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VOL. 37.—N0. 147
Words of Wisdom Spoken by
a True Democrat.
Senator Hill's Enthusiastic Re
ception in Dixie.
He Addresses the Mississippi Legis-
latnre in Joint Session.
An Eloquent Peroration of the Virtues
of nomocracy—Likewise a Caustic
Arraignment of Keptihll
eau Corruption.
Associated Press Dispatcher.
Mickidian, Miss., Maroh 15.—Several
thousand people were assembled at the
depot this morning when the train
bearing Senator Hill and party rolled
into the city. A salute of musketry
from the Mississippi southrons an
nounced hia arrival. Senator Hill was
introduced by Capt. W. li. Hnrdy,
chairman of the citizens' committee, as
"the great Democratic leader, who never
leads but to victory, and who never won
a victory but for the good of the
Senator lILII spoke briefly aud forcibly
on national political issues and was
loudly cheered. He denounced the
force bill and the billion dollar congress,
and said the people would pronounce
against the Republican party in the com
ing election.
Jackson, Miss., March 15. —Senator
Hill was met at Meridian by a commit
tee representing the state capitol aud
conducted to Jackson, where an im
mense crowd was assembled. Governor
Stone met the senator at the depot and
welcomed him to the state amid cheers.
Senator Hill became the guest of
Governor Stone during his stay in
Jackson, and a public reception was
held at the executive mansion at noon.
The legislature met in joint session
this afternoon and Senator Hill waß in
troduced by Governor Stone. Hill
introduced his speech by saying tbat
from the vaßt crowd present, Mr. Reed,
ex-speaker of the national house of
representatives, would have nodi dimity
in counting a quorum of the legislature.
After expressing thanks for tbe recep
tion he had been granted. Hill spoke of
the advantage to be gained by the inter
change of thought, not only between
citizens of different countries, but be
tween citizens of different parts of the
same country.
"The Democrats of New York," said
Hill, "btand upon the whole Democratic
faith and tradition, and have expressed
a desire to see the Democrats of Missis
sippi and tbe whole country unite with
the New York Democrats; and if the
farmers' Alliance unite also with them
in the approaching contest, then a
victory will be gained, which will close
a chapter of history; will doom to final
disintegration a degraded party, and
will fix the direction of our political
progress for some decades in the century
to come.
''Democratic principles have created
tbe Democratic party, which in its
union has greater strength than ail ita
enemies combined can ever finally sub
vert. [Applause.] It survives every
disaster; is the great and moat efficient
organ of the people's power; is stronger
than any man or set of men; no man ie
ever indispensable to its success. [Pro
longed applause.] It ia greater and
more powerful than any class, however
numerous; therefore it is large, tolerant,
liberal, progressive, and invites to its
membership and its control all who will
uphold Democratic faith and tradition
and apply them to the people's needs.
"Shall we commit the future of our
great republic to the supreme guidance
of the Democratic faith and tradition?
"There are new. lights, plenty of them.
' There are cracked, discarded lanterns
furbished up to look aB new, plenty of
them. There is a young empero* who
says: 'I rule this atate, nobody elae; fol
low me,' There is a little island where
many say : 'The atate is a first rate con
trivance for doing anything we like
with it. Let us get hold of it and do
what we think good for everybody.'
There is a vast empire where many
starve and all Bay: 'Let us call upon the
titled father, the white czar.' There
is a great republic over the
water, where all say: "We must
light one day; let us give all our
young men to the army and be ready.'
But I doubt if there is anything better
anywhere than the old Democratic faith
and tradition, which finds it legitimate
to consolidate and employ the whole
physical and moral power of the social
aggregate, first, to resist, foreign aggres
sion; next and chiefly, prevent and
puniah individual aggression, in order
so to establish and maintain justice that
all shall be equally and forever free to
pursue happiness aB he will."
