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United Statea Weather Office.
Report of observations taaan at Los Angeles,
February 14, 1882
Time. I Bar.! Ther. i
8:07 a. m. 29.98 54
5:07 p. m. S0 08 | 58
8 I 3
»jT«t. tern. 61; mln. tern. 53. Rainfall for
past twenty-four houri, trace
Dr. Chichester delivered a powerful
sermon in Immanuel church yesterday
on the Divinity of Christ.
The sheriff of Tulare county yesterday
left for home with Jerry Gusao, charged
with felonious assault,who waa arreated
here by Officer Steele.
Mias Hazel Keyea and her monkey
made a successful balloon ascension
from Weatlake park yesterday, both
descending safely by parachutes.
"Again and again Cable was inter
rupted by bursts of laughter and ap
plause." The combined pathos and
drollery please both the grave and the
The Presbyterian Alliance will give a
reception in the First Presbyterian
church to Rev. Dr. Ray on the evening
of the 26th of February, and not next
Friday, as was announced from some of
the pulpits yesterday.
Get a new map of Los Angelea city by
subscribing for the Daily Hekald and
paying one month's subscription in ad
vance. This offer applies only to sub
scribers on the city carrier routes of the
There are undelivered telegrams at
the office of the Western Union Tele
graph company, Main and Court streets,
for J. Smith Brigs, E. J. Weil, Wm. L.
Allison, R. P. Keating, Miss Stella
Alexander and Thomas Rhodes.
Miss Irvine, sister of Rev. Mr.
Irvine, the young East Los An
gelea Presbyterian miniater who
died ao suddenly last summer, passed
away yesterday morning, after a short
illness from pneumonia. Death haß laid
his hand heavily upon thia family.
Herr Rubo will sing the aria O God,
Have Mercy, from the oratorio of St.
Paul, in English, at the Foran concert
Friday evening next. This selection is
one of Mendelssohn's finest composi
tions and Herr Rubo may be reiied upon
to do it full justice. Those who have
not had an opportunity of hearing this
fine basso should not fail to be present
at the Simpson auditorium on the even
ing of the 19th.
Rev. Dr. Pendleton made a stirring
address at the Young Men's Christian
Association meeting yesterday afternoon,
taking aa hia aubject Cities of Refuge.
There waa special music, consisting of a
violin solo by Charles Valentine and a
tenor solo by A. W. Hare. Next Sun
day Robert Weidensall, of the interna
tional committee of the Y. M. C. A., is
expected to be present. On Tuesday
evening occurs a lecture by Col. J. H.
Wcodard in the members' course.
J. H, Bradbeer, the architect, has re
moved to 132>i S. Broadway, room 20.
Wm. C. Aiken, architect, 12 Burdick
block, corner Second and Spring streets.
For Coupes and Hacks
Ring telephone 230. N. K. Lusk.
FOB BALE—2OO cords pine wood by Lake
Hemet Water Co., 28 Baker block.
We are now located in our new build
ing, 717 and 719 North Main street, and
extend a general invitation to tbe public
to visit the laundry. On Tuesday and
Wednesday of each week we would be
pleased to show visitors through the
laundry. There is much to interest
visitors. Respectfully, Troy Laundry
Branch Texas oysters. Mercadante's old
stand. First and Main.
Dr. G. Beaumont,
Specialist, treats all chronic diseases. Office
South Spring.
When you want a nobby hat, go to the Los
Angeles Bat Co., 119 North Spring street.
R. D. List, notary public. Legal papers care -
fully drawn. 127 West Second. Telephone 165.
O. Q. Johnson, notary, has removed to 213
West First street, opposite old office.
Railway companies antagonize ticket brokers,
but Anthony dchwamm, the responsible Asso
ciation broker, will guarantiee every ticket and
save yon dollars. My motto: "Square Trans
actions and Reduced Rates vs. Arbitrary Ry
Rates. Office, 200 and 206 N. Spring street,
Temple block. _
Ton are apt to cough. B. &8. Homoeopathic
Cough and Croup Syrup will certainly cure it.
We have a speedy and positive cure for
catarrh, diphtheria, canker mouth and bead
nasal injector free with each bottle. Use it if
you desire health and sweet breath. Price 50c.
Sold wholesale by Haas, Baruch & Co.. and all
retail druggists.
