
In re estate J Q A Stanley. deceased—Decree
of superior courc tv settlement of account and
final distribution.
Adam Becker to B N Fmith and 8 D Savage—
Lots 67 8 9 16and 17 bl A Bonnie Highland
tract No 2; $1.
J M Stewart et ux to John 8 Stratton—W %
lot 37 Stewart's Nursery tract 19—50: $625.
Azusa L and W Co to Richard M Sipple—Lot
14 bl 49 Azusa 15-93; $1.
In re estate Wm Dexter Jackson, deceased-
Decree of distribution.
Azusa L and W Co to W R Hearst—Lots 7 8 0
and 12 bl 70; lots 14 and 15 bl 69 Azusa 18—
93; $1500.
City of L A to H H Benedict-Part lot 4bl 72
Hancock's survey 3.10 acres; also 3.14 acres in
same reserving right-of-way; quit-claim.
Mara B Lemon to L A Terminal Ry Co—Strip
44 feet wide off west end farm lot 95 American
Colony tract; *133.35.
In re estate Robert Hardie, deceas ed—Decree
of distribution.
Harriet V Rippey to H H Rose—Lot 12, Ly
man Allen's sub, Pasadena, 10—92; $1.
W B Forsvth to Julia E Bylvester—Lots 27
and 28, bl 96, Long Beach; $700.
N P Campbell to Mrs M X Rowell—Lot 13, bl
13, bl 14, in sub lot 2, bl 39, Hancock's survey,
5—144; $55.
Mrs Ascenia Wallace to Mrs Luzia Luy—Lots
1 and 2, bl N, Tne Palms, 21—43; $950.
E L Farris. 11 ux. to Emily M Oldham—Lo 16,
bl A, Smith & Jacobs' second sub Marengo trt,
5-551; $50.
Long Beach Dcv Co to Emily M Oldham-
Lotsl7and 18, bl 1, Ocean Front add, Long
Beach. $150.
BPRRCo to M L Wicks—N %NW l£ sec 33,
TBN, RISW.SB M: $200.
Same to same—E % same; $800.
Same to same—SW % and 9%
Total number of transfers 45
With nominal consideration 22
Total consideration $28,158 70
Note—Figures separated by a dash represent
the book and page of miscellaneous records.
Sqnare Toed Shoes.
lam glad to find that women have
adopted the square toed style of foot
gear. It always made me uncomfort
able to see the pinched in, tapering
footlets doing the duty which nature
imposed but for which nature originally
constructed them on much different
principles. The diminutive pedal adorn
ment may answer very well in China as
the long, black finger nails do in India,
but I imagine this climate does not re
quire any such disfigurements, orna
mental, no doubt, but after all neither
comfortable nor beautiful. The Amer
can woman is broad minded. Let her
carry the analogy to the other extremity.
—Philadelpliia Press.
Gloves Soil the Books.
"No," said tho bookseller, "it isnt
children's fingers that soil our books.
The volumes through which they look
are, for the most part, cheap. It is the
ladies, elegantly dressed, who wear
gloves, who do us the greatest damage.
They look through our high priced books
with their gloves on, and gloves soil the
pages and often render a volume unsal
able. If ladies would take off their
gloves when they look through a book
seller's stock they would leave more
friends behind them."—lndianapolis
The Grippe Responsible for More Deaths
After Recovery Than Daring Its
Course—How to Avoid the Danger.
Grippe, in itself, is bad enough, debilitating
eneugh, but It is the after effects, the slowness
of recovery that give it its great danger. In
most cases, the person did not have sufficient
vitality to rally after the disease Itself had
passed. The forces of nature were too weak to
contend with the debility which the grippe
had left.
