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The Wonderful Performance of
Flying Jib.
Track Records of Pointer aud Direct
Lowered at Terre Haute.
Death of a Valuable Filly at Mystic
Park—Boy Rex and Frank M.
Win the Trotting Races
at Santa Ana.
By the Associated Press.
Tbbbb Haute, Ind., Sept. 27.—Open
ing meeting of the western-southern
circuit; conditions good.
Glass 2:20 trot—Greenleaf won in
three straight heats, Florida second,
Garnet third, Una Wilkes fourth; best
time, 2:18%.
Class 2:15 pace—WinsloW Wilkes won,
Storm second, Rupee third, Reflector,
fourth ; time, 2:11,2:1 1%, 2:09%, 2:11%,
2:12. This equals- tbe track record
(2:09%) made by Hal Pointer, and the
five heats average below Directs.
Class 2:30 trot (unfinished)—Dirego
took both heats; best time, 2:21%.
Flying Jib paced an exhibition half
mile in one minute, the last eight
being in 13% seconds.
To beat 2:80%. Prince made 2:24%.
To beat 2:29%, Kate sparks made
To' beat 2:30, Nemoline made 2:29%.
A Large Attendance—Koy Rex and Fr link
M. Win the Trottiug Races.
Santa Ana, Sept. 27.—The tbird an
nual fair of agricultural district No. 3
opened today by races and exercises in
the evening at the pavilion. The horti
cultural and agricultural displays are
the finest ever eeen in the county.
In the morning, mile dash, Princess
first, won first money; Prince second,
and Hank Johnson tbird. The purse
was $250, and the time 1:45%.
The trotting race for 3 minute horses
lor a purse of $300, had four starters,
and Roy Rex won the first and second
heats in 2:32J, and 2:28%. Tbe third
heat was given to Roy Rex, Conn com
ing in fiist, but losing the heat on ac
count of breaking badly. Time, 2:28%.
Conn got second money.
In the trot for Orange county horses,
in the 2:50 class, Frank M won tbe two
first heats in 2:48; Glen Fox second,
Maggie F third.
The attendance was large.
Results of Yesterday's Kaces at Graves
eud and I.ntnnla.
Gravesknd, Sept. 27.—Six furlongs—
Wah Jim won, Rosa H. second, Crochet
third; time, I:l6}£.
One mile —Nomad won, Morotte sec
ond, King Mac third ; time, 1:43.
Six fnrlongs — Oeric won, Queenie
Trowbridge second, Addie third; time,
Sensation stakes, one mile —Equity
won, May Win second, Coant third;
time, 1:42!,f.
One mile—Mary Stone won, Candela
hro uooiind, Fidelia third f time, 1:42 V.,
Five furlongs—Spartan won, Sir Rich
ard second, Balance third; time, 1 :U2' 4 .
Latonia, Ky., Bept. 27.—Track in fair
Six furlongs—Mark S. won, Leta B.
second, Revolver third; time, 1:16%.
Mile and 70 yards—Flower Delis won,
Bonnießyrd second, Tenor third; time,
Free handicap, sweepstakes, five fur
longs—Sister Mary won, Judge Card
well second, Belfast third; time, 1:03.
Queen City handicap, mile and one
sixteenth—Ray S. won, Valera second,
Forest third; time, 1:49.
Four and one-half furlongs—Bonnetta
won, Sallie R. Second, Hinman third;
time, 0:56)6.
Six furlongs—Krikina won, Dud
Hughes second, Jack Richelieu third;
time, 1:16%.
The Browne Break the Keeord for Stnpld
St. Louis, Sept. 27.—The Browne
broke the record for all around stupid
St Louis, 3; hits, 6; errors, 10.
Pittsburg, 9; hits, 13; errors, 1.
Batteries—Qleason and Buckley;
Baldwin and Mack.
Cincinnati, Bept. 27. — Cleveland
scored the winning run on a blunder by
Cincinnati, 2; bite, 7 ; errors, 3.
Cleveland, 3; bits, 7; errors, 3.