Senator Hill then spoke of the social
adaptations of men, which he said must
vary with their location on- the earth's
surface. Were Rhode Maud situated
in Mongolia, her present constitution
would not do at all. The constitution of
the United States would not fit the new
republic in the island of Madagascar,
To pleaae the Pacific coast, we have
made laws restricting Chinese immigra
tion. The only alteration thus far made
in our governmental structure, was
caused by the south in her propinquity
with Africans, whose type of civilization
awaits historic record. '
The senator then spoke of the endur
ance of the government of the United
States, citing Gladstone's remark that
our constitution ia among [he most
wonderful works of civilized man, and
the group of stateamen who framed it,
unmatched in any other group in human
Continuing, the senator aaid: "The
late Republican congress tried to put
manacles on aouthern limbs. Tire Dem
ocratic party answered: ' Shall north
ern limba then wear the aame, or are we
all freemen now?' Never beneath thia
canopy of our surviving constitution of
an indestructible union of indestructi
ble states, a conatitution color-blind,
and equal laws, will the Democracy of
the great north and a greater west con
found and confuse your present social
problem with put and gone political
problems. It shocks historic sense to
witness the recent forging ot the force
bill chains."
The actions of the Republicans in the
last congress next received his atten
tion. "When the-Republicans had con
trol of both branches of congress a
the executive department," said h
"did they better the condition of the
country? Did tney repeal one of the
unconstitutional laws for which they
have been pleading the false excuse of
war; its burdens, its necessities? Let
our worse than war tariff reply; let the
disorders of our currency answer. They
first cheated more power into their own
hands, then doubled its prostitu
tion. Their speaker of the house, by
violent unparliamentary procedures dis
tended an actually small, to a fraudu
lently large majority, all of whom fol
lowed him with dog-like docility.
[Laughter.| In the Benate six new Re
publican senators were seated to repre
sent a smaller population than the
Republican census left uncounted in the
city of New York, and one state was de
frauded of its Democratic choice. Their
object was not only to enact more and
worse unconstitutional legislation, but
alao to put that legislation beyond the
people's amendment or repeal."
After a violent attack on the McKin
ley law, he charged that Sherman's sil
ver law is draining off our gold to turn
into a steady stream and drive us head
long into an exclusive silver bneis.
Unity in the ranks again received at
tention, Hill urging the members of tire
party to stand linn by the faiths aud
traditions of the party, saying: "Unity
will enable the party to force relief from
unjust tariff; unity will enable it call a
halt in the growth and speed of grind 7
ing monopolies; will enable it to restorf
sound, 6afe and sufficient money of ou.
fathers, when every dollar was jußt
good as a gold dollar. [Loud
cheers.] To separate and split
now is madness. Ooce more to the
breach. The people's victory requires
but union. Division is defeat. Division,
even in Mississippi, iB nothing else but
a vote to prolong Republican domina
tion, and renew that party's life. The
defeat of the Republican party next
November means its death. It will dis
integrate, dissolve and perish. The
reign of autocrats and plutocrats will be
over and gone. The conspiracy of the
Republican revolutionists of the billion
dollar congress to wreck this gieat ex
periment of democratic justice and lib
erty will be crushed. Wo shall awake
from this long darkness and its foul
dreams to sunrise, morning aud a new
Cheer after cheer resounded through
the capitol at the conclusion of the
epeech, and Hon. R. H. Henry, editor
of the Jackson State Ledger, immedi
ately presented resolutions of thanks for
hia preaence in the city and bis earnest
appeal for unity.
It is true the legis'ature was in ses
sion and Mr. Henry v aa not a member
of either branch, but in the wild en
thusiasm that followed tbe reading of
the resolutions this little parliamentary
discrepancy was forgotten. One wild,
affirmative yell greeted the resolutions,
and they were declared adopted withont
the formality of calling (or negative
General Hooker wan called for and
made a short speech.
Senator Hill and party returned to
the executive mansion. Late, in the
afternoon a latge crowd assembled in
front of the mansion and Hill was in
troduced by Governor Stone and again
made a short speech. He reviewed the
principles of tbe Democracy about as in
his former speeches, and once more
counselled the party to unity. His re
marks were received with enthusiasm
and at the conclusion a brief reception
was held at tbe mansion.
Blame iB convalescing satisfactorily.
Congressman Springer is gaining
strength, slowly but surely.
At Kittaning, Pa., fire destroyed sev
eral buildyigs, causing a loss of $100,000.