It is sad to think how many people have died
who might have been saved if nature had been
propelly assisted and fortifltd after the grippe
had been driven from the system. Many phy
sicians rea ized this fact, and assisted their
patients over the dangerous after effects by
bracing up and stimulating their systems
This wsb, and can be, done In but one way, and
that is by the steady and moderate use of some
pure yet powerful stimulant. There is but one
absolutely pure and medicinal stimulant known
to the profession and the public, and that is
Dufly's Pure Malt Whiskey. The most promi
nent scientists and physicians of the land en
dorse Its purity and value. It Is not a new
whiskey, It has been before the public for
years. It is not a'cheap decoction, but a pure
distillation. It imparts a tone to the system
possible in no other manner and Bends the
blood coursing through the veins with re
newed vigor. It is superior in every re»pcct,
and however much any unscrupulous druggist
or grocer may seek to lead you to believe to the
contrary, do not be deceived.
Handsome New York Women.
The shopping days brings a monagerie
of women down and uptown by every
train. It is one of the greatest curiosities
in New York to see these women. The
midday trains are filled with them up to
the doors, and not unf requently women
can be seen standing on the platforms,
unable to get inside. No one can study
these women without profit. Nor can
you see them without pride. For they
are the best dressed and finest looking
women in the world. Age sits lightly
on the average New York woman. 1
have seen here some of the handsomest
women I ever saw in my life who were
above the age of forty, fifty and even
sixty years. You can Bee them every
day on the elevated trains. After hear
ing so much about the fast lives of fash
ionable people, their dissipation and all
that, the stiperb physical charms of these
young-old women seem really marvelous.
—New York Cor. Chicago Globe.
Wonderful 4>aim*.
Dr. Miles's Nervine not only cures all nervous
diseases, headache, blues, St. Vitus dance, fits
and hysteria, but also builds up the body. "I
am pleased to say that after years of intense
suffering with nervous diseases, headache and
prostration, I tried Dr. Miles's Restorative Nerv
ine, and in two weeks gained eight pounds in
weight. I could not lie down to sleep, but now
sleep perfectly easy, and am improving won
derfully. Cannot say enough for the Nervine.
—Mrs. L. B. Millard, Dunkirk, N. Y." "One
customer used Nervine and gained fifteen
pounds In flesh —Brown A Maybury, Cortland,
N. Y." Trial bottles and elegant book free at
C. H. Hance.
The quickest time and best service
from Los Angeles to the east is made
by the Santa Fe route. The equipment
not excelled. Tourist sleeping-car ex
cursions, with gentlemanly agent in
charge, through to Boston, leave Los
Angeleß every Thursday. Information
concerning time and routes to all eastern
cities cheerfully furnished at ticket
office, 129 North Spring street, or at
First-street station.
ous cure lor Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker
mouth, and Headache. With each bottle there
is an Ingenious nasal injector for the more suc
cessful treatment of these complaints without
extra charge. Price 50c. Sold wholesale by
Haas, Baruch & Co., and all retail druggists.
Tbe moat successful Private Disease doctor
in the State. Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture,
Seminal Weakness, Nervous Debility,
Syphilis, Skin snd Kidney diseases and *
Sexual Weakness successfully treated. Med
icines prepared In private laboratory. Both
sexes consult in confidence. Dr. White haa
no hired substitutes. You see the doctor only
Dr. White is the [only Specialist in the State
who exclusively treats private, nervous and
chronic diseases. Cures guaranteed in alt
curable cases. Don't waste time with patent
medicines. If you have any .sexual trouble,
consult Dr. White. Scientific treatment.
Reasonable charges.
We have resolved to give the public the
benefit of the following low prices until fur
ther notice:
1 850 '
Teeth extracted without pain, 25c, by lhe'use
of gas, local application or freezing, on con
tract. Sots of teeth, $3-and up: crowns, $1 and
up; bridge work, $3 per tooth and up; gold
fillings, $1 and up; gold alloy, $1 and up;
silver, 75c and up: cement, 50c and up;
cleaning teeth, 50c and up.
239% 8. Spring st,, bet. 2d and 3d, rooms 1 to 0
Painless Dentistry.
_____ Fine Gold Fillings.
/Sgpßj|?sgjt Bridge
(jß^^B\ All operations pain-
V\|jK- Eooms 18 and 19,
WaWi C *l ft. It lltt 107 N. SPBING BT.
Prices low for spot cash, or will sell on install
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
Telephone 984. P. 0. box 1921. 7-21-tf

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