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United States Weather Office.
. Report of observations taken at Los Angeles,
September 29,1892:
' Cloudy
Max. tern.,'7o: mln. tern., 57.
Bam Francisco, Ber>t. 20.—For Southern Cali
fornia' Fair; we«terly wlnrts; generally cooler,
except al San Diego and vicinity,
Entrance .examinations will be held
in all tbe city (school buildings this
(Friday) morning at 9 o'clock.
There are undelivered telegrams at
tbe Western Union telegraph office, cor
ner North Main and Conrt streets,
September 29tb, for Scnor J. M. VTrla,
Mrs. M. A. Bacon, and Mrs. Mary A.
W. E. Hughes and W. G. Hughes in
dulged in a very lively fight in the Bur
dick block yesterday afternoon. A large
quantity of blood was spilled, and W. E.
Hughes is said to have used his oppo
. nent up very badly. No arrests.
Officer Davis found a runaway boy at
the San Fernando depot lust night about
11 o'clock. At the station he gave his
name as Chat ley Call tack. He said he
was 9 years old, and was on his way to
Salt Lake. He was given a bed for the
night, and will be returned to hia aunt,
who lives in Boyle Heights, today.
A. L. Williams, of Pomona, on Mon
day night telephoned to Petty, Hummel
& Co., employment agents of this city,
that Loud & Gerling, the prune packers,
of that city, wanted 30 men tbe next
morning. The firm sent the men out in
the morning, but on their arrival they
found that no one had authorized Mr.
Williams to send for them, aud that
their services were not wanted. Petty &
Hummel refunded the men their money
expended for i ail road fare and expenses.
Williams will probably be prosecuted.
There was a lively runaway last even
ing, at about 8 o'clock. A horee bitched
to a heavy cart dashed down Broadway
to second street, and down Second to
Main. At the corner of Second and
Spring there was quite a crowd in front
of a cigar store, and there were one or
two very narrow escapee. The horse
ran up Main, and at Court street turned
back into Spring, where it came into
collision with an electric car. The front
of the latter was badly smashed. Tbe
horee was horribly cut, and the cart
completely demo'ished. None of the
oar passengers were hurt.
It was very gratifying to find the stu
dents of what has formerly been known
■as tbe Baptist college, now the Southern
California College of the Univereity of
Chicago, so willing to aid in all times of
need. Their good will and efficient
energy was shown by the work they did
at the fire at the south part of the city
Friday. This fire was discovered by two
students in the Latin class, and the
faculty promptly dismissed the classes,
that they might render all possible aid.
This was much. Furniture, pictures,
carpel-, etc., which othor wise must have
perished were removed to a place of
safety. Even a heavy piano was suc
cessfully removed from the burning
room at considerable risk to the boys.
They deserve to be congratulated on
their courage.
Miss Aunie Salmon returned home,
after a prolonged visit with friends in
Santa Rosa.
J. C. Koop, of San Francisco, one of
|he popular eomifieriirn men on the
road,'is in the city on r. business trip.
Martin Lehman, one of the managers
of the Grand opera house, has returned
from a six weeks' business trip in the
Rev. Father Champagne, having been
a missionary for over 24 years, through
Canada, Minnesota, Dakota, Montana
and Oregon, was obliged to retire at
least a year to restore hie health, which
has been almost ruined during his hard
labors as a missionary. He is now in
this city, at 601 New High street.
Fall Ing Hair
Produces baldness. It ie cheaper to buy
a bottle of skookum root hair giower
than a wig; besides, wearing your own
hair is more convenient. All druggists.
The Atouemer.t day, which will begin
this evening, is one of the most solemn
holidays observed by tbe Israelites.
Rev. Dr. Blum, conducting the ser
vices at the synagogue, will preach this
evening. Subject: The Children of
Saturday morning befoie the memor
ial service, the sermon will be on Our
Departed Ones in the Realm Beyond.
' -High Grade Violins, Hand Hade.
J. T. Fitzgerald, corner ot Spring and frank
lin streets (in the Day & Fisher Musio Com
pany), has received four high-prleed violins
from Auburn, N. V., and respectfully lnvitet
experts anc othars to inspect them.
Williama tl Co., Grocori,
Hare removed fiom Spring and Eighth streets
to "/44 South Spring street, > lew doers north of
the o d stand. A complete line of groceries at
the lowest possible prices.
Center Pieces and Brackets
Better made and at half the price you pay for
them e'sewheie at McLean's. 132 Center Place.