At Paris, Ont., a public meeting fa
vored political union with the United
States, by a large majority.
General Clarkson says there is no
foundation for the reports that he is a
candidate for the presidency.
It ia now certain that the sugar trust
has secured control of the Franklin re
finery, and will take possession in a
ehort time.
A trust including the leading ribbon
manufacturers of the country ia being
organized, and the intention ia to start
with a capital stock of $2,000,000.
Bob Fitzaimmons .has authorized the
arranging of a match between himself
and Ted Pritchard, champion of
England, for $5000 a side, and a purse
of $12,000.
At Rapid City, 8. D., the Williams
divorce case closed thia afternoon with
a decree of absolute divorce for Mrs.
Williams, and proviaion for alimony, to
be fixed later.
Jay Gould arrived at El Paao Tuesday
morning, and went to Juarez, Mexico,
in the afternoon. He says hia health iB
improving rapidly. He will remain
some days, taking daily trips around
the country.
Senator Teller says he thinks the
houae and senate will pass the silver
bill, but Harrison will veto it. Regard
ing the presidential candidate, he says
he is not a Harrison man, but ia for
some silver man.
Four steamers which have been
waiting to assist to float the Eider have
been obliged to abandon her owing to
a heavy gale. Portionß of the Eider
were torn away by the heavy seas, and
it ia now thought impossible to aave
As a method for remedying the evils
complained of in regard to commissions
on immigrant business from California
points, the Atchison road has given
ninety days' notice of its intention to
reduce second-class rates from $35 to
$24.30 between the Missouri river and
Pacific coast points. »
The Illustrated Annual Herald has
just been issued and can be had at the
Herald business office and of all news
dealers. It contains forty-eight pages
and about fifty beautiful illustrations,
principally of Southern California
scenery. Send it to your Eastern
friends. Price, 15 cents per copy.
Misa Yaw's method is faultless, and
her style and marvelous execution en
title her to a prominent place among
the great concert singers.
Illustrated Annual Herald.
Anarchists Causing a' Reign
of Terror in Paris.
An Attempt to Wreck the
Lobau Barracks.
The Walls of That and Other Build
ings Badly Shattered.
Dynamite Kxploslons Becoming; Alarm
ingly Frequent—The Police Una
ble to Detect the Authors
of the Outrages.
Associated Press Dispatches.
Pabib, March 15.—1t iB evident that
the persons who stole the dynamite
cartridges from the Seine quarries are
endeavoring to inaugurate a reign of
terror in this city.
About 2 o'clock this morning a terrific
explosion occurred at the Lobau bar
racks, occupied by the Republican
guard, adjoining the hotel Do
ville. In a moment the wild
est excitement prevailed, men
sprang for the doors and windows,
thinking the walls would come toppling
down upon them. The streets in the
vicinity were soon filled with an ex
cited crowd. It was found that a dyna
mite cartridge had been placed upon the
ledge of a window of the mess room.
The guards escaped without injury and
the only harm done was to the barracks
and the buildings in the vicinity, which
was great. Hundreds of windows were
shattered and the walla of the barracks
and other buildings badly crushed.
A cabinet council was held thiH after
noon at which President Carnot signed
a bill intoducing a clause in the penal
code, making the willful destruction of
property by means of explosives pun
ishable with death. The clause will be
introduced in the chamber of deputies
this afternoon.
It is believed tbe Anarchists will gain
courage from their immunity from ar
rest, for the police have not succeeded
in detecting the authors of any of the
recent explosions, and serious apprehen
sion is felt in regard to the action they
may take on. May day. The police are
working in the dark, and the tracks of
tbe authors of these outrages are co well
hidden that thus far it has been impos
sible for tbe best trained detectives of
tbe Paris police to follow them.
The officials at Chambry found a
magazine broken into and thirty-two
dynamite cartridges stolen. It is feared
the explosives have fallen into the hands
of anarchists.
In tbe chamber of deputies, Ricard,
minister of justice, introduced tbe bill
signed by President Carnot at the cabi
net council this afternoon, introducing
a clause in the penal code making the
willful destruction of property by means
of explosives punishable by death.
