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New York. Feb. 15-The stock market today
was still unusually active, and presented a
stiuuglrout almost throughout the entire ses
sion. Uneasiness over the coal deal subsided,
owing to the way in which coal stocks held
their advances. There was only one weak point
in the market, Distillers yielding steadily in
the face of an advancing market, though it was
kept company for a time by lowa Central pre
ferred. The close was active and strong, at
about top figures oi the day. Advances iuelude
Jersey Central 2% per cent, Union Pacific 2%.
St, Paul 2%, Atchison and Heading each 2%,
Canada Southern 154, Cosdage 1%, C. 0. C. and
St. Louis 1%, and otherß smaller amounts,while
Distillers is down 2% per cent.
Government bonds dull, easier.
NEW YonK, Feb. 15 —Money on call easy;
closing offered at 1% per cent.
Prime mercantile papei-.i%ftSs% per cent.
Sterling Exchange — Steady; 00-day bills
HWji' demand **.t
Ns\T YOBK, Feb. 15.—Bar silver, per o«.,
90%?. '
Ban Francisco, Feb. 15.-Bar silver, 90%@
90% c per ounce.
San Francisco, Feb. 15.—Mexican dollars,
Nsw York, Feb. 15.—Closing quotations
were as follows:
U. S. 4s. Reg 116% N.Y. Central 115%
U.S. 4s. coup.. .116% Oregon Imp't 27
U. S. 2s. Reg 100 Navigation 89
Pacific 6s 109 Pacific Mail 37%
Atchison 4 1% Pullman Palace.. 89
Oanada Pacific... 89% Reading UO%
Canada Sou 62 l 4 Rock island 91%
Central Pacific.. 31% St. Paul 80%
Burlington 103% St. Paul & Omaha 49
Lacaawanua 159% Texas Pacific 11%
Denver 4R. G pfd 40% Union Pacific... 49%
Brie 33% U. S. Express.... 47%
Kan. & Texas.... 17% Wells,FargoACo.l4o
Lake Shore 124% Weßtern Union... 87%
L. 4 N 70% Am. Cotton 0i1... 35%
Mich. Central. ...107% Terminal 17
Missouri Pacific. 63% Lead Trust 20
Northern Pacific 25 Oregon Bhort Line 30%
N P. Preferred... 70% Rio GrandeWst'u. 37
Northwestern 117% Preferred 69
N. W. Preferred.. 144% Do.firsts 77%
ROB7OS, Feb. 15.—Closing prices:
A. A T. R. R 41%|Wex. Cent. Com. 20
Burl. & Qulncy . 10S%|8an Diogo 16
Bell Telephone .209 |
Nbw Yobk, Feb. 15.—Mining shaies weie as
Aspen 3.00 Iron Silver 1.40
Best & Belcher. 25> Mexican 1.60
Chollar 1.50 Ontario 41.00
Crown Point ... 1.20 Ophir 2.70
Oon. Calil. Va.„. 4.25 Plymouth 1.75
Deadwocd Ter.. 200 Savage 1.20
BurekaCon 1.75 Sierra Nev 1.45
Gould & Curry. 155 3tandard 1.00
Hale & Norcross 1.75 rhnallHopes.... 1.00
Homostake 12.00 Union Con 1.50
Horn Silver 3.65 Yellow Jacket... 1.00
Ban Francisco. Feb.-15.—Following are the
closing prices:
Belcher 1.30 Peer 10
Best & Belcher. 2.70 Peerless 10
Ohollar 1.70 Potosl 1.70
Crocker 05 Ophir. 2.93
Oon. Virginia... 5.1 2% Savage 1.30
Confidence 2.50 Sierra Nevada... 1.50
Gould & Curry.. 1.65 Union Con 1.65
Hale & Norcross 200 Yellow Jacket.. .95
San Francisco Market Review.
Bam Fbancisco, Feb. 15.—The vegetable mar
ket, except for green vegetables, is quiet. Pota
toes and onions are in heavy supply and weak.
The market for dairy produce is a little
firmer for butter and cheese. Eggs are weak,
and receipts come in fieely. No eastern eggs
are In market, and no arrivals anticipated.
The fruit market is without change. Choice
apples are very scarce and In fair demand. Two
carloads of oranges have arrived, but supplies
are of poor quality.
Dried Iruit remains unchanged.
The British Grain Trade.
London, Feb. 15.—The Mark Lane Express
says: English wheats recovered 6d, but trade
is slow. Foreign wheat is less depressed. The
continent Is buying freely of California, Argen
tine and India at 6d advance. California sold
at 89s 6d aud American red winter 37s 9d.
Flour quiet; American in fair demand; prices
6d per sack better. Corn weak; new American
20s 9d. Barley and oats firm.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Feb. 15.—Wheat strong and higher.
