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United states Weather Office.
Beport ot observations token at Los Angeles,
February 15. 1889:
Tlm» i B». I Ther.
5:07 a. m. 30.16! 50
B:07 p. m.j30.20| 58
NEl 2
W I 8
Max. tern., 67:
Gon Dock was discharged by Judge
Owens yesterday, on the charge of rob
J. H. McGee, charged with embezzle
ment, was held in $1000 bail for a hear
ing on Friday.
There will be a meeting of the Hill
Democratic club at Y. M. I. hall, 114
Noith Main street, this evening at 7:30
p. m.
Colonial tea and entertainment at the
parlors of the First Congregational
church Monday evening, February 22d.
Only 26 cents.
Ah Him was arraigned before Justice
Stanton, yesterday, and held in $1200
bail, on a charge of embezzling $350
from Yu Hing, a fellow Celestial.
L. A. Mays and O. E. Mays were each
fined $10 yesterday by Judge Austin for
battery. Judge Owens also charged
Otto Weyse $40 for battering T. C. Nar
The lecture by Col. J. H. Woodard,
announced for the Y. M. C. A. course
this evening, has been unavoidably
Sostponed. It will be given at some
iter period.
Wm. Henry, who owns some land in
the Tejunga canon, recently received a
letter from "Capt. White Caps" order
ing him never to enter the cafion again,
as his "new grave" had been selected.
There are undelivered telegrams at
the office of the Western Union Tele
graph company, Main and Court streets,
for R. P. Keating, M. Collins, Wm. L.
Allison, Daniel S. Cook, F. A. Lumburg,
Jennie Bingham.
The Tammany club of Los Angeles,
the • second in existence in the United
States, will have a meeting on Thurs
day evening next at the St. Elmo hotel.
The general feeling of the organization
is favorable to Senator D. B. Hill for
president, hut they will be in line to
support the nominee of the convention.
Young Reed, the ex-special officer,
who "flashed a star" in Chinatown the
other night, pleaded guilty yesterday to
taking $2 from a Chinaman. Judge
Owens took the matter under advise
ment until this morning. Reed has
heretofore borne a good reputation and
he was under the influence of liquor
when he committed the wrong.
The excursion given by the Redondo,
Santa Monica and Catalina Excursion
company to Catalina island on Sunday
'ywas an enjoyable affair. The party,
consisting of thirty persons, left Los An
geles on Sunday morning and took the
tug Pelican for the isle of Catalina. The
sea was as placid as a mill pond, and
the trip was a most thoroughly enjoy
able one. Arriving at the island the
party took a good dinner at the hotel
Avalon, and then wandered about the
beach until the whistle sounded for the
return. Everyone was delighted with
the trip.
Mrs. B. Bennett, the proprietor and manufac
turer of Mme. E. Bennett's Renovator and
Shampoo for the face and hands, is In the city.
It is an excellent remedy and one that every
lady and gentleman in the county should have
on his or her toilet table. Mrs. Bennett Is
here for the purpose of introducing her shampoo
and for the purpose of selling the right to man
ufacture and sell the same in this city and
county. This Is a chance for tome one to make
money by calling on Mrs. I. Bennett, 440 South
Bill street, between 5 and 7 p.m.
See ad of advertisement of handsome
residence, 155 Beaudry avenue, Thurs
day at 11 a. m.
J. H. Bradbeer, the architect, has re
moved to 132>£ S. Broadway, room 20.
Wm. C. Aiken, architect, 12 Burdick
block, corner Second and Spring streets.
For Coupes and Hacks
Ring telephone 230. N. K. Lusk.
FOR SALE—2OO cords pine wood by Lake
Hemet Water Co., 28 Baker block.
We are now located in our new build
ing, 717 and 719 North Main street,'and
extend a general invitation to the public
to visit the laundry. On Tuesday and
Wednesday of each week we would be
pleased to show visitors through the
laundry. There is much to interest
visitors. Respectfully, Troy Laundry
Dr. O. Beaumont,
Specialist, treats all chronic diseases. Office
South Spring.
