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A Brief Glimpse at "The Last
of the Hogans."
notner important Theatrical Tentnre
Ia "Uncle Celestin," the Latest Work
of the Author of "La Mascotte" and
"Olivette"—lt Was Brought Out at St.
The "east side" of New York city is a
sry important part of that metropolis.
and the most popu
lar man on the
"east side" must
necessarily be a
man of. some con
sequence. There
is hardly room for
doubt that if a
vote were polled
today to decide
who that man is—
barring politicians
—Ed Harrigan
would win the
prize. Harrigan
has had a curious
experience. A few
years ago he was
as well known and
almost aa well
loved outside of
New York as in;
but now the people
in other cities are
beginning to for
get him, while he
has become be
yond a doubt the
best known theat
rical man in the
Empire City. His
popularity is so
great in New York
that it is unneces-
[As Judge Domlnick Mc-
Keever in "The Last of
the Hogans."!
sary for him to go "on the road" at all. He
can make more money by staying at home
than he possibly could by acting in other
He writes his own plays and plays the lead
ing parts in them on his own stage. That is
something that can be said of no other man
I know of. Moreover his plays are good,
his acting is clever and his theater is large,
handsome and comfortable.
Only a few nights ago he brought out a
brand new piece, which he calls "The Last
of the Hogans." In many ways it resem
bles the old Mulligan Guard plays, which
helped to make
him famous when
he had as his part
ner Tony Hart.
The latter died a
month or so past
in an insane asy
lum. "The Last
of the Hogans" is.
a curious concoc-f
tion. It has little
plot, but is full of
catchy songs, clev
er dances and
witty dialogues,
all well spiced
with "horseplay."
In it Harrigan
himself plays the
part of Judge Dom
inick McKeever,
who is fond of row-
[As Mary Ann Brennan in
'The Last of the Hogans."]
ing, boxing, matchmaking, love-making
and other sports. The judge during the
course of the play is mixed up in a prize
light, a smashup on the East river and a
few other little matters of widely varying
| No mention of Harrigan or Harrigan's
play would be complete unless at least
slight mention of
Ada Lewis—the
"tough girl" —
were made. She
became famous
about a year ago,
and literally in a
single night,
through her deli
cious acting of a
very small part in
"Reilly and the
400." The charac
ter in which she
gained such suc
cess was that of a
young woman of
the New York
slums, and her
swagger, her ac
cent and the
" tough " expres
sion of her face
were well nigh
perfect. The pic
ture printed above
gives a good idea
of how she looks
in her new part of
Mary Ann Bren-
Un "Uncle Celestin."]
— luary jiiiii J>reu
inan in "The Last of the Hogans."
Another recent notable production was
that of "Uncle Celestin," a musical comedy
by Edmond Audran, who set the whole
world whistling tuneful airs from "La
Mascotte" and
"Olivette" years
ago- "Uncle Ce
jestin" was first
.performed at St.
(Louis about a
month ago. Later,
when the opera
jWas taken to Chi
jftago, Sylvia Ger
riih was placed in
.the leading role.
The libretto of
"Uncle Celestin"
is by Maurice Or
'd onn ca v and
iHenry Keroul.
Tbey tell a story
in which a poor
family, made sud
denly rich by Un
cle Celestia'swill,
become at first
very swell, and are
then forced (by a
Iclause of the docu-
[In "Uncle Celestin."]
iment) to become innkeepers for six months.
(Clementine, the daughter of the family, is
in love with Gustave, but her people want
jher to marry an aristocrat. The latter un
happy event is almost accomplished when
(the six months expire. Then in a bust of
,TJncle Celestin is found a paper which takes
[the money away from Clementine's parents,
Igives it to her and allows her to marry the
'man of her choice.
Admitted tlte Facta.
Newspaper editors have to be very careful in
opening their columns for statements. But
aware that the Dr. Miles Medical Co. are re
sponsible, we make room for the following tes
timonial from B. McDougall, Auburn, Ind.,
who for two years notloed a stoppage or skip
ping of the pulse, his left side got so Wnder he
could not lie on it, his heart fluttered, he was
alarmed, went to different doctors, found no
relief, but one bottle of Dr. Miles' New Heart
Cure cured him. Tbe elegant book, New and
Btartlinir Facts, free at C. H. Hance's. It tells
all about Heart and Nervous Diseases and many
wonderful cures.
Answer This Question.
Why do so many people we Bee around us
seem to prefer to suffer and be made miserable
by Indigestion, Constipation, Dizziness. Loss
of Appetite, Coming up of the Food, Yellow
Skin, when for 75c we will sell them Shiloh's
Vitaliser, guaranteed to cure them. Sold
wholesale by Haas, Baruch A Co., and all re
tail druggists.
Known as Diplomat and Author.