The opening was about V£c per bushel higher
than Saturday's closing figures, ruled firm, ad
vancing %c, then declined %c, then advanced
with numerous fluctuations l%@2c ruled steady
and closed I%@lV_C higher than Saturday.
Receipts, 797;000 bushels; shipments,
657,000 bushels,
Chicago,Feb.ls.-Close: Wheat,strong; cash,
May, 92%.
Corn-Steady; cash, 40V.: May, 42%.
Oats—Steady; cash. 29(gt29>4; May, 31%.
Barley-Quiet ; 56@58.
Rye-Quiet; 85
Flax-Firm; 96}_.
other grain markets.
San Francisco, Feb. 14.—Wbeat, strong; buy
er season, 1.7014; seller '92,1.44.
Barley—Quiet; buyer season, I.OIV-s', seller
Corn—l.32! .<.
Liverpool, Feb 15.—Wheat: Demand poor.
No. 2 red winter, 7s 9V_d, steady; No. 2 red
spring, 7s 1 Id, steady.
Corn—Demand fallen off for spot and poor for
futures. Spot, 4s 5!4d, steady; February, 4s
sVid, steady; March, 4s 3!id, steady; April. 4s
2V£d, steady.
General Markets.
New York.Feb.ls.—Hops, easy,quiet; Pacific
coast, 19@25.
Coffee—options closed barely steady, 15 to 30
pointsdown. 5a1e5.16.200 bae«. February,!3.so
@13.60; March, [email protected]. April. 12.80®
12.90; May, 12.70(3,12.80. Spot Rio steady; No.
Sugar—Raw mora active. Refined, quiet,
Copper—Dull: lake, 10.12%.
Lead—Firm; Domestic,4.ls.
Tin—Steady; Straits, 19.65.
Chicago, Feb. 15.—Pork,steady; cash 11.70;
May, 12.00.
Lard—Firm; CBRh, 6.52 V.; May, 6.70.
Short rib5—5.85®5.90
Short c1ear—6.20®6.25.
Chicago, Feb. 15 —Whisky—l.l 4 •
Naw Yoke, Feb. 15,—Petroleum closed at
iThe quotations given below are Los Angeles
lolesale selling prices. Tbe prices paid pro
ducers rule a little lower, due allowance being
pjsde, of course, lor wholesalers' profits. ]
HAMs-Rcx,l3c: Lily,l3c.
Bacon—Rex and Lily, medium, 10@
Salt Pork—Dry, 9@loKc
Dried Beef—lnsides, 13Ji.
Lard—Refined, 3's, B%c; s's, 8%; 10's, B'Ac;
50's, 8c; special brand, pure leaf, 3%0 higher
. 11 around.
Mill Products.
Floub-Los Angeles XXXX, $5.20 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, >5.20; Sperry's, $6 00; Crown,
$5.90; Victor, ?5.80: superfine, $3.76; Graham,
* 2 Mn.L Feed—Bran, per ton, $26.00; shorts,
$28 00; cracked corn per cental, $1.40; rolled
barley, {1.15 i mixed feed, $1.15; feed meal
SI 45. . „
Grain and Hay.
Barley—Brewing, [email protected]; feed, 903
1 05.
Corn—Large yellow, per cental, [email protected];
small yellow, [email protected].
Oats—No. 1, percental, $1.50.
Wheat—No, l, per cental, [email protected]; No.
2, $1.50C<91.60.
Hay—Oat No. 1, $14; wheat No. 1,513: bar
ley No. 1, $14; alfalfa No. 1, $13; No. 2 grades
$1 lower all around.
Straw—Barley, per ton, $8.00; wheat, $.800.
Poultry and Eggs.
Poultry—Hens, to.oo'«ts(i.2s per doz.; young
roosters, $o@to 25; old roosters, $5.00; broilers,
$4 50®55.00; ducks, $7<Bsß; geese, $1.00 per
head: turkeys, 16@V7c. per pound.
Eggs—Fresh ranch, 15®17c; eastern, no
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll, 55@600: choice. 504$
52'z.c; fair, 40$4Sc; eastern, per lb., 250300.
Cheese — Eastern, 14@15e: Cahiomla,
large. 13f«i4c; small, 10@17c; throe
pound hand, 16@18c.
' Honey and Bees-wax.
Honey—Comb, lib forms, 14'i«16 3; extract
ed. 6@(%c.
Almonds—Soft shell, Isrtyl6c; paper shell,
19gt21o>; hard t'h.ll. B@loc.
Peanuts—Raw. :i(«se per rb: roasted, st»B_.
Walnuts—Hard shell, o@Bc. soft shell,
8911 c.
Dried Fruits.
Apples—Evaporated, 9@loe.
apricots—Bleached, (K9S; sun dried, 4@5.
Figs—California, 14(310.
Peaches— Fancy evaporated,
peeled, 14ft>16c; bud diied. unpeeled, 6@7c.