By special request of our many patrons we have decided to hold a
Final Auction Sale !
TODAY AT II A. M., 1:30 AND 8 P. M,, AT
This is undoubtedly the Grandest Opportunity Ever Offered to Buy
% THE STOCK REPRESENTS $100,000.00. *
yon are permitted to select any piece in the collection and it will be put up and sold to the
highest bidder.
COSTIKYAN Sc Importers.
N. 8.--A WORD OF WARNING : It is economy to buy Rugs at Auction, but it DEPENDS
ENTIRELY WHERE YOU PURCHASE, what and of whom. A poor Oriental Rug is dear at
any price. At 213 South Broadway you will find the GRANDEST COLLECTION ever seen in
the United States, and you are assured of
-2 A * FAIR * PUBLIC # SAL El. IS- .
Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Chapman of Oak
land are at the Nadeau.
J. G. Oxnard of Chino registered last
evening at the Nadeau.
P. G. McLean, of Washington, D. C,
has registered at the Hollenbeck.
C. M. Ryder of the Equitable Life As
surance company is at the Nadeau.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller of St. Paul are in
town and have rooms at the Argyle.
Seth Mann and James Flood of San
Fernando arrived last evening at the
Mrs. Freeman Strong, of St. Paul,
Minn., and .child, are at No. 840 South
Hill Btreet.
John C. Comstock, representing F.
R. Arnold & Co., of New York is at the
W. W. Batchellor, a prominent busi
ness man of Chicago, is visiting his
friends, the Cutlers.
Wm. H. Murphy and family from De
troit, Mich., have located for the winter
at the Eaat San Gabriel hotel.
Andrew Glover and S. Gibson, repre
senting the Pullman Palace Car com
pany, of Chicago, are at the Hollenbeck.
Alex. J. McCone, a prominent foun
dryman of Virginia, Nevada, is viaiting
his friend L. C. Scheller at the East San
Gabriel hotel.
Several Persons Have a Miraculous Es-
cape From Injury.
Yesterday afternoon two lively young
colts attached to a two-seated Burrey, be
came unmanageable at the corner of
Washington and Figueroa streets and
came near ending the existence of more
than one person. The team was being
driven by Mr. Innes, when one of the
reins broke, the horses coming in con
tact with a street roller. The animals
became immediately detached from the
vehicle, and continued their wild run
out Washington street. In their journey
the runaway horses had several very
close calls from coming into collision
witb vehicles.
In the wrecked surrey with Mr.
Innes was another gentleman and two
ladies. The latter were badly frightened.
Fortunately theyjaii escaped serious in
jury. The team was finally caught out
near tbe car barn.
Many Prominent People Among the
The auction salefif the Coetikyan
collection of oriental rugs, etc.,' which
has been going on at 213 South Broad
way (Potomac block), during the last
week, attracted a great many people.
Prominent among the purchasers dur
ing the week were noticed Mrs. O. W.
Childs, Mrs. Plater, Mrs. Pridham,
Mrs. E. H. Owen, Mrs. Alden, Misß
Kimball, Miss Wills, Mrs. D. C. Cook,
Mra. Bowman, Mra. B. M. Jewett, Mre.
Albert Foster, Mrs. Profeaaor Lowe, Mra.
Gilbert of St. Paul, Mra. T. A. Lewis,
Mrs. M. W. Outhwaite, Mr. Mossin, Mr.
J. £. McMahon, Mrs. McAllister, Mrs.
J. H. Osgood, Mr. L. T. Wingate, Mrs.
M. Hughes, E. K. Foster, Mrs. Hender
son, Mra. Dr. Tolhurst, C. B. Baker,
Mrß. S. C. Hubbell, Mra. Bleecker, Mrs.
Walters, Mra. H. G. Stephens and many
| others.
To the reporter Mr. Costikyan Baid:
"Saturday was our busiest day, and we
sold a very large number of rugs. The
prices were exceedingly low, but it gave
me great pleasure to notice that every
one of the purchasers were very much
pleased with their purchases as well as
with the fair treatment they received at
our hands. Upon their request I de
cided to continue the sale today also,
when everybody will be enabled to select
the rugs they want, and we will put
them up and Bell them to the highest
bidder. We have nearly 200 more rugs
which we have just unpacked. The sale
will begin at 11 a. m. and continue until
5 p.m. The evening sale will begin at
8 o'clock."