Hon. Edward Bedloe, United States
consul at Amoy, China, who has long
enjoyed a local reputation for wit and
humor, both spoken and written, now
promises to attain a high rank as writer
on social, industrial and economic prob
lems. The name is of! historic impor
tance in America, as the Bedloes emi
grated from the north of Ireland some
time before the American Revolution
and took up what is now Bedloe's island
for a home and garden plot.
Dr. Bedloe was born in Philadelphia
in 1848, and graduated from Jefferson
Medical college in 1870. Later he took
a degree in dentistry, and for a year or
so was demonstrator in dental anatomy.
In 1880 he entered the diplomatic service
of the United States and served in Italy
and Egypt, then traveled some years,
and in 1890 was appointed to his present
position. He has written for Texas Sitt
ings, the New York World, Boston
Globe and other papers, first as a humor
ist and descriptive writer, but later on
industrial topics, in which last he has
become eminent. He advocates co-oper
ation, compulsory education and other
reforms, and is forcible both as a writer
and sneakers
As Staple as Coffee,
"Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is aB
staple as coffee in this vicinity. It has
done an immense amount of good since
its introduction here." —A. M. Nordell,
Maple Ridge, Minn. For sale by C. F.
Heinzeman, 222 North Main street.
A Bright Career Cut Short.
Mr. Wolcott Balestier, the author who
died recently in Dresden, was not quite
thirty years old, but had already reached
a high rank in literature. He com
menced writing short stories at seven
teen, and at twenty-two was favorably
known to several magazine editors. He
was born in Rochester, N. V., Dec. 13,
1861, and in 1884 his first complete novel,
"A Patent Philter," appeared in the New
York Tribune.
The same year he published "A Fair
Device" and a campaign life of James
Or. Blame. He edited the periodical
called Tid Bits for a short time and
merged it in a new one called Time. He
next went to London, and in partnership
with a Mr. Heineman, established a
branch publishing house, the main busi
ness being to secure copyrights of Eng
lish works. In that business he formed
a literary connection with Rudyard Kip
ling, and together they wrote "Nau
lahka, "now running in The Century. It
would seem that hard work weakened
his constitution, and he died of typhoid
fever at. the very outset of a brilliant
caroHr. r
miles's Nerve and. Liver Pills.
Act on a new principle—regulating the liver,
stomach and bowels through the nerves. A
new discovery. Dr. Miles's Pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, con
stipation. Unequalled for men, women, chil
dren. Smallest, mildest, surest! 60 doses, 2 >
cents. Samples free, at C. H. Hance.
The New French. Minister.
The new minister from Prance to the
United States, M. Patenotre, made an
excellent impression on his recent ar
rival in Washington, and his address
when presented to President Harrison
was an uncom
monly neat bit of
delicate compli
ment. He was
attended by his
two secretaries,
the three in full
court dress, and
was presented by
Secretary Blame.
In presenting his'
credentials he
spoke of the good
will between
France and America, even when the for
mer was a monarchy or empire, and as
sumed that as a matter of course it has
increased now that France is a republic.
As there is no "court dress" at Wash
ington the president and secretary were
dressed merely as gentlemen, and the
former, in welcoming the new minister,
made a very happy reference to the
school reading of American children, in
which they learn to love the French of
Shiloh's Consumption Cure.
This Is beyond question the most successful
Cough Medicine we have ever sold, a few doses
Invariably cuie the worst oases of Cough,
Croup and Bronchitis, while its wonderful
success in the cure of Consumption is without
a parallel in the history of medicine. Since its
first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee,
a test which no other medicine can stand. If
you have a cough we earnestly ask you to try
it. Price 10c, 50c and tl. If your lungs are
sore, chest or back lame, use Shiloh's Porous
Plaster. Sold wholesale by Haas, Baruch A
Co., and all retail druggists.
California Vinegar Works.
555 Banning street, opposite soap factory,
near Alameda and First streets, one-half block
from electric light work"
Horse h'snkets, clippers and buggy robes at
Toy't SdddU'ry bouse, 315 N L-j» Angeles strett.
The principal suicide club in this
country came into existence in Connect
icut, but California has its suicides,
A talk with a well informed gen
tleman, thephysician-in-chfef of the Cos
mopolitan Dispensary, corner of Stock
ton, Ellis and Market streets, San Fran
cisco, shows that suicides are frequently
caused by catarrh.
"We have a specialist who devotes his
time to catarrh exclusively," he said.
"Is it such a serious disease?"
" Bronchial catarrh is much more ser
ious than many imagine. When catarrh
has existed in the head and upper part
of the throat for any length of time it
extends slowly down the windpipe and
thus into the bronchial tubes. The swell
ing and accumulated mucus in the bron
chial tubes produce a bad cough. The
latter is not so bad in warm weather.