K. D. List, notary public. Legal papers care
fully drawn. 127 West Second. Telephone 165.
G. Q. Johnson, notary, has removed to 213
West First street, opposite old office.
Railway companies antagonize ticket brokers,
but Anthony Schwamm, the responsible Asso
ciation broker, will guarantee every ticket and
save you dollars. My motto: "Square Trans
actions and Reduced Rates vs. Arbitrary Ry
Rates. Office, 200 and 206 N. Spring street
Temple block.
Will snrely help yon—B.<si S. Homoeopathic
Cough and Croup Syrup. Try It once.
F. B. Pillsbury has returned to Los
Angeles after an absence of a year.
J. M. Reuck, the editor of the Cali-
Jornian at Bakersfleld, was in the city
J. M. Studebaker, one of the firm of
Studebaker Bros., tbe famous wagon
manufacturers of South Bend, Ind.,is at
the Westminster.
Mrs. Freeman G. Teed, who has been
seriously ill for over a month, is now on
the road to recovery, as her friends will
be pleased to learn.
Mr. T. J. Meldon has leased his hand
some residence at 524 South Main street
to Mrs. W. R. Rison. Mrs. Meldon has
gone to San Francisco, Mr. Meldon ex
pects to go to Arizona for health and
business combined.
J. D. Morrison, William Oatertag and
Hon. P. Hogan, members of the Chicago
Fruit association, arrived in this city
yesterday morning and are quartered at
the Hollenbeck. Messrs. Morrison and
Ostertag are members of the board of
directors of the Chicago Fruit Associ
Two Petty Cases Disposed of Yester
Jim Goodwin was yesterday sentenced
to fifteen days by Judge Owens. Good
win's only crime waa in sleeping in a
Southern Pacific box-car. He did not
sleep there from choice, but because he
was penniless. Goodwin said that he
was a shoemaker and that he had just
arrived, from New Mexico in search of
Sing Love, arrested by Bob Stewart,
was yesterday found guilty of Belling
lottery tickets. He will be sentenced
by Judge Owens at 2:30 o'clock this
They Will Consider the Proposition of
Providing Supreme Court Rooms.
The county board of supervisors yes
terday declared the ordinance levying a
road poll tax in force as it had been duly
With regard to the San Fernando
road matter, the strip of land donated
by B. F. Porter was declared a public
A committee of the Bar association,
consisting of Messrs. Bicknell, Smith,
Howard and Stephens, asked that quar
ters be provided in the court house for
the supreme court. The matter was
taken under advisement.
! The bids for the court house bonds
were also taken under advisement.
Quite a number of routine matters
were then disposed of and the board ad
President Kierulff Makes a Good Speech.
The Chair Threatens to Sit On Wit
mer—The Standing Committees Ap
The board of education mat last even
ing, Messrs. Hitchcock, Crowley, Wit
mer, Barber, Boal and President Kierulff
being present. Messrs. Witmer, Boal
and Baroer objected to the organization
of the new committees, inasmuch as the
rules say the reorganization should have
taken place in January.
President Kierultf opened with the
following excellent address:
From various causes we have repeat-
edly been unable to number a Quorum
for the transaction of business. Conse
quently a called meeting was agreed
upon, so as to enable those to be present
who could not attend this meeting. In
the reorganization of this board I trust
there may be made the foundation for
such plans and work as will prove our
desire to faithfully discharge the duties
entrusted to our care. The public dele
gates to us its moat sacred interests
when it asks us to become responsible
for the education of its youth. In the
outlay of public funds economy and
utility ought to be our guide, not forget
ting to secure at the same time the com
fort and convenience of both pupils and
teachers. The kindergarten is the Alpha
and the high school the Omega of bur
system of education.
How to make this perfect in equip
ment and workings should be one of our
ambitions. Wisely were we advised by
President Boal in bis address before the
graduating class last Thursday night,
when he bo fittingly urged one and all to
"Covet earnestly the beßt gifts." He
could not have given better counsel.
Let the best talent for each place be
sought after. From my position I shall
desire the men best suited for each de
partment of our work.
