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The Windup of the Republican
County Convention.
Ballot Box Stuffing; in a Superviaoral
Convention Causes Trouble.
Capt. Marion and Col. Brooker Nearly
Come to Blows—Walter 8. Moore
for the Senate-Felton As
semblymen Chosen.
Tbe Republican county convention
baa completed ite labors and adjourned
sine die. Yesterday all of tbe district
nominations weie made and were rati
fied by tbe convention. The district
conventions were more exciting and tbe
contests were less easy of solution than
in tbe general convention. Tbe general
opinion of hundreds of leaders, now
that the whole thing is over, ia that a
ticket remarkable for its weakness has
been placed in tbe field. It is con
ceded by tbe Republicans that a good
portion of it, if not every mac on the
ticket, will be defeated.
Yesterday there were numerous sur
prises, notably the defeat of Justices
Owens and Stanton in the city conven
tion, the nomination of Bob Stewart,
the colored policeman, for constable—he
beat A. C. Vignes, of the electric rail
road ; the nomination of Walter S. Moore
for senator in the Thirty-seventh dis
trict on the first ballot, he running in a
field of five candidates; and the defeat of
Henry E. Garter, for the assembly, in
the Setenty-fifth district; tbe nomina
tion of Jim Meredith for the assembly
in the Seventy-third district; the nom
ination of vV\ W. Stock well for super
visor in the Fourth district.
Of the seven candidates for the legis
lature nominated yesterday, five are
known to be Felton men. Of course for
awhile they will vote for a Southern
California man for United States sena
tor, in the event that the
legislature has a Republican ma
jority. But then every one
realizes that there is not tbe slightest
chance for a Southern California Re
publican to become the United States
senator this time. There are four Re
publicans in the fight, all from in and
about San Francisco, and one of the
quartette will be elected if a Republican
legislature should be chosen. So the
question really is, what will the seven
Republican representatives do, should
any of them be elected, after the South
ern California candidate has been
knocked out, aa he ia certain to be in
the end. If tbey keep their pledges five
will go to Felton, and perhaps two to
De Young.
The district conventions made a
blunder in their nominations for super
visors that will be very much to the ad
vantage of tbe Democrats. Tbe country
has alwaya been conceded and always
bad a majority of tbe board of super
visors. This year there are two hold
overs, Forrester from the city and
Cook from the country. Now the Re
publicans bave nominated Francisco
and Stockwell from tbe city, and if
they are elected the city will have three
members of tbe board, while the vast
outside country will have to struggle
along with two. Francisco's district
is all in the city, and the nominee of
the Democtats will necessarily have to
be a city man. But tbe Fifth
(Stockwell's) district, comprises the
country clear up to the Kern
county line, and it seems
tbat the Democracy can find aome com
petent man in that vast stretch of ter
ritory, and the nomination of such a man
means his triumphant election. The
people of this vast county, irrespective
of politics, are not prepared to ccc their
affairs conducted by a majority of the
board consisting of one speculator, one
real estate agent and one grocery keeper,
all living under the ahadow of the coun
ty court house, and within tbe half mile
circle. This short-sighted policy on the
part of the Republicans will be rectified
by the Democrats.
The County Convention.
Although the bour for tbe reassem
bling of tbe convention had been fixed
at 9 o'clock yesterday, it waa 10 a.m.
before Chairman Murphey rapped for
order. At tbat time the entire Pasa
dena delegation was absent.
When order waß obtained Chairman
Murphey announced that he had ap-
Sointed Judge Variel, Judge Silent and
[r. Wright of Paaadena aa a law com
mittee to prepare the proper certificates
ol nomination required by law.
Prize Orator Hawkins of the Sixth
ward thought tbat, aa this was a legal
holiday, tne convention should be
opened with prayer. He made a motion
to that effect.
A. delegate moved that Prize Orator
Hawkins offer the prayer.
Both amendment and the original
motion were voted down.
On motion of Colonel Mudge, Chair
man J. L. Murphey was given tbe
thanks of tbe convention for the able
manner in which he had presided
over it.