Batteries—Duryea and Murphy ; Davis
and Zimmer.
Boston, Sept. 27. — Haddock was
pounded all over the field.
Boston, 14; hits, 20; errors, 4.
Brooklyn, 6; hits, 8; errors, 5.
Batteries—Stivetts and Ganzel; Had
dock and 'Daily.
Baltimore, Sept. 27.—The Giants won
oat on bases on balls.
Baltimore, 3; hits, 6; errors, 9.
New York, 4; hits, 2; errors, 4.
Batteries—Schmidt and Robinson;
King and Ewing.
Washington, Sept. 27.—Bad errors in
ihe ninth lost to the Senators.
Washington, 3; hits, 3; errors, 1.
Philadelphia, 1; hits, 7; errors, 3.
Batteries—Killen and McGuire; Car
eey and Clements.
Louisville, Sept. 27.—N0 game of
bail today; stands destroyed by fire.
The Hawthorne Cage.
Chicago, Sept. 27.—The grand jury
today took up the alleged attempt of
tbe Hawthorne race track managers to
bribe Mayor Washburne and Chief of
Police McClaughry to close the Garfield
track. McClaughry and Washburne
were both out of the city today.
Death of a Valuable Filly.
Boston, Bept. 27.—At Mystic park, to
day, in the 2:30 race, Midnight Chimes,
a black filly owned by 0. J. Hamlin,
burst a blood vessel and fell dead. She
was valued at f25,000.
This annoying scalp trouble, which'
gives the hair an untidy appearance, is
cored by skookum root hair grower.
All druggist*.
Moonshiners Captured.
Memphis, Term., Sept. 27.—1n Mc-
Nairy county, yesterday, United States
Marshal Brown and a posse captured
five of a notorious gang of moonshiners,
including tbe son of old Jackson and a
cousin of Bube Burrows; destroyed a
couple of stills and thousands of gallons
of product.
Pain Kill*! IO Use Lightning Fluid and
ftop It.
A Supreme Court Decision In the Quo
Warranto Proceedings.
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 27.—The
supreme court of tbe state filed a decis
ion in tbe quo warranto cases of Phelan
vs. , and Sanger vs. Henry, today.
The question whether the general assem
bly has lost the power to declare an
election is passed by, the court deßiring
it to remain an open question. The
different classes of balloting In dispute
are discussed, and tbe majority declare
tbat the superior court is advised that
ballots rejected by moderators giving no
reason therefor, and those rejected for
being double, should be counted in esti
mating the whole number of votes cast,
that errors in the count should be cor
rected. The opinion also specifies in
structions in regard to a number of other
ballot/, rejecting some and accepting
Judges Seymour and Fenn dissent
from tbe opinion of the majority that
the superiour court should havecounted
the ballots, which the evidence shows
were reji cted for being double. They
hold tbat tbe moderators could do
nothing but follow tbe plain instruc
tions of tbe law, and that tbe action of
the superior court in both cases should
be sustained.
Unlees Phelan and Sanger go into a
new trial, and can find evidence to show
that the election officers properly re
jected 508 double ballots, they cannot
hope to take office during the present
The legislature convened at Hartford
today to conßider this case. After a
caucus, both houses adjourned, the sen
ate until tomorrow, and the house until
November 15th.
They Nominate a State Ticket and Ma
lign Governor Flower.
Syracuse, N. V., Sept. 27.—The Peo
ple's party state convention today nomi
nated Lawrence J. McPharlin for judge
of the court of appeals, and T. D. Wake
man and I. E. Dean for electoral dele
A declaration of principles was read,
demanding that all industries, monopo
listic in nature, be owned and operated
by tbe state; denouncing the action of
Governor Flower, in calling out "at the
demand of a railroad corporation," tbe
entire military force of the state for tbe
purpose of overawing 475 switchmen on
a strike for the enforcement of the state
law making 10 hours a day's work ; de
claring that the true reason for this
calling out was to serve notice on organ
ized workmen tbat in any conflict
with the organized capital, the
power of tbe state .was at
the disDosal of the latter, and demand
ing tbe passage of lawa preventing this.
