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The Meeting Yesterday of the
City Council.
A Large Amount of Important Busi
ness Transacted.
Action on Appointing Sanitary Inspect
ors DefVrre.i—Some Tlmi.ly Advice
for tbe City Treasurer—Street
and Sewer Work.
There was a full attendance at the
meeting of the city couucil yesterday.
A request of the street superintendent
to retain the copyist in his office for
another month, on account of press of
work, was granted.
CITY engineer's rkport.
The city engineer reported ordinances
which were passed, as follows: Ordi
nance of intention to construct cement
sidewalk on south side of Eleventh
street, from Pearl to Seutous. Final or
dinance establishing the grades on
Thirty-first street, Maple avenue to Fig
ueroa; Council street, Beimont avenue
to Union avenue; Scott street, Morton
street to Elysian Park; Casco street,
Temple to Bellevue avenue. Ordinance
of intention to establish grade of Alta
Btreet, from Downey avenue to Margaret
Btreet. Ordinance to grade, gravel,
cement curb and sewer Hope street,
from south line of First to south line of
Third, under the bond act. The rate of
interest was fixed at 7 per cent.
Also recommending that the poition
of zanja madre tunnel caved in, be tim
bered according tJ the plan formerly
recommended, in which Mr. Geudti con
tracted to do the work at $1.65 par lineal
foot. Referred to zatijft committee.
Plans and specifications were also sub
mitted for the proposed new water sup
ply for the city aB recommended by
special committee on water Bupply. Re
ferred to board of public works.
It was also reported that the amount
of cement required for the outfall sewer
is 12,000 barrels. Referred to the city
clerk to advertise for bids.
The special committee appointed to
draft resolutions on the death of Hon.
E. F. Spence, reported as follows:
Whereas, We have learned with deep
regret of the sudden death of our hon
ored citizen, ex-Mayor E. F. Spence;
Whereas, In Mr. Spence's death the
city and state have lost one of their fore
most citizens, a pioneer of 184.), a dis
tinguished gentleman, whose strong
individuality was the admiration of his
many friends; and, ■
Whereas, His energy, integrity and
thoughtful care for others has endeared
him to us all, then be it
Resolved, That our heartfelt sympathy
be extended to the bereaved family in
the irreparable loss of one so universally
loved and esteemed, and that a copy of
these resolutions be sent to tbe family,
and that they be spread upon the min
utes of this council.
The resolutions were adopted.
A contract of lease between the city
and W. H. McKeag and Wm. Hughes,
for premises in East Los Angeles for a
hose carl, etc., was approved.
The police commission reported the
demand of James Rivera approved for
$61.93, and the petition of W. S. Stock
well et al , for additional police in I". vet.
Los Angeles, referred back to council.
The demand was approved aud the
petition placed on file.
The lire commissioners' recommenda
tion to establish additional chemical
engines, on condition tbat council pro
vide that $18,000 be added to the fire
department fund in addition to tbe
tax levy, was referred to the committee
on fire and water and the finance com
The report of the commissioners for
opening Maple avenue made their bi
weekly report, showing expenditures.
Filed. The commissioners for widening
Seventh street reported recommending
that the unexpended balance be applied
to paying a debt of $1200, commission
ers' salaries, etc. Referred to finance
Preiident Bonsall called attention to
the communication of the board of
health, asking for the appointment of
additional inspectors to make a house to
house canvass. Mr. Innes thought the
emergency for such action had now
passed. Mr. Summerland moved that
the communication of the board of
health be called up from the committee
of the whole, and their recommendation
adopted. This motion received no sec
ond, and the next order of business was
proceeded with.
The report of the board of public
works was adopted as published, except
accepting bid to grade, etc., Win field
street, which was postponed one week.
An additional recommendation was
adopted tbat tbe contract be awarded to
J. S. Haigler for tbe grading and curb
ing of Hope street, from the south line
of Twenty-third street to the north line
of Adams street, at $2 per foot complete,
including curb. Adopted.
The finance committee reported rec
ommending that Henry Cline be allowed
to redeem certain property on payment
of $4.29 and redemption fee. Adopted.
The committee also reported recom
mending that the auditor credit the tax
and license collector with the following:
Amount of double and erroneous assess
ments on the delinquent assessment
roll, $2973.39; account of sales to city,
$102.36; total. $3075.73.
In the matter of the purchase of fund
ing bonds, a delay of one week in com
pleting the contract was asked for by
Judge Stephens, who wished to have the
word "legally" inserted and who
claimed the delay would be beneficial to
the city. He was willing to have tbe
contract date from today so the city
would lobo no interest on the money.