A Row In a Gambling Saloon—Lady
Churchill's Pocket Picked.
Monte Carlo, March 15.—An exciting
row occurred today in tho gambling sa
loon of the casino here. A man offended
a woman, who boxed his ears. Tbe af
fair drew every one's attention, and the
friends of the parties took a hand in the
affair. The general row which followed
was only quelled by tbe appearance of
the police, who arrested all the parties
in the fracas. Among those in the sa
loon were Lady Randolph Churchill, and
during the fight her pocket was picked
of a large sum.
Forty coal steamers are lying at the
docks at Tyne, unable to get cargoes.
A London dispatch says Buffalo Bill's
show has collapsed. No particulars.
Right Hon. Sir Henry William Bran
don, viscount of Hampden, late speaker
of the commons, is dead.
The legislature of New South Wales
Has approved a bill for the settlement
of labor disputes by arbitration.
The first meeting of the new London
county council was held Tuesday. Lord
Roseberry was chosen chairman.
It iB the opinion of those engaged in
the coal trade that the great strike of
British miners will end on Monday.
The |Portuguese government has au
thorized the bank of Portugal to increase
its note circulation to sixty millions.
The Italian steamer Colombo, from
Brazilian ports, has been ordered into
quarantine at Genoa, having on board
forty-four*cases of yellow fever.
Seflor Uribura has declined the Ar
gentine portfolio, of finance. The gen
eral impression ia that Pefla will be
elected president of the Argentine re
The New York Herald's Valparaiao
cable says the new cabinet haa a
friendly feeling towards the United
States. Eduardo Matte haa personally
expressed Ins own kindly feelings.
M. Isaac, sub-prefect of Fourmies,
and the Marquis de Mores fought a duel.
The former waa dangerously wounded.
The cause wa9 a letter which the mar
quis publiahed reflecting on the charac
ter of M. Isaac.
Nine British ironclads have arrived at
Alexandria, Egypt. The object of the
visit is to receive Eyoub Pacha, the
sultan's envoy, who ia the bearer of the
firman of investiture of Prince Abbaa as
The Guelph fund bill was introduced
in the lower house of the Prussian diet
Tuesday atternoon. The preamble states
that affaire in Hanover are so quiet that
special measures for the prevention of
agitation are no longer required.
It is said in Vatican circles that three
cardinals will be created at the coming
consistory in June. The archbishop of
Grau, Hungary, the bishop of Breslau
and a French bishop (Rouen, Tours or
Bordeaux) will probably be the three
Tbe Dublin Herald announces that the
amalgamation of tbe Freeman's Jour
nal and the National Press has been
completed. The directors are Messrs.
Murphy, Nealy and Dickson, members
of parliament, Captain O'Connor and
Mr. Gray.
The Failure of a Jewish Banker Iv It,
l'eturshurg Creates a Panic;
St. PbtxbbbubG, March 15.— The Jew
ish banker Guenzburg haa suspended
payments. His liabilities are about
0,000,000 roubles.
PABIB, March 15.—The bourse was un
settled today, in consequence of the
failure of the St. Petersburg banker.
Foreign securities dropped perceptibly.
The Bame condition prevailed at Berlin.
London, March 15. —Foreign securi
ties were flat today on the Btock ex
change, in consequence of the condition
of the European bourses.
Berlin, March 15.—Further particu
lars regarding the failure of Guenzburg
at St. Petersburg show that it ia attrib
uted partly to government animosity
which hampered the linancial business
of the houae. It is expected that the
creditors will ultimately be paid in full.
Irish Legislation.
London, March 15.—1n the commons
today Patrick O'Brien (Parnellite) in
troduced a bill to amend the Catholic
relief act, in order to remove the disa
bilities of Catholics in England and Ire
land, imposed by the act. The measure
passed first reading by an overwhelm
ing majority. The house discussed the
vote of £i!0,48<). to be. devoted to relief
work in Ireland. Balfour, government
leader, stated that no further extension
of the work was required or contem
French lieclproclty.