Lawa are also demanded giving the
cities of the state the absolute control
and ownership of all street, surface and
elevated railroads, water works, gas and
electric light plants, and other public
Resolutions were also adopted de
nouncing tbe monopolies, "organized
and extended under tbe administrations
of Cleveland and Harrison," referring
particularly to the Reading Coal com
pany and standard Oil trust Resolu
tions denouncing Governor Flower for
vetoing the canal appropriation, and
Chauncey Depew for making freight rate
discriminations were deferred to a com
Glad That the World's Fair Will Be
Cl..«ed on the Lord's Day.
Toronto, Ont., Sept. 27.—At today's
eesßion of the Pan-Presbyterian council,
the business committee made a report
on the question of closing the Chicago
world's fair on Sunday, expressing
cordial satisfaction with tbe action of
tbe United States congress, and the
opinion that thia would tend to better
the observance of the Lord's day. Dr.
Pitzer, of Washington, asked if there
would be any objection to putting "Sun
day" in place of the "Lord's day," be
cause, he said, the resolution will go to
a government that does not know any
thing about tbe Lord's day, but
does know something about Sun
day. Rev. Kerr, of Glasgow,
moved as an amendment the original
resolution he had offered, which was
much more flattering to Congresß, and
declared that such action prepared tbe
way for other reforms which would re
cognize the eupiemacy of the Lord Jesus
Christ over the nations, and promote
thecivil and religious prosperity of all
Rev. Browneon, of Washington, Baid
his government was sensitive. The
council should deal gently with the mat
ter. Rev. Dr. George, of Pennsylvania,
denied that Kerr's resolution introduced
the matter of church and state. After a
lively discussion, the committee report
was adopted.
Opposition for the Sugar Trust.
Philadelphia, Sept. 27.—The gen
tlemen interested in the erection of a
sugar refinery in this city, in opposition
to tbe sugar trust, today' effected an or
ganization. The new company will be
known as the McCahan Sugar 'Refining
company, and will have a capital of $2,
--000,000 The officers are: President, W.
J. McCahan ; treasurer, Richard 8, Pom
eroy; secretary, W. J. McCahan, jr.
The capacity of the new refinery will
be regulated by demand.
StcTe, son In Virginia.
Roanoke, Va., Sept. 27.—General
Stevenson addressed a large meeting
last night. He said the national trea
ury was threatened with bankruptcy
through tbe extravagance of the fifty
first congress and by the McKinley bill,
which defrauded the government of
$50,000,000 revenue. He declared that
tbe force bill was a unouslj living issue.
Wrecked ln a Hurricane.
Galveston, Tex., Sept. 27.—Capt.
Sabean, of the schooner May Bibbon,
from Portland, Me., for Demerara, ar
rived this evening on the steamship
Acme, and reports tbat his vessel wrs
wrecked in a hurricane, August 22d,
four of the crew being drowned. Tbe
captain and one other man floated on
the wrecked vessel until picked up.
Another Gerrymander Outlawed.
Madison, Wis., Sept. 27.—The su
preme court this morning, in the second
gerrymander case, overruled the de
murrer based on tbe claim that the suit
should have been brought by tbe attor
ney-general. The court holds that tbe
bill of Plaintiff Lamb contains sufficient
ground for action. This practically
overthrows the last gerrymander.
Commissioner Mendenha.il.
Washington, Sept 27.—The president
has appointed Prof. Thomas G. Men
denhall, superintendent of the coast
geodetic survey, United States commis
sioner of the international committee to
settle the difference between Great
Britain and tbe United United States in
the matter of tbe boundary line between
Alaska and British Columbia.
Not a Case in New York Since
the lyth Inst.
Several New Cases Break Out on the
Steamer Bohemia.
All the Rest of the Ships at Quarantine
Free from the Pest-The Most of
the Passenger* Allowed
to Land.
By the Associated Press.]