On motion of Mr. Rees the delay was
The sewer committee repoited recom
mending acceptance of bid of E. Zur
etti, $1.32 per lineal foot, for the sewer
complete on Alameda street, from Aliso
to Third. Adopted.
Bide on painting bridges were received
as follows and referred to the bridge
committee: Goodwin & Jones, one coat
$1219, two coats $1781, 2 per cent die
count; Matthews & James, $1015 ant
$1315; James Clark, $1985 for woodwork
only, $4663 for asphalting iron work anc
two coats on woodwork; Alderte & John
son, two coats $1126; John Quiolan.
1 $940 and $1400; H. A. Pierce, $1460 ant
$1992; Fitzgerald* Dromgold, $863 ant
$1191; G, 8. Palmer, $800 and $1100.
The city attorney reported as follows
In regard to tbe contemplated change;
in the report of the commissioners foi
the opening of Hoff street, which report
you have referred to me, I am of the
opinion that the changes and alterations
may be made in the manner suggested,
but the report should then be readver
tised by the clerk in order that all per
sons whose assessments have been
1 changed may have tbe statutory time
within which to Ale objections as to an
original report. Adopted.
In the matter of the opening of Cas
telar stieetand the petitions by you re
ferred to me in regard to the same, lam
as yet unablejto report, tbe survey for
the proposed opening not bping yet com
pleted by reason of a press of other mat
ters iv the office of the city engineer.
I will take the necessary steps for the
defense of the chief of police in the case
of Davis, as directed by you. Filed.
Mr. Rhodes moved that an ordinance
be passed making it compulsory that all
parties building more than three sto
ries high put in modern Btandpipes for
tire protection. Adopted.
Mr. Rhodes moved that the street su
perintendent notify property owner or
agent on west side" ol Peail street, be
tween Tenth and Ottawa streets, to put,
in a cement walk before an ordinance
is passed, and save great expense.
Mr. Rhodes moved that the chief of
the (ire department notify the City
Water company to move tire plugs on
Seventh Btreet, between Main and Pearl,
from the old comers to the new.
Mr. Alford moved that the street su
perintendent till up chuckboles on San
Pedro street, from Sixteenth street to
city limits. Adopted.
Mr. Alt'ord moved that the street su
perintendent remove dirt from sidewalk
on north side of Fourteenth street,
across zanja No. 3. Adopted.
Mr. Summerland moved that the side
walks and gutters on Macy street, east
of Alameda street, be cleaned of all
weeds and rubbish. Referred to the su
perintendent of streets.
Mr. Summerland moved that a wooden
culvert be placed across Macy street, be
tween Date and Lyon streets. Referred
to board of public works.
Mr. Tufts moved that the city clerk
have printed 200 c ipies of the specifica
tions for construction of tbe outfall sew
er. Adopted.
Mr. Rees moved that the city clerk
be instructed to make no deduction from
the salary demand of George N. Lock
wood, captain of the chaingang, for 10
days' leave of absence. Adopted.
The zanja committee reported, recom
mending advertising for bids for repair
of zanja madre tunnel. Adopted.
The minority of the special committee
on sprinkling Second street, from Hewitt
to Santa Fe, reported the sprinkling had
been done heretofore, and recommended
that it be continued. The report was
declared out of order and withdrawn.
The ordinance of intention to sewer
Center, place, from First to Second
streets, waß referred to the sewer com
Mr. Summerland called for the report
of the committee of the whole in the
matter of assistant building inspector.
The leport was not ready and Mr. Rees
said the committee of the whole would
meet the supervisors Friday evening, at
7 o'clock, in the council chamber, to
further discuss the matter.
City Treasurer Johnson called the at
tention of council to an amendment to
the bond law, which is sure to be adopt
ed, providing for bonds on the straight
40-years plan, and pointing out the ben
efit to the city of issuing tne remainder
of the sewer bonds and the waterworks
bonds under tbe new law. Heretofore,
he said, the chief stumbling block in
the way of placing bonds was tbat the
city had the option of paying them at
any time. Under the new law alo wer
rate of intereßt will be secured. On
motion of Mr. Nickell the matter was re
ferred to the finance committee and the
city treasurer.
An invitation was received for the
council to attend the celebration ou
Thursday, September 22nd, by tbe
French colony, of the proclamation of
the first republic in France. It was ac
An invitation to attend the Cabrillo
celebration at San Diego was accepted
and thanks tendered.
Petitions and protests were received
as follows: •
From H. C. Sigler, asking permission
to remove earth and gravel from in front
of his property, on Seventh street, to
conform to the newly established line of
said street.