PRITSEK-Fancv,B@loc: choice, 7(SB.
Raisins— London layers, |1.50fa>?2.00; loose
Muscatels, $1.«A)@51.25 per box; Sultana, seed
less, 8c per lb.
Fresh Frnlts.
Apples—Local, per b0x,51.00@1,50; eastern,
per bbl. $4 50®5.00.
Cranberries —Per bbl. [email protected].
Bananas—Per bunch, $2.50(93 50.
Lkmons—Cured. $2.5<J@4 per box: uncured,
Beans—Pink, [email protected] per 100 lbs; limas,
12.AXXR3.00; navy, small. [email protected].
Garbages—Per 100 lbs, 75ftis90.
ONIONS-Per 100 lbs, $1.80<a2.00.
Potatoes—Ordinary, per 100 lbs, 50@$1.00;
choice Burbanks, $1.25(01.40.
Sweet Potatoes—Per 100 lbs, 90c@l 00.
Tomatoes—Per box,os(<s7sc
Fresh Meats.
Beef—Per lb. 6(a6%c.
Mutton—Per lb. 90.
Lamb—Per lb. 9@loc.
Pork—Per lb. 7c. \
VBAt—Perib. 7<jjloc.
United States Circuit Court.
Merriam vs Chadboume—Motion to strikeout
Savage vs Washam—Motion to set aside de
fault granted.
Duncan vj A T & 8 Fe Ry Co—Submitted on
C S vs Braddosl—Time to take testimony ex
tended for 80 days.
Wilgus vs Harper-Reynolds Co—Passed to
be reset.
Farmers' Loan and Trust Co vs San Diego
Street Car Co—Order to show cause to be served.
Hoddan vs Pacific Ry Co—Cont'd for term.
United States District Court.
U 8 vs Frank J Noee—Bail reduced to $250.
U S vs J D Lynch and J J Ayers—On motion
of U S attorney argument on demurrer set for
Feb 28th.
Superior Court.
People vs P Walters—Assault with deadly
weapon; set for trial Apill Bth.
People vs G II Baxter—Contd until Feb 16th.
People vs A E McDonald—Plea of not guilty
entered; to be set for trial Feb22d.
T Tetines vs Cheney—Argued and submitted;
court will decide next Wednesday.
Est of I.ucyGilmore, deceased- Petition for
amended order of confirmation sale real estate
H P sweet et al vs James Stewart—On trial.
Ohlandt et al vs Froscari et al—Foreclosure;
decree for pltft's for $2000.
German Savings and Loan society vs W F
Heathman et al—Judgment for pllffj.
Dew vs Niles—Judgment ordered lor pltff as
prayed for. „_
People vs Davis—On trial.
N Seldllnger et al vs W Bernhardt—Judgment
ordered for defendant.
T W Van Sciever vs Roth & Rotherspetder—
Cause set fortrial March 18th.
People vs Wm Murray—Motion to set aside
judgment argued.
People vi John A Tuft—Defendant allowed
three days to file brief.
City of San Pedro vs Southern Pacific Rail
way company—Set lor trial April 11th.
C F de Alvarado vs J Rawson et al—On trial.
Today's Calendar.
S P. R R company vs George.
US vs MacKerson.
People vb Miguel Samonset—Seduction.
Quill vs Jacoby.
> irst National Bank vb Jacoby et al.
Est of Nadeau.
Est of Thos Smith, deed—Probate.
Est of Elizabeth Smith, deed—Probate.
Est of Jane M Ewing, deed—Probate.
Est of G. Gankrodger, deed—Probate.
Est of Wm F Obear, deed—Probate.
Est of James Knight, deed—Probate.
Est of Ygnacio Abila. deed—Acctß.
Est of Susan Hawkins, deed—Accts.
Est of Jason G Miller, deed—Pet sale real es
Est of Catherine Scbandorny, Insane—Peti
tion lor letters.
Est of Charles B Hitchcock, deed—Petition
for order.
Eat of John Dunn, deed—Letters.
Est of Felice Capitan, deed—Conf sale rer
scnal property.
list of Juan Martinez, deed—Order to show
tst of J W Broaded, deed—Final accts.
Smith et al vs Hart et al.
Ballard vs Ballard.
NordhoK vs Sace.
People vs Davis.
D'Artois vs Webb.
In re guardianship of Salamon Ortega.
New Salts Filed.
The lollowing new suits were filed in the
county clerk's office yesterday:
Wm Freer vs J Weil-Suit on a note for $300.
Los Angeles Bank vs A J Ktamm et al—Suit
on note ior $750.
Est of William Nelson, deed—Petition for
William Cord vs W M Woody.
Monday, Feb. 15. 1892.
Anna J Trundy et con to A J Mead—Lot D, T
H Lowell's sub schleffeliu trt, 24-88; $500.