PARitj, March 14.—8y the reciprocity
treaty signed today the American pro
ducts admitted under the minimum
duties are canned meats, fresh and
dried table fruits except raisins, rough
hewn or sawed timber, wood paving
blocks, stave wood for casks, hops, pears
and compressed apples. In return the
United Stales places hides, sugar and
molasses, imported from France and
her colonies, on the free list. >
The Safe Blown Open with Giant Powder
—Important Papers Secured—An Al
leged Conspiracy to Murder Judge
Terry—Sensational Disclosures.
Fresno, March 15.—A muffled explo
sion, proceeding from the house of Mrs.
Sarah Althea Terry, last Sunday night,
startled the people living in the neigh
borhood. Sam P. Davis, a newspaper
man, and Mrs. Whitney, acting under
authority of a power oi attorney given
tbem by R. Porter Ashe, administrator
of Mrs. Terry's estate, were ransacking
the house. The outer door of a small
steel safe in the back parlor,
where Judge Terry kept his law
books, bad been blown open with
a cartridge of giant pqwder, and the
inside forced open with a jimmy. The
object of the search was to obtain pos
session of Mrs. Terry's valuables and
important papers bearing upon tbe
Sharon case, and an alleged conspiracy
10 murder Judge Terry.
One of these letters was seen by your
correspondent. One writer says he was
formerly sheriff of one of the California
counties. Two months before Terry was
killed he was offered $25,000, by certain
parties whose names he could "not then
reveal, to kill Judge Terry. He was
assured immunity from "law. The
writer rejected the proposition, and was
himself warned if he disclosed the offer
he would be murdered. He was also
advisod to leave the state at once on
pain ofaseassination.
In the same letter to him was en
closed $500 in United States bills. The
writer left the state and went to Du
buque, lowa, from where the letter is
dated. The writer requests Mrs. Terry
to come to Dubuque and visit him,
promising to put her in
possession of all the facts and
proofs of the conspiracy. He declined
to give his name, but suggested that on
arrival she put the following advertise
ment in a certain Dubuque paper:
"Ed: lam coming home. Lucy."
The other letters found in the cafe are
sensational, but were not obtainable.
Boblnson's Attenttoas Were Forced Upon
Mrs. Hetherington.
Franklin, Pa., March 15.—A letter
received today from the mother of Mrs.
Hetherington gives the history of the
introduction and acquaintance of Mrs.
Hetherington and Robinson. The bur
den of the letter is to the effect
that Robinson's attentions were
distasteful to Mrs. Hetherington, and
she requested him to cease. He
continued to "force himself into her
presence whenever possible. She told
her husband, who expostulated, and
Robinson said ho would leave the coun
try. He did so, but continued to write.
Receiving no replies to his letters he
returned, and Hetherington, hearing of
his return, shot him. The letter adds
that there is no doubt Hetherington will
be acquitted.
Highbinder Murder in Fresno.
Fresno, Cal., March 15.—About 9
o'clock tonight Hing Lucy, a Chinaman,
was shot and killed in an alley in the
Chinese quarter. The deed was done by
Qua Sin Dep, a highbinder from San
Francisco. Dep and a friend came from
San Francisco a few days ago and de
manded Hing Lucy to give up a woman,
formerly a slave of Dep, but who bad left
him to go with Hing Lucy. They threat
ened to kill Lucy unless he complied.
Tonight as Hing Lucy was standing in
an alley, Dep and his friend approached
him. Dep drew a revolver and fired
upon Lucy, who ran. Dep fired three
more shots. The last hit Lucy in the
small of the'back, passing through his
right kidney and intestines, and coming
out in front. Lucy died a few hours
later. The murderers have not yet been
Professor of Horticulture.
San Francisco, March 15. —Emory L.
Smith of this city baa been appointed
professor of horticulture at Stanford
university. Professor Smith has been
connected with tbe horticultural in
terests in thia state, and is editor of tbe
California Fruit Grower.
Good Things We are Offering This Week.
Unlaundered shirts, value, 6oc and 75c; this 45c.
We have just received a large invoice] of these goods,
by water, around Cape Horn, the freight on which is only
$1.25 per hundred; whereas, if they had come by land, the
freight would have been $4.00 per hundred.
We now propose to save you this extra freight, and
also share with you the benefit we have in buying in such
large quantities.
