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A Young Woman Who Came to Fay an
Extended Visit to nn Entire Stranger.
"We bad some remarkable experiences
in Wellington,'' said a lady whose hus
band had, through two administrations,
held a high office in the government
"Insane claimants come to Washing
ton by the hundred with preposterous
demands of every kind. Of course at
the departments and in their houses the
president and his cabinet are guarded as
far as may be from these intruders, but
they sometimes gain access to the peo
ple they desire to see, and give a great
deal of trouble.
"Owing probably to my name having
been more or less in the newspapers, I
had not a littlo annoyance from these
people myself, and women as well as
men used to deluge me with the most
absurd applications. One very funny
incident, which, however, was most an
noying at the time, occurred after we
had been in Washington only a short
time, and before 1 had warned my serv
ants against these eccentric gentry. We
had had a big dinner, and I was alone
in the drawing room about 11 o'clock,
just after our guests had departed. I
heard a little bustle in tho hall, but fan
cying that it was somo one going away
did not disturb myself about it.
"Presently the door opened, and the
footman announced, 'Miss Clark.' And,
quite as if she were an expected guest,
in walked a very ladylike looking wom
an, who calmly informed m« that she
had a claim against the treasury depart
ment for a million dollars, and that she
had come to stay with me until sho had
arranged matters satisfactorily. T have
brought my trunk,'she explained very
composedly, 'as 1 suppose I may have to
stop with you for some time.' And to
my consternatisn 1 found that the cab
man (for she had arrived in a carriage)
had brought her box into the hall, and
that she had paid and dismissed him.
Her whole demeanor was so quiet and
assured that tho servant who opened the
door never dreamed but that she was
"To have a crazy woman in your
house at midnight is not a pleasant po
sition 1 assure you. 1 felt that she must
be humored, and making some excuse,
hastily sought my husband and ac
quainted him with the situation. For
tunately Dr. , our good neighbor,
lived within a few doors, and writing
him a lino to ask his advice and assist
ance, we entertained our strange visitor
until he arrived with a carriage to take
the poor lady to a safe shelter for the
night. With great tact he persuaded
her to go with him, and she took leave
of us with many apologies for her short
stay and abrupt departure.
"My next experience was more seri
ous. My daughter was to be married,
and on the afternoon before the wedding
I had gone up to my room for a little
rest when I was disturbed by one of the
servants who informed me that a gen
tleman was down stairs who insisted
upon seeing 'Miss Mary', (my daughter)
or myself. 'Ho wouldn't give his mes
sage, ma'am,' exclaimed the man, 'al
though I told him that you did not wish
to be disturbed.' Thinking that it might
bo something of importance, I went down
to the reception room, where I found a
tall, very good looking man, who in an
agitated manner told me that he had
long loved my Mary, had seen hsr mar
riage spoken of in the papers end had
traveled night and day from his home in
the west to be in time to prevent the
"He insisted upon seeing my daughter
at once. He was so excited that 1 was
terribly frightened, but kept my pres
ence of mind, and contrived to ring for
tho footman. 'Show this gentleman
out,' I said, and fairly flew upstairs.
Some way or other they got rid of him,
but that evening he returned, and again
the next morning. Of course he was
not admitted, but I was made so thor
oughly nervous that my husband sent
for a couple of policemen in citizen's
clothes, who remained with the wedding
party until the young couple were fairly
off on the train."—New York Tribune.
Why She Couldn't Isuy.
"While I was doing some shopping.'
says a man, "1 encountered the tyj .•
woman shopper. She was with unovii
woman and they reached a countc
■where some charming little teakwoot
cabinets were displayed.
" 'Therel' exclaimed the type entlms;
astically, 'the very thing of all other*
for Mrs. O. Only last week she was
admiring a little one of mine and wish
ing for ita fellow for her dressing table.'
" 'How fortunate!' exclaimed her com
panion. 'I should get it directly, and it
will be off your mind.'
"The other hesitated, looked at the
price and commented: 'They're not at
all dear, and they're certainly very pret
ty and I know she wants one, but,' put
ting the cabinet back, '1 feel as if 1
hadn't looked quite enough—you know
I had planned to give up the rest of the
afternoon to Mrs. C.'s present.'"—New
York Times.
Two Points to Observe in Walking.
There are two vital points indispensa
ble to a good walk, which, if the student
will observe, he will acquire a free and
elastic carriage. These two points are
to let the chest lead, and to feel the balls
of the feet as one walks. 1 do not say
point the toes downward, for this will
give a strained and mincing gait at first.
But as you walk, so poise yourself that
the heels touch but lightly, and, as it
were, incidentally, and all the weight
and strain coming on the balls. This,
with a forward and erect chest, will
give the main items for a good walk,
and the minor points, such as controlling
the hips, restraining the arms slightly,
etc., may follow as incidentals.—Chi
cago Woman's News.
Secrets of Comfort.
Though sometimes small evils, like
invisible insects, inflict pain and a single
hair may stop a vast machine, yet the
chief secret of comfort lies in not suf
fering trifles to vex one and in prudent
ly cultivating an undergrowth of small
pleasures, since very few great ones,
alas! are let on long leases.—New York
The Elntracht, 168 N. Spring Street,
'Is the place to get the Anheuser-Busch St.