At first there is raised a little bluish,
tough, tenacious mucus, which grad
ually increases in quantity and as
sumes a yellowish color, with such
a violent cough as to frequently
cause vomiting. The mucus raised
conteins small particles of yellowish
matter, sometimes of a cheesy consist
ency, which, when pressed between the
fingers, emit a bad odor. When this
disease is not controlled or cured by
scientific treatment the lung substance
itself undergoes changes, and we have
developed that worst of all diseases—con
sumption. "
The Chicago Herald is authority for the
statement that the Cosmopolitan Dispen
sary is only exceeded by the huge dis
pensaries of Berlin and London, and as
to Ihe beneficial results of their method
of treatment the patients themselves are
the best authorities.
The first one seen was Mr. A. M- Mar
tin, who is a coppersmith in the employ
ofSpreckels Brothers, with whom he
has been for fifteen years.
"Yes, sir, I am a patient at the Cos
mopolitan Dispensary," he said, "and
give up."
"Was it then that you went to the
Cosmopolitan Dispensary?"
"Yes, sir. It was a good thing
for me that I went, for they
not only saved my life but gave
me back my health again. I cannot say
enough for them. Their physicians, I
think are the best on earth, and their
charges are less than half of the ordin
ary doctors."
Mr. Martin lives with his family at
the northwest corner of Stevenson and
Nineteenth streets. He has been a resi
dent of San Francisco for twenty years.
The investigation by the reporter
showed that hundreds of people have
been cured by mail treatment at their
own homes throughout the country. A
symptom blank is sent which the pa
tient fills out and from this their case is
diagnosed free, so it costs nothing to
learn your condition.—S. F. Chronicle.
j; hen Baby was sick, we gave her Castorla,
When she waa a Child, she cried for Castori&t
When she became Miss, she clung to Castorla
When she had Children, she gave them Castorla.
Deaf from-Catarrh.
I I was the victim of the worst case of
■ Catarrh that I ever heard of. I waa
I entirely deaf in one ear, and all the in
■ side of my nose, including part of tho.
■ bone sloughed off. No sort of treat-
Jment benefitted me, aud physicians said,
"I would nevor be any better." As al
last resort I to >k Swift's Specific, and it I
entirely cured me and restored my hear I
ing. I have bt-.- well for years, and j
no sign of return 6 'he disease.—Mrs. I
J9§gttl!«S POMtt-'" DraWKiSTj^cJ
I have a positive remedy for the above disease; by its
rise thousands of cases of the worst kind and of long*
standing have been cored. Indeed so strong is my faith
in its efficacy, that I mil send two bottles free, with
a VALUABLE TREATISE on this disease to any suf
ferer who will send me their Express and P. O. eddrass,
T. A* Slocum, JAf. c, 193 Pearl Bt., N. T.
Has been a never-failing family remedy for
eases of tbe
Throat, Chest and Lungs
DR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM contains no
opium, morphine, nor any deleterious drug. It
soothes and heals the Membrane of (ne Lungs,
Inflamed and poisoned by disease, and prevents
night sweats and tightness across the chest. It
is pleasant to the taste. Be sure and ask for
DR. WM. HALL'S BALSAM, and take no other.
Trade supplied by F. W. BRAUN A 00.
Los Angeles. Price, 25c, 50c, 11.00.
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
Weakneu, Nervnuinen, Debility, and all
the train of evils from early errors or later excesses,
the results of overwork, stckncßs, worry, etc. Pull
strength, development, and tone given to every
organ and portion of the body. Simple, natural
methods. Immediate* Improvement seeo. Failure
Impossible. 2,000 references. Book, explanations
and proofs mailed (Bcalod) free. Address
ing company.
Principal place of business No. 303 West
First street, in the city of Los Angeles, in the
state of California.
Notice Is hereby given that at a meeting of
the directors held on the 27th day of January,
1892, an assessment of 2% cents a share was
levied upon the capital stock of the corpora
tion, payable on the 3d day of March, 1892, to
me, William Scrimgeour, secretary at the office
of said corporation. Any stock upon which
this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 3d
day of March, 1892, will be delinquent and
advertised 'or sale at public auction, and unleßS
payment is made will be sold on the 30th day
of March, 1892, to pay the delinquent assess
ment together with the cost of advertising and
expenses of sale. WM. SCRIMGEOUR,
No. 303 West First strwet, slty ol Los Angeles,
California. 1-38-td.
Poso Irrigation District, Kern
Connty, California.
proposals will be received by the board of
directors of the Poso irrigation district for the
purchase of the bonds of tbe said district at
any time after the publication of this notice,
and until Monday, the Ist day of February, A.
D. 1892, at 1 o'clock p. m. of the said aay, at
the office of said board, at Delano, Kern county,
Said bonds are lasned under and in pursuance
of an act of the legislature of the Btate of Cali
fornia, entitled, "An act to provide for the or
ganization and government ef irrigation dis
tricts, and to provide for the acquisition of
water and other property, and for the distribu
tion of water thereby for irrigation purposes,"
approved March 7th, 1887.
There are five hundred of said bonds, each of
the denomtnation of five hundred dollars.
