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uaeoo bvuiuv wwhw .tiwl% «*• -—
what difficalt to obtain information
about the divorce records, the only
books or records open to the reporter
in the county clerk's office bearing upon
tbe subject being tbe register of actions,
which merely gives tbe names of tbe
persons,' tbe statement that it is a di
vorce Gate and tbe name of the attorney
for the plaintiff. The papers in these
cases are not at the disposal of the re
porter. In this county, the county
clerk makes no effort to prepare any
genetal statement of auch matters, and
any one who wishes classified informa
tion on the eubjectof divorces is obliged
to hunt through numerous large volumes
of registers of actions and pick out the
divorces from all the other complaints
which have been filed and entered. Tbe
county clerk and hia deputies obey lit
erally the law shrouding this class of
litigation in mystery, and the work goes
merrily on.
A Hbkald reporter yesterday ascer
tained that up to the present time this
year, there Jhave been 189 divorce com
glaints filer!, in moat of which decrees
aye already been granted. These com
plaints by months were as follows: Jan
uary, 16; February, 24; March, 20;
April, 27; May, 19; June, 21; July, 14;
August, 23; September, 25.
For the same period last year 152
complaints had been filed, and there
were 202 in all during the year. With
the same ratio of increase so far ob
served this year, 1892 will beat the. rec
ord by 50 or 60, quite a healthy increase
in the number of disillusioned married
Quite a noticeable fact in connection
with the complaints filed this year is
the large proportion of suits instituted
by the feminine portion of tbe disgrun
tled ones. Oat of the 189 suits begun,
185 of them were started by the wives.
Thia does not seem to indicate that the
married men of Loa Angeles county are
giving entire satisfaction in their mar
ital relations; and it may be well for
those profound philosophers who like to
speculate upon such subjects, to cast
their eagle eyes upon this anomalous
disproportion, aud account for it.
The divorce record of previous years
is not nearly so extensive as the past
two years. The number of suits insti
tuted before the years mentioned waa
very much smaller. For some reason
the number ia increasing quite rapidly.
The following is a list of the suits thus
far instituted this year:
January—M. M. Robinson vs. Lewis
W. Robinson, Mra. M. L. Kuhbell ye.
Greabam Hubbel), Frank E. Truacott
va. Victoria Florence Truscott, Mary A.
Farrell ye. John J. Farrell, Sarah Louise
Orotzer vs. Ebem zer Orotzer, Anna P.
Sherman vs. Hiram M. Sherman, War
ren V. Stewart vs. Esther R. Stewart,
Elami E. Wilson vs. Alfred Wilson,
Addison W. Lee va. Eliza Lee, Martin
L. Gulp vs. Lavina M. Culp, Louisa W.
Wildrick va. James A. Wtldrick, Chris
tian Smalley vs. Rachel Smalley, Grace
E. Green va. Lelan O. Green, Al/.a la S.
West, vs. S. J. West, Clara McMunn
vs. John J. McMunn, Fannie M. Mc-
Cormick vs. J. N. MuCormick.
February—E. E. Atkinson vs. Al
metea Atkinson, A. P. Bullis vs. David
Bullis, Lucy Lawrence Lyons ye. Wm.
Lyons, Amelia Shaw vs. Wm. Shaw,
Geo. A. Hamilton vs. Emily S. Hamil
ton, Maggie Myers vs. Edward W. My
ers, Maria Brizzolari vs. Georgio Briz
zolari, Harriet T. Mathews vs. Theo
dore Mathews, Ada Bell Bruce va.
George T. Bruce, Cora McCain vs. R. R.
Cain, John Elizabeth Milam vs. Jesse
Hunter * nnl marriage), Nettie Bradley
va. George J. Bradley, Sarah H.