The largest stock, latest designs, lowest prices
( A companion song to " If You Love Me, Darling,
Tell Me With Your Eyelids.")
We are showing some great drives in
Takes place every morning at 7 a.m. Don't
fail to be there.
Corner Main and. Streets.
Dr. Lindley, 331 )i South Spring street.
R. Q. Cunningham, dentist, rooms 1
and 2, Phillips block, N. Spring street.
Synagogue services this evening at
6:30 p.m. Saturday, 10 a. m., luting
all day.
Next week is fair week, and every
body is going to the great show at the
Every member of the chamber of
commerce has a free ticket to the show
at the pavilion next week. They are in
Oo to Nelgen, the tailor, 116 North
Spring street, for a stylish suit. Latest
patterns to select from; work guaran
teed. Prices reasonable.
The famous First cavalry and Mexican
bands will be at Redondo Beach Sun
day. Don't fail to hear them. One fare
for round trip, via Santa Fa.
Mies M. A. Jordan haa her grand mil
linery opening at 318 South Spring
street, on Tueeday, Wednesday and
Thursday, October 4th, sth and 6th.
Yesterday, when the case of VViesen
danger vs. McFarland was called in
department 3, it was learned tbat Dan
McFarland had gone to Bear valley to
escape tbe heat.
Lob Angeles to Long Beach and re
turn, 50 cents, and San Pedro and re
turn, 50 cents, on the Los Angeles Ter
minal Railway, good going Saturday or
Sunday, and returning Saturday, Sun
day and Monday.
John T. Griffith, agent for the Hart
ford and Palatine insurance companies,
at 139 South Broadway, will remove hie
office October let to more commodious
quarters in the Potomac block, rooms IS
and 19, 217 South Broadway.
Dr. N. Lindenfeld, the well known
notary public, we are glad to learn,
after several weeks illness, will be found
again at his former office, No. 101 Mar
ket atreet, at the latter part of this
week, where be will be glad to see his
Dr. J. 8. Thomson will return tbis
week, and services will be resumed in
the Church of the Unity, as enlarged
and improved, Sunday next, October
2d, on which occasion Rev. Eli Fay, for
mer pastor, and Rev. Mr. Sprague of
Pomona will be present, assisting Dr.
Thomson in bia exercises ot tbe day.
Thia church will now seat 1200 without
obatructing tbe aisles.
The fatuous First cavalry band, U. S.
A., and the great Mexican military band
will participate in a grand band concert
at Redondo Beach, Sunday, October 2d.
The Southern California railway (Santa
Fe route) will run the following special
trains, leaving Firat atreet station at 9
a. m., 10a. m., 10:55 a. m. and 1:30 p.
m ; returning, epecial trains will leave
Redondo at 1:33 p. m., 3:07 p. m., 4:12
p. m. and 5:30 p.m. One fare for
round trip; tickets good returning Mon
The Guardian Council, No. 90, of the
society of Chosen Friends, cordially in
vite their friends to an open meeting to
be held on Friday evening, September
30th, at 7:30, at the Maccabees hall,
107'e .North Main Btreet, Los Angeles.
The programme will include a social
meeting and council recitations, danc
ing, singing and music, also refresh
ments. All friends are welcome. Mrs.
C. L. Baxter, councillor.
The Lob Angeles Fish company, al
ways to the front in catering to the pub
lic taste, received today a fine shipment
of Arizona quail, and in a very few days
(October Ist) all varieties of game can
be found at their stalls. Crabs, lobsters,
eastern shell, and the Morgan Eagle
Brand oysters, and an excellent assort
ment offish and poultry are to be found
at their counters at all times.
Uncle J. L. Oiler of Moro, San Lnia
Obispo county, is in the city, having
just finished tbe largest squirrel exter
minating contract ever taken in tbe
state, having 26,000 acres at 20 cents per
acre, and has more than filled his con
tract, which was to kill 95 per cent of
the rodents, and it is estimated tbat he
has destroyed 99 per cent of them where,
on the San Joaquin ranch, Orange
county, only 45 days ago thousands
were to bo seen. A gentleman in busi
ness in your city, in a 20-miie drive, day
before yesterday, saw but one animal.
Mr. Irvine, superintendent of the ranch,
is more than pleased with the result,
and highly recommends Mr. Oiler to
anyone troubled by the pests.