From property owners, receivers of
mail on Pink street, asking for change
of name of that street to West State
From E. W. Joues, asking permission
to grade, gravel, curb and sidewalk
Seventh street, in front of his property,
a frontage of 269 feet.
From the police judges and others,
asking for better sanitary condition of
tbe police station, as already printed in
From 8. W. Hiller, Mrs. E. Johnson
and others, asking for a cement sidewalk
not less than six feet wide on tbe south
side of Twenty-first street, between
Grand avenue and Figueroa street.
From J. W. Mabb, asking council to
stop further proceedings on petition of
Ihrig and others, to grade Thirtieth
street between Grand avenue and Main
street, as said petition requires grading
with the natural gravel, and was signed
with that understanding.
From J. A. Cline, asking for damages
in the sum of $1788.96, by reason of re
taining walls and fills required to place
his premises on Macy street on proper
From Sarah A. Stewart, asking per
mission to grade, gravel, curb and side
walk tbe street in front of her premises,
at 1130 West Seventh street.
From J. L. Moore and others, asking
tbat an electric light be placed at the
corner of Fifth and Carolina streets, in
the Seventh ward.
From Thomas Holmes, J. R. Vogel
and other property owners on Seventh
street, asking permission to remove the
ground necessary to widen said street
and put in cement curb, replace gutter,
make cement sidewalk, not less than
11>2 feet in widith, by private contract.
A communication from Horace Bell
was read suggesting that, as council
dismissed the protest against the atreet
superintendent accepting the Figoeroa
street paving between Pico and Wash
ington, and there being an utter failure
of the Bituminous Lime Rock Paving
company and the Pacific Railway
compauy to pave their part of said
street, that council, as a matter of fair
dealing, order the street superin
tendent to do road work and charge
the same to Baid railroad company. It
is stated that the property holders have
been put to an expense of nearly
$40,000, or $16 per lineal foot; that, as
suming that the work so far done is
good, the winter rains and flooding of
the street will injure and perhaps
wholly destroy the work already done
unless the whole pavement is completed
before the rains. "When it comes to
the time that the street railway com
pany may be pleased to do their paving,
your honorable body will most certainly
call upon and require the property hold
ers to repave, and the Lord knows what
From Dr. L. T. Ellis, secretary of the
Medical association, as follows: At a
regular meeting of the Los Angeles
County Medical association held Satur
day evening, the following resolution
was adopted, and the secretary instructed
to send a copy of the came to you:
"Whereas the presence of cholera ia at
our shores, we cannot tell how soon it
will be in our midst; and whereas, filth
iness is a predisposing cause, and clean
ing our city is necessary, we as repre
senting the medical profession of this
city, do request that as many inspectors
be granted at once as the board of health
may deem advisable."
From Mary B. Mansfield, H. Jones
and D. Gotthelf, asking to be allowed to
widen Seventh street in front of their
properties by private contract.
From L. H. Rubens and others, ask
ing that the Electric Railway company
be allowed to put a track over Buena
Vista street bridge, to connect with the
tract in East Los Angeles.
From Messrs. Waldron and otberß,
asking council to abandon Twentieth
street, from Grand avenue to Main
From James Irwin, asking permis
sion to move dirt on hia lot on Bonnie
Brae street.
From F. A. Dewey, complaining of
the condition of streets left by the Elec
tric Railway company.
Frqm C- 11. Bush, asking to change
the line of Seventh street, in front of
his property.
All the petitions relating to the widen
ing of Seventh street were granted, and
the rest were referred.
Having completed the entire work for
the day, council then adjourned.
Special Officers Appointed—A Colored
Policeman Wanted—Humane Offi
cer Wright's Examination
The police commission met yesterday
afternoon in regular session, Mayor
Hazard in the chair, and Commissioners
Lewie, Snyder, Shatto and Mackey be
ing present.
Chief Glass turned in $5 which had
been paid to Officer John Craig by John
E. Jackson, C. E., for recovering some
valuable books. The amount was trans
ferred to the reward and charity fund.
Application of Philip Ladwig Hoff
man for appointment as special police
man on Temple street, west of Pearl
street, was referred to the chief.
Application of T. J. Dorsey for ap
pointment on the force was filed.
M. H. Howe was appointed a special
policeman, without pay, at the Athletic
ciub's grounds, at Seventh and Alameda
streets. _
A petition, Bigned by several hundred
citizens, was presented, asking tbat
Harrison M. Spiller, a colored man, be
appointed on the force in lieu of R. W.