Said bonds in form and substance conform to
the provisions of the said act; they bear Inter
est at the rate of six (0) per cent per annum;
Interest payable semi-annually.
None of the safd bonds will be sold for less
than ninety (90) per cent of the face value
Said proposals will be opened at the aforesaid
time and place, and tbe purchase of said bonds
will be awarded to the highest responsible bid
Said board reserves the right to reject any
and all bids.
All communications relative to said bonds
should be addressed to J. E Anderson, the sec
retary of said board, at Spottiswood P. 0., Kern
county, California.
The legality of the organization of said dis
trict, and the proceedings had for the issue and
sale of said bonds have been Judicially deter
mined by the superior court of the county of
Kern, in said state.
Done by the order of the board of directors of
Poso Irrigation district, the sth day of January,
A. D. 1892.
All bids must be accompanied by a certified
check, to insure good faith.
W. H. ORR, President.
J. E. Anderson, Secretary. l-11-to-2-1
will be received by the Board of Trustees
of the city of Pomona, Los Angeles county,
Callfornta, until 7:30 p.m , on Thursday, the
llth day of February. 1892, for each one of
forty bonds of the school district of the city of
Pomona, which have been this day Issued and
deposited with the city treasurer of the city of
Pomona, under an act of the legislature of the
State of Californta, entitled, "An Act to enable
cities of the fifth class to issue bonds for the
purpose of raising money to purchase school
lots, and for building or purchasing one or
more school houses, and supplying the same
with furniture, necessary apparatus, and im
proving the grounds, and for liquidating any
indebtedness already Incurred for sucn pur
poses," Approved March 31st, 1891. Bsid
bonds aro numbered consecutively from 1 to
40. are dated January 12th, 1892; the princi
pal of each bond Is SjIOOO 00; they bear inter
est at 7 per cent per annum, payable annually
on the 12th day of January.
Principal of said bonds is payable as follows:
Bonds Nos. 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, In 6 years
from date thereof
Bunds Nos. 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16, in 7
years from date thereof.
Bonds Nos. 17,18, 19, 20, 21,22, 23, 24, fn 8
years from date thereof.
Bonds Nos. 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, In 9
yearsjfrom date thereof.
Bonds Nos. 33, 34, 35,36, 37, 38, 39 40. in 10
years from date thereof.
Principal and interest payable at the office of
the city treasurer of the city of Pomona.
The said Board of Trustees wtll meet at the
city hall of the city of Pomona, Los Angeles
county, California, at 7:30 p.m., on Thursday,
Feb.uary llth, 1892, and will then and there
open all bids for bonds. No bonds will be sold
for less than par, and the right is reserved to
reject any and all bids. In all cases the pur
chase price of any bond sold shall be paid In
United states gold coin within ten days after
acceptance of the bid.
Bids are called for each one of said bonds
up to the time lix. d for opening bids.
By order of the Board of Trustees of the city
of Pomona.
Witness my hand this 12th day of January,
City Clerk of the city of Pomona,
1-21-1 ot Los Angeles county, California.
For the Purchase of Los Angeles
County Court House Bonds.
proposals will be received by the under
signed up to Monday, the 15th day of Febru- «
ary, 1892, at 2 o'clock p.m. of that day, for the
purchase of one hundred (100), or any portion J
thereof, Los Angeles County Courthouse bonds, 1
numbered consecutively from number forty- J
one to one hundred and forty (140), both num- I
bers fucluded, of the denomination of one (
thousand dollars ($1000) each, and payable on
the first day of January, A. D. 1910, or at any
time before that date, at the pleasure of said
county, in gold coin of the United States, with
interest thereon at the rate of five (5) per cent 1
per annum, payable semi annually on the first
day of January and on the first day of J lly of
each year, bonds and Interest payable at the
office of the county treasurer of said Los An- !
geles county.
Said bonds having been issued In conformity 1
with an ordinance enacted by the Board of i
Supervisors of said Loa Angeles county, dated
April 28th, A. D. 1890, and under anthority
conferred upon said board by the provisions of
t n act of the legislature of the State of Cali
ernia, entitled, "An Act to establish a uniform
r tern of County and Township Government,"
approved March 14, A. D. 1883.
None of said bonds will be sold for less than
face value and accrued in len st, nor shall any
sale thereof be lii.nl or valid until approved by
the said Board of Supervisors, and the right is
hereby expressly reserved to reject any or all
aforesaid proposals.
Mark envelopes: "Proposals for the pur
chase of Court House Bonds."
By order of the Board of Supervisors of Loa
Angeles county, Californfa.
Dated January Bth, 1892.
Treasurer of Los Angeles county, Cal.
