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Comely and calm he rides
Bard by bis own Whitehall:
Only tbe night wind glides;
Mo crowds, nor rebels, brawl.
Gone, too, his court, and yet.
The stars hia courtiers.
Stars in their stations set;
And every wandering star.
Alone he rides, alone.
The fair and fatal king:
Dark night is all his own.
That strange and solemn thing.
Which are more fall of fate.
The stars, or those sad eyes?
Which are more still and great.
Those brows, or the dark skies?
—Lionel Johnson.
Symbol* of the Thunderbolt.
The different nations of the world,
both ancient and modern, have employed
various symbols to represent the fires
that flash from the thundercloud. The
Ohslrteens symbolized it with a trident;
the learned Babylonians used a human
arm for the same purpose. The bas-re
liefs of Nimrud and Malthia, the work
of later and more refined Assyrian
artists, show the trident doubled or
transformed into a trifid fascicle. This
triumph of the classic art secured for
the ancient Mesopotamian symbol the
advantage over all other representations
of the thunderbolt.
The Greeks represented the storm fire
with the features of a bird of prey.
Later on, when they had begun the use
of the Asiatic form of the symbol, they
put it in tiie claws of an eagle and made
it the scepter of Zeus. Gaul received
the symbol from Italy, but soon altered
it to the familiar two headed hammer
seen on the Gallo-Boman monuments.
The same symbol is seen on amulets
found in Germany, Scandinavia and
Brittany.—St Lotus Republic.
The Color Of the Complexion.
If Mra. Emily Crawford's deductions
are true, beauty and such a hitherto dif
flcult achievement as a complexion are
mere matters of determination. Mrs.
Crawford says that Frenchwomen used
to bo brown as a berry; bntof late years
they are conspicuous for their marble
charm. The expression is Mrs. Craw
ford's. This, she says, is simply the re
sult of their intense desire for beauty in
pallor; It is altogether a matter of will
power. It is elsewhere admitted that
the Parisian has been giving a great deal
of consideration to her diet, and has
" found that poultry and milk are better
allies, so far as her skin is concerned,
than batcher's meat and wine.—San
Francisco Argonaut.
Perfumes the Horse Likes.
There are some perfumes that are very
grateful to horses, however little credit
a hone may commonly receive for pos
sessing delicacy of scent Horse train
ers are aware of the fact and make use
of their knowledge in training stubborn
and apparently intractable animals.
Many trainers have favorite perfumes,
the composition of which they keep a
secret, and it is the possession of this
means of appealing to the horse's
sesttietfflsism that enables so many of
them to accomplish such wonderful re
sults.—Bl Louis Globe-Democrat
An Bleeteto BMI Call.
One of the patents for electrical con
trivances issued from the patent office
is for an automatic guest call for use in
hotels. It consists of a combination of
a clock connected through a series of
relays and contacts with an annuncia
tor hell system. A guest wishing a call
at a certain time has his bell connected
to this time strip on the clock circuit: at
the designated hour the bell in his room
rings for a certain period, or until he
stops it—New York World.
Barbers Use Little Wax Mow.
Says a barber: "A thing that isn't
used much these days is grease. This
store consumed three pounds of it a day
ten years ago, and we don't get away
with a solitary pound now. 1 once cal
culated that 100,000 New York men car
ried around 160 pounds of wax in their
mustaches. This was at the rate of one
ounce of wax to forty mustaches."—New
York Herald.
Knemles of tbe Salmon Fisheries.
Seals and sea lions are a great nui
sance to tiie salmon fishermen. At the
month Of the Columbia river they watch
the gill nets and grab the caught salmon
by the throats, devouring those parts
which they regard especially as tidbits.
Bears are very fond of salmon and catch
a great many of them in the streams.
They eat only the heads.—Washington
Kelt Blattered.
England is laughing at the etory told
in Henry Norman's "Real Japan" of the
American minister at Tokio, who thought
the Japanese "darned clever" people be
cause they greeted him with cries of
"Ohavo." "How did they know that 1
was from Ohio?" he asked.
"The tenement house," said a speaker
at a recent public meeting, "is the enemy
of philanthropy of the present day."
He meant that whatever is done to
ameliorate the condition of the masses
of the poor in the great cities is, to a
great extent, neutralized by the condi
tions under which they live.
