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The Flag Not Hoisted—The Council and
the Wharf Contract—Visitors From
Los Angeles—Local Hap
' Bept. 9.—Tom Hayes
has been back several days from the
convention at Lob Angeles. He says he
ie out of politics and be feels as satisfied
as if he bad received the Republican
nomination for sheriff. Mr. Haye6,
nowever, expressed disgust at certain
buldoziDg tactics pursued in the nomi
nation for sheriff, and also at the ring
methods that were attempted with him
by certain delegates who wanted deputy
snips, i
This has been Admission day, but no
one here seemed to take a holiday, ex
cept, perhaps. Mr. Kinman who, of
course, could not be expected to raise
the flag on such an occasion. It isn't
legal to work on a holiday.
Notices are posted about town by the
Long Beach Gun club for bids for taking
care of its grounds, from November 1,
1892, to March 1.1893. The bids are to
be in by September 21st.
The "council met last night and ad
journed until Saturday night. At tbe
meeting then the final changes, etc.,
in the wharf contract will be made and
forwarded to Darbey, Layden & Co., in
San Francieco, who will then furnish
their bond, and at once ship the lumber
for the wharf. The council haß not yet
selected the superintendent of construc
tion. Several good men have been
named, but a decision will not be made
until after several more meetings.
This afternoon the boye were out prac
ticing for tomorrow'e baeeball game. It
was said tbat they were going to organ
ize tonight with a view of incorporating
The Foresters will shortly turn their
goat looee upon the town and let bim
clean np all the loose paper and tin cans
in the streets.
The Prohibitionists and Populists
held tbeir joint discussion in the Tab
ernacle tonight. C. P. Dorland spoke
for the Prohibitionists and C. A. Wal
dron dilated upon tbe excellencies of
the People's party view.
A party of ladies and gentlemen from
Los Angeles spent the day here with
Mrs. H. J. Douglass and Miss Anna
Douglass. They lunched at the cottage
of Mrs. Douglass. The personnel of the
party was as followe: Mre. T. S. Cham
bere, Mieeee Mary Junkin, Annie S.
Field, Anna Junkin. Eesie Junkin,
Mary Hays, Jeeeie Chambers, Alice
Chambere, Meesrs. E. Hayes, Charles
J. Service, William Chambers and W.
S. Ball.
D. Layd»n, the junior member of the
successful wharf builders, left today for
San Francisco.
Mr. Henry Fleishman spent today
with his family here.
Miss Amy Sullivan returned to Los
Angeles thiß evening.
Mra. Captain Healy and Miss Healy
left today for Catalina.
Mr. and Mra. E. S. Field and three
ebiidren, who have been staying here
for tbe season, returned to Los Angeles
Harry Heffner and George McKeebe,
two of Loa Angelea' footballieta, epent
tbe day here.
W. J. Broderick was here today and
registered at the Seaside inn.
Mre. Henderson of Pasadena ie here
for a vieit.
Mre. Fuller of Los Angeles is here for
several weeks.
Mrs. Julia Warner of Santa Ana is
visiting friends at this place.
John Roberts returned this evening
from hia labora at the Republican con
vention at Loa Angelea.
Long Beach Business Directory.
HOLMAN, THE DRUGGIST, carries the la'g
est stock of drugs and stationery, perfumery,
and makes perscriptlons his specialty. Long
Beach, Cal.
WET BATHS a spec ialty at Alex's bath house.
Baitey, corner Third and Pine streets.
FETTERMAN HOUSE, Pine st'eet near First.
Slcely furnished rooms with board; rates, $1.25
per day. Mrs, I. L. Fetierman, pioprletress.
J. W. WOOD, M. D., office over Holman's
drug store.
THE SEASIDE INN, Long Beach, CaL, select
family hotel; all new snd modern appoint
ments; exceptional beach for bathing; also
pleasure driving; table first-class; rates reason
ing lots and acres in choice locations at reas
onable prices and upou easy terms.