Stewart, resigned. There was some
discussion, Captain Mackey objecting to
tbe appointment on the ground that the
Democratic party has not a sufficient
representation on the force, and that the
commission had agreed to allow the
Democratic commissioner to fill the new
vacancy. Mayor Hazard suggested that
under these circumstanseß Captain
Mackey's nominee be first appointed,
with tne understanding that the colored
population be considered when another
vacancy occurs. John W. Tyler was
then elected a member of the force.
The usual demands were approved.
A letter was read from Humane
Officer Wright to Mayor Hazard, in
which the officer declared that he was
being detained at Riverside and asked
for a continuance of his case. Mr.
Wright is charged with unjustly arrest
ing one Maurice Hill, on Spring street,
and with having been guilty of conduct
unbecoming an officer, as well as sub
jecting Hill to false imprisonment.
There were several witnesses in attend
ance. Young Hill was one of the boys
who were connected with the recent
Mother Brown case. The complainant,
himself, did not appear yesterday, but
was represented by his father,
who submitted affidavits recount
ing the boy's side of the case.
It is claimed therein that Officer
Wright, since the Mother Brown affair
trial, has taken occasion to make dispar
aging remarks to young Hill on every
occasion, and that, in the present case,
the officer had arrested the boy in front
of tbe Salvation army barracks, after a
short altercation. Deputy District At
torney-Phibbs appeared before the com
mission, and said that the Hills were
his neighbors, and that the boy had
borne a good character. Miss Lizzie
_Chriety also said a word in favor of
"Maurice. The case was left open until
the next meeting.
J. F. Burns, who was to have testified
in the Chinese gambling investigation,
wrote that he was detained in San Diego,
and could not be here. The investiga
tion was postponed, therefore, until next
Tuesday, and it was decided to summon
as witnesses Officers Stevenson, Purvis
and Mahone, and Messrs. Charles Piatt
and E. E. Shafer.
The commission then adjourned.
financially Embarrassed.
A large manufacturer, whose affairs were
very much embarrassed, and who was over
worked and broken down with nervous ex
haustion, went to a celebrated specialist. He
was told that the only thing needed was to be
relieved of care and worry, and have a change
of thought. This doctor was more considerate
of his patient's health than of his financial cir
cumstances. He ought to have advised him to
use Dr. Miles' Restorative Nervine, the best
remedy for nervous prostration, sleeplessness,
dizziness, headache, 111 effects of spirits, tobac
co, coffee, opium, etc. Thousands testify to
cure. Book and trial bottle free at C. H. Hance.
Heng Leo's Closing-Out Bale.
All kinds of silk andcrepesilk dress patterns,
dressing gowns, Bhawls fancy screens, Chinese
and Japanese curiosities, etc. Great reduction
in gentleman'B furnishing goods and ladies'
underwear. 505 North Main street, opposite
postoffice, station C.
Ring np telephone 468 for John Wieland and
Fredericksburg bottled beer.
Exchange Kevlew.
y New York . Bept 20.—The stock market was
j neither so active nor so strong. The general
market displayed the same stubborn firmness
of the early trading yesterday, but advance was
effectually thociked. The was dull and
' heavy, with roost stocks within the smallest
• fractions of opening.
8 Government bonds were dull but steady.
monjsy quotations.
Money on call easy; closing, offeiedat 3rer
I cent.
f Prime mercantile paper— per cent.
I Sterling excliauge—Quiet, steady; 60-day bills
s $4 85Ji; demand, $4 86%.
. New York, Sept. 20.—Bar silver, ier ounce,
. 88%e.
San Francisco, Eept. 20.—Bar silver, 83®
[ 83'4c per ounce.
San Francisco. Sept. 20.—Mexican dollars,
i oT^fa^c.
I stocks and bonds.
New York, Sept. 20.—Closing quotations
I were as follows;
l U. S.4s, reg '.14 Vorth American. 11 1%
V 8. 4s. coupon. .115 Northwesterff....lias
U. 8.25, reg «100 N. W. preferred .140
Pacifle6s. '107 ,N. Y. Central 15r%
At::hi«on 36J$ Oregon Impt 20
American Exp...120 uregon Nay 71
Canada Pacific... 86V* Oregon Short Line 21 !4
Canada Southern. 55% Pacific Mail 30W
Central Pacific... 28 Pullman Palace.. 93
Burllngion 97J4 Reading 54
Lackawanna . .152!* terminal 6H%
Denver & Rio Gd. 47% Rio Gr.nd West'n 34
B!f ,l 'lerf 53', Do. preferred. .. 69
Illinois Cent 97 'Firsts 178%
Kansas & Texas.. 25 Rock Island 7H-,
Lake shore 128% St. Paul 78M
Lead Trust 42% dt, Paul & Omaha 49' i
L'juisvl &Nashvl. 66% lexas Pacific .. liv
Mich, (,'mtral.... 104 Union Pacific ... 37>i
Mis-ouri Pacific.. U. 8. Express. S«
No:the'ii Pacific. 17S Wells,Fargo &Co 143
N. P. preferred... Union. 91%
*Bid. fEx dlv.