The value of the product of the fac
tories and mills west of the Mississippi
daring the year 1891 is computed at
$428,068,896, and the product of the
states west of the Missouri alone is com
puted at $198,722,653.
In territorial area the United States
ranks third. Great Britain controls
8,557,000 square miles of territory, Rus
sia, 8,852,940 miles, and the United
States, counting Alaska, 3,580,242 miles.
It is said that in all the forests of the
earth there are no two leaves exactly the
same. It is also said that amid all
peoples of the earth there are no two
faces precisely alike.
Watch a man reading his own contri
bution to a magazine, and yon will get a
picture of absolute concentration.
HUn'i Nerve aaa JLlver Pills.
btttoynass bad taste, torpid Uver, pilot, con
stipation. TJaeo, nailed (or men, women, chil
dren, smallest, mildest, rarest! M doses, 85
essts. Samples tree, at 0. H. Hanoe.
i i
H. A. Wlnslow, the old established Bed Store,
Third street, Santa Monica, carries the most
completa assortment of groceries, etc Best
seeds; rsjaseiiebls prices.
Doorplates Out of Fashion.
How completely the doorplate has
gone out of fashion. When I came to
New York to work for a living, a door
plate wasms essential an insignia of gen
tility as a bank account, and shops
where they were sold were to be found
everywhere. On the residence streets
of the better class, at a certain hour
every morning, you would see a servant
on every stoop, polishing the plate up
before its owner had his breakfast. The
doorplate waa with us what the marble
front step is to a Philadelphian. Phila
delphia's front steps are there yet.
Our doorplates have become things
of the past, found only on old fashioned
houses without pretensions to style.
Their places have probably been taken
by the coats of arms which fashionable
New York now pays a Frenchman to
invent or borrow for it, and which make
the titled visiting foreigner rub his eyes
when he finds his own crest over the
door of a Wall street man of unknown
origin or a railroad magnate of no ori
gin at all. —New York Cor. Pittsburg
"What be you after now, Samu'l Pay
son?" inquired a brisk and thrifty Ver
mont farmer of a shiftless neighbor,
who came shuffling across the barnyard
one morning with as much of a business
like air as he was able to assntne.
"I jest wanted t' know," replied the
amiable Samu'l, with his usual vac
illating smile; "I'mtryin t' fix th'place
up a little, 'gainst some vis'tors we've
got comin, an I jest wanted t' know if
so bet you cd give me an empty barr'l
o' flour t' make a hencoop t' put a pig
in; for 1 ain't got nothing at all t' put
nothin at all into!"— Youth's Compan
Tropical Fruits tn the United States.
There are now more than 600,000
almond trees actually bearing in the
United States; there are hundreds of
thousands of bearing cocoanut trees;
there are more than 250,000 olive trees,
producing fruit equal to the best Medi
terranean varieties; there are now more
than 500,000 bearing banana plants, 200,
--000 bearing lemon trees, 4,000,000 orange
trees and 21,000,000 pineapples, and the
value of tropical and semitropical fruits
grown under the American flag is nearly
120.000.000.—Yankee Blade.
Making Glad the Waste (Waist) Places.
" That's what I call making glad the
waist places," said Smithson, as he put
his arm around a lady's waist. But
Lilly won't care much for this show
of affection if Smithson doesn't get
rid of that disagreeable catarrh of his.
Won't somebody tell him that Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy will cure him.
By its mild, soothing, antiseptic,
cleansing and healing properties, Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy cures the worst
cases of Chronic Catarrh in the Head,
as thousands can testify. " Cold in the
Head " is cured with a few applications.
Catarrhal Headache is relieved and
cured as if by magic.
In perfect faith, the makers of Dr.
Sage's Catarrh Remedy—the World's
Dispensary Medical Association, of Buf
falo, N. V., offer to pay $500 to any one
suffering from Chronic Catarrh in the
Head whom they cannot cure.
Now, if the conditions were reversed
—if they asked you to pay $500 for a
positive cure you might hesitate. Hero
are reputable men, with years of honor
able dealing ; thousands of dollars and
a great name back of them.
They believe in themselves. Isn't it
worth a trial ? Isn't any trial prefera
ble to catarrh ?
Sewer Pipe Co.
