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"They also serve who only stand and wait."
Take comfort from that thought in lonely
Whan naught seems set aside for yon by fate
To do, while others have far richer dowers.
With days brim full of hope and work and
Full to the brim and haply running o'er.
The angels, watching from their homes above.
Can aea how sad the waiting is—how sore.
But if the waiting is not all m vain—
If those who wait are serving truly too—
■ Oh. then they need not mind the nameless
But think it Is the part they are to do.
And peace and rest will nil the lonely days
That ones were filled with naught but pain
and woe.
For, though we cannot understand His ways.
Enough to know Our Father wills It so.
—Albany Journal.
An Afternoon Tea Baa Come to Be an
Interesting Game of Hide and Seek.
There seems to be some misunderstand
ing abroad in the community, and very
likely elsewhere as well as in Boston, in
regard to the true functions of the host
ess at an afternoon tea; and the editor,
who goes about burdened with the ter
rific consciousness that he is the only
person alive who knows the exact truth
about everything, is willing to give an
otherwise unoccupied moment in the
elucidation of the matter.
The duties of a hostess at an afternoon
tea, then, are far more simple than they
are at most social functions. It is first
and primarily her duty to welcome every
body who arrives with either the air of
greeting her dearest friends or with the
blase and wearied air of one who has got
beyond the point where any mortal was
of the slightest possible interest to her.
It is at the option of the hostess which of
these manners she will choose, and of
course if She is a clever woman, she se
lects the one which is most becoming to
her style of face and figure, and dresses
to suit the manner decided upon.
This being done, or rather this point
being attended to, the only other duty of
the hostess which is of any especial im
portance is the breaking up of any inter
esting and pleasant conversation. If she
perceives—and it is her duty to be on
the watch with eagle eyes—that two per
sons are enjoying each other's society,
or thai a couple are chatting together
with any animation, it is imperative that
she should swoop down upon them in- !
atantly, saying:
"There, you two cannot stay here talk
ing all the afternoon."
She must then select as a partner for
each in a new conversation the person in
the company who is most completely
disagreeable to him and to her and ar
range each to his most complete dis
. satisfaction.
This is the great and most imperative
object of an afternoon tea. The hostess
is not a success who leaves two agree
able and harmonious persons within
speaking distance for more than an in
significant fraction of a moment; and it
is by her power of making things un
pleasant that her cleverness and social
eavoir faire are to be judged.
This peculiar form of social torture is
mitigated by the part which the guest
is expected to play. It is Mb right and
privilege to do all in his power to cir
cumvent the schemes of the hostess for
his unhappiness, and to arrange the most
pleasant possible tete-a-tetes in her de
spite. The longer he can prolong them,
moreover, the. greater is his rank as a so
cial lion.
An afternoon tea thus becomes a sort
of game, in which the cleverness of the
hostess is pitted against the cleverness
of the guest. The odds in favor of the
hostess are the contrariety of circum
stances, the conventions of society which
forbid the victims to leave the unwel
come partners to whom they are pre
sented except in ceremonious ways, and
the fact that for the time being the
guests are under her orders.
On the part of the guests, however, is
the fact that there are so many couples
that it is an exceedingly clever hostess
who can keep track of them all, and
also the posssibility of getting into some
sly and secluded nook where she will
not think to look. Of course the hostess
knows the corners in her own house
pretty thoroughly, but she has not the
time while attending to so many guests
to run out every few moments to ex
plore the conservatory if it is open, to
look under the stairs in the hall, to peer
into the bay windows and to examine
any alcove which the fiendish foresight
of a masculine architect has smuggled
into the designs of her house for her
The odds are about even in the game
it is evident, and yet—and yet it is the
editor's painful conviction that it is al
ways the hostess who gets the better in
the garnet—Boston Courier.
The Mother of an Empress Dead.
Both the emperor and empress of Aus
tria were too unwell to go to the funeral
of the empress' mother, who died last
week at the age of eighty-six, having sur
vived her husband nearly four years.
The empress is now at Istria. and her
medical attendants are very anxious as
to the possible effect of her mother's
death on her mind and health. The Prin
cess Louise WUhelmina was a woman
of strong character and great energy.
She inherited none of the peculiarities of
the Bavarian royal family, and always
exercised a salutary influence on her
daughter, whose eccentricities she often
checked at an opportune moment. She
spent nearly the whole of her life at
Munich, where she was born during the
troubles occasioned by the invasion of
Napoleon I.—London World.
She Is in Doubt.
A girl who received an invitation to s
"Ladies' Day" at one of the clubs, with
the inscription, "Miss and fiends,"
is still wondering if the omission of that
"r" was accidental or maliciously inten
tional. —Philadelphia Music and Drama.
Tight Lai ing Too Prevalent.
No doubt many deaths from tight
lacing occur, but are not reported. Tight
lacing appears to be carried on, both by
girls and women, entirely too frequently.
—Medical Bulletin.
Neuralgia Cared In Fifteen Minutes.