Let us seek unity of action. We have
no time to waste in differences of opinion.
We are placed in an official capacity re
quiring sober judgment, unbiased by
personal preferences. If our actions are
tempered with a desire for public good
alone, we may hope to succeed in meet
ing the public demands, and this should
be our aim.
Dr. Hitchcock asked whether the ar
rangement of committees had been
Mr. Kierulff at first wanted to post
pone tbe announcement of the com
mittees, but finally handed out the list.
Mr. Witmer objected.
President Kierulff ruled him out of
order, on the ground tbat tbe meeting
which had taken action was only one
which had been adjourned from Janu
Dr. Hitchcock asked that the sense of
the meeting be taken as to Mr. Wit
mer's appeal from the chair. This was
done, and a tie vote was the result.
Consequently Mr. Witmei's appeal was
Mr. Witmer objected again.
President Kierulff—You are annoying
the chair. You mu,st sit down, or the
chair must sit on you.
Mr. Witmer appealed from the chair.
President Kierulff—Sit down! You
are out of order.
Mr. Witmer —You cannot arbitrarily
run this board.
President Kierulff—Sit down! You
are out of order.
Mr. Witmer—Do you want arbitrarily
to run the board ?
Tbe chairman replied to this repeated
question in a temperate speech.
President Kierulff then handed tbe
list of the committees to the clerk, and
asked that the clerk notify the mem
bers as appointed, as follows:
Finance—Witmer, Davis, Roberts.
Bailding—Barber, Marsh, Crowley.
Supplies—Boal, Marsh, Hitchcock.
Teachers—Hitchcock, Crowley, Boal,
Marsh, Barber.
Janitors—Marsh, Hitchcock, Boal.
Rules and Classification—The same
members as on teachers committee.
Visiting—Roberts, Davis, Witmer.
Insurance —Davis, Crowley, Roberts.
Ways and Means—Crowley, Witmer,
Hill Democrats.
There will be an important meeting of
the Hill Democratic club tonight (Tues
day) at the Y. M. I. hall, 114 North Main
street (hall adjoining tbe Sunset tele
phone office), at 7:30 o'clock sharp. A
full attendance of the club is urgently
requested. All Democrats favoring the
nomination of David Bennett Hill for
president by the National Democratic
convention are requested to come for
ward and sign the club roll.
J. Marion Brooks, President.
Hbnby Wilson, Secretary.
Tammany Clnb.
The members of this organization are invited
to attend a meeting in the parlor ol the St.
Elmo hotel on Thursday evening next, Febru
ary 18th, at 8 o'clock sharp, lor the purpose ol
electing delegates to the convention of clubs to
be held in San Francisco on February 23,1892.
All former members and those wishing to
join the organlzitlon are invited to atiend.
M. C. MARSH, Chairman.
C. P. Kbabney, Secretary.
To and From Europe.
Outward and pre-paid ocean steamship
tickets, season of 1892. Chas. T. Parsons,
agent, 129 North Spring street, Los Angeles.
Napa Sods at Woollacott's, 124 N. Spring.
I The Stanford University
The Day & Fisher Music Co.,
Gentlemen: Although I did not purchase my "KIMBALL" of
you, it having been brought from Chicago, I take pleasure in adding a word to the
many that have been said in praise of this make of pianos. In my estimation it
leaves nothing to be desired as a parlor inatrument, combining, as it does sweet
ness and richness of tone, with an entire absence of the "tin-panny" oualitv no
ticeable in so many pianos. Yours truly, MISS LOLA GITT
February 15, 1892. 1051 Lacy street, East Los Angeles.
These Celebrated Pianos are for sale in Southern California only by us
and our duly appointed agents.
2-M lm ■
/f •*• Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Stricture, Piles,
( / jp> >> Chronic, Blood and Skin Diseases, Varicocele, Blad
\ der ' Liver ' Throat and Lung Troubles, Seminal
\ £ Emissions and all unnatural drains on the system;
/jh . /X Constipation, Nervous Debility, Lust Manhood aud
J'M all disorders of the Genito-Urinary organs.