Salt- glazed Sewer and
err a Cotta Clumney Pipe,
Fire Brick and Drain Tile,
Vitrified Brick for Paving, etc.
Tel. 1008. Cor. Third and Broadway.
State. Loan and Trust Co.
Snbsoribed Capital 91,000,000
Capital Paid Up 700,000
W° H H PERRY? * SB T Vice-Presidents
A.' B.'fLETOHER Cashier
J. F. TO WELL General Manager
W. O. Cochran, P. M, Green,
H. J. Woollacott, Wm. H Crocker,
0. T. Johnson, Bsn Francisco.
Judge W. P. Gardiner, A. A. Hubbard.
We act as trustees for corporations and estates.
Loan money on first-class real estate and col
laterals. Keep choice securities for sale. Safe
deposit boxes for rent. Applications for loans
received from borrowers in person or by mail.
Temple Block.
Capital Stock paid up $800,000
JOHN ■. PLATER ..President
ROBT. 8. BAKER Vice-President
Jothsm Bixby, Chas. Forssan,
L. T. Garnsey, Lewellyn Bixby,
R, a. Baker, John E. Plater,
-* Geo. H. Stewart.
" Runmng the Gauntlet
Pearline has been through it, but it has 11 got there." Every
other modern improvement has had the same struggle. There s
unbelief, prejudice and misunderstanding—peddlers of imita
tions—fhe false statements of soap makers and unscrupulous
grocers to fight against. The old way is hard to leave, even if a
better way is open. You can't believe that Pearline can do so
much; then you can't believe that it's done safely;—in the end,
you can't sec how you ever did without it. That's the story of
millions—full of doubt at first, full of satisfaction at last. If
you're at the doubtful stage, try it. You won't know easy
washing and cleaning 'till you do.
T"> Peddlers and some grocers will tell you, " this is as good as " or " the
J3e W Hie same 33 PearMne> " IT ' S FALSE—but what a puff for Pearline.
i«» JAMES P V LE, New York.
ty of Los Angeles, State of California.
In the matter of the estate of Clara E. Kysor
Notice is hereby given that ln pursuance to
an order of the Superior Court of tne county of
Los Angeles, state of California, made on the
23d day of May, 1892, the undersigned admin
istrator with the will annexed of the estate of
Clara E.Kysor, deceased, will sell at private sale,
to the highest bidder for cash, ln gold coin of the
United states, and subject to the confirmation
thereof by said Superior Court, at the office of
John D. Blcknell, Fulton block, No. 207 New
High street, in the city of Los Angeles, county
of Los Angeles, and state of California, all the
right, title and Interest of said deceased, in and
to the following described property situate, ly
ing and being in the city of Los Angeles, coun
ty of Los Angeles and state of California:
Lot three (3) of the Bunker Hill tract, as
shown on map of said tract made by H. G.
Stevenson on December, 1875, said lot being
described as follows: Commencing at a point
on the north line of Temple street from which
the northeast corner of Temple street and Bun
ker Hill avenue bears north 44 degrees west,
distant three hundred four 7-10 (304 7-10)
feet, and running thence north forty-six de
grees east, one hundred and fifty (150) feet;
thence north forty-four degrees west fifty (50)
feet; thence south forty-six degrees west one
hundred and titty (150) feet to Temple street,
and thence south forty-four degrees east to the
point of beginning.
Also tbe southerly sixty (60) f oet of the west
erly thirty (30) feet of lot twelve (12), of the
Bunker Hill tract, as per map of said tract
made by H. G. Stevenson ln December, 1875,
and being the same land conveyed to Frank A.
Gibson by Fred W. Wood, by deed filed for rec
ord ln the office of the county recorder of Los
Angeles county, on June 9lh, 1888, and record
ed in book 447, page 0 169 of deeds, records of
I.ob Angeles county, to which said deed refer
ence Is had for further description.
Also all the right, title and Interest of Bald
deceased in and to the snip of land ten feet in
width along and adjoining stld last-mentioned
lot and extending theief rom to Sand str et,
which is particularly described ln conveyance
by Fred W. Wood et al. to J. C. McCollnm et al.;
recorded in book 272, page 17 of deeds, records
of Los Angeles county, to which conveysnce
reference is had for further particulars.