Bartlett va. Enoch M. Bartlett,
Leona Robbins vs. Joseph Robbing,
Elizabeth Hunter vs. Johr lunter,
Amanda Walker vs. Robert C. Walker,
Ethel Annie Houghton vs. Wm. Herbert
Houghton, Ingebar Johnnesson va.
Lars Johnnessen, Nina Edith Horton
vs. Posy Tulare Horton, Jamea B. Ser
viss vs. Lydia A. Service, Laura Jenkins
vs. Bristol Jenkins, Caroline Belli ye.
Carlo Belli, Cordelia I. Philbin vs. Thos.
F. Philbin, Mary A. Mott vs. Amos S.
March—Kate K. Johnson vs. Roscoe
A. Johnson, Aeren Gottleb vs. Lena
Gottleb, Mary C. Wright vs. Wm. M.
Wright. Ida May Harris vs. Clare 8.
Harris, Nettie E. Athey vs. Wm. E.
Atbey, John A. Jackson vs. Sarah E.
Jackson, Larah L. Yoakum vs. Benj. F.
Yoakum, Delia Barnhill vs. John Barn
hill, Maruaret A. Collier va. Simael
Collier, Maud C. Hufetutler vs. Sanford
Hufatutler, J. H. Welch vs. Mamie
Welch. Mary Cameron vs. Benj. Came
ron, M. J. Henry vs. Wm. Henry, Clem
entina Rose vs. Joe Rose, Edward J,
.Taylor vs. Lizzie M. Taylor, Zenia P.
Thompson va. Thomas Thompson, Nellie
J. West vs. Frank A. West, Sophia
Charles de Lugo vs. Bias A. Lugo,
Evelina L. Winslow vs. Elbert E. Wins
low, Maria Louisa Lynch vs. Jamea M.
April—Mary B. Hviand vs. Jay W.
Hyland, Albert Shultz va. EmmaShultz,
Elizabeth Smith vs. George R Smith,
Leon Clements vs. Adam Clements, Liz
zie Victoraon va. Herman Victoraon,
•Clarence H. Jfayne va. Eliza J. Payne,
Arte A. Richardson va. Seldon O. Rich
ardson, Paul Dahlitz vs. Ora Dahlitz,
Anderson Reed vs. Rachel Reed, Alice
Renter vs. August Reuter, Emma V.
Smith vs. George Smith, Minnie Bart
lett vs. Thomaa Bartlett, Louisa Couch
vs. Nicolas Couch, Len J.Scheck, jr., vs.
Alice Scheck, Mary Alice Snyder vs.
Douglass Snyder, Alice J. Surber vs.
John 8. Surber, Henry D. Barnard vs.-
Lucy L. Barnard, Jenna M. Smith vs.
George M. Smith, Warren V. Stewart
vs. Esther R. Stewart, Mary E. Borden
vs. W. I. Borden, Annie Kramer vs. 8.
C. Kramer, John E. A. .Brent vs. Leono
ra Brent, Rosa Lee Barnes vs. Joseph
Barnes, Alice Reuter vs. August Reuter,
Lizzie Willard vs. W. F. Willard, Adell
Rousseau vs. John B Rousseau, Sarah
Hickaon vs. James Hickson (alimony).
May—Fannie Killebrew vb, John J.
Killebrew, Sophia Morris vs. Frank
Morris, Jessie A, Pasmore vs. Frank A.
Paamore, Edith Turner vs. Fred Turner,
Emil J. Lind vs. Nellie O. Lind, E: L.
Hamrick va. O. M. Hamrick, Lulu Pul
liam vs. Alex. M. Pulliam, J. M. Smith
Strain TB. David Strain, R. C. Coleman
va. Margaret Coleman, Louise Schmidt
va. Hermann Schmidt, Otto Halmer va.
Jennie Halmer, Ada R. Erkel va. Henry
J. Erkel, Rose M. Tzguava. G. E. Tzgus.
July—S. M. Walker va. Clara Bell
Walker, Susan Pearce ye. George Thos.