Mr. J. S. Sturtevant, editor of the
Waupaca, Wis., Post, says: "Last night
Chamberlain's Pain Balm cured my
wife of neuralgia oi the face and
tooth in fifteen minutes. We would not
be without it." 60 cent bottles for sale
by G. F. Heinzeman, druggist, 222 North
Main street.
Use German Family Soap.
Pat Expressions Concerning an Act of
Which Moat People Are Guilty.
A London weekly paper, Tit-Bits, of
fered a prize of ten dollars for the best
definition of a laugh. The money was
awarded for the following:
An eroption of joy, relieved by an ex
plosion at the month of "the crater."
Here are some of the best definitions
That by which mirth pays a compli
ment to wit.
The merry thunder peal which follows
the lightning flash of wit.
An outward indication of inward satis
The physical expression of a pleasur
able mental emotion.
An antidote against the poison of mel
As brevity is the soul of wit, so a
laugh is the soul of expression.
If "Laugh and grow fat," as we hare been
Is a proverb undoubtedly both true and old.
We cannot be wrong if a laugh we define
As the very best condiment when we all dine.
The music of the merry, the croak of
the scornful and the wail of the maniac.
The outward visible sign of an inward
invisible tickle.
The natural ebullition of a joyous
A burst of music from the harp of
mirth, produced by the touch of humor.
The "Volapuk" of mirth and good
The keynote of man's character, the
tone of which proves its quality.
An appreciation of humor conveyed
without speech.
A cheerful report from the interior.
Nature's mental medicine. Used spar
ingly it acts as a pleasant tonic, but
when resorted to immoderately it para
lyzes and degrades the senses.
A temporary relaxation from gravity.
The only family doctor who gives re
lief in all cases, often effects instanta
neous cure and sends no bills.
Merriment's wand, butderision's dart
One of God's greatest blessings for
temporarily relieving the monotony of
our existence.
Heaven's best antidote to care.
The luxury of health said the greatest
help to digestion.
What a woman ia fond of doing when
she has got a new set of false teeth.
Nature's tonic for mental ailments.
The best doctor and tbevcheapest med
icine in the world.
A spark from the fire»of life.
The spray from the frjrnntain of mirth,
or a bubble from the -well of scorn.
The sunshine of the/heart reflected in
the face.
The safety valve" of mirth, the pon
iard of derision and the mockery of
An ostentatious* display-of one's own
sense of humor.
The oil which .'make the lamp of life
burn bright andaclear.
The explosion produced by a flash of
A Tamed Lion.
At the Zoo.a young lion from Sokoto
was much intent* on breaking in the iron
shutter which separates the house it
now occrapies fnom its former quarters
next door. Apart from the very proper
wish to assert a- right to its former dom
icile, it had the irritating stimulus sup
plied by an ill tempered and decrepit
old leopard which, was growling on the
other side of the shutter, and even went
so far as to insert) one of its 1 on lrest teeth
into the crack between the shatter and
the wall as a reminder to the lion of
what was waiting for it on tbe other
The lion was, striking constant heavy
blows on the door, and waa so intent on
its occupation, as to disregard the call of
its keeper. The keeper quietly attracted
its attention, by-pulling its taill—and the
lion at owee desisted, ruSbbed its face
against the keeper's hand and lay down
to be stroked, patted and have its mane
caressed. A very beautifull puma close
by exhibited all the pleasure of a friend
ly cat at being stroked, aaid the tiger
from Ttarkestaa allowed himself to be
foncUexUlike a big dog.—London Specta
A Cordial Reception.
Early one morning, recently, I called
to see gentleman who hadjiut yet left
his bed., I was met at the door by a
womanswhose sleeves were- rolled np,
who ware an ample apron ttpon which
were various spots of flour and whose
face was not entirely free from similar
spots. It was "bake day," bttt she did
not embarrass) me by any reference to
the fact or anj- apology as to he v appear
ance. She asl:ed me into the pa rlor and
after sending one of the child Ten up
stairs to notifjy the father of m y pres
ence, re-entered the parlor and i '.hatted
until her husband appeared about' vari
ous topics in sin entertaining, easy "man
ner, quite as though she had bee n ex
pecting and -was all fixed up to re eeive
me. It was, simply delightful and my
great grief is that 1 have no suffit aent
excuse to make another early mon ting
call at the same home.—Detroit I Tee
A Way of Cooking Rodents.
The negro slaves of Jamaica used; to
regard rats as a dainty, their masters
not providing them with any other m< eat.
Their method of cooking the tooths ome
rodents was to impale each one cm a
long wooden skewer, after cleaning the
animal and cutting off the tail, turning
it briskS y around over a fire until, the
hair was all burned off. Then it -was
scraped until free from fur, and finsJly
the endtof the>skewer was stuck inttotthe
ground., inclined toward the fire,, uftfcil
it was toasted.dry and crisp, thus being
made readyfor the meal.—Wash ington
Stockings Kept Black.
Black stockings are apt to afjsnme a i
greenish look after repeated washings.
We are told that a simple way-of pre
servingrthe color is/to wash them imsoap
free of .soda, and inrthe last rinsing water
to add a tablespoonfnl of good vinegar.