Job Herring et ux to Anna J Trundy—Lot D
as above, subject to mtg $2250; $3500.
h Terry to Martha E Gorthy—Lot 8, Langdon
trt, Alhambra, 18-22; $5.
E E Brainard et ux to 8 X Woo 1 ward—Lot 13,
blk 4, Wright's «ub McDonald tr;, 25 23, in
trust lor icligious purposes: $1.
A J Wheeler et ux to Maud X Madegan et al,
trustees—Lot 95x158 ft.ou Aliso st; $5450,
B F Porter aud San Fernando Imp company
to L A county—Land for road in Sec 17, T 2
N, R 16 W, SB M; 11.
HBPinney to Virginia Wright—Lot 5, bl B.
Mount Lookout, 29-67; $300.
G J Broderson et ux to Chas Kuper—Lot 3,
Banbury's sub Pasadena, 10-31; $5.
Rebecca B Hammond to F A Hammond—Lot
16, Mills' sub De Cilia Vineyard trt, 5-4; SI.
Same to same—Lot 17 as above; $1.
Lousia G Blasdel to Edith Embody—Und %
lot 6, bl 13, E LA, 3 194; $1.
Geo E Gillis et ux to August Steinete—Part
ot lot 4, blk 72- H 8; $2500.
Wm Topliff to R F House-Und % lot 7, bl A,
Hu-.-hes sub Pomona, and water; »oO).
R F House et ux to Wm Topliff—Und % lot 8,
as above; $500.
San Jose Raucho Co to Miss Emma L Hawks
—NE% of BW% ecu 9, T 1 8, R9W.SBM;
L A Cemetery Assn to Jos Schroder—Lot 458,
Evergreen cemetery. 3—450; $i! 0.
R W Henboro to Thos Gorinley— Lot 13, bll6,
Brooklyn trt, 3—316; $186.
Wm Chappelar et ux to J T Stewart—s acres
in sec 36, TIN, Rll W,SBM; $600.
Buella N Brotherton et con to M Buillarge et
ux—W% lot C, bl 1 41. Santa Monica, 3—80;
Sarah A Brown to Patrick Hawe—Lots J and
X, bl 146, as above; $2100.
State to Benj O Forbes—Lot S, b144, Newhall,
redemption from tax sale; $2.97.
Mary A Bouen et con to Geo Turner —Lot 1,
Solano trt, 4397 doed»;-4: $$340.
Chasß Davis to Mrs J B McConnell-Lot 4, bl
8, Lancaster, 5 , $825.
Dan McFarland and Jas 8 Marvgold to Jas C
Douglas— W% of NW% sec 20, and W% of SW%
sec 23, T7N.KI4W; $1.
G Roscoe Thomas et ux to Mrs Martha J
Stephenson—Lot 4, Converse trt, 13—37; J2ASO.
Mrs A Rooney to Wm Rooney—W 25 ft lot 13,
bl3, tanchez trt: *500.
Louis A Kleckner to C W Burrell—Lot 115,
Goodwin trt, 11—42; $400.
Juo B Collins U> Juo Howard—Lot 23, first
Rdd, Central-park trt, 23—13; $150.
Alfredo Laufranco to Constantino Eepulveda
—Ail Interest in est Luisa Seputveda de Poggi;
Jos Daniels to Maiy Elizabeth Lang—Lot 5
Funte s sub Witherow trt 29—5; $1.
James Ormonde Mackay et ux to Catharine
MlCkay—Lot A blk D Moran trt 15—27; also
lot 6 bi 7 and iS 5 ft lot 7 bl 7 O W Cbiids 200
--lot trt 6—278; gilt.
Daniel Freeman to Mary X Hopkins—Lot 37
bl 16 Inglewood; $300.
Cat Loan & Trust Co to Helen B Ford—W %
lotOFrieud trt6—79; $1500.
G Talk to L C Gregg—Lut 7 Peck & Kerckhoff
sub San Ptdro; $250. ■■ ■■ ■■
Gibson, Bbfi', to Mary Gugolz—Lot 4 and 8 10
ft.lntsblC Bivaru <fc Vignola's Ixl 5—110;
Mary X Hopkins and Timothy Hopkins to
Alma A Park—Lot 27 bl 16 inglewood c 5 -19;
Cole to E C Burl—NX %of NE %
see 2118R14 W, SB M; $1000.
Jno F Brossari to C A Nolle—N %bl 221 Po
mona 3—90, $2.
Jos Hyaus et ux to Thos Hyans— Strip 1 foot
wide by 728 ft. loug coing HU cor Bellevue aud
Burlington avea; also W 5 ft lot 10 bl 21 L A
Imp Co'sub M 39 H 8 and B 5 ft lot 1 Rogers
sub Highland trt 6—236; $5.
Albert S O'Nell to August C Ruschaupt—K %
lot 88 Ran Fernando 31—39; $1650.