UNION MEAT MARKET, corner Pine and
lecond streets. A first-class establishment. F.
L Dames, proprietor. Cold storage.
SPEARS & EVKY, livery and boarding stable,
Ocean avenue and Pine street.
W. W. LOWE—Real estate, insurance aad no
ary pabllc.
Numbers of Acacia Trees to Be Planted.
Local Affairs.
Redondo Beach, Sept. tt.—After giv
ing full and fair trials with various
species of evergreen trees and shrubs, it
has been satisfactorily demonstrated
that the acacia is better adapted to this
locality than almost any other tree. It
thrives vigorously and grows rapidly in
the saline atmosphere so powerful along
tbe sea coast.
The beach company and many others
in this place are planting largely of tbat
beautiful evergreen, whose rich foliage
will soon greet tho eye in all directions.
C. W. Munger, Esq., of the Southern
California bank, accompanied by Mrs.
Munger, were among the arrivals this
morning. Mr. Munger shows his ap
preciation of this locality, having pur
chased a ranch near town, where he
purposes to abide in the near future.
Among the visitors at Redondo Beach
today were Wm. Hood, chief engineer,
and W. D. Gilette, assistant engineer of
the Southern PaeiSc company.
Arrivals this morning at "Hotel Re
dondo are: J. J. Meyler, U. S. A.; Len
T. Paris, San Bernardino; Mrs. H. M.
Hamilton, Misß Hamilton,E. T.Thomp
son and wife, Pasadena; Wm. Hood,
San Francisco; W. D. Gilette, Oakland ;
G. A. "Vanderbeck, W. T. Kennedy,
Mrs. M. A. Harbin, Miss Rose Harbin,
G. A. Davidson, jr., A. P. Haywius,
Miss Simmons, Los Angeles.
Arrivals at Ocean View houee: G.
W. Oaterhout, Rudley; Cyrus Gastlin,
San Bernardino; Leo. Krooner and wife,
J. Woodson, South Rivereide; E. D.
Elliott and wife, Los Angeles.
Dandruff is due lo an euieebled state of
the skin. Hall's Hair Renewer quickens the
nutri ire functions of the skin, healing and
preventing the lormation oi dandruff.
I Mini up Hats.
Everything new and nobby in Dunlap'a and
other celebrated hats can be found at Des
mond's, No. 141 South Soring strtst, Bryson-
Bonebrake block. Fall ityle»"sow ea sale.
The Whittier Cadets Having a Very
Pleasant Time.
Camp Banning, Catalina, Sept. 8. —In-
stead of tbe Linda bringing tbe visitors
from Avalon yesterday, tbe launch Mas
cot performed tbat duty.
As the season over bere is so near at
an end, one would naturally think that
the crowds would decrease. If one had
been in camp yesterday he would think
just the opposite, as the crowds in camp
are increasing daily.
A large whale was seen about three
quarters of a mile off shore last evening.
Mr. Alex. Newman and a number of
friends came up in a sail-boat, and were
among the many visitors in camp yes
Mr. Landreth, accompanied by First
Lientenant Fowler, of Co. C, and others,
took a sail about seven miles up the
coast yesterday morning. Tbey suc
ceeded in bringing back a large and
choice assortment of shells and curios.
The engineer corps of the echool, ac
companied by Quartermaster Mr. Sher
man Wiggins, took a long sail yesterday
afternoon. Tbey reported having agood
time. Notwithstanding the fact that it
was quite rough outside, they did not
get very wet.
Several hundred pounds of fish were
landed by tbe fishermen for the camp
this morning. They always Eucceed in
making a good haul, but tbe fishermen
of the camp do not have quite so much
The steam launch Linda took a merry
party of excursionists up to tbe isthmus
yesterday, passing by camp on her re
turn trip at about 5:30 p. m.
Mr. Sherman Wiggins took a moon
light sail up to Avalon last night.