Also lot number twenty-three (23), in block
"15," of the Sunset tract, according to a map
thereof recorded in book 11, page 41, miscella
neous records of Los Angeles, said property be
ing situate in said county and state of Cali
Bids will be received for all or any portion of
the above described property from the date of
this notice, up to and including Tuesday, the
21st day of June, 1892, on which day said
property will be sold. All bids must be ac
companied by a deposit of ten per cent of the
amount bid. All such deposits wilt be returned
to the unsuccessful bidder on the approval of
the s&lo
Dated, June 4th, 1892.
Administrator, with the will annexed, of the
estate of said Clara E. Kysor.
John D, Blcknell, attorney for administrator.
county of Los Angeles, State of California.
In the matter of the application of Armand
La Pierce for a change of his name.
No. 17,693-Petition.
To the honorable, the Superior Court, of the
county of Los Angeles, state of California:
Your petitioner, Armand La Pierce, respect
fully shows:
That It is his desire to change his present
name, to-wlt. Armand La Pierce, and to as
sume Instead thereof the name Manuel Garcia
Montes de Oca.
I I was born in the city of Manzanillo, Cuba,
on July 23,1849, and was baptized as Manuel
Garcia Montes de Oca.
I am the legitimate son of Jose Manuel Garcia
Napolestand Dona Marcelina Montes de Ota,and
now reside in the city of Los Angeles, county
of Los Angeles, state of California.
The reasons for the change of name proposed
are the following:
About twenty years ago, petitioner being
poor, and because he did not wish his relatives
to be aware of his lack of good fortune, adopted
his present name, Armand La Pierce, under
which he has ever since been known and has
transacted his business affairs. He has ascer
tained that he is entitled to receive as heir of
his said father and mother, both of whom are
now deceased, a large amount of property, and,
in order to enable him to so receive such benefits
It is necessary and convenient that he should
change his present name to his said baptismal
name, to-wlt: Manuel Garcia Montes de Oca.
Petitioner further shows that the property
which he is so entitled to recover is located
within the jurisdiction of Spain, and in said
jurisdiction it Is the custom for a child to bear
the family name of its mother.
The near relatives of petitioner as far as
known, are his wife, residing in Los Angeles
city, California; a brother, Eduardo Garcia
Montes de Oca, residing at Puerto Principe,
Cuba; a sister, Flora Garcia dc Sandoval, resid
ing at Habana, Cuba, and a sister, Dolores Gar
cia de Hernandez, residing at narcelona, Spain.
Filed, May 24,1892. 5 25 1m
partnership heretofore existing under the
firm name and style of Hall & Shafers, keeping
a pavilion at Redondo Beach, Los Angelea
county, Cal., is this day dissolved by mutual
consent. A. R. Shafers assumes all the In
debtedness of said firm and continues said busi
ness in his own name.
Redondo Beach, June 1,1892. d-5 7t
J. M. Griffith. President.
H. G. Stevenson, Vlce-Pres. and Treas.
T. E. Nichols, Seo'v. E. L. Chandler, Supt.
And Manufacturers of—
Mill Work of Every Description.
934 N. Alameda Street, Los Angeles.
jultf «
Main Office: LOS ANGELES.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Azusa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Angeles
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
No. 316 Commercial Street. jnl
Plaited Lace Tarn O'Sharitersl
For Children, Misses and Ladies, are the latest
hit this season. We hare procured the agency
for these hats, and are able to sell them at re
markably low prioes. Call and see them.
Co. Principal place of business, No. 3u3
West First street; Olty of Los Angeles Cali
Notice.—Tbere is delinquent upon the follow
Ing described stock on account of assessments
levied on the 7th day of April, 1892, (and an
assessment levied previous thereto on the 27th
day of January, 1892,) the several amounts set
opposi c the names of the respective share
holders, as follows:
No of No of
certificate, shares. Amount.
B. E. Fryer 15 2OO0(
B. E. Fryer 23 8005) fTio.da
W. A. Merrails 21 7105/ q*
W. A. Merrails 33 1900 i «<W.Jo
G. W. Brown 16 10001 „,„„„
G. W. Brown 31 90001 »50 00
W. E. Fryer 19 100 9.50
W. M Scrlmegons.... 18 100 9 50
Lizzie Merrails 22 5000 350.00
G. B. Lichtenberger. 37 5000 350.35
And in accordance with the law, so many
shares of each parcel of such stock as may be
necessary will be sold at the office of the com
pany. No. 303 West First street, Los Angeles,
Cal,, on the 27th day of May, 1892, at 11
o'clock a. m. of such day, to pay the delin
quent assessments thereon together with cost
of advertising and expenses of sale.