P.. D, List, notary public. Legal papers care •
illy drawn, 137 West Second. Telephone I<S5,
Ladles, Here's Your Chance
To buy crockery, china, glass and tinware, flf
latest designs and patterns, about one-half the
usual prices, at cne 'treat American Importing
Tea Co 'a stores, 135 N Main and 351 S. Spring
street Loi Angeles. They have revolutionized
old-time price.- Go and see them.
Butter, Butter, Batter, Butter,
At living price, 25c per pound. The celebrated
Elgin Creamery, at the old Postofflce stand, be
tween Sixth and Seventh, on Broadway.
R. B. Kachlein, Prop.
Gents' Hats Cleaned, Dyed and Pressed.
Hartley, hatter, 264 South Main street.
Visiting Cards Engraved
it langstadter's, 214 West Second. Tel. 762.
Hot commercial mnun uiaiiy at The Kx
cbanae. 928 South up: in. rent. Mussel juice.
-'wr.mer lap dusters at Foy's old reliable sad
dlery house, 315 North Los Aneeles street.
Wall paper. 237 8. Spring. Samples sent.
A Question About the Republi
can Primaries.
An Interesting' Joint Discussion at
the Jackson Clnb.
Can the Republican City Primaries Be
Held Undrr the Forter Law—A
Grateful Tribute to Al
There seems to be ao<ne question aa to
whether or not the Republican city
primaries can be held under the Porter
primary law. That question will be de
cided today. In the meantime, the Re
publicans are left in doubt.
In opening his address, a lew even
ings ago at Alhambra, John Shirley
Ward put himself en 'rapport with bis
audience by the following graceful al
lusion to the locality. The speaker
said: "The name of the beautiful hor
ticultural village brings before me the
pages of Washington Irving, which were
the delight of my boyhood. At tne wave
of Memory's wand, even now, there
comes trooping across my vision phan
tom horsemen of the Moorish and
Spanish chivalry, and through the dul
cet syllables of your beautiful name, I
hear again the song of the troubadour
and see the flashing scimitar of the Cid
on the banks of tbe Guidalquiver. Lets
than a score years ago, I drove a band
of sheep through the heartof your town,
when there was not a house within
eight. By your energy, patience and
taste, you have made it a very garden of
the Hesperides."
At the last meeting of the Jackson
Democratic club, an able and interest
ing debate took place between the
Jackson club, the Seventh ward Repub
lican club and the People's party club,
upon the issues of the campaign.
Joseph Mesmer, the president of the
Jackson ciub, was in the chair.
Mr. Louis Luckel, of the Populist
party, opened the debate. The speaker
seemed more anxious to do the correct
thing in pronunciation and articulation
than to find arguments; he confined
himself to the government ownership of
railroads, and in Statistics of railroads
in Germany, coming out strongly for
paternal government and centralization
of power. Hon. George W. Knox, qn
the part of tbe Seventh ward Repub
lican club, followed. Mr. Knox was
evidently not much at home among a
large crowd of Democrats, as he occu
pied 20 or 30 minutes before he reached
any point except enlarging upon the great
vittaes of Mr. James G. Blame, and the
intense sorrow that filled hie breast It
the shameful manner the Republicans
bad treated the greatest living Ameri
can tbe Republican party ever hod
within its fold. The speaker still warm
ing up, claimed that Democrats meant
free trade, opening his floodgates of sar
casm, and vindicating the expression in
tbe Chicago platform, that the tariff ia
unconstitutional. Mr. Knox closed his
speech by insisting upon everyone listen
ing to bis tale of woe, which, he says,
was brought upon tbe country by for
mer Democratic iule.
The chairman then called upon Mr. J.
B. Danl *p, the Democratic nonjioec Itrr
city jußtice, to reply to Mr. Knox. He
stated that it ought not to be the object
of any government to hoard up treas
ure, or to enrich a favored few at the
expense of the wage-earners. An act
which has tbe effect of taxing the classes
unnecessarily to enrich the few* who
least need benefits, or to amass treasure,
is beyond and contrary to the true ob
ject for which the government waß or
ganized, and therefore unconstitutional.
The epea<er went on to pay (hat the
tariff operated as a tax, paid by tbe con
sumer, and not by the manufac
turer. Supply and demand always
regulate tbe prices of labor, and
a higher or lower tariff does not raise
or lower wages. Some of the countries
which have highest tariff have lowest
wages. Mr. Dunlap did well in expos
ing the fallacies of the Republican party,
and bad, without, doubt, his large audi
ence with him, judging by the vigorous
manner they applauded him throughout
hia speech.