Moonlight sails seem to be the fad
among the many different officers in
camp, as bardly a nigbt passes without
seeing several of them out sailing.
There is still a great deal of talk on the
proposed boat race between George Jack
son and Joe Betancue, and Thomas Mc-
Cartney and tliram Saunders. Although
the former bave the call among the ma
> jority of the camp, the latter have a
good many staunch supporters. The
race ie to be a handicap. Jackson and
Betancue give their competitors 100
yards in a half mile turn.
Captain Clark and a number of the
boys took a sail up to Avalon and re
turned this morning.
There ie plenty of freeh muttou sent
up from Avalon for the camp daily.
In the proposed boat race, tbe super
intendent is among tbe many admirers
of Saunders and McCartney. He says
he is sorry it wae ever mentioned, aa
Jackson and Betancue will feel "gloomy"
after the race is over.
A large number of ladies and gentle
men viewed the dress parade and bat
talion drill from headquarters yesterday.
The euperintendent, accompanied by
Cadets Albert Bell and Milton Fowler,
took a stroll among the bills back of
camp last evening.
The euperintendent, together with a
number of boys took a sail up to Avalon
last night.
Mrs. C. O. Dewey, of Los Angeles, was
among the many visitors in camp yes
Mr. David Booth, Mr. Carson and
Geo. Cook left camp permanently last
evening. They return to Whittier after
spending an enjoyable week in camp.
Mr. Will Robinson and ladies, of Los
Angeles, viewed the dress parade and
battalion drill yesterday.
Among the many visitors in camp
yesterday, wae a gentlemen who haß
epent several years in the militia. He
said that this greatly surpassed all of
the drilling he had ever seen.
Mr. Rob Kendall, of Loe Angeles, who
has been rusticating at Avalon for the
past nine weeks, was among tbe many
visitors in camp yesterday from the
eteam yacht Hattie.
Mr. Blake, of Los Angelea, who is re
porting for the Los Angeles Herald,
Times and Express, was a visitor in
camp yesterday. He was well pleased
with the dress parade and battalion
Quartermaster Sherman Wiggins re
turned from Whittier last nigbt, after
an absence of two days. He brought
over two new boys who were recently
committed to the school from Loa An
A number of boys took a trip to tbe
isthmus yesterday morning, returning
with a large assortment of curiosities,
among which wae a large ehell of great
Major Hutchinson, of Company C,
took several boat loads of small boys
out sailing yesterday.
Cadet Saunders and others caught a
large string of fish yesterday.
Cadets Harry Whiting, John Fay and
others took a ramble over the bills yes
terday afternoon. They ran into a
swarm of yellow jackets, who gave them
a merry chase.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, fa
mous for its cures of bad colds, and as a
preventive and cure for croup, 50 cants
a bottle.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, a general
family liniment, and especially valuable
for rheumatism, sprains, bruises, burns
and frost bites, 50 cents per bottle.
We sell Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, the moßt suc
cessful medicine in use for dysentery,
diarrhoea, colic and cholera morbus, 25
and 50 cent bottles.
St. Patrick's Pills. They are the best
physic. They also regulate the liver
and bowels. Try them, 25 centß per
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
for tetter, salt-rheum, scald head, ecze
ma, piles and chronic sore eyes. 25
cents per box. For sale by C. F.
Heinzeman, 222 North Main, druggist.
The Chicago Delicacy Store
Has changed hands. Will be ran in first-class
style. All kinds of family delicacies can be
had at all times. Boast meats, boiled ham and
smoked tongue a specialty. 336 South tpring
street. Telephone 856. Mmes. Thompson &
Sinnott. Proprietors.