Baldwin's /.and For Sale.
The entire land outside of E. J. Bald
win's home place, in the famous Santa
Anita and adjoining ranches in the San
Gabriel valley, is now on sale in quan
tities to Buit, on liberal terms. Apply
to H. A. Unruh, Arcadia.
To and From Europe.
Outward and pre-paid ocean steamship
tickets, season of 1892. Chas. T. Parsons,
agent, 129 North Spring street, Los Angeles.
Gates' Concord Rattlers, 210-212 North Main
Columbus Bu»gy Company's buggies, 210-212
North Main street.
Drink Delbeck Champagne, H. J. Woolla
cott, agent.
The Stanford University
The Day & Fisher Music Co.,
We will be pleased to have you call and inspect the elegant new
2-:< lm
THC ur me 'hods embrace the
// s^==s latest scientific research
Pasteur Hospital, (Q, %%®£-y " d
230 8. MAIN ST., \ W £J
A Medicated and Electric
(Over Hammam Baths.) Mtt Baths and Medicine free
A.M jQ-\ * to patients.
Southern California branch of Ui'. fI * /cV £tl
On disorders of the cftße '
&) ' Office hours—9 a.m. to
OF MEN AND women W 9 p.m. j Sundays, 10 to 1
From whatever cause. only.
She Claims That She Had More Than a
Passing Acquaintance With the Object
of Her Wrath—An Anonymous Letter
Caused the Trouble.
Mrs, Hamm had quite recovered from
the fatigue of her exertions on Saturday
afternoon when seen by a Hekald re
porter last evening. She was very in
dignant about the interview in which
Mrs. Harding said tbat she only had a
passing acquaintance with Mr. Hamm.
This statement appeared to disturb Mrs.
Hamm and she at once produced a let
ter as a claim that she was perfectly
justified in chastising Mrs. Harding.
The following is a copy of the letter,
which is anonymous.
City, May 22d.
Mas. Hamm : No doubt this letter will
be unexpected, but the actions of your
husband and Mrs. H. on Thirty-First
street are unbearable and must be
stopped or we shall take it in our hands,
for we cannot have our wives and
daughters brought up with these
surroundings. Your husband visits
her twice a week to our knowl
edge. On Monday evening he was theie
until late. A tall, thin woman called
on her and stayed with them a while,
and after she went home we tried to
find out the time he left, but it got too
late, and my wife and myself retired."
The letter states a number of very
severe things about Mrs. Harding, and
the writer, who was afraid to sign the
missive, closes by advising the recipient
to investigate, and that she will discover
that the writer, while a stranger, is re
ally a friend.
Mrs. Hamm then stated that she
gave Mrs. Harding every chance to
break off with her husband; that she
called at her house and tbat Mrs. Hard
ing promised not to have anything more
to do with Hamm.
"I told her that I was the wrong kind
of a jvoman to injure and to beware,"
pouted Mrs. Hamm. "She admitted
that my husband called out there.
Some time afterwards I met Mrs. Hard
ing on the street and she assured me
that she had requested my husband
never again to call at her house. Very
boou afterwards I received the letter. I
had a copy made which I sent to Mrs.
Harding's husband. He is the head
bookkeeper at the grocery store of
Goldberg, Lebanbaum & Co., of San
Francisco. When Mrs. Harding went
north to her husband, I wrote to Mr.
Harding that he had better keep his
wife there or that I would whip her if
she ever came to Los Angeles again."
It appears that Mrs. Harding only ar
rived here Friday morning from San
Francisco. She passed Mrs. Hamm on
the Btreet Saturday afternoon, who says
that Mrs. Harding smiled in a super
cilious way at her. This roiled the latter,
and she at once made up her mind to
teach Mrs. Harding a lesson. She pur
chased a horsewhip at a store on Broad
way. "A nice whip for asaddle horse,"
said the salesman as the two ladies de
parted. They had managed to keep
Mrs. Harding in sight in the mean
while and lost no time in catching up
with her. The 1 rest of the story haß
already been told.
Two Stories of Domestic Infelicity
Come to Light.