Wring them out and clap them into
shape. A hot iron tends to destroy the
color, particularly if they are wet.—
New York Journal.
mllea's Nerve and Ailver Pllla.
Act on a new principle— liver,
stomach and bowels through the nerves. A
new discovery. Dr. Mllea's Pills speedily cure
biliousness, bad taste, torpid liver, piles, con
stipation. Unequalled for men, women, chll- '
dren. Smallest, mildest, surest 150 doses, >
cents. Samples tree, at C. H. Hance.
Oar Heme Brew.
Maler A Zoebleln'i Lager, fresh from the*
brewery, on draught In all the principal as
toons, delivered promptly In bottles or kegs
Office and Brewery, 444 Aliso st. Telephone 91, J
The wrong way,
with Catarrh, is to stop it without
curing it. The poisonous, irrita
ting snuffs, strong caustic solutions,
"creams," balms and the like may,
perhaps, palliate for a time. But
they may drive the disease to the
lungs. The wrong way is full of
The right way is a proved one.
It's with Dr. Sage's Catarrh Rem
edy. It cures, perfectly and per
manently, by its mild, soothing,
cleansing and healing properties,
the worst cases of Chronio Catarrh.
It has proved itself right, thou
sands or times, when everything
else lias failed.
And this makes its proprietors
willing to prove that it's the right
thing for you, no matter how bad
your case or of how long standing.
If they can't cure your Catarrh,
they'll pay you $500 in cash.
They mean it.
They're certain of their medi
cine. . j. .
•ooCrs.-and • One-Dollar
—•'• oroville.cal,-: —
2-16 Tu-Th-Sat 2m
"By a thorough knowledge of the natural
laws which govern the operations of digestion
and nutrition, and by a careful application of
the fine properties of well selected Cocoa, Mr.
Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a
delicately flavored beverage which may save ub
many heavy doctors' bills. It 1b by the judi
cious use of Buch articles of diet that a constitu
tion may be gradually built up until strong
enough to resist every tendency to disease. Hun
dreds of subtle maladies are floating around us
ready to attack wherever there is a weak point.
We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping
ourselves well fortified with pure blood and a
properly nourished frame."—Civil Service Ga
zette. Made simply with boiling water or milk.
Sold only in half-pound tins, by grocers, labeled
JAMES EPPS A CO., Homoeopathic Chem
ists. London, England.
Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored.
Weakness, Nervousness, Debility, and all
the train of evils from early errorsorlater excesses,
tbe results of overwork, sickness, worry, etc. Full
strength, development, and tone given to every
organ and portion of the body. Simple, natural
methods. Immediate improvement seen. Failure
Impossible. 2,000 references. Book, explanations
and proofs mailed (sealed) free. Address
**<*^ Qllt'K. others in
AND THE E: comparison arc slow or
p\ _ _ " _ K.UEAD. If suffering try
Jvv\ It Penetrates, Re.
lieves. Cures.
w'/7J'tJW TVv\ • All Druggißts.
Cures all private, syphilitic, chronic, urinary,
skin and blood diseases; catarrh, lusg atten
tions, female complaints, and all such diseases
as are brought about by indiscretion and ex
cesses. $1. No cure no pay.
DR. BELL'S Frence Wash cures alt private
diseases, blood poison, old Bores and ulcers, O
at G, in two or three days, 11. No preparation
ou earth equal to it. For sale only at the old
reliable BERLIN DRUG STORE, 505 South
bpring street, Lo (Angeles. Cal.
We have over 31,000 testimonials of wonder
ful cures.
Consultation free and strictly confidential.
ing and Supply Company, Lob Angeles,
Cal., March 16,1892.
In accordance with the provisions of Article
9 of the by-laws of the Los Angeles Oil Burning
and Supply Company, the regular annual
meeting of the stockholders of said company is
hereby called, the same to be held at the ofllce
of the company, rooms 8 and 9 of the Burdiek
block, northeast corner of Spring and Second
streets, Los Angeles, California, on Monday,
April 4th, 1892, at the hour of 2 o'clock p.m.,
for the purpose of electing a board of directors
| for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of
snch other business as may properly come be
fore such meeting.
, Vl7 cod td Acting Secretary.
f ss*«Wss««es»
Notice 1» hereby given by the undersigned,
executrix ft the last will and testa ment of John
M Skinner deceased, to the creditors of, and
ali persons' having claims against the said de
ceased to ex. v bit the same with the necessary
vouchers ten months after the first
publication of SB* notice to the said executrix
of the last will wd testament of John M. Skln
deT, deceased, a t **• office of W. A. Morgan,
Esq No 316 Co mmercial street, Los Angeles,
California, the sa me being the place forthe
transaction of the lousiness of the said estate in
the county of Los Alleles.