Mr, N. B. Walker, the Republican
notilln6e for tax collector, was next
called upon by ths chair. The gentle
man with a longing eye upon the office
of tax collector said very little about
political issues of the day. He, how
ever, advanced some ideas about the
way the tax collector's office ought to
be run. Mr. Walker spoke well from a
Republican standpoint.
Mr. Hinckley, of the People's party,
was then introduced to represent his
party. The gentleman spoke for 20
minutes, hiß effort was somewhat scat
tering, the burden of his song, being:
"Repent ye, and turn while ye may."
Mr. John Mitchell Jones, secretary of
the Jackson Democratic club, was then
called upon by the chair, to reply on be
half of the club. Tbe secretary made a
splendid address, which was well re
ceived and loudly cheered. He demon
strated clearly that protection gave no
protection to the workingman, and as
sisted those who needed no help. Mr.
Jones then referred to the new born
zeal of tbe Republican party in the wel
fare of the masses, and pointed out how
the poor laborers had been made a mere
tool in the hands of political tricksters.
The speaker closed with an eloquent
aud impassioned appeal to everyone
present to vote tbe Democratic ticket,
and to rally round our matchless
leaders, Cleveland and Steventon.
The debate was closed by Mr. G. G.
Brown (Democrat) and J. J. Neimore
(Republican). The meeting adjourned
at a late hour. Tbe prevailing senti
ment of those present in respect to the
result of the debate was unquestionably
in favor of the Democracy, although the
Republicans deserve credit for the brave
manner in which they defended a loos
ing cause.
A combination has already been fixed
up in so far as the city Republican pri
maries are concerned. C. M. Wells is to
be the candidate for mayor. This is the
universal understanding -.hat has gone
forth, and it seems to have weight
among the Republicans of tbe city. Of
course, against this there will be some
kick or complaint, but it will amount to
A meeting of the Jackson Democratic
club will be held this, Friday, evening,
at the Opera House hall, No. 110 South
Main street, at 8 o'clock. Every Demo
crat is urged to attend, to listen to the
great truths of the Democracy.
Thus far no person has been men
tioned in connection with the Democrat
" Absolutely the Best."
It is made of pure cream
of tartar and soda, no am
monia, no alum. A like
quantity goes farther and
does better work. It is
therefore cheaper.
Cleveland's is the baking
powder used in the U. S.
Army and by teachers oi
cookery. It never varies,
and always gives perfect
satisfaction. Try a can.
ic nomination for city attorney, except
William Crawford.
Pasadena Democrats, and citizens gen
erally, will be much pleased to learn
that Hon. Stephen M. White will ad
dress a Democratic meeting Wednesday
evening, October sth, in the Pasadena
Grand Opera house. Besides Mr.White,
there will probably be several other
prominent speakers, who will make short
addresses. The securing of this elegant
house for holding the meeting, speaks
volumes for the enterprise of the local
Democrats. A committee will visit Los
Angeles tomorrow, for the purpose of
arranging for a number of prominent
Democrats of that city to be present on
this occasion.
The Democrats of the Second ward
met Wednesday evening at the rooms of
tbe club, 681 Upper Main street. Ad
dresses were delivered by M. P. Snyder,
Captain F. B. Colver, W. G. Scarbor
ough, Captain Nary, J. H. Melvill, M.
Marquez, and others. The next meet
ing of the club will be held October 7th,
at the same place.
This annoying scalp trouble, which
gives the hair an untidy appearance, is
cured by skookum roci hair grower.
All druggists.
Ring up telephone 44. Your goods
will be promptly delivered.
Drink Red Ribbon beer. Tel. 44.
Dr. Pepper, 119>s S. Spring street.
Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Ger
main Fruit company, sole agents. Be
ware of imitations.
Try our Sonoma Zinfandel wine at 60
cents per gallon. T. Vache & Co., cor.
Commercial and Alameda sts. Tel. 309.
Fine liquors for medicinal use, At H.
J. Woollocott's.
Woollacott wants 500 dozen bottles.
Boys, bring them along.
Blatz beer, Woollacott, agent.
Dr. C. Edgar Smith, rupture, female,
rectal diseases. Seventh and Main
streets. Teleohone 1031.
Send a couple of cases of California
wines to your eastern friends. Germain
Fruit company.
H. J. Woollacott, importer of fine
Dr. R. J. Goss, corner First and Spring
streets, rooms 39 and 40, new Wilson
block, makes a specialty of diabetes,
paralysis and rheumatism.