Two stories of domestic infelicity with
the usual complications have come to
the knowledge of the police within a few
days. The heroine of the first is tbe
wife of a respectable citizen who lives
in the .west part of the city on Grand
avenue. This woman, whose personal
ity is said to be highly attractive in
some way or other, made the acquaint
ance of a flash gambler, and had gotten
into the habit of meeting tbat individ
ual and accompanying him to places of
doubtful reputation. The husband,
who believed his wife to be out shopping
when she went on these excursions, fin
ally grew suspicious, and kept an eye on
his spouse. A few days ago he discov
ered the couple in the hallway of the
Phillips block and at once approached
them and informed his wife's alleged
lover that if this thing occurred again
there would be a dead gambler in Los
Angeles. He thsn ordered his crest
fallen helpmeet to go home with him,
and she complied. Further develop
ments are now looked for.
Tbe other case is that of Mrs. E. M.
Openheirner, who occupied a room at
Mrs. Knight's on Hill street. She and ;
her husband did not get along well to- ,
gether, and a few days ago he packed i
his trunk and left her. He also left a
board bill unpaid, and Mrs. Openheirner
was without the money to pay it. To
make matters worse Mrs. Knight, it is
alleged, seized her lodger's clothes and
luggage and left Mrs. Openheirner in
dire distress. The unfortunate woman
has called on tbe district attorney for
advice, and was referred to the civil jus
tices' courts, where some action will
probably be instituted today.
Cure For Rheumatism.
G. G. Treat, of West Granville, Mass., writes
of Allcock's Porous Plasters:
"For rheumatism, neuralgia, pain in the side
or back, coughs, colds, bruises and any local
weakness, they truly possess wonderful cura
tive qualities. I have recommended them to
my neighbors with the happiest results, many
of whom but for Allcock's Plasters would be
in a crippled condition at home. In every in
stance where they have been faithfully and
Jroperly applied the result has been wonder
ully satisfactory."
Dead Sea Fruits.
They slay multitudes when they are the
product of neglect of incipient disease. A
' slight" cold, a fit of indigestion, biliousness
or constipation, each or any of these "minor
ailments" advance in many cases with "leagne
destroying strides." Give them a swift, early
defeat with Hostetter's Stomach Bitters and
avert the d anger. Abernethy administered an
alarming rebuke to tbe man who informed him
that he had "only acold!" "Only a cold," re
peated the doctor. "What would ye have—the
plague!" Rheumatifm and la grippe are easily
extinguishable at the Btart. Why, then, allow
them to get up a full head of steam? Put on
the brakes with the Bitters. The genial
warmth which this superb medicine diffuses
through the system, the impetus it gives to the
circulation of tbe blood, its soothing and
strengthening effect upon the nervous, specially
recommend it to the enfeebled and sick. 'Tis
the great specific for malaria.
Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint.
Is it not worth the small price of 75c to free
yourself of every symptom of these distressing
complaints? If yon think so call at our store
and get a bottle of Shiloh's Vltalizer; every bot
tle has a printtd guarantee on it; use accord
ingly, and if it does you no good it will cost
you nothing. Sold wholesale by Haas, Baruch
& Co., and all retail druggists.
Napa S da at Woollacott's, 124 N. Spring.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
No. 140 North Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Always open. Telephone No. 61.
Thia morning when we open our doors we invite you to inspect the
largest, neweet, brightest stock of spring and summer dress goods, silks, challies,
sateens, printed wash silks, cotton Bedford cords, new Scotch and American ging
hams, handsome dress prints that was ever shown in Los Angeles. We will
quote lower prices for quality than you can Und anywhere on the street, and at
that, it is all fresh, seasonable goods, worth more money to replace than theprice
we ask for it.
The People's Store will never allow itself to be undersold from any cause
whatsoever. Today we inaugurate the greatest dress gooda sale that haa
ever been attempted in Loa Angeles. We are popularizing thia department
through quality and price. We invite compariaon of values.
You never in your lives had the opportunity of buying dreaa gooda at the
pricea we quote them. We cannot replace the gooda we are selling within 35 per
cent of the price asked you. This sale means a reduction of 25 per cent on the
New York cost of the goods quoted below.
Black wool serges, henriettas, cash- Taken in connection with the fact
meres, new and fancy weave dress that we claim that our dress goods are
goods, with cotton warp ; goods that cheaper by 25 per cent than any similar
sold at 25c and 300 per yard, we will line in Loa Angelea, with the tremen
place on our counters at dous reduction we have made, you can
ir realize what this sale means ao far as
IwO dress goods are concerned.