■Louts Beer on draught. Ring up telephone
-467 or 316 for the celebrated bottled beer.
Best and cheapest In market.
California Vinegar Works.
455 Banning street, opposite soap factory,
near Alameda and First streets, one-naif block
'from electric light works.
Horse blankets, clippers and robes at
iFoy's saddlery house, 315 N. Lob Angeles street.
Famous "Bides."
The following collections of poetry
and prose on famous rides, although
still incomplete, the writer believes to
be the largest yet brought together:
Sheridan's Bide; Thomas B. Read.
Tarn O'Shanter's Ride; Robert Burns.
Black Valley R. R. Ride; L N. Tar
box, D. D.
John Gilpin's Ride; William Cowper.
Charlotte Churchman's Ride; A. A.
Collins Grave's Ride; John Boyle
Erl King's Ride; Wilhehn yon Goethe.
Ichabod Crane's Ride; Washington
King of Demark's Ride; C. E. Norton.
Kit Carson's Ride; Joaquin Miller.
Lady Godiva's Ride; Alfred Tenny
Mary Butler's Ride; B. P. Taylor.
Parson Allen's Ride; Wallace Bruce.
Paul Reveres Ride; H. W. Longfel
Ride to Aix; Robert Browning.
Skipper Ireson's Ride; J. G. Whittier.
The Radical Ride; A. J. Walker.
Warren's Ride; E. H. Weston.
Young Lochinvar's Ride: Walter
To the above may be added Grayson
McArthur's Ride, Israel Putnam's Ride,
Wilhelm's Ride with Lenore, John Sul
livan's March, Don Quixote's Parole,
Mazeppa's Circus Feat, News from Flod
den Field, Pythias' Homeward Race,
Ride of the Light Brigade, Ride of Com
mendatore, The Ride for Life and Dick
Turpin's Ride.—St. Louis Republic.
Tlie Average Sleeping Boom.
Look into the sleeping room of the
laborer, the clerk, the mechanic, where
they spend from seven to nine hours of
the twenty-four. O-enerally they are
the smallest and most inconvenient
rooms in the house; on the shady side,
with one window, precluding any thor
ough ventilation. Even this one win
dow may be so arranged that the wind
will blow directly on the sleeper's head
if left open at night. Perhaps there is
a small closet where, for want of other
room, soiled clothing, boots, shoes and
other belongings are kept. Oftentimes
a row of hooks on the wall is the only
apology for a closet, and the clothing
hung on them adds to the general stuffi
ness of the room.
In this smali, ill ventilated room two
grown persons sleep, with a baby or
small child added — sometimes both.
What wonder that the children are cross
and have no appetite in the morning 7
How can the parents be fitted for their
daily labor, after sleeping in such a
room? The boarding houses are no bet
ter, especially among the cheaper class,
many sleeping rooms being hardly
larger than a closet.—Good Housekeep
Queer Theory About Insanity.
"There is something in the atmos
pheric conditions that develops insanity
and murderous impulses," said a student
of human nature. "That is my theory.
It is like the grip and other diseases that
prevail at certain times and under cer
tain conditions. There are all sorts of
diseases and impulses in people, and it
only needs the conditions to develop
them. Insanity is a peculiar disease,
and to a greater or less degree exists in
a pretty large proportion of mankind.
"In most cases it is shown in a harm
less idiosyncracy and excites no more
comment than mild ridicule, but in
many cases it has a homicidal tendency
that is suddenly and unexpectedly de
veloped. Can this be through natural
and general causes or is it imitation that
produces these mind waves? I believe it is
the former —that general causes similar
to the conditions that produce the grip
wave, the cholera wave, the horse dis
temper wave or any other disease of a
season also tend to unbalance the badly
balanced mind."—New York Herald.
Princes Who Cannot Borrow.
In regard to the Prussian royal family
there is an excellent law, which, had it
existed here, would have saved us much
money. No royal prince is allowed to bor
row, and no one is allowed to lend money
to him. If any one does lend he cannot
recover. Acting on this law, Frederick
the Great never repaid any Prussian
who had lent him money when he was
heir to the throne, for he deemed that
such a person had not only violated the
law, but ought to lose his money for
having done an improper action. Were
one of our princes to borrow money, and
an application to be made to parliament
to repay it, the strong probability is that
the house of commons would follow the
example of Frederick the Great. I
would, indeed, go further. I would in
flict a heavy fine on any one asking to
be repaid by parliament and on any
minister asking for a vote for any such
purpose.—London Truth.
The Antiquity of Wheat.
The Chinese cultivated wheat 2,700
years before the beginning of the Chris
tian era, always considering it as a gift
direct from heaven. Scientific agricul
turists are of the opinion that it was
widely known and cultivated by prehis
toric man. At the present time it is the
principal bread corn of the leading Eu
ropean nations, and is fast supplanting
the use of maize, or Indian corn, in the
American states. The Egyptians at
tributed its origin to Isis, and the
Greeks to Ceres. —Exchange.
Clearly Defined.
Teacher —Define devotion.
Little Girl—Losin a spellin match
when you don't need to.