New York, Sept. 27.—The board of
health, in a 4 o'clock bulletin this after
noon, said there have been no cases of
cholera in tbe city since September 17th.
There were 812 emigrants landed at
Ellis island today from the Rugia, Wyo
ming and Scandia,
Two new cases of cholera were re
ported on the steamer Bohemia this
morning, tbe first in seven days. The
two patients were children, aged 7 and
8. The latter has since died.
At noon three more cholera patients
were removed from the Bohemia—Carl
Gassaman and two children.
St. Joseph,, Mich., Sept., 27.—There
is much excitement here' over tbe case
of a man living five miles out in tbe
country; he is said to be suffering every
symptom of cholera. The public schools
are closed.
San Antonio, Sept. 27. —The state
health officer reports to Governor Hogg
of having attended two suspected cases
of cholera. One died on Sunday.
Hamburg, Sept. 27. —Monday's cholera
figures are: New cases, 107; deaths,
80; patients in the hospitals, 2137.
Families who had fled the city are re
Fatal Accidents on the Vandalla and
Western Alabama Road.
St. Louis, Sept. 27.—Near Greenville,
111., this evening, the Yandalia express
train, coming around a sharp curve,
dashed into a hand car on which were
six section men. Three of them were
killed and the others seriously injured.
Their names have not yet been ob
Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 27. —A pas
senger train on the Western railroad of
Alabama ran into freight care, which oy
some one's carelessness were ieft on the
main line, early this morning, and was
derailed. Engineer Willis and Fireman
Williß were both killed, and tbe bag
gageman and mail agent badly injured.
The passengers were not injured.
A Wonderful Phem menon Witnessed at
Bprlngfleid, 111.
Springfield, 111., Sept. 27.—A won
derful phenomenon was witnessed in the
heavens early this evening. A bright
body, resembling a star, waß Been mov
ing with astonishing rapidity toward the
moon, which it struck, and was then
seen to buret like a bomb, darkening
tbe light of the moon for an instant. It
is thought by some that a large meteor
came within the power of the moon's
attraction and 'all into the moon.
The Mayor of St. Louis ln Hot Water.
■ St. Louis, Sept. 27.—1n the city coun
cil tonight a resolution was introduced
providing for proceedings for the im
peachment of Mayor Noonan upon
charges of drunkenness and generally
improper conduct. The resolution was
defeated by a majority of one, but it is
understood it will be reintroduced next
Mr. Ana's Escapade in an Hotel—Other
H. D. Ana was arrested yesterday
afternoon by Sergeant Morton on a
charge of petty larceny.
It seems that Ana came to this city
last Saturday afternoon, and took a
room at the Strasburg hotel on Al
ameda Btreet. On Monday he took ad
vantage of the absence of one of hie fel
low boarders and burglarized his room.
He took a suit of clothes and a valine,
and escaped Dy going through the back
door and over tbe fence, not without be
ing seen, however, by one of the ser
vants connected with the hotel. The
police were notified and soon located
the valise in a Becond-hand store, where
Ana bad disposed of it for $1.50.
Yesterday afternoon Sergeant Morton
recognized the man jußtas ho was about
to board a train for the north.
Ana said that be had expected to go
to Bakerefield, but it is very probable
that he will remain in this part of the
state some time.
John Johnson was on trial yesterday
before Justice Austin, on the charge of
battery, preferred against him by his
wife. According to Johnson's testimony,
the woman left him some time ago, tak
ing with her a sum of money and other
valuables. Meeting her on the street,
he proceeded to give her, as he thought,
a proper punishment, by striking her in
the face. He was fined $10, which he
could not pay, and consequently will
spend the next ten days in jail.
Ah Sing, a Chinese lottery dealer, was
convicted of Belling lottery tickets by
Justice Austin, and fined $25.
M. Bacopulosi and M. Luchetto, two
Italian peanut venders, paid $1 each for
violating tbe license ordinance.