J. S. SALKEY, Secretary.
Location of office, No. 303 W. First Street, Los
Angeles, Cal.
The sale of above delinquent shares of
stock pursuant to above notice, not having
taken place on the 27th day of May, 1892, it is
ordered by resolution of the board of directors,
at a meeting held at the above office on the 6th
day of June, 1892, that the said shares of stock
be advertised for sale and the same be sold at
above place on the 18th day of June, 1892, at
10 o'clock a. m. J. 8. SALKEY,
6-7 lot Secretary.
• Andrew M. Lyon and Sarah Doe Lyon,
(his wife) defendants.
Sheriffs sale No. 16,985.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
sale. '
. Under and by virtue of an order of sale and de
cree of foreclosure and sale, Issued out of the Su
perior Court of the county of Los Angeles, of the
state of California, on tne 3rd day of May,
A. D. 1892, in the above entitled action, wherein
F. E. Vaudlne f Ayles.the above-named plaintiff,
obtained a judgment and decree of foreclosure
and sale against Andrew M. Lyon, et al., defend
i ants, on the 23rd day of March, A. D. 1892, for
the sum of seven hundred thirty-seven
and 72-100 dollars gold coin, which said de
cree was, on the 24th day of March A. D.
1892, recorded in Judgment book 35 of
said court, af page 28, 1 am commanded to
sell all that certain lot, piece or parcel of
land, situate, lying ana being in the said
county of Los Angeles, state of California, and
bounded and described as follows:
That certain tract, piece or parcel of land,
being the east seventy-five (75) feet of lot
twenty-three (23) in block twelve (12) of the
Carter Vineyard tract, a subdivision ot lots
eleven (11), twelve 112) and the east portion of
lot thirteen (13) of the Sierra Madre tract, in
the county of Los Angeles, State of California,
as per map recorded in book 36, page 19, mis
cellaneous records, records of Los Ange es
county, together with and appurtenant thereto
25-100 shares of water, of the Sierra Madre
Water company, and which said premises were
described ln said mortgage as the real property
situate in Los Angeles county, state of Califor
nia, and described as follows, to wit: The east
seventy-five (75) leet of lot twenty-three (23)
of the Vineyard tract, said Vineyard tract be
ing the subdivision of lots twelve (12) and
thirteen (13) of the Sierra Madre tract, together
with and appurtenant thereto, 25-100 shares of
water of the Sierra Madre Water company.
Together with all singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging, or in anywse appertaining, the
reversion and reversions, the remainder and
remainders, rents, issues and profits thereof.
Public notice is hereby given, that on Mon
day, the 20th day of June, A. D. 1892,
at 12 o'clock m. of that day, in front of the
courthouse door of the county of Los Angeles,
Broadway entrance, I will, in obedience to said
order of sale and decree of foreclosure and sale,
sell the above described property or so much
thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said
tudgment, with interest and costs, etc., to the
lighest and best bidder, for cash, gold coin.
Dated this 27th day of May, 1892.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C. Hannon, Deputy Sheriff.
Henry E. Carter, Attorney for Plaintiff,
! 5 2jsat4t
Kellogg, Rebecca M. Kellogg, H. W. Car
penter, Kerckhoft Cuzner Mill and Lumber
Company, and Isaac Springer, defendants.
Sheriffs sale—No. 15,344.
Order of sale and decree of foreclosure and
Under and by virtue of an order of sale and
decree of foreclosure and sale, issued out of the
Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles, of
the State of California, on the 19th day of May,
A. D. 1892, in the above entitled action, where
in Thomas A. Saxon, the above named plaint
iff, obtained a judgment and decree of foreclos
ure and sale against T. D. Kellogg et al., de
fendants, on the 19th day of May, A. D. 1892,
for tbe sum of four thousand seventy-nine
and 64 100 dollars, lawful money, which said
decree was, on the 19th day of May, A D. 1892,
recorded in judgment book 35 of said Court, at
page 67,1 am commanded to sell all that cer
tain lot. piece or parcels of land situate, lying
and being ln the said county of Los Angeles,
State of California, and bounded and described
as follows:
Lot two (2), range five (5), of tbe Alhambra
tract, fronting on Almansor street of said tract,
containing five acres of land, as per map made
by George Hansen, dated June, 1874, recorded
in book 3, page 266, miscellaneous records of
said county.
