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Joseph D. Lynch. James J. Ayers.
I .
! Entered at the poJtcffice «t Los Angticfc as
aeooud-clasK matter.]
At 80o Per Week, or 80c Per Month.
Daily Herald, one year $8 00
Daily Hkrai.d, sir months 4 25
Daily Heraid, three months 2 25
Daily Herald, one month 80
Weekly Herald, one year 2 00
Weekly HeraiD, sir months 1 00
Webely Herald, three months 00
Illustrated Herald, per copy 20
Office of publication, 223-225 West Second
street. Tfl. ohone 150.
Notice to Mall Subscribers.
Th< papers of all delirquent mail subscribers
to Ore Los Angeles Daily Herald will be
promptly discoitinued hereafter. No papers
will be sent to subscribers by mail unless tho
aame have been paid for in advance This rule
la Inflexible. AYERS & LYNCH.
The E SRALB is sold at the Occidental Hotel
new* strtnd. San Francisco, fur 5c a copy.
' * •. ' * afc *
pun yice-p*esidext:
A. E. STEVENSON Of Illinois

David D. Colton's house on California
Btreet, now occupied by Mr. Huntington
as a Mecca for the proprietors of "caved
down" newspapers, recalls many Pad
changes of front in the history of San
Francisco newspnperdom.
The Sanger Herald says that the actor
M. B. Curtis, more commonly known as
"Sam'l of Posen," is about to take up
hia residence on a vineyard near that
city. Perhaps not. Ilia second trial for
murder comes off directly, and Folsom
may have a prior claim on the Polak
The Springfield Journal, published at
the home of Abraham Lincoln, says the
Republican vote of that Btate will be
materially reduced by the emigration of
many farmers to Washington and Mon
tana. That's not the cause of it. Tbe
Illiuois farmers are slow people to move
and have just begun to find out that
Cleveland is their best friend.
Mrs. Victoria. Woodhull Blood Bid
dulph (did any of the other fellows get
away?) has been nominated for the
presidency by some New York cranks
whose platform is based upon the maxim
that "the gray mare iB the better
horse." As the constitution renders
females ineligible to the presidency, it
does not make much difference whether
Victoria or Benjamin gets the most
The prosecutions now being waged
against the Homestead strikers in Penn
sylvania would indicate that the office
holders in that R-publican state are all
arrayed on the side of wealth and mo
nopoly. The hard-handed workers of
the Monongahela valley may seek their
revenge at the ballot-box, and teach the
Carneir/ieites a lesson worth tbe remem
Ciiari.es A. Wetmore, a lifelong Re
publican and a journalist of twenty-five
years experience, writes a long letter to
the Oik land Times, in which he gives
his reasons for leaving the Republican
party aud arraying himself in the
panoply of the invincible Democracy.
There are many otiier sensible men who
are doing the same thing without pub
liahing the fact, and the "grand old
part.* 1 ' will never be aware of their dis
appearance from its ranks till tbe votes
are counted in November.
The Spanish grape crop is very short
this year on account of severe loss from
mildew in June, and now the report
comes that rain storms have just pre
vailed in the grape districts and done
additional damage to the small crop
that escaped the mildew. This misfor
tune to the grape growers of Spain will
leave the eastern American market
without the usual competition of that
country. California vineyardiste ought
to bo benefited by the absence of this
A'wall known citizen of San Fran
cisco, now visiting Los Augeleß, says that
thai city would elect a solid Democratic
legislative ticket if decent and honest
men could be put upon the ticket. The
merchants swear that no Republican
legislative ticket shall be elected from
that city until Mr. Crimmins and Mr.
Kelly are deposed from leadership in
the Republican party. A Democratic
ticket nominated by a committee of good
Democrats, could easily be elected, but
tbe Backleyitea say this is undemocrat
ic, and insißt upon primary elections.
That means a ticket which, if elected,
will be ruled at Sacramento by Sam
Rainey in Bucklev's absence. The
blind boss's shadow is all that stands
between us and a Democratic senator.