Chairman Murphey returned hia
thanks to the convention for the honor
conferred upon him, and gave some ad
vice to the young men on the ticket.
He said that they should not get the
swelled head, nor get the idea that tb,ey
were to be bosses. Tbe Republican party
wanted no boas or ring rule.
The thanks of the delegates were also
voted to all of tbe officers of the conven
Then there was a scrap over the coun
ty central committee membership. Un
der the gerrymander of election pre
cincts, adopted by the board of super
visors, a number of election precincts
were consolidated, ao as to force Demo
crats to go as far aa possible to tbe polls
to vote. Aa each precinct waa entitled
to a member, the question was, whether
the old precincts or the new should be
the boundary lines. About an hour was
consumed in debating this matter. It
was finally decided that the members of
the county committee should be selected
from the new election precincts.
The convention then resolved iteelf
into the subsidiary district conventions
and took a recess until 2 p. m.
The District Conventions.
In the Seventieth assembly district
there was no fight for the nomination.
Col. 0. M. Simpson of Pasadena was
nominated by acclamation.
In tbe Seventy-first assembly district
there was no contest. Maj. Samuel An
drews of Pomona waa nominated with
out any fight. He ia for county divi
In tha Seventy-second assembly dis
trict there waa quite a struggle between
four candidates— H. 0. Downing of
Wilmington, E. G. Denio of Long
Beach, William H. Kelso of Ingleweod,
C.F. Butan of Florence and W. H.
Wright of Compton. Three ballots were
taken, but Mr. Wright finally beat Mr.
Rutan, receiving 25 votea to the latter'a
In the seventy-third assembly dis
trict there were aome lively timea. W.
F. Foley and S. P. Reea were the two
opposing candidates until yeaterday
morning. Foley had a practically sure
thing on the nomination, and he was
very objectionable to the ring because
of hit anti-railroad sentiments. So Mr.
Reea waa thrown aside and Jim Mere
dith was brought out. Of course, every
body sympathised with Meredith in hiß
defeat for county clerk, and he was
sure to be nominated. Two things were
accomplished by tbia. Meredith was
recognized, and the anger of his friends
over his defeat waa appeased. Then
Foley waa laid on the ahelf.
But Mr. Foley did not give in without
a atrong kick, which he registered with
vigor. After he and Mr. Meredith had
been placed in nomination yesterday
afternoon in the district convention,
Foley got up, and in withdrawing hia
name he made a very bitter speech.
mb. Foley's ire.
He aaid that hia defeat had been
brought about by an unholy combina
tion of evil elements in the party. He
aaid he had not a word to aay against
Mr. Meredith, but he wanted to state
that Meredith had merely been used as
a tool. He said that the time would
come some day when the Republicans of
this county could bave a fair expression
of their will recorded in a convention,
independent of the domination of a
ring or the Southern Pacific company.
Mr. Foley then withdrew his name and
left the hall.
Meredith waa nominated by acclama
tion. Some delegates objected because
Mr. Meredith waa not preaent to pledge
himaelf, but his frienda vouched for him.
and the district convention adjourned ■
In tbe Seventy-fourth assembly dis
trict, C. W. Pendleton was nominated,
defeating Jamea A. Crimminger, receiv
ing 29 votes out of a total of 48.
In the Seventy-fifth assembly district,
R. N. Bulla waa nominated, defeating
H. £. Carter by a vote of 26 to 22. As
predicted in. the Hebald, one of Second
ward delegatea, T. F. Phillips, voted for
himself, and three of the Third ward
delegation broke away from Mr. Carter
and voted for Bulla. Thia nomination
has caused a great, deal of ill-feeling.
Charges of the purchase of votes are
made by come of Mr. Cartel's frienda.
Tbe Third ward delegation is anxious to
know who tbe three traitors are who
went back on Carter.
AN easy winner.