Dated this Bth day >™^\ A B UnER,
Executrix of the last will and testament of
Jean M. Skinner, deceased. 3 9 2St
Notice of Guardian Sale—Freight
ing Outfit.
in pursuance of an order and decree of the
Probate Court of the county of Cochise and
Territory ol Arizona, made the 16th day of
March, 181)2. in the matter of the estate of
Julius E. Durkee, an insane person, ordering
the guardian of said estate to sell, after due
notice published of the time and place of sale,
the Interest of said estate, to-wit:
An undivided oae-half interest in and to the
property of the firm of J. E. Durkee A Co., a
copartnership. I will sell for cash, currency of
the United States, to the highest bidder, the
undivided one-half interest in and to all the
property of said firm on the 16th day of April.
1892, st my office on Fremont street, city of
Tombstone, county of Cochise, Territory of
Arizona, and will receive sealed proposals for
the purchase of said property, up to 1 o'clock
p. in. of that day. The said partnership prop
erty consists principally of
73 large freight quartz and coke wagons.
37 large work horses.
141 Urge work mules, with
Stretchers and
Blacksmith's Shop,
Wagonmaker's Shop,
Carpenter's Shop,
Saddler's Shop,
With the Utensils,
Material in Wood. Iron and Steel,
Kitchen and Boarding House with Furniture
and Utensils,
office and Office Furniture,
And all the necessary material, implements
and tools for a large and complete freiuhtinq
outfit, and real estate consisting of about four
and one-half acres of land, on which the cor
rals, granaries, shops, etc., are situate, and be
ing within the city of Tombstone and lying
west of First street, between Safford and Fre
mont streets.
Bidders should address proposals to the un
dersigned at Tombstone, Arizona, in sealed en
velopes marked, "Proposals for Guardian's
Sale," which will be opened in the presence of
biddres at the time and place above stated.
The undersigned reserves the right to reject any
or all bids, and no proposal will be considered
which is for less than the whole interest of said
estate in the partnership property above men
tioned. All bids mast be accompanied with a
good bond in the sum of one thousand dollars
or $500 in cash, as security for the performance
if bid is accapted. A copy of the inventory can
be seen at the office of chapman A Hendricks,
attorneys, Potomac block.*
J. V. VICKERS. Gusrdian.
Jas. Rzilly, attorney. 3-23 25t
Location of Principal Place of Busi
ness, in the City of Los Angeles,
the following described stock, on account
of assessment levied on the 23d day of Decem
ber, 1891 (and an assessment levied previous
thereto, on the 24th day of July, 1888), the
several amounts set opposite the names of the
respective shareholders, as follows:
No. of Cor- No. of
tificates. Shares. Am't.
Mrs. C. H. Adams 12 S S 6.00
8. D. Baker 37 2 16 00
Chas. E.Day 42 10 20 00
B. F. Day 28 6 48.00
Mrs. L. E. de Hart 15 2 4.00
Lizzie Hallisey 38 2 4.00
Mary Hallisey 33 3 6.00
Mrs. Lulu N. Hinton. . . 77 25 200 00
Kldredge Knight 40 2 16.00
Florence Knight 39 2 16.00
M. B. Lewis 30 51
M. B. Lewis 31 5 I
M. B. Lewis 85 5 f
M. B. Lewis 86 5j
J. W. Mattlce 114 180 360.00
8. J. Mathes 76 25 50.00
L.E.Myers 21 40 80.00
W.P.Northcross 7 250 500.00
Re v. J. H. Phillips.... 41 6 48.00
E. M. Powers 25 1 8.00
Edwin Weeks 8 S 6.00
SusanFilley 84 5 40.00
Clarence B. Mudge... 115 1 8.00
Jas. M.Taylor 132 1 2.00
J. S. Van Doren 152 10 20 00
W. A. Peabody 153 2 16 00
Geo. 8. Robinson 154 215 430.00
A. Thornton 155 8 16.00
John H.Norton 156 90 180.00
And in accordance with law, so many shares
of each parcel of such stock as may be neces
sary, will be sold, at the office of the company,
room No. 7, at 144 South Main street, Los Angeles,
California, on the 9th day of March, 1892. at
11 o'clock, a m. of such day, to pay delinquent
assessments thereon, together with costs of
advertising and expenses of the sale.
M. A. IREY, Secretary.
Location of office. No. 144 South Main street,
Los Angeles, Cal. 2 24 td
Pursuant to a resolution of the Board of
Directors, notice Is he'eby given that the date
of sale specified in the foregoing notice has
been extended and postponed to Thursday, the
7th day of April, 1892, at 11 o'clock a.m.
Dated March 8,1892.
M. A. IREY, Secretary.
application will be msde by the under
signed to the board of supervisors of Los An
geles county, at their room in the court house
of said county, in the city of Los Angeles, on
Monday, the 4th day of April. 1892, at the
opening of their session of that day, or as soon
thereafter as the spplicatlon can be heard, for
authority to construct a wharf, or pier, upon
the shore of tbe Pacific ocean, at Catalina isl
and, and to take tolls for the use of the same
for the term of twenty (20) years.