Nicodemus TJrquides was arrested yes
terday afternoon on a bench warrant
and lodged in the county jail. This was
in accordance with the opinion of the
supreme court in the case of the People
vs. Urquid* I which was published in
yesterday's Herald. TJrquides appealed
from a judgment of the superior court
sentencing him to one year for burglary
in the second dt gree. Since the appeal
was taken he has been out on bonds.
Steve Richards was found guilty of
disturbing tbe peace by Justice Austin,
and will be sentenced today. This is tbe
outcome of a fight.
Jacob Prop, a drunk, was fined $1.
I The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.—No Ammonia; No Alum.
Jsed in Millions of Homes— 40 Years the Standard.
Highest of all in Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report.
PrkVfetl Baking
Last Evening's meeting of the Bohe
mian Club,
"What is a Bohemian?" asked Gen
eral Hewitt, as he finished his second
plate of gulash.
"A good fellow who lives by his wits,
such as a railroad man, newspaper man,
a lawyer, a bon vivant, an actor or a
capitalist," answered Mr. Miller as be
glanced around tbe table.
So they were all Bohemians "at Guen
ther's" last night. Tbe gathering was
for the purpose of celebrating tbe elec
tion of Mr. Louis Vetter, that happy
combination of commercial of esthetic
talents, aa secretary of tbe Bohemian
Mr. Guenther, the club's host, had
prepared the gulash, and it was as
piquant and well flavored as the most
Bobemianistic chef could wish. Presi
dent T. E. Rowan, assisted by Vice-
Preeident W. F. X. Parker, welcomed
their official brother, and all was happi
ness, except on the part of the tables,
which could not avoid groaning.
Mr. G. A. Dobinson,who is to be treas
urer if his record will stand the investi
gation of a ten days' campaign, disclosed
the fact that the club's secretary was a
poet, by reading the following verses by
Mr. Vetter. They are surely exquisite,
and were read in a manner in keeping
with their excellence. With tbe pre
ludtt they are as follows:
Wherein Bohema?
Anywhere; everywhere; nowhere.
It exists In the hearts of its denizens; ln the
lives of tho>e who love It,
It Is a sphere of •tauten frieaus and good fel
lowhhip; where hearis beat high aud
hands gr.:sp lirra.
A doma n into which tbe tongue of scandal
esnnot enter a d where
Came Orundy holds no sway.
at qukntiikb's.
There is in Los Angeles a spot, of which you
perhaps know not.
Where spirits < ongenlal hold sway,
Few ln number, no useless lumber,
But each in touch with ihe themes of the day.
At U ueu tiler's
No regular meetings, but warmest of greetings,
When rouud the table met;
For KOod ii i-in t and eating, there's no beating,
Wh t this select coterie get,
At Ouenther's.
No ties to bind, no axe? to grind,
Mar ths harmony of leeling;
But lor 8' riounuess aud jest, each with talent
seems blest,
In good lellowship revealing,
At Guenihei's,
If asked how it came about, that they found
one another out,
Probably each would say,
That it just happened so, as such things do,
you kuow,
That together they should stray,
At Ouenther's.
They seek no seclusion, the presence of others
is no intrusion;
For a barrier undefined
Surrounds this little band; and keeps them
hand ln hand.
Aloof from humankind,
A,t Uucuthe:'s.
During the busy hoars of day each wends his
As occupation calls;
But when night upproaches the "mid," with
out having been bid.
He invariably calls
At Ouenther's.
In other circles of life move those who of such
things do not 'prove.
So be it;
But for a liberal education, in the practice of
They'd see it
At Guenther's,
President Rowan, in his happiest
manner, and no one who ban not seen
him in his official chair at a club meet
ing knows the perfection of - his address,
expressed tbe feelings of the society by
voicing its thanks.
Any one who doubts the definition of
a Bohemian given at the beginning of
this report, let bim glance over tbe
names of tbe wit-loving men who were
there, and he will be convinced of its
accuracy: T. E. Rowan, W, F. X.
Parker, Louis F. Vetter, G. A. Dobinson,
E. E. Hewitt, E. Langley Jones, A.
Stevens Halsted, H. P. Mathewson, A.