The Thirty seventh district senatorial
convention selected Walter S. Moore out
of a field of five candidates, for the atate
senate. Gov. Gosper, Capt. John Cross,
Major E. W. Jones, G. M. Holton and
Col. Moore were presented to the con
vention. Only one ballot waa necessary.
It resulted aa follows:
Walters. Moore 60
Capt. John Cross 30
Gov. Oosper 4
G. M. Bolton 4
X. W. Jones 1
Total vote 99
Necessary to a choice DO
Col. Moore'a nomination waa made
In tbe eecond supervisorial diatrict it
took four ballots to nominate A. W.
Francisco for supervisor. C. E. Crow
ley, A. W. Francisco, Dr. Kierulff, and
R. E. Wiraching were placed in nom
ination. On the fourth ballot tbe fight
narrowed down between Wirtcbing and
Francisco. The latter was nominated,
receiving 43 votes, to 18 for Mr. Wirach
In the Fourth supervisoral district
there was a red-hot fight between Jamea
Hay and John A. Pirtle. Only one
ballot was taken, and Mr. Hay, of Ar
tesia, waa nominated. But there were
charges of fraud made, and the conven
tion came very near breaking up in a
Captain F. N. Marion, ex-assembly
man for the old Seventy-sixth district,
waß managing Mr. Pirtle'a candidacy.
Col. John T. Brooker, of Artesia, waa
looking after the interests of Mr. Hay.
The various candidates were placed in
nomination aa follows: W. W. Howard,
J. A. Pirtle, Jamea Hay.
After tbe nominations bad been
made, Captain Marion objected to the
manner in which the vote waa being
taken. He said he wanted no Louisiana
methods in taking the ballott. Then
Colonel Brooker attacked Captain
Marion's reputation and integrity. A
general fight was becoming eminent.
Captain Marion said he only wanted a
fair deal for his man, and that it waa
unnecessary for Colonel Brooker to at
tempt to bulldoze him, or to run in
any Arkansaa ballot box stuffing
methods, with which, he aaid, the col
onel waa undoubtedly familiar. An en
deavor was made to crowd the Pirtle
following away from the hat in which
the ballots were being put, and thia
very near brought on a fight. The bal
lot waa then taken, and it waa dis
covered that there were aeventy-eigbt
votea in the hat, or fifteen more than
there were in the district convention.
Captain Marion again protested and
aaid that he did uot think that it waa
right to bave tiaaue ballots worked in.
He waa oppoaed to anything of that
kind, and demanded a new ballot.
The new ballot waa refused but Col
onel Brooker agreed to a recount. On
thia recount sixty-two ballots were
counted and the balance were dropped
on the floor.
Again Captain Marion protested
against a void ballot of that kind and
left the convention in disgust. James
Hay was then declared the nominee, re
ceiving 36 votea to 18 for Pirtle and 10
for Howard. Pirtle'a frienda claim that
the nomination of Hay waa secured by
fraud. They bave a sharp knife which
they will use in assisting to defeat Mr.
Hay on election day.
In tbe Fifth supervisorial diatrict, it
took eleven ballots to name the winner —
W. W. Stockwell. A. Scott of Ante
lope. J. C. Sherer of Glendale, W. W.
Stockwell of the First ward; G. E.
Steams of Garvanza, and Oscar Macy of
the Eighth ward were presented. The
First ward held the key to the situation,
and declined to give in until their man
won. On the eleventh ballot he did
win, receiving votes, to 30 for Oscar
The Oity Cesveßtfes*
At 3 p. m. Chairman Murphey again
called the general convention to order,
Luxury <X Necessity. 1
When Apollinaris was first brought to Amer
ica a great American physician (Marion Sims)
declared it to be " not only a luxury but a neces
sity." .Since then its sale has risen from 2to 18
millions. Now Apollinaris "reigns supreme" and
is " übiquitous."—British Medical Journal.
and the city convention waa organized
to nominate city justices and constables.
The roll waa called and all of the
wards were found to be represented. R.
L. Horton was chosen to act aa chair
man. Mr. Thorn of the Sixth ward waa
made eecretary.