Teacher —Urn! —you'll have to explain
Little Girl—Why, when Dickie White
and Johnny Brown called off sides for
th' spellin match Friday Dick chose
Nellie de Pretti the first one, an she's
the worst speller in school. —Good News.
Nocash's Credit.
Mr. Sliinpurso (hankering for a suit of
clothes on tick)—I —aw —presume you
are acquainted with my friend, Mr. No
cash. He has a running account here, I
Tailor —Yes. We do the running.—
New York Weekly.
Our Home Brew.
Meier & Zoebleln'i Lager, fresh Irom the
brewery, on draught In all the principal sa
loons, delivered promptly in bottles or kegs
Office and Brewery, 4447 Aliso st. Telephone 91.
ous cure for Catarrh, Diphtheria, Canker
mouth, and Headache. With each bottle there
is an ingenious nasal injector for the more suc
cessful treatment of these complaints without
extra charge. Price 50c. Sold wholesale by
Haas, Baruch & Co., and all retail druggists.
I Nasal C&t&ri'la.
I was nfflictcd from Infancy with
Catarrh.and for tenye:irs with eruptions)
on my face. I Wis attended by the bcsl
physicians, and used a Ulluibsrof IllooiJ
remedies with no persuiioat relief.
My life became :t burden to mc, for
my case wa, declared incurable. I snw
ii. S. 8. advertised, an.l look eight bot
tles, which cured ma cutlrvi/, und I feel
j like a new person,— Hiss Josiu Owen.
I Montpelilu, OstO.
\ cure AN ACHING j
mM\ back
, R^sSfvv" l l known remedy
* nat equals ,
\ :
. improvement on or- ►
a, pi ACTLTD dinary porous plas-
■ r LHO I Lit ters, it is a revolution -
in plasters. Wood's is the only plaster ►
4 having power to dilate the pores and j.
penetrate to the seat of pain. -
' sold by druggists r I -
• N. Y. Depot, 92 William St <~ *
•*-< tumiT'T'V'T'T'TH'T'T'T'T
: ■ M>ll> „—|| lllW .|„, | —
TREATMENT, a specific for Hysteria, Dizzi
ness, Fits, Neuralgia, Headache, Nervous Pros
tration caused by alcohol or tobacco, Wakeful
ness, Mental Depression, Softening of Brain,
causing insanity, misery, decay, death, Prema
ture Old Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in
either sex, Impotency, Leucorrhcea and all
Female Weaknesses, Involuntary Losses, Sper
matorrhcea caused by over-exertion of brain,
Self-abuse, Over-indulgence. A month's treat
ment $1,6 for t5, by mail We guarantee six
boxes to cure, kach order for 6 boxes, with |5,
will send written guarantee to refund if not
cured Guarantees issued only by H. M. SALE
& SON, druggists, sole agents, 220 S. Spring
street, Los Angeles, Cal.
Once said a celebrated cardinal, "ring out clear
to heaven like a bell." One of the best deeds
is to alleviate human suffering. "For many
years my father was sick; he bad blood poison,
catarrh, lung and Sidney trouble and could not
retain anything on his stomach; he was so
weak that he was unable to walk; doctors could
not do anything for him," says Mr. Duncan
McLennan, 492 King street. "We heard of tbe
great cures effected at the BERLIN MEDICAL
INSTITUTE, 505 South Spring street, Los An
geles; my father sent me to get some medicines
there, and it cured him entirely."
Well, such facts as the above need no com
ment. Contultation free.
They have over 30,000 testimonials of won
derful cures.
A new and Complete Treatment, oonnistint,- of
Suppositories, Ointment in Capsules, also in
Box and Pills; a Positive Cure for External,
Internal, Blind or Bleeding Itching. Chronic,
Recent or Hereditary Piles. This remedy has
never been known to fail. ?1 per box, 6 for $5;
sent by mail. Why suffer from this terrible
disease when a written guarantee is positively
given with 6 boxes. To refund the money if
not cured. Send stamp for free sample. Guar
antee issued by C. F. HEINZEMAN, druggist,
sole agent, 222 N. Main street, Los Angeles, Cal.
IjSsSSJfi 1051 Market St., San Francisco,
if srswl U. (between 6ch aud 'V.\ Sts.)
a w Go and learn how wonderfully
\ l\\\m\m%\ Y oa are and how to avoid
sxuil s ' c ' { 'icss and diseases. Museum
M |l with thousands of new
aii objects. Admission 25 cts.
Private Office, 311 Geary St. Diseases of
men: stricture, loss of mauhood.diseases of the
skin aud kidneys quickly cured without the
use of mercury. Troatmeut personally or by
letter. Send for book.
When I say core I do not mean merely to stop them
for a time and then have them return again. I mean a
radical cure. I have made tho disease of FITS, EPI
LEPSY or FALLING SICKNESS a life-long study. I
warrant my remedy to oure the worst cases. Because
others have failed is no reason for not now receiving a
cure. Send at once for a treatise and a Free Bottle of
my infallible remedy. Givo Express and Poßt Offioe.
H. G. ROOT, M. C, 183 Pearl St., N. Y.
Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partner
co-partnership lately subsisting between
us, the undersigned, J. J. Sehnllert and Ed
ward Germain, carry ing on business as wine
and liquor merchants at Los Angeles city, Los
Angeles county, state of California, under the
firm name and style of the "California Wine
Co.", was on the 23d day of January, A. D.