Pearce, Marie Benedict vs. Henry Bene
dict, P. E. Woodworth vs. Ida L Wood
worth, Clara B. Williamson va. JohnD.
Williamson, Addie L. Brown vs. Am
brose A. Brown, Clara D. Thompaon vs.
Henry M. Thompson, J. Ingereoll vs.
Grace K. Ingereoll, Übaldo Manriquez
va. Ramonita Manriquez, Ida Ortz vs.
Jesus Ortz, Hattie Seeman vs. Henry A.
Seeman, William T. Jeffries va. Sarah
P. Jeffries, Mattie McLand va. Jamea
F. McLand, Lena Clements va. Adam
August,—Maggie Herechede vs. Fred
rick T. Herachede, Annie Oatrom ye.
Charles Oatrom, Mary Z. Tuttle vs. Dan
iel Tuttle, John Tusker vs. Minnie Ann
Tasker, Ella Meckel vs. John Mackel,
J. A. Thomas va. Martha V. Thomas,
Mary A. H. Gamble vs. Samnel Gamble,
Jennie Claxton va. Charles Claxton, Al
bert E. Ogilvie vs. Mary Jane Ogilvie,
Nanna Bishop vs. Artemus Bishop,
Mary J. Benyona va. Dudley E. Benyona,
George Grumminger va. Mary L. Grum
ininger, William P. Meredith vs. Wil
thajP. Meredith, Mattie
A Courcbaine
vs. .-»>n T. Courcbaine, Sarah F. D.
Poet va. George B. Poat, V. E. Knight
va. Frederick R. Knight, John L. Glinn
vs. Lizzie Glinn, Domileta McCreary va.
Charlea McCreary, Samuel W. Phillips
vs. Vandelia 0. Phillips, Marie Vignaux
va. Pierre Vignaux, Ada A. Fieher vs.
Edwin A. Fin her, Anna Lieee va. Bene
dict Li see, Eatella Montgomery va. Chas.
Septemhe'r— Lotta Colby va. Alonzo
L. Colby, Henry B. Gragan va. Lizzie
Y. Cragan, Frederick Sanderson va.
Jennie R. Sanderson, Carrie A. Black
mer va. Jno. K. Blackmer, 0. N. Klep
per va. Annie Klepper, Geo. Vignolo vs.
Louisa K. Vignolo, Emma J. (Simpson,
vs. Geo. Simpson, Bertha Hastings vs.
Edw. Hastings, Mary A. Bowman vs.
David M. Bowman, Mary A. Rosa vs.
Wm. W. Rosa, Leva A. Reese vs. Sam
uel E. Reese, Cora Lacey vs. Thos.
Lacey, Angela Arballo va. Manuel Ar
ballo, Eugenic A Breivend vs. Henry E.
Breivend, Conception White vs. John
White (alimony), Catherine Freeman va.
Edw. Freeman, S. H. Moore va. Maggie
Moore, Louise Matuakiewitz vs. Jno. W.
MatuskiewitK, A. Kabn va. Flora Kahn,
Lena Crandall va. Carl W. Bilfinger (to
annul marriage), Georgia Cobler vs.
Wilbert Cobler, Cora Johnson vs. John
Johnson, Annie Pitken va Chaa. F. Pit
ken, Melvinia J. Page va. Jamea L. Page,
Robert S. Ewing va. Emma A. Ewing.
A Judgment the Blatter Now in Ques
tion—A Date Changed While the
Paper Was on the Offi
cial Files.
When Superior Judge Pierce, of San
Diego, removed County Clerk Oasaoway,
he remarked, in hia opinion, that it was
unfortunate that the disgraced official
had found it necessary to consult Mr.
Trowbridge H. Ward about the manner
of conducting his (Gasaoway'a) office,
and that it was still more unfortunate
tbat he should have acted upon such
From what the public haa seen, and
the Hebald has faithfully reported, of
Mr. Ward's manner of conducting his
own office, here in Los Angeles, it will
be easily understood bow correct Judge
Pierce was in his strictures.