Chauncy A Hammond et ux to Frank E Oa
pclle—Lots 23 and 24 Kennedy trt 11-14;
H X W B»nt et ux to M Haven—Lot 3bl 3
ColverA Graham's add S Pasadena; lot 20
Hunt's add; lot 6 bill and lot 7 bl 5 Marian's
Kvcamoro Grove tit 11—5:—and % lot 29 Glen
dale trt Pasadena 11—30; $10.
>aineto same —Lot 23 Holmes sub Pasadena
15-38. and lots 12 15 16 17 at-d 18 bl 20 Vine
land 24—9: $10.
J Baummirteu to Millard N Sheldon—Und %
W4 hi 11 Urmsfon in. and und % lot 22 oak
Grove trt No 1.18—100: $835.
John II Simpson etux to same—Land as lost
aliove; $3.
Sarah J Hubor et con et ux to Mary Cawston
and Thomis » Miller-Lot 10 bl 5 LA Home
stead trt 3—250; *10,
J SSlnusnri and A E PoTicrov. trustees V M 0
A, to A B Hale—Lot 19 bl 3 Dunkelberger trt
6—60; $200.
John P Jones to Jacob P Brockmeier—BE part
10t27bl 12 Tlrooklvn trt 3-316: $1.
Emll R D'Artois et ux to W W Howard—Lot
770x265 ft In bl C. Kosecrans 21—56; $5.
Christine Eckcrt et ux to Jotham Bfxby—Lot
OblGin N % of Bosecran!, and lot 3 bl 12 in
S % of Roseerans; $1.
Total number of transfers - 51
With nominal consideration 21
Total consideration $32,337 26
Note—Figures separated by a dash represent
the book and page of miscellaneous records.
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Wednesday, February 17th, 10 a.m..
Comprising exceedingly
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upholsterers. Extra quality selected body
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suits, with bey led plate mirror on full dress
bureau; elegant sixteenth century oak cln ffon
ier, new style; two magnificent baoginglamps;
lace enrtnins, ponierres, Burr iolding bed with
fine silk floes mattress; one palace carved oak
extension table; fine imported Vienna dining
chairs, one elegant walnut frame, French plate
pier glass; oil paintings, engravings and etch
ings; costly China, silver and crystal glassware;
oue first class medallion range, with extia out
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The attention of the public is respectfully
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MATLOCK & X 'Y.li, Auctioneers.
2-14 4t
COMPANY (Santa Fe Route).
Leave. | Arrive,
♦12:20 pm Overland * 245 pm
* S:l5 am .. San Diego Coast Line.. 1 1:17 pm
* 3:05 pm . San Diego Coast Line... * 7:15 pm
* 5:30 am j hau Bernardino via t ' 9:4') am
* 8:30 am j Pastdena. ) »10:4S am
•12:20 pm San Kernardino via ( ■ 2:45 pm
* 4:00 pm ! Pasa ena. I " 6:25 pm
* 5:30 am > Riverside 1 'ln-iH am
* 8:30 am > via I ' 2 45 tm
•12 20 pm > . , B an Bernardino... (*jo 2> pm
•11:00 am ) Riverside and San j "I0:l6 am
• 5:05 pm ( Ber'dino via Orange I * 5:*2 pm
* 5;30 am 1 Redlands, Mentone f ' 6 25 v
• h:3O am ..... and Highland.... ) ' 9:40 am
•12:20 pm [..Panorama train.. °> "10:45 am
• 4:00 pm J ... via Pasadena ... 1 * 2:45 pm
«n -no o-n > Redlands, Mentone ( „
• 5:30 am -| f " 9:40 am
• 8:30 am 1 1 "10:15 am
•10:25 am I • 2:25 pm
•12:20 pm | Azus-a, Pasadenaand I • 2:45 pro
* 4:00 pm \ intermediate \ * 6:25 pit 1
• 7:25 pm Stations. 1 10: 7pm
f 1.25 pm it 8:50 am
t 5:22 pm I f 4:40 pm
til :ort pm J I t 7:* s P ro
t 6:40 am! Pasadena t 7:45 am
• a:l6 am 1 Santa Ana I* 1:17 pm
• 3:05 pm Santa Ana ]• 5:42 pm
Sauta Aoa * 7:15 pin
t 4:42 pm KantaAna t 8:b0 am
•10 15 am j Redondo Beach • 8 :29 am
• 4:50 pm| Redondo Beach * 8.68 pm
t 5:30 ami) San Jacinto ( 110:45 am
t12:20 pm ( via Pasadena. 1t«25 pm
fIUOO 1..m j Snu Jacinto.... 110:15 am
|( viaOrauge. I t - v -*2 '""
T>rm remtcula, via Pasadena *10:15 am
tll:00 amj Temecula, via Orange, .f .0:15 am
t «:15 air iCsoorididoviaCoastLtne f 1:17 pm
f 3:05 pmlEscondldo via Coast line t 7:15 pm
•Daily tDallv except Sunday.