Black double fold henrietta, 40 inches
wide, the quality that we have Bold at SoM colored d , . , j d
30c, and never have broken this price fancy weaveß _ laid T n „.,
since we have been in business, will be K^il'S
on sale at will be
Black all wool, 36 to 42 inches wide, „ ... , , . , ,
warranted French serges, henriettas, Sohd colored, spring shades, doubl
albatross, finest quality of black tricot, fo'd dress gooda, m stripes and fancy
goods tbat Bold as high as 05c per yard, croBß w ? aveB .- 3 . 6 lnch f B Wld f. all WOOl
and never a yard left our store even at except the chain, goods made to sell at
special sale under 50c, will be 40c P er y ard >
35 25c
d i<< t G . n•v. „n Novelties in all wool stripes, invisible
Subhme quality of 40 to 44 inch all pi a ide, checke, zigzag weaves, camel's
wool black sergea, silk finished hen- fj air B t ripeB BOlic j f^ 6 ,. newest anrine
riettas, silk finished armures magnifi- designs, goods that are made to sell at
cent quality of albatross, nun's veiling, gn £ d mfe. hi j
never a yard of which left our stores v ' '
under 75c to 85c, will be sold at 35c
{JOo French all wool challies, imported
Black silk luster, 42 inch brilliantinea, S ooda - handaome new printinga juat re
our $1.60 black, 46 inch all wool hen- uelv f d, and are made to sell at 75c per
riettas, black silk finished drap d'alma, - vard > on Bale at
foule serge, black fancy weave dress 43c
goods, we have been selling at $1.50 per _ ~ . .
yard, embracing our latest novelties and Double fold, all wool, new beige
newest designs in scrolls, figures and etnped dress goods, with dot effects,
fancy effects, will be in this sale at something entirely new, and regular 75c
__, quality, at
75c 49
Black silk henriettas and glorias, . , .■ j . . ...
marked in stock at $1.50; 46 inch black New . B P rln B P^ d d< f.Cns, in h,«h art
henriettas and sergea of the same quali- n °veltiea, n.ew beige stripes and plaida,
:., ~ „ « ° „, ITuJ,IJ,TJ. f „, fancy weave effectß in plaids and atnpea,
%'* !l! *h»f ™i» AnM ?n SrSwfoin all 001 Bedford cords" fine camel's hair
Uie price that we ever sold in the known and plaid effectBi color(J wUh
Maltese stripes, made to sell at 75c to
98c 95c,
Printed and solid colored China silks, 49c
«^Hntlnl it^ C w»if in , i fl D 50 ™h »" wool tncot, the very flneat
SSSITSSS 8- W noTOlties and quality manufactured, goods that sell
poiKa aots, Jrom 7gc tQ 85c per yard)
Our black and colored surah silka, "TSJC
gros grain, faiilea and noveltiea will re- The handsomest line of finest French
main at the same pricea we quoted last goods, intended to be sold at $1.25 to
week. $1.75 per yard, embracing the finest
40 inch finest quality of all wool opera quality of striped or plaid genuine
ahade, ailk finished henriettas that are camel's hair effects, fancy beige stripes,
manufactured, goods that we sold at B ilk and wool striped dreaa effects, solid
$1.25, in pinks, creams, light blues, colored drees gooda with acroll and Jac-
Nile greens, lavenders, heliotropes, etc., guard work, wool material, with new
the richest, handsomest fabrics of the designs, fancy figures and handsome
kind that you have ever Been, will be combination work,.