Erasures in the documents of which
County Clerk Ward is the custodian, crop
up and bob up in a manner highly un
pleasant to him at unexpected moments.
Now it is found that a judgment docket
has been meddled with for some unex
plained purpose.
On the 13th day of January, 1891, a
judgment waa docketed against A. Glaa
aell. The one above it was dated Jan
uary 10th, and the one below January
13th. The date 18 in the Glassell judg
ment wae bunglingly erased so that part
of it is still visible and the figure 6 sub-,
etituted. Now, who did that, and why
are such things done ? Can there be
any confidence reposed in records tbat
are everlastingly showing the hand ol
the forger?
The Chinese Jim the Penman Has His
Examination Postponed.
Louie Hung Wy, tbe celestial Jim the
Penman, who waa arrested on Thursday
for forging tbe names of several firms in
this city, was brought before Justice
Austin, yesterday, for examination.
The wily Mongolian insisted that he
could not speak English, although he
had no difficulty in protesting hie inno
cence the other day in plain language. He
talked through an interpreter, however,
and asked for more time to prepare a
defense. The court accordingly set
Wednesday, October sth, for his pre
liminary examination. Bail was fixed
at $2000, which Wy was unable to fur
nish, so be was locked up again.
The case of Wm. Mulholland for dis
turbing the peace waa, on motion of the
district attorney, continued to Novem
ber 16th.
Ramon Quijada plead guily to a charge
of battery preferred against him by A.
J. Grant. The two got into a row on
Bellevue avenue last Sunday. Quijada
was fined $10, in default of v. iich he
was committed to jail for 10 days.
Two drunka were fined $3 and $5
Ihe family physician. Mrs. Helen R. Shat
ters, 420 Walnut at., Reading, Pa., states: "We
always use Saivatlon Oil for what It is recom
mended, la place of a physician. It never
" I can recommend it in the strongest terms."
And the Retaining Wall of the
County Court House.
A Job That Superinduces Minute Cat-
aracts and Cascades.
Why is It Necessary That the Seams of a
Wall Should Fill With Silt In
stead of Being Thor
oughly Cemented?
When the time approached to com
plete the work ot the county court
house grounds, tbe Republican super
visors, fearing if the purchase of the
cement needed in the building of the
retaining walls was left to the contract
or, it might not be of the quality that
the magnitude and importance of tbe un
dertaking warranted, bought the cement
Yet, with this precaution, so iittle
cement waa used in the building of the
building of the retaining 'walls that,
whenever any water ia used in the court
house grounds, it seeps through the
seams of tbe walls, aa the sweat pours
from the face of a stout man on a hot
August day.
Anyone who is unwilling to take this
statement unquestioned, baa but to
walk along Temple and New High
streets on days when the court house
grounds are being watered, and he will
be surprised at the number of bijou
waterfalls that spring from tbe walls
promiscuously, even an if the wand of
Moses had been applied to them.
The retaining walls of the court house
grounds have to stand an immense
immense amount of pressure and should
have been laid with particular care, and
thia care included a goodly amount
of cement. Now, since the county had
itself purchased the cement, through
its faithful servants, the Republican su
pervisors, it seems that tbe contractor
might have indulged his spirit of liber
ality in an unstinted manner in the ap
plication of that necessary ingredient,
but that Buch waa not the caae ia evident
enough from the statement made above.