1892, dissolved by mutual consent, and that
the business in future will be carried on by the
said J. J. Schallert alone under tbe same firm
name, he having purchased the entire Interest
of Mr. Edward Germain in the late firm.
Mr. J. J. Scballert will pay aud discharge all
the debts and liabilities of said late firm, and
receive all moneys payable to the said late
Dated atSl.os Angeles, this 2d day of Febru
ary, A,D. 1892,
the stockholders of the Lake Hornet Water
company will be held at the office of the com
pany, room 28 Baker block, Los Angeles, Cal.,
on Monday, March 7, 1892, at 1:30 p. m., for
the purpose of electing a board of directors and
transacting such other business as may come
before the meeting. J. M. MANLEY,
feb 21-2 wks Secretary.
the stockholders of the Hemet Land com
pany will be held at the office of the company,
room 28 Baker block, Los Angeles, Cal., on
Monday, March 7th, at 1:30 p. m., for the pur
pose of electing a board of directors and trans
acting such other business as may come before
the meeting. J. M. MANLEY,
feb 21-2 wkß Bejretary.
isting between the undersigned C. M. Bell
and I. 8. Langstadter, under the firm name of
Bell & Langstadter, has this day been dissolved
by mutual consent. All accounts due the firm
will be paid to C. M. Bell, who will pay all
debts of the late firm.
Feb. 1,1892. 2 151 m
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc
117, 110 and 131 South Los Angeles Bt.
Company (a corporation), plaintiff, vs. Bid
dleman M. Raiford and Lucia E. Raiford (his
wife), defendants.
Sheriff's sale, No. 16,617.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure snd sale, issued out of the
superior court of the county of Los Angeles,
of the state of California, on the 25th day of
January, A.D. 1892, in the above entitled
action, wherein the Imperial Savings and Loan
Company, a corporation, the above-named
plaliiilfLobtainedajudgmentanddecree of fore
closure and sale against Middleman M. Railord
et al, defendants, on the 21st day of January,
A.D. 1892, for the sum of One Thousand and
Forty-one t and 50-100 dollars, gold coin, which
Balddtcree was, on the 22d day of January,
A. D., 1892, recorded in judgment book
26, of said court, at page 263, I am
commanded to sell all that certain lot,
Siece, or parcel of land situate, lying and
eingin the said county of Los Angeles.State of
California, and bounded and described as fol
That certain tract, piece or parcel of land,
being lot twelve (12), In block D, Sunset tract,
according to a map thereof recorded in book
eleven (11), page forty one (41), miscellaneous
records of Los Angeles county, state of Cali
fornia, together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given, that on Fri
day, the 19th day of Febuary, A. D. 1892, at
12 o'clock m. of that day, in front of the court
house door of the County of Los
Angeles, Broadway entrance. I will,
in obedience to said order of sale
and decree of foreclosure and sale,
sell the above described property, or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said
judgment, with interest and costs, etc., to the
nighest and best bidder, for cash. gold.
Dated this 20th day of January, 1892.
E. fa. GIBSON,
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Henry E. Carter, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notice of Dissolution of Co-Partner
existing under the firm name of M. Levy &
Co., composed of Michel Levy, Lesser Hirsh
feld and Louis Lewin, doing business in the
city of Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, Cali
fornia, under such firm name of M. Levy & Co,,
has been this 20th day of February, 1892, dis
solved by mutual consent.
The Baid Louis Lewin has sold all his interest
in said co partnership to the said Michel Levy
and Lesser Hirshfeld, who will continue said
business, and coUect all indebtedness due and
to grow due to said former firm, and pay all
indebtedness due or to grow due, from saia for
mer firm.
Dated Los Angeles, Cal., Feb. 20th, 1892.
State of California, j
County ol Los Angeles, j ss -
On this 20th day of February, in the year
A D. 1892, before me, Sam'l Prager, a notary
public in and for said Los Angeles county,
personally appeared Michel Levy, Lesser
Hirshfeld, Louis Lewin, known to me to be the
persons described in. whose names are sub
scribed to, and who executed tbe within instru
ment, and they acknowledged to me that they
executed the same.
Witness my hand and official seal, the day
and year in this certificate first above written.
SAM'L PRAGKR, Notary Public,
|seal| In and for Los Angeles Co., Cal.
Certificate of Co-Partnership.
We, the undersigned, do hereby certify that
we are partners transacting business in the
State oi California, at the City of Los Angeles,
Los Angeles county, under tbe firm name and
style of M. Levy it Co.; that the names In full
of all the members of such co-partnership are
Michel Levy and Lesser Hirshfeld, and tbat the
£lace of residence of each of us is the city of
os Angeles, California.
In wjjness whereof, we have hereunto set our
hands and written the places of our residence
opposite to our names, this 20th day of Febru
ary, 1892.
MICHEL LEVY, Los Angeles, Cal.
State of California, (
County of Los Angeles, j ss -
On this 20th day of February, in the year
A. D. 1892, before me, Sam'l Prager, a notary
public in and for said Los Angeles county, per
sonally appeared Michel Levy and Lesser Hirsh
feld, known to me to be the persons described
in, whose names are subscribed to, and who
executed the within instrument, and they
acknowledged to me that they executed tbe
Witness mv hand and official seal, the day
and year in this certificate first above written.