The location and description of said wharf is
as follows: Beginning at the intersection of
the center line of Crescent avenue, which is
eighty feet wide, with the center line of Cata
lina avenue, which is sixty feet wide, in the
town of Avalon, as re-established in March,
1890, by C. T. Healey, civil engineer, accord
ing to the plat of survey of said town, made in
August, 1887, by Plllsbury A Cleveland, sur
veyors: said map being recorded in Book 34 of
Miscellaneous Records of the county of Los
Angeles, Page 67, to which map, and the record
thereof, reference is here made for description.
Said point of beginning being the center line
of Catalina avenue and Crescent avenue, and
extending therefrom into the Pacific ocean
250 feet, 20 feet in width, the center line of
Catalina avenue, produced, being the center
line of said wharf, or pier.
Dated Los Angeles, Februaiy 27th, 1892.
Order Setting Day for Hearing
Petition for Sale of Real Estate,
and to Show Cause.
of California, in and for the county of Los
In re, the estate of M. B McQuade, deceased.
It appearing to this court by the petition this
day presented and filed by Jane McQuald, the
administratrix of the estate of M. B. McQuald,
deceased, praying for an order of sale of real
estate at private sale, that it is necessary and
will be advantageous to sell a portion of the
real property of said estate to pay the debts of
said estate, and the debts, expenses and charges
of administration. It is therefore ordered by
this court that all persons interested .n the
estate of said deceased be and appear before
this court ou Tuesday, 29th day of March, 18U2,
at 10 o clock a.m. of said day, at the court room
of department 2 of the Superior Court of the
county of Lob Angeles, in the court house In
Los Angeles city, to show cause, if any tbey
have, why an order should not be granted
to the said administratrix to sell so much of the
real property of said estate as shall be neces
sary. Further ordered that a copy of this
order oe published at least four successive
weeks in the Daily Hebald, a newspaper
printed and published in the said county of
Los Angeles.
Judge of the Superior Court.
February 27th, 1892. 2-28 30t
the stockholders of the Wurmser-Merralls
Placer Mining Company, 10 have been held on
the first Monday In February, 1892, not having
been held at that time, I have been requested
by A. C. Wurmser, B. Wurmser, W. A. Merralls
and I. Gottlieb, stockholders holding a majority
of the stock of said company, to call a meeting
of the stockholders; and I hereby give notice
tbat there will be held a meeting of tbe stock
holders of said company on Thursday, April 7,
1592, at the office of said company, No. 303 W.
First street, in the city of Los Angeles, State of
California, for the purpose of electing directors
toserve for the ensuing year.
3-241 4t A. C. WURMSER, Secy.
holders of tbe University Bank of Los An
geles will be held at the banking rooms of the
corporation, No. 317 New Highstreet, on MON
DAY, April 4,1892, at 10 o'clock a. m.. for tbe
purpose of electing a board of directors for the
ensuing year and such other business as may
come before the meeting.
3-22 lOt SEO. L. ARNOLD, Secretary.
board of directors of Modesto Irrigation
diftrlct, duly given and made on the Bth day
of March. A. D. 1802.
Notice is hereby given tbat said board of di
rectors will sell to the highest and best bidder,
the bonds of said Irrigation district, to the
amount of 1400,000, bearing interest at the
ra oof 6 pei cent, per annumn, payable semi
annually, on the Ist day of January and July
of each year oa the presentation of the inter
est coupons at the office of the treasurer of
said district.
Said bonds are issued by the board of direct
ors of Modesto Irrigation district, in accord
ance with, and by the authority of. an act of
the legislature of the state of California, en
titled "an Act to provide for the organization
and government of irrigation districts and to
provide for the acquisition of water and other
property, aud for the distribution of wate
thereby for irrigation purposes," approved
March 7,1887.
Bald bonds will be sold for cash, and for not
less than 90 per centum of the face value
thereof. .
Sealed proposals and bids for tho purchase of
said bonds will be received by the said board
of directors at their office in tbe city of Mo
desto, county of Stanislaus, state of California,
and may be addressed to, or left with C. 8.
Abbott, the secretary of said board, at Mo
desto, Cal., at any time after the date of th's
notice, and until 2:30 o'clock p.m. on the Oth
day of April, A. D. 1892, at which time and
place the said sale will be made.
Said bonds will be each of the denomination
of 1500 and will be negotiable In form and
will conform in all respects to the requirements
of said act.
The board of directors reserve the right to
reject any or a 1 bids.
Bids must be sealed and addressed to the sec
retary of said board and indorsed; "Proposals
for Modesto Irrigation District bonds "
Done by order of the board of directors of
Modesto Irrigation district. March S, 1893.
FRANK A. CRBSBBY, President.
C. 8. Abbott, Secretary. 3-12 to 4-5
Order to Show Cause Why Orde for
Sale of Seal Estate Should
Not Be Made.
of l.os Angeles, State of California.
In the matter of the estate of D. Mahlstedt,
ttOet. 1 ttSf.'d
Joseph Maier and Henry Merz, executors of
the estate of said deceased, having filed a peti
tion herein duly verified praying for an order
of sale of real estate of said decedent, for the
purposes therein set forth:
It is therefore ordered, by the said court, tbat
all persons Interested in the estate of said
deceased, appear before the said Superit r Court
on Thursday, the 31st day of March, 1892, at
10 o'clock a.m. of said day, at the court room
of said Superior Court, department 2 thereof
In the court house, in said county of Los
Angeles, State of California, to show cause why
an order should not be granted to the said
petitioner to sell so much of the real estate of
the said deceased as shall be necessary.