A Revolution Sale
At Great American Importing Tea Company's
stores, 135 North Slain ttreet, aud 351 South
Spring street, Los Angeles. Complete tea sets,
decorated, $2.65. Complete dinner sets, $7, $ >
and $10. Everything in crockery, chiuaware,
glassware.and tinware of beautiful new shapes
and decorations, nearly one-half old-time
prices. Go and see tbe grand display at their
William Slaney,
Having opened his new store at 244 South
Spring street, with an entire now line of boots
and shoes, wou'd bo dlad to meet his old
friends and patrons, and many new » nes. His
stock embraces the best goods in the city, and
at the most reasonable prices.
Stylish Hats.
Men who wish to be well dressed should go
to Desmond's, No. 141 South Spring street,
Bryson Bonebrake block, and secure one of his
famousDunlap hats A full line of fall styles
in silk, stiff and soft hats now ready.
J. P. Taggart & Co.,
Wholesale and retail liquor dealers, have re
ceived a full supply of Old Taylor Whisky.
115 South Spring street, next to Nadeau hotel.
John Wiclaud beer fresh on draught, 5 cents a
Promises That It Will Be a Harmonious
Uathr ring—The Excursion to New
port — Interesting Santa
Ana Brevities.
The Democratic county convention
will meet today in Spurgeon's hall, for
the nomination of a county ticket and
the eelection of an assemblyman and a
county central committee. Every indi
cation now pointe to a harmonious gath
Probably the only fight before the
convention will be that of sheriff. Theo
dore Lacy, the present incumbent, and
William Beseonnett an old-time resi
dent, who would like to be sheriff, are
both working hard for the nomination,
and, as both have a strong following, it
is hard to predict the winner. There is,
however, one thing certain, and that is,
that either man can defeat the Repub
lican nominee—Fred C. Smythe.
The Democratic party of Orange
county is well organized, and, as a
strong ticket will be put in the field,
today everything looks favorable to its
Despite the fact that Republican lead
ers bere wear a broad smile, and tell you
that they think they have placed a
Btrong ticket in the field, they feel, away
down deep in tbeir hearts, that the
Union League got sat down on pretty
hard in the convention of a week ago.
Anaheim and Tustin got the beet offices,
and Santa Ana and the Union League
got tbe cullinge. Now and then a good
member of tbe g. o. p. may be found
who will come right out and openly say
that the "hay seed districts got the per
simmons, and that Santa Ana got the
The cold water people, too, hold their
convention today, and intend to place a
full county ticket in the field. Tbe
Prohibitionists in this county are quite
numerous, and they claim a goodly
number of followers for Bidwell and for
their principles. As a Democrat rarely,
if ever, becomes a Prohibitionist, tbeir
atrength ia drawn mainly from the party
of paat records.
The political party has commenced to
boil in Orartee county, and with Dem
ocratic, Republican, Prohibition and
People's party tickets in tbe field, the
campaign will be a liveiy one.
. An excursion to Newport beacb, un
der the auspices of the Veterans' Asso
ciation of Orange county, was held yes
terday in commemoration of tbe ad
mieeion of California into the union.
About four hundred Santa Anane
availed themselves of excursion rates,
and took a run down to the beach, en
joying the freeh ocean breezes and a
dip in the ocean there in the forenoon,
and in the afternoon listening to the
following programme: Music, by Holt's
martial band; address of welcome, by
Judge Towner; music, by Holt'e martial
band; oration, by J. S. Pitman. After
these exercises had been completed,
dancing was inaugurated, and those as
sembled tripped the light fantastic to
their heart's content. The day was
most pleasantly spent, and all who at
tended enjoyed a fine time.
The agricultural society and Santa Ana
board of trade hold meetings today.
A large number of Santa Anans will
take advantage of tbe excursion rates
to visit Redondo Beach tomorrow.
A baseball club is to be organized
here, and interest in the national game
will be augmented by a revival meeting
of base bal lists in the near future.
Would'nt it be a good plan for the
bums that hang out on the steps of the
First National bank every evening, to
move on ?