It ha* transpired that the failure to
secure from France the concession of
piacing the wines of California in the
minimum instead of the maximum tariff
list, was the result of the indifference
and the neglect of Wlmelaw Reid when
minister to France. The maximum con
ditions of tbe tariff list are prohibitive
of California wines, and on account ol it
Duncan Burkhardt, member of a San
Francisco firm of wine exporters, has
been compelled to ship back to this
state 200,000 gallons of wines he had
cent to France. Tbe minister of com
merce of France, when applied to on the
subject, said that the wines of California
which are needed in Burgundy for
blending with the lighter wines of that
department, would be placed in the
minimum list if official application were
made to the French government to do ,
so. Mr. Reid was seen about it, but he
never paid any attention whatever to
the subject. This is now admitted at
the American legation. We had com
menced successfully thej, shipment of
wines to France and the business-was
flourishing before the new French tariff
went into effect. Mr. Reid might have
saved ub this trade by merely making
formal application to place our wines in
the minimum list. California is cer
tainly under no obligation to vote for
Mr. Reid under the circumstances.
Capt. William L. Merry, in his lec
ture upon the Nicaragua canal project,
gave the most lucid and satisfactory ex
position of the scheme in all the details
of its organization we have yet seen.
With the light he has thrown upon it,
the objections that it might prove a sec
ond credit mobilier, or contract and
finance affair, if the government should
guarantee its bonds, are entirely dis
sipated. The government holds $70,
--000,000 of the bonds in escrow, and
would thus bo enabled to control the
company, by having the power to place
in the directory a majority of the board.
Captain Merry is very fair and candid
on the subject, and speaking for the
company, says they are willing to adopt
any further measures to secure the
United Stateß in control that may be
It, is hardly possible that at this day,
with the experience we have had on tbe
subject of government aid to great en
terprises, that the looseness and follies
of 1861-2 can be repeated. The people
are not carried away as they were at
that time with a great civil war od their
shoulders, but can calmly and patiently
consider every point of security that can
be thought of in order to protect them-
Felves from being overreached by the
men who are on the inside of this Nica
ragua pcheme. , Whatever is done in
the shape of great aid to the canal, will
have to be done by congress, and it is
not to be supposed that any measure
will pass both bouses now without hav
ing received the careful scrutiny and
the deliberate consideration of their
If, therefore, we take it for granted
that whatever measure of aid the
United States may grant to the enter
prise, will be fully guarded, and the in
terests of this country be carefully pro
tected in every respect, we can dismiss
this feature of the scheme without fur
ther comment. What remains is to
treat the canal upon the large basis of
its necessity to the expansion of our
commerce and the strengthening of our
naval power as a nation.
No one doubts the inevitable value of
the eornplation of the canal to the Pa
cific coant. It will actually bring Cali
fornia ten thousand mile? nearer the
great marts of the world, for ft will cut
off to our ships the navigation via Cspe
Horn in order to reach Atlantic ports or
Europe. This facta alone takes us ont
of our present situation of commercial
Mr. W. H. Mills, a railroad man him
self, fairly admits that the completion
of the Nicaragua canal will form a most
important fsctor of competition with the
overland railroads, and will necessarily
compel the companies to scale down
their rates very materially. At the
same time he believes that the canal
will be a benefit to the roads, because it
will greatly extend our commerce and
increase our population, thereby afford
ing a much greater variety snd volume
of traffic to draw business to them from
in the Pacific states. Heweverthis may
be, the fact remains that the canal will
become a permanent competitor of the
roads, and one, too, which they cannot
subsidize nor control. The result must
be a great reduction in rates to meet,
this competition, and that means every
thing to us. High rates of freights and
fares have kept California back at least
ten years in her march of prosperity,
and anything that can change this
ought to meet with our friendship and
We are glad that Captain Merry has
visited us, and illuminated, with his
clear and logical presentation, this whole
subject. No one can rise from reading
his lecture, which the Herald gave in
full yesterday, without receiving from it
the impression that the scheme is in
good bands, and that its managers are
honestly desirous that it shall merit tbe
confidence of the American people to
whom they appeal for aid in carrying it
The Democratic county central com
mittee, by the selection of Mr. 0. F. A.