And that a copy of this order b» published at
least four successive weeks In the Los Angeles
Daily Hkrald, a newspaper printed aud pub
lished in said county of Los Angeles.
Judge of the Superior Court.
Dated February 29,1892. 3-1 lm
pany. Location of principal place of busi
ness: Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, state of
Notice is hereby given that at a meeting of
the directors, held on the 7th day of March,
A. D. 1592. an assessment of one dollar per
share was levied upon the capital stock of the
corporation, payable immediately to Prentiss
Masllu, secretary, at his office at room No 8,
Pioneer building, No. 24 Fourth street, in tbe
city and county of San Francisco, state of Cali
Any stock upon which this assessment ahall
remain unpaid on the 20th davof April, A. D.
1892, will be delinquent and advertised for
sale at public auction, and unless payment Is
made before will be sold on the 20tb day of
May, A. D 1892, to pay the delinquent assess
ment, together with costs of advertising and
expenses of sale.
Secretary Oak Creek Land snd Water Company.
3-8 tues fit
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
executrix of the estate of William F. Obear,
deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons
having claims against the said deceased, to
exhibit the same with the necessary vouchers,
within ten months after tbe first publication
of this notice, to the said executrix of said
William F Obear, deceased, at the office of
Samuel B Gordon, rooms 28 and 29, in the
Bryson-Bonebrake block, corner of Second and
Spring streets, in the city and county of Los
Angeles .
Dated this Ist day of March, A D. 1892.
Executrix of the estate of William F. Obear,
S. B. Gordon, attorney for executrix,
3-1 tust
Pacific Coast S. S. Go.
Agents, San Francisco. Northern routes
embrace lines for Portland, Ore.; Victoria, B.
0., and Puget Sound, Alaska, and all coast
Time Table for March, 1893,
Port Harford....
Santa Barbara... 8. 8. Corona, March 5,14, 23,
Redondo I April 1.
San Pedro 18. 8. Santa Rosa, March 1,10,
Newport 19, 28, April 6.
San Diego
For 1B S. Eureka, March 3,12,21,
Redondo I 80, April 8.
San Pedro and fa 8. Los Angeles, March 8,
Way Porta J 17,26, April 4.
For 18. B. Santa Rosa, March 3,
I 12, 21, 30, April 8.
Newport (B. 8. Corona, March 7, 16,
San Diego J 25, April 3
For 1 S. 8 Santa Rosa, March S. 14,
San Francisco .. I 23, April 1.
Port Harford.... fB. 8. Corona, March 9,18, 87,
Santa Barbara...! April 5.
For ] 8. 8. Los Angeles, March 2,
Ban Francisco I 11, 20, 29, April 7.
and fS. 8 Eureka, March 6, 15,
Way Ports J 24, April 2.
Cars to connect with steamers via San Pedro,
leave 8. P. R. R. depot, Fifth street, Los An
geles, at 3:25 o'clock a. m.
Passengers por steamer Corona and Santa
Rosa, via Redondo, north bound, leave Santa
Fe depot at 10:15 a.m.: or from Redondo Rail
way depot, corner Jefferson street and Grand
aye., 10:05 a. m.
Passengers per Los Angeles and Eureka via
Redondo, leave Santa Fe depot at 4:50 p. m.
Plans of steamers' cabins at agent's office
where berths may be secured.
The company reserve the right to ebange the
steamers or their days of sailing.
HAT-For passage or freight as above or foi
tickets to and from all important points Id
Europe, apply to
„_ „ W. PARRIB, Agent,
Office. No 124 West Second st, Los Angeles,
Depot cor. Aliso aud Anderson streets. Take
car or 'bus from corner of Main and Arcadia
streets direct for depot.
Leave Monrovia for Leave Los Angeles for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7.00 am and 9.05 am 8:00 am ana 11:10 am
1:15 pmaud 4:15 run 3-10 pm and s:lopm
Leave Alhambra for Leave Alhambra for
Los Angeles. Monrovia.
7:27 am and 0:32 am 8:18 am and 11:33 am
1:42 pm and 4:42 pm 3:33 pm and 5:33 pm
Leave Los Angeles at 9:30 a.m. and 5:10p.m
Leave Monrovia at 8:00 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Time between Los Angeles and Monrovia, 48
Soto Street, Lake Vineyard, Chapman,
Bats; Ban Marino, . Baldwin,
Ramona, E. San Gabriel, Arcadia,
Alhambra, Sunny Slope.
Redondo Railway
In Effect Monday, Oct. 5, 5 a.m., '91.
Los Angeles Depot, Corner Grand Aye. and Jef
ferson st.
Take Grand aye. cable or Maln-st. and Agri
cultural Park horse car*.