Boston, Sept. 20.—Closing quotations were as
Atchison 38%|Mex. Cent, com 15U
Burlington 97H Hell Telephone.. 20,!'*
SauDieyo 13HI
MINING stocks.
Nbw York, Sept. 2x—Tne louowlng are tho
closing prices:
Crown Point. .. 1.00 Plymouth 50
'-on. Cal. <)t va. 3.15 sierra Nevada.. 2.25
•ueadwood 2.20 'Standard 2.00
Gould & curry, i .00 UniooCon 1 7(»
Hale & Norcross 2.10 Yellow lacket.. .75
Homestake 14 On Iron Silver 60
Mexicau 180 Quicksilver .... 300
•North Mar. .. Quicksilver pf..17.00
Oniano 39 00 Bulwer. 20
OP""- 2.50 Chollar 95
Ban Francisco, Sept. 20.—Following are tbe
cloiiag prices:
gelcher 290 Peerless 10
Best and Belchr 2.50 Potosi 100
Ciiul'ar. 1.00 Savage 1.60
Con. Virginia.. 4.05 -ilerra Nevada. 240
Confidence 3.00 Union Con 1.95
Gould & curry. Ito Yellow Jacket.. .95
Hale & Norcross 230 Ophir 310
Peer .05 Crocker 05
San Francisco Market Review.
San Francisco, Sept. 20.-The vegetable nur
ket was dull and weak; supplies are same as
usual of late, and moderate inquiry. There is
no accumulation of stocks, but those on hand
move off slowly.
In fresh fruits supplies are generally plenti
ful and prices unchanged, under light demand.
Berries are scarcer. Cantaloupes are in better
demand Wine grapes are ci ming in slowly;
tale varieties are weaker. Good apples are In
demand, but pears are quiet, Peaches are
firmer, under light arrival.
The market for dairy produce is quiet for
fresh fancy roll better. Choice ranch eggs are
scarce and firm; eastern eggs are arriving in
quantity, with good inquiry.
Chicago Grain Market.
Chicago, Sept. 20 —The market opened y a <s
lower, but met good bHylhg iv belief that 75c
for December was the turning point: besides
this, local receipts were underestimated, de
crease ou ocean passage and better cables; ad
vanced %c. and closed strong and %o higher
than yestetday.
Receiptß, 315,000 bushels: shipments, 154,
--000 bushels.
Chicago, Sept. 20.—Closing—Wheat firm
cash, 72% c; Oct., 75^r.
Corn—Lower; cash, 45\ic; Oct., 46.
Oats—steady; cash. 32>ic; oct..32*£c.
Flax— $1.06.
other grain markets.
Liverpool, Sept. 20.—Wheat—The demand
is poor.
Corn—Demand poor to fair. Spot, firm at 4s
7C: September, firm at 4s 6%d; October, firm at
4s 7d.
San Francisco, Sept. 20.—Wheat, quiet;
buyer, December. $1.33Ji.
Baney—Steady; December, 89% c; buyer De
cember, 90^p.
General Markets.
New York, Sept. 20.—Hops, were quiet
but easy.
Coffee-Options closed steady. 20 to 25 points
up. The sales were 42.000 bags, Including
September, $14.10«»14.20; October, $14.00®
14.15; November, $13.85,«13.95. Spot Rio,
firmer and more active: No. 7, IbigKlo.
sugar—Raw, was quiet but flim; Centrifu
gals 96 test, sold »t 3%@3 11-ltic; refined, fair
ly active but firmer.
Copper—Dull, lake,sll.oo®U.lo.
Lead—Bteady; domestic, [email protected]
rin—Dull; straits, [email protected]#.
Chicago, Sept. 20.—Pork, firm; "0ath,(10.15;
Oct.. $10
Lan —Firm. Cash, $7. Oct, $7.45.
R bs—Firm; cash, $8.40; Oct., $8.40.
Short clear—Higher; $8 40.
Short ribs-Higher; [email protected]
Chicago, Sept. 20—Whisky, $1.15.