Last as chairman, made a wise choice.
The committee is largely composeo of
yojng men, possessed of the necessary
energy, tempered by tact, to take pos
session of all points of vantage. Under
Mr. Last's charge it is certain that
nothing will be neglected to insure the
victory in November which now ap
pears so possible. The chairman has
already plans well considered for con
ducting the campaign, Lie force of
which will soon be made evident.
The Fresno Expositor says that it is
about time for some man from the
southern end of the state to be sent to
the United States senate. In the forty
years of our existence as a state, no man
has ever bqpn elected to tbe senate from
south of Stockton. The Expositor adds
that if the state goes Republican there
will be a duel for the place between De
Young and Felton, with a chance in
favory of the former; and if it goes
Democratic, Hon. Stephen M. White
will be practically without opposition.
The Afro-American is beginning to
realize that tbe Republican party is not
bis friend, maugre the fact that the
colored vote bas supported it with great
unanimity. Tbe convention of repre
sentative colored men at Indianapolis
has just taken a strong, stand
againet Harrison and the Republican
party. They also denounce the force
bill as desitrned for no other purpose
but to keep the Republican party in
power and its politicians in office, "at
the suffering and.expenee of the negro
race." The convention advises the elec
tion of Cleveland. The colored men are
right. As long as they blindly adhere
to the Republican party they will be
without force in politics.
A notable instance of the way the
laws governing divorce in this state can
be used by the evil disposed ia given in
another column. The case referred lo
concerned pereonß of not great wealth
and iv uninfluential walks of life. It
can readily be seen that the wealthy
and powerful can, even with more ease,
relieve themselves from irksome marital
bonds without cause, and without being
obliged to do justice to their deceived
consorts. The fault is in the inexcusa
ble secrecy which the law provides may
envelop all the proceedings in such
suits. Whenever secrecy exists in legal
matters suspicion follows close on the
heels of venality. It is true that throw
ing tho search light of publicity on such
cases may be occasionally productive of
harm, but the resultant good will a
thousand times outweigh any objection
that can be made. The next legislature
should repeal the secrecy statute; it
serves no good purpose, and is unques
tionably often made the means of com
mitting cruel wrongs, and overriding the
rights of innocent persons, who, in the
majority of capes, are women.
Tue Elevator trust in Montana and
Dakota is one of those infamies that
could enly be reached under the rule of
a party which declares the several states
have no rights which the federal gov
ernment is bound to respect. Montana
and North Dakota will pit down with
emphasis upon the party of trusts at'the
November election.
The funniest cartoon that I have seen
for a month is one in the New York
Evening Telegram of recent date. It
represents three figures, Cleveland on
the right, Harrison on the left and Gov
ernor Flower in the middle. Governor
Flower says "I don't care a d—n for
votes," and Cleveland and Harrison,
both strong Presbyterians, are repre
sented as turning away from him in
holy horror. The occasion that provoked
the remark that led up to tbe cartoon,
however, was one in which an outburst
of honest indignation was pardonable;
and when au exemplary clergyman like
Doctor Deems says from his pulpit "God
bless our brave and honest governor,"
it is very evident that Roswell has
squared matters with the recor. ng
» *
I had to laugh st a colored man down
on the RedonHo wharf yesterday, where
lie and bis superior fraction were pisca
torially engaged. She wae blowing up
when I came along, bo I said in a good
natured way:
"Wbat'B the trouble with the Abyssi
an race now ?"
"Der aint nuffin de matter wid de
Obscene race now, sah, only die yere
Jim Smiff, he's gettin to be freebost
"Preposterous, do you mean? In what
"Well a no accounter niggah dan dat
ar' Jim Smiff I neber see, an' a good
feller tew!"
"Well," I asked, "what's the matter
with Jeems?"