W. T. Williams' motion was adopted
tbat every ballot contain two names for
city justice, and that no ballot be
counted unless it contained two names.
The convention then proceeded to
business. J. L. Murphey placed in no
mination H. C. Austin.
W. J. Variel, of the Third, named M.
T. Owens for city justice.
T. J. Oarran nominated Oeorge F.
Fhibbs, of whom he spoke in the most
eulogistic terms.
A. M. Austin nominated S. A. Garbutt
for city justice.
Numerous seconding speeches were
made. Tbe candidates came forward
and put up their $5 each.
The first ballot resulted as follows:
H. C. Austin 9»
M. T. Owens 55
George P. Pbibbs 94
8. A. Garrett 54
Total vote 149
Necessary to a choice, 75.
The announcement of the vote was re
ceived with applause, and the nomina
tions were made unanimous.
Nominations for township justice were
next in order.
T. J. Carran presented the name of L.
W. A. Spalding placed in nomination
S. 0. H. Langworthy, of the First ward.
Mr. Thorn, of the Sixth, nominated
Wm. Young, of his ward.
Tbe usual quota of seconding speeches
were made, and then the candidates
told the delegates what they would do
if they were elected.
The ballot was taken, reeulting as
L. Stanton 70
8. C. H. Langworth 20
William Young 66
Total vote 156
Necessary to a choice, 79.
There being no choioe, a second bal
lot waa taken. The name of Mr. Lang
worth, waa withdrawn.
L. Stsnton 69
William Young 84
Total vote 153
Necessary to a choice, 77.
Mr. Young waß declared the nominee
of the convention amid great applause.
Two constables were to be nominated,
and it was tbe next order of business.
W. T. Williams placed in nomination
Robert W. Stewart (colored). He
moved that the rules be suspended and
that he be nomineted by acclamation.
The motion was lost.
Then came a squabble, and tbe chair
decided that nobody could be nominated
by acclamation if anyone objected.
W. £. Darracott, of Glendale, was
£. A. Meserve placed in nomination
Charles Smith.
C. E. Day nominated Denis Kearney.
P. W. Pendleton placed in nomination
A. O.'Vignes.
Tbe candidates then came up and
paid their assessment and the ballot
was taken, resulting as follows:
firVt ballot.
R. W. Stewart 77
Charles Smith 10
Denis Kearney 37
W. X. Darracott 39
A. 0. Vignes 36
L. D. Rogers 99
Total vote cast 159
Necessary to a choice 80
L. D. Rogers having leceived a major
ity of all the votea was declared nomin
ated. No other candidate having re
ceived a majority, a second ballot was
Charles Smith withdrew in favor of
R. W. Stewart.
The second ballot resulted as follows:
R. W. Stewart 99
Denis Kearney 18
A. 0. Vignes 19
Total vote 126
Necessary to a choice 63
A quarrel arose during the time that
the ballot was being taken. Pandemon
ium reigned for ten minutes. The whole
trouble was occasioned by the voting of
proxies. It took some time to secure
order. Officer Stewart intended to with
draw his name, but his friends would
not permit him to do so. He was pulled
off the platform.
Judge Silent claimed that Phil Stan
ton was endeavoring to even up an old
score, and was voting seventeen proxies
for Stewart.
S. A. Garrett was of the opinion that
Mr. Stanton had a right to cast the votes
he had proxies for.
P. A. Stanton made a defense of him
self. He said that be had the right to
vote the proxies.
E. F. C. Klokke said that Stanton had
no right to use his proxies to even up
old Bcores.
P. A. Stanton claimed that he had a
right to cast hiß proxies as he saw fit.
The name of A. 0. Vignes was with
drawn before the ballot was taken, his
brother stating for him that he did not
want a nomination procured in the way
he would have to get this one if he won.
For a long time it was absolutely im
possible to hear yourself think in the
hall, tbe delegates simply raised such a
howl that tbe convention resembled a
gathering of about a hundred lunatics.