Hon. W. W. Bowere, Republican no
minee for congressman for this district,
is in Orange county, making a bouee to
house canvass. We feel eorry for Bow
ere, for he wanta to go to congress so
badly, and all the time we know that
he has not the ghost of a chance.
J. Beatty has gone to San Francisco
for a few days.
L. H. Mabury of Los Angeles was in
town yesterday.
Chas. Foster baa gone to San Fran
cisco for a short viait.
W. H. Spargeon is seriously ill.
W. H. Neece, a pioneer of this valley,
died suddenly at hie home here last
nigbt, aged 00 years. Death was caused
by heart disease, and the deceased leaves
a wife and five children.
Mra. W. K. James and family have
gone to Nogales, Arizona, where they
will hereafter reside.
A pleasant evening was enjoyed by a
few guests at tbe home of Mr. and Mrs.
Bradford last night. Music was the
chief pleasure of tbe evening.
Fishing at Newport is excellent, and
several large catches are reported.
Financially Embarrassed.
A large mannfactnrer, whose affairs were
very much embarrassed, and who was over
worked and broken down with nervous ex
haustion, went to a celebrated specialist. He
was told that the only thing needed was to be
relieved ot care and worry, and have a change
of thought. This doctor was more considerate
of his patent's health than of his financial cir
cumstances. He ought to hove advised him to
use Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, the best
remedy for nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
dizziness, headache, 111 effects of spirits, tobac
co, coffee, opium, etc. Thousands testify to
cure. Book and trial bottle free at C. H, Hance.
O, What a Cough.
Will yon heed the warning? The signal per
haps of the sure approach of that more terrible
disease, Consumption. Ask yourselves If you
can afford for the sake of saving 50c. to run
the risk and do nothing for it. We know from
experience that Shlloh's Cure will cure your
cough. It never falls. This explains why
more than a Million Bottles were sold the past
year. It relieves croup and whooping cough at
once. Mothers, do not be without it. fox
lame back, side or chest, use Shlloh's Porous
Plaster. Sold wholesale by Haas. Boricli £
Co., and all retail druggists.
Extra Double Presents Given
At Great American Importing Tea Company's
stores, 135 North Main street and 351 south
Spring street, Los At geles. A visit to their
stores will secure you tae best teas, coffees and
spices at lowest prices. Extra dou >le tickets,
extra double premiums, extra double valae.
Patronize California Industries
By ordering S. F. Double Extra Brown Stout
superior to any foreign made stout and porter
Jacob Adloff, agent.
Our Home Brew.
Maier & Zobeleln's Lager, fresh from the
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
loons, delivered promptly ln bo'tles or kegs
Ofllce and Brewery, 444 Aliso st. Telephone 91
Trasses and Shoulder Braces
At John Beckwith & Son's, druggists, 303 North
Main Btreet, junction of Spring and Temple
streets. A fit guaranteed. No trouble to show
Drink John Wleland or Fredericksburg lager
beer, on tap at all first-olass places.
Children _ Cry for_ Pitehei^Castoria,
Miss Ettie Brown Becomes Mrs. Ntnde.
Supper to a Sunday School.
Pasadena, Sept. 9.—-The members of
tbe city council are investigating the
rights of the Santa Fe, in connection
with the new switching ordinance. A
conference will be held with Manager
Wade, and some adjustment of the diffi
culty may then be reached. There is
no doubt but tbat tbe switch south of
Colorado street is private property, and
as such, should not be rendered useless
without some compensation.
Tbe literary committee of the
Woman's World's Fair association bolde
a meeting next week, for the purpose of
making final arrangements for the
pamphlet which will be published soon.
Mrs. Fred Swift, who was taken sud
denly ill laet night, is reported very
A supper was given last evening to
the Sunday echool of All Saints church,
by tbe ladiee of the parish, about sev
enty-five scholars participating. After
the spread had been heartily enjoyed by
tbe young people, they were entertained
by an exhibition of Btereopticon views.