New York, Sept. 20.—W001, firmer and In
fair demand. Domestic fleece, [email protected]
New York, Sept. 20.—Petroleum: October
closed at 63>,.
I Tbe quotations given below are Los Angeles
wholesale selling prices.]
Provisions. '
Sams—Per ft., local smoked, 13& c; eastern,
Bacon—Per tb., looal smoked, 13}£c; eastern
breakfast, medium, 12J<c.
Pork—Per lb., dry salt; 11J4C
Dried Beef—Per ft., insides, I2s£c
LAEO-Compound, 3's, 9%c; s's, 9 l Ac; 10's
9c; 60 s, Sac. Pure leaf lard, 3Wc higher all
Mill Products.
Flour—Los Angeles XXXX, $4.40 per bbl;
Capitol Mills, $4.40; Bnerry's, $5.00; Crown,
$4-90; Vie or, $5.15; superune, $3.25; gra
ham, $2.40; Drifted snow, $5.00; Stoek
tonia, $5.00; Stur's choice extra, $4.85.
Mill Feed—Bran, per ton, $19.00; shorts.
$21.00; crackfd corn, per cental, $1.25; rolled
barley. $1.05; mixed feed. $1.15; feed meal,
$1 30.
Grain and Hay.
Barley—Brewing, $1 [email protected]; feed, 81.
Corn—Per cental, $1 20.
Oats—No 1, per cental, $1.50.
Whkat—No 1, per codtal, $1.40(31.50; No.
2, $1 20«1.30.
Hay—Oat No. ".,$10: wheat No. 1, $11; bar
ley No. 1, $9; alfalfa No. 1, $9. no. 2 grade
$1 lower ail around.
Straw—Barley, per ton, $5; wheat, $5.
Poultry and Kggs.
Poultey-Hens, [email protected] per doz.; young
roosters, $4(c£ss; old rooster*, $4; broilers,
*3.00,«3.50; ducks. $5.50®6 00; geese, $1 per
head; turkeys, [email protected] per pound.
F.OG9—California ranch, [email protected]; Eastern,
22{(24c per doz.
Dairy Products.
Butter—Fancy roll. 57»<S{60c; choice, 52H
«550; fair, [email protected]; Eastern tub, [email protected];
Eastern dairy, 19®23c.
Chesse—Eastern, 14c; California, factory
Honey and Beeswax.
HoNEY-Comb, [email protected]; extracted, 6®7c.
Almonds—Soft shell, [email protected]«e; paper shell,
19«521c; hard shell. 8(t$10c.
Peanuts—Raw [email protected] ft; roasted, [email protected]
Walnuts —Hard shell, 8c; soft shell, 9c;
paper shell, 10c.
Dried Fruits.
AFRiwrs-Per lb. sun dried [email protected];
bleached, [email protected]
Peaches—Per lb., sun dried,!.lo3l2Hc.
Fresh Fruits.
Apbic-its—Per box, 75c,
Bananas-Per bunch. [email protected]
Blackbkrribs—per lb, tic.
Lemons—Per box. Valley, $2.00(34.00;
Kure.a and Lisbon, $5.0006.00.
Peaches—Per box, 750.
Pineapples—Per doz., $4,55.
Raspberries—Per lb., 10c.
Strawberries—Per box, [email protected]
Beans, string—Per lb, \(a,t\r.
Cabbaob—Per lOu lbs, [email protected]
Chilirs—Dry, per string, 75c; green, per
lb., 25c.
Potatoes—Per 100 lbs., [email protected],25.
Tomatoes—Pi r box, 35.'369 c.
Onions—Per 100 lbs ,65ft!,75c.
. . Be iN £r pink ' *[email protected] per 100 lbs.;
Llmas, $2 50(a>3.00; navy, smalL $2.75(0,3.25;
large wnite, $2.70®3.25.

WBDNEeDAY, Sept. 20.
S C Kreamer to A Townsend—Lot 74, Witsen
dauger city train: $1.
0 L Knight to M L Harrington—Lot 17, bin
E, New Fair 0.-Es Aye tract, Pasudena; $1,450.
K. C. Skipley tt ux to Emanual Kyraud—
Land in Wilmington; $1,000.
JII Dunsn oor et ux to 11 E O Wtbb—Lot 13,
Minnth.ha Grove tract: $350.
State to Sta-e Loan and Trust Co—Lot (i, blk
12, Alos a; $11.73
J F Reynolcs et ux to J H H Fannce— Lot 20,
Held & Booth add, Monrovia; $50.