ED. CHAMBERS. Ticket Agent,
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OITAS.T. PARSONS, Ticket Agent,
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Depot at foot of First street. ti3
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v slons. Nervousness, J-Assitude, all drcins and loss of power of the Generative
\ Organs in either sex caused by over exerrton, youthful errors, or excessive
_/y Pae of tobacco, opium orßlimulant* which norn lead to Infirmity. Consucop
tion and Insanity. Put up convenient, to carry in vest pocket. 91 per pack-
age by mail; 6 for S.V With every $'■> order we p.t?« a written guarantee to curt
ucrua* anu AKiMt c»iN .. or re'"tiTwi (/«> hwiui/ Circular free. Address Nerve Seed Co.-. CbleagOj Ili-
ARsnt for Southern California, KDWARD A. B IKK, 116 N. Sprtnf; street.
The Eminent Chinese Physician.
Dr. Woh's life work has been from early youth one of persistent and untiring
observation, study and investigation, as fully as lay in his power to perfect him
self in all branches of the art of healing human sickness and disease. Born in
China, of influential parents, of a family whose ancestors have been for genera
tions deaervingly renowned as leading physicians, Dr. Woh naturally followed
in the footsteps of his fathers. In China he has practiced his profession for
several years, being at one time a physician in the Imperial Hospital, and in
America for a long time his great number of patients, his wonderful and many
cures, and the great list of letters from grateful and thankful patrons now prove
him to be a remarkable and successful healer of sickness and all diseases.
DR. WOH:— For a long time I have been suffering wiih
I have doctored with the best physicians of bladder and kidney troubles. No doctoring or
San Francisco for my heart disease, but received medicines seemed to do me good. I consulted
no benefit. Thirty days ago I was recommended the best physicians and surgeons In Los An
to you and began vo'ur treatment, before this, gelescity. They gave me morphine and strong
I was twice completely prostrated in the public drugs, but no relief could I obtain. After suf
streets, but today lam a well man. and I thank ering great pain and anguish, and having my
you alone for my recovery. Respectfully. passage almost entirely clogged. J fourteen days
J.Q.SIMPSON, ago began using Dr Woh's medicines: today I
537 Gladys aye., Los Angeles, Cal. am perfectly well. Ido consider Dr. Woh the
January 10,1892. most successful physician in Southern Cali
fornia. • C. A. STEELE,
316-318 S. Main street,
Oct. 13,1891. Los Angeles, Cal.
In Cleveland, 0., many months ago I caught
a severe cold which settled on my lungs, ter- I have tried many doctors for heart disease,
mlnating in asthma. The doctors said there but have derived no benefit until Dr. Woh, the
was no hope of my recovery, but that a change Chinese physician, of Los Angeles city, pre
to California might prolong my life. February scribed for me.
last I came to San Bernardino and doctored Two months ago I began his treatment, and I
with three physicians, but obtained no relief, can now certify that he has done me great
Finally Dr. Woh was recommended to me by a good. I recommend Dr. Woh to my friends as
friend. I took his medicines and followed his an able doctor.
directions, and today I am fully cured and per- P. E. KING,
fectly well. MISS GRACE M. FIELD, Justice of the Peace,
October 30.1891. San Bernardino, Cal. Burbank, Cal.
Dr. Woh has hundreds of similar testimonials, but space alone prevents further publication
of them here.
Dr. Woh is the oldest and best-known Chinese Physician in Southern California, Hu
many cures have been remarkable, involving Female Troubles, Tumors and every form of disease
AH communications will be regarded as strictly confidential.
Free consultation to every one, and all are cordially invited to call upon Dr. Woh at his office
Between Second and Third streets, 4-5-sn-tu-th-sa I,o« Angeles, Cal.
Works, 511, 573 md 515 North Mail Btrsit, Telephone So, 46,
Dress Shirts and Dawn Tennis Suits and Tennis Shirts Neatly Done.
$ t-ttoitt A/TIT IT Universal Household Remedy.
Li I j M YK lH Use( W ntel ' nal, y and Externally,
on June i. 1802, LUUillwll Iji Insomnia, Catarrhal Affections,
of n"fs es cuT from "~~ Hemorrhages, Inflammations,
circular around hot- rYTD/VPT Throat Affections, Influenza,
A?k your druggist, f* A I KMI I i General Weakness, Nervousness,
60 cts. per bottle. LA 1 UflU 1 ,
Fire Insurance Company
Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 1,1892.
Notice is hereby given to the public that the
local agency of tbe Phcenix Fire Insurance
Company of Hartford, Conn., has this day been
transferred from the office of Childs, Hicks &
Montgomery to that of
Los Angeles Theater building, first floor, wher
patrons of the company and all others desiring
insurance are requested to call.