((/ t /'f/CS <r/ n "r STAFF SURGEON gives every case his PERSONAL AT-
A/y 1/ I £-5 C/ TENTION. No matter what your trouble is, a FREE OONSUL
\y // TATION may save you years of suffering.
\ /SSy&x In cnar se of an eminent Specialist, with years of experience In
(fi Vi ) treating the delicate disorders of women. All matters, whether
/ \-~$&&S&~~ b y ma *' or in Person, sacredly confidential.
Office Hours—9 a. m. to 9p. m. f undays-10 to 1 only.
The Story Whioh Comes From San An
tonio Canyon—Miss Clara Young Al
leged to Be the Victim—Lahart Ar
Ex-Police Officer Lahart is in the
county jail, charged with committing
rape on the person of Clara Young, a
slight young girl.
The girl waß employed as cook at
Contractor Phelan'e camp in the San
Antonio cation, at the works of the San
Antonio Electric company.
She walked from the camp to the
stream early Sunday evening to get
some water. Lahart, it is said, was on
tbe opposite bank and called to her to
come over and take a walk with
him. She did ss, and soon after the
men at the camp heard her screaming
and on searching found her in a terrible
condition, while Lahart had fled. She
described his assault on her, and her
story seems to be corroborated by
the indescribable condition she was in
when found.
Lahart went to Pomona, where it is
said he told some men what he had
done, in a boastful manner, though im
plying that no violence bad been used.
He disappeared shortly after 6 o'clock
Sunday evening.
Constable Slanker of Pomona at once
set out on a hunt for the offend
er, and Deputy Sheriff Russell
of this city was telegraphed to
and searched for him. Constable Slank
er came on him yesterday afternoon
and the two went to Lahart's house,
which is about a mile from the end of
Temple street. While the officers were
talking to his wife, the ex-officer came
in the back way and was immediately
arrested and taken to jail.
Lahart arrived in the city early yes
terday afternoon, for a Hebald reporter
who knows him met him at the coro
ner's office. He gave no indication then
of being apprehensive, or of having
committed any crime. He talked with
a number of people at the coroner's and
walked away perfectly at ease. The
story of his arrest was learned too late
last night to get his side of the Btory.
Judge Van Dyke Renders an Important
Opinion on Law Points,
Yesterday Judge Van Dyke rendered
an opinion for the plaintiff in the case
of Daw vs. Niles, et al. .
The main questions in controversy in
this action are., first, whether at the
time of filing the complaint, the note on
which it was founded had matured.
Second, as to the counter claim set up by
tbe defendant William Niles.
The action is upon a promissory note
dated July 1, 1887, payable on or before
ten years after date, made by defend
ants William Niles and John Niles to
the plaintiff, with interest at the rate of
7 per cent per annum from date until
paid, interest payable annually, if not
so paid to be compounded. "And should
the interest not be paid then the whole
sum of principal and interest shall be
come immediately due and payable at
the option of the holder of this note."
After giving a general recital of the
case the judge says:
Therefore, if the defendant William
Niles be allowed for his services to the
Elaintiff under his authority to act for
im, the sum which he himself thought
was reasonable, to-wit, $300, be would
not be entitled to any set-off, from the
fact that by his account it appears that
more than that was remaining in his
hands to the credit of the plaintiff at
that time. There was due and unpaid
at the time suit was brought over
$2,000 interest on the note sued on, for
which there can be no question as to
plaintiff's right to sue; and there be
ing no set-off plaintiff would be entitled
in any event to judgment for this
amount. It also appears that the
premises cannot be divided and Bold in
separate pieces, but must be sold as a
whole, which part entitles the plaintiff
to a decree for such sale to satisfy this
judgment about which there can be no
question. Findings, judgment for
plaintiff as prayed.
Hotel Destroyed.
Spokane, Wash., Feb. 15.---Fire, last
night, at Colville, Stevens county, de
stroyed the Old Dominion hotel. At one
time the entire business portion of the
town was threatened, and buildings
were blown up with dynamite to check
the flames. The loss on the hotel was
$5000; insurance, $800.