Not longer than a week ago the atten
tion of one of the Republican board of
supervisors waa called to the sweating
propensities of tbe retaining walla,
caused, as already explained by tho in
sufficiency of cement, and he spoke
about the matter to the foreman of the
Thia eminent mechanic replied that
that was all right, and explained that
after the waterfalls had had full play for
an undetermined period, sufficient silt
would have percolated into the seams,
so manifestly innocent of cement, to fill
The question now naturally arises,
What did the supervisors get the cement
for? It was not contemplated that tbe
retaining walls of tbe court house grounds
should be built on the principle of the
pyramid of Cheops or the Roman aque
ducts of the old world, because the art
of building in atone and granite, without
the use of cement, is rather a lost art;
and the fact tbat large quantities of ce
ment was bought, indicates that the su
pervisors did not mean the court house
walla to be thua laid.
It ia claimed that but one-fourth of
the cement that should have been need
in the mortar has been devoted to that
end, and now the question pertinently!
occurs, If thia be so, what did they get
tbe cement for, and what will they do
with the cement that will necessarily
remain on their hands in tho original
barrels, when the job is concluded ?
Recommendations Adopted Yesterday
by the Board.
The board of public works at its meet
ing yesterday adopted the following re
port for the consideration of tbe council
on Monday:
Recommend that the bid of J. Si
Haigler to grade, curb and gravel Elev
enth street, from the east line of Vernon
street to the east line of Alvarado street,!
at $2.14 per lineal foot, be accepted, and
the accompanying resolution of award;
Recommend that the bid of F. M.
French for the grading, curbing and!
aide walking of Qirard Btreet, from the
west line of Sentous street to the west
line of Williamson street, be accepted,]
at $2.10 per lineal foot for grading, 48
cents per lineal foot for cement curbs,'
and 15 cents per square foot for cement
sidewalks, and that the accompanying
resolution of award be adopted.
Recommend that the bid of J. 8.
Haigler to grade, curb and sidewalk the
intersection of Brooklyn avenue and
Soto street, be accepted, at $5.49 per
lineal foot, for street complete, and that
the accompanying resolution of award
be adopted.
Recommend that the bid of J. P.
Jones to grade, etc., the intersection of
Fourth street and Lucas avenue, at $2.20
per lineal foot, for work complete, be
accepted, and the accompanying resolu
tion of award adopted.
Recommend that the street superin
tendent be instructed to place a few
loads of gravel in the rough places on
Seventh street, west of the Westlake
Sark, in accordance with tbe motion of
Ir. Rhodes.
On petition No. 696, from M. Hagan
et al., relating to re-establiahing the
grade of Ninth street, we recommend
that the same be referred to the city en
gineer for bis consideration.
In the matter of petition No. 595,
from M. J. Daniaon et al., aakipg the
council to establish the grade of Provi
dence street, between Orange and Ninth
streets, we recommend that the same be
referred to tbe city engineer.
In the matter of the communication
from Frank Stoddard, requesting the
council to order West Fourth street
graded between Pearl and Fremont
streets, we recommend that the city
olerk bis instructed to request Mr. Stod
dard to present a petition to the coun
cil with not leas than 12 signatures of
property owners on aaid street to have
aaid improvement made.
In the matter of petition No. 480, from
A. J. Crawford et al., aßking council to
road up the east aide of Palo Alto atreet,
we recommend tbat tbe atreet superin
tendent be instructed to place aaid por
tion of said street in shape for vehicles
to travel on, at an expense not to ex
ceed $100.
Recommend that petition No. 566,
from Fred A. Duy, complaining about
the contractor's delay in doing the work
on Second street, be filed, aa the work
of grading East Second street is now
In tbe matter of protest No. 593,
against the assessment of benefits and
damages for the opening of Primrose
avenue, we recommend the protest be
In the matter of the report of the
commissioners for opening Primrose
avenue, we recommend that the said re
port be approved and confirmed.
Five Hundred Dollars the Jury Thought
was Ample — Court Notes — New
Suits Filed on Yes-
The parties interested in the breach
of promise suit of Helen M. Lowell
against her brother-in-law, Leonard
Parker of Anaheim, were nearly all
present in Judge Van Dyke's, conn
room yesterday morning at 9:30 o'clock,
to see what the jury in the case had
agreed upon. The aged defendant waa
absent, but some of his daughters and
sons were there and the plaintiff.