Sneeinl Agent aud Adjuster for California,
Arizona, etc. 3-3 14t
We have resolved to give the public the
benefit of tho following low prices until fnr
ther notice:
1860 1692
Teeth extracted without pain, 25c. by lhe'use
of gas, local application or freezing, on con
tract. Sets of teeth, $3 and up; crowns, $1 and
up; bridge work,s3 per tooth and up; gold
fillings, -$1 and up: gold alloy, $1 and up;
silver, 75c and up: cement, 50c and up;
cleaning teeth, 50c and
239% B. Spring St., bet. 2d and 3d, rooms 1 toB
The most successful Private Disease doctor
In the State Gonorrhea, Gleet, Stricture,
Seminal Weakness, Nervous Debility,
Syphilis, Skin and Kidney diseases and
Sexual Weaknrss successfully treated. Med
lcines prepared in private laboratory. Both
sexes consult in c mfldence. Dr. White has
no hired substitutes. You see the doctor only
i r. White is the only Specialist in the State
who exclusively treats private, nervons and
chronic diseases. Cures guaranteed in all
curable cases. Don't waste time with patent
meiilcines. If you have any sexual trouble,
consult Dr. White. Scientific treatment.
Reasonable charges.
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,000.
California, county of Los Angeles—ss
In the matter of the estate of Domingo
Amestoy, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Friday, the
19th day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a m.
of said day, at the courtroom of this court,
Deoartmeut Two thereof, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and state of
California, has been appointed as the time and
place for hearing the application of Juanita
A. Gless, Antonio Amestoy and John B. Ames
toy, praying that a document now on file
In this court, purporting to be tho last
will aud testament of tbe said deceased, be
admitted to probate, that letters testamentary
be issued thereon to said petitioners,
at which time and place al! persons in
terested therein may appear and contest the
Dated February 5,1892.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By F. E. Lowry, Deputy.
Smith, Winder & Smith. Attorneys for Peti
tioners. 2-6 td
STAR SIGN 00., 6-23 U 222 Franklin
(DAINT viKcmyra college, a corpoba
lon ' ifr J lßln ',^ v »- M - V. Biscailu/. The Kirn
SSfwV'S of Lo ." An «ele«, (» corporation),
J. iL Elliott, Samuel Humer. Victoria Jordan
de Yorba, John E. Booth, a. Mecartney and S.
Hellman, defendants
Sheriff's sale—No. 16 415.
r Order of . ... dueree of foreclosure mam.
) sale
J Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of fortclosure and sale, issued out of the
Superior Court of the county of Los Angeler, of
the State of California, on the 23d day of Jan
uary, A.D. 1892, in the above entitled action,
wherein Saint Vincent's College, a corpor
ation, the above named pl*intiff,
tamed a judgment and decree of foreclosure
and sale against It. V. Biscatlus et al.,dcfend
-189., for the sum of seven thousnnd eigh
teen and 40-100 dollars, gold coin
of the United Slates, which said decree
T aB h O ? fl oo tne 22cl > d »y of January,
hD. X^ 2 ' recor ded in judgment book
34 of said court, at page 91. I am com
manded to sell all those certain lots, pieces, or
parcels of land situate, lying and being in the
ZSZ of ,l-<>« Angeles, county of Los Angeles,
State of California, and bounded and described
as follows:
Lots eleven (11) and twelve (12). in block one
(1), in the "orchard Tract," as shown on a man
thereof recorded in the office of the Countf
Recorder of said Los Angeles county, in book
five (5) of Miscellaneous hecords, at page five
(5), together trith all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining
Public notice is hereby given that on Thurs
day, the 18th day of February, A. D. 1892.
at 12 o'clock M., of that day, in front of
the court house door of the County of Los
Angeles, Broadway entrance, I will, in obedi
ence to said order of sale and decree at
foreclosure and sale, sell the above described
property, or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy said judgment, with interest and
costs, etc.. to the highest and best bidder, for
cash,gold coin of the United States.
Dated this 23d day of January, 1892.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Isidore B. Dockweiler, attorney for plaintiff
1 26-4tu
Notice of Sale of Eeal Estate Under
• executors of the will of Miguel Leonis.
deceased, plaintiffs, vs. F. A. Reyes, defendant
Sheriff's sale, No. 13,202.
By virtue of an execution issued out of the
Superior Court of the county of Los Angeles,
State of California, wherein G. L. Mesuager
and John itobarts, executors of the will of.
Miguel Leonis, deceased, plaintiffs, and F. A.-
Reyes, defendant, upon a judgment rendered
the 3d day of December, A. D. 1890,
for the sum of 1449.10, In lawful money
of the United States, besides costs and
interest, I have this day levied upon all the
right, title, claim and interest of said defendant,
F. A. Reyes, of, in and to the fallowing des
cribed real estate, situate in the county of
Los Angeles, State of California, and bounded
and described as follows:
The Interest that said defendant had on the
4th dsy of December, 1890, in that certain
tract of land in the county Of Los Angeles, State
of California, known as lot' E"of the partition
of the Bancho Las Virgenes. had in the ease of
Reyes vs. Reyes, No. 2898 of the flies oi the
Superior Court of Los * coun* w .AtownM
being had to the final decree, made" "and enZ
terea, and the map of said partition filed in
said cause.