[seal | SAM'L PRAGER, Notary Public,
2-23 tnlt In and for Los Angeles Co., Cal.
geles county, state of California. Louise
Weyse and Louise Naud, Louis Naud Julie
Emelia Weyse and Otto G. Weyse. jr., minors,
by their guardian ed litem, Julia Weyse, plain
tiffs, vs. Henry G. Weyse, defendant.
Under and by virtue of an interlocutory de
cree in partition and order of sale made and
issued out of the Superior Court of Los Angeles
county, state of California, in the above en
titled action, which said decree was on the 4th
day of February, 1892, recorded in Book 33 of
Judgments, page 268, of said court, 1, the un
dersigned, the duly appointed and qualified
referee in partition in said action, am com
manded to sell all that certain tract and parcel
of land situate, lying and being in Los Angeles
city, Los Angeles county, state of California,
which said property is a triangular piece of
laud known as the Naud Warehouse property,
and is particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Bounded on the north by land formerly known
as the vineyard of Ylario Ybarra: on tne west
by Alameda street; on the south by the track
oi the Southern Pacific railroad that runs from
Los Angeles to Spadra, and by New Main street;
which said parcel of land includes all
that part of the wine cellar building
of Naud, Weyse & Co., referred to in
the complaint, particularly described as
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a point on the
east line of Alameda street, being the north
west corner of the land known as the Naud
ware house property, and the northwest corner
of the said wine cellar building; thence south,
69J* decrees east. 180J* feet to a point in the
middle line of the partition wall between the
Naud warehouse building and the wine cellar
building; thence westerly along the said mid
dle line of said partition wall to Alameda
street; thence along the east line of Alameda
street to the place of beginning.
Notice is hereby given, that on Wednesday,
the 9th day of March, 1892, at 12 o'clock noon
of that day, in front of the premises on Alame
da street, in Los Angeles city. Los Angeles
county, California, I will, in obedience to said
decree and order of sale sell the above de
scribed property, in one psrcel, to the highest
and best bidder, for cash, lawful money of the
United States, 10 per cent of the amount, bid to
be;paid at the time of sale and tbe balance on
confirmation of the sale by the court.
Note—Abstract of title to above described
property can be seen at the office of Jacob
Kuhrts, No. 107 West First street, Los Angeles
city. 1-18 td
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving; Will, Etc.
No. 17,022.
California County of Los Angeles—ss.
In the matter of the estate of John G. Rheude,
Notice' is hereby given that Thursday, the
25th day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, at the court room of this court, de
partment two thereof, in the city of Los An
geles, county of los Angeles. aud
state of California, has been appointed
as the time and place for hearing the
application of Christiana D. Rheude, praying
that a document now on file in this court, pur
porting to be the last will and testament of the
said deceased, be admitted to probate, that
letters testamentary be issued thereon to her,
at which time and place all persons interested
therein may appear and cont- st the same.
Dated February 11th, 1892.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By W. L. Warren, Deputy.
Lonis Lucltel, Attorney for Petitioner.
Notice for Publication of Time for
Proving Will, Etc.
No. 16,991.
California, county of Los Angeles, ss.
In the matter of the estate of George W.
Dumbell, Jr., deceased,
Notioe is hereby given that Thursday, the
25th day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a. m.
of said day, at the court room of this court, de
partment two thereof, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, and State of
California, has been appointed as the time
and place for hearing the application of Anna
D. Dumbell, praying that a document now on
file In this court, purporting to be the last will
and testament of the said dt ceased, be admitted
to probate, that letters testamentary be issued
thereoD to said petitioner, at which time and
place all persons interested therein may ap
pear and contest the same.
Dated, February 6,1892.
T. H. WARD, County Clerk.
By F. E. Lowry, Deputy.
Smith, Winder a Smith, Attorneys for Petl-
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
\JC Agents, San Franclßco. Northam rontes
embrace lines for Portland, Ore.; Victoria, B.
0„ and Paget Sound, Alaska, and all coast
Time Table for February, 1893.
Port Harford.... 1
Santa Barbara... I 8. S. Corona, Feb. 7, 10, 25;
Redondo I March 5.
San Pedro f 8. S. Santa Rosa, Feb. 3,12.
Newport I 22; March 1.
San Diego 1
For 1 S. 8. Eureka, Feb. 5, 14, 23;
Redondo I March 3.
San Pedro and (8. B. Los Angeles, Feb. 1,10,
Way Ports J 19, 28; March 8.
For 1 S. S. Santa Rosa, Feb. 5, 14,
l 24; March 3.
Newport /8. 8. Corona, Feb. 9,18, 27;
San Diego 1 March 7.
For 1 8. 8. Santa Rosa, Feb. 7, 16,
San Francisco... I 26; March 5.
Port Harford.... 1 8. 8. Corona, Feb. 2, 11, 20,
Santa Barbara... J 29; March 9.
For 1 8. 8. Los Angeles, Feb. 4, 13,
San Francisco I 22; March 2.
and fS. 8 Eureka, Feb. 8, 17,26;
Way Porta J March 6.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro,
leave 8. P. R. R. depot, Fifth street, Los An
geles, at 3:25 o'clock a. m.