The wedding of Mr. Albert Ninde and
Miss Ettie Brown, daughter of Mr. and
Mra. R. H. Brown, waa celebrated last
evening at the residence of the bride's
parents, Rev. C. E. Harris, pastor of the
Baptist church officiating. The house
was beautifully decorated, the arrange
ment of the flowers being especially
tasteful. A number of frienda of the
contracting parties were present. The
latter were the recipients of many ele
gant presents. A wedding dinner was
served after tbe ceremony. The young
couple will be at home to their friends
at their residence on Adella avenue.
Calvin Hartwell went to Catalina to
day to join his family.
Mr. and Mrs. Summers returned this
morning from a month's stay at Wil
son's peak. Mr. Summers ie much im
proved in health.
Misb Kate Kennedy, sister of Mrs.
McGowan, who has been visiting bere
for several weeks, returned east today.
Miss Godfrey of North Paeadeba has
been awarded thePbwbe Hearst scholar
ship at the State university.
The delegates from Pastdena town
ship will meet next Monday afternoon
in Williams' hall, to nominate the town
ship officers.
Tom Grimes ia raising bis building
on Colorado atreet, tbe west side hav
ing eunk out of plumb several feet.
Hotel Green ie being thoroughly over
hauled and repaired, preparatory to its
The Valley Hunt club held a very
pleasant social meeting at its club
house this evening.
Davy's Researches.
Sir Humphry Davy was so much in
terested in electricity that he made
many experiments which have become
historical in their utility. His brilliant
discoveries so excited him that he could
with difficulty leave them for needed
repose. Ho would have killed himself
by hia constant experiments and steady
application to the science had he not
become prostrated and his life endan
gered thereby. His remarkable experi
ments, brilliant and triumphant, are yet
to be outdone by more modern philoso
phers. Sir Humphry Davy's great bat
tery, composed of 2,000 cells, became
world wide and historically honored. It
was the origin of the first flashes of what
is now termed the electric arc. That
was eighty years ago, and note the grand
discoveries since then:
Tho idea of two pieces of charcoal, one
about an inch long and ono less than a
sixteenth part of an inch in diameter,
being brought near to each other, till
they produce a bright spark, for so they
did. One part of the coal was imme
diately ignited to a whiteness, and by
removing them apart Davy found a con
stant discharge of electricity took place
sufficiently strong to heat the air in a
given space three times their size. He
caught the idea in a moment and studied
out the mystery which the two pieces of
coal had produced, a grand scheme
and discovery. He saw the most bril
liant ascending light, like a glowing
arch, broad and perfectly conical in the
The philosopher experimented to his
heart's content, each day bringing forth
new discoveries, and there is now no
higher scientific name known to men or
more honored for his great works and
discoveries than Davy, who, like Frank
lin, lived in his scientific experiments
and for humanity.
He, too, saw glorious discoveries to be
made, and hoped to live to witness the
result of many of his own discoveries.—
New York Telegram.
Strange Indian Heads.
Among the Indians of North America
many strange beliefs are held respecting
demon heads that wander about, some
times harmlessly and at other times for
malignant purposes. Some of them are
of gigantic size, with wings, while oth
ers have faces of fire.
There used to be a society among the
the Iroquois organized for the purpose
of propitiating these extraordinary ter
rors. The latter, according to popular
conception, most commonly moved about
from tree to tree in solitary places,
where they were apt to be encountered,
much to the discomfort of hunters and
women who chanced to be alone in the
forest. Few things can be imagined
more disagreeable than to meet unex
pectedly in the woods a great head six
feet high, without legs, arms or body.
Occasionally these remarkable crea
tures would talk, but it was chiefly at
night that they had a fiery aspect, their
favorite nocturnal haunts being marshes
and pools. Members of the exercising
society wore masks in imitation of the
heads when they performed ceremonies
for the purposo of driving such demons
away. Of courso the fire faces were
invented to account for the jack-o'-lan
terns or "ignesfatui" which haunt moist
places.—Washington Star. .