Napa soda, Woollacott, agent.
Pure California wine pat up in cases
by H. J. Woollacott. Send a tape to
your friends. 124 and 126 N. Spring
M.irriage Licenses.
Marriage licenses were issued yester
day to the following persons:
Bert L. Lamont, aged 23, a native of
Illinois, a resident of Omaha, and Miss
Ollie Kanutz, aged 22, a native of Ohio,
resident of Connecticut.
E. M. Coble, aged 28, and Anna Bow
land, aged 24, both natives of California
and residents of Simt, Ventura county.
John A. Boulger, aged 40, a native of
New York, resident of San Francisco,
and Myrtle Belott, aged 27, a native of
Ohio, and resident of Los Angeles.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, fa
mous for its cures of bad colds, and as a
preventive and cure for croup, 60 cents
a bottle.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm, a general
family liniment, and especially valuable
for rheumatism, sprains, bruises, burns
and frost bites, 50 cents per bottle.
We sell Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy, the most sue
cessful medicine in use for dysentery
diarrhoea, colic and cholera morbus, 25
and 50 cent bottles.
St. Patrick's Pills. They are the best
physic. They also regulate the liver
and bowels. Try them, 25 cents per
Chamberlain's Eye and Skin Ointment
for tetter, salt-rheum, scald head, ecze
ma, piles and chronic sore eyes. 25
cents per box. For sale by C. F.
Heinzernan. 222 North Main, druggist.
Special for a Short Time
Great American Importing Tea Co. are giving
extra double presents to everybody at their
hi on s, 135 N. Main street and 3518. Spring
street, Los Angeles. Their Teas, Coffees and
Spices are pronounced perfection. Visit their
stores and get the best.
Coupe No. 4, Hack No. 23.
Stand corner Second and Sprinv streets from
6 p.m. to 6 a.m Telephone 273. Bates, 25c
per mile, one rerson, $1 per hour. Bargains
can be made N. Klpp.
Ring up telephone 464 for John Wleland and
Fred ricksburg bottled beer.
Vye uerman family noap.
Finest Duck Shooting on the Coast.
I have placed en tbe lake, sink, boxes, boats
11 nd blinds for the accommodation of my
guests, where can bo had the best duck shoot
ing In the state; use of above free for guests.
Alf 11 have on hand 10,000 shells, loaded ex
pressly for ducts, at reasonable figures. Car
rlnge leaves 6an Bernardino on Tuesday and
Saturday at 5 a.m., passengers or no passen
gers, carrying U. S. mail to Knight's hotel.
9-25 lm Proprietor Bear Valley Hotel.
mm Bitters
W y Tll< ' r ' r(vlt Mexican Remedy.
G ivoH Lealth and strength to
•TrAT tno ■ Scs '- Uttl Organs.
W. B. M.
mmm Wtok K Rectal, Female and Chronic Disc
. \ Treated by the NEW METHOD now used l
taught by Dr. E. H. Pratt of Chic.igo.
S\ I Send for book (free) which will explain full;
Rl| Chronic diseases of all kinds are readily relieve
* ■** & Rectal Diseases CURED ir. from two to four v
all on or address
T - E. PR ITCH AR I), M.
K( Mjgff V f> Nortn Spring 1 Street, Los Angeles.
? Vwffl Office Hours, 12 to 4 p.m. Telephor.
Live Stock Auetioi
FroVfi Ventura, County,
60 Fine Mares and well-bred Horses and Col s. 50 Short Horn Dv
(graded) Heifers, all bred to Holstein bull, and will be fresh early next s\
15 good Milch Cows, some with calvea. 10 young cattle from 6 months to I
old. 1 fine, high-grade Holstein bull, 4 years old, handsomely marked; sure bre<
wi " be r en on ap [ MATLOCK & REED, Auctioneers.
C. F. A. L AST
Successor N. Main i
Finest slock of Old Hermitage, W. H. Mr-Braver. Old Crow, Spring Hill, New H
Blue Grass. Boi.d 4 Lillard, Mellwood, Old Taylor, etc. Straight Kentucky Whiskies F
Uy and m diclnsl trade solicited. 9 803 m
— l - OOT MAiinuuD RESTORE'
-T) r7_ - *7t nervous diseases, such a* Weuk Mauiory, Loss of Brain Power, Flu a
■P 'l y ur Neuralgia, Hysteria, Dlccinese, OonvulMoni.. Wakefulness. Loet Munho.