Passengers per steamer Corona and Santa
Rosa, via Redondo, north bound, leave Santa
Fe depot at 10:15 a.m.: or from Redondo Rail
way depot, corner Jefferson street and Grand
aye., 10:05 a. m.
Passengers per Los Angeles and Eureka vis
Redondo, loave Santa Fe depot at 4:50 p. m
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office,
where berths may be secured.
The company reserve the right to change the
steamers or their days of sailing.
tV3f~Voi passage or freight as above or for
tickets to and from all Important points in
Europe, apply to
W. FARRIS, Agent,
Offloe. No. 124 West Second st,, Los Angeles.
Depot cor. Aliso aud Anderson streets. Take
car or 'bus from corner of Main and Arcadia
streets direct for depot.
Leave Monrovia for Leave Los Angeleß for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7:00 am and 9:05 am 8:00 am ana 11:10 am
1:15 pin and 4:lspm 3:10 pmand s:lopm
Leave Alhambra for Leave Alhambra for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7:27 am and 9:32 am 8:18 am and 11:33 am
1:42 pm and 4:42 pm 3;33 pm and 5:33 pm
Leave Los Angeles at 9:30 a.m. and 5:10 p.m
Leave Monrovia at 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Time between Los Angeles and Monrovia, 48
Soto Street, Lake Vineyard, Chapman,
Batz; San Marino, Baldwin,
Ramona, E. San Gabriel, Arcadia,
Alhambra, Sunny Slope.
a Corner of Commercial,
ln g 185*!, foi
all its formsT'semlnal
Weakness, Impotency and Lost Manhood per
manently cured. The sick and afflicted should
not fall to call noon him. The Doctor has trav
eled extensively In Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals there, obtaining a
great deal of valuable information, which he is
competent to impart to those in need of his
services. The Doctor cures where others fall.
Try him. DR. GIBBON will make no charge
unless he effects a cnre. Persons at a distance
CURED AT HOME. AU communication*
strictly confidential. AU letters answered in
plain envelopes.
Call or write. Address DR. J. F. GIBBON, Box
1,957, San Francisco, Oal.
Mention Los Angeles Hbbald. 12-17-12 m
Southern Pacific Railroad company, a cor -
poratlon incorporated, organized and existing
under the laws of the state of California, will
apply to the honorable, the board of super
visors of Los Angeles county, at a meeting of
said board, at Its meeting loom, at the court
house of Los Angeles county, in the city of Los
Angeles, county of Los Angeles, on Saturday, the
27tn day of February, 1892, at 10 o'clock a.m.
of that day. or as soon thereafter as the matter
can be beard, for a grant of authority to said
company to construct and maintain a wharf on
lands bordering on and extending into the bay
of Santa Monica, within and bordering; upon
the county of Los Angeles, and particularly
described as contained and being within the
following boundaries:
All of that portion of the bay of Santa Moni
ca, which is included within lines which are
parallel to and 37U feet, measured at right
angles on each Bide from the following de
scribed center line.
Commencing at a stake which marks the
point of Intersection of the surveyed center
line of proposed wharf of the S. P. R. R. Co.
with the line of high water on the shore of
Santa Monica bay, which point is known as
Engineer's Station No. 125)20 of said center
line of proposed wharf; thence running out
into the bay of Santa Monica on a curve to the
left of 573 14-100 feet radius (the tangent to
the curve at the point of intersection afore
said, being on a course of 8. 89 deg. 10 mm.
W.j for a distance of 387 3-10 feet; thence
along a tapering curve to the left as follows:
30 feet with a radius of 636 78-100 feet; 30
feet with a radius of 716 34 100 feet: 30 feet
with a radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet with
a radius of 955 04-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1146 01-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1432 47-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 2864 84-100 feet, and 30 feet with
a radius of 5729 61-100 feet; thence on- a tan
gent with a course of 8. 36 deg. 56 mm. W. for
a distance of 1254 5-10 feet; thence on a taper
ing curve to the right as follows: 30 feet with
a radius of 5729 61-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 2864 84-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1432 47-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1146 01-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 955 04-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius
of 716 34-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius of 636
78-100 feet; 30 feet with a radius of 57314-100
feet; 30 feet with a radius of 636 78-100 feet;
30 feet with a radius of 716 34-100 feet; 30
feet with a radius of 818 64-100 feet; 30 feet
with a radius of 955 04-100 feet; 30 feet with
a radius of 1146 01-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1432 47-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 1909 91-100 feet; 30 feet with a
radius of 2864 84-100 feet, and 30 feet with a
radius of 5729 61-100 feet; thence on a tan
gent with a course of S. 66 dee. 56 mm. W. for
a distance of 4186 4-10 feet to the terminal
point; the total length of the above described
center line being 6668 2-10 feet, and the area
included in the above description is 11 49-100
acres; and for authority to receive and take
toll for the use of said wharf.
Dated at San Francisco, California, this 20th
day of January, 1892.
TCorporate Seal, 8. P. R. R. Co. I 1-20 td
ing company.
Principal place of business No. 303 West
First street, in the city of Los Angeles, in the
state of California.