The interest of said defendant, Francisco A.
Reyes, on said date in said lot -'E" being an
undivided two-ninths thereof.
Public notice is hereby given that I will, on
Saturday, the 20th day of February, A. D.
1892, at 12o'clockm.of that day,in front of the
court house door of the county of Los Angeles,
Broadway entrance, sell at public auction, for
cash, lawful money of the United States, all the
right, title, claim and interest of said defend-
A. Reyes, of, lnand to the above described
property, or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to raise sufficient to satisfy said judgment,
with interest and costs, etc., to the highest and
best bidder.
Dated this 25th day of January, 1892.
Sheriff of Los Angeles counts.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
John Roberts, attorney for plaintiffs.
1-26 tnes it
Notice of Sale of Real Estate Under
• defendant.
Sheriff's sale No. 13,699.
By virtue of an execution issued out of the
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles,
State of California, wherein S. Maier, plain
tiff, and M. B. Samson, defendant, upon a judg
ment rendered the 2d day of January, A. D
1892, for the sum of 483 12-100 dollars, in
lawful money of the United States, besides
costs and interest, I have this day levied: upon
all the right, title, claim and interest of said
defendant, M. B. Samson, of, in and to the fol
lowing described real estate, situate In the
County of Los Angeles, State of California,
and bounded and described as follows:
Lot one (1) and lot seventeen (17) in block:
thirty-two (32) of the Electric Railway Home
stead association tract.
Public notice is hereby given that I will, on
Wednesday, the 24th day of February, A. D.
1892, at VI o'clock M. of that day, in front of
the courthouse door of the county of Los An
geles, Broadway entrance, sell at public suc
tion, for cash, lawful money of the United
States, all the right, title, claim and interest of
said defendant, M. B. Samson, of, In and to the
above described property, or so much thereof
as may be necessary to raise sufficient to satis
fy said judgment, with interest and costs, etc„
to the highest and be6t bidder.
Dated this 23th day of January. 1892.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Thos. B. Brown, Attorney for Plaintiff.
2-2 Tues 4t
j ceased.
Burnett A- Gibbon, Attorneys for said estate.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
executors of the last will and testament of
Arthur Olshausen, deceased, to the creditors of,
and all persons having claims against the said
deceased, lo exhibit tbe same with the neces
sary vouchers, wi bin ten months after the
first publication of this notice, to the said
executors of the last will and testament of said
deceased, at the office of Bnrnett & Gibbon,
rooms 3, 4 and 5. ovtr the First National Bank,
in the city of Los Angelen, in the county of Los
Angeles, State of California, whioh place is
hereby desivnated as tbe place for the trans
action nf the business of said estate
Dated this 18th day of January, 1892.
Executors of the last will and testament of
Arthur Olshausen, deceased. 1-19 tu4t
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,991.
California, county of Los Angeles, ss.
In the matter of the estate of George W.
Dumbell, Jr., deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Thursday, the
25th day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a. m,
of said day, at the court room of this court, de
partment two thereof, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angelas, and State at
California, ha» been appointed as the time
and place for hearing the application of Anna
D. Dumbel), praying that a document now on
file in this court, purporting to be the last will
and testament of the said at ceased, be admitted
to probate, that letters testamentary be issued
thereoD to said petitioner, at which time and
place all persons interested therein may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated, February 6,1892.
T. it. WARD, County Clerk.
By F E. Lowry, Deputy.
Smith. Winded * Smith, Attorneys for Peti
tionar. 2-14-10t
Notice lor Publication of Time for
Proving; Will, Etc.
No. 17,022.
X California County of Los Angeles—ss.
In the matter of the estate of John G. Rhiude,
Notice is hereby given that Thursday, the
251 h day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a. a.
of said day, at the court room of this court, de
partment two thereof. In the city of Los An
geles, county of los Angeles. and
state of California, has been appointed
as the time sr.d place for hearing the
application of Curistiana D Rheude, praying
that a document now on file in this court, pur
porting lo be the last will and testament ol the
said deceased, he admitted to probate, that
letters testamentary be issued thereon to her.
at which time and place all persons Interested
therein may appear and cont. st the same.
Dated Fe'jruarv 11th, 1892.
T H.WARD, Couuty Clerk.
By W. L. Warken, Deputy,
Louis Luckel, Attorney for Petitioner.
fj house has removed from the old stand, 217
North Spring street, to 117 North Spring street.
The publio are cordially l_vitad te call. Firs*
olass repairing of all kinds done . 1-27-la

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