1-9 30t
Southern Pacific Railroad company, a cor
poration Incorporated, organized and existing
under the laws of the state of California, will
apply to the honorable, the board of super- .
visors of Los Angeles county, at a meeting of
said board, at its meeting room, at the court
house of Los Angeles county, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, on Saturday, the 1
27th day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a.m.
of that day. or as soon thereafter as the matter :
can be heard, for a grant of anthority to safd
company to construct and maintain a wharf on
lands bordering on and extending into the bay
of Santa Monfca, within and bordering: upon i
the county of Los Angeles, and particularly
described as contained and being within the I
following boundaries: j
All of that portion of the bay of Santa Monf
ca, which is included within lines which are
parallel to and o7</, feet, measured at right
angles on each side from the following de
scribed center line.
Commencing at a stake which marks the ..
point of intersection of the surveyed center
line of proposed wharf of the 8. P. R. R. Co.
with the line of high water on tbe shore of
Santa Monica bay, which point is known as
Engineer's Station No. 125f20 of said center
line of proposed wharf; thence running out
into the bay of Santa Monica on a curve to the
left of 573 14-100 feet radius (the tangent to
the curve at the point of intersection afore
said, being on a course of 8. 89 deg. 10 mm. i
W.j for a distance of 387 3-10 feet; thence
along a tapering curve to the left as follows:
30 feet with a radius of 636 78-100 feet; 30
feet with a radius of 716 34 100 feet: 30 feet
with a radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet wfth
a radius of 955 04-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1146 01-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1432 47-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 2864 84-100 feet, and 30 feet with
a radius of 5729 61-100 feet: thence on a tan-
Bent with a course of 8. 36 deg. 56 mm. W. for
a distance of 1254 5-10 feet; thence on a taper
ing curve to the right as follows: 30 feet wfth ;
a radius of 5729 61-100 feet; 30 feet -with a
radius of 2864 84-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1432 47-100 feet, 30 feet with a ,
radius of 1146 01 100 feet; 30 feet with a >
radius of 955 04 100 feet; 30 feet wfth a '
radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius |
of 716 34-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius of 636
78-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius of 57314-100
feet; 30 feet with a radius of 636 78-100 feet;
30 feet with a radius of 716 34-100 feet; 30
feat with a radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet
with a radius of 955 04-100 feet; 30 feet wfth
a radius of 1146 in too feet; 30 feet with a :
radius of 1432 47-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a •
radius of 2864 84-100 feet, and 30 feet wfth a
radius of 5729 61-100 feet; thence on a tan
gent wfth a course of S. 66 deg. 56 mfn. W. for
a distance of 4186 4-10 feet to the terminal
point; the total length of the above described !
center line being 6668 2-10 feet, and the area
included in the above description is 11 49-100
acres; and for authority to receive and take
toll for the use of said wharf.
Dated at San Francisco, California, this 20th
day of January, 1892.
(eorporaj* Seal, 8. P. B. R. «o. | 1-2* td .
they have done me
more good than all
the physicians I
have ever been with.
For a great many
years I suffered
from bronchial ca
tarrh, and I took
'treatment frem
[some of the most
eminent physicians
in San Francisco.
Two of them in
formed me that my
case was hopeless
but I would not
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
Agents, Ban Francisco. Northern routes
embrace lines for Portland, Ore.; Victoria, B.
C, and Pugot Bound, Alaska, and all coast
Time Table for January, 1893.
Port Harford....
Santa Barbara... S. S. Corona. Jan. 2, 11, 20,
Redondo 29 and Feb. 7.
San Pedro fB. 8. Mexico, Jan. 7, 16, 25,
Newport and Feb. 3.
San Diego
For 1 8. S. Eureka, Jan. 9, 18, 27,
Redondo I and Feb. 6.
Ban Pedro and (8. S. Coos Bay, Jan. 6,14,23,
Way Ports J and Feb. 1.
For 1 8. S. Mexico, Jan. 9, 18, 27.
I and Feb. 6.
Newport (B. 8. Corona, Jan. 4,13, 22,
Sao Diego ) 31, and Feb. 9.
For laB. Mexico, Jan. 3, 11, 20,
San Francisco .. I 39, and Feb. 7.
Port Harford.... [ S.B. Corona. Jan. 6, 15,24,
Santa Barbara... I and Feb. 3.
For | 8. 8. Coos Bay, Jan. 8, 17
Ban Franclaoo 1 36, and Fab. 4. *
and fS. S. Eureka, Jan. 3, 12,21,
Way Port* J 30, and Feb. 8.
Oars to connect with steamers via San Pedro,
leave 8. P. R. R. depot, Fifth street, Loa An
geles, at 9:36 o'clock a. m.
Passengers par steamer Corona and Mexico,
via Redondo, north bound,leave SantaFedepot
at 10:15 a.m.; or from Redondo Railway depot,
corner Jefferson street and Grand aye., 10:05
Passengers per Coos Bay and Eureka via
Redondo, leave Santa Fe depot at 4:50 p. m.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
Where berths may be secured.
The company reserve the right to change the
steamers or their days of sailing.