"Well, yer see, boss, we done come
down heah ter ketch some mack'l, and
Jim axed me for some bait; and I done
gib him tew big lobsters, an' he done
ate 'em bofe up, he's so hungry, he
* *
The late "Prince George" Lorillard,
whose powers as a raconteur were never
surpassed by any contemporary sports
men, was a martyr to inflammatory
rheumatism for the last ten years of his
life. He had a beautiful winter resi
dence at a place called Volusia, in Flor
ida, and thither the greatest pigeon
shooter of his day used to betake him
self when the chill November winds be
gan to whistle about the eaves of his
palatial New Yoik mansion. Not far
from his everglade cottage was a little
wharf on the bay, and thither the poor
sufferer used to betake himself on sun
shiny days, in a chair that he had made
expressly for that purpose, to fish for
snappers and channel bass. His ser
vant would wheel him down there in his
chair and leave him for an hour or two.
He would take a book and read awhile
if the fish did not bite.
One day the eunny-natured man no
ticed a negro fishing near him, one of
those old types of the "aged gem man
from away down sonf," that Charley
Howard and old Eph Horn used to por
tray with such fidelity.
"How da they bite, doctor?" asked
Mr. Lorillard.
"Dunno, boss, I haint got froo Cabin'
yet," replied the contraband, touching
hie remnant of a hat.
"What are you using for bait?" asked
"Wums, sab, done cotchem in de
gyarden up dab at de hotel," replied the
"Wouldn't you like to have some
shrimps or shedder crabs?" asked Loril
lard. "I have both in my basket here."
"No tank you, sah, l'se fiehin'for
eels," said Sambo, ',dey likes the wums
"All right," eaid Prince George,
"pleaee yourself, there's more than
enough for both of us."
An hour dragged slowly by and the
millionaire lay down his rod and began
to read his book. The darkey's head
began to nod and, leaning up against a
pile on the wharf, he fell into a sound
sleep. All of a sudden he sprang to his
feet, exclaiming:
"Fore de Lord, massa, I had a bite
done weighed a ton 1"
Two minutes afterwards the aged
darkey had a magnificent fish securely
booked. Tbe fish was a channel base,
and he struggled awfully for the ascend
ency, but the house of bondage bad him,
hard and fast. At last the big fish be
gan to tire of the unequal struggle, and
the old man hauled him in, band over
band. No sooner had he unhooked the
fish than be cast him back into the bay
and began baiting his hook afresh.
Lorillard's bold face grew blank with
astonishment as be asked :
"What on earth did you do that for?"
"I alters 'beys orders, Bab. De boss
done tole me to come down hynr an'
cotch eela!"
I thought my years of light-draft nav
igation on the Willamette and Snake
livers had put me in hearing of every
etory that had ever been told on shallow
water ptenmboating, but Capt. W. L.
Merry told me a new one last night.
He eaid when he was in charge of the
Nicaragua Transit Company's business
on the isthmus, they bad several nice
flat-bottomed boats on the San Juan
river, phiim between' Grey town and the
lake. I will tell the rest of the story in
hie own worde:
"One of these boats was commanded
by a man named liir.lsttll, who had
learned phallow-water work on the Ken
nebec, winch is really the parent stream
of that ptyle of navigation. He waa an
excellent pilot, and I made it a rule nev
er to interfere with any of those gentle
man in matters of actual navigation, as
it was a spec<es of wotk to which I wae
never educated, and from observing
which I occasionally got a useful lesson."
"One day I had to go up the lake to
look after repairs to one of the big low
preesure boats on that sheet of water,
and took passage with Birdcall. All
went well enough till we got up to the
San Carlos rapids, where the water at
that season nearly stood on end. The
boat got Aground, and Birdcall got ont a
six-inch hawser to heave her over. Four
or live deck hands were carrying the
line on their shoulders, and one of these
was a short, stout fellow named Tom
Maginnie. Tom was in advance of his
fello\.-laborers, and all of them had
their pMiitaloons and boots off. Tom
wore a red shirt, and, when he got
about 120 yardß ahead of the boat, he
suddenly went down so deep in the
water tl at his shirt got wet. Birdcall
aaw thie, and told tbem to fasten the
line just »bove that point, lhey then
took the line to the cap-tan aud begnn
to heave nhead. When the boat got up
to where Maginnis sank down, she wae
just as hard aground as at 'he foot of
the rapids. Birdcall began to look puz
zled. He called up the deck hand and
a-ked: ''Tom, did you go down here in
thtjwater till yrnr shirt got wet?"