\ A Neryeusneea. Ijiaaitudeund all drains or loss of power of the Rer.eratiTe
\a* fians in either sex Involuntary Lowes, or Holf Abuse caused by Over El
lion. Youthful lndi*cr*>tionij or ihe eioeaaive ch»i of J ob.*cco. Opium
stimulants which nltimately load to Insanity. With every $/> 10 order
Before and After Uaa give v written guarantee to cure or refund toe money. 11 a package or 61
IS. Spanish Medicine On., Madrid. Spain. Address U. 8. Agents. Detroit, Mich. Circular Free. Mention pap.
llwodlgm tig V'ig»les if! *>. *T 11 *7HM A. 1 J vf.i i .(rwat.
An artlci t needed in every family for wash
ing clothes and all kind* of <ie> niur. It con
Used In the East win success for yoars. Uni
versally uieful. Factories mills, printers,
housekeepers, engineers, and persons wo'king
where the bands becoxe sore and strained. It
leaves tbe hands soft and White, anu cures
cuts and scratches on the tkln. Mo scrubbing;
no muscular labor. In cleaning house, an
a delicate woman can clean without fatigue.
It saves paint. For cleaning paint, varulsh.eq
surfaces, window glass, mlirors, gold frames,
m«rblo furnitute. illrdrwate, Showcases,
bronzes, cut glass, gloves and gas fixtures. It
removes paint, pitch or tar from the hands or
clothing readily. Anything soiled by oil or
?rease, files, pencil marks or dirt of any kind,
t will clean wltbout soap or water. Ued In
hotels and steamers for waching dishes. For
the bath it has no equal. For cleaning false
teeth, it saves that peculiar annoyance to ro
many. It ceres the poison of poison oatr, and
removes sunburn. Directions on every bottle;
50c per quart bottle, w. B. KOGBKB, agent,
P. O. box 63?, 125 East Third street, f os Anee
les, Cal. 9 U lm
Messrs. PIP.ONI A BLATRI, manufacturers
of Native Wines and Brandies, beg to inform
the citizens of Los Angelea and vicinity that
they are now permanently located at No.
340 North Main street (Baker block), where
they have opened an office and spacious sales
room for condncting their city and jobbing
Family trade respectfully solicited and
promptly attended to.
Pure wines and brandies of cur manufacture
'or medicinal uses.
Telephone 836. P. 0. box 1077, Station C.
N. B.—Proprietors of West Glendale Wiiery
and Vineyards. 7-8 3>n
Everything first-Ciass and Charges Reasonable.
No. 140 North Main street, Los Angeles.
Always open. Te;. No. 61.
Main Office: LOS ANGKLF.S.
Wholesale Yard at SAN PEDRO.
Branch Yards—Pomona, Pasadena, Lamanda,
Azusa, Burbank. Planing Mills—Los Angeles
and Pomona. Cargoes furnished to order.
First-class music furnished for all
occasions; moderate rates. Dance
music a specialty. Office, 37 Old
Wilson Block, corner of First and
Spring streets, Los Angelas. 9-3 im
Horseshoes and Nails,
Blacksmith's Coal, Tools, Etc
1 117,119 and 121 South Los Angeles Btreet
Continues to cnre PRIVATE. NERVOUS i
CHRONIC DISEA6E3 o< both sextis.
Gonorrbcea, Gleot, Stricture, Syphilis, 1
potency, NlKht lc.i-e«, Varicocele promp
cared. Blood, Kldnoy, Bladder and Nero
dlsep.ses treated with remaikable success.
White Is the oldest specialist in the city.
[Rooms 12, 13, 14, 15.
PmiTIDMI Dr. White calls attention to t
v" U I \\)yi ! fact that his patients are not c
trusted to the care of hired substitutes, as Is t
case in so many so-called Institutes, which a
established with some high-sounding title
under a borrowed name, and a'e conducted 1
men too inexperienced to practice successful
under their own names.
Repairing promptly attended to.
Old trunks taken In ezoha
Manufactnrer of and dealer in
Trunks and Traveling Bags.
7-3 3m 138 South Main street. Tel. 818.
Dr. J. A. Mil, "Ik
Clubfoot, Spinal Curvature, Hip Disease and
Tumors, Rupture, Female, Bladder, Rectal a&d
all other diseases ol thej i'lvls. Fits the only
truss that gives perfect satisfaction. Some
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