£ffF~Fot passage or freight as above or for
tickets to. and from all Important point* in
Europe, apply to
W. PARRIB, Agent,
Office. No. 184 West Second st,, Los Angela*,
Depot cor. Aliso and Anderson streets. Take
car or 'bus from corner of Main and Arcadia
streets dlreot for depot.
Leave Monrovia for Leave Los Angeles for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7:ooamand 905 am 8:00 am ami 11:10 am
I:lspmand 4:lspm 3:lopmand 6:lopm
Leave Alhambra for Leave Alhambra for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7:27amana 9:32 am 8:18 am and 11:33 am
1:42 pm and 4:42pm 3,33 pm and 5:33pm
Leave Los Angeles at 9:80 a.m. and 5:10 p.m
Leave Monrovia at 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Time between Los Angeles and Monrovia, 48
Soto Street, Lake Vineyard, Chapman,
Bats; Ban Marino, Baldwin,
Ramona, E. Ban Gabriel, Arcadia,
Alhambra, Bunny Slope.
JOHN - BRYSON, Sr., Pres.
WM. G. KERCKHOFF, Gen, Mang.
Notice of Sale of Eeal Estate.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of
an order of the superior court of the county of
San Bernardsno, state of California, made on
the 23d day of January, 1892, in the matter of
the estate and guardianship of Mathew
Palen, Neola Palen, Daniel Palen and John
Palen, minors, the undersigned, Annie Palen,
guardian of said minors, will sell for cash at
private sale, and subject to confirmation by
said superior court, on the 12th day of Febru
ary, 1892, at 12 o'clock m., at the law offices of
Paris & Satterwhite, in said city, in the county
of San Bernardino, all the right, title, interest
and estate of the aforesaid minors, all the
right, title and interest that the Bald estate has
by operation of law or otherwise acquired
other than or in addition to that of the said
minors in and to all that certain lot, piece or
parcel of land, situate, lying and bt inn in Los
Angeles county, state of California,and bound
ed and described as fallows', to-wit: Particu
larly described as the southwest qnarter of sec
tion ten (10), of township five (5), north of
range ten (10) west, San Bernardino meddian,
containing 160 acres; also sixty (60) acres oft
the wast end of the southeast quarter of said
section ten (10), township five (.5), north of
range ten (10) west.S B M; also a certain water
right situated in Rock creek, Los Angeles
county, state of California,
Sealed|offers for the said sale will be received
at the law offices ef Paris A Satterwhite, 452
Third street, city of «an Bernardfno, until the
said 12th day oi February, 1892.
Guardian of said Minors.
Paris A Satterwhite, Attorneys for Guardian.
| Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,923.
California County of Los Angeles—ss.
In the matter of the estate of Leopold Shirp
xer, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Wednesday, the
i loth day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, at the court room of this court, de
i partment two thereof, In tbe city of Los An
' geles, connty of Los Angeles, and
Btate of California, has been appointed
as the time and place for hearing the
application of David Shlrpser and Solomon
Shirpser. praying that a document now on file
in this court, purporting to be the last will and
testament of the said deceased, be admitted to
probate, that letters testamentary be issued
thereon to them, at which time and place all
persons interested therein may appear and
cont st the same.
Dated January 26th, 1892.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk,
By D. 8. Alexander, Deputy.
Max Loewenthal, Attorney for Petitioners.
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,900.
California, county of Los Angeles—ss
In the matter of the estate of .Domingo
Amestoy, deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that Friday, the
sth day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a m.
of said day, at the courtroom of this court,
Department Two thereof. In the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and state of
California, has been appointed as the time and
place for hearing the application of Juanlta
A. Gtless, A. J. Amestoy and John B. Amestoy,
praying that a dooument now on lie
in this court, purporting to be the last
will and testament of the said deceased, be
admitted to probate, that letters testamentary
be issued thereon to said petitioners,
at which time and place all persons in
terested therein may appear and contest the
Dated January 22,1893,
T. H. WARD, Connty Clerk.
By F. B. Lowrt, Deputy.
Smith, Wimdxb A Smith, Attorneys for Peti
1-88 IQt
Location of principal place of business in
the city of Los Angeles. Notice is hereby
given that at a meeting of the directors, held
on the 23d day of December, 1891, an assess
ment of |2 per share was levied upon the cap
ital stock of the corporation, payable on or be
fore the 6th day of February, 1892, to the
secretary, at the office of the corporation,
144 South Main street, Los Angeles, California,
Any stock upon which this assessment shall
remain unpaid on the Bth day of February,
1892, will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction, and, unless payment is
made before, will be sold on the 9th day of
March, 1892, at 11 o'clock a.m., to pay the
delinquent assessment, together with costs of
advertising and expanses of sale.
M. A. IREY, Secretary,
location of efflce, No. 144 South Main street,
Los Angeles. Cat L-5 td
MaRM 1051 Mirktt St., San Francisco,
ffljll (between Sth and 7th Sts.)
ill TJTtt Go and learn how wonderfully
4 Hir¥fF- \ y° u are mac e an< i ' 10w to avoid
liuil *k sickness and diseases. Museum
w» D l!? en l ar g e d w ' th thousands of new
Jb, a objects. Admission 25 cts.