''Faix an'l diil, captain dear; but ye
see, cor, I've not. got on hie own shirt,
at all, at all. It's Jim Fogarty's shirt,
sor, an' he's eick of a fayver; an' Jim is
six feet foor inches tall, sor!"
And Bird all turned around to me
with a l >ok I shall never forget, and
said, quietly : "Captain, I regret to say
that I have made a mistake in my
» »
Twenty-five years ago I was purser on
the old Viealia with Jack Greer, long
since gone over to the majority. One
day (ireer shipped a new mate, who was
a first-cla~s man on big boats such as
run between Louisville and New Orleans,
but wholly unacquainted with shallow
water work. He had never handled a
steam capstan in his life, and I can as
sure the unpracticed reader that it is
the next meanest thing to a buzz-saw.
On the second day out we struck shallow
water just above the mouth of the
Tuolumne, and Greer was lying down
after an eight-hour watch. I had the
wheel nivself, and gave orders to lay the
warp. Ttie new mate had loaded the
boat to perfection, and I had every con
fidence of "making the ritilts" with her.
The donkey engine shortened the line
rapidly, and everything went well till
she "caught on the center." I saw the
new mate pick up a capstan bar to
throw her off again.
"Don't ship that bar, Mr. Loker.
You'll get hurt if you do," I called down
from the pilot houee. But it was too
late. The pent-up pressure of steam
spun the capstan around like lightning,
and Loker waa thrown into the river,
which was less thau 20 inches deep,
"Fut a plank over there and help the
mate aboard," I roared from the pilot
house. At the sound of my voice Loker
looked upwards:
"Say, how fur is it from here to the
head of the river?"
"About 30 miles."
"All right," says Loker, "I'll walk."
The "white equadron" left San Fran
cisco on Saturday, or was to leave on
that day. Granting that it got off at
any time before dirk, it ought to pass
Redondo and Santa Monica sometime
about Ip. m. today. Admiral Gherardi
has never been through the channel to
the best of my belief, but all the officers
have on the Charleston and San Fran
cisco, co I cannot imagine they would
go outside of the barrier islands when
they can have urn .other water and a
shorter route by taking the inside pas
sage. On their return from tbe Cabrilio
celebration at San Diego, I trust the
iron fleet will call in at the Santa Moni
ca anchorage, and lay over there for
three or four days, as there are thou
sands of our citizens who have never
seen an iron warship. My own idea is,
that while there is nothing besutiful
about tbe average modern war vessel,
there are tboueands who are anxious to
see it. Hidalgo.
A comedy entitled The Junior Partner
will be given at the Grand opera house
on Friday and Saturday, with a matinee
On Thursday John Robinson's big
circus will be here and give an afternoon
and evening performance. The show
consists of a four-ring circus, together
with a large menagerie, and is preceded
by a gorgeouß spectacle and ballet, based
on King Solomon's career and his recep
tion of tbe Queen of Sbeba.
Doa'ts for Cholera Days.
Don't eat any oysters.
Don't eat stale vegetables.
Don't eat greasy food of any sort.
Don't neglect your work to talk
Don't get drunk.
Don't sit up all night playing poker.
Don't forget to take a bath.
Don't be a hass, as John Bull says.
free 1 "For the Ladies."
"Delicious Desserts"
COOK BOOK Mailed Free.
Send name and address to
October 3d to Bth Inclusive.
$20,000 in Purses and Premiums!
The Fastest Horses in California have Entered for the Races.
Premium Lists and all Information from the Secretary-
District Agricultural Association No. 6.
J. C. NEWTON, President. L. THORNE, Secretary.
We will occupy the NEW BICKNELL BLOCK
on BROADWAY, opposite the City Hall, about No
vember ist, with a new line of goods.
We intend to close out our present stock before
moving, and will name prices that will sell the goods.
We invite inspection and comparison in prices.
351-353 N. MAIN ST.,
Opposite Baker Brk. •:■ Los Angeles. Cal.
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