M L Wicks to W A Flemmlng—Lot 3, blk 111,
Pomona; $i 75.
W W Craig to M E Johnson-Third of U In
terest, in W sec 4, T 3 t). R4 W; $5,000.
W W craig to B Craig—Third of U interest W
M sec 1,1 3S,R 4W; $5 ;000
RMatthias et ux to J Goe:tsche—Lot 25, blk ,
B, Chirrot o tract; $900
G Hansen to X Verch—Lot 27, 28 and 52,
Brodrlcx sub; $10.
LA Cemetery asbu toW.G. Byers-8 W U
lot 1568, Kvergreen'cemeteiv; »50
D P Smart to H C Roemer—Part lots 3, 5 and
0 , blk 6, Downey; $1.
G W Tubbset ux to J Raymond—Part of lots
4 and 5, bl H, thaler & Lanterman's sued of
Moatague trt; $lUM>.
O Macy et al to Ban Clemente Wool Co-San
Clementeisland; $5000.
SB l'uftsto W T Grimes-Lot 24, Axford &
LandrethV subd of bl V, Painter & Ball's add.
Pasadena, $125.
W B Herrioit et ux to E A Miller—Lots 84 to
87. Miller & Herrlott's Bubd, Harp-r trt: $10
State to J Mallachowltz—of S.V, of nwu
and N}* of Sec 15, T4JN, R 13 W; $8 81
Btate co JMallbchowitz-sEi-i Sec 10, T 4 N|
KJo W, ip 7.07.
.I' *~,!^ pu ' yet ux t0 G Hansen—Let 5, Buhltr
. ? S Q l hipler et ™ x 10 1 Griffith-Lot 4, Buhler
I tit: ipoO-J,
W v Brashear to I A Weid—Lot 35, bl 3.
Meadow Glen trt; »100.
0 H Brown et ux to X 1 Baxter—Lot 20, bl D,
ii!l?. f 1 r * t-anterman's subd, Montague trt:
H LGunu to 8 W Barton et ux—Part lot 19,
Gunn & Hazzard's plal, Cnllen trl. Colima trt,
Santa Gertrudes grant: $1000.
State to J fcHßiesou—N 4i ft lot 3, bl 37, Ord's
survey; $45 33.
A V Dv .smooret ux to W T M Keely—Lots
18 aud l9,sublot 1, bl U, Lake Vmevard L and
W Co As>n; $5.
O ABtassioith et ux to C M Jay—Lot 28, An
nandale trt; $1500.
WM '! aggart to H S Barbour—Bl C, Avery St
laggart's sub Lick trt: $18
8 titration et ux to T J Flerrming etux-Lot
2, Stratton sub of H 400 feet lor 2, and N 165
feet lot 3, bl J, San Pas' ual trt: $1t,50
M Wcntworth to B Tbalman—Lots 5 and 8,
bl C, sub of lot 29, Mead wood Pa>k; $t 23 20
J W Hall to L Dunham—Lots 10 to 13. Dun
ham's sub lot 17, Kancho la Canada; $'1200.
Santa Gertrudes Laud Assn to W W Cheney-
Lot I, Rancho Sana Gertrudes; $"00.
C Krull to G Kitter-Ten acres in sec 31, T 6
N, R 11 W; $3500.
X L Perkins to W A Dunn—Lot 14, Martin's
sub Frank Green trt; $75.
0 S Taylor to X A Weutworth-Lots 1 to 4, bl
18. Alosia; $10,000,
Deeds 35
Nominal. 7
To,al '. .'.""543,114 85
Note—Figures separated by a dash represent
the book and page of miscellaneous records.
■ATien Baby was sick, we gave ncr CastorlW
Wren she was a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Cantoris
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
A new and Complete Treatment, consisting of
Suppositories, Ointment in Capsules, also in
Box and Pills; a Positive Cure for Externa!,
internal, Blind or Bleeding Itching. Chronic,
Recent or Hereditary Plies. This remedy has
never been known to fail. |1 per box, t; lor ;.5:
sent by mall. Why suffer from this terrible
disease when a written guarantee is positively
given with tt boxes. To refund the money if
not cured. Send stamp for free sample. Guar
antee issued by C. F. HEINZKMAN, druggist,
sole agent. 222 N.Maio street. Los Angeles. Cal.
"T. B."
Fold in 2 oz. Bprlnkle-top tins, y. lb, U lb, 1 lb
and 6 lb cans.
At all druggistß and grocers.
Quickly destroyed and easily prevented
by using
iSP- .t all drug stores.