Together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances there
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining.
Public notice is hereby given that on
Tuesday, the 14th day of June, A. D.
1892, at 12 o'clock m. of that day. in
front of the court house door, Broadway en
trance, of the county of Los Angeles, I will, in
obedience to said order of sale and decree of
foreclosure and sale, sell the above described
property, or so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy said judgment, with interest and
costs, etc., to the highest and best bidder, for
cash, lawful money.
Dated this 20th day of May. 1892.
Sheriff of Los Angeles County.
By F. C Hahhon, Deputy Sheriff.
Houghton, Silent & Campbell, attorneys for
plaintiff. 5-21 saUt
Mining Company waa organised and incor
porated in this city April 25,1892. Mines are
situated ln Orange county, 62 miles from Los
Angeles, ln the richest mineral region iv Cali
fornia. The capital stock Is 500,000 shares,
par value of $1.00 each. The company has set
aside 300,000 shares lor a working capital, and
40,000 shares of this stock is now offered at 50
cents per share and is non-assessable. This
mine ia considered by experts to be on* of the
largest in California. Stock books now open
and stock can be purchased by making applica
tion In parson or by mall to the secretary of the
Trabnco Bold Mining Company, 110 8. Broad
way, Log Anaeles, Cal. 5-28 ml
ACTINA, ? g|Jfe
San Fbancisco, Cal.. March 2,1892. tlously recommend vonr Actlna tor catarrh ln
Mr. Robt. D. Miller, Los Angeles, Cal: the head and for throat troubles.
Sib: While in Los Angeles I purchased an After using mv Actina for about three weeks
"Actlna" from you. I have used ft successfully l feel greatly benefitted. For some time before
and allowed a friend of mine to try it. Think using tmy throat was so affected that I could
I can make a sale of one. Respectfully yours, scarcely sing but now It is almost as well as it
M. B. CRANK. ever was. It has helped me. I remain yours
1134 Golden Gate Avenue. respectfully, J. H. HUMPHREYS,
Hkbald Office. Los Angeles.
Saw Fbancisco, Cal., April 2,1892. Lo„ akoblksTcal.. Feb. 14,1892.
Mr. Robt. Miller, Los Angeles, Cal: This is to certify that one week ago I was un-
Sib: As Mr. Crane was called home to Ogden able to read p. single word with my left eye,
before I waa ready to purchase an "Actina, he even with the aid of glasses; but that after
said I could write for it myself Just as well. I using an Actina four times only, the sight waa
used his while he remained here and found, it so much improved as to enable me to read fine
very beneficial to my eyes, which are very print (Nonpariel) slowly, WM. GALJCR.
weak: one weeping eye has troubled me for ten Residence 312 West Fourth Street,
years. .
Please find enclosed draft on New York for Pasadena. May 14,1892.
amount for which forward to me one Actina, Robt. D. Miller, Los Angeles, Cal:
and oblige, MRS. MARY YEARIAN, Dsub Sib: It affords me pleasure to add my
1134 Golden Gate Avenue. testimony in behalf of tbe healing qualities ol
your "Actina." My family have used It with
r„» anohim Anrtl lf> i bo<2 gratifying success for six months for catarrh,
n n M„,„T«!» cold in tbe head and throat, for headache and!
k. jj. sjumsi iieab bib. f or weakness of eyesight. Yours truly,
I have used Prof. M. C. Wilson's "Actina" for H. M. HAMILTON.
neuralgia and catarrh for only five weeks and
find myself greatly Improved. Ridlands, Oal., May 20,1892.