The chairman rapped in vain. The four
sergeants-at-arms were appealed to, but
mob of excited delegates. The colored
contingent went wild with excitement
and rage. They received the withdrawal
of Vignes with derisive cheers.
But when the remit ef tin ballot wat
announced, then the colored brother did
go wild sure enough. They yelled and
cheered and threw paper in the air.
Prize orator Hawkins turned himself
loose and let out a yell that awakened a
sick man in Pasadena.
Thia completed tbe work of tbe city
convention and it adjourned.
Then the general convention was re
assembled. There were about forty
delegates in tbe ball when this took
place. It waa 7 o'clock, and everybody
was weary and tired.
As soon as the reports from the various
district conventions were read and ap
proved, the convention adjourned sine
die. Ihia closed the moat remarkable
gathering of tbe Republican party ever
held in any county in the atate of Cali
Township Conventions.
In only two townships were nominees
for townahip officea made yesterday.
They were as follows:
Fairmount townahip—Justices of the
peace: J. W. Ong and O. L. Liveaey.
Constables: M. F. Andrada and J. N.
La Ballona—Justices of tbe peace: W.
P. Ross and W. J. Bryant.
Constables: J. O. Lamb and W. J.
In tbe other townships nominations
will be made at a later day.
Harbor Statistics to Be Printed — A
Beauty and Type-Writer's Contest
at the Fair—An Incorrect
Climatic Map.
The board of directors of the chamber
of commerce met yesterday afternoon,
there being present Directors Wells, For
man, McGarvin, Jevne, Graff and Fran
Director Wells occupied the cbair, and
C. D, Willatd acted as secretary.
After the transaction of routine busi
ness, Judge Graff tendered a report in
behalf of tbe committee which arranged
for the meeting with the harbor com
mission. At tbe conclusion of his re
port be recommended that the proceed
ings of the meeting be printed at the ex
pense of the chamber, together with
auch additional material as might tend
,to show the; general prosperity of tbe
country and ita need for the deep-water
harbor. The report was adopted, and
the recommendations ordered carried
It waa decided that tbe matter of tbe
additional statistics to go into thia
pamphlet be referred to the committee
on statistics, together with the secre
tary, with the request that they act im
It waa moved and carried that the
committee on the diatrict fair be in
structed to advertise » prize of $10 for
tbe best suggestion aa to tbe beat scheme
for entertainment at the coming fair.
A communication from Thomas Tay
lor, with regard to the coal and iron
measures of Utah, was read and ordered
filed, with the thanks of tbe board to
the writer.
Tbe secretary stated tbat Dr. J. P.
Widney wished to call the attention of
the board to the fact that the Pacific
Steamship company gave round trip
rates from both San Diego and Santa
Barbara, but allowed no round trip from
Los Angeles, San Pedro or Redondo.
He waa instructed to write to the com
pany and ask for an explanation of the
The president called attention to the
climatic map of tbe state, published by
the state board of trade, in which the
state was districted in colors according
to the mean annual temperature, the
result of which was to place the Sacra
mento and San Joaquin valleys in the
same climatic division with all the coast
regions of Southern California, which
would give people at a distance very er,
roneous ideas of the real climatic con
ditions of this section. On motion of
Director Forman, the president was
requested to write to the state board of
trade and ask whether some change
could not be effected in this map to cor
rect this mistake.
The applications for space for the hor
ticultural display at Hazard's pavilion
are being filled to the satisfaction of the
management. The Pomona board of
trade makes application for a space of
100 square feet. The Long Beach asso
ciation makes an application for 120
square feet, and the Downey board of
trade makes application for 130 square
A representative of Pasadena applies
for 120 square feet. The California Ink
company, of Santa Paula, applies for 100
square feet, and 225 square feet has been
applied for in tbe art department.
The new feature of the entertainment
programme will be a type-writers' con
test, which, with the beauty show,
makes two features entirely new to this
part of the country.
The board of directors yesterday after
noon instructed the secretary to offer a
prize of $10 for the beet suggestion for
evening entertainments to be given at
the horticultural fair.
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Russell Sags.
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