Notice Is hereby given tbat at a meeting of
the directors held on the 27th day of January,
1892, an assessment of 2% cents a share was
levied upon tbe capital stock of the corpora
tion, payable on the 3d day of March, 1892, to
me, William Scrimgeour, secretary, at the office
of said corporation. Any stock upon which
this assessment shall remain unpaid on the 3d
day of March, 1892, will be delinquent and
advertised 'or sale at public auction, and unless
payment is made will be sold on the 30th day
of March, 1892, to pay the delinquent assess
ment together with the cost of advertising and
expenses of sale. WM. BCRIMGEOUR,
No. 303 West First street, city of Los Angeles,
California. 1-28-td
Chinese Physician and Surgeon, has resided Ie
Los Angeles seventeen (17) years. His reputa
tlon'as a thorough pb ysician has been fully es
tablished and appreciated by many. His large
practice is sufficient proof of his ability and
The doctor graduated in the foremost col
leges, also practiced in the largest hospitals of
Canton, China. The doctor speaks Spanish
OFFICE: New number, 689; old number
117 Upper Main street P. 0. box 564,
Station 0. 12-17 tf
lines of tratbh
Sonthern Pad tapy.
February 13,1892.
Trains leave and are due to arrive at
Filth Btreet, dally, as follows.
Leave For dkstikatiok. Ait. From
8.50 p. m Banning. 10:15 c.a
6:10 p.m Banning 10 00 p.m
0:05 a. m Colton 4:20 p. m
3:50 p. m. Colton 10:00*. m.
s:}op.m Colton 10:15 a.m.
5:10 p. m Deming and Eaat... 10:00 p. a.
5:10 p.m. ....ElFaaoand Bait... 10:00 p.m.
116:00 p.m. Chino ||8:37 a.m.
9:25 a.m. j Long B p e«ch and Ban) 8:M BiJB
-12:40 p. m Long Beach 11:49 a. m.
4:50 p. m. ™*| »«» »
10:40 p. m. Ogden and East, Ist class 4:00 p.m
2:00 p.m. Ogden and East, 2d class 6:55a.m
10:40 p. m. Portland. Or 6:55 a. m.
9:05 a.m. Riverside 10:15 a.m.
3:50p.m Riverside 4:20 p.m.
5:10 p.m Riverside 10:00 p.m
9:05 a. m San Bernardino 10:15 a. a
3:50 p.m. Ban Bernardino 4:20 a.m.
5:10 p. m Ban Bernardino..... 10:00 p. ra.
5:10 p.m. Redlands 10:15 a. m
9:OS a. m Redlands 4:2opm
3:50 p. m Redlands 10:00 p. m.
2:00 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 6:55 a, a,
10:40 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 4:00 p. m
II 9:37 a.m. Santa Ana and Anaheim 9:00 a. m.
5:02 p. m. Santa Ana and Anaheim || 4:04 p. m.
2:00 p.m Santa Barbara 4 00 p.m.
7:25 a. m Santa Barbara 9.05 p. a
9:30 a m Santa Monica 12:17p.m
1:17 p.m Santa Monica 4:28 p. a
5:07 p.m Santa Monica 8:37 a.a
||6:15 p.m Santa Monica 117:60a.m
4:40 p.m Tub tin 8:43 a. a
4:40 p. m Whittier 8:43 a. m.
Whittier.: ||4 20p.m.
Local and through tickets sold, baggage:
checked, Pullman sleeping car reservaUocr
made, and general Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY, Asst. G. Pas. Axrt
No. 144 B. Spring St., cor. Second. CHaRLES
BEYLE R, Agent at Depots.
II Sundays excepted.
RICH'D GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mgr.
tt Gen'l Passenger Art,
COMPANY (Santa Fe Route).
Leave. Arrive,
•12:20 pm Overland * 2;45 pm
• 8:15 am . .San Diego Coast Line.. * 1:17 pm
• 3:05 pm San Diego Coast Line... * 7:16 pm
• 5:30 am | San Bernardino via t * 9:40 am
• 8:30 am t Pasadena. j "10:45 am
•12:20 pm San Bernardino via i • 2:46 pm
• 4:00 pm \ Pasadena. I • 6:25 pm
• 5:30 am > Riverside i "10:45 aa
• 8:30 am S via } • 2:45 pa
•12 20 pm > ...Han Bernardino... ( »|6:25 pa
•11:00 am ) Riverside and San | "10:15 aa
• 5:05 pm j Ber'dinovla Orange j • 5:42 pa
• 5:30 am 1 Redlands, Mentone f * 6:25 pa
• 8:30 am :.. ..and Highland.... I * 9:40 aa
•12:20 pm (..Panorama train..') "10:45 am
• 4:00 pm J ....via Pasadena.... I * 8:40 pa
•11-oo am / Redlands, Mentone i t ~.„
•505 Sm £ Bnd Highland, via )* * J™
o.uo pm oranae* Riverside. I 1010 »■»
• 5:30 am } f • 9:4.0 aa
• 8:30 am I "10:45 am
•10:25 am « 2:28 pa
"12:20 pm Azusa, Pasadena and I "2:45 pm
• 4:00 pm V intermediate -! * 6:25 pro
• 7:25 pm Stations. '10:87 pm
t 1-25 pm t 8:60 am
t 5:22 pm f 4;40 pa
tll:00 pm J I ( 7:46 p2n
t 6:40 am Pasadena i 7:46 am
• b;lb am Santa Ana * 1:17 pa
• 3:05 pm Santa Ana • 6:42 pm
Santa Ana * 7:15 pm
t 4:42 pm Santa Ana f 8:50 aa
•10:15 am Redondo Beach * 8:29 aa
• 4:50 pm Redondo Beach » 3.63 pa
t '5:30 am j San Jacinto I (10:46 am
(12:20 pm ( via Pasadena. j f 6:25 pm
111:00 ami/ San Jacinto.... j (10:15 am
f via Orange. ) t 6:42 pm
(12:20 pm Temecula, via Pasadena (10:45 am
tll:0O am .Temecula, via Orange. (10:15 am
t 8:15 am Escondido via Coast Line i 1:17 pm
t 3:05 pm'Escondido via Coast line t 7:15 pa
•Daily. (Daily except Sunday.