Private Office, 211 Geary St. Diseases of
men: stricture, loss of manhood.diseases of the
skin and kidneys quickly cured without the
use of mercury. Treatment personally or by
letter. Send for book.
& JI' S V* " nckr.owledccfl
ii l9 lett, 'in(f remedy foi
IfSw ••»« auinm. w **OC«>"*OBaorWhitei
Iga I prescribe it and feei
HJJj Mrd<x>iT»r safe ia recommtndinelr
'tjflmTheEv»ntOllEMri'pn. to all tufferers.
m aNc>NNiTi,o.nußj a. i. BTONKR, m. Dl
«toAT"«W»*W* *»ytij. B HK&ik^
Qir TBAVML. . _ f
Southero Pacific Conpy.
Deo. 7, 1891.
Trains leave and are dne to arrive at
• ,,M AtroMLaa arc ass depot),
Fifth street, dally, as follows:
Leave For destination. Air. From
8:50 p.m Banning. 10:15a.8l
5:10 p.m. Banning 10:00 p.m.
8:05 a. m Colton 4:SO> ««
3:50 p.m Colton 10:005>.a.
5:10p.m Colton 10:15 a.m.
6:10 p. m Doming and last... 10:00 p. ra.
„ 6:10 p. m £1 Paso and East.... 10:00 p. *.
116:00 p.m. Chlno ||8:87 a.a.
9:25 a.m. j Long and Ban) 3.33 p.,,,
12:40 p. m Long Beach. 11:4» a. a.
4:50 p.m. J^ n Vn?eto,. "*\ B ™*- ■>
10:40 p. m. Ogden and last, Ist class 4:00 p.m
2:00 p. m. Ogden and East, 2d class 6:56 a. m
10:40 p.m Portland. Or 6:65 a. a,
9:05 a.m. Riverside 10:15 a.m.
3:50 p.m Riverside 4:30 p. a,
6:10 p.m Riverside 10:00p.m
9:05 a. m. San Bernardino 10:15 a. a
3:50 p.m San Bernardino..... 4:20 p.m,
6:10 p. m San Bernardino..... 10:00 p.m.
Redlands 10:16 a.a
9:05 a. m Redlands 4:30p m
3:50 p. m Redlands 10:00 p. ra.
2:00 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 6:56 a. m,
10:40 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 400 p. m
|| 9:37 a.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim 9:00 a.m.
5:02 p. m. Santa Ana and Anaheim || 4:04 p. ra.
2:00p.m Santa Barbara 4 00 p.m.
7:25 a. m Santa Barbara 9.06 p. m
9:30 a m Santa Monica 12:17 p. al
1:17p.m Santa Monica 4:28 p.m
6:07p.m Santa Monica 8:37 a.m
||6:15 p.m Santa Monica II 7:50 a. m
4:40 p.m. Tustln 8:43 a. m
4:40 p. m Whittier 8:43 a. ra.
Whittier.: || 4 '20 p. ra.
Local and through tickets sold, baggaga
checked, Pullman sleeping car reeervattoar
made, and general Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. S. Pas. Art.
No. 144 8. Spring St., oor. Second. CHAJEUJM
BEYLER, Agent at Depots.
U Sundays excepted.
RICH'S GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
tf Gen'l Paasenger Agt
COMPANY (Santa Fe Route).
Leave. Arrive.
•12:20 pm Overland • 2:48 pat
* 815 am ..BanDlegoCoastLlne.. » 1:1Tm
* 3:05 pm . San Diego Coast Line... * 7:16 pa
* 8:30 am .:Azusa and Pasadena.. * 9:65 as*
•10:25 am ..Azusaand Pasadena.. • 2:25 pm
"12:20 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena.. * 2:46 pm
* 4:00 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena.. * 6:30 pra
t 1.25 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena., t 7:40 am
t 5:22 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena., f 4:40 pat
* 7:25 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena., j 7:46 pa
tll:00 pm ..Azusaand Pasadena.. *10:37 ps
t 7:45 am Pasadena » B=6o an
ni 20 pm I San Bernardino via \ t »:« «
* 4:00 pm ) Pasadena \ , |:g g»