750 75c
50c quality Turkey red table linen 35c Tbe very latest colorings and the newest de
-35c quality Turkey red table linen 25c signs in spring ginghams, scarcely cold from
$1 quality bleached table linen 75c the loomß, high art creation goods that we
75c quality bleached table linen 49c would originally sell at 12'/ie and 15e,
50e quality bleached table linen 37Uc
12.50 bleached %. napkins $1.75 ©/"iC
K^i^^lil^^a.^ sc .Anew material called printed pongees, en
"onVof thfhandsSmest clses of finest quality MflUgfjm jg^JS
of printed sateens that we have ever looked at, J* 1 ' lc^' f n ° c ./™ m ,'^, r r^ al l 1 , 1 t k h :
,„ij nndpr ■>•><• a yard the cloth mas fine of a thin, flne cotton texture, with the pret-
E In«?zi»M work of sat 8 ™ 1 Sh ° Uld C ° mmand 25 °
Isc 15c
We opened Saturday a case of the fleeciest, We call your attention to our handsome lino
newest designs in spring outing flannels, which of new dress prints,
was bought to sell at 20c, we shall make a j . ■
leader of it at i c are selling the finest quality of Indigo
j2 1 ( . blue prints, silver gray, half mourning, at
An exquisite all linen damask towel, 50 inch * s*
long by 24 inch wide, wonh 40c; at this sale Fome cholcB noTeltles ln very begt qualUy of
C dress prints,
Splendid quality of knotted fringe damask s^
towel, good size, exceptional quality, eanuot . . »t. v . . ~
be duplicated ordinarily at 25c, f ln addition to this we have received five cases
' of novelty prints on a fine texture of cloth,
InC making it extremely difficult to tell the differ
t ii..v........ „„. rhn ence betweeu them and fine dress goods.
W? w?K flannelS " <lU ° ted ™*
warrant to be fast color, in the very latest de- our oOe ilannei will he 15p
signs, worth lOc per yard, will be placed on gSr 35c ttaSSe! wm be'lfc in al> colors.
Bale al . t Our |2.50 comforters—and you never bought
© -i C one its quality at $3—will be in this sale at
A case of the prettiest printings and t nest
coloring groundwork that you have ever seen
of a new material called printed wash silk Our $2.50 grey wool blanket—and you never
goods, that are worth at the very leaßt bought one its quality at $3— will be duriue
will be placed in this sale at this sale
B':<c $1.50
On the other aide of our store, in our genta' department, you will find quite
aa good valuea.
Men's black derby hati, intended to be sold „„„,„„«„ „„„. _ . .
at $3, manufactured for us and bearing our 25c socks oflered ..15c
name imprinted on the lining, offered at feredat ' sUk eQd Bus P enders 0, " 25(J
$1.50 Men'B 25c neckwear offered ati . . .. . ... . i. 12J^o
Man', mo „..v,»„ nffoTPd at 25f Men's white laundered shirts offered at.. 50c
xtt'l Kir.SSltt'kt;SlS t^ B^ 856
Men's $1.50 gray wool underwear offered M * n s seaml ess hose, 15c quality, offered
Mln's ji gray'wooi underwear offered'atV.loc
Men's 50c outing flannel shirts offered at.2sc Also i l - 50 1 gloria silk umbrellas. .98c
Men's cill shoes, a special sale at $2 25 at tho prices quoted will remain the same dur-
Hanan & Sons' Bhoes on sale at 500 ing this week. We call your especial attention
Lily, Bracket & Co.'s men's shoes on sale to our notion stock, our handkerchief stock and
at 300 our ladieß'underwear department. Neverwith-
Ladies' kid shoes, $1-75 quality, on Baleat 125 in our business history have you been able to
Ladies' $2 shoes on sale at 150 buy ladies' underwear in muslin or merino at
1 Ladies' $2.50 shoes on sale at 175 the prices we quote today.
; Ladies's3 shoes on snle at 250 Ladles' veßts at S%o.
Curtiß & Wheelet's fine ladies' shoes on Ladies' scarlet vests, high neck and long
Bale from $3.25 to (> 50 sleeves,2sc; worth ftOc.
Ladles'low cut glove fitting Oxfords 150 Ladies'white wool or natural gray vests, 35c;
[ Lily, Bracket & Co.'s boys'school shoes, worth 600. . ,
1 warranted 198 Ladies'vests, 15c; our regular 25c goods,
Children's kid shoes on sale, 5 to S 75 Ladies' balbriggan vests, high neck and long
We have not the space to go through all the sleeves, 40c; worth 75c.
departments and enumerate the various items Ladies' mußlin chemise, handsomely trimmed
i in this advertisment.but will simply say that all with embroidery, 39c; regular price, l!9c, and
; the goods that we advertised on sale last week cheaper than any 750 quality in town.
I The prices we have quoted in the foregoing should tax us the utmost to serve
i our patrons. At no time, under no circumstances, have such values been offered.
What we say in print will be realized in our store.

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