Trains Leave Trains Leave
Los Angelea Redondo
for Redondo. .. for Los Angeles
8:50 a.m. dally * 7:00 a.m. dally
10.05 a.m. dally 8:40 a.m. daily
1.35 p.m. daily 11 25 a.m. dally
5:35 p.m. dally 4:10 p.m. daily
Running time between Loa Angelea and Re
dondo 50 minutes. .
President. Supt.
R. H. THOMPSON, Vice-President.
Mem Pacific tapa?.
March 19,1893,
Train* leave and are dne to arrive at
Fifth street, dally, aa follows:
Leave For destination. aw jCS
i-lo^S*■ Barm ' n * -10:15 a.m.
J .80 p.m. Banning. 10:00 nm
IVi** «°lton lOoSfa.-
S:tX5 ,m - Colton 4:20 p. m
i§• P 2 a... Colton. -10:00 p.m.
g^? R ' m - ••••Deming aud East... 10:00 p 2
... ?oa.m ElPaaoand Bart.... 10:00 p.m.
116:10 p.m. Ohlno 118:20 tit
9:85 a.m. Jl*ng BMjchand Sanj
18:40 p.m. .......Long Beach 11:81 a.m.
4:50 p.m. | Lon «„ Beaoh andj ». 37n m
4 , M : ' J . San Pedro. 8 d7B - m
3.00 p. m. Ogden and East, 2d class 7:45 a. m.
t°,: 40 , pm- Oanenand East, Ist class 3:15 p.m.
t ■ p »rO»nd. Or 7:45 a. m,
S : .?";5- Rlvarsi<ie 10:16 a.m.
Si 4 **'""- Wverslde 4:30 p.m.
1 ? 4; Riverside 10:00p.m
g:|2?- m |an Bernardino..... 10:16 am
SK*'* g«« Bernardino..... 4:20 p.m.
2 &»nßernardino,.... IOjOCpTm.
g f°!•? atdlands 10:16a.m
9:45 a. m Redlands 4:Bopm
8:60 p.m Badlanda 10 00p.m.
2:00 p. m. San Fran, and Sacram'to 746 a m.
v attftt £• & n . Fran ' »hd BSrarS'to 3 .15 p. m
11 a n-? a*"!* f n * * n S Anaheim 8:25 a. m.
602 p. m. Santa Ana and Anaheim || 4:04 p. m.
7:35 a. m Santa Barbara HiKn.ni!
2:00p.m SanUßarSS 9Mv-m
»:?0a m Santa Monica 117 50 a m
1:17 p. m Santa Monica... 8 -H7 I m
,6:07 p.m BantaMonlS i 1317p m
y6:lsp.m. Santa Monica... 428? £
4:40p.m Trunin 8 •Halm
9:40 a. m Whittier. ..... SASatrn
• :40 p. m Whittier..... 2 *8 5* S'
Whittier N4Bog;£;
Local and through tickets sold, baanaa
checked, Pullman deeping ear reservauoar
made, and general Information given upon ap
plication to J. M. CRAWLEY. Asst. G. Paa aiT
No. 144 8. Spring it, oor. Second. CHARLES*
BEYLER, Agent at Depot*.
U Bandar* excepted.
EICH'P GRAY, Gen. Traffic Mir.
j» Gen'l Paasengar Agt
COMPANY (Santa Fe Route).
l**™. ArriyeT
•1J:B0 pm Overland • 3:46 pm
• 8:16 am . San Diego Coast Line.. * 1:17 pm
• 8:05 pm . Ban Diego Coast Line... • 7:15 pm
• 5:30 am j Ban Bernardino via I • 9:40 am
• 8:80 am t Pas.dena. f '10:45 am
•12:20 pm San Bernardino via • 2:45 pm
• 4:00 pm i Pasa> ena. | • 8:26 pm
• 6:30 am » Riverside < '10:46 art
• 8:30 un via > • 3:46 pm
Ii? 559. Dm ' ■ Ban Bernardino... I •18:35 pm
•11:00 am I Riverside and San ) *10:16 am
• 5:05 pm l Btr'dino via Orange f • 6:43 pm
• 5:30 am 1 Redlands. Mentone f * 6:25 nra
*8:30 am I...and Highland.... I • »:40 m
•12:30 pm f. Panorama train.. 1 UOsa* am
• 4:00 pm J ....via Pasadena.... { * B:4ft pm
•1100 am t Redlands, Mentone < , ...„
• pro { • nd Highland, via \ Lftfj f"
. pm > Orange A Riverside. « *">!a6 am
• 5:30 am 1 f . 9 . M am
•8:80 am .i 0:46 am
•10:26 am • 3:35 pm
•18:30 pm Azusa, Pasadena and I * 3:46 pm
• 4:00 pm } intermediate < * 8:35 nm
• 7:25 pm Stations. '10:37 am
t J'2s pm t 8:60 am
t 5:83 pm t 4:40 pm
tll:00 pm J II 7:48 p m
» 6:40 am Pasadena f 7:45 am
• 8:16 am Santa Ana * 1:17 pm
• 8:06 pm Santa Ana • 6:48 pm
Santa Ana * 7:15 pm
t 4:48 pm Santa Ana t 8:50 am
•10:15 ami Redondo Beach.... * 8:89 am
• 4:50 pm Redondo Beach * 8.68 pm
t 5:30 am I San Jacinto 110:46 am
112:20 pm l ! via Pasadena. « 0:25 Pm
tll:00 am San Jacinto.... fl0:15 am
I via Orange. t 6:42 pm
t13:30 pm Temecula, via Pasadena f10.45 am
fll:00 am .Temecula, via Orange. (10:15 am
t 8:15 am Bscondldo via Coast Line f 1:17 pm
t 3:05 pm Escondido via Coast line \ 7:15 pm
• Daily, t Dally except Sunday. "