R. Gurrey, R. E. Cottle, W. G. Miller,
and a Herald man.
The State .Convention—J. Sloat Passett
Op»ns the Campaign.
Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 27.—The
Republican state convention met here
today and chose D. E. Atwood ior per
manent chairman.
At the afternoon session the conven
tion completed it.- business, nominating
for chief justice of the supreme court, to
fill vacancy, Judge Frank A. Hooker, of
Charlotte. This waa the only nomina
tion to be made.
J. Sloat Fassett, of New York, opened
the Republican campaign tonight, ad
dressing a large audience on tbe issues
of the day.
The Republican state league met tbis
morning. Hon. Philip T. Colgrove, of
Hastings, waa elected president. A
number of 'abort speeches were made.
No Right to Combine.
New York, Sept. 27.—The state senate
committee investigating the Reading
combine haß decided to report to tbe
attorney general that under the state
law the' Reading allien in this state bad
no right to combine to control prices,
and recommending auch action as may
seem advisable.
[Served a Short Sentence.
Kansas City, Sept. 27 —Fred Wbitt
rnck, alias James Cummings, the noted
train robber, who perpetrated a $54 000
express robbery near St. Louie over four
years ago, was released from the pen
itentiary yesterday.
A Prolonged Deadlock Broken.
Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 27.—Second
district Democrats, after a lengthy dead
lock, nominated J. F. Stallings on tbe
1001 st ballot.
A Crazy German Woman Murders Three
Little Children.
Bordentown, N. J., Sept. 27 —Lena
Schmitt, a German woman of thia place,
this afternoon muidered three small
children. One of the victims was her
own son, and the others were the two
little eons of a neighbor, William Bowk
ner. The children were from one to
three years old. The woman, who ia be
lieved to be ineane, could not tell the
officials why she murdered the children.
Late tonight the woman told the mar
shal that her child fell down stairs and
cut ita face. The eight of tbe blood
made her crazy, and she choked him to
death to stop it. Then she called in the
other two children, who were playing
in an outer room, and strangled them,
Traln-ttobbery in Russia.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 27.—A gang of
robbers today captured the railway sta
tion at Konokovo, attacked a train and
robbed the railway cashier of 5000
roubles. The cashier was mortally and
other officials badly wounded.
A Cloudburst in Georgia.
Brunswick, Ga., Sept. 27.—A terriffic
electric st- rm and cloudburst today did
great damage here. The water ran
through the streets a foot deep, flooding
basements and ruining much property.
At the drug store, a valuable package,
worth its weight in gold. My hair baa
stopped falling and all dandruff haß dis
appeared since I found skookum root hair
grower. Ask your druggiat about it.
At Howard, S. D., fire, supposed to
have been started by children, caused a
lohb of $100,000. R. B. Allenßmoth and
wife, an old couple, lost their lives.
Molline Is sold in large bottles, and you can
use it freely.
Ladles, Here's Your Chance
To buy crockery, china, glass and tin ware, of
latest desiguß aud patterns, about une-half the
usual prices, at tl c 'ireat American Importing
Tea Co 'b stores, 135 N Main and 351 S. Spring
street Los Angeles. They have revolutionized
old-tlmf piine*. Go and see them.
Pure Blood
Is absolutely necessary in order to have perfect
health. Hood's Sarsaparilla is the great bloof
purifier, quickly conquering scrofula, salt rheum
and all other insidious enemies which attack Ur
blood and undermine the health. It also bulla*
ap the whole system, cores dyspepsia and sic*
headache, and overcomes that tired feeling.
Scrofula Bores.
"My adopted boy, aged 14 years, suffered terri
bly from scrofula sores on his leg, which spread
till they at one time formed one great sore bom
the call of his leg np to his thigh, partially cov
ered with scab, and discharging matter contin
ually. The muscles became contracted so that his
let; was drawn np and he could hardly walk. We
Mcd everything we could hear of, without saa
eess, until we began giving hint Hood's Sar
saparilla. In Just a month, after he had taken
two-thirds of a bottle, the sores entirely healed,
hli leg is perfectly straight, and he
Can Walk as Well aa Brer.