„ „„ . F - w - BRATJN Sc CO.,
6-22 lyr Wholesale Agents.
Prloes low for spot cash, oi will sell on install
Between Fourth and Fifth Streets.
Telephone 984. P. O. box 1921 7-31-tr
Branch of the Dr. Liebig Co. of San Francisco.
Tno s,ail, ° f the Liebig World Dispensary are
1,10 °"' y surgeons in Loa Augeles porfovming
the latest operations required radical cure
Throat aud Lungs, dlseasesof
KftnB ' ftnd dlKua6es of women aHd children.
m^^^^tfp^Bl CUßoN,C mm AND DEPORMITIES.
* Appliaucos for Ruotare. Curvnture of the
"~'^s^^^^»utllVV'^BH""^ r ' Rpiue, Club Foot, and aU deformities, maim-
B * factured by our own instrument maker.
liriT Nervous Debility, Sexual Weakness, Loss of Power, Gleet, gonorrhoea, Syphilis,
X M Spermatorrhoea and all unnatural discharges of either sex ireaied with unfail-
IVI I |« ingsuoces«. Confidential book and bottle of German Invigorator given free to
fiA A_> 11 prove its merit; sure cure for special private and nervous troubles.
All our physicians constantly in Address nr. 1 irnin y nn 123 S. MAIN ST.
attendance from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.j (In oonfldence) UK. L LDlll CL OU LOS ANQBLEB.
Skookum Root
r ' rOWS
An?' S
else ff: >g\ g»
lead I r.wA.«l*k' V,l Halr
Sulphur. ( *™
I s soil
Purely / I Wi* \ Tl,e
Cools " : l J W ' J „ *!«
And ' "'I I Jll 22
Stops (Trade Mark Registered.! Ml
ll" s HAIR "'fa
\ ESJ , in T; ~i . , Substance?
sold by Druggists, $1; six,ss. Worth SB a bottle
Skookum Root Hair Grower Co.
The Doctor will tell all about your Disease
without aKkiug a quehli in, li you can
not be cured he will tell ;ou so, and
positively will not take your money.
Diseases of Men and Women Thor
oughly Understood. Quickly and
Permanently Cured.
Tho Golden Weßt Medical Institute, at No.
\42 South Main street, fully equipped
with all the latest and best .-Scientific
Remedies and Appliances.
Charges Low. All Cases Guaran
teed and Treated by
Specialists of long experience who are pre
pared to cure all
Diseases of Men.
Nervous Debility or Exhaustion, Wasting
Weaknes.es, Early Decay, Lack of Vim,
Vigor and Strength, all Disorders and De
bilities of Youth and Manhood caused by
too clOße application to business or stuoy.
Severe Mental Strain or Grief, Sexual Ex
cesses in middle life, or from the effects of
youthful follies, yield readily to our new
treatment. Every case guaranteed.
Women who Suffer
And are leading a life of misrry and nn>
happiness would de well to consult the
old doctor In charge. Twenty-seven
years' experience in the treatment of
Female Complaints. He is always ready
to assist you. No disease peculiar to
your delicate oiganism is bejoad his
sure control. Regulating treatment war
ranted for all irregularities, no matt>i from
what cause Private, confidential; you
need see no one but the doctor.
Kidney and Bladder
Troubles, Weak B ek, Pain in the Side,
Abdomen. Bladder, Kediment iv Urine,
Brick Dust or White, Pain while Urinating,
Bright's Disease, and all diseases of the
uriuary organs of both sexes.
Private Blood and Skin.
All diseases of a Private Natuie, Sores,
Di-charges, Skin Spots, Pimples, Scrofula,
Syphilitic, taint and eruptions of ail kUds
quickly and permanently cured.
$10O,C00 deposit forfeit for any cafe of
Cancer that cr.not be permanently re
moved without the use of knife. No pain
or danger. The doctor's own method, for
which he has been offered thousands of
dollars. Any skin Cancer, Mole, Wart, etc.,
removed in thirty minutes. Wo challenge
the world to produce an equal treatment
for the permanent cure of Cancer.
Mt*- Catarrh, Throat and Lung Troubles
Cured by our own exclusive Inhalation
II you ran not call you can be cured at home.
Write your casr, plainly. Medicine tent secure
from observation.
Cures guarantee! in every case.
142 South Main St., Lo<i Angeles, Cal.
MRS. M. CODIE, 210 Bonth Spring street.
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117, 119 and 121 South Los Angeles Street
Of 150 N. Main St., Los Angeles,
has a resort at
A full line of California wines and brandies.
Wleland's be'r on draught. 9-6 lm

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