•11:00 am » San Bernardino via ( '10:15 am
* 5:05 pm [ Orange and Riv- \ • 6:42 pa
) erside (
* 8:30 am j Riverside via Pasa- I * 2:45 pra
•12:20 pm j dena ana San B'dno j * 0:30 pm
•11:00 am . .Riverside via Orange.. '10:15 am
* 5:05 pm . .Riverside via Orange.. • 6:43 pm
•12-20 5S i Bedlands and Men- J 5:55 •*
* 4:00 pm \ Pasadena, j 1 «:» »■
•11:0O am i Redlands and Men- < '10:16 am
* 5:05 pm > tone Orange and } * 5:42 pm
) Riverside ( \\Z
112 20 ran i B * n J»oiato via San I t 2:45 pm
pm j Bernardino I f 6:80 pm
i Temecula and San i ...... „_
tll:00 am 5 Jacinto via Orange ) I 1!?:}? **
) and East Riverside < t 5.43 pm
* 8:15 am Santa Ana ♦ 8:60 MB
* 3:06 pm Santa Ana * l:i7 pm
Santa Ana * 7:15 pm
t 4:42 pm Santa Ana * 5:48 pm
t 3:06 pm Hscondtdo via Coast-Line ♦ 1:17 pm
•10:15 am Redondo Beach.... • 8:29 ma
' 4:60 pm Redondo Beach.... * 3.53 pm
112:20 pm \ Highland via Pasa- I t 6:80 pa
t 8:30 am j dena j
! Highland via i
Orange and River- { t 5:42 pa
■Ida. <
* Daily, t Dally except Sunday. 1 Sunday
ED, CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
First-street Depot,
OHAS. T. PARSON d, Tioket Agent,
129 North Spring street, Los Angela*.
Depot at foot of First street fft
Los Angeles Terminal Bailw&j Ci
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena mt
Pasadena. Los Angel**
————— ——— 1 - M
t 6:35 a. m. * 6:00 a. a
* 7:10 a. m J T-lSa.*
* 8:00 a. m. * 8:05 a.a
•9:30 a. m. • 9:10 a. a
•11:00 a. m ni:os a. m
n2:00 m. • 1:00 p.m
* 3:00 p.m » 2:06 p.*. I
' *:00 p. m ......* 4:06 p.*
* 5:20 p. m, • 5:26 p. a,
* 6:20 p. m • 7:06 p. a,
•9:36 p. m •10:80 p.m.
"11:25 p. m n2:l6a?a.;
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes lat*f
Running time between Los Angeles and Para j
dena SO minutes.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los *if i^b
* 9:30 a. m. , *10:40 a. a
* 4:00 p. m « BKK) p. a
Running time between Los Angeles and Alta
dena, 55 minutes.
All trains start from First-street depot.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Glendale for Jar
Glendale. Angeles.
t 7:00 a. m. * 7*o a. ra,
* 8:25 a.m. I 9:20 im.
n2:05 p.m * 1:06 iSE
* 8:00 p.m. • 8:60 p. a
» 5:15 p. m « C:iq p.g,
Running time between Los Angeles and Glen,
dale, 35 minutes. Add 5 minutes for VerduM
Park time.
Los Angeles, Long Beach and East San Pedro!
Depot—East end of First-st. Bridge,
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San FatM
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angelas.
510:00 a.m « 8:00 a m
110:30 a.m t 3:30 p.m
5 1:40 p.m $ 4:00p.m
} 5:00 p.m $12:00 m
5 5:15 p.m
Between Los Angeles and Long Beach, 60
minutes; between Los Angeles and East Sag
Pedro, 1 hour; between East San Pedro sot
Long Beach, 10 minutes.
•Dally. fDally, except Snndays. $6und*j»
only. Stages meet the 8:05 a. m. train at
Paaadena for Mt. Wilson on new trait
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties.
Depots east end First st. and Downey-avenue
General offices. First-street Depot.
, „ „ T. B. BURNETT, Gen. Manager
Jy2-ti W. WINCUP. G. P. A.
Redondo Railway
In Effect MondayToct. 5, 5 a.m., '9V.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jafri
ferson et.
Take Grand aye. cable or Main-it and AM
cultural Park horse can.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Loa Angeles Redondo fl
for Redondo. for Los Angeiafl
8:50 a.m. dally 7:00 a.m. aafjjfli
10.05 a.m. dally 8:40 a.m. dailyfl
1:35 p.m, dally 11 26 a.m. dallxfll
5:35 p.m. daily 4:10 p.m. daffiH
Running time between Los Angeles and Bml
dondo 50 minutes. fl
President. BnptJml
Compagnie Generate fransatlanti<|oi,|
COMPANY'S PIER (NEW) NO. a9«a.rWtL .■■
North river.foot of Morton street,Sssßßffcfl
Travelers by this line avoid both transit Bffl
English railway and the discomfort of Croatia ■
the Channel in a small boat fl
LA CHAMPAGNE, February 6th. ■
LA NORMAN DIE, February 13th. ■
LA BRETAGNB, Februajy 20th. fl]
LA BOUBGOGNE, February 27th. ■
For freight or passage apply to H
A. FORGET, Agent, fl
. No. 3 Bowling Green, New York, j
J. F. FUGAZIA CO., Agent*, 5 Montawßfla
"«„ Ban Franclson. .l
Baker lron \VorkiH
950 to 966 BUENA VISTA ST, ■
Adjoining the Southern PaclflO 6rounds. TcUfl
mm* 134. ?HRff 1

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