Vanilla -\ Of perfect purity.
Lemon -| Of great strongth.
Almond If Ec o n their use
RoseetC-l Flavor as delicately
and delloiouslv n«« tho fresh fruit.
Throat Disease*, Asthma, Bronchitis and
Successfully treated by
137 South Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.,
By his Aerean system of practice, which con
sists of proper Medicated Inhalations and
Compound Oxygen Treatment.
Bronchitis is an Inflammation of the mucous
membrane of the bronchial tubes, and is one of
the most common of the pulmonary affections.
Chronic bronchitis more often appears later In
li fe. When a cold settles on the Inngs the disease
either ends in bronchitis or pneumonia. If it
ends in bronchitis it usually passes off as a cold
on the chest, and still the patient does not feel
entirely well. He feels tired and languid, and
is incapable of taking his usual amount of
exercise, and experiences a shortness of breath
with more or less warmth in the palms of the
hands. Soon after this a cough appears, ac
companied by an expectoration of thick mu
cous, followed by a beetle flush, loss of flesh
and strength, and night sweats continue, when
the patient assumes all the appearance of hav
ing a genuine case of consumption. But this
is simply catarrh of the lungs or chronic bron
The patient usually dies from exhaustion
and suffocation, being unable to expectorate
the mucous which accumulates in the passage
leading to the lungs, which In some cases is
sticky and small in quantity, but more com
monly copious, of a light straw or yellowish
Dry Bronchitis—This disease, the very oppo
site of the above, is a very common affection.
Very many people, who regard themselves as
quite healthy, are today under its influence,
and are slowly but surely becoming the vic
tims of this treacherous complaint. This is
the most insidious of all pulmonary diseases.
There may at first be a slight, hacking cough
and an expectoration of a bluish white mu
cous. And herein lies the danger. This mu
cous, inhabiting the air cells of the lungs, be
ing difficult to raise, after a time becomes solid
ified, permanently obstructing portions of the
lungs, causing shortness of breath and a feeling
of oppression on the chest, particularly alter
meals or on slight exertion. After a time the
cough becomes more severe and comes on In
paroxysms, and as the shortness of breath in
creases it almost assumes the character ol asth
ma. The mucous membrane also becomes
more and more thickened,which arises from the
frequent fresh colds, and the patient at last
becomes full y aware of the terrible changes that
have taken place and the inevitable results that
are to follow.
Without courage and perseverance nothing Is
curable, but with these, aided with our Medi
cated Inhalations and Compound Oxygen
Treatment Bronchitis can be cured even after
the lungs are extensively diseased.
If impossible to call personally at the office,
write for list of questions and medical treatise
sent free. Address.
137 8. Broadway, Los Angeles, Cal.
Headache, Neuralgia, or any;indication of the
above, take
W. H. JUENGER, Agent,
1-12 lm 129 N. Main street
Undertakers and Kmbalmers.
No. 140 North Main St., Los Angeles, Cal.
Always open. Telephone No. 61.
This morning when we open our doors we invite you to inspect the
largest, newest, brightest stock of spring and summer dress goods, silks, challies
sateens, printed wash silks, cotton Bedford cords, new Scotch and American ging
hams, handsome dress prints that was ever shown in Los Angeles. We will
quote lower prices for quality than you can find anywhere on the street, and at
that, it is all fresh, seasonable goods, worth more money to replace than the price
we ask for it.
The People's Store will never allow itself to be undersold from any cause
whatsoever. Today we inaugurate the greatest dress goods sale that has
ever been attempted in Los Angeles. We are popularizing this department
through quality and price. We invite comparison of values.
You never in your lives had the opportunity of buying dress goods at the
prices we quote them. We cannot replace the goods we are selling within 35 per
cent of the price asked you. This sale means a reduction of 25 per cent on the
New York cost of the goods quoted below.