ID. CHAMBERS, Ticket Agent,
First-street Depot,
CHAR T. PARSON*, Ticket Agent,
129 North Spring street, Los Angeles.
Depot at foot ol First street. 138
Los Angeles Terminal Bailway Co.
Los Angeles depots, east end of First street
and Downey-avenue bridges.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave Pasadena for
Pasadena. Los Angela*
t 6:30 a. m J 7:15 aTm
• 7:10 a. m. * 8:06 a. m
• 8:00 a. m. • 9:10 a. m 1
• 9 00 a. m. *10;00 a. m'
•10 00 a. m ni:o6 a m
•11:00 a. m • 1:00 p. m
•13:00 m • 2:05 p.m.
• 3:00 p. m • 4:06 p. m
• 4:00 p. m • 5:36 p. m,
• 6:30 p. m. • 7:06 p. m.
•6:30 p. m. UO OOp.m.
ni:oop.m , ...■•ll:46a?m.
Downey avenue leaving time 7 minutes later.
Banning time between Los Angela* and Paaa
dena 80 minute*.
Leave LosAngeies for Leave Altadena for
Altadena. Los Angelea,
•11:00 a. «,............ »12:05 p. m.
' 4:00 p. m » 6:00 p. m
Running time between Loa Angela* and Alta
dena, 55 minutes.
All trains start from First-street depot.
Leave I.os Angelea for Leave Glendale for Loa
Glendale. Angelea.
t 7:00 a. m | 7:40 a. SO.
• 8:25 a. m * 9:20 a. m.
•12:05 p, m • 1:05 p. m.
• 8:00 p. m • 8:50 p. m
• 6:15 p.m ' 6:10 p.m.
Running time between LosAngeies and Glen
dale, 85 minute*. Add 6 minutes for Verdugo
Park time.
Los Angeles, Long Beach and East San Pedro.
Depot—East end of Flrst-sL Bridge.
Leave Los Angeles for Leave East San Pedro
Long Beach and East for
San Pedro. Los Angela*.
•10:00 a.m • 7:45 am
« 1:40 p. m 512:00 m
• 5:30 p.m * 4:00 p.m
Between Los Angeles and Long Beach, 50
minutes; between Los Angeles and East Ban
Pedro, 1 hour; between East Ban Pedro and
Long Beach, 10 minutes.
•Dally. fDally, except Sunday*. {Sunday*
only. Stage* meet the 8:06 a.m. train at
Pasadena for Mt. Wilson on new trail.
Theater nights the 11 p. ra. train will wait
twemy minutes after the theater is out when
later than 10:40 p. ra.
Special rates to excursion and picnic partial
Depots east end First st .and Downey-avenue
General offices, First-street Depot.
T. B. BURNETT, Gen. Manager
Gompagnie Generate TransatlantHjne.
COMPANY'S PIER (NEW) NO. 49.«4.7m ■
North rlver.foot of Morton street. aSSSNU
Travelers by this line avoid both transit wj
English railway and the discomfort of crotsin
the Channel In a small boat.
LA GABCOGNE. April 16th. 6 a.m.
LA BRETAGNE, April 23d, 4 a.m.
LA TOURAINE, April 30th, 6 a.m.
LA CHAMPAGNE, May 7th, 4 a.m.
For freight or passage apply to
A. FORGET, Agent,
No. 3 Bowling Green, New York,
J. F. FUGAZI A CO.. Aaentt,. M Montgomery
aye., San Francisco Branch office, 19 Mont
gomery street. Tickets for sale by all railroad
and steamship offices. <129-tf
Until further notice, the Wilmington
Transportation Company's steamship "Fal
con" will make regular trips to and from
Avalon, as follows:
Tuesdays.) „
Thursdays'; 11:15 a.m. Fridays 2 p.m.
Saturdays ) Mo 11 days 9:30 a.m.
Morning trains to San Pedro, ou above days,
from Los Angeles, connect with steamer Close
train connections on return trips with Los
130 W. Second st., Los Angeles.
8-24 tf Gen. Pass, and Ft Agent, San Pedro.
hold* Parlor Seances Mondays and Fri
days. 7:30 p.m.; Thursdays, 2-30 p.m. Menlo
holel, 430 8. Main. Private sittings daily. 11.
Sunday, 7:30 p.m., Caledonia HaU,li9i4 8v
Spring. 3-6 fit

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