Malllne has made a hit among the ladles.
Removal Notice,
Mrs. 8. Lawrence, formerly of 235 Ponth
Spring street, has removed her halrdrossing,
manicuring and beauty parlors to 853 South
Spring street.
Gent*' Hat* Cleaned, Dyad and Pressed.
Hanley, batter, 264 3oath Main sweet.
He Plead* Ignorance of the Law—The
Jury still Out—A Schooner
Steward's Predica
In the United States district court
yesterday Wong Wo was tried upon the
charge of having some twenty-eight
empty opium hoses in his possession,
without having destroyed the govern
ment stamps upon them. The defend
ant lives in this city, and as a defense
pleaded ignorance of the law.
The taking of testimony occupied the
morning session. It was proved that
the Chinaman had the boxes in his pos
session, and that they were in the con
dition alleged in tbe complaint. He
said tbat he thought when he opened
tbe boxes, that waa all that was neces
Revenue Collector Maxwell testified
that he informed the Chinaman, three
months before, that the stamps must be
destroyed, and illustrated tbe manner
in which it should be done. He alao
aaid that while the defendant said he
could not talk English, there were sev
eral Chinamen around at the time who
could, and that he believed tbey in
formed Wong Wo. The jury was out all
the afternoon, and could not agree upon
a verdict. At a late hour tbey had not
yet determined upon a verdict.
An examination was held before
United States Commissioner Van Dyke,
yesterday, of Charles P. Brandt,
steward of the schooner Glendale, which
recently arrived from Honolulu with
8000 cigars and 16 casea of gin aboard,
and in his possession.
Collector Osborne testified that the
defendant told him that he got tbe
cigara and gin in Honolulu, and brought
them to this country. The examination
was only partially held, and was contin
ued until today at 2 o'clock.
Azusa Lime.
W. H. Adams, who owps the only
fluorspar mine in the United States, lo
cated just above Azusa, has made an
other peculiar find. It is no less than a
large quantity of nearly pure lime,
which he saya would take but a slight
burning to convert into a first-class mer
chantable article. Tbe treasure in our
hills seem to be not half diecovered.
When They Became Acquainted.
"I knew that woman when she lived
in an attic." "Yes, I can remember
that time perfectly. It was when you
were living in the basement of the same
house." Then there was a silence, and
the waves gossiping to tho beach had it
all to themselves.—Boston Saturday
A Sensitive Family.
July 16, 1876, Jean Lafargue, his wife
and a daughter nineteen yeara of age
committed suicide by hanging them
selves in the dining room, all because a
neighbor had accused them of stealing
vegetables from her garden. This at
Oise, France. —St. Louis Republic.
A Dangerous Question.
Little Girl—How old are you?
Miss Antique —I—cr—how old do I
Little Girl (after reflection)—"P""*- r>
hundred.—Good News.
from the system,
the standard
blood-purifier and
tonic. It
Cures Others
will cure you.
needs food. If your
complexion is sallow,
"wl rough, scaly, pimply,
jaav* tJit is because you
?v» «5 neglect to feed it
\|f J with LOLA MON-
C" TEZ CREME, posi-
$fe?< tively the only
Bafe ana reliable
6 * B ' tm * 00{ * ant * '* 8 '
fVt*ut'(. f, ne builder known
4 lufta (/Scientifically pre
pared and entirely
free from any injurious Bubstance, it
opens tbe pores, increases the natural
and necessary secretions of tbe skin, re
storing tbe flesh to the firm and healthy
state of youth. No matter how bad
your complexion has become, this won
derful skin food will make it beautiful,
a source of pride to yourseli and a de
light to all your friends. A trial con
vinces the most skeptical. No face pow
der should ever be used without first
rubbing a little of the LOLA MONTEZ
CREME into the skin, thus softening
the complexion and preventing the pow
der from clogging the pores of the skin.