Black wool serges, henriettas, cash
meres, new and fancy weave dress
goods, with cotton warp; goods that
sold at 25c and 30c per yard, we will
place on onr counters at
150 '
Black double fold henrietta, 40 inches
wide, the quality that we have sold at
39c, and never have broken this price
since we have been in business, will be
on sale at
Black all wool, 36 to 42 inches wide,
warranted French serges, henriettas,
albatross, finest quality of black tricot,
goods that sold as high as 05c per yard,
and never a yard left our store even at
special sale under 50c, will be
Sublime quality of 40 to 44 inch all
wool black serges, silk finished hen
riettap, silk finished armures, magnifi
cent quality of albatross, nun's veiling,
never a yard of which left our stores
under 75c to 85c, will be sold at
Black silk luster, 42 inch brilliantines,
our $1.50 black, 40 inch all wool hen
riettas, black silk finished drap d'alma.
foule serge, black fancy weave dress
goods, we have been selling at $1.50 per
yard, embracing our latest novelties and
newest designs in scrolls, figures and
fancy effects, will be in this sale at
Black silk henriettas and -glorias,
marked in stock at $1.50; 46 inch black
henriettas and serges of tbe same quali
ty, the finest and handsomest goods for
the price that we ever sold in the known
Printed and solid colored China Bilks,
our 75c quality, containing the very lat
est printings as well as novelties and
polka dots,
Our black and colored surah silks,
gros grain, failles and novelties will re
main at the same prices we quoted last
46 inch finest quality of all wool opera
shade, silk finished henriettas tbat are
manufactured, goods that we sold at
$1.25, in pinks, creams, light blues,
Nile greens, lavenders, heliotropes, etc.,
the richest, handsomest fabrics of the
kind that you have ever seen, will be
75 o
50c quality Turkey red table linen. 35c The very latest colorings and the newest de
-35c quality Turkey red table linen 25c signs in spring ginghams, scarcely cold from,
$1 quality bleached table linen 75c tbe looms, high art creation goods that we
75c quality bleached table linen 49c would originally sell at 12Uc and 15c.
50c quality bleached table linen 37Uc iT" , "*"
$2.50 bleached % napkins $1.75 O^sC
Bleached kitchen crash, per yard 5c , . . ,
Heavy bleached hue i towels 5c A new material called printed pongees. en-
One of the handsomest cases of finest quality : 1^? 1 X" c , w «. tQis season, requires an expert to
of printed sateens that we have ever looked at, te . n difference from the real silk: It Is made
never sold under 25c a yard, the cloth is as fine °/ a thin, tine cotton texture, witn the pret
as India silk, and the printings are a work of tleß i P. rln t«o designs; should command 25c per
art, yard; In this sale
Isc 15c
We opened Saturday a case of the fleeciest, We oall your attention to our handsome line
newest designs in spring outing flannels, which of new dress prints,
was bought to sell at 20c, we shall make a
leader of it at We are selling the finest quality of Indigo
Iblue1 blue P rluts > silver gray, half mourning, at
An exquisite all linen damask towel, 50 inch Sc
long by 24 Inch wide, worih 40c; at this sale „ _ . , ,
a * Pome choice novelties in very best quality of
ZOC dress prints,
Splendid quality of knotted fringe damask XC
towel, good size, exceptional quality, cannot ... ,
be duplicated ordinarily at 25c, addition to this we have received five cases
. of novelty prints on a fine texture of cloth,
lO c making it extremely difficult to tell the dlffer-
Indigo blue sateen prlntß, not the common C, IS? between them and fine dress goods.
Indigo prints, but the sateen, which we will Ihe prices of our flannels as quoted last week
warrant to be fa ß t color, in the very latest de- re A n * l " n ss ßalne , l ~, „.
signs, worth 10c per yard, will be placed on gnr 50c tonne wl be 35c.
sale at - . ° ? 5c flannel will be 25c in all coldrs.
Our $2.50 comforters—and you never bought
O** 1 - one its quality at $3—will be in this sale at
A case of the prettiest printings and : nest t,»
coloring groundwork that you have ever seen 4*1.0U
Our $2.so.grey wool blanket-and you never
On the other side of our store, in our gents' department, you will find quite
as good values.