ED. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
First-street Depot,
OHAS. T. parsons, Ticket Agent,
129 North Spring street, Los A ngeles.
Depot at foot of First street, f33
k Angeles Terminal Railway Co.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angeles.
t 6:35 a. m t 6:00 aTaT
• 7:10 a. m. f 7 : i5 _
• 8:00 a. m * 8:05 a.m
• 9:30 a. m • e : io a. a
*ll:00a.m «il:05 a. m
•12:00 m. * l:O0 p.m
• 2:00 p. m • 2:05 p.m.
• 4:00 p. m. • 4 : 05 p. m
• 5:20 p. m * 5:26 p. m.
• 6:20 p.m. » 7:06 p.m.
• P.m •10:30 p.m.
•11:25 p. m »12:15 a. m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Running time between Loa Angeles and Paav
dena 30 minutes.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angeles.
• ? 30 a. m *10:40 a. m.
• 4:00 p. m » 5:00 p. m
Running time between Los Angeles and Alta
dena, 55 minutes.
All trains start from First-street depot.
Leave Los Angelea for Leave Glendale for Loa
Glendale. Angeles.
t 7:00 a. m ♦ 7:40 a. m,
J 8 25a.m I 9:20 £ £
!12:05 P-m * 1:05 p.m.
• 3:00 p.m. * 3:50 p. m
» 5:15 p.m » 6:10 p. m.
Running time between Los Angeles and Glen
dale, 35 minutes. Add 6 minutes for Verdngo
Park time.
Los Angeles, Long Beach and East San Pedro.
Depot—East end of Flrst-st. Bridge.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
Long Beach and East for
Ban Pedro. Los Angeles.
510:00 a.m • 8:00 a m
tlo:3oa.m ( 3:30 p.m.
5 1:40 p.m j 4:00 p.m.."
j 5:00 p.m 512:00 m
} 5:15 p. m [
Between Los Angeles and Long Beach, 60
minutes; between Los Angeles and East Ban
Pedro, 1 hour; between East San Pedro and
Long Beach, 10 minutes.
•Daily (Dally, except Sundays. (Sundays
only. Stages meet the 8:05 a.m. train at
Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Special rates to excursion and picnic parties
bridges 6 *' t FlrBt st and Downey-avenue
Gonoral offices. First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, Sen. Manager
ly2-tf w. WINCUP. Q. P. A.
Redondo Railway
In Effect Monday, Oct. 5, 5 a.m., '91.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jef
ferson st.
Grand aye. cable or Main-st *nd Agri
cultural Park horse cars.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
. ■d Redondo
for Redondo. for Los Angeles
in as: a m - d& }J 7 7:00 a.ra. dally
10.05 a.m. dally 8:40 a.m. dally
1.35 D.m. dally 11 25 a.m. daily
5.35 p.m. dally 4:10 pm- dally
Running time between Los Angeles and Re
dondo 50 minutes.
President. Snpt
Compagnie Generale Transatlantiijne.
North river.foot of Morton street £232 m«
Travelers by this line avoid both transit by
English railway and the discomfor * of erossln
the Channel in a small boat.
LA GASCOGNE, March sth,
LA CHAMPAGNE, March 12th.
LA NORMAN DIE, March 19th.
For freight or passage apply to
_ _ „ A. FORGET, Agent,
, - ™„ 3 Bowling Greea, New York,
J - F d PD »AZI A CO., Agents. 6 Montgomery
«v«.. San Franolsno riS9-tf
E Big a v acknowledges
Am\Wm\9r ■ lh « leading remedy Tor
SLWi- rnfiTi a «"»»»'«'l«0Bai 4& Gloat,
Theonly sa.e remedy lot
WEg lauu strioun * J.encorrh«e»orWhsta»
831 I tirescrllM! it and feel
_9M wt~A_hf safe hi recommending is
«fi* iHEEv»i<3CHsM"'>'ro to r,I! sufferers.
uNciKNart.c.seses) stoker, m. j*.
*• Ira 1 ' l< '"is. sfc
« *' Wi »s '** s> rvi»«r«ee,?b
a»t« , a'Btlciv *x,f}&.

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