Price, 75 cents pot; lasts three months.
Ask your druggist.
Ladies at a distance treated by cor
respondence for all Blemishes or Defects
of Face or Figure.
(America's Beauty Doctob),
26 Geary Street, San FrancißCO, Cal.
dresser aud Manicure, 353 South Spring
street, lady agent for Lob Angeles, Cal.
8-13 cod 3m
Of 150 N. Main St., Los Angeles,
baa a resort at
A fall liae of California wines and brandies.
WieUnd's beer oa draught. •-« lm
Skookum Root
Vegetable /' WMIW tl Del'icata
Compound, j ,lj MBIS ||| Fabric.
Dandruff. ', ill Imßß'.iil I I Nature's
soothes, -Jf Imp ill °v l
Cools ' Vffllj ll' nem f/ T
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.) All
All Scalp
Itching TT . in Humors.
? he HAIR
Scalp. From
tfc 6BQWEB n
Dressing-. Substances.
Sold by Druggists, $1; slx,ss. Worth fS a bottle
Skookum Root Hair Grower Go.
Hervons Debility
Lost or Failing Manhood I
Involuntary Emissions, Impotency, Mental
Worry, Personal Weakness, Loss of Memory.
Despondency, and all other Diseases ol Mind
and Body, produced by youthlul lollies and
over-indulgence, quickly and permanently
PRICK, $2.00 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 910;
or in Pill form at same price. Call or write to
DR. BTKINHART, Room 12, 331H Sonth
Hiulng street, opposite Allen's Furniture Store,
Los Angeles, Cal.
SPECIAL and Infallible specifics aiso pre
pared for Gonorrhoea, Gleet. Byphllitlo and
Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
All communications strictly confidential and
private. Office hours: From 9to 4 p.m.; Bnn
days, from 10 to 18. 5-8 a 12m
"* "
X McLain & Liuman, Managers.
SEPTEMBER 13th AND 14th.
San Francisco's Great Success,
By Alexander Blsson, antbor of
Wilkinson's Widows, etc.,
now playing its
You wiU laugh ! Yon will shriek 1
Yon will yell 1
VJT Under the direction of Al Hath an.
McLain A Lehman, Managers.
-:-BATURDAY MATINEE !-:- > 18 A??. 1 ?
Grand and lm rosing production of William
Haworth's great spectacular
naval drama,
Direct from its triumphal engagement at the
California Theater, San Francisco, where it
played to the largest two weeks' business in
the history of the house. The full and com
plete production will be given in Los Angeles.
Seventh and Alameda.
: :
Watch the new battery, M'NAB and BALD WIN
Corner First and Spring streets.
(Family and Ladies' entrance on First st.)
Will tender every day, from 12 to 1:30 p.m.
(during lunch hour),
: :
Also every evening from 7:30 p.m to 12 m.
The best commercial lunch ln the city from
11 a.m. till 2 p.m., and from 5 to 7 p.m.
A la carte from 6p.m. to 12 m. 9-6 lm
114 and 116 Court street.
F. KERKOW, PaoraißTOß.
Family Entrance. Family Departments.
First appearance ol MISS HAT TIE MERTONB,
MORE, soprano; MISS UEB3IE
SEARLK, the highly ac
ccmplisbed Contralto.
MR. VAL VINO, the American Japanese Jug
gling Marvel.
And reappearance of the Berth Family, MISS
2 p m.. and from 5 to 7 p.m.
The only place for imported Bavarian beers
on draught, and Berlin Weiss beer; also Letup's
Extra. Hale and Buffalo. 4-3 U
311 S. Spring St., Near Third,
Removed from 160 8. Main at.
A comp'cte stork of Drug*, Chemicals, Toilet
Articles, Druggists' Sundries and Electrical In
struments always on hand.
Prescriptions carefully prepared at modsrn
prices. »»■"»■ «.80 0M

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