Men's black derby hats, Intended to be sold , __,
at $3, manufactured for us and bearing our Men's 25c socks ofl'eied at 15c
name imprinted on tho lining, offered at Men s silk elastic, silk end suspenders of
a . _ M fered at 25c
«t»I.OU Men's 25cneekwearofreredati'.'.'.'.'.'....'. 12^0
Men's 50e neckwear offered at 25c H en , 8 wh 'te 'aundered shirtß offered at. 50c
Men's *2 scarlet shirts offered at 98c Men ssl .25 fancy percale shirts offered at.850
Men's $1.50 gray wool underwear offered Me ? 8 Bea «»e6B hose, 15c quality, offered
at 75e at SV^o
Men's $1 gray woolunderwear offered at.;49c 1 , e „ n .'|, 3 ?2 aU w ,? 01 g ? c ¥* offered at 25c
Men's 50c outing flannel shirts offered at.2sc Alß ° *1-50 quality gloria silk umbrellas.. 98c
Men's calf slioes, a special sale at $2 25 at the prices quoted will remain the same dur-
Hanan & Sons' shoes on sale at 500 lng this week. We call your especial attention
Lily, Bracket & Co.'s men's shoes on sale to our notion stock, our handkerchief stock and
- at. ........ 300 our ladles' underwear department. Never wlth-
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Ladies' $2.50 shoes on sale at 175 the prices we quote today.
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sale from $3.25 to 650 sleeves,2sc; worth 50c.
Ladles' low cut glove fitting Oxfords 150 Ladles' white wool or natural gray veßts, 35c-
Lily, Bracket & Co.'s boys' school shoes, worth 60c.
warranted 198 Ladles' vests, 15c; our regular 25c goods,
Children's kid shoos on sale, sto 8 75 Ladies' bilbriggan vests, high neck aud long
We have not the space to go through all the sleeves, 40c; worth 75c.
departments and enumerate the various items Ladles' muslin chemise, handsomely trimmed
in this advertisment.but will simply say that all with embroidery, S9c; regular price, 09c and
the goods that we advertised on sale last week cheaper than any 75c quality In town. '
The prices we have quoted in the foregoing should tax ub the utmost to serve
our patrons. At no time, under no circumstances, have such values been offered.
What we say in print will be realized in our store.
Taken in connection with the fact
that we claim that our dress goods are
cheaper by 25 per cent than any similar
line in Los Angeles, with the tremen
dous reduction we have made, you can
realize what this sale means so far as
drees goods are concerned.
Solid colored dress goods, in plain and
fancy weaves, plaids, stripes, our line of
25c goods, all wool except the chain,
will be
t i^, 0 j d colored . earing shades, doubl
fold dress goods, in stripes and fancy
cross weaves. 36 inches wide, all wool
except the chain, goods made to sell at
40c per yard,
Novelties in all wool stripes, invisible
plaids, checks, zigzag weaves, camel's
hair stripes, solid colors, newest spring
designs, goods that are made to sell at
50e to 65c per yard, will be in this sale at
French all wool challies, imported
goods, handsome new printings just re
ceived, and are made to sell at 75c per
yard, on sale at
Double fold, all wool, new beige
striped dress goods, with dot effects,
something entirely new, and regular 75c
quality, at
New spring plaid designs, in high art
novelties, new beige stripes and plaids,
fancy weave effects in plaids and stripes,
all wool Bedford cords, fine camel's hair
and plaid effects, solid colors with
Maltese stripes, made to sell at 75c to
50 inch all wool tricot, the very finest
quality manufactured, goods that sell
irom 75c to 85c per yard,
The handsomest line of finest French
goods, intended to be sold at $1.25 to
$1.75 per yard, embracing the finest
quality of striped or plaid genuine
camel's hair effects, fancy beige stripes,
silk and wool striped dress effects, solid
colored dress goods with scroll and Jac
quard work, wool material, with new
designs, fancy figures and handsome
combination work,

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