Hood's Sarsaparilla Is the best medicine I ever
saw. (or scrofulous humor. It has done Its work
more than satisfactorily." William BAHsaaa,
Rockdale, Milam County, Texas.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
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by 0. L HOOD £ CO., Apothecaries, Lowell, Mass.
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Appel's For the
Creation of a perfect Complexion, The
favorite French Cosmetic.
Appel's Complexion Cream Eradi
cates Wrinkles, and gives to the Skin the
Texture ol youth.
Appel's Skin Bleach, Eradicates all
blemishes, and discolorations of the skin such
as Tan, Sunburn, Freckles, Swarthy and
greasy appearance of the iace.
Appel's Oriental Powder in Flesh,
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face a beautiful clear and transparent ap
Appel'S Natural Blush The only Rouge
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C. F .HEINZEMAN, 222 North Main st.
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days. Mulls ra-ide to order rtgardiiss of cost.
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Rules for self measurement and samples of
cloth sent free to any address.
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Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc.
117, 119 and 131 South Los Angeles Btreet
60 Head of Horses,
50 Shorthorn Heifers,
20 Milch Cows,
1 Fine Holstein Bull.
Of"Credit will be given on approved notes.
Nervous Debility
Lost or Failing Manhood I
Involuntary Emissions, Impotency, Mental
Worry, Personal Weakness Lobs of Memory,
Despondency, and all other Diseases of Mind
and Body, produced by youthiul follies and
ovcr-induigence, quickly and permanently
PRICE, $2.00 per bottle, or 6 bottles for $10;
or In Pill form at s»me price. Call or write to
DR. STEIN HART, Room 12, 331J4 South
Spjlng street, opposite Allen's Furniture Store,
Lob Angeles, Cal.
SPECIAL and infallible specifics also pre
pared for Gonorrhoea, Gleet, Syphilitic and
Kidney and Bladder 1 roubles.
All communications strict 1 j confidential and
private. Office hours: From 'J to A p.m.; Sun
days, from 10 to 2. 5-24 12m
"T. B."
fold in 2 oz. sprinkle-top tins, % lb, X lb, 1 lb
and 6 lb cans.
At all druggists and grocers.
Quickly destroyed and easily prevented
by using
C&-KI all drug stores.
r. W. BRA UN Ac CO.,
6- 22 lyr Wholesale Agents.
Repairing promptly attended to.
Old trunks taken ln excha
Manufacturer of and dealer in
Trunks and Traveling Bags.
7- 33m 136 South Main street. Tel. 818.
ADAMS BROS.,the old reliable Los Angele*
dentists, have reduced their prices as follows:
1860 iaoa
Artificial teeth, $6 to $10; all shades, and
shapes kept in stock to suit the case.
Fillings, $1 and up. Painless eztraclng, $1;
regular extracting, 50c. Old roots and teetb
crowned, $5 and up. Teeth without a plate,
$10 and up. Treating, regulating and cleaning
teeth skillfully performed
ADAMS BROS., Dentists.
23DK 8. Spring st, bet. Second snd Third,
Room" 1.2.3,4,5 and 6. N 8.-We give a
written guarantee on all work done.
$3.50 J» 515.00
4.50 /Wtv 17.50
5.50 Mi\ 20.00
6.50 /(■ill 22.50
7 - 60 li flffiy 27.50
8.50 IMfiiF 3'>-<K)
9.50 h §S HP 32.50
PerfectTt guar- BSf ASDUP.
ttnteed ' mm PL3£A3E
All work made In jP GIVE DS
Los Angeles. A CALL.
Everything First Claw ud Charges Reuonabk
No. 140 North Main street, Los Angeles.
I Always open Te*. No. 61.
First-class music famished for all
occasions; moderate rates. Dance
music a specially. Office, 37 Old
Wilson Block, corner of First and
Spring streets, Los Angelts. 93 m

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