Tbe jury had decided at 6:30 o'clock
the night before on a verdict, but, in
accordance with the instructions of the
court, returned it sealed.
When Judge Van Dyke picked up the
fateful inclosure, the eyee of the mem
bers of the family were centered upon
him with ill-concealed eagerness.
When be stated tbat tbe plaintiff would
be required to deposit the jury fees, $72,
it was known tbat the jurors had de
cided that Leonard Parker had not only
kissed Miss Lowell, in a platonic and
brotherly manner, but had promised to
marry her. The fees having been paid,
the court read the verdict, which as
sessed the damages at $600. Tbe
amount was not as much as the plaintiff
bad expected, and was quite a falling,
off from tbe amount sued for —$10,000.
A 10 days' stay of execution was
Court Notes.
In tne case of T. W. La Fetra vs. Nel
lie H. Uleason et al., before Judge Mc-
Kipte'y, the cross-complainant was al
lowed to amend the cause, was submit
ted on briefs to be filed.
Judge Clark yesterday restored Brid
get Clifford to her capacity, adjudging
her sane. She was sent to the Napa in
sane asylum in June, 1878, and dis
charged cured in 1881.
A petition for the appointment of
Louisa Pierret, as guardian of Jean
Louis and Florence Matilda Sainsevain,
was granted by Judge Clark.
Judge Shaw denied a motion for a
new trial in the case of Durrell vs. Fra
A judgment by default for the plaintiff
was granted by Judge Van Dyke in the
case of A. d'Artois vs. F. E. Lacey, ad
ministrator. The suit was brought for
the purpose of forming a deed to certain
An additional 10 days' stay of execu
tion was granted by Judge Van Dyke in
the case of tbe Milwaukee Furniture
company vs. Nightingale.
The case of Stoll vs. Dye, a suit to set
tle a disputed boundary, was on trial
before Judge Van Dyke during the after
An application by the Grace M. E.
church of this city, to mortgage its prop
erty, was granted by Judge Van Dyke.
Judge Van Dyke set the trial of the
San Francisco and Fresno Land com
pany va. Banbury, treasurer, et al., for
November 14th.
In Judge McKinley's court the case of
the San Jose Baoch company va. the
Azusa Water, Ditch and Irrigation com
pany et al. waa on trial yeaterday. Tbe
plaintiff alleges that a sale of 612.84
shares of stock of the defendant cor
poration was illegally issued to Charles
Silent and M. Baidridge, and asks that
the sale of the stock be declared in
valid, set aside and canceled, and the
plaintiff declared tbe owner of the
New Suite Filed.
Among the documenta filed in the
county clerk's office yeaterday were the
Carrie C. Farnham va. the Grace M.
E. church—Suit on promissory notes
for $1600.
A suit waa begun by Victor Ponet
against James W.Cate, to correct a deed.
A foreclosure suit; was begun by J. H.
Dodge va. E. Fretwell et al., to foreclose
a mortgage securing a note for $1000.
W. J. Variel began suit against W. H.
Goucher et al., to secure a judgment for
$6006.04, the balance alleged to be due
on certain promissory notes.
Fell Dead.
These words are very familiar to our readers,
as not a day passes without the report of the
sudden death of some prominent oltlzen. The
explanation is "Heart Disease." Therefore,
beware if you have any of the following symp
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Spells, Swollen Ankles. Asthmatic Breathing,
Weak and Hungry Spells, Tenderness In Shoul
der or Arm, Fluttering of Heart or Irregular
Pulse. These symptoms mean heart disease.
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Heart Care, which has saved thousands of
lives. Book of testimonials free at C, H.
Hance, who also sells the New Heart Cure.
Our Borne Brew.
Meier A Zobeleln's Laser, fresh Jrom tne
brewery, on draught in all the principal sa
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