Look at the goods, compare prices, and draw your own
See our show windows and inform yourself on values.
Our stores are open until 8 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 p.m.
McLain & Lehman, Managers, : Under the Direction of Ai.. Hayman.
-Ji THE if
M) OPERA fiffi!
CtIA.RI.BS K. LOCKE Manager.
Only Grand English Opera Company in America,
The strength ol the company and the artistic arrangements will be seen by
the following announcement: •
Fabris - Boflp Komanl - Kate M * d «°<*-
The Emma Juch Grand Orchestrated °> W Jo8 «P» Witt.
The Emma Juch Grand Chorus of Trained Voices.
Mondayeight, March 21st . .TANNHAUSUR. Tuesday night, March 22d... LUCIA
Wednesday night, March 23d CARMEN. Thursday night, March 24thFAUST
Friday night, Maroh 25th CAVALLERIA RUSTIcXna." DBT
. (Preceded by the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet.)
Saturday Matinee, March 26th..1L TROVATORE. Saturday night, March 26th LOHENGRIN
Special elaborate scenery, correct costumes and artistic properties.' "
PRICES: »S.OO, «J;5O,■ •1.00 and soo. Reserved seat sale opens THURSDAY
MORN ING. March 16th. at 10 o'clock.
A Servant Saw Him Repeatedly Strike
Hii, Dunton.
Chicago, March 15.—1n the prelimin
ary examination of Dr. H. M. Scudder,
for the murder of his mother-in-law,
Mrs. Dunton, a servant in the house tes
tified that she saw Scudder strike Mtb.
Dunton on the fiead three times. Dr.
Leavitt testified to the fact that previous
to Mrs. Dnnton's death her husband,
under Scudder's attendance, was uncon
scious two days with the appearance of
apoplexy, but it might have been the re
sult of poisons.
The prosecution rested the case upon
the testimony of Hannah Johnson. The
other side were allowed until Friday to
begin their case.
Unsettled Affairs.
Denver, Col., March* 15.— The affairs
of the defunct wholesale whisky firm of
Boehm & Co. are still unsettled. No
detailed statement has been made. Ru
mors place the liabilities at $250,000 to
Illustrated Annual Herald.
The Illustrated Annual Herald has
just been issued and can be had at the
Herald business office and of all news
dealers. It contains forty-eight pages
and about fifty beautiful illustrations,
principally of Southern California
scenery. Send it to your Eastern
friends. Price, 15 cents per copy.
Miss Ellen? Beach Yaw in the Swiss
J i Song, carried the audience by
storm. She was enthusiastically re
ea ' when she gave a charming ren
dition of Comin' Thro' the Rye.
New suits at 126 W. Third st. Select
irom our large new stock and you are
sure to be fitted. Getz, Fine Tailoring.
Special attention given to the performance ol
all dental operations in the evening by the use
of a Special System of Electric Lights../- All
work guaranteed. Prices consistent witl/Mrst
clasß work.
Office Hours—B a.m. to 5p m. Evening
hours. 7 to 10 p.m.
DE. J. A. CRONKHITE Dentist,
1-20 3m Corner Fifth street.
Real Estate, Loans and Investments,
Cor. Broadway and Second Sts.
Can you buy 2000 acres at 150 per acre, close
to Los Angeles? We have it. Less than 20
mi es from the city, near Buena Park; best of
soil: lies evel and Is crossed by both the South
ern Pacific and Santa Ke railways. The only
large body of good land lying southeast aud
close t. tins city which is yet to be had at »50
per acre, on easy terms.
Also, two other townsite or colony propo
sitions, one of 300 and one of 1000 acres.
BETTS & SILENT, Cor Second and Broadway.
2-2 lm
230,' a South Spring St., Rooms 6 and 7.
Having returned to Los Angeles after an ab
sence of a year, am prepared to thow to my
former patrons and the public in general one
of the largest and most select lines of Foreign
and Domestic Goods ever brought to thia city.
Being desirably located, and only a small renV
I can afford to make stylish suits of superior
workmanship at a price much lower than thoes
who conduct Urge stores and pay high rents.

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