I have not had a single attack of neuralgia To Whom it May Concern:
since I have been using it and find my catarrh I have used Prof. Wilson's "Actina" for
a great deal better, with a good prospect of ef- catarrhal trouble of head and throat of long
fecting a permanent cure. standlpg. I have only used it for a short time,
I can honestly recommend it to all sufferers but feel that It has helped me and Improved
from like diseases. J. PILLIG. my condition very much. And I believe that it
No. 412 West Third Street. will prove a great benefit to sufferers of like
troubles if used properly and continued for a
Los Anokles, March 28,1892. ,alr tr j al - t^t T UB 1?? *° many thl " B S th **
„. _ .. _ ...... ' , " ' proved worthless, it is a pleasure to find some-
Mr. Robt. D. Miller, Los Angeles: thlng that haß true mer itlike "Actlna." Yours
Dbab Bib: lean cheerfully and conscien- very truly, L.N.STUART.
OFFICE HOURS : 9 a.m. till 6:30 p.m Sundays, 9 a.m. till 1 p.m.
Free Treatment at Office Call for Circulars and Testimonials.
LOS ANGELES BRANCH—Rooms 41 and 42 S E. comer First and Spring sts.
Main Office, 135 West First Street.
Works, 715,717 and 719 North Main Street.
We have our NEW LAUNDRY completed and are
prepared to do an unlimited amount of work. We shall
make a specialty of woolen blankets and lace curtains.
Men's clothing cleaned.
LUMP - : - COAL.
$11.25 Per Ton, 65 Cents Per Cwt.
Yard, 838 North Main Street. Telephone 1047.
$soo FnnflT YPTfI
For L U UJIL 1 1 1 n insomnia, Catarrhal Affection-,
of notes cut from Hemorrhages, Inflammations,
circular"tot- C YTD J\ PT Tflroat Affections, Inflnen..,
LA I {VnU 1. General Weakness, Nervousness,
————— Sprains, Ulcers, Pains, Wounds.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Furniture, Carpets, Window Shades,
Lace and Silk Curtains, Portieres,
Oil Cloths, Linoleum, Mattings, Etc
337» 339, 34i South Spring St.
The Wonderful Healer of Human Diseases, late of San Francisco, has Office*
at No. 415 North Los Angeles Street.
He inviteß all the sick and afflicted to call at his office to consult him Dr
Bow ia a regular graduate of the highest medical college in Canton, China' He?
has had long experience in treating all diseases. No sick person need rive m>
hope until he has consulted Dr. Bow, as the doctor has the reputation of beinff m
very able and successful physician among all practitioners. When others have
failed, he has successfully cured hundreds of the most difficult cases durinsr hia
several yearß of practice in San Francisco. *
I gladly certify, that after but a brief treatment of my slckn aSfSt. Bow X»
my sick bed and made a well man of me. My disease consistedl of 1 ver and h?
a very severe form. B . M . psxE RSON, BoyleH™ ghta
Everybody ia cordially invited to call upon and become acquainted with Dr.
Bow, and his San Francisco friends will find a hearty welcome at bis
OFFICES, No. 415 N. Los Angeles St., near the City Plaza.
its 'tornif
Weakness, Impotency and Lost Manhood per
manently cared. The sick and afflicted should
not tall to call upon him. The Doctor has trav
eled extensively ln Europe and inspected thor
oughly the various hospitals tbere, obtaining a
rreat deal ol valuable information, which he is
competent to impart to those in need of his
services. The Doctor cures where others fail,
l'ry him. DE. GIBBON will make no charge
inlets he effects a cure. Persons at a distance
JTJRED AT HOME. All communications
itrlCtlV Confidential AH letters In
slain envelopes. >
Sailor write Address DE. J. P. GIBBON, Box
1,957, Ban Francisco, Cal.
Mention Los Angeles Hsbai 12-1712n>
Weak Hex* ana Women
"the Mexican P.emedy; gives Health
and Strength to the Sexual Organs. I
145 and 147 N. Main Street.
api,9 tf JERRY ILUOH, Proprietor.
Importer and dealer in Shelf Hardware, Hard
ware Specialties, Pruning- Shears, Fine Pocket
k .« e . ry « n - a B , ciB «ws. Hydrometers, Assayers'
a u && °P" ca ] Instruments, Fancy Goods, and
25,000 assorted articles.
302 N. Main St , Los Anqiles, Cai.
, 6-5-3mos
Farm Implements and Vehicles.
Contractors' Grading Tools a Specialty..
148, US, ISt ni 132 Bertk In Aagtle* Bt>
1 S-14U
itiftistii I,' I

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